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Fly Wade

Dwyane Wade was back in Miami on Wednesday, but not yet on the Heat practice court.

He was debuting his latest shoe, the Jordan Fly Wade 2, which is actually pretty sleak, if you ask me. It's a lot more simple than some of the more colorful, decorative shoes out there. He compared the design to an Aston Martin, and he chose a matte finish that gives it a modern, stylish look.

After talking about his new product, Wade did get into some basketball talk, and had some interesting tidbits about his teammates and his approach to the season.

With a shortened preseason and a condensed regular season, he said he knows he can't afford an injury early on, like last preseason. So he's hoping for more 5-on-5 basketball work and less conditioning work, which he told his head coach. Wade is already leaner than he was last year, with his body fat dropping below four percent.

He also said he has tried to add a new element to his game, as he does every year, but wasn't specific. He did say he wanted to be a more consistent shooter from distance, and very much wanted to improve his FT shooting.

As for his teammates, Wade said he thinks the team can hit the ground running after a year of getting to know each other...

"After having a year of all of us, I’m sure the Miami Heat is going to come with something different," Wade said. "They’ll understand what the players like, how we play together and how we can be more effective and efficient playing with one another.

"I’m sure they’ve broken down EVERY number and we’re going to come back with something that will help us be better early on."

On his summer communicating with LeBron James, Wade said they've spoken a lot about last season and a new approach to this season...

"We’ve always been tight," Wade said. "But after going through a year together. After going through losing in the Finals together, we had different conversations during the summer.

"We spent some time together. Obviously, he was busy doing his thing and I was busy doing mine. But our families came together, we came together at different times, vacationed together. We were in the same city working and would meet up.

"We had different conversations, and I think looking back, having his conversation (Tuesday) on ESPN, you could tell that some of the things we talked about this summer resonated, and he kind of looked at that, and he’s grown. He’s grown from last year, he’s grown every day."

Wade said he wanted LeBron to play more like the playful, fun-loving guy he naturally is and let Dwyane be the angry one...

"I don’t play like him," Wade said. "I’m always straight faced. I smile every now and again on the court, but I said let me look like the mean one and play the way you play. But we did talk about that.

"We were on vacation and talked about that. We didn’t run away from losing in the Finals. We looked at it and said, ‘Why did we lose? How did we lose? What can we do different? How can we be better as leaders?’

"That was one thing I kind of wanted for LeBron was to get back to being LeBron and not try to be somebody that everybody wanted him to be, in a sense. Let me be the mean mugger"

As for Chris Bosh, Wade said he expects a more vocal Chris and one who's not afraid to get his...

"I think Chris is already more comfortable," Wade said. "He sees things a little differently.

"He’s going to be a different player. He’s going to be more vocal. He’s going to talk to us more and let us know how we can help him out. I think we are going to see a different him in that aspect. Not when it comes to bullying guys in the post – that’s not Chris. But in the games I think you’re going to see a different Chris, a little more vocal, a little more comfortable and confident.

"I thought he did great (in last season's playoffs). I don’t think he got enough credit for it. Chris played very consistent. In each round, I think he got better.

"I think he was the most consistent out of all of us, if you want to say it. I had a terrible Chicago series. LeBron didn’t have a so-hot Dallas series. I think he’s going to be play better this season."



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Dwyane sure knows how to say the right things. It's almost like he's been trained on being politically correct. I hope these comments are all the truth, and not just a positive spin on things. I hope he got in Lebron's ear and I hope they all talked about why they lost in the Finals. Everyone is saying the right things, but let's see how it goes on the court. No excuses this year!


sign tyson chandler.... caron butler....

18 days n counting ! i cant F#@kin WAIT !! Lets close the Deal this year ... HEAT !

The way I see it is DWade can say anything he wants and spin it anyway he wants to..
Because he is the true champion with the heart of a lion!! So DWADE go take over your team be the leader and let the others follow your the leader Wade it's your turn not anybody else!!

wade working out with celebrity trainer Ed:


Shane Battier to the Heat! Older, wiser, can still play defense and hit open shots, and also, CHARACTER COUNTS. That's why you won't see Jamal Crawford in a Heat uniform.

Nice move by the organization!


Well that thought was short-lived.

Welcome.......Eddie "Buffet" Curry.

I wonder how many minutes he'll be getting come April?

@Greg- how many...meals?


i say cut miller... sign caron butler.... and sign tyson chandler.... trade for josh shelby...


I'm all for bringing back Caron Butler too, but with Battier on board, that probably won't happen.

Ditto Curry instead of Chandler. I don't think we could manage Chandler's $$ demands on our remaining salary space. I don't know what we saw in Curry, maybe he had an awakening, but heck, I'ld rather role the dice on Greg Oden.

I'm sure they'll be more signings and trades in the next two weeks.

Need to pick up Dalembert at least. Need a D-minded center. Chanlder heading to NYC. We can beat up on him more often now.
I like battier pick up. 50/50 on chalmers, i think the rookie will be lights out.


Hell, vet minimum, why not take a chance on a young 29 VETERAN player who was a premier offensive center and who hasn't played in 3+ years (less wear on his body) in Curry? At worst you stick him in there just to take up space - and we paid 3 centers vet minimum last year just to do that all over 35 and all with more wear on their bodies. At best, he becomes what he once was after realizing he's too good to be out of the league with such garbage centers (he was considered better than Dalembert and Chandlers and could go toe to toe with Shaq)and this is his final chance to make his millions.

Disappointed Prince went back to detroit. I think he would have been the most perfect fit for Miami.

I think we still need one more center and we still should try to go for a Kwame Brown or Dalembert type who can run better than Curry.

PG, I still think offering Iverson league minimum may be good and the same with Vince Carter or Grant Hill if they aren't snagged. We have enough defense, but we need a second team offense and we can't really count on Miller. Hopefully all the surgeries have made him stronger than ever.

Let's go Heat!

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