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Chris Bosh has muscles and other things you won't believe (or maybe you will)

When I first walked into the Heat's practice gym on Thursday, I was immediately surprised by how much muscle Chris Bosh has stacked on his frame. No, seriously, the guy looks pretty jacked. I mean, he's not Karl Malone or Charles Oakley or anything, but there's no question Bosh dedicated himself this offseason amid all the other responsibilities he had on his plate (getting married and being a newlywed and now he's expecting his second child, so it goes).

An aside: Bosh wouldn't say how much weight he's gained or even how much he bench presses. He did tell me that what he used to bench was "pretty heavy" and now it's "really heavy." Those Georgia Tech guys. Always so precise about their measurements.

"I say it’s probably a 50-pound difference — 60- to 70-pound difference," Bosh said. "No, I’m serious. I’m not joking."

Yes, before you ask, Bosh says he'll play center if need be.

So, reporters watched Bosh, Udonis Haslem and James Jones shoot jumpers for about 20 minutes and then came the day's big shocker. Mike Miller is hurt again. This time, he had hernia surgery. If you're counting, that's four surgeries for Miller since he arrived in Miami last year (two thumbs, a shoulder and now hernia). I caught up with Mike on the phone and he obviously was down about the injury but was also refreshingly upbeat at the same time.

The kneejerk reaction to Miller's injury is to assume he's gone -- that the Heat will use its amnesty exception to free itself of Miller's contract. I'm going to avoid jumping to conclusions for now. I'm fairly confident that no one else will do the same but Haslem seemed hopeful that Miller could be an important part of the team despite the recent setback.

Still, there was a lingering feeling that Miller's days might be numbered.

As for Haslem, he had a little fun with reporters (me and Mike Wallace) when we asked him about trade rumors. Haslem played dumb and asked what rumors were swirling around the league. I told him that there's a rumor that could send him to Denver in a package deal for Nene. Haslem's response was spot on:

"If I was going to go to Denver, they should have let me go last year. [WILD LAUGHTER] I could have got the extra $14 million. [DORKY REPORTERS LAUGHING AWKWARDLY] I should have just signed that last year and got the extra $14 million. You know, then sending me now for $14 million less. Now I feel cheated. That’s all. [MORE LAUGHS] I don’t pay attention to it. I didn’t know until you guys just told me." 

Seriously, does anyone really believe that the Heat is going to deal UD one year after Dwyane Wade and LeBron James both took less money to keep him? If UD was dealt, fans would feel betrayed and so would the players. Not going to happen.

Still, UD defended his value to the team.

"I haven’t heard [the rumors] here and I haven’t heard it from my agent but the bottom line is I make this team better. So, it’s up to the people upstairs to make those decisions. I make this team better. The decisions that are being made, I can’t control that. But the bottom line is, I make this team better.

"The decisions that’s being made, I can’t control those.  I can’t control the rumors, I can’t control anything. I make the team better and whatever decisions bounce around, I only worry about what you can control. The rumors, can’t control. The trades, you can’t control. What you can control is how hard you work to get back from injury like I had to do. When I came back from injury, what I brought to the team. What we did to get through the Chicago series. That’s all I can control. I can’t control anything else."

UD makes a good case for himself. But, the way I see it, he's understating his true worth. UD brings team chemistry, toughness and familiarity to the team that cannot be measured in a box score. (Ahh, but let me stop before I start sounding like a coach.)

That chemistry was apparent when Haslem talked about Miller. UD clearly was upset about Miller's latest injury. (They're good friends, you know.) In hindsight, it made for an interesting shootaround, considering Jones could be one of the free agents the Heat picks up if it waives Miller. (Of course, everyone loves Jones, too.) Jones said he's open to returning to the Heat.

Dexter Pittman arrived at the practice facility after Jones, Haslem and Bosh were finished. The big center might have put on a few pounds since last season but not much. He'll lose it by the time the season begins. The Heat's coaches told Pittman before the lockout that he would play a more important role in his second season in the league. (He didn't really play a role last year. He was in Siberia or some cold place playing in the D-League.)

We'll be back at the arena on Friday. Dwyane Wade and LeBron James are back in town after the flag-football fun, so we'll see if they show up.

Oh, Mario Chalmers worked out in Las Vegas on Thursday. No word yet on when he's returning to Miami. Also, Juwan Howard worked out Thursday but declined to speak with reporters. The Warden was also in the house.



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i think heat must decide now to waive Miller... it so quite sad to let him go but we got to face reality that he is injury prone type...

get rid of House for roster spot and hoping that heat would NOT pick up Juwan Howard to waste a roster spot...

Miller is redundant on this team... James Jones can do exactly the same thing. We need another big man, and for that price we're better off getting one.

Miller is a better rebounder than James Jones

Miller is better when he plays, not when he is on the bench.

Miller can handle the ball better than James Jones

I say buy out Joel Anthony instead. i don't know between the two. Joel for volume minutes with little production except almost tripping over his own feet (though he did score a little better when around the basket later in the year) or more talented player but always hurt - but what if all these surgeries finally fixes him like Drew Breeze? I say cut JA. He can then not be signed by anyone and get the minimum.

I believe JA had one of the best +/- numbers when on the court of any Heat player last year. Did you see the defense that was played on the NBA MVP last year in the second round of the playoffs? Credit has to go to our perimeter players (LBJ), our post presence (JA), and our coaching staff (Spo) for that beatdown.

I'm with Heatup also with the fact that Miller handles the ball better than Jones. And, as if needed to be explained, no one is worth crap when injured. Miller's injury is anticipated to keep him down for four weeks, about the time the season STARTS. Not exactly the most crucial time of the season.

Get Caron Butler and Nene and all will be fine.

Time to find a friendly trade that will take Eddie House and Mike Miller. That's why you don't amnesty Miller because he can actually be traded. Joel Anthony on the other hand is being over paid and I don't think anyone will trade for him. He's not talented, he's muscular, but not athletic, isn't tough (if he was a tough like Dennis Rodman or got in someone's head, or would take up for his stars and foul hard when someone fouled his star hard, yes, but he doesn't even fill this role) and doesn't have a b-ball iq.

Greg I just can't agree with Joel's defense. His rebounding 3.5 rpg. 1.2 bpg is ok, but most times he would go many games without blocks and then have one super game where he gets 3, 4. Is that bad? Well it gets worst. Already having bad career stats each of his previous years, his stats dropped even more and his rebounding has steadily declined each year from a mediocre. He's hasn't shown much growth on the court or in his game and if fact is going backwards.

Your +/- are to be expected because who else do we have to fill the position that wasn't 35 or older? What other center do we have? Joel's defense is questionable. That's not even why he's on the floor. Its because he's the best "screen setter" (really?) in the NBA. That's like paying a lump of Clay to not move and be the best take-charge guy. You don't pay a player that much for having such an incomplete game.

Did you guys watch the second round of the playoffs last year? And it doesn't even have to be that specific, any games will work. Blocked shots are great, when the defense gains possession, but who has the shots altered stat? You don't have to touch the ball to have an impact on the shooting % of the other team.

If he was as bad as what he is viewed on this blog, he shouldn't had the positive influence on the Heat's run to the Championship series last year. Great minds like Riles wouldn't have let him on the floor if he didn't bring something positive when there. Maybe, just maybe, we are over-emphasizing certain stats, and under-valuing things that don't get statisized.

I'm not sure what else the cat has to do to be athletic. I thought that was code word for jumping ability, which he has plenty of. I heard all the time that Anthony Mason wasn't athletic, although as SF he could bring the ball up the court and check Shaq on the other end. To me, THAT'S athletic versatility.

I can't deny i liked his defense on PF's but he plays the position of center and against other centers, (even bad knees Elton Brand looked like his old self), he was terrible. Not only that, he quick for Center but undersized. He's too slow to stop point guards. Not enough athleticism to jump and block star players like D Rose or even Rhondo around the basket. You can tell me he has hustle - but he looks like he's working so hard because he's usually been beat on defense and is playing catch up. He can't out physical or jump people his size and height.
He's no Anthony Mason and everyone knows that. Anthony Mason was a good player who could give you 16-20 pts.

Here's what I will offer you. List all the things he can do and all he can't do and tell me is he worth as much as he's paid because there are a lot of players who are better getting paid less. Hustle? I can go on the b-ball court and hustle because i couldn't stick with the athletic guy in the first place, not rebound, get pushed around, make air ball layups, and even get lucky and block an NBA player once in a while, but do I deserve to be paid 4 mill a year? I like him, but at vet minimum.

u cant go by joel's #s. he is a hustle playa. he is not a star, we know that. but with a TRUE C, in a 15-20m backup role for energy will b awesome. totally awesome. NENE is the play. He opted out knowing the labor was changing, and he prob is sick of losing. been out of round 1, 1 time in 8 yrs --Riley wont trade UD for him or we would have nene in a heart beet. if we can get denver to take miller, joel, #1(joel replaces Nene's D), miller and a #1 and I would throw in 2 2nd rounders or our 2014 #1, maybe they bite. NENE is unrestricted, meaning he could accept MLE until we get bird rights and then max him out. or he says to Denver like lebron and bosh did. I am going to Miami, take their offer of miller joel and a #1, or lose me for nothing.

NENE makes us GREAT. he runs the floor and dribbles like a gazelle, can block shots, board, and score..... he was underutilized in Denver. Dont 4get, melo was a ball hog so nene lost alot of stats. like people playin with AI back in the day

I agree on Anthony Mason. I thought he was better than most gave him credit for. Athletic for me is agility and change of direction. JA looks like he's about to trip over his own feet and have on occasion. He can't turn his body to do a simple layup let alone contort it for a difficult one. He may have too much energy. I think they may have to slow him down on the offensive side to shoot smartly and not panic, but somehow keep his intensity on defense, and then maybe he can become more complete. But that's difficult. You slow him down and he may become useless. Anyway, we'll see what happens.

I think Nene is the answer too...Other people i would persue is Kwame Brown (if he's cheaper than what he wanted last year - he wanted MLE) then Dalembert. Kwame's younger and has been a force in the middle defensively. Not a star but then we wouldn't be paying him to be a star. I still think Caron Butler is adequate enough to replace Mike Miller.

i think heat must decide now to waive Miller... it so quite sad to let him go but we got to face reality that he is injury prone type...

get rid of House for roster spot and hoping that heat would NOT pick up Juwan Howard to waste a roster spot...

Posted by: rockstarjc | Friday, December 02, 2011 at 08:01 AM

Eddie House is under contract this season and will be on the team unless he is traded, which doesn't seem likely.


i mean getting rid of House by way of (buy-out if the heat organization can do or include for a trade with Miller if not amnested either a package deal together with Joel Anthony..........

i heard rumors that Juwan Howard wanted to be back on Heat roster this season....., hope heat would not pick him up rather than sign JARVIS VARNADO....

The smartest thing Miami could do is start Bosh at center with Anthony and Pittman for backups. Focus on a point guard, and save your money to bid on Dwight Howard next year.

@tim - bid on who? This isn't a video game son.

lol @ g007

it is all about the defense baby!

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