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Chalmers organizes exhibition in Alaska; Wade might not play

Mario Chalmers has organized an exhibition basketball game to be played in his native Anchorage, Alaska, on Dec. 1.

48_chalmersmarioIn other words, MARIO CHALMERS has organized, arguably, the most logistically challenging exhibition game of this long offseason. Congrats to him. I mean, never mind getting to Alaska. Being there this time of year is miserable. The low tonight in Anchorage is two degrees.

Chalmers has commitments from some of his buddies around the league and Carlos Boozer (the other Alaskan). No doubt a good time will be had by all when Chalmers gets together with Michael Beasley,  Daequan Cook and James Harden.

Chris Bosh and Dexter Pittman will play in the game but Dwyane Wade told Chalmers he might not make it because of his responsibility as a parent. Sounds like a good excuse to me to get out of going to Alaska in December.

On Thursday, Wade did say that he might consider playing overseas if the season is lost. (He said this in August as well.) I seriously doubt Wade will ever play in a league overseas but I'm assuming he'll be bringing his boys if he does so.


PICTURED: Sources confirm that this Heat dancer will not be playing overseas or going to Alaska.



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What, you don't have a coat? Two degrees for the overnight low is not at all unusual for that time of year here in the lower 48! What a wimp!

Yeah...let's all go to Europe. Can't wait to hear about the bidet experience for the pre-game ritual crap !!!

Thats excellent of Chalmers, they should all support this event, even D Wade. Go for it. Very thoughtful.Ene

send Glen Rice he could hookup wit Sarah !

ill stay in miami cuddling with her.

What's the purpose of the picture of the cheerleader in bathing suit? I must admit she's a stunning beauty with a dazzling body but I cannot justify the reason for her being on this page, perhaps to draw more visitors from the male viewers?
It sure would entice me to come again to see who next will be posted on here, perhaps she in some hot black or red shorts next time.
Nevertheless, she is hotter than the story posted.

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