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Hints of bad news from players around the league

Players are meeting Monday in New York to discuss the league's latest offer for a new collective bargaining agreement. David Stern said a 72-game season could begin on Dec.15 if players accept the deal. Schedules would be retooled and The Associated Press reported Friday that the Heat would open the season at New York.

At first, I had high hopes that the players would accept the deal and the season would begin in mid-December. Hey, we would miss 10 games but a 72-game season sounds fun. There likely would be some back-to-back-to-back games, which would add a new dynamic to the regular season. My excitement was tempered, however, when I started reading the comments of a few players around the league about the NBA's proposed deal.

To players, the NBA's latest proposal isn't much different than the last. Here are some examples:

Danny Granger, Indiana Pacers player rep
“From what I’ve seen and heard, the counter offer is the same they presented us a week ago, making a few minor changes that in the big scheme of things really did nothing to the deal," Granger told the Indianapolis Star. “I would expect the proposal to be rejected after all the players learn more about the deal. The next step I don’t know.”

Nazr Mohammed, Oklahoma City (from Twitter)
"This deal is so bad that it amazes me that the league would bring this to the table after all the concessions we have already made..."
"...The revised proposal is worse than the last offer. Players should contact the union, call ur Rep or go to a meeting. U gotta see this!!!"
"Some of the info that's out there is correct but those aren't the issues. The additions to the proposal makes it impossible to accept..."
"...Those issues aren't being talked about. When I saw them it made me laugh out loud that were even being proposed. You will see."
"If this deal is accepted...I advise guys to stay in school and get ur degree, Master's if possible. U might be able to make more $ that way than playing in the NBA in ur 1st five years. Being the 1st pick of the draft would mean nothing."
"Trust me when I say that I want a deal and that this proposal would not effect me much but it would kill the young players. I'm just [willing] to fight with them if that's what they want. I would hope that a veteran would do the same for me when I was a young player."
"I don't want to #Decertify but we may be forced to do it if this is their best and final offer. Can't lie I'm very sad 2day."



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If the players had any balls they would just start a new league themselves, but in the end I think the NBA is a reputable organization with good growth prospects. Could the players make a better league? And then what if theres another ABA situation?

Rodman said "bow down".

Yes Nazr, go get your masters degree. THAT made ME laugh out loud.

It's really annoying to see all those long faced MILLIONAIRES standing in lock step behind Derrick Fisher. Who do they think they are getting sympathy from?? The 99% of their NBA fan base that DOESN'T make an average of $4 - $5 million a year should have very little sympathy for their position.

I know I don't get 50% of my companies earnings. How about you guys? Any of you bringing that in?

Owners are responsible also for signing guys like Rashard Lewis to huge contracts. But hey, we all know the ecomony's in the tank, and we ALL have made concessions, it's just amazing that with the information we all have, we will still pi$$ and moan when those concessions hit us.

Aren't these players part of the 1% the occupiers are bitchin' about?

Let the players start their own league, with their own earnings, rent their own stadiums, and meet their own payrolls. See how they feel when a player busts like supercoolbeas and you still got to pay that fool $millions and get little to nothing back for it.

I just want to see some professional basketball!! If they need to drop some teams, so be it. I mean really, the Charlotte Bobcats, the Minnesota T-Wolves, do we really need them. Can't we just leave mj, his erroness, in the past. How does he even have a job? Isn't he like the worst GM in the league? Swing and a miss on Kwame Brown TWICE?

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