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That just happened

When Dwyane Wade hit that three-pointer with 7:14 left to put the Heat up 15, the Heat was in celebration mode. At least the offense was. Because there was no flow to it after that.

It was nothing but ground-and-pound, and NOTthe kind that Erik Spoelstra talks about.

After so many successful close-outs in this postseason, surely one of those plays would result in something good. Surely, the Mavericks couldn't make up 15 points in seven minutes. Surely Wade, who had 36 points to that point, would finish with at least 38 points.

Nope. Just standing and watching. Just shooting and missing. Just confusion and staring.

And then there's the very end. The Heat did nothing right in defending Dirk Nowitzki on the game-winning bucket.

First, why Chris Bosh? Dirk had scored seven points in the fourth to that points and 22 overall. That would be considered a quality defensive performance. Yes, Bosh played him some during the game, but Udonis Haslem is supposed to be the best option. Not sure what changed for that final possession.

Second, the Heat had a foul to give and failed to give it. That one's on Spo, probably. Marion

Even Dirk expected a foul to come.

"We talked about, they had a foul to give, so I actually drove a little earlier than I would have," Nowitzki said. "The foul never came, so I was able to get to the basket and lay it in."

Finally, even though there was only 3.6 seconds left and the Heat was without a timeout, both Wade and LeBron James made poor decisions in getting that last shot off. LeBron probably should've hit Chalmers, who was a few steps ahead of Wade, for what would've been a decent look at a 30-footer.

But that game shouldn't have come down to that final sequence. The Heat offense should've gone through Wade more often in those final minutes. The Heat offense shouldn't have been so confused, so stagnant, so BLEH in those final seven minutes.

"Our offense, I think, was inefficient enough to spark them and give them some easy baskets," Spoelstra said.

Added LeBron: "Offensively, we just weren't in a good rhythm. We've been out of rhtyhm before. At the end of the day, we hang our hat on our defense."

That's fine to say and all, but the Heat knew it needed to hit another basket or two to win. Everyone in the arena knew it for about five minutes of basketball, because the Mavs were making a run.

So to say it's a defensive letdown, that's only partially true.

As for that "celebration" among Heat players that supposedly sparked the Mavericks run, Wade had a perfect response to it.

"Every team in the league, when they go on a run, they do something," Wade said. "Celebration is confetti. Celebration is champagne bottles. That wasn't a celebration.

"Don't make nothing out of that celebration, like you did in the Boston series. It's just being excited about the moment."

Moving on, it might not be the worst thing for Miami to be reminded how bad the offense can be. Because, as LeBron said, "We'll be back to square one and figure out a way to win that game."

When this team has a setback, like it did in Game 4 in Philadelphia or in Game 1 against Chicago, it tends to recover well.

How will Miami recover this time?

"Only time will tell," Wade said. "Obviously we gave them and they gave themselves life. We had an opportunity to put a little doubt in their minds.

"This is a big challenge for us. We're going to have to live up to the challenge."


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If you replaced idiot "coach" Spoelstra with my miniature schnauzer Darwin dog, Darwin would have made better coaching decisions than Spoelstra did in that last 7 minutes.

ugghhhh.. so frustrating...

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The powers that be wanted a longer series. Too much money at stake in these Finals games.

Wade never closes games like this, standing around shooting 3 pointers and long 2s. It is time he takes over and lead this team. If guys decide that they are going to play hero ball, it must be going to the hoop in instances like this where they couldnt buy a basket.Wade needs to calm Lebron and make him understand that they must score..absolutely must . So the best course of action is to get to the hoop. If he wont listen then bench him!

As I wrote yesterday, in several posts:

- The Mavs had a good chance to steal game 2.

- I could depend on who hits long distance shots: Let Lebron and Wade try to hit 46% from downtown, again. Sure enough:

Lebron: 2/7 from downtown
Wade: 2/7 from downtown
Chalmers: 1/6
Miller: 0/3

So the Heat shot 30% from beyond the arc.

Like I said, if Dallas applied the same strategy as in game 1, they could steal game 2. If they rebounded better too, especially on the offensive glass.

Again, that's EXACTLY what happened:

Heat: 30 boards, only 6 offensive boards this time

Dallas: 41 boards, 11 offensice rebounds.

An exact reversal from game 1.

Therefore, Dallas wins, for the exact 2 reasons I wrote about extensivelt yersterday before the game.

Here's what I wrote yesterday:

"Back to the Heat offense for a second. Heat can't rely on LeBron hitting four of five threes, even if a couple of them were so open he had to shoot a commercial first. Wade needs to be more consistent, Bosh needs to be less clumsy against that zone and more assertive with his jumper, and LeBron needs to shoot more than two free throws."

My thoughts exactly. Dallas dared Lebron and Wade to shoot long J's. A good strategy, since they have NEVER been good 3pt shooters, for their entire careers.

Somehow, Miami shot 46% from downtown: Highly unusual.

As I wrote before on several posts, this series may come down to what team hits more long distance shots. In game 1, Miami somehow got the upper hand on that department. Extremely unusual, since Dallas is by FAR the better long distance shooting team. And I don't buy that the Mavs missed because of Miami's defense, if you SAW the game, the had ZILLIONS of wide open shots.

So I'm far from impressed. The Heat just held serve at home, barely. And had to rely on Lebron shooting 4/5 from downtown. That won't happen again, you can bet your house on it.

So I totally agree with Gutierrez on the above quote.

If the same game is played on Thursday, daring the Heat to shoot 3's, same defensive intensity from both teams, Dallas could very well steal game 2.

Carslile and the Mavs are probably encouraged from what happened in game 1, and will probably use the same strategy tomorrow.

The Heat needs to make some changes and attack the rim more.

Posted by: Sledge | Wednesday, June 01, 2011 at 10:59 AM

The other major factor on this series, besides long distance shooting efficiency: Rebounds.

Miami barely won game 1 because of that too:

46 to 36 boards.

The big difference was on the offensive glass:

16 rbs Heat / only 6 offensive rbs Mavs.

Both teams had 30 defensive boards.

Obviously, Miami was more aggressive offensively. Dallas needs to fix that, fight on the offensive board with Chandler and Haywood and their size advantage.. I'm sure Carlisle is looking at the same stats and making the proper adjustments.

My 2 basic contentions here, as you could READ above, are detailed, specific and backed up by statistics.

1. Long distance shots could very well be the difference in this series. (As opposed to plays in the paint, since both teams defend exceedingly well). Whatever team drills the long bombs, wins. I wrote that about 3 days ago here, and elsewhere.

True enough, Miami got bailed out by lebron's unusual 3's. 4/5 from downtown. 46% for the Heat. Close game, unless you did not watch it, or were looking for calming pills in the 4th quarter.

2. Rebounds: Miami won that battle fair and sqaure in game one. Specifically, offensive rebounds, the disparity was appauling: 6-16. That should raise a few eyebrows, since Dallas is has a size advantage.

Both coaches are looking into those 2 BIG factors. Rest assured.

I don't get paid, but I like this game so I feel compelled to break it down for other bloggers at times.

As Gutierrez suggests, the Heat better do something else on game 2. Questions? Read above, detailed argument, check the stats, refer to each team's strengths and weaknesses."

Game 1: Lebron saved the day hitting 4/5 from downtow. Miami outrebounded Dallas.


Let'em try again to shoot 3's.

They did not make them, as could be expected.

Game 2 was crucial because:

Next 3 games are in Dallas. Miami will probably steal 1 of those 3 games on the road. Still, it would be 3-2 in favor of Dallas, heading back to Miami for games 6 & 7.

Then all Dallas needs to do is steal game 6 or game 7 in Miami. They've already proven it can be done.

Heat fan,
I guess you learned what it means to count your chickens before they hatch. This loss reminds me of the way the heat won game three in 2006, just dead opposite. A little humble pie for ya!

sledge who cares about your analysis and stop regurgitating numbers, heat got beat by being cocky and since u like numbers hows 16 of 24, we hit some free throws and we win, wade and lebron got caught up in the moment trying to make big shots to hear the crowd yell, if we play sound fundamental basketball we win the series point blank, we definitely winning game three, they wont get caught up in the crowds adulation like they did in game 2

Relax people!!! Everybody expected the series to go 5 or 6 games. I'm not even going to watch ESPN till Sunday because the Heat are going to get ragged on and rightfully so. The Mavs could have turn the series around or just won the only one they will win. I believe this loss will humble Miami and stop them from relying on the 3's. This is one of those moments were your just feeling yourself too much and you get put in your place. Is it far fetched to think the Heat won't sweep the next 3 in Dallas??? Is it out of this world to think Miami will win 2-3 in Dallas? This loss hurt cuz the Heat gave this game away but the Heat offense was pretty janky the whole night. Back to the drawing broad. Heat won 5 str8 in the playoffs which it's like winning 10 str8 in the regular season a loss was bound to happen. Probabilty and luck caught up with the Heat.

props to the Mavs for a furious rally to win that we gotta steal some games in Dallas...1-1 this is a series. We will make adjustments.

By Wednesday morning last night will be forgotten and look at as an aberration. The Heat will be up 3-1 and espn will be back to doing chin-ups on the Heat's scrotum. Tough loss even tougher analysis to listen to for the next 2 and a half days. But I don't understand the Bosh switch on Dirk on the last play though. I surely thought the Heat would correct themselves if they gon in to overtime.

This is destiny baby the Heat got this in the bag. The Heat already took Barea and Peja out this series. No more cruise control.....

Congrats Mavs for doing what you needed to do to win it. The heat just needs to get back to basics, we will win 1 or 2 there and close them out at home.

Admit it xxx, and other Heat homers here: I was DEAD Accurate. 1. Let the Heat shoot 3's, again. 2. Rebound better than in game 1. Steal game 2.

Not happy with the coaching decisions last night. You have to take that foul to give in that situation and you have to have the best defender on Nowitski. Really could have used a timeout at the end to set up a final shot as well. Unreal.

As I have said all season, when the games get close Wade and Lebron want to be the hero and play one on one ball. Lebron has been making miracle shots the last couple series when it counted but ran out last night. They need to move the ball and find the open shot. Not dribble out the shot clock and taking fade away 3s. It was pathetic. It takes a team to win and right now Dallas looks like the better team and now they have the momentum. Miami now needs 2 of 3 in Dallas if that is possible.

Chalmers should have taken the last shot last night. He was ahead of Wade and is a proven clutch shooter. You knew it would be Wade or James though. No one else is getting a chance at that. Unfortunate.

And the Heat is very capable of stealing game 3 in Dallas now.

AGAIN, it will depend mainly on 2 things:

A/ Who's got the hot hand from a distance.
B/ Rebounds

Bosh on Dirk = DUMB !

Clearly, the Heat got over-confident, even cocky.

They thought they had it in the bag. Divas will be Divas. They thought they could turn in on at any point in the 4th quarter. The dreamed they would nail big shots, 3pt daggers again to win the game.

Of course, that could not happen again. Lebron was NOT going to shoot 4/5 from downtown again to save the day. The Heat was not going to shoot 46% from downtown, again.

But Dallas, the better shooting team. was bound to make some shots, as they usually do. The same shots they made all season long.

Even young Spoelstra sounds over-confident and cocky these days. He clearly messed up in game 2, in several matters:

1. Too relaxed, didn't motivate his players enough in the 4th quarter. He though the 15pt lead was unsurmountable, that the game was in the bag. Same as all of the ARROGANT Heat players.

This shows Spoelstra's inexperience. In contrast, Dallas kept on pushing, and showed they maturity as a team. Humble, perseverant.

2. I blame Spoelstra and the Divas Bron and Wade for shooting too many 3's. Again. 2/7 for Wade, 2/7 bron. Will the EVER learn?? They've NEVER been good 3pt shooters. EVER.
That's one of the reasons I call them DIVAS: They love the spotlight. They crave to be the Heroes, hitting the game-winning shot.

What did a non-Diva like Nowitzki do when the game was on the line?

Attack the rim. Layup. He did not settle for a jumper, even when he's one of the deadliest, most unguardable shooters the NBA has EVER seen.

What did Divas Wade and Lebron do when the game was on the line? Try to shoot 3's and long J's, instead of attacking the basket.

That shows:

1. Poor, inexprerienced coaching
2. The Divas' Egos taking over: Poor Basketball IQ. By now, Wade and lebron should UNDERSTAND that they do much better driving to the basket than shooting long J's. Guess they are STUPID, sometimes, huh.

Also, as much as I've defended Spo in the past few years, he has been TERRIBLE on both games.

- Why doesn't he double-team Nowitzki a lot more?

- Why didn't he use Haslem plus someone else against Nowitzki, instead of Ru-Paul Bosh in the last possessions? That's plain retarded.

- Why does he allow so many 3's? Was he allucinating too, thinking Miami would shoot 46% from downtown EVER again?

Spoelstra still has a lot to learn. Clearly, Carslile is outcoaching him. Winning with less talent on the floor.

Last night was disgusting, but I'm not too concerned. It was clearly a collapse on our part and we are still the more talented and better team.

I don't understand why we don't use that last foul to give? I know that happened one time during the regular season and it also happened one time last post season (Game 3 against the Celtics where Paul Pierce beat us with a buzzer beater when we still had a foul to give). It seems like a no brainer although you do have to make sure that they don't take a cheap 3 point shot to get 3 free throws instead of a non shooting foul. It seems like that cost us the game because I do think we would have recovered in OT and booked the win.

Now Sluge is having a blast with all the posts? You know very well the Heat had this game and all that crap you're writting is jibberish. Dallas does not have a chance unless we give it to them and you better be sure this crap won't happen again.

Heat in 6 and take that to the bank!

Theres no need to panic. Chill out

Listen we were up 15 with 6 min left, this was a terrible loss for the Heat but to think this loss will linger inn their minds like that POS Jon Berry is just stuipid. Were a veteran team that I fully expect to come back and win game 3. Were the better team and the basketball gods seems to guide Dallas to the win. With that said I fully expect Lebron And DWade to be in full attack mode on Sunday and steal game 3. Think about it like this we did everything we wanted to do for 40 min now we need to play a complete 48 min game. CB had a terrible game and lebron went to the the line 4 times. It sucks we loss this way but we shouldnt expect another melt down like this. We'll be alright. Heat in 6! Winning game 3 and 5 there and closing it back home at the real triple A in 6.

10 comments from Sludge... by the way, anyone read his dribble? Mama must be out of the house. Be quick boy, give us more of your Bball insight before she gets back.

I never expected for Dallas to just come in here and fold. This is going 7.

Nobody cares what Sledge has to say, I just skip through his post. I guess he thinks he's the coach of the Heat blog or something. EARTH TO SLEDGE NO ONE CARES THAT BS YOU HAVE TO SAY!

kill the troll.

Ok Sledge made good points.

Now Sledge, you're quick when you're right, now i challenge you to be quick to admit when you're not.

My take:

4 - 1 Miami Heat. I got a little over confident myself. I wish Miami would have went undefeated throughout at home though.

Dirk and company won, but it looked like their victory celebration was more like they were at their own funeral. They didn't look very comfortable. Dirk tried to give the "umph, that's how i do it" but it looked forced and not believable.

Lebron should have let DWade continue to dominate the ball last night and Spo as a coach should have told Lebron that. Wade was hot and only took like 2 shots in the last 6 minutes.

Anthony doesn't rebound. I've noticed that all year. He stands on the ground looking at the rebound go into opponents hands. I think Spo had to make a move with a different center last night when he saw Joel Anthony was being effective. I would like to see Big Z get some playing time to pull Chandler out so we can attack the rim even better. If that move backfires, lets keep putting Chandler in foul trouble (btw, i didn't know Chandler was such a dirty player - he does a lot of fouling in ways where the ref doesn't call it).

Finally, Bad defensive set up by even placing Bosh on Dirk, even if to just foul. I would have put Lebron on him personally. Or Doubled Dirk anyway.

Why was Chalmers continuously getting beat by Jason Terry? Chalmers needs to stop gambling and just stay in front of Terry. He's actually quicker than Terry.

Bosh, Haslem, and Miller didn't show much last night and we were still up by 15.

And Heat, celebrate all that you want. You were doing great. I think it was up to the coach to settle the team down and tell team to keep hot hand.

Putting Bosh on Dirk was pure stupid. Not fouling was beyond stupid. Obviously, shouldn't have got to that point. We've seen this all'd think by now on this stage a level of maturity would've sunk in. Mavs did what they had to do winning 1 of 2. Now, we'll see what these guys are really made of.

One thing I did notice: someone's gotta lock down Marion. He's killing us!

Nobody cares what Sledge has to say, I just skip through his post. I guess he thinks he's the coach of the Heat blog or something. EARTH TO SLEDGE NO ONE CARES THAT BS YOU HAVE TO SAY!

I take it back. It seems like one person in this blog does. Energy is a good guy to want to feed sledge's ego as the heat blog coach.

Energy, when Dallas stepped off the court, they knew they had stolen one. Wins like those are rare indeed.

@casper - You're absolutely right. Dallas was stunned, like, "how the hell did we pull that one out?". I'll tell you how: we got complacent! Stopped attacking and settled for jumpers and soft D. That's all. Glad this happened now than in a more critical game. Stakes are even and we still have the edge. GO HEAT!

The Mavs ruined a great highlight real that's for sure...this will just take one game longer for the Heat to close out.

So i wasn't the only one who noticed Dallas didn't even celebrate like that win had changed the momentum of the series. Dirk's celebratory action looked forced. He looked more nervous than like he just won. There was no energy in the post game like they were scared to celebrate because they would pay for it. But The Jet trying to play off the media saying it was because Miami 'celebrated' in front of his bench remark will make cause Dallas a lot of hurt in this series. I'm glad to see Miami celebrating like they are having fun and don't care if the other team notices because they feel they are that much better than other teams. I'm glad Miami has the confidence to celebrate without being scared that it will wake up other team. Miami feels that even if the other team is awaken, they still won't be able to beat Miami.

Were a better team! Our offense just got too complacent with 6 min left. Guys maybe this is what we need to light a fire under Lebron ass. Did everyone notice Dirk returned to his 2006 form until the 4th with 6 min left? He'll still get his points but we defend him better than any other team he face.

The heat lost all focus they chose to shoot jumpers stopped taking it to the hoop which had been putting them on the line and how is it that you take Bibby out after finally getting production out of him. Wade barely touched the ball after James began playing point why do you need a point if you don't utilize it.

Now the the Blind Heat Homer Fan-atics keep saying that Dallas "got lucky".

How about the NUMEROUS close games Miami has won thus far. Including the Boston series, the Chicago series, overtime win, 3 point wins?

All of That, of course, had NOTHING to do with luck.


And the Heat shooting a highly uncharacteristic 46% from downtown on game 1 against Dallas. Lebron shooting 4/6 to save the day when the game was so close in the end? How many close games has the Heat pulled out by some miracle lately??

So now Dallas is the "lucky" team, huh..

Caspetita, if you "don't care" what I have to say, why do you keep replying? Moron, just ignore my posts, there's a key on your keyboard called "Pg dn"

Give it a rest...they have dispatched Boston and a strong Bulls team...only players on the court who know how to win it all are Haslem and Wade. So, take a deep breath. FInals sweeps are rare. Go Heat.

JC: I'm responding the the "luck" stuff written here. People have a tough time being honest and somewhat objective. When Miami wins, it's because they deserved it, and they were so much better, and no luck was involved, even in extremely close games, or overtime.

When Dallas wins: pure LUCK, they did not deserve it, they are inferior: Go Figure. It's called blind Homerism, biased views.

Definitely you gotta give credit to the Mavs, we got game 3 and I wouldn't be surprise if we celebrate in their floor. Chris Bosh guarding Dirk that last play was just stupid, keep him away from Dirk please.

Sledge I'll give you one 'if'. Do you realize 'if' Miami had made their free throws, they would have won the game? Look at how much had to go wrong for Dallas to win against the Heat.

Not fouling was the big mistake. Bosh on Dirk not as much. Spo didn't want Dirk shooting over a much shorter UD. Anthony might have been a better option, but he's pron to foals.

Sledge, you always put good posts on here man. Even Dork said that a lot of luck was involved in that collapse. You better believe that Miami will not and cannot let that happen again. I think we're about to see some really goo basketball from the Big 3 in Dallas. Bosh has to know that Dirk likes goin left or Fisdale, McAdoo, Rothstien, Askins or Spo will drill that into the bigs' heads. Haslem is probably foaming at the mouth right now to get out there. Plus you won't see LeBron missing too many more point blank layups. Guess we all got a little spoiled and had to come back to Earth last night. We'll be more focused because of it so... Thank you Dallas for awakening the sleeping giant.

ARROGANCE....started with day 1 from this heat team throwing a championship party and talking about 6, 7, 8, 9, championships....

If you want to be compared with Jordan, and call yourself "the King" you better start showing up when the game is on the line consistently like Jordan did. Lebron is so inconsistent it isnt even funny, and some games he completely disappears.

Spoelstra is a joke and got shown up for his lack of experience.....Bosh on Dirk without help? What an idiot....

@sluge - Luck? Lets save the word for other topics that merit the word more so to than sports. In sports its mostly talent with a lot of hard work behind it all. Sometimes more effort and hard work beats talent, it can happen any given day.

Miami Heat have lots of talent! We don't win games because we're "lucky". But if you lack effort you lose games even if you're talented. Now be honest with yourself: is Dallas more talented than Miami? If you reply "yes" you're a fool. So there. That's your lesson for today son.

why do you guys reply to this trolling idiot? He's been right 4 out of 17 games. That's a horrible blind heat hater %...worse than Droses shooting %.

Please trade LeChoke after the season before he does any more damage.

About Nowitzki, and injuries at this stage:

Yes, Nowitzki won't be as effective with that hand injury and a freakin' splint in the hand.

But most players are banged-up after 82 games, and the the brutal playoff battles. For one, I'm sure D. Wade is hurting. By his own admission, althought he downplays it, as Dirk did too.

The problem for Dallas is that Nowitzki does not have a Lebron James to take over and cover his arse. If Dirk is not 100% the Mavs are toast. Wade is far from 100%, but the Heat have other major weapons.

Posted by: Sledge | Thursday, June 02, 2011 at 02:20 PM

Great call on that one sludge its not like Dirk was the player of the game or anything like that

Ok. Heat. So you think that playing with a TORN ligament on the hand is a PLUS?

have you ever had such an injury? Have you ever played the game of basketball?

Refer to the Legler technical article about such injuries, even in the non-shooting hand.

Great players like this German alien find a way to fight through injuries, bumps and bruises. Does it mean he could have been even more effective if he were 100% healthy?


Buy a brain somewhere, I think there's a special for common sense too in Toy's R us.

Nowitzki did NOT have the best game of his career, by far. He just did what he could: 24pts, not 45pts. 11 boards for the "soft" Nowitzki.

Credit Miami's great defense, Sure. But you must also UNDERSTAND that playing with a torn ligament in a hand doesn't make you a better player, wearing a freaking splint. Reasons? Scroll up and READ about the specific reasons.

Nowitzki simply did a great job adjusting to the situation. He also had 5 turn-overs. Uncharacteristic. If you READ the history.

"Now be honest with yourself: is Dallas more talented than Miami? If you reply "yes" you're a fool. So there. That's your lesson for today son."

Another blind Heat Fan-atic who can't read. Scroll up. READ. I just wrote that Dallas ourtcoached and out-performed a more talented Heat team, with more talented players on the floor than Miami, did I not?

Go back to school, brush up of some basic reading skills, son.

Kill sledge.

relax sludge no need to get so defensive im just saying that clearly the injury was a non-issue in the game, unlike how you made it seem, that series was over and he would struggle to shoot.

I dont rememeber you saying how great players play through this type of injury i do remember you saying how it would be a huge issue and how bad an injury like this is to a shooter and how he would have no one to go to.

I know your gonna deny such comments were made and that I may possibly be interpreting them wrong cause Im a moron and that's fine just wanted to share my thoughts if thats ok with you

*more talent than Dallas, overall.

Then again, arguably, 2 1/2 great players are not necessarily better than 1 great player (Dirk) and a solid support cast, experienced players, much deeper, reliable bench.

OF COURSE, Nowitzki does not have Wade or Lebron or Bosh to help him out. But Miami has complete SCRUBS, useless CHUMPS at point guard, center and a much worse bench.

That's why these games are so close.

It's not like Miami is clearly the infinitely superior team. At all. They have HUGE flaws in those 3 departments, as everyone knows, plus depatment #4: Inexperienced coach. Dallas is outcoaching Miami.

The Heat are clearly better defensively, and more athletic, overall, That's why they wi;; probably win in 7. But stop the crap about them being head and shoulders above everyone else. Heck, they barely got by an aging Boston team without their best player and with injured centers, and they also had a very tough time against Chicago.

Now, it's gonna come down to a 3-2 series going back to Miami. Probably. No one can predit shyt here, so get real. Probably.

Last 2 games in Miami, so Miami will Probably win in 7. Unless Dallas gets hot as hell shooting long distance shots, on all cylinders, games 6 and 7, with Terry, Dirk, Peja, and all drilling long J's.

If not, the Heat wins the Championship, barely.


Copy and paste what you think I wrote.

Then compare it to what i really wrote.

In full context.

I bet you won't, would make you look like a complete fool.

About Lebron's stupid comments:
Dirk Nowitzki is giving the Mavericks' NBA Title chances the middle finger - literally.
Nowitzki tore tendons in his left middle finger on a defensive play during the Mavericks 92-84 loss to the Miami Heat in Game 1 of the NBA Finals. Although Nowitzki is a right handed shooter, ESPN NBA analyst Tim Legler said this injury is more significant than Nowitzki is letting on during an interview with ESPN's Mike and Mike in the Morning show.
"They're going to downplay it, obviously. But there's no question, for a shooter, when your left hand has an injury like that - and I've played with dislocations on my left hand and various injuries throughout the years - it affects you when you catch the basketball," Legler said. "You don't quite catch it clean and that's a little bit of a problem getting into the shooting position, locked and loaded quickly."
Legler said this injury will have some significance because of Nowitzki's propensity to finish with the left hand around the basket.
"That's a big problem for Dirk Nowitzki because he actually prefers to go left, particularly when he starts from the middle of the floor at the top of the key," Legler said. "He loves to go left, swing through and go that way for either a step back jumper or to try to get to the rim to finish with that left hand. Both of those things are going to be affected by his inability to squeeze that basketball and get a firm grip on it."
Legler added, "will it affect him to the extinct that he's not an effective player? I don't think so but I don't think he's going to be the same Dirk Nowitski that we've seen throughout the playoffs
Posted by: Sledge | Wednesday, June 01, 2011 at 05:59 PM

About Nowitzki, and injuries at this stage:
Yes, Nowitzki won't be as effective with that hand injury and a freakin' splint in the hand.
But most players are banged-up after 82 games, and the the brutal playoff battles. For one, I'm sure D. Wade is hurting. By his own admission, althought he downplays it, as Dirk did too.
The problem for Dallas is that Nowitzki does not have a Lebron James to take over and cover his arse. If Dirk is not 100% the Mavs are toast. Wade is far from 100%, but the Heat have other major weapons.
Posted by: Sledge | Thursday, June 02, 2011 at 02:20 PM

seems clear enough

The coach doesn't help... Miami has rode it's talent and made some adjustments during the season... But way too often in games when things go wrong, this "head coach in-training" Spo can't turn things around. Either they don't listen, or he can't inspire, or his ideas in game just stink???

Whatever it is, it is obvious he has no great influence on this team in games. The big 2 of the 3 I think mostly feel like they coach themselves in games and other than that wait to see what Pat is gonna say to them during the week... probably through Spo at times.

A slide like last night only happens when a coach has little impact on his team in games... And we have seen them blow leads all year.

Spo is a near non-factor in tough games.

Spo is a factor in tough games: a liability, compared to Carslile and other more experienced coaches. I listed about 4 specific reasons why he has been messing up lately. Most Heat homers even agree on that.

He's probably gonna get bailed out but sheer talent on the court, but he still has a lot to learn

@sluge - You're right. I didn't fully read your garbage, just scrolled through it but I did notice you keep crediting every team we've beaten. You're just another clown like most haters. Go back to your basement son! LOL

Sledge your chicken shi*!

The usual excellent Basketball arguments by the Homer Retards.

When they can't argue about Basketball, the game itself, and especially after a loss, they have no other resort but to start dishing out childish personal insults having nothing to do with the game itself. Sad, but true. See if I care. Stick to the game, Morons.

Undoubtedly, Spo has been messing it up. But it's also due to the ARROGANCE and over-confidence of Divas Wade and Bron (Did you see Wade celebrating 7 minutes before the end after he made a shot, right in front of Dallas' bench??) That's what pisses me of about this arrogant Heat team.

Yo I got Sledge's IP address.
I see you biooootch.

Sledge your just making a big deal out of one game lol It was horrible to see yes but at the end of the day is one game, Dallas is not winning this series. And BTW celebrating after huge plays isn't something only the Heat do. Stevenson flaunts after every 3 and Terry thinks he is a plane when things are going good for them. So give it a rest already. Clearly last night was Dwayne Wade fault, he was the hot man and didn't go get the ball until it was too late, he HAD to close that game. Spo made mistakes YES but he has been doing a pretty decent job these playoffs wether is him or Riley nobody will ever know. But he is the coach and if you are going to bash him after every loss you gotta give credit after every win.

go heat in 7

its true they celebrated but thats not why we lost, it was an accumulation of wade being tired (watch the tape hes standing in the corner grabbing his shorts) spoelstra not calling good plays, lebron not attacking and for the love of god foul dirk, even he was surprised they didnt, in my opinion we looked gassed at the end and we were not fighting through screens(look at dirks three to put them up haslem was stuck behind chandler), all that is easily fixable, im just worried about those streaky shooters going back home either way we'll see what the heat are made of, on a sidenote who the hell is jason terry to criticize celebratin, whenever he hits a three he does that stupid jet thing please gimme a break

oh an sledge unlike most people i dont mind you commentating, i invite opposing opinions, just dont act like you know more than people by googling stats and figures, and please for everyones sake shorten those posts

But he is the coach and if you are going to bash him after every loss you gotta give credit after every win."

I've defended Spo for years on other blogs, when Heat fans were bashing him, when he didn't have good enough players. Always called him a "very good young coach". Now that he's has tons of talent to deal with, he did well in the regular season, keeping the Egos in check, demanding them to play defense and to share the ball.

But Spo has gotten an Ego himself lately, it seems. He's gotten somewhat complacent and over-confident. I did not like his coacging on games 1 and 2. He allowed for too many ill-advised 3's. Even when the Heat won game one, I had to criticize him for that. Too many 3's. Wrong formula. Sure enough, it did not work in game 2. Plus he made other clear, and crucial mistakes, like not using the last foul, or putting Lebron on Nowitzki, or forcing his team to attack the rim rim instead of settling for long jumpers.

That's all on Spo. Pardon me if I must state the obvious.

personal insults? like calling wade and lebron a diva? who are you kidding?
all NBA players get excited in the moment and celebrate good plays and shots..
i don't remember you criticizing boozer or garnett for their screaming..
or stevenson for his 3 over his eye BS..
it's really what we all hate about YOU, sludge. despite your stats, and albeit SOME informed commentary, your hate for this team spills into every word you write, rendering your opinion, especially on a miami herald blog, meaningless.

me personally, i like his demeanor, he keeps his cool, he doesn't panic, these players know what they gotta do, they're professionals, he doesn't have to be all rah-rah, screamin in the huddle, he hasn't earned enough capital to be criticizing players yet, he needs a championship for that, or with these guys two, i think he's a good match personality wise for our guys, one criticism i would have is after timeouts we barely score but i don't know if thats his fault or wade and lebron callin their own plays

What you don't like is to read the truth, good or bad about your beloved Homer team. That's why you fan-atic get all excited and pissed off.

I explained to you in detail WHY some players are divas, and some aren't nearly as much, much more humble. Outside of Miami people like other teams mainly because they don't behave like superstar crap, as Wade and Lebron do. They prefer players like Duncan, or Durant, or Rose, or Nowitzki or Cp3, who go about their business quietly yet effectively.

By personal insults, I mean this: I don't start off by insulting BLOGGERS, at all. Always talking about THE GAME. Invariably, many childish kiddos here get upset and start attacking me, personally, instead of talking about THE GAME, classic ad hominems.

If you don't like specific comments about Basketball, like what I said between games 1 and 2, which was DEAD ACCURATE, then don't read it.

I think someone said on TV yesterday that when teams split the first 2 games of a final, with the retarded 2-3-2 format, every team that wins game 3, wins it all. 11 times so far. That stat means very lttle to me. Even if Miami loses game 3 in Dallas (I think they have a good chance of stealing it), they could win it all in 7 anyway. That's probably what's gonna happen: 3-2 for Dallas, going back to Miami, Heat wins in 7.

why does it bother you that wade and lebron act like superstars, are they not superstars? alot of ballplayers do what they, celebrate on the court with half their talent, so if they wanna smile or yell after a play who cares, if you wanna get mad tell deshaun stevenson to stop celebratin threes in the first quarter, or boozer to stop yellin when someone else makes a play, i think you cant hate their game so your lookin for something to nitpick on, like you always say keep it about the game, and if i got blind homer glasses on then you have blind hater glasses on, and if your gonna keep criticizin a team why would you pick them, why dont you pick the mavs? oh i know so you can be right either way, if the heat win, i picked them and if the mavs win you can say how you pointed out how the mavs would win, weak, pick a side

Lmao. Sledge is really holding on to he predicted the Mavs would win game 2 huh? What happen every other series before that? *crickets* What happen to Peja and Barea killing us? I bet you were holding your buttcheeks tight when the Heat were up 15pts with 7 min to go. I believe game 3 will answer a lot. I see the Heat going in to Dallas and sweeping the remaining games. It's more than just a feeling. Before the series started I said the only way Mavs win is if a Heat gets injured or the team has a meltdown.........well meltdown happen. Heat in 5 like I predicted.

i will mess sledge up bad.

The average mental age on this blog keeps declining steadily. Pathetic fanatical kiddos talking idiotic crap. Waste of time.

Miami heat will definitely bounce back and beat the mavs for good! just wait and see!

Sledge alot of your comments are Copy and Pasted from articles that I have read. Just because you change a few words does not make it authentic. Your pathetic dude. If it wasn't because you brought some sort of life to this blog you would be worth less.

And for your analogy on who's hott from distance will win the game is ridiculous.

What needs to change is we NEED to DRIVE to the BASKET. I mean LEBRON has 4 freethrows in 2 games. Yes you read that right 4. Dwade and Lebron will be in ATTACK mode the whole game. That with Rebounding/DEFENSE and TIMELY threes will win the game for us.

death to sledge!!

you're mostly WRONG, and THAT is what i don't like.
you insult everyone on here; you insult our intelligence daily, and you conveniently ignore points i bring up.
wade has always been considered humble, buddy. this year he brought it up a notch, and considering the ridiculous venom thrown his way and the hyper-criticism of his team and everything they do, i have no problem with him expressing emotion and celebrating. most stars do it anyway.
relax, and temper your hate for miami just a bit. maybe then the articles you cut and paste from other critical sources might be read objectively by the rest of us.

to xxxjoseluisxxx

don't expect a response from him. when presented with logical rebuttals, he just ignores you.
that's why i call him sludge, the little turd.
go heat.
play D all 4 quaters, and we take this.

Dazed, since you are so smart, why do you have to repeat what I have been writinh here for about a week now? Specifically that the Heat needs to attack the basket, instead of settling for long J's they normally don't make?

If you need other important clues to the series, just read previous posts.

Oh, and you also regurgitated what I've been writing for weeks, namely about rebounding and lon distance shooting.I'm glad you take good notes.

wade is one of the most dedicated, hard working, and professional an athlete as we've ever had in miami.
he has never been in trouble, (neither has lebron), and he carried this team to a championship and through pretty lean years. calling him a diva is punk "hater" garbage.
take your "diva" BS and stick it, you little turd.
nothing you say has any merit.

"play D all 4 quaters, and we take this."

That's not good enough. The Heat have been playing excellent D all year, and yet, they have lost various games against Boston, Chicago and Dallas now.

They need to player SMARTER D. Case in point: double-team Nowitzki at crucial times now. Use Haslem/Lebron on him, not just Ru-Paul Bosh. Switch from man-to-man do various Zones in certain situations, just to keep the opponent guessing, or when there's a hot shooter.

That's when coaching comes in. That's one of the main reasons Miami lost game 2. Not because they didn't play tough defense, but because they played stupid defense down the stretch.

why does it bother you that wade and lebron act like superstars, are they not superstars? alot of ballplayers do what they, celebrate on the court with half their talent, so if they wanna smile or yell after a play who cares"

It bothers not only me, but millions of fans outside of Miami. Lebron and Wade acting like Divas, on and off the court, when addressing the media, whining to the officials, celebrating before the seasons started, calling for multiple Championships without having played one game, celebrating game 2 in front of the Dallas bench, with 7 minutes to go.

It bothered the Dallas team, not just me, obviously. got them fired up. I wrote before about what I mean by Divas: Unfortunately the reading skills of most bloggers here are abysmal. It's not just celebrating after a play. Although you don't see non-diva players like Nowitzki, or Kidd, or Duncan, or Durant, or Rose do that, right in the noses of the opposing team, celebrating a victory with dances and bravado, with 7 minutes to go. Do you?

Divas do that, they do tons of TV commercials off the court, not just a few, they live for their inmense Egos, they love the spotlight, unlike other Great players who shy away from it.

Divas also commit mistakes on the court trying to win games with long 3's at the last minute, instead of penetrating. Case in point: with the game on the line, Wade and Bron started shooting long J's. Going for the Glory. Like Divas do. By contrast, with the game on the line, a less arrogant, more humble and quiet assassin named Nowitzki decided to attack the rim. And, in a humble manner, without celebrating too much, won the game. Then, unlike Divas do, he proceeds to tell the media that Dallas was "fortunate" to win, and such.

Do you now understand the difference between insufferable Divas, and more humble NBA players? There are many reasons why most fans dislike Divas like Wade, Lebron, Kobe, Shaq, etc. Not just me.

"wade has always been considered humble, buddy"

False. He WAS humble before 2006. He was much like D. Rose is today, both guards from Chicago: quiet, explosive on the court, but humble and shy and silent.

That all changed. Jekyl and Hyde. Day and night. He became a Superstar. He started talking to the media, doing dozens of commercials, dressing up like a little doll for the TV, doing push-ups and ceremonies before every game, celebrating numerous Championships before the season even started, dancing and giving the pompous "stare" right in from of Dallas' bench after he hit a shot with 7 mins. to go.

Wade WAS humble and very likeable. He transformed into an insufferable pompous and loud DIVA. Many Great players do go that route. They don't have such HUGE Egos, they don't even like the spotlight. How many examples do you need? Wilt Chamberlain became a DIVA, not Bill Russell. Magic became a DIVA, not Kareem. Duncan ain't no diva, nor is Nowitzki. Wade and Lebron ARE. And that's one of the reason millions of NBA fans "hate" them and "hate" the arrogant Hollywood Heat. They brought upon themselves by beeing loud and pompous Divas with huge Egos.

Sharp column by LeBatard.


But Miami ought to be concerned more by this than by Thursday’s punctuation:

Through two games, on the road, Dallas has forced Miami to play the game Dallas wants.

That Miami won one of them and almost won the second is a mask. Miami doesn’t want to keep testing the numbers by trying to win with its greatest weakness — low-percentage shots from outside. That’s how Thursday was lost, too many of Miami’s late shots coming a million miles from the basket


It's not about the 3s the Heat must surely make; it's ALL about the 3s Miami shouldn't take.

The Heat, through 2 x games, are gladiators trying to kill with bow & arrow.

As they demonstrated ALL season -- the Heat are ONLY a .500 team whenever they attempt 20+ 3s. REGARDLESS of makes or misses.

It's not because Miami can't make 3s. It IS because 3s NEGATE Heat strengths -- higher % points in the paint, and-1s, foul trouble by opponents, keeping defenders on their heels, MAKING defenders move their feet with OR without the ball.

Coaches and players share blame alike.

How many diagonal cuts (elbow to oppoblock), baseline/backdoor cuts, curls and/or rolls, double-rolls, multiple screens did OFFBALL teammates attempt against Mav zones? What did coaches do to exploit zone seams which could become attacking lanes? How were Heat players prepared to recognize, read & react to Mav zones besides early or late-clock 3s?

And, with rebounding + physicality at a premium, why is Miami's best per-minute rebounder & most physical post-presence (Magloire) dressed in a suit while Chandler quietly enables Dallas' control of the paint?

Likewise the complete & inexplicable banishment of James Jones when Jones could provide perimeter relief + defense no worse than Miller?


The Mavs were a .500 team ALL season whenever OPPONENTS attempted LESS than 20 x 3PT FGAs but more than 20+ FTAs.

"It's not because Miami can't make 3s"

Le Batards is mostly correct, I've been writing similar viewpoints regarding the Heat's excessive 3pt shooting for months.

But the "big 3" can't make 3's. They NEVER have been able to make them consistently in their entire careers. 30-33% tops, from downtown.

And yet, since they are spoiled Divas with huge Egos, they keep trying to nail too many 3's. That's what Le Batard can't write. Or Heat fans would hate him like many bloggers here get pissed at me for reporting such facts.

And I agree, ineperienced coaches led by Spoelstra and Diva players who don't listen to those coaches "share the blame alike". Will they ever learn?

I think they might have finally learned a tough lesson on game 2. In game one they were dreaming they could shoot 46% from downtown. Lebron hit 4/6, fist time in his life, probably, from beyond the arc, when the game was on the line. They tried the same formula again in game 2, taking all the bait from Carslile smart plan: dare them to shoot long J's again. Rebound this time.

Of course, second time around it did not work, and Miami lost, since they CAN"T shoot 3's consistently. I bet they will shoot a lot less 3's in game 3, attack the rim a lot more. The Heat have a good chance of stealing the game in dallas tomorrow, IF they do that.

lebron predicted the championships; the celebration was wade's idea, and it was only for the fans; he wanted to celebrate his staying in miami.
that's a fact.
it turned into a celebration of all 3 being in miami.
as for the defense, we did NOT play that kind of defense all year; look at the numbers.
everyone found their role about a 3rd into the season.
the reason everyone hates this team is we got lebron, and they didn't.
simple as that.

"And yet, since they are spoiled Divas with huge Egos, they keep trying to nail too many 3's. That's what Le Batard can't write. Or Heat fans would hate him like many bloggers here get pissed at me for reporting such facts".

that's a fact? sounds like an opinion to me..

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