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Now or, later?

Here we go.

Kind of an easy breakdown to this one, but let's start with this: LeBron James' performance is not all about his two points in the fourth quarter. Offense wasn't the issue with this team the entire game, and that was also the case in the fourth quarter.

The Heat shot 56.3 percent in the fourth. The Heat had seven assists on nine field goals in the fourth quarter, with LeBron getting four of those assists.

Yes, LeBron could have forced something more than that long jumper when being defended by Jason Jason Terry Kidd, and yes, one of his two three-point attempts in the fourth was something of a force.

But overall, 17 points, 10 rebounds, 10 assists and a blocked shot is a good performance. Not great. Not ideal because it came with four turnovers and only featured two free throw attempts, but to start calling him out or blaming him for this one is kind of dumb. He also played a good portion of the game either without Dwyane Wade (who only played 34 minutes) or without a completely healthy Wade. And in that stretch, he kept the team afloat despite being the single focus of the Mavericks defense. James also appeared to get fouled at least twice on shot attempts and those fouls weren't called.

"Triple double," Chris Bosh said of LeBron. "We just didn't win the game."

Now, to the rest of this one.

The defense wasn't terrible. It was bad long enough in the beginning to get the Mavericks into a rhythm. But overall, Dallas had one of those shooting games that they were capable of having. Jason Terry hit a couple shots with a defender in his face, particularly the last three that essentially sealed the game. Kidd made three threes. Dirk Nowitzki hit that one rainbow three-pointer with a hand in his face and the shot clock expiring. And the ultimate killer, J.J. Barea was an absolute menace, not only hitting four of five threes, but getting to the lane for a pair of scores.

Basically, the Heat would expect to win any game in which it scores 103 points and shoots 53 percent. The Mavericks were just a better offensive team in this one. And that's not how the Heat normally plays. Trying to outscore a team isn't in the way Miami operates.

Bosh floor "We are getting the same looks that we knew we would get," Terry said.

Finally, it was the Heat's turnovers. Miami committed 18 turnovers that resulted in 21 Mavericks points, and the Mavs managed a 14-11 fastbreak points mostly as a result of those Heat turnovers.

The turnover breakdown goes like this: Four for LeBron, which is understandable given how responsible he was for creating offense and given he had 10 assists. Four for Wade, which is probably one or two more than you'd want given that he played a few less minutes than usual, but overall not that bad. Four for Bosh. That's too much for him. One of them, granted, was a terrible offensive foul call on the fastbreak (Kidd was absolutely moving on that play), but he still can't be careless as he was with the ball on a couple possessions in games that are this close. The other six were scattered, including a pair of 24-second violations.

Some of those things might change at home. But then again, the pressure of being one game from elimination might also affect the Heat players.

When the Mavericks are capable of shooting like this, it must make the Heat kick itself for essentially giving away Game 2 and not being up 3-2 right now.


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Stephen A Smith and Chris Broussard were talking around the rumor that what is bothering Lebron is that Rahard Lewis slept with his girlfriend..... Stephen wouldn't say that its true or not true but that the he has heard things but won't speak on it because its personal and he doesn't know if its true or not. It wouldn't let me post the link on here. If you google Rashard Lewis and hit the "New" button alot of stuff pops up....

The Heat will need all of the energy the home crowd can bring because this Mavericks team is veteran and crafty.

And apparently, they have figured Miami's defense out...
(click for more...)

The fact that every news article and column begins with a defense of James says something. Nobody had to defend MJ like that.
That James played good, not great, in a game which he called the most important of his career, one that demanded greatness, also says something.
It only matters that his good-not-great performance came without Wade on the court for some of it if you consider Lebron a good-not-great player, or competitor.And maybe that realization about himself is why he came to Miami to play with Wade and Bosh in the first place.
When his number was called, he couldn't finish.

why doesn't Wade shoot every single time in the 4th q?

lakers were down 3-2 last year and won two at home, mavs cant shoot like that on the road, im optimistic we'll win game 6, and game 7 at home sounds like my kinda party, wake up lebron this is your only chance to not ruin your reputation, again

Jose did the Lakers have to win 2 in a row at home or did they win game 5? Yea......

uh they won two in a row at home the celtics won game 5 buddy

I don't see LBJ and the Heat letting this slip away. A little home cooking should do us good. Heat made it harder on themselves but the Heat has shine when doubts and backs have been against the wall. Dallas had their "good" game now let's see them win 3 in a row. Let's see what homecourt does for Bron. Also Chalmers has been excellent.

Good analysis from Gutierrez. The Heat outrebounded Dallas by 10, shot 53% and still lost. The difference, of course, were the 18 TO's (credit Dallas' underrated Defense) and 3pt shooting. LeFlop James keeps shooting too many ling J's, 0/4 from downtown, instead of attacking the rim.

Now the Heat have to win 2 games in a row, and Dallas just have to steal one. The pressure is on Miami. Dallas' shooters will be lose. Game 5 was probably decisive in this series.

Nowitzki has outscored LeBron 52-11 in the five 4th quarters of this series.


And Jason Terry is also making him look like a fool.

Spoelstra has got to make adjustments and stop being so stubborn. First, he's got to take Bibby out of the rotation and start Chalmers who's playing "lights out." When Chalmers rests, LeBron should play the point with Miller in the game. The other big adjustment is putting Wade on Terry and LeBron on Dirk. Terry is too quick for LeBron to cover and unlike DRose he can shoot. LeBron would be more effective staying in front of Dirk and contesting his shot. And with respect to last night's game, that charge call Joey Crawford made on LeBron was awful and it was a game changer.

take the blinders off . your so called best player is getting his a-- kicked in the 4th quarter . bottom line all these games have been close and james has done nothing with the game on the line. he's 6-8,with a freak body and doesn't know how to post a 6-4 defender . 2 foul shots . how could you not call him out! you sure lay on the accolades when deserving. get your man crush off nut up and write what you see not how you feel

Well...NOW it's now or never.

My 2 cents...

How is it Chandler has not experienced ANY foul problems this whole series - ODD.

PLEASE do not let Bosh ever guard Dirk.

LeBron idea to get him the ball...have him set the high screen for DWade or whoever - he'd destroy the Mav reaction.

Free E House for some serious minutes. I'd stick him on Terry on ocassion.

Ain't over yet...should be a helluva finish.

Let me add on to clarify...LBJ sets the high screen and rolls. If screening on DWade's man...imagine the Mavs consequence...sag to cover LBJ or overplay to cover DWade... leaving LeBron open...pick your poison Mavs...all night long.

What happen to james jones? If the mavs are playing zome put JJ he can help!!

The problem with comparing the Heat to the Lakers being down 3-2 and winning the NBA championship is that the Lakers had a much better team and the second best player of all time. The Heat have three talented players, but they don't have killer instincts on a Jordan or Kobe level.

The problem with comparing the Heat to the Lakers being down 3-2 and winning the NBA championship is that the Lakers had a much better team and the second best player of all time. The Heat have three talented players, but they don't have killer instincts on a Jordan or Kobe level.

Wade has just as much killer instinct as Jordan, Lebron not so much. The main problem for Lebron is he's not getting to the line. He needs to force the issue more. IDK hopefully Riley has something to say to these guys.

The Mavs did what they were suppose to do and we didi what we were suppose to do which is. Win on each other home court at least once. This is why you fight for home court during the regular season. Game 6 and 7 at home.

This is Lebron last chances to redeem himself in the serires unless he wants to take a bashing for the offseason. Heat in 7!

Let's go Heat!

If the Mavs can keep the score over 100 pts they have a chance. If it comes down to defensive games with 95 points or less they are probably in trouble.

Israel, please stop showing your ignorance of basketball my making statements like "Kidd was absolutely moving on that play". Whether a defender is moving or not has absolutely NOTHING to do with whether or not it is a foul. It only matters a) who initiated contact and b) was the defender in a legal guarding position, which does NOT require a defender to be still with both feet planted on the floor.

My take:

Lebron, I hate to say is choking. He can't disappear at this point in games yet he has.

Spo has to put a big man in the game at center. Joel Anthony, on many occassions, doesn't even attempt to jump for a rebound. He just looks at them.

Bosh is no center. Stop going small and playing him there. When we do, Dallas can always go to a zone and take away our speed advantage.

There's contributions coming from the bench. There's contributions from 2 stars. We need contributions from Lebron and Spo. Chandler is out there pushing people around like he's a tough guy (and no fouls being called when he just blantently shoves other players in the back), so put either Ilguaskas to shoot from the outside and pull chandler from center or the Big cat to outbully him.

Spo, get Lebron involved. Challenge him in media like Phil Jackson would, draw more plays for him, but get the 2nd most import Big 3 involved.

Miami is the better team, but Dallas has the better coach..getting more with less. Couple that with Lebron

Miami is the better team, but Dallas has the better coach..getting more with less. Couple that with Lebron and triple that with refereeing (which is no excuse...spo should game plan on referees making calls for the opponents and not the heat - its happened all year), the heat may lose.

How can Spo challeng lebron in the media? You can't compare what Spo done to a legend like Phil Jackson. And we all see Lebron shouldnt need anymore motivation than he has right not, take a look at what all the media outlets are saying about him.

Not to dump on LBJ...but why not change him up on D and not always having him defend Terry by having him defend someone else. Chasing Terry around the perimeter may be fine in the 4th quarter but not every minute Terry is in the game. Spo needs to change some things because Carlisle is always making adjustments. It's one thing to have a tight, go-to rotation...but Spo hasn't utilized guys like Jones, House, Z, Damp the whole playoffs to see much of anything. Probably too late now...

Dman, you have to try something...spo used to challenge the team all the time in the media...i guess they didn't like it because he's been mostly all praises lately. remember in the beginning when he would just blame team? I'm not saying just blame the team, but this series is slipping away and something has to be done. Challenge him by saying: I don't want to see this lite beer version of Lebron, we need the real lebron. If he doesn't show up, we will lose...put the pressure on lebron that if this series is lost, he will be blamed because Wade and Chalmers have been balling out of control and Bosh is doing that we have a bence with haslem and Chalmers contributing, if Lebron would show up, this series would have been over already.

One more thing...why is it so difficult for Spo to devise ways for both Wade & James to get the ball going to the rim where they are both most effective ? These are two of the greatest players on the planet and you mean to tell me he can't draw up several ways to get this done ? They both obviously have huge advantages nobody else has.

If the Heat lose this'll be feel good time & redemption for the Mavs...but for the Heat it'll be total humiliation - a toal disaster. Close the curtain, shut the door...and don't come back out of your hole until next season with NO friggin' sickening excuses.

energy_bust, I just cant see how this team needs to be challenge. Theyre playing for a championship what more motivation do you need. We still have another game and till the series is over Im not giving up on the Heat, but Lebron has to force the issue. Stop being so much of a facilator. If the ball gets kick back to him at the 3 pt line pump fake once and drive str8 for the rim. Its like its not clicking for him, he's tryna make thr right play. But sometimes making the right play is taking it your damn self. He just needs to play his game. His jump shots will fall once he's see 2 or 3 layups go in. I still believe in him. Heat in 7!

not the team but lebron because this is Lebron's legacy, so he should be challenged. if the heat fails and right now its more so because lebron not showing up, then rightly so he will earn nicknames such as Lechoke, etc. But if challenged, you will see if Lebron really has the desire to win a championship more so than the anxiety of failing.

One more thing to note which i didn't bring up: Carlile has adjusted his game plan i.e. made adjustments. Lebron's failures may be partly due to Spo not adjusting to the Mavs adjustments. Unfortunately, I'm not hating on Spo here, but he's so SLOW to adjust and thinks that if you just keep doing the same things, but more efficiently, then the team will win. The reality is: if another team adjusts to your gameplan, then you can't be more efficient. The adjustments in fact should cause the team to be less efficient as is the case. It's not the team executing less efficiently as it is that the Mavs have made adjustments to break some of the defensive sets and offensive strategies. Spo has to realize this.

Spo rated D+ for his coaching...funny thing is he was a C the game previous and the writer wrote: Spo must adjust...but Spo didn't and some of those things that the writer said needed to be adjusted came back and beat us (Joel Anthony was one of them). Why doesn't Spo realize that adjustments are needed until he backs the team against a wall with inefficent planning?

Spo can be challenging Lebron everyday in practice. I dont think challenging him in the media would be effective. Maybe Riley can have a long talk with him if he cant get him going through motivation, I dont know who can. Spo needs to Maglore in on Chandler. Anthony is getting man handled in the paint. Hopefully some home cooking can get these guys going.

Miami is the better team, but Dallas has the better coach..getting more with less. Couple that with Lebron and triple that with refereeing (which is no excuse...spo should game plan on referees making calls for the opponents and not the heat - its happened all year), the heat may lose. "

As I wrote several times before, all it would take was another loss, and most Heat fans would start doing what they always do to vent their frustrations:

1/ Blame the coach. The same Spoelstra they despised and bashed until he got good players and started winning. Then most fans embraced him, even started complimenting him. Then, as could be easily predicted, the same fans turned on Spo again, blaming him for everything.

2/ Blame the officials. That's always automatic after the hometeam loses. Never has the numerous times the Heat has benefitted from bad calls, fake fouls, blatant flops from Leflop and others, the constant travels Lebron gets away with, or when Wade loses his pivot foot, clearly, as last game, etc. (I will post the objective analysis of game 5 next, about ref. calls)

As usual, it's an intricate conspiracy!! The officials are all corrupt, bribed by Cuban's millions, and comissionner Stern also is biased and wants the Heat to loses, because he wants to make more money too. Sure!! Whatever makes you feel better..

Instead of accepting the simple fact that one team outplayed the other, period. One team shot a lot better than the other. Period!. One team had less turn-overs and forced more turnovers with suffocating defense. Period.
LeFlop choke again in the 4th quarter. Period. Terry humiliated DivaBron, AGAIN. And Dallas made the shots they usually make, finally.

Now, let's resume blaming the officials and the coach, exclusively. It makes us look smart, like we know how to coach better than Pat Riley (who is behing most Macro-decisions of personnel choices between games, rest assured) and we know better than half a dozen assistant Heat coaches behind Spo.

I'm not saying that coaches don't count. Or that Carslile isn't better than Spo. They do, and he is. But coaches are overrated, players have to ultimately execute the plays. Nothing any coach can do if Leflop chokes again in the 4th quarter. Nothing you can do if the opposing team has much better snipers, proven shooters, finally making shots.

That's not the fault of "biased" officials or horrible coaching. It's a better team beating a not so good team for the 5th time this season. Yes, 5 times thus far. They are 5/2. Even without Caron Butler. Even without Haywood, 2 extremely important pieces they lost.

So please stop kidding yourselves: Miami does not have better players or a better team overall. They have putrid "point guards", putrid "centers" and a mediocre bench. They just have 2 & 1/2 excellent players, and one of them chokes, consistently, under pressure in the 4th. Dallas plays awesome defense, accept it. It has a lot to do with it too.

So it's ain't the coaches, it ain't the officials, and Miami is not the "better team", obviously.

And now the Heat have their backs against the wall, having to win 2 games, while Dallas, with much less pressure, only has to win one.

And in typical Hollywood Divas fashion, Wade and Leflop were mocking Nowitzki's flu before the game:

And who’s laughing now?

“Nerves? James hustled back to locker room with 3:10 remaining on pregame clock. LeBron then returned to the court escorted by physical therapist Mike Mancias.”

Wade hurt and LeChoke shyttin’ his pants, before, during, and after the game. Oh the irony. Poetic Justice!

NBA Finals Game 5 was arguably the best of the series, as both teams shot the lights out, with the Dallas Mavericks pulling away late with impressive three-point shooting.

One of the more compelling stories in this series has been the health of Dallas superstar Dirk Nowitzki. Nowtizki is dealing with a finger injury and suffered from the flu in Game 4, putting together a performance for the ages.

Prior to Game 5, LeBron James and Dwyane Wade were leaving after the shootaround and cameras caught the pair making fun of Nowitzki and his flu, something that you probably shouldn't do before a pivotal game.

While the Heat are a thrill to watch play, actions like that are exactly the reason that people cannot stand this Miami team. There is an arrogance there and for a team that blew two games prior to Game 5, the last thing you want to do is mock your opponent.

Nowtizki then went out and shot the lights out with his Mavericks teammates as the Heat failed to play any sort of defense, especially along the perimeter.

In the Finals, Miami, who has been nothing short of bombastic and arrogant, have been humbled.

In Game 6, we'll see what this Heat team is truly made of and if they fall short, then there will be some very heavy criticisms lobbed at the Big Three.

Dman, agree...that maybe lebron's getting brunt of criticism when it may fall on spo for not adjusting...I think Big Z to pull Chandler out on parameter and Big Cat to out bully Chandler (the guy is sort of dirty with all the pushing and hitting he does and no fouls are called) while in the paint. I don't know why Spo keeps playing Bibby when Chalmers is showing he shows up for big games and Anthony when he just looks at rebounds and doesn't even attempt to jump. If he attempted maybe Chandler gets in foul trouble for pushing him, but JA doesn't even leave his feet. Riley may talk to Lebron and you're correct. That may be the way to go unless you're phil jackson cause Lebron seems easily thrown off when his feeling are hurt unlike Wade who goes on a tear when challenged.

I agree we will see in game 6 (and 7) what the heat are made of because if you let the soft dallas team beat you after celebrating at the beginning of season, then Miami will be a laughing stock. :-(

The problem has nothing to do with LeBron. Miami has been up 15, 9, and 4 points late in the 4th and AS A TEAM, they let the Mavs back in each time. LeBron is the only reason Miami is even here after the Chicago series because Wade was pretty awful in that series and LeBron was All-Galaxy in closing out those games. But overall, as a team, Miami found a way against a stacked Chicago and Boston team to advance comfortably. And the REAL problem now is that the Mavericks are actually a better team than either Boston or Chicago. They are mentally tougher and able to withstand more without flinching. People seem to discredit the Mavs too much without remembering that they TORE UP a very good Lakers team, TORE UP a very good OKC team, and beat a Portland team soundly that everyone thought could sneak into the Finals. These Mavs are fantastic but everyone is acting like "HAHAHAH, you are letting the lowly Mavs beat you and invalidate everything about the Heat". Nope. These finals are what they should be....lots of drama and two amazing teams going at it with only one emerging the victor. It's ridiculous how much bitterness and mockery is out there about the heat and LeBron when they are in the Finals and still have a chance to win it all. Seriously, get a grip. LeBron is just fine and the Heat are just just so happens they are in a dogfight and that's called competitive professional sports!

I don't understand why everyone is freaking out about the team to win game 5 wins series... If it is 2 - 3 - 2 and the teams win thier home games then the game 5 win will favor the non-home advantage team by default. Even though Heat lost one at home they won in Dallas so it evens out. The only thing that can beat the Heat is if the Mavs shoot like they did in game 5. We still have a good chance to in the series, and a game 7 will be EPIC!!

Heat were still in the game in the last 4 minutes (weren't we leading?) How the hell did we do that with Wade out, Dallas shooting lights and our poor perimeter defense?! When Terry made a wack 3 point shot, looked like he threw a baseball, I knew it was not our night. So after analyzing game 5, yeah we lost and yeah I sound like a homer but I FEEL damn good going into game 6 at home. We're gonna have 3 days rest, with our crowd behind our team and if Dallas does not close us out, trust me they won't close us out in game 7!


I don't understand why everyone is freaking out about the team to win game 5 wins series... If it is 2 - 3 - 2 and the teams win thier home games then the game 5 win will favor the non-home advantage team by default"

Everyone in Miami is freaking out, or should be freaked-out because:

1/ These 2 teams have proven they are evenly matched. So far this season, most games have been very close. Dallas leads 5-2, including 3-2 in the playoffs, including winning game 2 in Miami.

2/ Dallas has the best record of winning on the road. They have shown they can win in Miami or anywhere.

3/ LeChoke gets diarreah every 4th quarter, if not before the crucial games.

4/ Dallas has much better shooters, real point guards, real centers, a deeper bench and a much better coach.

5/ Miami has to win 2 games.

6/ Dallas has to win only 1 game.

7/ The Hollywood Heat Divas are arrogant, insufferable and Evil. Karma is about to hit them in the face.

No more chest pounding and insults huh, g007?

No more Heat in 6, huh? lol..

Hey Sledge,

If you hate the heat so much, then why do you hang out on a heat blog? Why not join the cavs blog or start your own blog?

"1/ These 2 teams have proven they are evenly matched."

Yea so it can go one way or the other, no clear advantages.....

"2/ Dallas has the best record of winning on the road. They have shown they can win in Miami or anywhere."

Miami is not too shabby in that dept either and also has won in Dallas....

"3/ LeChoke gets diarreah every 4th quarter, if not before the crucial games."

Ok, I agree on that one :P

i disagree...Miami has proven they are the better team. In fact, Miami should have won 4-0 if they hadn't lost leads. Spo doesn't know how to make this team win in the fourth because adjustments are made by smart coaches and Spo continues playing JA when he's not contributing anything. He won't even jump for a rebound and Bibby is the biggest choke artist on the team. He won't take a shot. We have contributions from then bench in Mike Miller, Chalmers, and Haslem. Why won't spo give the team a chance by taking JA out of the rotation for this series? Dirk is killing him so its not his defense. Let Dirk get his points. concentrate on Marion, barea and jason terry. I would actually go big with haslem playing marion. Keep Wade on the Jet (not Chalmers), and put Lebron wherever he's needed. Going small is not helping the heat. Let Bosh stay on Dirk so he can exploit Dirk's week defense.

Big Z for scoring and floor spacing, Big Cat to punk Chandler.

Try something unconventional. It's winning time and Haslem has the power and speed to keep up with Marion. I would even say Joel Anthony also, but he doesn't add scoring, rebounding, is overall have two left feet.

And by the way, I will love my team no matter if we win or not, if we are underdogs or favored... If we suck or if we play lights out... Cause I got 305 blood and will never root for another...

Sluge - I'm a Heat fan. This is what real fans do: we stick with our team no matter what happens! If you were passionate for any other team, I'd probably have some respect for you but you just seem to want to annoy the true fans, so what's your mission on this blog? Its very pointless for you to want to inform us on what the media keeps saying about our team (which is mostly hate), are you trying to convince us we should hate the Heat too? Turn against our team? Convert to Slugism? Its a passion for a team and you should expect nothing but trash talk too. So yeah, am still pounding and talking smack! Even if we lose, you'll still see me rooting for the Heat. This aint over and you know that very well, won't be over for many years to come!

GO HEAT!! in 7!

Will the heat be making history if they win in 7?

So there's a new Obama law that you have to be a Blind Heat Homer, for Life? So sue me! I'm an NBA huge fan, among other sports I enjoy following. Why do you have to "root" for one team, after College? I'll copy something I wrote a while ago elsewhere..

Here's what one of my numerous alteregos, Professor Harris, would say:

"These “love” and “hate” rants among grown-up sports aficionados never cease to amaze me, and my colleagues. That ever perplexing psychological phenomenon known as the “Homer” syndrome. Intriguing. Our research indicates it may involve certain incomprehensible rituals, such as buying t-shirts about players who will be bought by another team and different city the very next season. There’s a lot of what is called “Rooting” too. Fascinating behavioral pattern indeed, which often results in absurd fanatical abnormalities, such as grown-ups with painted faces yelling and weeping during games. Clearly, these are signs of alarming immaturity and unresolved issues deeply ingrained in today’s society. The utter lack of reasoning which manifests itself among these modern die-hard “Fans”, for a team that changes radically most years, a sport, only entertainment. Their sense of clear judgment, balanced opinions is completely blurred by these primordial, inexplicable Homer feelings. Reality is irreparably and permanently disturbed. Still, they feel the urge to “root” “hate” other teams or “love” certain players which may well be playing soon for their own arch-enemies. Grown-ups, mind you, behaving like freshman-year kids, drunk on tequila after some fraternity party. All their lives “hating” and “rooting” for sports teams which change constantly for money reasons. Amazingly illogical sociological behavior indeed. We all live among crazed teenage kids, or so it seems, in this virtual world of sports and entertainment."

And Professor Harris forgot to mention a couple more things: Not only do NBA players move from town to town for money and glory, they are not even from Miami to begin with. Ok. only UD and JJ are "from" Miami, and they're not even the Fans favorite players...

The coaches also change teams permanently. Why don't you "root" for Orlando and coach van Gundy? It's still a "Florida" team..

And as Basketball Fans, these modern days, we also move from city to city, country to country, constantly after school is over. Who do you want me to "root" for if/when I move to Laos in a couple years? The Heat will have trade 70% of its players, again, every team will have changed. Should I "root" for Yao's team if he comes back, since I'm in Asia? lol.. This is just sports. Not religion or even politics. And for the record, I'm also an Agnostic and an Independent. So what?

No one really cares what you are... this is a HEAT blog so if we are "homers" so be it. I am loyal to my city I grew up in, I don't care what players are on the team, I am not stupid and realize that players come and go... while I will give other teams credit I will never root for them and you or anyone else can never change that. It what makes the competitve sports great, going to battle against the rivals and competitors and rooting for your squad to prevail. Drinking everyone else's kool aid all the time will get you sick, I will stick to what works best for me. You do tend to make valid points on this blog but then overshadow them with rubbage, sort of like Rush Limbaugh LOL

Finally, Professor Harris did not tell you, but what folows are some of the main illogical "reasons" why a lot of Sports fan'atics "root" for the same teams, sometimes for life (although they might not like the Canes, or the Marlins, because they grew up watching the Orioes or the Yankees, when their parents lived in Cincinnatti..)

- A reassuring, yet False sense of "belonging", "loyalty", some artificial bonding camaradery, often shared mostly in virtual blogs, not with the wife at home, or the old college roomate buddy in Oklahoma..

IOW, most fan-atics feel they are doing "the right thing" by sticking with one team "through thick and thin", and crap like that.., they feel (or more accurately they need to feel) reassured, strength in numbers. Saying "I'm a Heat Fan!!" in Miami, is like saying "I'm one of the good guys, I'm like you, so you'll like me, I'm smart too, let's be friends, we are the best!.. and bonding crap like that.. Because we are too weak sometimes to stand on our own, with our own values, changing opinions, or changing teams. We have to be "liberals" or "democrats" or like such and such values/icons. IWO, most of us are Weak SHEEP, following the predominant heards, on most facets of life, including sports and entertainment.

Not that it makes any sense, AT ALL, to be a "Heat Fan" living who was born in argentina perhaps or Cuba, moved here 7 years ago, and the just moved to Chicago for a new job, marrying a girl from Germany, Nowitzki's town.. lol.. AND, in the meantime, his beloved "Heat team" changed coaches, 70% of it's roster from last year, and became a very bad team (or an excellent one) overnight, after a few juicy money trades in the ever-changing NBA.

Go Thunder!

And what you said about people's "love" and "hate" attitude can be applied to religion, politics, etc, etc, etc. Loyalty in sports is the least destructive of them all. We are tribal by nature. Society's structure is based on rivalry and competitivness, the strong survive and the weak are deafeated. So it doesn't matter what city I live in, it's what city that formed the person I am is what I stay loyal too. Regardless of where I live on this eart Miami will always be my home.

And I forgot, if anything, I defend "bandwaggoners" in the NBA or NBA sport. I don't approve of that, because it's still blind "rooting", but at least they have something clear: Teams change, We change. Every year. If the team where I live now SUCKS, after they trade my favorite players last year, from where I lived before, why follow that old team which is playing horrible basketball?? (As Miami was playing from 2006 till now)

Why not start watching more Heat games now, when they are finally, again, an good team, playing exciting basketball, even if you're born and raised in New York? Heck, move to Florida with that new job.. Technology is there, teams visit every city so you can attend games. Bandwagonners like to watch the best basketball and follow the best teams. Why waste your time watching horrible Basketball in "your city" with "your team" ?? No wonder our new hero got the HELL out of his Hometown in Cleveland, and is now "roooting" for Miami. Talk about "Loyalty", huh??

Sluge - So you're here to save us from being fans? LOL. Relax buddy. If we're on this blog its because we all love sports and our home teams, its a safe way to enjoy something in life with friends and family. And I would never condone stupid behavior like what happened in LA with that baseball fan. Do you drink wine? Go get a nice bootle of Merlot wine with cheese and take it easy, no one really wants to kill you here. LOL Or maybe...

So now I get it! Wade usually doesn't play too well in his Chicago hometown or LeFlop James here because they feel "guilty". They feel like they are betraying their true teams, their hometowns.. LeChoke's mysterious "personal problem" is that he's on a guilt trip since he abandoned Cleveland and his hometown fans! That's it! and Bosh also had a rough time in Toronto too but now he's feeling particularly guilty where he was born and raised, where his family is from: Dallas! .. bunch of traitors.. That's why they are not playing so well..

If it was not for Lebron Dallas would be winning almost every game by 20 points. The guy averages over 40 minutes the entire playoffs. Sledge PLEASE KEEP ROOTING AGAINST THE HEAT...look how far you have gotten us :)

Okay gotta wrap up stuff at work, unlike you Sluge, I have a life and it starts in 40 minutes. Peace out and GO HEAT!!

Heat in 7!!!

Only people who ar afraid to lose jump from team to team.( LOOSERS SPEND TIME ON OTHER TEAMS BLOG , LOL) SIMPLE !
In 7 of course , hahaha

"Trying to outscore a team isn't in the way Miami operates."

Isn't that the point of a basketball game?

OK Heat need to make sure you are LOUD on Sunday so Charles Barkley can hear u in Arizona!! And I used to really like him too..hummm!! I moved from Texas (Houston) to South Florida 10 yrs ago and remember the days of having to listen to the Dallas fans moan & I am again. These 2 teams are evenly matched, just fes up to it. Anytime you have 2 teams like this, it will be an allout shootout, both offensively and defensively. Dallas wanted to leave their fans with a good taste in their mouths on Thursday so they played "lites out"...however, times up, it's now OUR turn in OUR HOUSE. Please Eric, play House, Jones, Miller and take out Bibby, let Chalmers start since he's more than a "delivey boy" like Bibby. Our bench is just as good since they're virtually unknown to the Mavs, they wouldn't know what to do...look at the last game in Toronto and House's harm in trying them but we need 3-point shooters on the floor in the 4th along with LeBron, Wade & Bosh...someone defend the boards PLEEEEEZE since we're not getting the foul shots from the refs...are they blind or what?? Anytime the Mavs & Heat are in the penalty in the 4th, it's much more evenly matched game and not just the "Dirk show".

One more thing for all you "Heat haters", you are doing nothing more than "fueling our fire" as in "HEAT" and we all want you to know how much we appreciate it!!!!

if sports is so dumb and the fans are annoying why do u participate sledge, and to be honest the only blind fan here is you, i dont go around bashing other teams, i might say they cant compete with us but i know the other to team is good, all you do all day is hate on the heat and point out our flaws while ignoring our strengths, that to me is being blind, go heat and sledge if it bothers you that much that people root for their city and enjoy sports discussions, go watch something else and leave the true fans be, and for the love of god sop trying to sound smart with someone elses words

Sledge is a terrorist that must be eliminated.

an like i said the lakers did it last year the same exact team that got swept out of the playoffs this year, we got this, i hope

lol @ Fabian and xxx

Go Heat!

Back off LeBron. Dont like the media frenzy. What the heck are the specials about Dirk and Chandler during the Finals? Seems media favors Mavs...prove em wrong. Really dont care for Dirk at all, arrogant b----t----d.

Wade, Bosh and LeBron can cream em with the help of Chalmers, Miller, Haslem, Jones, House, Howard and "I". Never figured out Bibby and Anthony, but know Spo put em in for defense. cant the others do the same and score and rebound?

Enjoy this one:

"There’s even an emerging sense that Miami would fancy itself as the better team even if Dallas lifts the championship trophy come Sunday night after Game 6, or Tuesday night if a Game 7 becomes necessary.

The truth of the matter, though, is that the Mavericks, as do several other Miami rivals, exhibit more characteristics of a team – depth, variety, consistent scoring balance – than does the Heat.

There has been something missing against the Mavs as Miami has wasted fourth-quarter leads big and small in losing three times and as James, in particular, too often has been ineffective late.

Is the Heat demonstrating itself incapable of handling the fiercest pressures of an NBA Finals series?

“I know I’m not,” said James after Thursday’s loss in which he had two fourth-quarter points on 1-of-4 shooting, numbers that overshadowed a triple-double performance.

The psychological problem the Heat must deal with should be obvious. If the Mavs show the slightest sign of another possible fourth-quarter comeback Sunday or Tuesday, Miami might be conditioned to fear a “here-we-go-again” scenario.

And one of those Dallas comebacks – the first and largest one, in fact – happened in Miami’s own digs.

Heat coach Erik Spoelstra, though, pointed out that Miami’s home-court advantage remains intact, with Games 6 and, if necessary, 7, in Miami.

“We wouldn’t have it any other way,” Spoelstra said.

Which is patently absurd.

He wouldn’t rather be going home up by the 3-2 count?

Or, moreover, he wouldn’t prefer that Miami bosses already be planning a championship parade route?

OK, it’s possible Spoelstra was paying homage to all the difficulties the Heat endured this season – the growing pains within the team and the various venom directed at it from the outside – and now figures a fitting end would be a recovery from the hole in which it finds itself.

“Nothing we’ve achieved this year has been easy,” Spoelstra said. “We’re certainly not going to start now.”

But can the Heat close out Dallas?

Can it close out games?

“That’s been our staple,” Wade said.

Except it hasn’t been the case in this series.

This has been an all-or-nothing endeavor for Miami from the moment it brought James and Bosh onto Wade’s team .

Yes. We. Did.

That was the slogan, remember?

No. You. Haven’t.

Not yet, anyway. And maybe not this season.

Now, we find out."

blah blah more opinion not fact, fact the series aint over, fact we still have home court advantage, no one thought the heat was even gonna make it this far, all year long heat fans have known this roster was flawed, so say something new sledge and stop repeating another persons opinion, oh and lets see if the mavs shoot those same threes on the road, ridiculous you would think most people just started watching basketball this year, sick of the noise meant getting James and Bosh you snake.

burn in hell evil serpent!

I will banish you the same way Cerebus expelled the visigoths!

Dead men don't LOL.

Join the kill sledge movement today!

I love how you talk about how Lebron's fourth quarter performance was there.

How about his performance in the last 5 minutes? LBJ failed on both the defensive and offensive ends in the last 5 minutes.
James: Missed Jumper
James: Turnover (Offensive Foul)
James: Missed 3 Pointer

He didn't double Dirk and watched Dirk dunk, just like he watched him drive for layups in games 2 and 4. You can't let Nowitzki drive to the hoop, you've got to make him pass or pull up.

Terry just pwned him in the last 5 minutes of the game.

You need to face facts, if the heat aren't up by more than 15 with less than 5 minutes left to go in the game no one, outside of the injured Wade, on the Heat has the heart to close the Mavericks out. They've proven it over and over. Even in game 3, the Mavs came back late and Dirk had an open look at a shot he makes 70% of the time to tie the game.

Why is Bibby still starting? WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

Why the #@#@# isn't James Jones playing? his defense and length will help guard that dern 3 point line. Eric wake the blank up!!!
putting Eddie House in? what was that about?

Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy is Bibby even playing? He can't even bring the ball up court against that midget. Chalmers can get his shot anytime he wants to against JJ. uugggghhhh!!!!
If the Heat loses this it will be Eric's fault!!!

I think this Miami team is the softest team I've ever seen contend for an NBA championship in league history.

Bibby plays because the Heat has not better option to start games. ALL Heat "point guards" suck. Big time. Including Chalmers. Supermario might have a couple of good games with a few 3pointers, but he'll make bad decisions and turn it over. He'll also get in foul trouble real fast if he were starting. Cp3 would be starting games, but Spo don't have no Cp3.

Oh that familiar smell of fear in these Homer boards! I suggest some of you purchase at least a dozen diapers to be prepared for the game tomorrow.

we'll borrow a couple from you, ya little turd.
it's a 7 game series; don't get your little panties in a bunch.
even after we win, you'll say you weren't impressed, so who cares?
you are a little boy who has watched the game for only 10 years, and you like to cut and paste negative opinions about the heat.

@Will - that "midget" has a name you can't probably pronounce - J O S E - J U A N - B A R E A - J.J. for short to help idiots like you be hooked on phonics.

That midget as you called going to own the Heat and I hope he does to Miami what he did to the Lakers, just for you.

DeShawn Stevenson is dead right:

"First, he called the Heat stars “actors” and revealed that the Mavericks had plotted to take advantage of Dwyane Wade’s tendency to argue with officials. "


"Then he said LeBron James “checked out” of Game 4."

Very True. He also checked out or wimped-out of games 2 and 5.

"Then he said that coaches around the league had called Rick Carlisle to help, because they so hated the Heat."

Dunno about that. Exact quote in full context?

And, this morning, as first noticed by Pro Basketball News, Stevenson posted this on his Facebook page:

“I told em Lebron is Overrated but did they listen? swag.”

Very, very true, again. Obviously by now. Zero killer instinct.

Not to mention how right Jason Terry was, challenging Lebron before games 4 and 5, talking the talk and then WALKING it. Right in Diva Leflop's face.

And Nowitzki kept quiet and humble. Silent assassin, even with a 102 fever. What could Hollywood Divas Wade and Bron do about it? Mock him before game 5 about being sick, right in front of the cameras, classless arrogant and pompous Divas, as usual.

Nowitzki then proceeded to TORCH them, AGAIN.

Sledge I hope you show up here on Wed.

Hurricane Dallas is coming to town. what to do? what to do? hahaha

Arroyo is out but J.J. Barea is all over.

Mike Bibby what??? But idea cutting Carlos for Bibby. Bad idea...

J.J. Barea all over the court on Sunday!

Here's a little nugget for your enjoyment:

Over the final 4 1/2 minutes of the past four games, the Heat are 5 of 27 from the field with nine turnovers. Even on their worst days, that’s a pace the Timberwolves would have trouble matching. This team has been decrepit at the close of games.

Hurricane Dallas is coming to town. what to do? what to do? hahaha

Arroyo is out but J.J. Barea is all over.

Mike Bibby what??? Bad idea cutting Carlos for Bibby. Bad idea...

J.J. Barea all over the court on Sunday!

Sledge is all you do copy and Paste shit.

Ok, so you want some more original material?

Check this out on BR:

"What a HHH post.. (Hollywood Heat Homer).. Lebron has has a proven History or Choking, yes, shrinking in big games, More Often Than Not. (MOTN)

Do your Homework, to make it easy on ya, just check several huge games last season, when LeChoke messed up, again, losing to Boston.

So now he's got the "help" he wanted, huh, cry baby Bron.. What does he do? CHOKE again, on most games. Including games 2, 4 and 5, No less, Every damn 4th quarter: diarrhea attack, Check the abysmal stats, if you must..

So sure, he might have a decent game, and score more than 2 points on Sunday in the 4th quarter. Maybe Terry and others won't laugh at his face, again. But the Leflop dude is undeniably Mentally Weak. ZERO killer instincts. He expects Wade and Bosh to get him his first ring. Hopelly Hollywood Diva LeFlop won't Tweeter again tonight, while taking a nervous dunk in his "throne", if you get the drift, at home at 3am, "now or never", again..

Here's another original about my favorite NBA player, enjoy:

Poor Lebron, huh? He brought all of this attention upon himself. His Huge Ego as an attention-craving Diva paid off. After he decided to "bring his talents to s.Fla" on National TV, like an arrogant, spoiled, egomaniacal brat. Then all the media appearances and premature celebrations of multiple Championships before the season even started. All of that legendary talk of a new "dynasty" with the new "big 3".. Then all the grotesque flopping on the court, (have you see the videos from the Chicago Flop and the amazing game 4 acting job?) the constant whining to the officials, and then more and more talk, tweeting "now or never", bringing even more attention to himself, then mocking Nowitzki in fron of the camera, etc, etc, to then fail miserably 5 fourth crucial quarters, in a row. He deserves every bit of media attention he asked for. Deserves most criticism he's getting. Heck, even his Pal D.Wade jumped on his face several times, yelling at him..

Because he talks too much. Because he acts to much. Because he's arrogant, loud and pompous. laughing at Nowitzki, and all of the aforementioned circus acts with his beloved media. Who is forcing him to talk so much and act so much, and attract that much attention? Did other Superstars like Nowitzki, who also have TONS of pressure on them, "tweet" anything before the game? No, they shut up and play. They avoid the media as much as they possibly can.

So cry me a river about Diva LeFlop James. We'll start to respect him more if he ever becomes a more humble, quiet and effective player . When he shuts the hell up and destroys the opposition in 4th quarters. Then we might start to like him.

(about LeBatard's apologetic article yesterday)

HEAT FANS! CALLING ALL HEAT FANS! This may be our last chance to make a Mighty Stand!
We have been criticized,
Our TEAM has been brutalized, and
Our city has been punched – right between the “I”s (M”I”AM”I”).
Now Miami It is time to show the world “I” am that “I “am, and just who We (The HEAT FANS), can really be!
Yes we are a city culturally diversified,
But we are not going to let irresponsible comments divide our Pride.
When it comes to the HEAT we are unified,
Especially when we are attacked by Mavs in Bull-hide!
There is no perfect of a situation,
For we HEAT FANS to show our appreciation,
To our TEAM and its great organization, than to the Mavs reply –
When Donkeys fly! (NOT Mavs)
We will stop screaming for the HEAT at this Triple A “HEAT STATION”.
NOT YET –‘jet’!
HEAT FANS, they have called us Out,
So let’s us pout,
Let’s us scream and get mean!
Let’s us get rowdy with much Heart, but
Also let’s us be very Smart,
For we should not disrupt “OUR TEAM’S” Play, and
I am sure they would want it that Way.
But when the Mavs have that Ball,
Or the refs make a bad Call,
We should make the ‘Triple A’ Sway, because
They have had their say and their Day,
This 2011 NBA Championship belongs to the “HEAT FANS” and their “TEAM” – any old way!
P.S. HEAT FANS – I know that I have no right to ask but if you are not at the ‘Triple A’ to help the Crowd get Loud,
Then sacrifice your Seat to someone who really loves the “HEAT’. After all, sacrifice is part of ‘TEAM WORK’. (SMILE)


So the HHH crowd (Hollywood Heat Homers) has a bad case of diarrhea right now?

Sledge go try and get laid.

ok, calm down... we're two at home.. listen, we have a lot of work to do but we put our selves in a must win situation and now we can't let up... stay aggressive... attack... be smart... rebound... solid defense... run... attack... get to the line... hit all free throws... we are now in finals beast mode... we can not lose another game... i noticed a play where wade bosh ud set up at the top, looked like a double screen but bosh popped out and ud rolled to the rim, we have to use that more.... bron, bra, listen, you have to attack these guys and force the refs to make a call. also use that extra dribble pump fake like dirk does and get the and 1... you are a force but you let them off the hook by shooting jumpers... they really can't stop you.. attack them.. come on.... i see 40 in this one for you.. start off strong and don't let up... bosh, stay aggressive, use the pump fake also get to the line... get that jumper clicking....but attack the rim.... i see 25 for you... come on... wad main man, your play has been big, but we need more... this is game 6 and we're down 3-2... come on...i see 30 here... ud, we rep our city man, we ain't going out like this, f that... play big... i see 10-10... come on... rio stay aggressive... your play has been needed... keep it up.... miller get hot we need you... jones come in and get hot... joel we need you to play solid defense and rebound... come on... coach, we can not get a lead and get lax in this one..... screem do what ever you have to do but get them to play harder down the stretch we really have to pull this one out...come on guys... the refs are not giving us any thing but hey, we have to take this by the neck and pull our way we want the trophy thats it... and when gaurding dirk force him to his right do not jump keep your hands up let him shoot but when he puts the ball down strip him....on terry force him left stay up on him... keep a body on chandler at all times... and post up barrea... adjustments thats the key to making this change... coach watch the film we have to win this next one... bron, come to play baby.... 48 minutes... leave it all out there... all or nothing... let's get it... come on... 7... tbc....

lol @ dazed.. sometimes the issue is quality, as opposed to quantity, trust me.

PLAY!!!...MARIO!!!...CHALMERS!!!...MORE!!!... DAMN!!! How many HALF COURT SHOTS and BIG 3s does He have to hit before Spoelstra takes off the blindfolds...

The Heat "have let" the Mavericks come back in the 4th quarter in all three of their loses. Just like the Lakers, Trailblazers, and Thunder "let" the Mavericks do the same thing multiple times. Maybe, just maybe, it could be the Mavericks that are doing this....maybe they are that good??? Nah, the Heat are incredibly better then the two positions out of 5 at least.

hey guys..
we have a home game today against a perimeter team with ONE real threat.
my thoughts are, if we play miami heat defense, and let the O come from our great defense, we'll be ok.
one home game.
against dallas?


bring it on..

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