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Norris Cole video

A TV feature on Norris Cole. Looks like not just a good player but a good person, which is always important to the Heat.



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nice one cole! watch out chalmers coz i think the heat has a starting pg :)

This kid could be a steal. Heat haven't had a speed PG in years. He should help out on defense from Day 1 just with his speed alone. He also seems like he has his head on straight. That's always a plus.

You guys should use YouTube videos so this can be viewed on a tablet.

new pg of heat!!!!!!

Why bother having a blog if you're not going to update it daily?

still need a center though

If he's even half as good as his cousin has been for the Eagles the Heat should be very happy with this selection.


Remember "Pete Vescey?"

If your answer is barely or who cares?, Vescey was, at one time, the New York alpha dog of pack-hacks overrunning the NBA media scene with snarling rumors & howling ignorance.

Thankfully, age & ageism finally put Vescey where he belongs: (mostly) out of sight, out of mind.

But it hasn't stopped the nonsense. Oh noooooooo.

The Hoarse Whisperer remains the shrinking poster child for Be All TMZ Can Be from his nagging perch at the Murdoch Post.

"Shrinking?" Yeah, shriking. How else to explain Vescey's delusional appraisal of David Stern, Giant Among Men? [ ]


Vescey: "Kemba [Walker] didn’t drop out of sight, but eight teams definitely held his height against him. His size doesn’t concern me in the slightest. At least it didn’t, until Kemba stood next to David Stern and the commissioner appeared to tower over him."


A 28th pick is a 28th pick. Nothing to write home about. Let's not mistake this Cole Kid for Cp3 or Jason Kidd. The one good thing is he might be able to teach some basic English skills to divas Wade and LeChoke. He seems to be able to speak proper English after finishing College. Fresh of breath air in the NBA.

Breath of fresh air, that is. Here's a more down-to-earth take by Ira:

"A: Hmm, let’s see: Pat Riley green-lighting the starting of an undersized, rookie point guard alongside LeBron, Wade and Bosh? Norris Cole might become many things for the Heat, but I think it is safe to assume that 2011-12 starting point guard is not one of them. That said, I also am not sold on Mario Chalmers in that role. What Cole provides is the speed element the Heat lacked against J.J. Barea in the NBA Finals, but let’s never overstate the No. 28 pick in the NBA Draft."

This kid is the new generation of Mr.Wade. Just watch him because he is the guy we need!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyone who quotes ANY analyses by Ira Winderman is either re-quoting some unnamed, unattributed scout or in the case of actual "analysis" by Winderman -- effluvia.

Ibid. Michael Beasley
Ibid. Eddie House
Ibid. Dorell Wright
Ibid. Daequan Cook
Ibid. Jeremy Richardson
Ibid. Ibid. Ibid.

A 28th pick is a 28th pick. Nothing to write home about. Let's not mistake this Cole Kid for Cp3 or Jason Kidd.


Who in the EFF is "mistaking" Cole for Kidd or Paul?


That is, who BESIDES Mike Tyson.

** KOs = domestic battery, hit & run, etc.

I dunno who is Vescey but I ate Minervini.

I was Sledge II.

sluge? again?
what now? are you about to brag that you've watched the NBA for ELEVEN years now?
you picked the heat, douche bag.
nuff said..

Well...that's right who called this pick the day before the draft ? Don't really want to...but gotta brag - yeah that was me who said the Heat would draft Cole. For obvious reasons as to what this kid brings...just imagine a Maurice Cheeks type of point guard. Hopefully he'll bring a totally new dimension the Heat haven't had in recent memory. Remember - defense starts at the point guard position which has been a major weakness for the Heat perimeter defense. Once that breaks down...the defense is forced to scramble & help. Dallas exploited that by moving the ball & hitting the outside shots. The Finals tide turned when the Mavs figured this with the ghost of LBJ reappearing.

yeah he'll fit in right away, probably an all-star. that's why he played alot against duke, conn, and kentucky guards. oh wait, he didn't because he was playing against detroit-mercy, wisconsin green-bay and watch out wright state.
ish, want to tretract your comments about the national columnist who said lbj was shrinking as would continue to shrink in the playoffs?

Too many idiots on this board with zero knowledge...maybe Barkley was right - we do have the worst fans. Or just maybe our fans reflect what Dirk said about the coughing episode - childish & ignorant.

Who frigging knows what the future holds for Norris Cole. But whatever happens...we do know that just as many no-names make solid NBA players as do the lottery picks. The Heat do not need an All Star return out of Cole...just a solid defender at the point with speed to deliver the ball to the scorers and change the tempo of the game.

What the hell is wrong with you so-called Heat fans ?

RP - they just get caught up in the media's talking points, that's where they don't use their own common sense to dispell what's in front of them.

Like the 'suddenly SPO forgot how to coach' crowd. NONE OF US know what the game plan was going into the Mavs series, from either coach. NONE OF US know what changes, big or small, were made by either coach during the series. If any of these people have ever coached at ANY level, they would know that what the coach's plan is, doesn't always equate to what you see on the court. As was stated before, EVERY offense will work, EVERY defense will work, it's just a matter of execution. And when two styles clash, it becomes which team has the will to execute their plan over their opponents'.

The Heat will be just fine. We will endure the idiots from Cleveland who waited until after Game 6 of the Championship series to get on here and - talk about their team? NO - criticize our teams' first years' shortcomings. You've got Laker fans that seem to forget how their season ended on here. And one individual, Sludge, who is clueless. He would actually pick Al Queda over the Heat, not predict, just pick them.

Chalmers showed his worth in the playoffs and final series. We don't need huge upgrades, just tweeking of the roster, and we've got the leader who will do just that.

Curry or Dalembert talk now.. It’s like choosing between a Big Mac and a Whopper, instead of going to a half-decent restaurant.

And if you need a cheap taco, just go for a Cole special from Taco Bell.

Well, when you've already got the steak, lobster, and wine at the table, you don't need but a few side vegetables.

Greg - here's my problem with Chalmers. True - he did have some good playoff moments ... however his on the ball defense is suspect as well as his ball handling. We've all seen his troubles bringing the ball up vs good point guard defenders. (memba CJ Watson?) He does create havoc on D...which many times results in a split second gaffes on the other end. (bad pass, shot, other head shaking torture) My take is Chalmers has always been more combo than point guard as the Heat continue to try to find someone to fill that point guard role.

RP - agree to some extent. As long as we have Wade and James in the backcourt, our PGs don't have to be the primary ball handlers. They should, however, try to stay in front of their man when guarding the ball. Chalmers is OK at that, not great, but he does get into the passing lanes to disrupt opponents offenses. He can push the ball on the break, and his outside shooting is decent (better than Rose, Rondo, Wall, maybe even Westbrook, if you factor in shoot selection).

I still haven't heard who the lock-down PG defenders are in the NBA. My point being, there really isn't one, so why do we expect Chalmers to be that guy?

We can certainly upgrade at PG and Center (Nene), but that doesn't mean who we have is worthless. Now, I know alot of people will be on the next-new-thing, Cole, but let's see what he has before we take Haslem out of the lineup again for a chump(supercool).

Charles Barkley said the Miami Heat Fans are the worst Fans, I think he should have said, the Heat Fake Fans are the worst. The Heat played four(4), seven(7) game series of Basketball one after the other with only using eight ball players until the last series. At sometime they were going to get tired and ran down, but you idiots who would have been riding on their coat tails if they would have pulled it out and won are only fans when you feel its necessary and you need to keep your fake comments to yourself. If you are really a Fan, you ride and die with your team, whether they win or lose. It was a hard pill to swallow, and J. Terry called it out in his interview, they will get tired at some point, their legs are going to give out, and we suffered from it, but the one thing remains, they are still our home team and we should back them no matter what the consequences are. They are everyday people just you and I, with families to take care of, and how do you and the other idiots like you repay them, you have to criticize them on their not winning the Championship their first year together with your fake, cheap and useless points. They don't mean anything to the true Heat Fans, because we know we have so-called Heat Fans who only want to be on the band wagon when we are winning.

Heat true Fans, keep your heads up, it's not over, the Heat still have fight in them to continue moving forward in years to come.

A team that made it all the way to the nba finals last year with no point and no true big center.

No we have an additional point guard that I believe will end up starting over Chalmers. We are moving in the right direction. Now we just need to land Delembert and the puzzle will be complete. Delembert starts and that brings Joel back to coming off the bench. Our bench would b really strong then because a healthy Haslem, Miller, J Jones, Cole, and Anthony, E. House. that's a really good team I don't care what no one says. 2012 Champs.

Yeah - I too can agree with your points Greg to a certain degree. I also think for the most part ...many of your previous thoughts about the Heat on this board usually make alot of sense. You are a true HeatFan and I'll have to even admit to not having drunk as much Heataid as you. I know I'd have no problem discussing important Heat topics with you over one of Mickey's $14 mojitos at the AAA. far as most of these other guys...?

This damn lockout just better not screw everything up !

RP - it'll be interesting to see how the whole CBA plays out. It seems that the NFL is going to get a deal done, I'm with you in hoping the NBA can follow suit. Just too much d*mn $$$ to be bickering over.

I'm not a local (Miami) guy, but if I ever get that way, the first mojito is on me.

No we have an additional point guard that I believe will end up starting over Chalmers. We are moving in the right direction. Now we just need to land Delembert and the puzzle will be complete"

Dalembert and Cole are certified scrubs. Bench material at best.

And what makes you think that other NBA team, which have a lot more money/cap space to spend and many more enticing trading pieces than Miami won't get a lot better?

For example, all Dallas has to do is get back Butler (their second best player) and Haywood, a back-up center who is way better than "Dalembert" or "Joel". And then they have a lot more pieces to trade than the Heat. That goes for almost every other team in the NBA.

Case in point:

"Fresh off their first championship, the Mavericks are determined to stay on top. So they gave up the uncertainty and potential of a draft pick for a known commodity in Portland guard Rudy Fernandez.
"He's a guy that can step right in and help us right away," said Donnie Nelson, Dallas' president of basketball operations. "The experience factor was the thing that brought it over the top. ... There's less risk involved. He's NBA playoff battle-tested. It was kind of a perfect storm for us."
At 26, Fernandez is older than a rookie but still younger than most of the Mavericks.
With three years in the NBA, he knows how the league works. Add the years the Spaniard has played internationally, and he's even more of a veteran.
Most of all, the Mavs like that the 6-foot-6, 185-pound Fernandez is bigger and more athletic than most of their shooting guards. He's shown he can play 20-plus minutes a game, get to the rim and make 3-pointers.

Read more:

The retard thinks this is a Dallas Mavericks blog.

I asked you once this before Sludge but never got a response...why don't put your scathing magnifying glass review on every other team's prospective future ? Would every team measure up to your world-wide standards ? You lose total cred bashing one team. You seem to have some valid knowledge...but just totally misdirected. I know what I see on the court...and don't need your reguritated non-stop stats to support your crap.

About Sir Charles' new comments:

Millions of people often think like Charles. It’s not just TNT. All teams are worried about premature player affiliations. 95% of NBA fans did not like those suspicious Miami trades. 97.21% of NBA fans worldwide dislike this Hollywood Heat team, and loved it when Dallas beat them. And for numerous good reasons, if you recall every arrogant circus the Heat put on this season, all the stupid media declarations from the Heat’s pompous Divas, etc.

Don’t worry about Barkley the millionaire. Everyone outside of Miami loves the guy, and even here. He’ll be fine, unafraid to call them as he sees them. He brings the ratings anywhere he goes. Live with it.

And, RP, commonly known as "Rip'd a'hole", I only reply to adults who write with a minimum of respect in the first place."

Mavs had an exciting year...played solid all year BUT...what about...?

Kidd's age...39 ?
Butler's knee...?
Beabois's 2nd ankle surgery...?
Stevenson's drinking binges ...?
Haywood turning into Diop ...?

Get the point genius ?

Oh...and your boy Rudy scores an "F" on D...matching Dirk's.


Butler is young, so is Haywood, and Dallas didn't even need them to beat Miami 6/8 times. Now they already signed Fernandez and someone else. Chumps "Coles and Curry" sounds like a sour recipe for disaster on a bad Indian restaurant.

Oh and now many Heat fans are desperate to get Barea, except he won't leave Dallas, plus Miami simply cannot afford him. And that's a back-up point guard, better than Cole slaw and Supermario combined. About J.Kidd, even LeChoke James had trouble with his defense and his killer 3pt daggers in crucial moments.

Yeah...I knew you wouldn't answer the question. Seek help...

I like this pick so much that I'm gonna come up with the 1st lame nickname for this kid.........COLE...S....LAW.......DO NOT PASS GO....GO ST8 TO THE GYM.

Sledge gonna go straight to the Jim too because he is a homo.

I answered several times, if only you could READ. The Heat are one of the teams with the least cap space, and fewest tradable pieces in the entire NBA. Most teams have: More cash / cap space / picks to trade / attractive players to trade. THEREFORE, you cannot hope for miracles now, the Heat might only get a couple more Bibbys, or Curry's, or Coles" IOW: Fast food, not gourmet food.

Many other teams will be getting a lot better, because of the aforementionned reasons PLUS the Heat was comparately healthy, even with haslem and Miller playing in the finals, while many, many other teams were banged-up up WITHOUT Huge players like Butler/Haywood, or without Rondo, etc, etc, etc.

So before you whine for answers, READ, and face the facts. Maybe next year, Miami will have their second best player injured, say Wade is out, while Butler is in, and Haywood, and Rondo (Boston's best player) and teams like N.York or the Thunder will continue to get many more crucial pieces. Why? Because they can, legally. Miami cannot. Cappice??

Sledge...of course it's understood that other teams have more options than the Heat to change & improve (no guarantee) thru the draft, cap space, player chips...but it's generally more understood the Heat do not need as much - pretty obvious ya think !

Based on your one-eyed dog in a rat hole analysis (always dissing the Heat) ... you keep whiffing on the point...EVERY team has holes. You keep mentioning Dallas like they are some type of dynasty. NOBODY picked them until they blew out the Lakers.

We all know how much you hate the keep hating. For me...I've always loved the NBA. Every team has skill levels that fascinate. For example... can you imagine sitting courtside watching the Wizards next year ? Flip Saunders got so lucky walking into that job. It may not show with their record but wow...what a fun team to watch next year. Ditto...Sixers, Clippers, Grizzlies, TBlazers, TWolves...all young athletic sleepers built back up thru the NBA system.

As for dumping on the Cole pick (which I called the day before) you whiff again. Whether Cole makes an impact or not (probably realistic to think it would take him at least 2-3 years...note Mike Conley) the HUGE statement is the Heat have NEVER in my memory EVER tried to fill/invest/aspire in the role of an ultra quick point guard. That progressive decision to go in that direction of adding pure speed to the lineup speaks volumes for anybody who has followed the Heat for any length of time. At the very least... perhaps we'll witness more fun out on the court and less grind which Spo seems to think is 24/7 necessary.

RP, to answer your points:

1/ The Heat is not the only team that needs very little to win it all next season. There's a half a dozen teams in that category, at least. Including the incumbent Champions, Dallas, which might get 2 of their best players back next season, Butler and Haywood, no less, and already got 2 more new pieces. And they're not done. You have the usual suspects in the EC and WC, teams that also have more real possibilities to improve than Miami.

Don't think that the Boston series or the Chicago series were easy.. if you recall both those teams were significantly depleted, and most games were very close. The Knicks and Many others are only getting better, Miami has much less room for improvement. So do the math.

2/ I don't always "diss" the Heat, and I don't "hate" any team, or "root" blindly for any team, any season. I did dislike this new Hollywood Heat team, like 95% of NBA Fans wordlwide, so sue me. Why? For the numerous reasons I'm tired of detailing, and everyone knows: insufferable, arrogant, pompous Divas who talked too much. So Fock'em. If they shut the hell up next season, and LeChoke doesn't choke, I might start to like them, like most NBA fans worldwide. It's just sports, dude, it's not about "hate". Grow up.

3/ The Heat will be a contender again next season, of course. But what if one of their 3 best players is injured, as happened in Dallas, Boston and several other teams?

If they don't significantly improve on the 3 or 4 basic areas that we all know are fundamentally FLAWED : a/ PG; b/ Center; c/ Bench; young coach, then this formidable Heat team will still be highly vulnerable. Other teams will be better. The Heat can only get slightly better, according to the NBA rules.

4/ Cole is a 28th pick. 9/10 28th picks are nothing to write home about. Curry and Dalembert are also laughable. Sure, they might surprise and be slightly better than expected, but don't bet your house on it.

Who cares about you Sledge? No one.


Wade needs to get back to that midrange brilliance.

Thanks ALOT! 4 NOTHING! Your not the NFL!

I love Sledge pumping up Rudy Fernandez and in the same page killing Dalembert, calling him a scrub. Rudy Fernandez???? The Same dude who averaged 2 whole points during Portlands series against the Mavs??? That's their big upgrade???? LOLOLOLOLOL. Anyways, go check out your bible (ESPN) "kiddo", the dude is just as likely to play in Spain next year as he is to play in Dallas.

Go Mavs!!! LOLOLOL...can everyone just understand that this guy is a moron who knows as much about basketball as Barkley knows about broccoli??

Yeah...Dallas is the new dynasty now according to potato head. Sludge should enter the planking world with s_ _ _ coming out his mouth.

Toxic sludge can be a big problem. Just ask Yellowstone Park.

well, whats up everyone.... now that we're in a lockout it important to have a plan when the dust settles... i think the first player we should target is tyson chandler.... i thought raymond felton would be a good fit too... but hey portland picked him up... what about these players..... mikel peitrus, josh howard, caron butler, kenyan martin, samuel dalembert, a in shape eddie curry, jason kapono, i say we look to trade miller and joel for felton... but hey, thats just me.... keep rio... keep jones... good first season, we didn't win it but ey let's get ready to win a couple... tbc... 7....

Nice call Sludge-Head...Rudy F being offered 4.35 mill from Real Madrid vs 2.2 from Dallas. There goes your dynasty !

Cole looks like a great player at his position. Now lets see how that translates to the NBA.

LeBron should play in europe maybe he will find his balls he lost in finals

The trolling by this sledge guy brings the lolz. Keep it up

Behold! The new website is online. Please vote in the surveys and feel free to provide any feedback, suggestions and content. This is just the beggining, much more to come soon!

Really, we are back to this. After his team beat the teams coached by Doug Collins, Doc Rivers, and coach of the year Thibedou, and coming within 2 wins of the Championship, we want to discard Spo and start at zero again with a new defensive philosphy and an all new offensive playbook? Not only would Satan love this move, but so would the rest of the NBA. First year together, missing UD most of the year and Miller hurt most of the year, coming 2 games from winning everything and we want to fire the coach???? That's some priceless sh*t right there! Please take all the idiots off of this blog and spew that nonsense at

F U Greg, your the moron who can't see SPORON cost us the Finals.

Cool, some constructive conversation, finally. I don't agree with your assumption that the coach is to blame for the losses in the finals (and takes NO credit for the many wins that got us there) and I get a F U?? Well crafted response. Thanks for taking time to research your opinion and counter mine with reasonable comments. Here's your website:

....and I'm the moron?

LOL Well played sir. Actually I think my site lays out some of the reasons but whatever, I want him gone, others like you want him to stay. Hopefully they go undefeated next year but after getting outcoached badly in the Finals I don't see why that will change. The Heat win despite Spo, not because of him. We underachived all season. Not even first in the East.

I didn't see anything on that post with substantial implications of the coach losing a series. Heck, some of that criticism went back to beasley crap. Yeah, I was concerned about beas playing time too, but I was concerned he was being 'given' too much time, so we'll differ forever on that. But because a casual fan of the game has different opinions than the coach doesn't discredit the coach's abilitites. Two points to ponder (and I don't need an anti-Heat website to spew my views):

Spo isn't coaching much differently than what Riles envisioned. You can't possibly think that these two guys are far apart on their coaching philosophies. They are on the same page, and Riles knew that when he hired SPO. So criticize SPO and you are criticizing Riley. (good luck with that theory)

If you've ever coached ANY sport at ANY level you know that what you see on the court isn't always what you planned to execute. Players forget strategies, players don't execute what you plan, and sometimes the other teams' will dominates the happens everywhere. I can tell you for a fact, that you can make all the adjustments you want on the sideline, when players cross that line on to the court, it's like a delete button sometimes, they forget what was said 30 seconds ago. So until you can tell me what SPO was preaching in the practices/film sessions/and huddles, and prove that his theories won't are really misguided into blaming the coach for coming up 2 games short of the NBA championship.

Yep, we didn't win the East (3rd best record in the league) but we did beat the best team with the best record, MVP, and Coach of the Year.

First year together and I was not disappointed. I don't fall into that microwave society, where we need everything now!

Do you think Pat Riley would have won that series? I do. The thing is there are better coaches with experience out there, Hall of Famers. You don't think putting Bosh on Nowitzki and not using the foul to give had any implications on losing the series? Think again. Keeping Bibby starting against Barea was the turning point of the series and Spo only adjusted until it was too late. Casual fan? Far from it, a am a huge hardcore fan and season ticket holder. Anti Heat website? LMAO! I guess you missed all the Heat links and didn't read the introduction. I am a huge Heat fan and firing Spo will only make the team better. Spo is not Pat Riley, far from it and if you believe they are the same you need your head checked. I have coached team sports but basketball and specially the NBA Finals is a different animal and Spoelstra was badly exposed, most so called experts analyzed it that way. If you are not dissapointed that Spo let a championship slip through our fingers, then you just don't hold yourself to a high standard. Spo is just not good enough, maybe after some years he will improve but we have no time for that, it's win now or bust when you have Lebron and Wade + Bosh second place is not acceptable.

Couple of quick questions for you:

1 - Was Doc Rivers exposed in the second round?

2 - Was Bulls COY Thibideau exposed in the ECF?

3 - Did the "so called media" hate on the Heat all year long?

4 - How is the Finals series a "different animal" then the first 3 playoff series'?

5 - Do you think that LBJ, Bosh, and Wade knew what coach was going to coach them in Miami when they signed their contracts?

6 - Do you think Wade had confidence in SPO when you convinced LBJ and Bosh to sign with Miami?

7 - Do you know for certain that Bosh was instructed not to foul Nowitzki? Was he instructed to foul after a dribble, after he caught the ball, in he was inside the paint, inside the 3pt arc, or do you know that SPO told his players 'don't foul anyone'?

8 - Some Hall of Fame coaches, and future HOF coaches, got beat by the Heat this year, some got fired/resigned mid-season, and one got totally obliterated in round 2. SPO got further than all of them. Only one coach sits on top of the world in June/July, the rest come up short. I'ld rather finish second than 4th, 5th, or 16th. Our team is still young, and has room to grow. Losing the championship by two games doesn't necessitate reinventing the wheel, aka firing the coach, which I believe you have been in favour of since he was hired.

I'm going to trust Riley over you on this one. If Riles has confidence in SPO, and he does, I'm going to side with him, despite all of your NBA knowledge. Just me, I'm a 'moron' like that.

Greg, you didnt bother to answer my questions so why would I answer 8 of yours?

The Heat had their best look at winning a title with the 3 big egos this year and they couldnt do it. LeChoke is an over paid choke artist. Face it Heat fans,this was your chance and the Queen failed you. Its OVA!!!! It wouldnt matter who the Heat brought in to coach that team as long as that heartless Queen insists on wanting the ball in his hands in the last 5 minutes of the game they have no chance. Not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4, not 5, not 6, not 7, but more years then that, that LaChoke will cost the Heat the title

Who would you replace Spo with SATAN. I didn't click on the fire spo website, so forgive me if its there?

Well I have a survey on that in and the leading vote getter is Pat Riley who has said recently he does have the fire again to coach. The second leading vote getter is Rick Adelman. Tied for third place are Jerry Sloan and Phil Jackson. Dead last is Spo. I would also suggerst Coach K from Duke, I think the Heat would make him consider finally going to the pro level and he has a great close relationship with the Arison family so I think it could happen.

I had just as much doubt as the next man about Spo but last year convince me that we can win it all with him as the coach. Spo was the coach we had when we won the EC Championship and I NOW believe he will be the coach when we win it all. He made some mistakes but only Rick Carlisle was flawless out of all the coaches in my oppinion. After watching Phil Jackson have a total meltdown, Spo did no wrong in my eyes. Going 8-3 against Boston and Chicago opened my eyes that he can grow and stand up to the moment. Especially after watching us lose 6 of 7 to them in the regular season. I just saw our scedule for next year. It is the easiest scedule I have seen in a long time. Now I know the season is not gonna start on time.

I am confident that the Heat will come back even more hungry and will be outstanding, but I do not trust Spo to make the right choices to max out the talent. We will see...

sledge you sack of potatoes when you speak of the heat don't refer to it as 'we' you ignorant no life blog chasing diva

I only saw two questions in there so I'll answer those:

1 - I don't know if Riley coaching this TEAM would have won, and neither does anybody else. I'm a Heat fan because of the organizational attitude Riles employs, but he didn't win every year he coached. His Lakers lost some championships, his Knicks came within a shot or two of the Gold, and he didn't win every year in Miami. He is no panacea to everything wrong with the Heat, but I feel comfortable that there isn't a lot going on in the organization against his will.

2 - Bosh guarding Dirk wouldn't have been my first choice, but I'ld have to have a conversation with the coaching staff to at least hear their reason for that matchup. I feel comfortable with my basketball theory, derived from watching the game from the early 70's to coaching it the last 20 years, but I know that there are often MANY MANY different options and ways to attack a game plan. You can focus on one decision that didn't play out like we wanted, or you can concentrate on the miriad of right choices and strategies that got us to the verge of a championship, your choice.

Fouling in that situation is debatable, and again, I'ld like to hear the coaching staff's reasoning, because I, like you, aren't as knowledgeable about the game as the Heat coaching staff. We don't have the available data, we don't have the experience, and we aren't at every practice/film session to assume we know more than the HEAT coaching staff.

Notice the use of the word 'staff' as in more than one guy weighing in on these decisions, although, you only seem to want to crucify one guy.

I think I've answered the only 2 questions you had. Feel free to anty up on mine. If you have any more questions, shoot them at me.

Spo vs Obama - who's team had a better year?

S...O...S. screams of pain.........Help me........Help me. This will be the TNT studio floor's destiny now that fat asz Shuck (Shaq and Chuck) are working 2gether. Shuck your mouths hating beitches....
I'm a ride these 2 hiphoes like they're riding Bosh.

I salute Cole King, fro he gets to do what he loves and being good at it, at the same time being able to do his duties as a student as a religious person. His parents has brought him up well.

I hope the Heat win 4 ships in a row and shut all the haters up.

Not gonna happen with Wade acting like Victoria Beckam

POLL: What happens first? 1) NBA lockout ends 2)Israel "On Vacation" Gutierrez rights another Miami Heat column?

I say 1... Michael Wallace >>> Israel Gutierrez

lol I meant "writes" another NBA column...

It looks like Israel Gutierrez must be on lockout as well. Sun Sentinel > Miami Herald

Coach SPO > Coach Collins

Coach SPO > Coach Rivers

Coach SPO > Coach Thibedou least, in the most recent playoffs.

I don't understand why Spo always gets a pass. Some people are willing to let him cost us another championship to see if it works out and he can learn from the Finals collapse. Once is enough for me, thanks. What is the justification for ripping players in and out of the lineup without warning. The Heat didn't even get the best record in the East with the best lineup. The regular season record against good teams was constantly mocked. The Heat prayed on weak opponents with their talent but against good teams could not close out or hold on to leads and those are direct indicators of bad coaching. 5 game losing streaks, not finishing, questions on offense and the last shot of games. When the team is expected to have the best record in the regular season and win the championship but accomplishes neither, then Erik Spoelstra has underachived.

In comparison other more experienced and accomplished coaches have been able to do more with less talent like Sloan has done in Utah and Adelman with Houston when he had injuries to his best players and his team was still able to reel of one of the longest winning streaks in NBA history. These are coaches who have been through the battles, gone to the Finals and Conference Finals several times and have earned the respect of players, media and fans. Pat Riley is old too so bringing him back would be the same as Sloan or Adelman in terms of age. Erik Spoelstra looks like a kid who won the lottery, his well connected father helped him undeservedly get in the league and directly asked favors of Pat Riley to be given an opportunity with the Heat organization. You know why Spoelstra loves Udonis Haslem? Because just like himself he is an overachieving hustler (no knock on UD, i like UD).

When the Heat coldly cut two year starter Carlos Arroyo it was because they thought they found an improvement with Mike Bibby. If a player who is the point guard, the person who runs the offense as a starter, can be cut a few weeks before the NBA Playoffs, why can the Heat not do the same at the coaching position if they see an upgrade? The best time to dump Sporon would be now or early in the season. I suspect Riley would take over himself.


1 - "What is the justification for ripping players in and out of the lineup without warning"

Who is he supposed to warn? The fans, the media, the opposing team?

Sometimes the simple answer is fatigue, sometimes it's matchups. Players are supposed to be ready to play whenever the coach calls on them. They don't need advanced notice for when they will enter a game.

2 - "The Heat didn't even get the best record in the East with the best lineup"

Yep, missed by a game or two having the best record in the league....horrible, just horrible. And the 'best lineup' (that's subjective)actually beat the team that had the best record when it counted, in the playoffs.

3 - "The regular season record against good teams was constantly mocked."

Yes, every little stumble along the way was magnified by a national media that hated to see the Heat have success. The 2011 team had a similar regular season record against playoff teams as the 2006 team, and both of those teams got it right in the post season. Regular season wins/loses, just MIGHT be overrated.

4 - "When the team is expected to have the best record in the regular season and win the championship but accomplishes neither, then Erik Spoelstra has underachived."

First year together, those goals seem a bit lofty. And really, if you win in the postseason, who really cares about the regular season? How about one of the top records in the league and going six games into the championship series? They are not going to win every year, OK, but you are going to see quality competitive basketball from this team for the next 5-6 years.

5 - ...his well connected father helped him undeservedly get in the league and directly asked favors of Pat Riley to be given an opportunity with the Heat organization.

Now, I don't doubt that you've got some insider information about SPO's original hiring and the experience level of the other applicants, you would almost have to to make that statement.

Bibby had more big game experience then Arroyo, and Chalmers proved he can play big on the big stage, Carlos wasn't needed. What did he do in Boston?

And Riley ain't taking over.

Take two and pass, dude.

OMG ! Anyone see this Chinese dude steal the ball from LeBron then proceed to dunk on him ? Sheesh...has LBJ peaked or what? Watching this one play sure makes you wonder. He seems to put himself in embarrassing positions far too regularly. Just think...being the so-called King then getting humiliated by an arena full of foreigners.

Whatever....the Heat haven't lost a game since June. LBJ could have had 50 points and dunked on that fool all-damn-day, but our 'world wide leader in sports' hand-picked the highlight that they though would make James look bad.

Think they have an agenda?

That kid will remember that dunk forever.

The thing is...Kobe gets mobbed by fans after hitting a game winning 3 ball in his Compton pick-up game while LeBron turned it over, loafed, and looked foolish...all in 30 seconds. He continues to put himself in un-necessary, questionable image positions making his quest for a ring even more difficult. Agenda - sure...but deal with it cause it ain't going away anytime soon.

Oh yeah it is....the summer league IS going away soon, and my bet is that not one damn thing from the Compton summer league or the league LBJ is in will have even the slightest impact on the next NBA season. Not one thing - not even slightly!

My hope is that this team will not go away anytime soon (4-5 years).

Who in the NBA has never been dunked on?


And really, aren't you making too much of one play? (I can help you with this answer if you need it) It won't be the first or last time the LBJ gets scored on. Heck, ZO got scored on plenty, but he turned back quite a few also. If you are trying to challenge every shot in the lane, or at the rim, some are going to get through.

Just saying...look, I dig LBJ and always thought his commercials were hilarious...but I'm seeing some cracks. The youth fountain eventually runs dry...dude may need a Zo-like infusion soon. Like everyone else...still hoping & waiting.



Hey can go stick your face back in the toilet now.

RIP Israel Gutierrez, the FBI never found his body.

Greg what's up? Just wanted to let you know I didn't make up the fact that Spo got a job with the Heat because of his father asking for a favor, it's on tape and Riley has acknowledged this. That is how he kept moving up and it's on video his father saying it.

Joel Anthony has been playing weak for team Canada, he does not look good at all... Eddy Curry miracle comeback is looking like a better option. Samuel Dalambert?


Was out of the office last week, didn't take time to post.

My point was that there are probably all kinds of people asking Riley for favours/jobs. Just because SPO was recommended by his dad, doesn't set in stone that was the sole reason Riley made the decision to hire SPO on the staff. Who were the other qualified candidates that were passed over? Were there a lot of other more qualified - more driven individuals that got shafted by Riley's decision? What other decisions did Riley make that weren't in the best interest of the franchise, just to appease someone's dad? Have there been any? I can't believe the dad's recommendation came in the top 10 reasons why SPO was hired. I'm not doubting that the recommendation was made, or that Riley acknowledged it, I'm doubting that the conversation with SPO's dad played a significant role in the hiring.

He's here now, and has the confidence of his core players (and boss), that's what's important now.....not whether the fan base wants him there, based on his hiring years ago.

Let's get the season started so we can conversate about basketball issues....that's what I want.

Well it's true that we are stuck with Spo for the time being, I hope we go undefeated next year and win it all but I think it's more likely a Stan Van Gundy type Riley take over will happen. I say this because of my lack of faith in Spo.

Is this the worst Heat blog on the net or what? Pathetic, dead since Mike Wallace left and he wasn't exactly the hardest worker out there.

Got to send some condolensces to the Phoenix Suns fans. Peace be unto you.

For you see they have a TWO-TIME MVP, read again a TWO-time MVP, that got scored on in a non-league game. Not only that, he got scored on by a caucasian Canadian. What??!!
That's right, the season is over for the Suns because Justin Bieber went around Steve Nash and scored a layup in what looked like a two-on-two pickup game. Now they know the despondency in the Heat fan club, for we too have had our ONE-time MVP scored on in a meaningless off-season game.

Hope you can bounce back Phoenix. The media and some of your fan base will start doubting Nash's abilities because of this.

....really, Justin Bieber??? Nash is done, he is toast! I always suspected this back-to-back MVP winner had no heart. That's why he left Dallas, right? He was just chasing a ring -- he couldn't do it by himself -- you know the mantra, sing it with me. It plays along with the tune from "I left my heart in Cleveland".

Meanwhile, we are 'stuck' with Riley's choice for coach in Miami....oh the humanity!

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