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Leftover Riley

Some nuggets from Pat Riley's press conference Wednesday morning that weren't included in the story for the paper...

Riley said he didn't like hearing that the Heat "gave away" the Finals to Dallas, nor did he agree with the concept that the Mavericks played more like a team than Miami.

"They beat us, they took it, that's what title teams do," Riley said. "Every championship team that I've been involved with, it's fashionable to say that somebody gave something away or somebody lost something, or we coulda, woulda, shoulda. But somebody takes it, that's all there was to it. Dallas played extremely well.

"The one thing that I, as a former coach, get upset with is we were a team. I mean, it's fashionable to say that the other team was more of team than we were. That is B.S. We would have never gotten this far without really sacrificing and playing roles and those veteran players accepting rotation responsibilities up and down. We were the epitome of a team."

As for LeBron James' shortcomings in the Finals, Riley was predictably protective of his biggest star. But he acknowledged LeBron can improve his individual game.

"I think you have to take a hard look at it on film and then have a discussion with him about it and then specifically from a coaching standpoint he says, 'this is what we want you to do,'" Riley said of LeBron's play in the Finals. "But you don't have an easy answer for that right now. That's become sort of the flashpoint of this whole thing and I think it's wrong, it's absolutely wrong to lay it on him and it just started to continually compound itself."

As for improvements the Heat could make, Riley said he doesn't really anticipate his team paying to move up in the draft because, from what he hears, nobody wants those picks in the 20s because they come with salary commitments to players who aren't significantly better than anyone he can get at 31.

Riley said he believes Mario Chalmers is a starting caliber player for this team, and he would put priority on adding interior size.

"We would like to get size," he said. "We would like to get length. Joel Anthony has done an incredible job and he will get better. But we'd like to get size that we can put in there, in the middle. I don't know if you're going to get a back-to-the-basket player, but we'd like to get size and things of that nature inside that might be a little bit more athletic with great length.

"We are good enough, we have enough but we're going to continue to try to make this team better. And move forward with that, that's what our job is this summer."

Riley also said he never "really" considered moving any members of the Big Three, even early in the season when it appeared they struggled to play together, and won't consider moving them.




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The Heat loss in the finals is on Wade. Wade could not get Miami over the hump. His focus and conditioning has taken a step back.

And Wade is more into fashion than bball these days.

And Wade is only dominant in spurts, he disappears too much.
He needs more 50 point games on his resume.

And play 4 quarters.

"They beat us, they took it, that's what title teams do," Riley said. "Every championship team that I've been involved with, it's fashionable to say that somebody gave something away or somebody lost something, or we coulda, woulda, shoulda. But somebody takes it, that's all there was to it. Dallas played extremely well."

It's about time the superior team got some of their due credit. Even without Butler, their 2nd best player, ultimately without Haywood, and with a sick and bruised Nowitzki they were better than the 2 time Champs, better than OKC and all of the WC, better than the pompous Hollywood Heat, the best all-around team, period.

As for LeBron James' shortcomings in the Finals, Riley was predictably protective of his biggest star. But he acknowledged LeBron can improve his individual game.

"I think you have to take a hard look at it on film and then have a discussion with him about it and then specifically from a coaching standpoint he says, 'this is what we want you to do,'" Riley said of LeBron's play in the Finals. "But you don't have an easy answer for that right now. That's become sort of the flashpoint of this whole thing and I think it's wrong, it's absolutely wrong to lay it on him and it just started to continually compound itself."

Of course. What do we expect Riley to say? Certainly not the bare truth, he's the master of being politically correct with the media.

He can't say what we all know, that Diva LeFlop James Choked in crucial moments, as he's done many times before. That he's still mentally weak, and has no killer instinct. That he talks too much ill-advised B.S. to the media, and then can't back it up on the court ("now or never" tweets, "go about your lives", 7 championships", mocking Nowitzki, bringing his "talents", etc, etc,). Or that he shies away from atacking the rim when he should, settling for long J's instead, like a dumb little Hollywood Wimp. Of course pat Riley can't say that. Just like Wade can't say why he was yelling at LeFlop "The Chosen One" many times, on and off the court.

Riley can't say that Spoelstra got completely out-coached either, of course. Or that the Heat need to get a real NBA point guard, a real NBA center and a better bench.

That would be politically incorrect, although we all know that's exactly what's going on.

Sledge do we care about your points.... I think thats a collective NOO

Just go out and enjoy yourself. Like I said a bit ago HEAT are Favorites for 2012 Championship and we are only going to get better with added pieces. . ONE of those players coming Thursday via Draft. Get depending on CBA a solid Med level guy to go along with a few Vets willing to take the Min. Grant Hill T. Prince, and R. Hamilton. Just to name a few off the top of my head.

So go AWAY now come back in OCT Hopefully.......

Pat Riley bitching about "team play"..

"“The one thing that I get upset with, as a former coach, is that we were a team. It’s fashionable to say that the other team was more of a team than we were. That is B.S.”

“That’s the only thing I resent, that a team beat a bunch of individuals. We wouldn’t have gotten there with just individual play. And we’re going to become a better team…. We were a hell of a team.

It’s undeniable that the better TEAM won. Dallas did not have 3 superstars in their primes. They only had Dirk. And then a complete, Balanced Team. With a deep bench. That’s what a lot of people mean by superior “team” play.

Sure, the Hollywood Heat tried to play unselfish. Share the ball, defend. But they were missing the balance, the flexibility and the depth. Plus the time and experience playing Together as a Cohesive Group, which Dallas had. That’s one of the reasons why the better Team won. So Riley should get used to it. 3 exceedingly talented Super Stars dealing with evident Ego issues, surrounded by a bunch of scrubs don’t necessarily win you a Championship. Sometimes it’s the sum of the right pieces playing in harmony. Balance from all positions + Depth + expert. Coaching + Humble players = Better Team.

And Homer Dazed.. do you forget that Dallas and other teams will also improve next season? All the Mavericks need is to get Caron Butler back, no less, Haywood back, and a few more tweaks. The Heat was healthy by enlarge and still lost, and they don't have cap flexibility, at all. The ball bounces both ways, if/when you take off those blinding, dark homer glasses.

Sledge is still here? Kiddo, don't you have a life away from a Heat blog? You're truly pathetic. Read a book, take a trip, take your mom out, get a something other then hang out on Heat blogs. Once you face the fact that no one here cares for your opinion you might realize the need to get a life. Oh well, you can listen to yourself speak until October. Have a nice summer.

I hope sledge gets paid to come in here because he can't have much time to do anything else.What a f*cking loser. Thank you Miami Heat for a season I will always remember. That was a hellava year 1. I can't wait for the future.

Does Riley actually believe what he says about the Finals? Only Riley knows.

But if he does, he's buying his own non-sense.

Riley: The Heat didn't give it away, Dallas took it.

Well, if the Heat collectively (players AND coaches) refused to give up, how did Dallas TAKE IT?

Or is Riley ACTUALLY saying Marion, Kidd, Nowitzki simply KILLED James, Wade & Bosh in a FAIR fight where the STRONGER, BETTER PLAYERS WRENCHED A TROPHY FROM MIAMI'S FEEBLE GRASP?


I saw a fight where Carlisle & Grgurich gave MORE WEAPONS to their fighters than Spoelstra & co.

I saw a fight where LeBron, Dwyane & Chris were essentially unable to score in the last round of every fight, which frustrated the players & weakened the defense.

I saw a Heat Fight Club where Miami warriors fought 13 rounds to Dallas' 12 thanks to questionable calls and offensive stagnation.

I saw a fight where Dallas OFFBALL fighters ran Miami defenders into the ground, thus allowing the Mavs to get off any shot they wanted while Miami fighters had the either-or choice of "hero offense" or catch-and-shoot 3s.

I see an upcoming season where EVERY opponent will try to copy Dallas' blupeprint for success; where EVERY opponent with LESS talent now knows they too can BEAT teams who have not just better talent, but the BEST talent in the league.

Worst of all, I see 3 GREAT individuals who have NEVER QUIT and will NEVER QUIT betrayed by a SYSTEM AND COACHES who ARE ALREADY quitting next season by denying THEIR responsiblity for failure, by refusing to change or improve what MUST be changed or improved to get the MOST out of the BEST talent in the league against ANY team and/or ANY defense.

P.S. I thought it was "great" of Carlisle to EXCUSE SPO for failure.

When the conqueror defends the vanquished against a battle poorly fought and the war eventually lost, he's saying "Don't change a thing. You're doing US a favor."

And if that wasn't the coup de grace on Riley's fantasy bubble that Spo did no wrong, what is?

Have I finally joined the Fire Spo chorus?

No. But Spoelstra BETTER find some answers fast.

The first step to discovery: Admit failure, acknowledge problem(s).

2nd step: Get help wherever you can find it; from whomever can help.

3rd step: Sell sell sell. Wade WILL have to adjust his game. The Big 3 WILL have to move without the ball. If they're as SMART as we think they are, they'll study the Mavs and eventually, finally ask: Why can't WE do that and do it BETTER?

What a sad case this SLEDGE character is. Nothing better to do during SUMMER in Dallas to celebrate the mavs only title but to gloat pathetically on someone else's forum.

Very very sad.

Vince Carter is about to be waived by PHO to save $14m according to Paul Coro [ ].

Carter is 34, but his knees may be 40.

Yet, Vince is still a decent jumpshooter (37%/3PT% in 2010-11) with more than decent passing skills.

Carter logged PERs of 17+ and WS/48s of .150+ as recently as last season for ORL.

Heatwise, *IF* MIA were more Stan than Erik, Carter would surely help. As-is, Carter, with whatever he has left, would be wasted; a still-talented bauble Spoelstra may/may not use depending on his mood ring.

Too bad.

yeah, sludge; you know more than riley.
the lame criticism against miami was we weren't a real team, and that's what riley addressed.
as for ego, yours seems to be falsely inflated; you picked miami to win, so i'm not too sure what your boasting about on here. all the players played unselfishly, and the role players played their roles. they gelled pretty well for the 1st year, so there is another of your asinine arguments out the window.
guess doing commercials is OK only if you're rose, shaq, kobe, and nash.
we played with 2 key players injured most of the year. and we were still 2 wins away from the whole thing.
there is WAY more upside to this team than any other; just stick around next year if you have the balls.

Am still totally shell-shocked like most Heat fans...I can hardly even talk about it. Going out the way they did was inexcusable...not to go out like men. LeBron played as weak a game especially offensively as anybody ever did in the history of the NBA finals. Passing up 15 foot shots to pass to Chalmers was beyond soft. It'll be a LONG summer & season before any respect is given to this team from me. Dirk's comments on the coughing episode basically summed up the Heat season... "childish & ignorant".

Vince Carter - NO NO NO NO NEVER NO

Using the same logic as displayed on this blog:

The Miami heat gave every other team in the NBA a blueprint on how to beat the Celtics and the Bulls.

Using the same logic as displayed on this blog:

Spo outcoached Doc Rivers, Coach of the year Tibadeau, and Doug Collins. Now every one of them should publicly admit to their shortcomings or they can not possibly grow as coaches.

Maybe I need to change my presciption, because I sure as h#ll ain't getting the good sh*t you guys are.

Thank you David in LA for:

...we played with 2 key players injured most of the year. and we were still 2 wins away from the whole thing.
there is WAY more upside to this team than any other...


"The one thing that I, as a former coach, get upset with is we were a team. I mean, it's fashionable to say that the other team was more of team than we were. That is B.S. We would have never gotten this far without really sacrificing and playing roles and those veteran players accepting rotation responsibilities up and down. We were the epitome of a team."

Thanks for that teachable moment Pat. We would expect nothing else than team play from your organization.

These Heat Homer kiddos will never grow up, or learn. After they all of those playoffs weeks pounding their chests, predicting the Heat would win and beat everyone. Calling other teams inferior, pretending they knew anything about bbbal. Insulting other bloggers who did not agree.

You were WRONG. Admit it. Your arrogant, pompous team LOST. And for very good reasons, that you would never even listen to. At least have some integrity and admit how wrong you were. Instead of just insulting people on a freaking blog, like little prepschool retards.

And some blind Heat homers keep talking about the "upside' next season. Face the facts: The Hollywood Heat have no cap space. Zilch. They spent everything on 3 players. They have no first round picks. NADA. Most other NBA teams have a lot more cap space, more picks, more room to manoever with trades. A LOT more.
The Heat would be lucky if they can snatch another Bibby for peanuts.

And teams like Dallas? They beat everyone without their Second Best Player. Butler. That's like Miami missing one of their 3 all stars. No less. And then they beat the Heat without Haywood, that's as if the Heat had been missing Haslem or Miller compeltely for playoff games. And imagine Diva LeChoke James with a messep-up finger on a splint plus a 102 degree fever... like Nowitki had. Now that would have redefined the term CHOKING like a wimp on every dictionary.

The Heat should get better next season, but numerous other teams have the actual, realistic MEANS to get A LOT better. Cap space, picks, flexibility in trades, etc (The Heat can't move most of its pieces, other teams can). That's your cup of coffee for today.

LeBron's legs went dead from too many minutes defending and scoring vs the Celts and Bulls. The Heat were the better team, the Mavs got lucky. Thats the truth despite all the other nonsense.

lebron james is the first king to lose his throne in his own castle (twice) first got swept by spurs and now got beat by the mavs at home . he will never be able to carry a team on his shoulders to a title ala tim duncan ,hakeem, magic, or michael j. GO SPURS GO

Sledge go eat a dick.

Duncan, Olajuwon, Magic, and his errorness ALL had PLENTY of help on their rosters. So did the other Big 3 of Garnett, Pierce, and Allen. You either weren't old enough to study/watch the game back then, or are conveniently piling undeserved dirt on Lebron like a LeHater should.

Following up from earlier: Do you think Phil Jerkson will come out publicly and admit his coaching shortcomings, you know, the ones that ended in the Fakers second round SWEEP exit and 30 point final game obliteration at the hands of the Mavs. No? Oh, I guess it's only the runner up coach that has to do it publicly. Besides Phil never ever had enough class to even come close to conceding a mistake of shortcoming. Never ever game an opponent a compliment, unlike the current grounded Heat players. But the media will praise and glorify Phil and hate on the Heat.

Watching Sportscenter the other day and saw Hollywood Diva Serena Williams bawling after a 'second round' win. After the interview, the studio commentator said it was refreshing to see athletes that care that much about their sport. What a 180 degree turn from the Heat's crygate.

Sledge nut...i thought mom and i told you to stay in your basement and jerk ure chicken with a pair of tweezers

THIS GUY IS THE BIGGEST MORON IN THE UNIVERSE, please HERALD get this moronic fool of this blog...
nobody gives a crap about your retarded points dude YOU THINK YOU F***** know it all, get out of here dude


As for GAMESTR124: GO SPURS GO!! got rocked by and 8th seed guy...this isnt the spurs blog you tard

SLEDGE: 8=======ID~~~~ Thats your cup of mule juice for the day.

Sledge, your mom just called me to see if I could get you out of the basement because she needs it. She wants to get lit up by a couple of those Diva Heat players but she promised them that she would put on the gimp mask and the leather, which she hid in the basement. PS: she asked if you could leave the lube you use when you beat your shit to Dirk's highlights.

You are a bafoon, Sledge. You come in here and spit the same garbage over and over and over. We got it. You don't like the Heat. You don't like Lebron. You don't like Bosh. Now, when you are done, like King James said, go back to your crappy life, sit on a dildo and spin.

All you HATERS can follow sledge and continue sucking down that mule juice that Mr. Ed put out there for you all. That should last you till next June, when Ed, Ricky and I pull down our pants and allow you to extract our mule juice while we hold the Larry O'brien trophy and sing "We Are the Champions..."

Sledge, sweety, Dallas has no cap room either, and it seems like Chandler is going to go with whoever gives him the most money. The Heat were a lousy 15 minutes away from sweeping the Mavs, yet the basketball g-ds didn't have it in for us this year. All of the teams that can supposedly challenge us in the East don't have any cap space either, and I really hope that the rest of the NBA starts to play zone, we will be prepared for it next year.


"The Miami heat gave every other team in the NBA a blueprint on how to beat the Celtics and the Bulls."



So like the Heat -- CHI & BOS don't plan to change a thing because it worked SO WELL for them in 2011?

And just like Spo -- Thibodeau & Rivers never admit mistakes, never adapt or change their approach because, you know, it looks SO weak? SO desperate?

Works for me.

Where do I buy my 2012 Heat Finals Tickets?

(no disrespect to the trunk of your car, but established retailers preferred)

"The Heat should get better next season, but numerous other teams have the actual, realistic MEANS to get A LOT better. Cap space, picks, flexibility in trades, etc (The Heat can't move most of its pieces, other teams can). That's your cup of coffee for today."

I didn't want to tear you apart today but this one made me laugh a little more than usual. Cap space in the NBA isn't everything. You need to have realistic access to tradable players/free agents that want to come to your team. No star is demanding a trade to Cleveland or Washington. 13 of the top 15 players in the NBA are virtually set where they are at this point. There are only two players, as far as I can see, who can move in the next year or two which can truly make a team "A LOT" better:

1. Dwight Howard
2. Chris Paul

Why don't I care about these two players? Because the teams they are linked to were out of the playoffs after round 2. They are not 1 player away from being a dynasty. If Chris Paul goes to the Knicks, is still doesn't change the fact that they don't play a lick of defense. If Dwight goes to LA, they have to give up a ton, including Bynum and maybe Gasol. Does a two man team of Kobe and Dwight frighten me? Uh, no.

Dallas is NOT getting better. The only player that made them pretty good defensively and their only backup to Kidd are free agents in Chandler and Barea and their best 4 players who would be on the roster in 2011 would be all 33+. Chicago (who the Heat beat in 5) are in a much worse cap position than we are because the have a max contract scrub and a faux MVP who they need to save money for in order to max out his contract in 2012. Boston is older than dirt and their best player (in your words) can't shoot outside of 6 feet.

Just based on the fact that Miller will not be thumbless and Haslem won't miss 90% of the regular season/playoffs, the Heat will get better just standing pat (pun intended) which they won't do. Not to mention the fact that the Heat should have a MLE if all else remains the same and guys would want to come here. Yeah, if I had to place a bet (stealing your words) I'd double down on the Heat making it back to the finals. I'd even bet on a win this time. Put your ass on the line Sledge. Where do you think they will finish???


"Do you think Phil Jerkson will come out publicly and admit his coaching shortcomings ..."


Gee. I dunno. Was "The Last Season" published by Opus Dei?

"Phil Jerkson?" What are you? 6 going on 4?

I'm no Jacksonphile. His flaws aren't exactly trade secrets. But Jackson, prickly press relations aside, had NEVER been squeamish about admitting mistakes between covers or acknowledging those who changed his career, helped him win i.e., Tex Winter.

You life there's almost an endless list of excuses to justify whatever you want.
Here's my point...if I had the game & the name to play on the biggest stage of the NBA...and the chance to either pucker up and let that opportunity pass or knock someone silly to try to make my dream come true...there would be ZERO hestitation on going out on a shield which I'm sure we all expected to see from LeBron. But, what we saw was the complete opposite...and quite frankly exactly what ClevelandFan told us we would see.
If he thinks the anti-LeBron fury will subside next year...I don't believe it will as the monkey on his back turns into a gorilla.

RP, that stuff changes from year to year. In 2006, Dirk was the one who couldn't make his dream come true and let Dwade rip his heart out, playing tentative and missing free throws. Gasol was the goat in 2008 and a hero in 2009 and 2010 and back to a goat now. Jordan didn't have what it took to be a winner when he lost to the Pistons a couple of years in a row and Magic came up small in 1984 but big in 1985 to the same team. It sometimes takes a few losses for winners to be winners. Lebron will have his day.

and that gorilla will come with a massive dildo to insert in your rear end RP

NEWSFLASH: all you f***tarts in here keep coming with the HATE....myself, ricky and lita la cantadora are the SS gestapos of this BLOG

Admitting publicly your mistakes and changing your approach or strategy are two completely different concepts. Why do you think SPO is going to publicly announce his strategy changes? How could that benefit his team?

Not sorry if the name Jerkson offends anyone, his self-inflated ego is offensive to me. And if he ever game a complement to Tex Winter, super, he should. But Tex was on Phil's team, my point was that he seldom if ever gave credit to his opponents, even in defeat. Larry and Magic and other had enough class and humbleness to credit others when they lost, like the Heat players did this year, and that is soooooo non-Zen-like.

Ed said it right. You Hate on the Heat and we'll toss you in the oven....get ready for the HEAT!!!!!

Some of the retarded Hollywood Heat Homers are back, blind as ever. They still cannot admit being DEFEATED by the better team. Just pathetic. All they've got is stupid juvenile insults no one with half a brain even bothers to read.

Deal with it: YOU LOST. And it won't get any easier next season. For instance, Caron Butler and Haywood and Nowitzki might be healthy. And they might add more pieces too. Or NYork or Chicago or even Orlando might cause problems via trades. And that's just the EC.

Go Diva LeFlop James, keep on Chokin'!!

Jeezz, without even reading 10% of the crap here, the average mental age of this blog has gone down to about 10 y/o. Go Bibby!!

And She writes least you admit that you have half a brain..thats a start darling.

check this juvenile insult: There once was a girl from China, her name was Sledge and had a popsicle stuck in her vagina.

Muah xoxo LOVE,

And i bet any money my 10 y/o brother has a bigger dong than you do

LOLOL. You are just a cockswallowing hater, Sledge. Caron Butler's a free agent. Haywood is significantly worse than Chandler. Nowitzki will be THIRTY-FOUR YEARS OLD by the time the season starts. That goes for Terry and Marion as well. Kidd is nearing AARP age Wouldn't it be reasonable to expect them to get worse???? What pieces are they going to add??? Rust? They got there 1 championship. Congrats to them. But to use your words, I'm not impressed they weren't significantly better than the Heat in their first year with their 4th and 5th best players on the shelf all season. I'll take my chances against them next year and the year after that and so on.

Let NY trade for someone. Maybe the players they will trade for will play worse than the players they trade away down the stretch. Now where did I hear about that again??? Let them win a playoff game and then I'll take them off the "You Don't Matter" list, homie.

Deal with it. You picked the Heat in the finals even though it tore at your miserable scumbag heart. AND YOU WERE WRONG!! ADMIT IT!!

"Dallas is NOT getting better"

This is how stupid tards like Ricketta here are.

No. Dallas just might have its second best player back. Caron Butler. Or Haywood. And Miami might have Bosh or Wade injured instead. How's that?

And who's got more pieces to trade, move, first round picks, cash, cap space?? Just about every team in the NBA is in a better position to improve, TARDS.

And for the Record:

The Dallas Mavericks WON the NBA Championship, and humiliated the Arrogant, Pompous, irreverent, Hollywood Heat team at their own building. They beat them SIX TIMES this season. At home, on the road, you name it. With their KEY players, or without them. Sick Nowitzki or Not.

DEAL WITH IT, get over it, and move on.

The better team won. The Miami Divas should have should shut their mouths, zero "Decisions" "Celebrations of 7 Championships", Zero tweets "Now or never" mocking Nowitzki and acting like ARROGANT BRATS.

Now cry the entire NBA World outside of Miami a RIVER. We's ALL Laughing at you. Every single NBA Fan outside of Miami, and even Heat fans here. YOU, pompous bastards, got exactly what you DESERVED.

Now, enjoy the long off season. Have fun.


"And who's got more pieces to trade, move, first round picks, cash, cap space??"

Dallas picks 26, the Heat pick 31. OMG OMG OMG, the Mavs are going to win it all again because they pick 26 rather than 31. LOL.

Pieces to trade:
-Your two best players in 33 y/o JET and 33 y/o Dirk (won't happen)
-33 y/o Marion signed through 2014 with $26MM still left on the books
-38 y/o Kidd
-Brendan Heywood with $50 MM on the books through 2016
-And the best of them all, Rodrique Beaubois. LOL.

From your bible, AKA ESPN:

"As 103.3 FM ESPN's Jeff "Skin" Wade pointed out in his "Inside Skinny," the Mavs are already on the hook for $60 million in 2011-12 salary -- more than the 2010-11 salary cap -- before a new CBA comes into play and before re-signing any of their six free-agents."

Again, CAN YOU READ SLEDGE??? Butler's a free agent. He can and will go elsewhere, considering best they can offer is 5 or 6 million for 1 year. And Dirk might get hurt and Kidd might go through senility and bump into walls and JET might have a wing clipped. All in all I'll still take my chances with the Heat. Speak up, Sledge, where do you think the Heat will finish next year???

I agree the better team won. But you're still a bafoon. Dallas winning does nothing to change that. That's all you got after we shit all over you on these boards??? LOL. I'm not impressed.


go back to class, ricky boy, I don't read crap from retarded 10 year olds.

Rereading my post from before and damn that was strong. That must have felt like when your daddy check your oil with his dipstick, huh?

Go back to the basement, Sledgebag, I don't expect actual responses from flamers like you.

Who the hell are you to say they can tweet cant celebrate or cant make decisions or cant say whateve the hell they want??? we should all listen to the voice of reason sledge right??? ummm....WRONG fagtart

We dont give 3 rats ass about any fan outside miami, see thats the diff btw YOUR LOSER ass and HEAT fans...we dont go on other blogs talking about other teams....and fans here in miami, if they feel anything close to what your retarded mouth is spitting, then THEY ARENT MIAMI HEAT FANS YOU MORON

**The phone is ringing and SLEDGE can't linger, so watch out butt here comes his finger!!!

P.S did you have your cup of mule juice, huh you big queellermo

he doesnt read crap from 10 y/o rick, he just eats it..thats why his brain is full of shit

TO THE OVEN YOU GO SLEDGE....Just wait guy, I will be cantando tunes while your on ur knees enjoying the juice that comes from my testicles. I would sit here and argue with you about basketball, but its tough to do that when you honestly have no clue what you're saying...Trust me, I'm enjoying my nice, long summer as I annihilate every girls ass that comes my way....unlike yourself who comes to this blog and still has to go down to your basement and wack it to that Germand Nazi who you adore. EAT DICKS!!!!!

Nicely done Lita. Just remember Sledge, WE ARE NOT GOING AWAY. Every time you post on this blog, you will have so called "Heat Homers" destroying every post you put out there like big blond German men destroy your anus.

hahahahahahahaha EAT DONGS Sledge...why dont you get on your sledge and ass ram yourself all the way to North Dakota you maggit

Sledge go eat two dicks


Rather be that than 35 yr old ass sniffing parrot like yourself

Eat my dick. Now son!

If you're gonna allow yourself to spit all of the crap out of that whole in your mouth...then I'd like to see you on the court. Show up to 147th and bird any day after 7 and Eddie and I will show you how Hollywood Divas play.

What do you see in LeBron James’ game right now and does he need more leadership?: Mike Krzyzewski: “I think everybody needs leadership from the bench, so he’s not alone in that. I love LeBron. LeBron and I are really good friends and I pull for him. I think he has great leadership potential himself. He has a great leadership voice, he’s really smart and obviously he has an immense amount of talent. But he just went through, I think, as crazy a year as I think anybody in any sport ever has gone through. People can say, certainly some of it is of its own making, and it is. … But a lot of it wasn’t. To come out where you were two games shy of winning the whole thing, I think you have to keep it in perspective how close you were. … He learned a lot; he’s a good learner. He just needs to take some time away, work on his game and I think he’ll be fine.” Sports Radio Interviews

Sledge i wish Jeff Dahmer was still alive so he could F*** you so hard they'd name the move the SLEDGE HAMMER....then he's eat ur a-hole inside out literally for being such a dong riding prissy slizzy

Rome, Horn and PTI Trashing the Hollywood Heat today. Well deserved, you arrogant morons. Losers.

"He just needs to take some time away, work on his game and I think he’ll be fine.”

The Diva LeChoke James needs to grow a pair of cojones, first and foremost. kinda late at 26, huh? Will never have a killer instinct. He could try to "learn" some semblance of a post game. He has NONE. At 6'8 he could try to play with his back to the basket in the paint for the first time ever, huh? Moving better without the ball wouldn't kill him either, would it??

Talking less arrogant CRAP would certainly help Hollywood LeLoser. "Next season or Never" Tards.

::Slaps his head:: I can't beleive you are my offspring. Jeez, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is real. Eat massive dicks, son. Just eat dicks.

Eddie, Ricky and Lita Trashing Sledgeball today. Well deserved, you arrogant jizzmopper.

Lebron's "go-to game" = Go to the bathroom on 4th quarters, take a dump and cry for help.

Jason Terry tattoo: NBA Champion.

LeChoke James: "The Chosen arrogant crap"

Sledge's go-to game= get reamed by 40 year old sugar daddies who drop loads in his back pussy, take a dump and cry for help.

Sledge's tattoo: "Insert sausage here"

Pat the Rat's “America first” strategy:

“We get criticized for not taking international players, and we’ve probably missed on a couple, but a couple would have been mistakes,” he said.

Riley the self-admitted xenophobe: he does tolerate mediocre, under-sized Canadians with hands-of-stone, i.e. Joel Anthony. But any “Non-American” players are out of question. At this point, numerous foreign players like Dirk Nowitzki couldn’t care less.

Sledge is a total loser.

Johnny Cakes of the Hollywood Divas says this:
¨SLEDGE dont be so pissy. It must be difficult getting the taste of dirk´s saurkraut ball bag outta your mouth. Try mixing in a Cuban....mark cuban. You freaking flaming butthole panzy. Stick some prep H on your ass and stop being such a slore¨.

Sledge is looking good to eat right now.

Wanna win Championships? Listen to Van Gundy: trade LeChoke James for D. Howard.

ok, anything else loser?

Who's the Loser, you venomous Heat Homer Moron? Where's your Key biscayne parade, dumbass?

This back and forth is worthless, just ignore the haters and they go away.

Anyone who thinks the Heat will not win multiple rings is delusional. They had this series and simply needed to hold the leads. They let it slip away. Sure, Dallas played out of their minds and they deserved to win because of that. No one can take that away. I'm happy for Dirk, Terry, Kidd because they don't have to live on the Barkley, Ewing, Malone list. But could they really pull those comebacks in the last 5 minutes of each game again, not a chance.
All hail to the Mavs, God was with them.
This will only make Lebron and Co. madder and stronger. Jordan was an angry fellow, and still is. Just youtube his hall of fame speech! Kobe is angry too. Lebron has been a happy camper and needed some fire in his tank. After the beating he took this year, I think he will work harder and the heat will win a lot of rings.
For all the haters, remember Lebron has the highest selling jersey in the NBA, so he is actually the most beloved player.
Also the most talented and will break every record in scoring, etc...
I will bet the farm on the heat for the next decade and I'm sure they will win more rings than they lose.


I never knew you had these thoughts or any thoughts. You spend all your time in that smelly basement playing with yourself, so I thought you were an invalid. Thats why I just leave you plates of mush with no utensils. Honey, come upstairs so I can hose you down and so we can discuss your asinine thoughts about Lebron. Come to think of it, maybe you are an invalid after all.

Hey Tards, why are all of you so obsessed with me being gay, you homophobes? So what if I am? There's nothing wrong with being gay. I don't specifically like Dirk, but he isn't unattractive. All you guys need to stop worrying about me and focus on how your worthless, overrated Hollywood Divas choked away a championship. The average age in here must have dropped another couple of notches.

Looking at NBA EAST

1. HEAT ... put in DALEMBERT and take out DAMPIER .... and the Heat dominate the East

2. BULLS ... Boozer is mediocre, Rose is special on defense ... they will be a distant 2nd to Heat

3. CELTICS ... KG, ALLEN, PIERCE getting old ... and nobody at center expect way over the hill J.Oneal

4. ORLANDO ... Dwight Howard is the only great center in NBA today ... aside from that this team is playing on fumes

5. ATLANTA ... Horford is not a center ... this is a good team, but not in same class as the 1 and 2 teams in east

6. PHILLY .... up and coming ... can rise to #3 in the East

and the rest of the pack ......

Imma destroy your anus.

sledge are you really gonna break up a team that was two wins away from an nba championship, when has that ever happened in the history of the nba, when did you start watching basketball, last year? throw all the little insults you want at the heat, everyones still chasing them


Who will the Heat pick tonight ?

IF the reports are true and Riley is looking for a point pick @ 31 would be Norris Cole from Cleveland State - he's 6-2, super quick, can score & defend and a true point guard.

Honestly, I still think a legit center would help Bosh much like Perkins helped taking away the heavy lifting with the constant banging down low which we all know Bosh can't handle. Bosh needs to float the lane with his jumpers...not trying to make power moves down on the box.

Matter of fact...LeBron should be the one posting up 25 times a game but that's another whole discussion.

Trade LeChoke James for Dwight Howard and the Heat win 5 Championships. Plus Wade and Bosh would love it. Lebron's wossie game with the ball overlaps Wade's game. It's redundant.

Lebron averaged twice as many shots per game from 0-9 feet as the Mavs power forward, and shot a better percentage. Who's b*tching about Dirk's post up game?

Dirk is arguably the best shooting PF the NBA has ever seen. Best shooting big guy since Larry Bird. He's not built like Lebron, but still has developed more post up moves, like the quick turn-around and drive to the basket, which killed Bosh over and over again.

Lebron's game is too predictable: transition, locomotive drives, or face-up jumpers. Problem is he's never been a good distance shooter (33% from downtown, less in the playoffs). Take away the fast breaks, use big guys in the middle and LeChoke is paralized, left with bad jumpers. As just happed in the finals. No post moves, no back-to-the basket skills. In contrast, Nowitzki will burn any team at over 45% from ANY distance, plus he has improved his attacking game for dunks. That's why Lebron lost, even with Wade and Bosh to help him, and Nowitzki won, burning the Heat in 4th quarters, winning 6/8 games.

The Heat need a pure speed burner point guard... whoever is a decent prospect left on the board for pick #31. Combo guys like Shelvin Mack would create even more overlap but like any's a crapshoot. Hopefully, if the Heat go the point guard route...they find a guy to keep up with all the fast point guards that have forever haunted the Heat.

haahahahahahahaah THIS GUY SLEDGE IS A MORON...dude you think you knoww it all tard?? disgust me with your retarded redundant same ol points...LEBRON IS THE BEST PLAYER IN THE NBA YOU FREAK...go back to your basement and stick 4 fingers in your anus and then lick every single one of them one by one...the only thing paralized will be your brain after im done beating you over the head with my hickory stick

It's all my fault...I played with him in places i shouldnt have when he was younger..i stuffed watermelons and cantelopes up his rear end and i think it has affected his brain. I miss him so much, sledge come back to uncle billy...i have a lot of vegetables save here for you sweet tart.

"they find a guy to keep up with all the fast point guards that have forever haunted the Heat."

Yeah, DRose, the MVP, destroyed / haunted / abolished / whatever... the Heat in the playoffs, losing 4 of 5 games. Team defense partner, not a one on one game. Chalmers will do fine at the point defending these guys. But you want the Heat to find that diamond in the ruff college (JV) PG defensive stud? Hint: he ain't out there.

Sledge you have no basketball sense what so ever.

Nowitski's finals stats:
Game 1: 7-18 38%
Game 2: 10-22 45%
Game 3: 11-21 52%
Game 4: 6-19 31%
Game 5: 9-18 50%
Game 6: 9-27 33%

Overall 52-125 41%

Great shooting! The difference was free throw shooting, the Mavs got a lot of calls and then made their free throws. The didnt get many calls and then when they did, they didnt make their free throws.

To say that Nowitski burned us in the finals of 45% is obviously just play stupid. Keep sucking that German Sausage!!!

Greg why would you want the Heat to draft another Center project. It would be foolish to do that as we need someone who can make an impact now. Plus the free agent market this year is full of big men that can contribute and you cant say the same about PG. The Heat need to draft PG in this draft.

Nobody in this draft is going to make an impact now for the I'm not even concerned with the draft tonight. Free agent big men is the way to go. Nene is my choice. ESPN will hype up every player as the next new thing. Look at the rosters of the two finalists....veteran heavy. That isn't a coincidence. Veterans win in this league, young players sell jerseys and get the highlight hype.

We'll make trades to upgrade our roster, not through the draft.

Greg, have you been drinking all night?

Chalmers is a horrible on the ball defender - just horrible. The Heat for YEARS have been terrorized by quick players on the point. Does Barrea come immediate to mind ? That's one of the reasons the Heat defense relies so much on help defense...all because someone on the perimeter (usually at the point) breaks the Heat defense down and everybody adjusts to help.


Greg, please refrain from making sledge-like, moronic, mule juice drinking posts.

Greg, J Kidd said as much after the Finals. He said the Heat's defense was way too reliant on just by making the extra pass and the Mavs hitting their shots...result - target practice.

Let me ask you many snot-nosed defenders do the Heat have ? Haslem qualifies...that's about it. I'm all for team defense...but the Heat perimeter defense routinely gets beat causing tons of problems.

Sledge honey, I'm back to tear that ass apart...soft lil grade A turkey butt um umu Tasty!

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