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Different story

That was about as intense an NBA Finals game as you'll see.

Superstars performing (one of them, Chris Bosh, when you least expected it), defenses ratcheted up, the game tied three times in the final 2:30 and a road team coming out victorious.

There were so many reasons the Heat was able to recover and win this game following that crushing Game 2 loss. But the most telling sequence happened, fittingly, at the end.

With the score tied at 84-84, it was Dwyane Wade who was chosen for closing duties. He had been the more effective offensive player throughout the game (his defense and rebounding wasn't too shabby, either), so unlike Game 2 when LeBron James was initiating the offense, Wade started the play.

Wade-Kidd And he finished it. Having hit a three just a couple minutes earlier, Wade had the confidence to pull up over Jason Kidd for a long two that gave Miami the lead.

That said a lot about Wade and his aggressiveness, as well as LeBron's willingness to step aside in the big moment, even in the Finals.

After Dirk Nowitzki tied the game, the Heat lulled itself to sleep and had a 24-second violation. But the next possession, after a Jason Terry miss, the Heat turned that around entirely.

Miami ran a screen-roll with Wade and LeBron, something the team hadn't done all game. The initial option wasn't available because the Mavs bigs were more than willing to help and clog the paint. So Udonis Haslem set a screen to free up Bosh, who hit the game-winning shot on a pass from LeBron.

It was execution at its best, even when the first option wasn't there. It was exactly what the Heat hadn't done in Game 2, and it's what the Heat struggled with midseason when it kept losing close games.

The fact that it was Bosh who hit it after a fairly bad first three quarters only adds to the Heat's confidence level going forward. This moment isn't too big for him, either, regardless of what his stat lines have said.

On the next Mavs possession, the Heat defense that was absent for the final 7:14 on Thursday showed up again. Fittingly, it was Wade who forced Nowitzki into a turnover with a hard double-team as he made his move against Udonis. Dirk, stuck in the air and fearful that Wade would block him if he shot it, threw a ball to the corner intended for Shawn Marion. But Marion was cutting to the basket, giving the Heat the ball.

Of course, Haslem's defense on Dirk in the final four seconds was plenty good enough to force the miss, and the Heat came out with a crucial Game 3 win.

Just those last two minutes told the story of a team that wasn't going to make the same mistakes it did in Game 2.

The rest of the game showed plenty as well, from LeBron attacking the basket to the Heat defense forcing 14 turnovers and Miami scoring 40 points in the paint compared to Dallas' 22.

Wade, though, was the difference maker both with his numbers, his effort and his leadership. He wasn't afraid to tell anyone what he was thinking, and that includes LeBron and Bosh.

"First and foremost, he pushed himself," Bosh said of Wade. "He played spectacular basketball. He was aggressive and took good shots. He set the tone for us.

"When a guy like that is really getting on you and demanding more, that’s what team is all about."

What this game also showed is that the Mavericks are going to fight every step of the way. If the Heat's going to come out victorious in this series, it will take this type of consistent effort from start to finish. If there are anymore lapses like the one that cost Miami Game 2, Dallas is more than ready to pounce and steal this series.


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Not gonna quibble with MVD [sic].

If Wade wants to credit Miami's D for everything, then defense it is.

If Wade can survive all the UNWHISTLED HACKING, MUGGING, CHOPBLOCKS committed by Mav defenders during suicide ISOs for the rest of the series -- and still win -- then go for it.

Because I LOVE The Fury. The Fury of Miami defenders suffocating Dallas shooters into distraction, hurried shots, misses which they normally make.

I still think there are better, more survivable ways to attack a zone without the either-or of suicide ISOs or standaround 3s.

But it's Wade's World tonite with big assists from The King & his court.

Good: Dallas can no longer end the series in Dallas.

Bad: Can the Heat -- or Wade -- really expect to survive more close calls unless SOMEBODY points out the RIDICULOUS ONE-SIDED disparity of NON-officiating plaguing this series???

The Heat, not just Wade, were aggressive all night. But game refs only found their whistles for 14 Mav fouls + 15 Heat free-throws.

Wow. Is Dallas THAT GOOD? Are the Mavs the ONLY team in the -- forget the league -- THE FREAKING UNIVERSE capable of "magically" & consistently stopping Wade, James, Bosh WITHOUT contact?

Seems so.

Until or unless local media do their part to TRASH the pre-series-now-presiding NATIONAL media meme (legacy of ESPN Mav Muncher Bill Simmons) that Miami "stole" the series in 2006 due to of Wade-friendly officiating.

Thuck Fat.

Bosh is a strange player. When I watch him he seems really soft but when you look at the stats he was the Heat's second leading scorer above LeBron tonight. The guy had what looked to be a horrible game and still had 18 points, that's actually impressive. Bosh could really dominate if he would just put on some major muscle so he could actually finish some of those plays around the basket instead of getting stripped. C'mon Alonzo, take Bosh under your wing and get him in the gym.

Just thankful Wade did not defer to James in the closing of this game. No time to worry about hurt feelings. Wade can lead this team to another championship if his teamates let him. Good win. Lets get another one on Tuesday

Hey taheati,

agree 100% call me a homer but Damn football at one end basketball at the other. Captain caveman is not the good a defender and tyson chandler was handing out muggings flat out ridiculous tonight with that crap.

Worse refs I have ever seen

Dallas believes Nowitzki can save their team. Fact is, Wade destroyed this team on their home court in 2006. Look at the supreme confidence of Wade and Haslem that they could do it again. Bosh is a local kid, and he could score a ton if he wants to. It is Lebron who has no decent finals experience that is having problems.

There is no force from the Mavericks that can stop Wade legally. To him the Mavericks was just born to become his victim again and again. Of the great players this season, it is only Wade who, like Jordan, enjoys destroying players in front of their adoring fans.

Away from the Danube, the Texan German will not have the powerful barbarian tribes at his back. He is as good as a dead German sausage. The Heat will have schnitzel after a 3-0 humiliation of the Mavericks in Dallas.

This was much better.. Let wade lead the attack. But these games are way closer than they shud be..i agree w the post that thers better ways to beat the mavs d than isolations..

If terry hits the wideopen j and so does dirk, we lose.the ball movement was very gud,, bron was helpful in moving the ball and as a decoy deep in the corners in the 4 th.

But bron and spo must figure out how to use bron to compliment wade and not just stand around on offense watching..this will only be corrected by ball and man movement..double screens. Pik n rolls, back screens,back door cuts,weak side cutters who actually get a pass for a lay up..pik n pops..

Great show tho.brons overdribbling was corrected and he did ,to his credit have 9 assists..he attacked the basket whc clearly set the tone..wen they go zone ,put bosh or bron in the middle to pass to open guys or guys flashing in n out..

How come no one is mentioning how bad the refs were? It seemed every call in the grey area went to dallas while we got no wistles on some fouls on us. I'd like to see people mention it so it can improve for next game

I have never seen basketball officiated like this. I hate to complain about that but GOODNESS GRACIOUS!!! It was ridiculously obvious. I understand home cooking will get a team a few here and there, but throughout the entire game? On potential game-deciding plays? I was almost ready to turn the game off. The Heat would have won by 8 or more if not for the ridiculous calls.

@ Mr.B
You are absolutely correct! It was so lopsided it was ridiculous! Cuban must have passed out bonuses last night to the ref's.
We easily win by eight or ten if the game was called fairly. Doesn't matter, at least it will shut THAT TURD for now. No excuses...
On the positive, it was good to see that Wade and UD were the ones doing the talking last night. They alone have "been here before". Then Wade proceeds to lead by example and put the team on his back.
CB was great last night, proving no stage is too big for him. Ud's screen and LeBron's assist on the game winner was a thing of beauty. We need a LOT more of that! Even though LBJ's numbers weren't mind boggling,he had some outstanding assists, and played some great D! I like the fact that D Wade isn't shy about getting on LeBron when he sees him not being aggressive.
This team has regained any lost confidence, and is going to be very tough to beat three times in four games.
Keep the "HEAT" on Dallas defensively, Dirk will get his points, but just like Rose, he has no help. LeBron and Wade can relate to that, until this year they had no help either.
GO HEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thought the refs was gonna steal it from us last night. They did there best but we won anyway.1 ESPN blogger said it right last night. I was yelling at Bosh all night long. I'm glad he shut my beitch asz up at the end. LMAO! We need 2 hand out rubbers to the refs for the next game. They can safely blow there whistles without choking. Go Heat!

all heat fans. please create an account with sports illustrated. not too many of us proud heat fans on there. go to and join in with the bloggers or should i call them haters!! Lol

As far as that horrible officiating is concerned, I've heard an interesting theory that make sense given that the game was so unevenly called last night. Before these playoffs Mark Cuban and others had a story planted that the Mavs were 2-16 in previous playoff games that Dan Crawford has officiated. This year's playoffs ( before last night's game) the Mavs are 3-0 when this same official is calling the game. Maybe Mickey Arrison and Pat should be furious with the league this morning about the refs almost costing us a crucial game because of Cuban's money, influence and his tendency to whine about everything.

I am very impressed with alot of the comments on here. I think you guys would really enjoy debating with a whole bunch of Heat haters about the game of basketball. Go to and read the truth and rumor section and comment. It is free to sign up! you would really love it.

oh how nice it was to see UD pumping Chalmers up walking towards the Heat bench after he hit that big 3 pointer!

I got something...that makes me what to shout ! EEEOOOOWWWW! I got it !

Hey Bosh ! Catch the ball - SHOOT the ball !

Quit holding it, knuckling it...SHOOT it !!!

Cuban is a total nut-job. Will never forget him gloating on Letterman in 06 with the Mavs up 2-0.

Heat have to play almost perfect in Dallas to win a game. Ain't over yet.

One down...

What this game also showed is that the Mavericks are going to fight every step of the way. If the Heat's going to come out victorious in this series, it will take this type of consistent effort from start to finish. If there are anymore lapses like the one that cost Miami Game 2, Dallas is more than ready to pounce and steal this series."

What all of the playoffs games have shown (except the blowout loss in game 1 against Chicago) is that Miami is not much better than other teams. Games could have gone either way even against a Rondo-less and Shaq-less Boston.Now against Dallas, same thing, all 3 games could have gone either way. It took 4 3pt shots from Chalmers to barely escape with a win last night, same as in game when, when Lebron saved the day late in the game shooting 4/5 from downtown.

2pt win, I'm far from impressed. And Dallas were missing 2 crucial players while Miami is totally healthy. Caron Butler and Haywood, no less. That's as if the Heat were missing Bosh and Joel to injuries.

Miami fans and many TV analysts keep saying the the Heat a the clearly superior, way better than everyone else. How so? Winning by a couple points when they don't lose?

They also say that the best team always wins in a best of 7 series. That's not necessarily true. A bounce of the ball, a barea 3pt basket, an injury, a little luck in any direction and any of 2 similar teams wins.

Again, not impressed by this Heat team. They have 2 great players and too many flaws. With a little luck Dallas could win the series. Or not.

Completely agree about the refs. The second half was rediculous. We were in the penalty with five to six minutes left in both the 3rd and 4th qtr. and the Mavs only had one or two team fouls. The Heat had over forty points in the paint last night. The Mavs had only 14 team fouls. Something does not match up. Every call on a rebound went against the heat.

Sledge did you really just say Butler and Haywood. Dude Butler hasn't played a single minute since JANUARY. And for all the great things haywood does he's a role player that will not change the dynamics of the game

So let be get this str8 your not impressed with a victory be it 2 points or 15. For the way the Heat lost game 2 and to go into the "hostile" dallas crowd. Where were they yesterday anyways and come out with victory was amazing.

Your points are just getting stupid saying any game or series could of gone either way. WE were 12-3 @ the Sixers , Celtics and your LOvely Bulls. Please just take puff sit back and enjoy the show.

Kill Sledge.

We are tired of THE MAN holding us Heat fans down (SLEDGE). Lets kick THE MAN's ass for trying to hold us down!!!

Sledge has Never been impressed by any Heat victories.. Not one.. Lookin like a true hater.. Sledge what do u think bout the officiating last nite? Show ur true hater colors and say it was a evenly officiated game..

I'm sure Heat players are loosing sleep cause they aren't winning impressively enough...I hope we don't IMPRESS the haters all the way to the championship. We should be up 3-0.

One thing that did IMPRESS me was that Lebron monster jam on the fock is that not getting blown up everywhere??

The officiating? How about Chalmers' miracle 3 from the backcourt, a clear backcourt violation. Clearly, the shot should not have counted, as all the commentators acknowledged on TV. 3pts. The difference in the game right there.


How about JKidd jumping INTO Wade and getting two FTs? What did the commentators (Magic) say about that?

.....and miracles count. I'm pretty sure they counted Deng's 3/4 court prayer against Miami.

All this crap again that the Heat should be up 3-0.. yeah right. Extremely close games, won by Lebron and Chalmers shooting 3's, with an illegal shot by Chalmers. While Nowitzki, amuch better shooter than those 2 would ever be, misses a few crucial shots to win games.
Again, this Heat team is no big deal, they are not far superior than any other elite team. So far, they have had luck on their side. When they ran out of it, in game 2, and started missing the long J's the usually miss, they lost, of course.

And you blame the officials when there's a close game or a loss. How about the disparity in rebounding? Dallas won that battle again. Blame it on the officials, they were giving trampolins for the Dallas players to use under the rim.

^^^wow you are a joke...a fart in the wind.

Watched the DVR.

It was even WORSE than I thought.

The Mavs should be ASHAMED for losing that "game."

Totally, utterly, ABSOLUTELY ASHAMED.

But Pat Riley must be loving this.

Because "this" is exactly what he wants.

US against them. FIVE against EIGHT.



With every break, every whistle going Dallas' way -- the Heat STILL gutted out a win.

I can see his point.

You can smell the fear now dawning in Dallas that the Mavs CANNOT beat the Heat in a FAIR FIGHT.

Hell. They should be TOTALLY TERRIFIED by the FACT that Dallas could NOT beat Miami in an UNFAIR fight gifted by ALL THREE REFEREES.

What a joke.

EVERY so-called "block" by Dirk Delilah drew SKIN, no ball, no whistle.

EVERY miss by James, Bosh, Wade, Haslem, Anthony, Howard in the paint OBVIOUSLY caused -- and caught on REPLAY -- by blatant HACKS, POKES, ELBOWS from Mavs "defenders" across the arm, body, face ...

... while ANY Heat contact, ANY BREEZE ruffling Dallas negligées drew AUTOMATIC fouls, EARLY BONUS situations to each half.

Sunday was an effin MIRACLE of TRUE GRIT by THESE HEAT.

Bosh's eye was almost swollen shut by Kidd DELIBERATELY RAKING HIS FACE.

Yet, Bosh REFUSED to sit; refused to "Dirk" the game with a ready-made excuse to lose.

UD, you miss. For Haslem, this IS a rematch. For Dirk, this IS a nightmare, again.

Bron kept coming, kept setting up OFFBALL teammates with perfect passes whenever Dallas doubled & trapped. Kept digging and disrupting on D, kept attacking & assisting on O.

Wade, what an you say that hasn't already been said? MVD.

Timely makes and 110% effort from Rio, Jo-el, EVERYONE.

The Heat were gladiators, not archers, again.

Yes, the 3s were important. Yet, the layups hurt harder.

Because close-contact in-your-face assassination is what these Heat do best.

5 v. 8.

15 v. the world.

Bring it on.

Actually as the commentator pointed out - that wasn't a back court violation. Listen to commentator and hear his ruling.

I'll help you out a little:
Section VI – g

Frontcourt/backcourt status is not attained until a player with the ball has established a positive position in either half during (1) a jump ball, (2) a steal by a defensive player, (3) a throw-in in the last two minutes of the fourth period and/or any overtime period or (4) anytime the ball is loose.


e. The ball is considered in the frontcourt once it has broken the plane of the midcourt line and is not in player control.

Once Chalmers foot broke plane and his other foot was in the air, he was considered in the front court. Sorry Sledge.

Another thing: The only way the game was even close was:

While Miami was in the penalty, the refs started callings strange fouls on while Miami was in their offense. They called loose ball fouls which instant replay showed weren't the case. One on Haslem for jumping up for a rebound while Chandler was in front of him. a couple of rebounding fouls...Dirk acted like he was fouled while shooting...on both. no foul was sighted by commentators on instant replay in slow mo. Most of those 'fouls' didn't even occur from Dallas pump fakes or driving the hole on offense. They happened while Miami had the ball. Meaning Dallas wasn't threatening with penetration or outside shooting...they were given foul shots while Miami was on offense. They essentially made the game where you couldn't touch Dirk or it would be a foul which meant to players: let him score. So miami did the smart thing and made sure no other player did.

And many argue Dallas barely lost game 1 thanks to bad officiating, including 5 Lebron travels that he never gets called for. Here's the detailed break-down, play by play, with videos:

Ha. The "backcourt violation" that NEVER was.

Ignore the troll.

The lonely, lowly, slug who slurps & burps Maverick vomit.

Because it's a Dallas crying shame that EVERY replay confirmed Chalmers already stepping over the timeline into Miami's frontcourt with the BALL STILL IN THE AIR.

But keep trying.

Dallas is $h!tt!ng bricks wondering how they lost that game with EVERYTHING and EVERYONE "on their side."

As they should.

OMG Shut up sledge... wow ur ridiculous rantings are those of a torched hater. U don't even make sense. Why r u on this blog anyways? Go to espn and hate with the rest of the nation cus the truth hurts! Off the top of my head, and not that I need to prove anything to you, there was a Kidd foul (eye poke) not called, Kidd travel and foul (instead foul called on LeBron) about 3 phantom fouls when on offense rebounding, an offensive foul on us when Dallas players' feet not planted, a 2 fouls on LeBron on the same play while shooting a 3 that was not called. Whatever sledge, go put on your Wade tidy whitties and cry!

"Because it's a Dallas crying shame that EVERY replay confirmed Chalmers already stepping over the timeline into Miami's frontcourt with the BALL STILL IN THE AIR [before Rio caught and shot the 3]."

And here's an objective analysis of game 3, from a site dedicated to evaluate officiating without favoring any team:

Miami-Dallas (NBA Finals Game 3): Initial review of ref calls gives Miami a 4-point advantage
June 6th, 2011Staff0 Comments and 0 Reactions
For our review of Game 3 of the Dallas-Miami game, we’re going to do a few things differently from previous posts.

Rather than create one large video that takes tons of hours to put together and upload that’s published almost 24 hours after the game has ended, we’re going to break it up into chunks and spread their release throughout the day (Monday).

Before we describe the order we’ll be posting these videos, we have made some approximate calculations about the wrong and missed calls by the refs from Game 3. So let’s get to that:

Missed travels still are the big theme of this series. We calculated the refs missing approximately 14 travels by the Heat, and 9 by the Mavericks. Twelve points were scored by the Heat in those possessions where their travels were missed, and 7 for the Mavericks. That’s a 5-point deficit for Dallas in a very close 2-point game.

Here’s the breakdown of whose travels were missed (some of these travels were minor in nature that hardly any referee calls, but are technically travels according to the NBA rulebook).

Miami (14):
LeBron James – 7
Chris Bosh – 5
Dwyane Wade – 1
Joel Anthony – 1

Dallas (9):
Dik Nowitzki – 6
Jason Kidd – 2
Jose Barea – 1

Excluding missed travels, we counted the refs missing or getting wrong 12 calls that favored Dallas resulting in 5 points being scored directly because of those calls, and 5 calls/no-calls that favored Miami resulting in 4 points. That’s a 1-point advantage for Dallas.

So taking into account the 5-point advantage the Heat had with the missed travels, and 1-point advantage Dallas had for wrong or missed calls not involving missed travels, you get a 4-point net advantage for the Heat. Please keep in mind this is an approximate figure.

When you see the videos that are released throughout the day on Monday, you’ll be able to see the details of these calls on a call-by-call basis."

How can anyone actually watching that game not see the deliberate calls by the refs in the Mavs' favor? Come on don't even pretend that the officiating wasn't horrible! We outscored them in the paint 40-22 and yet they went to the foul line 27 times to our 14...really? It's so obvious and ridiculous. There's gonna be a bad call here and there, but this is just nasty what they did. Tried to cost us the game. Someone needs to say something publicly even if they get fined.

Sledge ur looking real salty right now man... Just sayin. You could go on got years if you took every traveling called in the game, then Jordan wouldn't have 6 rings, Kobe wouldn't have 5 etc... You're just grabbing straws at this point to find reasons to not validate the Heat in the event that they take the series and the title. Whichever team is your favorite, clearly not Miami (but you're paying for a Miami Heat App????), hopefully commissioner Stern and the new CBA will help you get better next year and bail out whatever sorry executive office

Sledge likes the Heat don't let that troll fool you. He just enjoy being an agitator. He wasn't impress with Heat game 1 victory either. But he doesn't realize the Heat don't have to impress him to win a championship lol

Many of you are talking about fouls, and the officiating. I simply quoted an independent, well-known, objective site which analyses every call and every play, and backs it up with specific videos.

If you don't like to see the calls for yourselves, too bad. (BHHH) Blind Hollywood Heat Homerism has no place in such neutral analysis.

Gotta finish my rant 305. Hopefully the new CBA will bail out every other team that made bad deals to players not worth the ink they signed for these ridiculous contracts. Maybe then people would stop hating on teams that know how to get deals done to get good players on their team. While we're talking about the Mavericks, how many players are they gonna have to lose once the new deal is in place??? I know they're way over the salary cap. So to everyone out there that says you can't buy a championship ( which is a ridiculous concept) whoever winds up winning "bought" their way to a title.

"Kill Sledge".

I'm gone for a week and come back to see that sledge is up to his old tricks. Nothing has changed. Not impressed with the Heat win? - who cares! I'm sure Wade and all the bloggers on this site lost sleep over it last night.

Come on Fabian, he's not worth the cost of a bullet. Take it easy on the little guy. These are his so called teachable moments that drive him to a heat blog. The attention makes him feel important and loved. Urg!

Sledge ... REMEMBER spite of EVERYTHING wrong with the Heat which you obviously go to meticulous lengths to discuss - THEY ARE STILL WINNING PLAYOFF BASKETBALL GAMES !!! And...ARE TWO GAMES AWAY FROM BECOMING NBA CHAMPS !!!


And I reiterate my main points:

1. The Heat are obviously a top, Elite team, but they're not clearly better than other Elite teams. They showed it all regular season long, and in all playoffs series. Heat fans keep saying they are unbeatable, head&shoulders superior. That's crap.

They have miserable point guards, lousy centers, and a sub-par bench. That's no secret. They are peaking at the right time, Zero injuries, not missing key players like Haywood or Rondo. And still, they barely make it by 2 pts, or in overtime. It's not like they SWEPT the Lakers easily like Dallas did. They keep losing big leads in late in games. They keep getting outrebounded. They keep relying on long jumpers to win desperate games (Chalmers saved the day, this time, of all unreliable chumps, from downtown, including that questional shot from half court.)

Nowitzki barely missed the last shot to tie game 3 and send it overtime. That would have meant beating Miami, most likely. It's a fade-away that he routinely makes, a high percentage shot, unlike Chalmers' and Lebron's long distance prayers in games 1 and 3, which of course did not work in game 2.

So yes, there is luck involved in the NBA. Both these teams a excellent, but none clearly better than the other. Every game could have easily gone either was by a bounce of the ball. And the series call still go either way, although the Heat benefit from Home court ad, and will probably win in 7, IF they keep attacking the rim.

And no, the officials have had very little to do with anything. Except perhaps on that game against Chicago, I think, where the Heat benefitted of a 42 / 21 Free throw discrepancy, or such aberration. OF COURSE, after that game, no one in these Homerish boards said a word about the officials. Or when Lebron keeps getting away with clear travelling violations game after game.

Or when Wade had as many FT attempts as the entire Dallas team several occasions in 2006, and won the game on the foul line in 2006, looking for fouls deliberately all series long. That was plain Grotesque, scandalous everywhere outside of Miami. Wade being the officials Darling for an entire series, to win a Championship. OF COURSE, no one among the BHHH fan-atics on these blogs said anything about that. The officials were great then,, huh..

Sledge you seem flustered why don't you take the rest of the season off. Man does your head hurt from all of this hating??? The Great Bulls teams of the nineties never had a dominant center or point guard and I dare you to say they weren't a dynasty or an elite team. C'mon Sledge. SAY IT!!!! great teams overcome their flaws to come together and win above all else. That's the effin bottom line!!! If you try to retort that, then your credibility has more holes than Miami's bench. Please save yourself the shame and embarrassment of just being a jealous fan who wishes his best player could make huge impacts on whatever side of the floor he's on if he had an off night. Oh yeah all of your incidentals ( I Dirk made this or if LeBron misses that) don't mean shitake bro. If IF was a spliff we'd be all egged up. Holla Sledge.

You can restate all the points you want, make any excuse you want, continue with the all "what ifs" you can muster...still doesn't change a thing. No one cares!

dallas got alot of gifts and phantoms calls,going both ways.seems like the officials are dallas friendly.glad miami was able to overcome it.


Sluge is a clown!

If all you care about are wins, why were you all over the place before the playoffs seasons ever started, saying the Heat was gonna sweep in 4, or win in 5, since they are the far superior team? Based on what? And then, after they lost game 2 at home now against Dallas, again, pounding your chests saying Miami is unbeatble, in another planet of their own? You know who you are. And now you start to criticize the officials, just in case, after so many Heat games where the calls clearly went in Miami's favor. As independent website as what I posted can demonstrate.

Now id Dallas hols serve tomorrow, it's back to 2-2. What will you say? Heat in 4 again?? Or in 5?? That they are much, much better than Dallas? Or that it was the officials fault?? Pathetic blind, fan-atical Homerism is what pisses me off.

Any anything can happen between these 2 evenly-matched finalists: The Heat could win the next 2 games, if they get lucky with a couple 3's, attack the rim, or Nowitzki has bad games. Or Dallas could win the next 2 at home and steal game 6 in Miami, if Miami misses 3's, or if Bosh gets injured like Haywood did, or if Barea or kidd get hot. No one knows. It's impossible to predict. All the feverish home-team bravado is unjustified and foolish.


What is it about Miami that makes them 'Hollywood'? Do you know, or are you just riding Noah's, er eh, verbage?

The officials CAN and DO make huge differences in the game. All it takes is a quick two early fouls on just about any top tier player and the complexion of the game is changed.

Nobody cares about the walking calls, please, find another arguement. And what validation do you have that your web site buddies at 'refcall' are neutral? Is it because they say they are?

Chalmers is playing great ball right now, maybe you'ld better stay with just we have no center. Spo getting outcoached? Not happening. Bench play? Haslem/Chalmers/Miller - bet they are better than a 6 seed in the NCAA tournament (for you, Mr. Whitlock)

Nope, we got it on lock. Professionals playing as a team, sacrificing selfish goals for team play. Sounds like a Riley product to me. Yeah, that Riley, the one who the game passed by the last two years (think Beasley on the floor contributed to that thought?)

Heat are 6-1 since we got UD back! That is after going most of the year without him, and still finishing with the 3rd best record in the league! Take that Rondo/Butler/Heywood/shaq/sludge!

Homerism is what pisses you off.... ridiculous rants against the home team despite a very good performance is what pisses me off. (well, figuratively cus nothing you say do I take seriously). However, what I don't understand is why you continue to write in a Heat blog? You're not a real fan of them, you hate all us bloggers on why?

Try doing a brain-flip then Sledge...and impose your scathing analytical views upon the Mavs. Surely, your evaluation of the Mavs...what with the likes of Peja, Brian Cardinal stumbling around ...along with one of the oldest rosters in the NBA...would make the Heat look like the 2011 champs they are close to becoming.

Save face...before you become a mockery for life on this board.

Maria, I asked the same questions when I first joined this blog. But there's no easy answer. I believe he's got a personality disorder. Not only does he crave the attention but also sees himself a savior....saving the die hard Heat fan from themselves. He loves to hear himself speak by posting comments that no one disputes and making obvious predictions. I even suggested, because of his vast Bball knowledge, that he start his own blog. Trying to reason with him is like spiting against the wind. Don't bother. Just enjoy his idiocy. The season is almost over.

Hey Greg now I remember why I don't come here that much. We'll see at the end of the week who's gonna be champs. Sledge I hope you are a player or a coach or something because a grown man that has this much time to study a team that he hates...... I'm not saying anything else. GO HEAT(in my whispering voice)

he quoted a celtics blogger as an example of why the country hates us.
he NEVER gives us credit when we win; it's only because of something the OTHER team did.
he makes worthless points, and should be ignored.
we are 2 wins away.
and there is nothing sludge can do about it..

Lol CASPER...I know, I see him from time to time under "aliases" on the sun sentinel blog. He's a lost soul.

"Saving the Heat fan from themselves" lol I agree, maybe he should go join the guy that stands close by the AAA with a sign and a megaphone and tells us we're all going to hell and the Heat is going to hell! lol

On a side note... have you noticed that the "most hated team in America" has the players that always give credit to the other team win or lose, that always speak very well, that don't lash out even though they're constantly attacked??? Players that have been around the league and now play for the Heat call the Big3 extremely humble. The celtics have players that are dirty like Kevin Garnett, Bulls have Joakhim Noah who is always saying somehing negative, Novitski kicked a ball into the stands and kicked an exercise bike in '06 but somehow let's just all hate the Heat. Twisted society!

You kiddos, as usual, criticizing a blogger, ad hominem instead of talking about the game itself. Pathetic. Not wasting my time on that. I already made my basic, specific basketball points. One last thing, about LeDivaBron stupid comments, again:

"After Miami’s 88-86 win in Game 4, Diva Hollywood LeBron James was asked this:

“LeBron, three games in a row for you fourth quarter, not much. That’s the moment superstars become superstars. Seems like you’re almost shrinking from it. What’s going on?”

His answer:

“I think you’re concentrating on one side of the floor. All you’re looking at is the stat sheet. Honestly, I’m a two-way player. Since D-Wade had it going offensively, so we allow him to handle the ball, bring it on offensively. You should watch the film again and see what I did defensively. You’ll ask me a better question tomorrow.”

The question was a valid one. All 3 games have been way to close for comfort. Although on game 1, Lebron somehow saved the day hitting 4/5 ill-advised 3’s. On games 2 and 3 he dissapeared on 4th quarters, leaving all the heavy lifting for Wade. Thus, they lost game 2 and almost lost again game 3 down the stretch, if it wasn’t for 4 x 3’s nailed by Chalmers, or Nowitzki missing the final fade-away jumper, which he usually makes.

We are used to Bosh’s up&down performances. He’s not really a “big 3″. But we all expected Lebron to perform at the highest level when the games were on the line. So the question is justified.

And Lebron’s answer was a weak one, at best. Saying Wade had it going, leaving it up to him to score in crunch-time. Yeah but thanks to Bron, Wade wasted a great performance in game 2, and it almost happened again, with a 17/3 late run by Dallas on game 3, with Lebron “defending”, huh? He obviously did not defend too well on 4th quarters either, since Dallas went on HUGE comebacks.

Instead, Lebron could have answered, he should help Wade more in 4th quarters, and defend more too. He could also credit Dallas’ superb defense on him, with Marion, Stevenson and Chandler slowing him down at crucial times. But of course, Divas like Lebron do not like to admit such things.

I'm just a homerarian w/ no basketball knowledge anyways. I bleed red and black ignorantly, can't have an opinion on a blog or call out the refs. I live in a Heat bubble where I have heat goggles on the mask my perception (wow, and I thought my beer goggles were bad!)

WHY is SLEDGE even on here this page if for HEAT FANS take your hatin asss on somewhere we are here because of Lebron wade didnt do shit BOSTON and BULLS series. Stop hatin and get off here assshole

Dirk is the biggest choker on earth...that floppy German will never win a ring cause he has hamster balls. He pisses his pants at the very site of Haslem. Best euro to ever play in the NBA, who cares, that's like the being the smartest kid with downs syndrome. He's prob good enough to play for the next 15 years though........IN EUROPE!!!

We are the best team in the NBA lets go HEAT hate us or love us we still gone win :) "all up in ya"

Apparently not only the reporters and many others so called “haters” are questioning Hollywood DivaLebron.

Even Wade is calling him out, right in his face, late in games.. go figure :

“Dwyane Wade got in LeBron James’ face late in Sunday’s 88-86 victory in Dallas, not that there’s anything wrong with that. That’s what leaders do.

Later, in his postgame televised interview, Wade revealed that he had similarly admonished Chris Bosh about his lack of rebounding. That’s what leaders do, too.”

An Jason Terry needs to shut his trap saying "this is our house"....ya except for time Dwade crapped on your logo and the Heat won the Championship there in 2006. Have fun getting that tatoo erased you perrenial loser. Shoulda joined the Heat freight train years ago.

What's the Hollywood reference about?

But by far the funniest thing of this series is when they put Peja in the game and he's left trying to defend Dwade or Lebron...he looks looks so funny, its just laughable.


It's also interesting how last years prince of the NBA (K Durant) was held down by a 38 year old Jason Kidd who's 3 feet shorter...and Dwade makes Kidd look like he's 58.

I have got a clip for the Sledge.... and it's not youtube.

Spo calls the pik and roll with lebron and wade on the last winning play of the game?!? Why?! There is no one in the NBA that can take Lebron or Wade, one on one. They should be running pik and rolls all game long and hitting chalmers or bosh in the corners for threes all game long. With this talent against a "one trick pony" offensive dallas team, these games should not even be close. That being said, a win is a win and I will take that any day of the week! The HEAT RULE!!!

Here you go sledge even a non heat homer believes that the refs were calling the game one way. So now tell us Whitlock has Heat Homer Glasses and he does not see things objectively.

the only "diva" on here is YOU, you little turd.
i didn't realize lebron was the only one on the court yesterday; i suppose everything that goes wrong is HIS fault, and when things go right it's because of what other teams DIDN'T do?
you are a complete moron, sludge.
nothing you say amounts to anything

hey tired?
don't expect a response from the little turd.
he'll never respond to valid points.

and read THIS, all of you guys!
you'll love it.
it's called "how to spot a heat hater"

Talk about Holliwood Divas, as your own Whitlock guy says:

"I’m going with No. 2. Wade and James are disgracing the game with their flopping and whining. Maybe I’m romanticizing the NBA glory years, but I don’t remember basketball being played this way by Jordan, Magic, Larry, Isiah, Duncan, Hakeem, etc.

James and Wade are actors who seem to delight in baiting the refs into bad calls the way soccer players do. When they don’t get a call, they resort to demonstrative tantrums."

First, the Circus "Decision", the Preliminary mltiple Championship celebrations, the numerous TV commercials, the constant flopping, whinning to the offcials and Hollywood acting on the floor, even yelling with bravado in front of the Dallas bench, celebrating that game 2 victory same minutes before they lost.

DIVAS will be Divas. It's no surprise why most fans outside of Miami don't like this Hollywood Diva team much at all, in 49 States, and overseas, worldwide. Even the media sometimes dislikes those divas "bringing their talents to South Beach" their cockiness and constant arrogance, on and off the court.

They brought it upon themselves by being fancy actors with enormous, insufferable Egos, instead of more humble elite players, like Duncan, Durant, Rose or Nowitzki. No wonder 95% of worldwide basketball fans likes certain players and certain teams better than others.

i love whitlock's quote:
"My original point was that despite the refs blatantly favoring the Mavericks, the Heat dominated Sunday’s game. Miami took several double-digit leads and pretty much controlled the game from start to finish."
the heat hater writing that, yet sludge turd isn't impressed, huh?

2pt game "domination" with Dirk almost sending it to overtime. Yea, sure. It was a conspiracy by the bribed refs, complete domination, an ugly blowout, huh.. 17/3 Dallas run down the stretch, while Miami was "dominating". Sure.. Heat is sweeping this series in 4. Winning every game easily, by triple digits, at least.

and the Heat are barely gona win the championship in 5 games...haaaaaaa

Yes the Heat are the most hated team in 49 states and overseas yet Lebron James jersey is the number 1 selling jersey!!! Yes Sledge you like usual are right and the rest of us Heat Homer kiddos don't know anything!! I find it amusing that you can agree with Whitlock for the Heat negative comments in the article but completely ignore the postive ones and we are the ones with homer glasses and you are not wearing hater glasses?

The "#1 selling jersey" , a freaking marketing T shirt, is the most stupid and irrational argument I've ever heard about a country or city liking or disliking a team or a player. For reasons that should be SO OBVIOUS, I'm not even gonna waste time on that. Use simple common sense, if at all possible, and think about it.

@David great article. I know Sledge won't acknowledge facts that contradict anything he says. He will stick by his guns and argue asinine points until he is blue in the face. At least real fans be it Dallas, Boston, and Bulls will acknowledge that the Heat are a good team with a stifiling defense and will only get better in the coming years. On the other hand Sledge will most likely continue to hate and make ridiculous comments and for some reason we (Heat fans on this blog myself included) will continue to entertain him and therefore give him reasons to hang around. Oh well!!

Sledge like I said take a Bong hit sit your little self down and enjoy the ride.

I'm going to have to re access what a fan is, I was under the impression that a fan was supposed to be a homer. So I guess I will have to take Sledge medicine and admit it and be a homer fan all the way to the CHAMPIONSHIP.

d rose in in PLENTY of commercials..
guess that makes him a diva..
can you guys believe this idiot? everyone hates us because we'll be ruling the league for the next 5-6 years.
anything else, especially droppings from the turd's little mouth is BS.

I agree with the next 5 years, this is going to be the least talanted team, they will only get better. How many free agents at the end of their carrers are going to want to play with Wade and LeBron to earn a ring? Just like Barkley when he was chasing a championship

PRE-GAME MEAL HEAT FANS! First I need to take care of some unfinished business; I need to acknowledge UD the “Gator Tornado” for his outstanding effort and success on defense against Dirk, you know I have gotten so accustomed to this guy playing this way over the years (high school & college), that it has almost made me expect nothing less. I am glad that you HEAT FANS have gotten to notice just how great of a center defender and scorer he really is, and yes it would have been a horrible situation for the Heat if Dallas had been able to sign him (there is a GOD!). The second thing is that Mr. “Too Smooth Bosh” showed a lot of heart, picking himself up off of the court half-blind and finding a way to effect this game down the stretch. He not only affected the outcome of the game by over-coming adversity and making the winning basket, but I think that gave his Captain UD a reason to set one of the most solid and effective screens that I have seen this team set. Congratulations to the “Gator Tornado” and “Too smooth” great game. Thirdly, the confidence that was shown by “Super Mario”, the sacrifice made by “MegaTon” LeBron, and the Leadership/ refuse to let this team lose attitude shown by Captain D. “Escalade” Wade should make this team and it’s HEAT FANS feel that we can do anything together! Finally I would like to buy the Dallas reporter, which The Miami Herald quoted in the “They said it “ section
(Herald 06/07/2011), a large drink of whatever he is drinking because I couldn’t have said it better myself. I knew someone else was watching the same game I was watching!
Now HEAT FANS tonight’s game, game 4, should be just as intense as game 3 but the difference here is that; Our HEAT should be more intensively-relaxed, their focus should be more on keeping this game close and the pressure on the Mavericks, we should have more blocks, run a touch more, and see if we can steal another game in their house. Dallas will be desperate again, and we hope that the pressure will cause them to make mistakes that we can capitalize on. I think if this happens that we will see the armor crack and frustration start to set in, on their fans and team. HEAT FANS MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT, Dallas will come out ready to play and if we are going to get another game there, we will have to play a very heady and smart game; this may be the only other opportunity to win in Dallas. Let’s pray that our Heat come HOME (THE MIA) with at least a 3-2 lead. Enjoy the game and LET’S GO………. HEAT!


Dallas stealing the series? You don't steal what's rightfully yours!

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