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Complete letdown

Let's start with this: The Mavericks are an amazing team, winning with jump shooters like no other team in recent history. Dirk Nowitzki is a nightmare for defenses and the best shooting big man this league has ever seen. Jason Terry is one heck of a shooter and doesn't get enough credit for being as fast as he is and destructive to a defense in the halfcourt. J.J. Barea and Jason Kidd are both so different but have such an impact in games. And Tyson Chandler is one of the most disruptive forces in the paint, defensively.

"When are people going to talk about the purity of our game?" Mavs coach Rick Carlisle said. "That's what's special."

But those who were looking at the Heat and wondering why this team failed, as opposed to simply seeing why the Mavericks succeeded, you have plenty to look at. Bron loss

For starters, of course, there is LeBron James. Anyone who says it wasn't obvious that LeBron's nerves got the best of him either wasn't paying attention or didn't want to see it. James himself addressed it after the game, but it wasn't entirely convincing. Certainly not as convincing as what everyone saw happen on the court. There were clanked free throws, hesitant drives, horrible misses within 12 feet and a lot, lot more.

"Sometimes you got it, sometimes you don't," LeBron said. "That was the case in this series.

"Once you get to the playoffs, every game is pressure. It doesn't matter which round it is, once you get to the postseason, every possession counts."

Sounds like a reasonable explanation, but not true. Pressure's greater in this series, especially since he's never really been in this place. He has never been in the Finals expected to win it.

Dwyane Wade looked like it was a bit too much to ask for him to carry the team again, with the series on the line. He was spending his energy arguing with refs. He was committing mindless turnovers. He never got on a run that you'd expect him to go on at home.

Chris Bosh never got enough of an opportunity to make an impact in the game. He needed just nine shots to score 19 points. That was the story of his season. If he didn't force himself into the action, he wasn't going to get enough looks. In this one, with both Wade and LeBron not being themselves, it was probably up to Erik Spoelstra to get Bosh more looks, but that never happened.

"I was frustrated," Bosh said. "I would've liked to get more inovled. But I was just playing the game as it went. Looking back at it, I had it going a little bit. I was in a good place for the game.

"I just don't know what to say, man. Yeah, I should've shot the ball way more."

Probably the most damning quote from any of the Heat players was this from Wade:

"Their resolve was stronger than ours in this series."

For those wanting a reason not to be upset, to put this loss in a happier perspective, there are these words from Udonis Haslem.

"We haven't accomplished what we're going to accomplish," he said. "This just wasn't our time. Look back from where we started. We were complete strangers to one another on and off the court. To get to this point is a pretty good accomplishment."


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Wade and Lebron need to work on their j's and 3's

Without a CENTER, the Heat will never win. NEVER!

I am still going to END SLEDGE.

miami hit wild shots late in 4th qtr agst the bulls in ecf and snuck away with 3 games. shots didn't fall against dallas. good luck next year, will only get harder. OKC gets a yr older. Chi gets older, still has 9 million under the cap. A golden oppt blown. feel the heat, Miami!! More like a lot of hot smoke blwon up your fruity rears. and the miami crowd is atrocious. appearence and support... israel guteriezz might be the worst nba writer i've ever had the displeasure of reading. hack. hideous man overall. my word

It's like Lebron was happy with just getting the Eastern Conference Championship. He took off the foot of the pedal for the Finals. He was irrelevant, just a sidenote for statistics. I can tell you that it won't be the same for me. I hate quiters.

-The Heat were burned out.
-Wade/Bron: Terrible focus. Bron played small.
-Bosh: Best Heat player in this series.
-Undersized lineup's killed teh Heat and offered no disruption.
-No Z ? Jones ? Spo!
-it was a good year. exceeded expectations.

Even MJ must've felt uncomfortable watching the unraveling. Wade and James are in their primes and should be able to play big in these moments. You could understand when a 22 yr old kid (rose) makes mental errors costing series. But these seasoned vets? Hello Delusional Miami fans, you can not buy championsips. You can't boast and expect a run at 90's Bulls type title run. It's all about your teams mental makeup. Bron is pippen. Which is fantastic, but not a saviorand wade only pretends to be on certain days... Brons a good dude which also blows. Jordan was not. Jordan had a controlled hatred for all opponents. We saw lebron for what he is. Which is fine. Expectations will be more realistic in the future. One title out of this group should be looked at as a huge sucess! Let's be positive. They might win one!! Wade has another year or 2 of high play before the inevitable decline, so why the hay not?? And don't forget Bron's new cartoon should be out on Tues. So let's get excited. Summertime, man thongs, and heavily greased overtanned/leather hideous men of all ages and races.

the beautiful thing about sports is theres always next year, and we will be better, this will only fuel our desire, get ready nba cuz the heat is still on

Spo has to go first...He can't coach this team.

This is a Heat team who fought all season. everyone said they would not make it past the Celtics and Bull, but they did. The Mavericks are a team six years in the making, they took their time to assemble the right pieces around Dirk (Marion, Barea, Chandler)and hopefully, Miami will do the same. Dirk and Terry just wanted it too much to be denied. The Heat come back next year, having a year together under their belt, with the hunger of having come this close, and hopefully with more help at center and with a fully recovered Miller and Haslem. I say it was a great Heat year; can't wait til' next season.

Yeah, but what does this loss say about Spoelstra going forward. Maybe it's just me on the outside looking in, but during one of the time-outs in the huddle, He just didn't seem to talk with a sense of urgency.

As far as LJ choking, that's garbage, if not for LJ, we wouldn't be in the NBAFs hurling the words choke at Him. Now can LJ be accused of not finishing, sure. But LJ chasing Jason Terry all around the court on the defensive end, played a role on the offensive end, I think Spoels could've done a better job in managing that.

But going forward, it'll be interesting to see how Riley can blend DW's and LJ's playing styles together.

I've NEVER been on the Fire Spo bandwagon, NOWHERE near the Fire Spo chorus.

But this offseason, Erik Spoelstra better fimd some humility -- not momentary, trite, pro forma humility but soul-searching uncomfortable, ACCOUNTABLE humility that ADMITS "I failed my players. I don't have all the answers. I'd BETTER get some answers OR someone who provide answers ... FAST."

Why, because the Heat had MORE talent, BETTER athletes, equivalent or even superior bench depth that Spoelstra REFUSED to use despite OBVIOUS mismatches.

Because this was a series where ...

... from the very start, Spoelstra & co. CLEARLY had no offensive answers to Carslisle & Grgurich aside from chucking 3s and ISO-suicides; ISO-suicides that PREDICTABLY caused MORE dings & bruises to Wade, MORE frustration to LeBron, MORE irrelevance to Bosh, invited MORE unwhistled hacking & mugging throughout which resulted in turnovers, resulting in MORE 3s & LESS FTAs than any previous series over this postseason.

... Coach Spoelstra REFUSED to gamble on possible spot contributions from James Jones & Jamal Magloire when Mike Miller was unable to reliably stick 3s, clear contested boards, dig or rotate consistently on defense; when Joel Anthony was predictably outphysicaled, outmuscled, outshoved by Tysun Chandler while Erick Dampier contributed NOTHING but a clean uniform; when Juwan Howard -- mothballed during Miami's successful run to the Finals -- was suddenly unboxed, thrust onto the floor, awarded precious minutes which yielded, predictably, (almost) nothing.

... a pre-Finals media meme that targeted the Heat as exalted beneficiaries of friendly officiating found willing accomplices in Javie & crew who swallowed their whistles despite relentless Dallas mugging starting from Game 1 with NO objection from Coach Spoelstra.

... Heat Haters could crow triumphant when Miami's coach AND players dug for grit and came up empty; where 3 Kings and a Coach Jester who jokingly but perhaps revealingly confessed he'd rather be anywhere, elsewhere, loungewear, womenswear, outerwear, swimwear BUT where he was: at home, down 3-2, PRESUMABLY trying to rally his team against surmountable, conquerable, doable odds.

The Heat aren't likely to pry Lawrence Frank from Boston. But there MUST be many assistants who would relish the opportunity to work with Wade, James & Bosh. Eddie Jordan has an excellent background in zone-busting offenses which he developed as an Adelman assistant in Sacramento, continued at New Jersey under Byron Scott (which JKidd ran to near-perfection in 2 x Finals appearances), resulting in HC stints at Washington and Philadelphia.

And even if Jordan or similar others *AREN'T*, necessarily, long term HC material, they could certainly help the Heat as assistants or consultants to get MORE and BETTER from the talent onhand.

"OR someone [to] provide answers ... FAST."

Series epitaph: When 2 x teams defend with equal intensity & tenacity, defense ISN'T enough.

SCHEME matters.

TACTICS matter.


One could argue Heat coaches failed ALL 3.

The heat are and were the better team, that true hunger that you see in players like kobe, garnett, pierce, and of course the mavs just wasn't there, sorry guys but atleast there's next year.

the heat will get there. so they dont have a pg and a center. when you got bosh down low and 2 of the best perimeter players in wade and james thats all you need. they just need to gel and trust one another. they were hesitant this series. james was nervous. wade got tired. credit the mavs defense and schemes but the heat will get there. only boston has come together and won it all their first time together.

Who says History doesn't repeat itself? The reason the Heat lost is the same reason the Knicks lost to Houston in the finals. The stubborn coach refused to play a veteran instead of a younger player. Pat Riley played John Starks instead of Rolando Blackman, and Spolestra played Joel Anthony instead of Eric Dampier or Jamal Magloire. If any of you think that Joel Anthony is better than Damp or Jamal, you need your head examined, just like Spolestra. Height matters!!!

Re (allegedly) Missing Pieces

I don't think the Heat were a "point guard" short.

The Heat won a trophy with "Jason Williams" starting at 1, an offensive-minded defensive-challenged point-guard who converted only 27% of his 3s (cf. Bibby @ 26%) during the 2006 postseason.

I KNOW Tyson Chandler isn't Dwight Howard, so any "talk" of Miami's deficiency at 5 is just that -- talk, i.e, excuses.

No, when cooler heads prevail; when someone, anyone, everyone gets around to watching & re-watching the DVRs, they'll ...

a) see a more talented team LOSE to a more cohesive team on BOTH ends of the floor;

b) watch a team with LESS offensive talent get off good-shot after good-shot (miss or make) against a team with MORE offensive talent who could only manage standaround 3s and 1-on-5 ISOs.

c) notice the team with BETTER athletes sapped of energy by game 5 because it truly believed that defense and defense ALONE would be "enough"

d) wonder why free throws were so sparse in the first x 5 games when solo Heat attackers were routinely hacked, clubbed and mugged to silent whistles; they'll also wonder why offball teammates rarely cut or moved without the ball when cuts & offball movement usually resulted in layups or dunks.

e) shake their heads at the mysterious rotation that featured players who contributed nothing to the first x 3 rounds while ignoring others who contributed plenty.

f) remember how Heat coaches, teammates, media & fans SNICKERED at the "uselessness" of Shawn Marion when Marion was simply the LATEST 3 who couldn't find a home -- OR ROLE -- in Riley/Spoelstra's "system" (ibid. Jamal Mashburn, cf. LeBron James).

No, there are NO perfect rosters, NO magical trades, NO Kevin McHales ready to "gift" the Heat with magic beans.

The questions are coming, perhaps already here, surely beginning to FESTER in players' minds -- as they should:

1. Do we have to play harder just to stay even because of our offensive & defensive systems? Why is everything UPHILL for a team with so much talent? Why do we ALWAYS struggle to score when teams pack the paint?

2. Are Miami coaches using our MINDS and bodies to the fullest advantage? Why is everything scripted? Why can't we have a system that teaches us precepts which allow us to read-react-and-create high-percentage shot in ANY situation? Or are we mules, beasts-of-burden, slaves to a system which only values our athleticism?

3. "I've played in other systems. I KNOW we're playing solid defense. I also KNOW finding good shots SHOULDN'T be this hard. Especially with x and x as teammates. WHAT'S GOING ON?"

Paging Erik Spoelstra.

Paging Pat Riley.

dallas was amazing, and i can't take anything away from him.
just remind the mouth breathers if lebron is so awful why did everyone, including cleveland want him?
it was a good run, and haslem is right. i'd take it further and say this might be the worst heat team we'll see over the next 5 years.
screw sludge. he's a puke that doesn't know anything about the game.
this blog is for US, the fans of this team. everyone else can scr@W off.
we have the ingredients for an amazing team, and with a healthy udonis, a maturing chalmers, AND miller mixing with the big 3, i see a bright future.
go heat.

Thinking about "how good they could be" in the next five years is no consolation for me right now. The Heat choked on this series. Now I have to go back to my miserable life, like Lebron reminded me last night

Y'all are just plain dumb if ya think the Heat were a better team. Talking bout Lebron and Wade being top talents is true, but let's not call the Heat a better team. Be happy they got that far. And pray for next year, cuz it ain't gonna get any easier. Ball movement, spacing on both ends, and communication... Dallas was as good as we've all seen in a long time. This was some good one on one players against a much better team.

Unless the mental makeup changes...this Heat team will NEVER win a championship. Dallas was the better team from top to bottom...all their players contributed - very impressive. Dirk's assessment of the attempted mocking by Wade & James summed up the whole Heat experience this whole season - childish & ignorant. I definitely enjoyed watching previous Heat teams that played with more heart and less drama. LeBron's post game comments once again illustrate how lost he really is.

You guys asking for Spolestra to be fired are crazy. What you really need to do is figure out how to unload either Wade or Lebron.

You should probably keep they one who doesn't experience shrinkage in crunch time.

The Hollywood Heat arrogant Divas lost because they were all talk. Pompous actors, disrespecting the opponent, flopping, whining to the officials after every call. Good ridance! At least we won't have to put up with those insufferable Divas all year long.

Dallas was a much more likeable team, more balanced and complete. Nowitzki was the silent assassin. Humble, quiet. Deadly. Consistent. Even Cuban kept quiet. And when Terry or Stevenson talked, they spoke the truth and they backed it up on the court, unlike Mr "Now or Never" LeFlop James or Diva Wade, who spent more time crying to the officials than going back to defend.

I glad for Nowitzki, Terry and J. Kidd. And country boy Chandler. And the little man with a big heart and no fear Barea. And the humble coach Carlisle. They deserved this Championship after all these years of stupendous play and effort.

This was Poetic Justice. Dallas should have won in 2006. They were clearly the better team now. More humble and determined. Hopefully the insufferable Holliwood Heat Divas will learn from the experience. Hopefully now they'll sgut the hell up, stop whining, doing TV commercials, flopping on the court, disrespecting Nowitzki, and all of that. They got exactly what they deserved.

Congratulations to this fantastics Mavericks team. Another Superb regular season. Then they beat the top teams out West, including a SWEEP of the incumbent 2 team Champions. And then they crushed these petulant Hollywood Heat Divas. Good for them.

Spo lost the series for miami. But he had help from Lebron. Wade made mistakes, but he should be allowed some. He's only human.

1) Spo didn't adjust after Carlisle adjusted. Everyone noticed. Writers and media all basically begged Spo to make some changes, even posting the changes in the media, but Spo is stubborn and doesn't quickly makes adjustments and we lost.

2) We should have tried Big Z to open up lanes. Chandler is not so fast (nor short enough) that we need joel anthony on the floor. Big Cat and Big Z should have gotten minutes, but again spo didn't adjust.

3) We should have tried our take-charge and 3 pt king James Jones. We should have tried Eddie House earlier for defense. It took 2 losses in a row to replace ineffective and out-of-shape (if he hit the gym hard, he probably could still be effective) Bibby. That's on Spo.

4) When Le-bra (hopefully he redeems himself next year, but he p@#@#ed up in this series) starting playing like a bench player in the WNBA up due to nerves, then Spo had to find a way to settle him. This was on Lebron mostly, but Spo has to find a way as a coach to settle his team.

5) Execution and free throws still bad. Bad passes, same offense almost every play (and when we did do something successful, afterwards we went back to same ol offense that didn't work) and not having team shoot a high percentage at the line is unacceptable. Sometimes you have 1 or two players that can't shoot, but when you have the whole team missing that's a coaching problem. We need a free throw coach.

6. Not going to the more effective Bosh more. Spo just costed the team the title with that move more than anything else. It take 2.5 from the heat's big 3. Adjust if Lebron not playing well and use Bosh more and Lebron as the .5.

On Lebron - Extremely disappointed.

Of course, the little rascals disappeared. These juvenile blind Heat Homers, insulting little bastards, pounding their chests all season long, anticipating victory before the season even started, Heat in 4, Heat in 5, Heat in 6, then Heat in 7, Huh? You know who you are.. David, Greg, 305, Fabian, Heatup, and all of you little punks. Hope you are having a great time now eating fresh crow.

This was a victory for sports. The reason that this Wade-Lebron free agent duo is unprecedented is because it SHOULD be; not simply because it destroyed their individual brands forever, but because fans deserve to see a competitive league remain intact, which is the underlying purpose of its salary structure. And if you're going to publicly sell yourself out to what you thought was an easy path, some humility would be a wise next step. Nothing short of these players admitting the silliness of their decisions and subsequent celebrations would achieve forgiveness. Fans are intelligent enough to know that this is an asterisk on their sport for many years, and the longer this Heat team continues to fail, the sweeter the victory will be for sports.

Thanks Barea, you were the second best scorer for the Mavs - Dirk didn't have any pressure because he had a great supporting cast, "underrated" cast I might add.

I said thanks Barea because you gave a clinic to all the Miami Heat PG's. They dumped Arroyo for Bibby for what? A big BUST! It all goes to show you that there was NEVER, EVER an issue with the PG position. It was simply to apiece Lebron, who had to have the ball at the end. I said it all season, Wade and Lebron are NOT natural PG's, they may handle the ball well but that is not their natural position.

I do feel bad for Wade, I really like him as a player because he works hard, even Bosh worked hard...but Lebron was a total dissapointment to the Miami Heat fans.

And for you Will, if you are reading, that midget Barea (as you called him) did a number on the Heat. All that hype and celebration ahead of time in Miami almost a year ago did very little to produce a title. Unfortunately, "almost" don't count!!!

I know it is painful for some of you fans, I sincerely hope Lebron comes through for you loyal fans next year but unless he changes that arrogant attitude, you're not going to see a title in south beach.

It's time to bring Arroyo back and let a real PG run the team. Height is not and was never an issue, Barea proved that point at the "point".

Well said SportsFan! The closest thing I can compare this to is steroids in baseball. My comment will draw criticism from homers on this blog, but really, can you think of a better comparison? Think of McGwire, Bonds, Clemens... these were top talents, first ballot hall of famers, that turned themselves into circus clowns for their league's fan base... much like Lebron and Wade. Rather than show any humility, these clowns had the nerve to be offended by their persecutions and even showed anger back at their critics. Sound familiar? Now, I understand that using steroids is nowhere near what these guys did, but it sure does seem as if it were that bad, doesn't it? This is because elite talent shouldn't need to take any cheap shortcuts. And there are actually fans that still love Mark McGwire....................... in St. Louis. These guys better plan to retire and live the rest of their lives in south Florida, because it's the only way they'll escape ridicule.

I blame Spo for the Game 2 loss....LBJ takes all the blame for 4,5, and 6. Wade played his heart out and might have been more effective had Lebron just not been on the court. I would have rather had the 06 version of James Posey than LBJ in this series.

Still, we don't make the finals without Lebron James.

Special props to Mario Chalmers, that dude is a baller and played his heart out for Miami during this playoff run. Hope he stays in Miami for a while.

Free throws are concentration and technique. The Heat had technique. No matter how much coaching you do you can't teach concentration. Free throws are not on the coach. Players have to make free throws, that's on the players period. And Chandler is quick, he's 7'1" but about 230/240. He would have run circles around the sitting center that didn't play, if anything the smaller line up made the run at the end of the 2nd quarter.

SLEDGE, I hate that you are often on the same aside as my arguments, because you're a mental midget. You've been waiting for this day for 12 months now... the long-awaited "I told you so" to Heat fans. But as much as you wanted that moment, you feared it coming back your way tenfold. So when the Heat got streaky, you flip flopped. As much as you hated to do it on the inside, you joined their bandwagon as if you thought they'd win it all... so to eventually use those comments as a defense against the backlash you feared most. And now you're safe. Or so you think. Somehow you've managed to be called retarded by both your enemies AND your should-be friends. Ask yourself how THAT'S possible. Because on a night where Lebron and Miami lose, you're again the biggest loser of them all.

The King is classless...(cough, cough). He quit when it came to money time. Maybe he should learn from Dirk instead of mock him. The better TEAM won. Better teamwork, better coaching,, better chemistry, better bench and the BEST player, Dirk. The "three stars" just watched and Jet and Dirk and Jason took off.

Dirk Nowitzki, Brandon Roy man down, Kobe man down, Durant man down, Wade/LeBron mans are down! As a Heat fan I have nothing but respect for Dirk and JKidd they are both 1st ballot hall of famers and i'm happy they not in the same class as suey ass Barkley. Enjoy it Mavs

Of cousrse everyone is upset that the HEAT did not win it all. Yes it should have been a sweep, games 2 & 4, were just gave away. Was it coaching? Moving forward, a caliper NBA center and point guard will be needed if the HEAT are to win it all next year.

Nowitzki outscored LeBron 62-18 in 4th quarters in this series.

007, I couldn't care less what you and other juvenile bloggers here say. Bottom line is 90% of NBA fans are celebrating now. No one outside Miami could stand these pompous Divas. So you resort to personal insults, because that's all you have left. I was right, you were wrong. The Hollywood Heat was far from invincible. Face the facts, reality can be tough, and go crying to yo moma now.

Coaches are overrated. It’s the Players. The talent you may have on the floor. Pat Riley, Jerry Sloan, Popovich, Jackson, they have all failed Miserably when they did not have good players. Spo got to the finals, because he finally got better players. Unlike most of the other “great coaches”.

But what can you do if LeFlop is mentally weak and chokes? What can you do without a half-decent point guard, or a half-decent center or some depth in the bench? Don’t you think the Great Pat Riley was constantly talking to Spoelstra about personnel decisions between games? Who’s the boss? Riley was also Constantly talking to the players themselves, trying to motivate them, per Wade and Leflop’s own accounts.

So, if Pat Riley couldn’t figure it out, couldn’t “motivate” Diva LeChoke James, who could? Again, Dallas was better. They had more pieces. They had real point guards, real centers, a real bench, and Nowitzki. Tough as nails. Spoelstra did not have Jason Kidd. He had “Bibby”. He didn’t have Chandler, he had “Joel”. And Diva Lebron has choked all his life in big moments under any coach.

As could be predicted, fans always have to vent their frustrations somewhere after a loss. Invariably, the blame goes to the coach (BTW, remember, there are Half a Dozen professional coaches, plus scouts, plus Pat Riley there, not just the Head coach, who know more about the Heat and about Bball than any of us here will ever learn)

Invariably, as fans and virtual bloggers, we feel the need to explain losses, like we knew any better what to do on the floor. Makes it easier, makes you feel wise and smart, the shouldas couldas and wouldas, in retrospect, after the fact,, very easy from behind a laptop or a Tv huh?

The other scape-goats, of course, are always the officials. When the home team loses, every time, the blame also goes to these sinister, bribed, biased officials who “hate” Miami, and have been corrupted by some mafia NBA ring, in a huge Conspiracy plot.

Dudes, it’s THE PLAYERS. Talent on the floor. Much more so than the coaches or the officials.

First year of six ended witha blown opportunity. We will never get this one back.
But we will win plenty once we build a better supporting cast around these guys.
I think we showed this season we can beat anybody , not called the Mavs.
I f these teams meet again is the only problem I see ahaid for the Heat !
That zone straight punks Lebron

Sledge, why do you post on this blog you a**face??? And any other non-heat fans go post on your blogs....oh wait, thats right i forgot, you don't have any blogs to write in since your seasons finished about a month and a half ago.

Heat fans--these morons are only writing in here because they have no other blog to write in. At least our team made the finals. You can argue all you want, we crumbled, they took advantage and played like the better team these last 3 games, hence they are champs, give credit were credit is due.

As far as all the negativity from all these turd burglers, let them, who cares, they are envious thats all that is...they are envious we have the players we have because i guarandamntee you that if lebron or bosh would have gone to their teams, they would have been on their knees begging for a blow.

305 till i die WIN OR LOSE

all you other d**k riders rooting for a team (mavs) that is not yours is a disgrace to your home team. You aint a real fan, go tuck your d**ks between ur legs and cluck


If you are a HEAT fan and you are hating on the team in here......go ahead, i give you permission to take your SKIRTS off you lil soft puppies!!!!

Don't you dare hate on the boys like that, hell if i was at that arena i would have been chanting "LETS GO HEAT!!" while the mavs were hoisting up that trophy.

Be a true damn fan....through thick and thin, lose or win


LeFlop James' new twitt:

"Cough, Now or Never!, cough, cough"

Eddie, your Hollywood Heat Divas lost. Face reality. Get over it. They deserved to lose. They were unbearable pompous jerks. All talk, and shows and crap. Cocky, over-confident, insufferable actors. Now go cry in a corner, you were probably pounding your chest all season long too, predicting Heat in 5, huh?

Now deal with it. Hopefully you to will learn to be more humble and more realistic next season.

Sledge's new twitt:

"I have no dong, now or never."

eddie, we can be heat fans and critique.

we should have won the whole thing, honestly. I think Spo was our failure and i'm a bit afraid with him at the helm (and his slow adjustments or non-adjustments), Miami may not ever win it all. We may end up like the 90's NY knicks, never finding a way to overcome other teams. Dallas in my view was lucky that the West wasn't as powerful as it usually is and the power was in the East. What i mean is I thought any of the teams that came our of the East should have beaten Dallas be it Chicago, Boston or Miami. Miami were outcoached plain and simple. Spo didn't adjust his lineups to at least try Big Z for floor spacing. he was stubborn thinking he was outhinking everybody including the media and others who advised this. The only problem i have with spo is its his way even if it means failing. Otherwise it did a wonderful job, but can he win a championship if he won't adjust?

Lebron choked. Extremely disappointed.

I face it, i know my team lost, i can live with not a d**k rider like you...WIN OR LOSE im a heat fan and will forever defend it against dumb losers like you that have to come post on other teams blog, you have no team, no life, no dong!

*actually i had the heat in 6

Why is everyone so worked up? Relax. Heat are not going anywhere, next year we'll be a lot better than this year. It was a good year but we felt short. It happens and I don't panic, stop being punks! Heat will be in the finals many more years to come. It only gets better...GO HEAT!!!!

Enery_burst, that last comment was for sledge

Critique all you want but if it wasnt for bron we wouldnt be here in the first place. Not trying to justify his play in the finals but i refuse to be like all these haters. Win as a team, Lose as a team. Accept it, but be a fan be proud of the boys.

i hear you eddie...Sledge is not even a heat fan. At the end of the day, definitely proud of shutting up a lot of critics. Wish we could have made Charles Barkley look like a fool for continuously picking against Miami though.

If Lebron had Wade's heart, the Heat would be champions. Unfortunately, all the size, speed, and potential is nothing without the right mind, and heart.

yea he's an envious bastard
he's probably putting make up on right now as we speak...he has a johnson and a pair of tits!

go pop ur pimple guy, if we didnt have lebron we wouldnt even be in the finals

BTW Sledge, YOU PICKED THE HEAT TO WIN THIS SERIES!!! Your analysis is dripping with stuff that teenagers say to justify their asinine opinions. Hollywood Heat, Divas, blah blah blah. All throughout the playoffs you bashed the heat after every game while still picking them to win EVERY SERIES! So please stop pounding your chest after the fact. Atleast you still have fans of the Heat in here who are not giving excuses, like if Rondo was healthy or if Boozer was playing better etc. You are a loser by every definition because you watch basketball to pick against a team instead of rooting for one. Enjoy it now newly minted Mavs fan (previously Celtics and Bulls fan), because the Heat will be back next year to whoop that ass.

"Lebron choked" sure, he did. But why? Give the Mavericks some credit. LeFlop has had excellent games against Boston, Detroit, Chicago, etc.

Dallas' defense was incredibly underrated. they flew under the radar, even after Sweeping the floor with the Lakers, no less. People said "LA imploded".. yeah, right...

James has mental weakness issues. DIVA problems. No doubt. He shrinks in big moments. But it had a lot to do with extremely tough, and experienced, guys like Marion, Terry, Kidd, Stevenson and Nowitzki. They got under his skin. The LeChoke Diva is young.. Even D.Wade was contained in game 6, with a horrible 4th quarter.

Again, credit Dallas, and their determination to win. Superior overall talent. Forget about coaches, or officials, the better team won it on the floor, 6-2 this season.

nice one rick lol

bleebeedi blah
blahblide buh
blohblid blah

thats all sledge has to say

"James has mental weakness"
-Sledge has mental problems.

"DIVA problems"
-Sledge has major problems.

"He shrinks in big moments"
-Sledge, whats in your pants, constantly shrinks.

we could keep going on and on and on and on...

Anyone killing Lebron now is just licking up that ESPN talk with a side of syrup. He was knocking down shot after shot after shot all playoffs long. He was Jordan two weeks ago and now he's a scrub? I'm waiting for someone to say he should be traded so I can find that person and give them a lobotomy with a rusty screwdriver. Bandwagon jumpers, now is your time to follow whichever other team floats your boat. Go follow the Knicks with Amare and Melo, go follow the Bulls with the fake MVP, go follow the Lakers, like you were probably doing before, just please stay the F off the Heat bangwagon.

"Our fans just punked the s*** out of the Miami fans,” said Dallas owner Mark Cuban, referring to the 3,000 to 4,000 Mavericks fans inside Miami’s American Airlines Arena for Game 6.

Heat fans sold out and jumped ship."


"They’re done. Miami’s Big Three — LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh. Add Erik Spoelstra and front-running Heat fans, too. Toast. All of them.

They can’t survive what we just witnessed, a Finals meltdown of historic proportion, an ego deflation that is being celebrated throughout the basketball world.

With their preseason celebration and postseason (cough, cough) arrogance, The Big Three set the stakes — championship or bust. Now, in the aftermath of the Dallas Mavericks taking three straight games and the title, the Heat must accept the consequences.

It’s over. Wade’s brainchild and Pat Riley’s free-agent coup is a failure. The right thing to do is to blow it up before it dies as a result of friendly fire.

Let’s start with the easy stuff. Erik Spoelstra has no business coaching a legitimate title contender. Rick Carlisle put Spoelstra in a clown suit. Does Spoelstra have a zone offense? Blessed with a superior roster in terms of athleticism and down double digits late, does Spoelstra realize you can pick up defensively full court?

Spo must go.

So must any notion that Miami is a serious sports town.

“Our fans just punked the s*** out of the Miami fans,” said Dallas owner Mark Cuban, referring to the 3,000 to 4,000 Mavericks fans inside Miami’s American Airlines Arena for Game 6.

Heat fans sold out and jumped ship. Which brings me to my main point.

LeBron James is a man without a country. He abandoned Cleveland. And Miami has no love for him. The Heat fans who sold their tickets to Dallas supporters will now unleash their vitriol on King James.

He’s a national laughingstock, a late-night punch line. He’s Charlie Brown.

Worse, because of his putrid performance in the last three games, his ability to command respect within the Heat locker room (and across the NBA) has been severely undermined. His pregame speeches will forever sound phony and hollow. There’s no reason for Wade to share the leadership role with James again.

James and Wade are the same, need-the-ball-in-their-hands player. James is better than Wade. But Wade has much bigger (basket)balls.

Today, there are people in Miami who dislike James more than people in Cleveland. In Wade, Heat fans see the intangibles missing in James. Wade is willing to do whatever is necessary to win. James? Not so much.

The last three games, he hid on the offensive end, repeatedly turning down open looks. In Game 4, he stood flat-footed and zombie-like as Dirk Nowitzki drove the lane for the game-winning basket. In Sunday’s elimination game, James basically declined to rebound, finishing with just four.

With his body and athleticism, James should snatch eight rebounds in his sleep. On nights when he doesn’t trust his jump shot, James should collect a half-dozen offensive rebounds and four put-backs.

Does pressure choke James? Maybe. More likely, James is simply moody. Kids born into family dysfunction often struggle emotionally.

All season when the Heat experienced adversity it took several games for the team to snap out of its funk. The adversity, the depression lingered. The Heat reflected James. Boston and Chicago failed to hit Miami in the mouth and force James, Wade and Bosh to question themselves and Spoelstra. Dallas didn’t.

The Mavericks hit the Heat twice. In Game 2, Dallas erased a 15-point, fourth-quarter lead, tied the series 1-1 and raised questions about the Heat’s premature celebration. In Game 4, Nowitzki drove around Bosh for the game-winner, raising questions about Spoelstra’s strategy.

The Heat crumbled. They won’t recover. How can they?

James is a villain in Miami now. Heat fans don’t trust him. They’ll chew on him throughout the offseason and take a cynical view on all of his work until the next NBA Finals. So will his teammates.

James can’t be the alpha male on a team with Wade. LeBron’s global-icon aspirations and Nike No. 1 pitchman status won’t allow him to be Wade’s clear sidekick. Complicating matters even more, the NBA is headed for a likely work stoppage next season. An abbreviated season gives the Heat less time to work out comfortable roles for Wade and James.

Replacing Spoelstra with Pat Riley won’t fix what ails the Heat. James and Wade are the same player. In eight NBA seasons, James has demonstrated no interest in developing a low-post game to take advantage of his magnificent frame. He loves his game. It earned him two MVP trophies, lifetime financial security, the nickname King James and the freedom to avoid self-awareness at times of crisis.

“The Greater Man upstairs know when it’s my time. Right now isn’t the time,” James tweeted following Miami’s Game 6 loss.

God doesn’t care about the NBA Finals. James’ teammates and bandwagon Heat fans do. They’d love for him to spend the offseason improving his obvious weaknesses.

Short of that, they’d probably like to see him traded for parts that fit. James for Dwight Howard makes a lot of sense.

The Big Three is done. It was a noble experiment. James and Wade deserve credit for trying to make it work, for being completely loyal to and unselfish with each other for an entire season.

Now it’s time to move on before they inflict further damage on their reputations.

It was Arroyo's fault.

Sluge is really in love with Lebron, just like most haters! He's constantly on this blog, can't stop thinking about the man.

@sluge - Why are you so obsessed with Lebron? He said it right last night: you and all haters will go back to their crappy life and he'll continue with his. How about you prove him wrong? Get some therapy for that obsession you have.

And mental weakness issues???? You are a joke Sledge. You critize the dude like he had a threesome with your fat girlfriend and your mother. Today is your Christmas. Enjoy it. But know that Jordan came up short in the playoffs, Bird came up short in the playoffs, Magic came up short in the playoffs, Kobe, Wilt, Kareem etc. This is the worst team they are going to have in this run. And they made it to the FINALS. Lets see what happens to his "mental weakness" when he doesn't have Joel Anthony as his starting center.

LOL sledgeball

inflict further damage to their reputations LOL

Your funny guy....first year together and they get to the finals

Go put on your sports bra on and go take some jumpers, nevermind you probably can shoot into the ocean if they paid you to

I expected the Heat to win it all but they didn't. I blame no one not even LBJ or Spo (even though I wanted to see Jones and Big Z get burn this series). I'm kind of hoping for a lockout shorten season so the Heat can stream roll next year to a championship. I feel we were lucky injury wise to the big 3 this year. This group will win multiple rings trade none of big 3 just add more pieces.

Sledge, who wrote that? The Big 3 are done???? LOLOL. Wow, overreaction of the century. Its alright, everyone knows you are on an "I told you so" sugar rush. Again, enjoy it, but you did pick the Heat in 7, you dick tugging loser.

You Frustrated Hollywood Homer Kiddos are probably stuck on a 9-5 crappy job, in cubicles, making minimum wage, leeching on your boss. I'm watching Espn on a wide screen TV at home. I'll get to work a little later, after I'm done with you morons. EVERYONE is BASHING this Hollywood Heat team. And deservedly so. When you get home, after rush hour traffic, turn on the tube, and cry. AMERICA and the NBA Basketball World despised this Heat team, arrogant bunch of losers.

9-6 actually, and im probably making more dough than you while typing on this blog!!

did mom make you lunch already sweet tart?

is daddy dropping you off to work?

8th street and 137 right, on the corner?

And everyone despises you, you haterade-drinking, know-nothing moron. Keep repeating what Whitlock or Skip Bayless tell you. Oh, that's right, they said the Heat couldn't beat the Celtics. And BTW I'd rather have a 9-5 crappy job than be watching ESPN on a wide screen TV in my moms basement. Did mommy give you your allowance for the week so you could buy a Dirk jersey???

My suggestion to Divas Wade and LeFlop: Utilize the extended time off to learn some basic English. Yes, you both "should'a did that in school. Lebron can't even Twitt, so he should "pray to God that someone get(s) him a brand new pair of cojones, coz he ain't got none. (speaking their language)

my suggenstion to sledge:
Utilize what is in your pants and learn how to use it. Yes, your sack, your dong, you have none.
You should pray to the gods for a brand new pair yourself

My suggestion to bitch-ass Sledge: Utilize the extended time off from this blog to search through Craigslist so he should "pray to God that he finds himself a brand new sugar daddy, because he isn't impressed with his current, actual daddy (speaking in his language)"

Ricky, you should also go back to school and learn some basic reading skills: Grasp the entire concept in its entire due context. I know they don't teach that in public highschool. I probably wrote that if it went to 7 games, the Heat would probably win. i also REPEATEDLY wrote (if you could READ) that NO One can predict Shyt here in sports. But you and many feverish bling fan-atics can't see that.

So now all you have left, since I was right in WRITING, numerous times, that this arrogant Hollywood team deserved to lose, and was NOT a lot better than any other Elite team, is trying to say I made the wrong "prediction". Here's my prediction: You, Diva Wade and Leflop will never learn how to READ properly, much less express themselves accurately or shut the hell up when you should.

esto es un blog estupido, no una clase the ingles (my language you filthy rat)

Last time i check this was not school or an english class you have nothing more to say about the heat so now your just talking out of ur butt

blah blah blah blah bhal

LOL. Sledge, I will post this one last time because I know you will ignore it and act like it didn't happen. You said:

"That said, Heat in 7.

Posted by: Sledge | Wednesday, June 01, 2011 at 12:28PM"

"I probably wrote that if it went to 7 games, the Heat would probably win."

You should learn how to read your own shyt. Go back to the basement where mommy is starting the afternoon homeschooling session. But even you've got to be growing tired of remembering all the ridiculous things you say on these blogs, so I can understand how you would be completely wrong again.

This moron goes back 2 weeks to cut&paste half a sentence of a post, which probably included many disclaimers, ifs and buts. Completely out of context. No wonder it say "That said" first, moron.

LOL. I only posted the last sentence because you are as long-winded as ever in that post and nobody should have to read you asinine garbage twice. But if you insist:

"Some of you feverish, fanatical fans really have a tough time sticking to the game of basketball, not the blogger.

My 2 basic contentions here, as you could READ above, are detailed, specific and backed up by statistics.

1. Long distance shots could very well be the difference in this series. (As opposed to plays in the paint, since both teams defend exceedingly well). Whatever team drills the long bombs, wins. I wrote that about 3 days ago here, and elsewhere.

True enough, Miami got bailed out by lebron's unusual 3's. 4/5 from downtown. 46% for the Heat. Close game, unless you did not watch it, or were looking for calming pills in the 4th quarter.

2. Rebounds: Miami won that battle fair and sqaure in game one. Specifically, offensive rebounds, the disparity was appauling: 6-16. That should raise a few eyebrows, since Dallas is has a size advantage.

Both coaches are looking into those 2 BIG factors. Rest assured.

I don't get paid, but I like this game so I feel compelled to break it down for other bloggers at times.

As Gutierrez suggests, the Heat better do something else on game 2. Questions? Read above, detailed argument, check the stats, refer to each team's strengths and weaknesses.

So instead of calling other bloggers names, or being obesessed with some "sledge" guy you don't even know, why don't you offer your own, original insights regarding this final series? Stiock to the freakin' game, if you don't mind, fevereish, fan-atical Homer kiddos, and give it a better shot at being somewhat "objective.

That said, Heat in 7"

You did your usual bash the Heat for 95% of the post and then opine at the end that the Heat would still win the series. No ifs, no disclaimers. YOU PICKED THE HEAT!

Sluge - Doesn't work at a cubicle? Nope, he's going to work tonight at McDonald's drive through. Bet it took you long to save for that big flat screen tv! CLOWN!

"Not 5,6, 7 Championships" Said LeFlop James. "Now or Never", cough, cough, cough..

Sledge gets kicked off the Sunsentinel for being a trany and he comes to the Herald.

3,740 days since your Knicks last one a play off game guy. EAT IT!

Clearing youre throat from eating Lebrons' dong?

So the frustrated Hollywood Heat Homers have nothing else to do but personally attack a blogger they don't even know. Talk about PATHETIC. Get a life, your boring 9-5 jobs will be over soon, forget about basketball. Your team failed, period. And they deserved to, bunch of arrogant suckers with lousy fans, crushed by the better team, here in Miami, with Dallas' fans all over the place. You got exactly what you deserved, loud, filthy mouths. Next season, learn something, shut the hell up before it's too late. Be somewhat humble. Stop pounding your Homer chests before the season even starts. Ok. Or you might suffer another crushing defeat, as the one you just earned. Deal with it.

Lol...the only thing I have to deal with is the fact that you're a tranny and have no life.

BOTTOM LINE---#1--Mavs won because they played BETTER-#2--far from great coaching per Miami--#3---LBJ got freaked out AGAIN and didnt want to touch the ball for most of every game-easy to see-#4--Miami has to get a big good center, no matter what the cap is, or who they have to let go--if that means the bench stinks, so be it, it couldnt be much worse.Im from Miami, but congradulations to the Mavs. How is that for honesty?

"Loud filthy mouths"?? Damn, Sledge, your mom is reading this stuff too. You don't have to bash her just because I'm currently giving her something for her loud filthy mouth.

Jsa: Good honesty, you just forgot to mention that 95.8% of Nba Basketball fans worldwide wanted the Hollywood Heat to lose, for being a bunch of arrogant SOB's.

"Sometimes you got it, sometimes you don't," LeBron said.

Reminds me of the old Peter-Paul commercial, which I'll paraphrase: Sometimes you feel like a winner; sometimes you don't. Dallas Mavericks got winners; Heat don't."

Why are they arrogant, because they are a bunch of 20-somethings and they like to have fun and party with the people in their city. If you didn't like what they had to say you should have just turned off the TV.

eddie...although i'm a bulls fan (transplated to the MIA), your brutish and albeit inelegant commentary was a pleasure to read. you're right. too bad the teams in this town don't have more fans like you.

as for the heat...

1. spo is fine, he did a good job. losing to carlisle isn't an embarassment since carlisle is one the best game tacticians out there. moreover, for those that thought spo could've responded with some coaching wizardry of his own, i'm not to keen on that. the heat roster outside of the big 3 was flawed from day one (and yet you still made the finals...not too shabby). spo went with what he had - three great players, an at times spotty two year point guard playing the majority of minutes (with bibby putting in about 10-15), a still injuured UD and a broken down mike miller. perhaps spo could've done some more high/low with bosh and lebron to try and bust the dallas zone, but truth is, lebron's lack of college experience (where zones are common) and perhaps unwillingness to tailor his game to the moment stopped that from happening.

2. next year....bull are $9mm under the cap and OKC only looks better. that said, the heat are the default favorite (it will be that way for the next 3 years absent one of the other top teams getting a pau gasol like trade). it will be interesting to see what tweaks lebron and wade come back with next year to their games.

3. anyone who thinks big z would've helped out there is crazy. he can't space a floor when he can barely move. and on the defensive end he is a liability.

NO ONE, outside of Miami, liked all the crap they had to say.. Del Barrio, wake up and smell the coffee!

Hey Sledge, so no response on the whole you picked the Heat thing??? Damn it had to have been tough for a Knick fan to swallow (although you don't have trouble swallowing anything), knowing your team sucks d'antoni and constantly having to pick our team just so you wouldn't be wrong. Just so that if the Heat won and people called you out for your hating Le-flop, hollywood heat, diva crap you could say "You need to learn how to READ! I have picked the Heat to win in 7 weeks ago" You are a loser. The worst kind of loser. The type of loser who can never admit a fault, never actually pick a side, never really win. are the Bulls under the cap by $9mm? They have Boozer, Deng, Rose, Korver, Noah, Watson, Asik, Bogans and Gibson under contract for a combined $60.7mm. Last years cap was at $58mm and with the lockout looming I doubt that it will rise any higher than that. Additionally, you have to start saving money if you plan to re-sign Rose a couple years from now, depending on the new CBA. So that puts the Heat vs. Bulls once again in free agency. If we both have the mid-level where do you think players will want to go? To play with a one-man show, an $80mm dollar guy who cant make a layup and a transvestite. Or with lebron, wade and bosh. Let's be serious.

Knicks fan? LOL.. I'm a fan of NO team, or all teams, or good team, kiddo. Is there a law against that? Small world, son, teams change every season, you might be living in Japan with a Chicago wife in a couple years. Go Wimbledon!!

You talk about Miami fans and then you admit that you're not even a fan of everybody. Sad man.

La del barrio, how old are you, 12? and what's your fixation with sex operations, on a sports blog, are you really a boy- teenager? Grow up, and move on after the Heat loss.

So no actual response huh? Just blow right by it like it never happened. Atleast I have my one "I told you so" today.

ricky....i may be wrong on the $9mm figure (so it bandied about somewhere else). that said, outside of boozer and noah, the bulls cap space clears up well starting in 2013 season. as for mid-levels, i think the bulls will get their fair share of looks. don't forget, we were in every game in the fourth quarter against the heat and just got dallas'ed in the end.

i can turn around your comparison pretty easily...if you're a midlevel, do you want to go to a place where you will get no chance to ever shoot the ball and have to deal with the daily drama that is the big three? why not just buy a condo in miami instead and play elsewhere for the season? you're underestimating the competitive zeal of these guys.

Sledge you should grow up and let the hair on ur cojones grow.

sledgeeeeeeeeeee I'm backkkkkk honey

Just had lunch with your her avocado and turkey sandwich top grade A meat, she must(a) sliced a piece of turkey of ur ass cheecks!!!!!


i just passed by 8th street and 137, was that you wearing a skirt and a mavs jersey??

you have hot legs

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