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Any real reason for concern?

After watching the end of Game 2 again, it's actually true what the Heat said following the game.

The real breakdown came defensively, not necessarily offensively.

Yes, the offense could've used more movement on a few possessions. And, yes, Chris Bosh would've been better off not dribbling the ball off his foot. And, yes, Dwyane Wade, had a wide-open lane and a foul-plagued Tyson Chandler in front of him when he settled for a three-pointer with eight seconds left on the shot clock.

But for the most part, the failures came defensively down the stretch, and not just on Dirk Nowitzki.

A few of Dirk's open looks came on poor pick-and-roll defense when the Mavs ran multiple, quick screen-roll action. Bosh was particularly at fault on that Dirk three that gave the Mavs a three-point lead. Wade-bron

And Mario Chalmers' defense on Jason Terry wasn't very good, either, as Terry scored eight of those final 22 for Dallas.

So, if it's defense the Heat has to tighten up, there's enough of a sample size in these playoffs to assume the Heat can do that.

Surely, the screen-roll defense will be a primary point of emphasis. And chances are the Heat will attempt to shut down JT with LeBron James.

Combine that with James' determination to get to the rim, or at least the foul line, that he spoke about Saturday, and it would seem the Heat is in position to rebound from that loss.

That's not even mentioning a potential bounce-back from Bosh, who had a horrendous Game 2.

Of course, the Mavericks will be even tougher on their home floor. But when you watch Game 2 over again, you recognize there were very fixable elements that cost the Heat the game.


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Both the offensive and defensive mistakes Gutierrez refers to can be attributed to 1 common denominator:

Over-confidence. Complacency. Cockiness. Arrogance.

Hollywood Heat's Divas letting their guard down. Thinking they had the game in the bag, up 15pts late in the game. Dancing and celebrating in front of Dallas' bench with 7 minutes to go.

So they lost their focus, made offensive and defensive mistakes, blinded by their own huge Egos. Meanwhile, the Mavericks got pissed, and Dirk took over. Silent assassin, unlike the loud and bombastic Heat players who messed up with their premature celebrations again.

"Combine that with James' determination to get to the rim, or at least the foul line, that he spoke about Saturday, and it would seem the Heat is in position to rebound from that loss."

If Lebron did finally learn from game 2, he should attack the rim a lot more, and shoot a lot fewer long J's. Same goes for Wade.

But you also have to give some credit to Dallas' underrated defense. They are THE masters of various Zone defenses, notably packing the paint, and shutting down driving lanes to the rim with multiple 3-2 or 1-2-2 coverages, or pushing out to the wings, enticing Miami's players to shoot long J's.

It's a Carslile strategy that has worked very well for the Mavericks all season long. Not a coincidence they are in the finals with less talent than the Heat, after sweeping the incumbent 2-time Champions with the same defenses.

"That's not even mentioning a potential bounce-back from Bosh, who had a horrendous Game 2."

That's a flawed argument from Israel. You can say the same for other players. Terry might go off. Or Nowitzki might hit 45pts. Or Kidd might nail 5x 3's. Or Wade won't have another stellar 36pt game. Goes both ways.

"Of course, the Mavericks will be even tougher on their home floor. But when you watch Game 2 over again, you recognize there were very fixable elements that cost the Heat the game."

Again, Dallas did not play a perfect game either, and they can also play better, especially at home. It's a shooting team which can outshoot any other team out of the court any given night.

I do agree that Miami has more talent, and has a good chance to bounce back in game 3, stealing the crucial road game in Dallas.

The obvious 2 Keys are:

- Win the rebounding battle (Won is game 1 by 11, especially the offensive glass, Lost in game 2, complete reversal on the boards)

- Don't settle for long J's, drive to the hole.

Also, avoid celebrating a premature victory with 7 minutes to go in front of the Dallas bench and the Dallas crowd. It pisses people off.

Read more:

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Totally agree Sledge. I still think we are clearly the better team and those last 7 minutes will be the wake up call we needed. We clearly outplayed the Mavs for the first 7.5 quarters of this series, and if we would not have shot 66% from the free throw line, we still would have won the game, even with the late collapse.

Chicago would have also won another game if they hadn't shot 61% from the line.. Boston would have had a chance with Rondo, their best player on the court, and either center somewhat healthy.

Dallas would have clearly won game 1, which they Dominated for the most part, if Lebron didn't hit 4/6 from downtown in the end. He never does that.

It's easy to comment in retrospect..

since you like stats sledge how bout this one, lebron 4 free throws in two games, how long will that last, im just sayin

IG - "The real breakdown came defensively, not necessarily offensively."


Yes, but the cliché "best defense = great offense" isn't just a cliché.

When don't attack a zone by standing around and settling for jumpers, you allow zone-defenders to rest, save their wheels for offense, comebacks, surges.

The Heat can help their defense by attacking Mav zones with OR without the ball.

If Mav defenders DON'T move their feet while Heat players cut/roll/curl & screen WITHOUT the ball, Miami WILL get better closer looks when handlers spot open teammates.

Similarly, when you force Mav defenders to slide or follow offball players through continuous or at least frequent offball motion, you're also depleting finite reservoirs of energy by Mav defenders so they have LESS energy to summon for comebacks and/or to protect fragile leads.

This isn't football, where offensive & defensive units are manned by different players.

Aggressive offense pays off in several ways.

The Heat basically allowed Dallas to rest for half-a-game by launchign 24 & 27 3PAs respectively, thus making the defensive climb that much steeper throughout.

Both the offensive and defensive mistakes Gutierrez refers to can be attributed to 1 common denominator: Over-confidence. Complacency. Cockiness. Arrogance.


My nomination for dumbest $h!t of the weak, see above.

Maybe he's right but what scares me is that the Mavs turned the ball over 20 times and we got 31 points off of that, we can't count on that if they had turned it over about what they have been averaging around 12- 14 then we probably would have lost by 10. We better get our freakin offense working better and I don't just mean driving to the hole but better ball movement all around.

How do u beat any zone???

Quick ball movement,flash in and out hi post n low post n shoot or pass to an open man or man moving along the baseline. Alley oops .bring in the three ball guys and or crash the offensive boards like crazy..

Ur rite, u cant expect 20 turn overs at home by the Mavs so or offense better be clicking..the Heat took 30 threes ..half of those shots anywhere in or near the paint,game two wuda ben a route..

If Brons not working inside in game three then he shud take his talents back to clevland.. Hes the best sf of all time..if he plays there..


Sometimes you need to put SPICES on the food to make it look very special and GRAND at the party.


Sledge sucks. Still.

in my opinion the best way to defend dirk is to put haslem on him then have anthony as the weak side defender, thats what spoelstra shouldve done at the end of the game, whatever im running out of things to post, this shit is taking forever, daaaaamn you david stern!

Was the question - any real reason for concern ? ABSOLUTELY ! Somebody convince me NOT to be concerned. Forget all the damn stats...I think the Heat are in real trouble. Call it karma or just hitting a crappy streak on the road...I'm still worried about the hangover from the Game 2 loss.

Here's hoping I'm dead wrong.

If the Heat attack the basket, instead of settling for long J's, and rebound as in game 1, they'll steal one of the next 3 games on the road. Then it's back to Miami, with Dallas leading 3-2.

Obvious keys to the game tonight, similar points as Ethan just wrote in his blog, and as I've written for about a week:

1. Attack the rim, don’t settle for long J’s. Especially Miami’s 2 &1/2 men, they have Never been good long distance shooters for their entire careers.

Game 1? The Heat got lucky, shooting a highly unusual 46% from downtown, including 4/5 by Lebron to save the day late in the game. They tried the same stupid formula on game 2, instead of attacking the basket. OF COURSE, it failed.

2. Rebound, especially the offensive glass. Game 1? Heat outrebounded Dallas by about 11 offensive boards. Game 2? The EXACT opposite.

3. Stay focused and humble and aggresive. Unlike in game 2, dancing around with all that bravado right in front of the Dallas bench, with 7 minutes to go. It pisses people off. It motivates the opponent. Especially now in Dallas, the Hollywood Heat have to shut the hell up and just play aggressively.

Forgot the 4th essential key to the game:

4. Double-team Nowitzki, especially if the game is close down the stretch: use Lebron and Haslem instead of Ru-Paul Bosh. Force other Dallas players to hit long jumpers.

Dallas does not have 2 and 1/2 great players like Miami does. If they focus on Nowitzki, like they did with Rose from the Bulls, the series is over.

eliminate Sledge.

And we win the finals Home!

Haslem is our key defender!

ok, they took game two... so what... we now have to come back and take game.... what i saw was us looking to hold on instead of closing them out... it's ok because we now know that this team has the where with all to make that kind of comeback and we can't take them lightly.... now for game three.. we have to keep them off the boards and be careful with our fouls.... i think the refs will become a factor in this one... we have to stay aggressive... attack them at will.... if we have an open three, yes take it... but... attack them too..... make it a physical battle down low.... we have to own the boards..... bosh, stay aggressive, but get that jumper clicking, it's really needed.... get to the line more.... hit your free throws....bron, stay aggressive, they can't hold you, punish them... wade, main man, your play has been big, need more.... look guys we have to put on a show on their floor and take the control of this series.. we're ok... but we can't lose this one... come on... get focused... we gave them a gift in game two... now let's break their hearts st home, 48 minutes, one game at a time.... take all three... the one thing i noticed is we played 42 minutes in game two... we play 48 minutes not 42... and if we need overtime we'll play that too..... coach, what's up with jones.... ud on dirk looks like a better matchup... bosh attacking chandler getting him in foul trouble.... key down the stretch.... we should be able to beat this team where ever we play....come on..... take it to them... come on...7... tbc....

The offense is killing us. You can only rely so much on your defense. Sure, defense is what wins championships, but you GOTTA HAVE OFFENSE. It's ridiculous that in a team with Lebron, Wade and Bosh, all known for their offensive capabilities, you can't execute on that end of the floor. Jumpers are lame, we gotta drive to the hoop, stop isolating so much, get some real ball movement and get the Dallas players in foul trouble. Defense has to be sharp and is the way we play, but I will re-emphasize: WE NEED OFFENSE!

Easier said than done. Dallas' defense is way underrated, different zones, packing the paint. Sure, Miami needs to attack the rim more, but it's not like Dallas is making that easy for them.

HEAT FANS THIS IS YOUR PRE-GAME MEAL! Game 1 of these finals looked just like game 1 of the semi-finals against the Bulls, except in that game the Bulls won. I at that time thought this team had finally learned its lesson as to how we need to recover quickly after playing a bad game when they beat Dallas IN GAME 1. FANs as you well know we came back in game 2 of these finals with a good effort but still played down to the level of Dallas when we refused to push the ball at an old back court like Kidd and Terry, especially Kidd who tried to take a half-court charging foul because he could not get back, we settled for too many three point shots and Coach Spoelstra refused to play Dampier (experience against Dallas), and James Jones ( a 47% 3 point shooter) and we lost. I do hope that in game three he finds minutes for these two players. One other thing I must mention before moving on to game 3 and that is, “I think it is a good thing that we lost game 2 because the Heat needs to learn that they do not play around with a team that has made it to the finals and that sometimes it is good to get punched in the mouth, the Heat should now be ON FIRE”!
This game Coach Spoelstra must not allow the Dallas Coach to sub Dirk when the Heat has bad match-ups for him in the game, he must counter. The Heat must push the ball at Mr. Kidd and side-kick Terry to take their jump shooting legs away from them, D. “Escalade” Wade and “MegaTon” LeBron must get more blocks on Dirks shots from behind, and Coach Spoelstra has to fix that double high post offense that do not encourage a lot of ball movement in the half-court. We need to see more allies between D. “Escalade”, “MegaTon” LeBron and “Too Smooth” Bosh because a lot of times that ball should not touch the court on the break. I feel that Dallas is not sure of themselves at this point because they know that the longer this series continue, the more it favors the younger HEAT. So look for Dallas to be desperate to win this game and the other two in Dallas because they do not want this series to come back to South Florida! I expect the Captains to get this team to cut out a lot of the clowning around and take care of business on this road trip. LET’S GO HEAT!

Diva Lebron talking crap, again. No wonder most NBA fans "hate" his arrogant guts.

Diva Lebron talking crap, again. No wonder most NBA fans "hate" his arrogant guts. - sludge

wow little turd.
posting a link to an article written by nick gelso, the guy who FOUNDED the CLNS, the CELTICS late night show!
and then claiming that's why most fans hate him! even though he has the #1 selling jersey in the league.
you are arrogant, ignorant, pompous, and foll of s#$t.
go away already!

We are tired of THE MAN holding us Heat fans down (SLEDGE). Lets kick THE MAN's ass for trying to hold us down!!!

Fabian, another 7 year old retard with NOTHING to say about Basketball. Pathetic. Grow up, kiddo.


Fn scumbaggg ----> sledge

there is a name for my pain---- sledge.

Like I said Miami will win the next 2-3 games in Dallas. Miami is just a better team on both sides of the ball. I love Wade aggressiveness in this series. Dallas won the only game they were going to win.

Also big up to Chalmers so far showing he not as putrid and weak like many think.

It really was important to allow Dallas to win in Miami. The important achievable objective is to crush Dallas at home in front of their fans by 3-0. An important lesson learned by Jordan is that you have to tear out the heart of the enemy if you intend to be a champion for a long time. Destroying the Mavericks in front of their loving fans is something the Heat must accomplish if it wants to begin a dynasty.

what's up sludge?
no comment again, huh?
posting some article form a celtics blogger and passing off as reason "everyone" hates us?
no comment after being called out?

HEAT FANS! I must say to you that our team needs your help because you should be fed up with this bias, one sided, media and league with some of these calls. It has to turn your stomach at some of the comments made by these commentators, sometimes I think they are watching a different game than the one I am. Calls by this group of officials at times during this game got to be ridiculous, and we as fans need to let the NBA know about it. The game is suppose to be won on the court, and not because a group of people with unfounded hatred can’t control themselves. Now with that said, and we need to support our HEAT with all we have because we see what they have to play through to win, I am going to mention one more thing on this subject by asking a question that no one has asked. Why are we playing each game, even the ones here in Miami at 9 p.m. eastern except on Sundays? I just think that this is another way that the league is favoring Dallas and their fans; we work here in Miami also.
Now back to the game; team we almost let the hype destroy our focus again. Thank God for the experience of D. “Escalade” on knowing what it takes down the stretch to get the job done (Leadership). “Super Mario” hats off to you for showing poise and doing your job just like Pippen used to compliment MJ’s game. “MegaTon” LeBron please be able to accept instruction from your captain (D. “Escalade”), and don’t stop using your size and skill to dominate inside because the officials stop calling obvious fouls. Our prayers are with you and your family “Thriller” Miller, so keep playing hard and depend on your teammates. I was very glad to see that we pushed the ball at Kidd and Terry, and we saw plenty dunking from the Heat because of it. The Heat just looks like the more dominant team in this series and for the life of me I just can’t believe that Dallas gets back in the game playing descent basketball. I do appreciate the fight and struggle of our team, HEAT FANS, and believe that if we stay together as team and fans we will have our second championship at the end of this series (let’s be too legit to quit!) . GO HEAT and CONGRATULATIONS!

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