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And then there's that

Here's where the LeBron James - Dwyane Wade friendship will be truly tested.

Because Wade has every reason to be upset with LeBron for that performance. And LeBron has to be able to accept the criticism and play much HARDER in Game 5. It doesn't have as much to do with scoring -- although he could've gone 0-for-6 in the final minutes and it would've helped his cause -- as much as it has to do with simple effort.

When you've got Wade playing as hard as he was from everywhere on the floor, it looks bad when LeBron is not coming close to matching that effort.

For about 40 minutes, LeBron was doing everything right, even without the shot attempts. He was playing within the offense, he was piling up the other numbers, rebounds and assists. But when the Heat needed him to score the way he scored late in the Boston and Chicago series, he was nowhere to be found.

If he had decided to launch at five or six shots down the stretch and missed them all, at least he would've looked like he was trying to be that guy he had been. In that scenario, he could at least say his shot just wasn't falling.

In this scenario, he has no excuse. Because it just looked like he put himself to sleep. It looked like he was content with watching Wade attempt to save the Heat again.

He wasn't blocking shots. He wasn't disrupting the Mavs offense. He wasn't doing much of anything offensively.

Wade had to be asking him "What the (expletive) are you doing!!!"

If LeBron is anywhere near his usual self in that fourth quarter, the Heat is holding a 3-1 lead in this series.

As it is, the Heat is tied in a fantastic series that now appears to be anyone's to take.

Here's one encouraging part of this performance. The last time he had a playoff performance anywhere near this bad -- that would be the quit game against Boston -- he responded with a game that was all effort.

He shot poorly and turned the ball over in that Game 6 last year against the Celtics, but he managed to put up 27 points, 19 rebounds and 10 assists.

If he does something close to that on Thursday, the Heat will leave Dallas one win away from a title.


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Damn LeBron... I defended you throughout this series because I saw you trying but this game was a no show for you (Might as well not have). I guess you lost your talents in Dallas. Sucks that i'm disappointed like this, it almost looked like he was shaving points because nobody ever thought he could only score 8 points no matter against who. This series is so strange, the officiating, the meltdowns, the surprises.. smh thats not good or bad basketball thats fake basketball. If this game goes 7 games i will retire from watching nba games, as much as I love heat i don't like being played with thats why I don't watch WWE.

LeBron James only scores 8 points in a finals game, get the F outta here! You guys can fool yourself but you cant fool me. FIX ALL OVER THE PLACE!!

I agree with this article!! like I said in another article he was acting like he did just before he left Cleveland, and just let the team play without him doing much. Or maybe it was a lay-down so they could bring it back to Miami for the wins! Either way he didn't look good, and it sucked, It's going way over everyone's head that it's a lay-down and they just want to bring it back to Miami for revenue! But he doesn't have to get just 8 points.....8 frickin points??? lebron your really disappointing a lot of people. get you high attitude out of your butt and come down to earth!

I have no idea what is up with this dude Lebron. Why.didnt Spoelstra just put Wade back in the post. I blame Spoelstra for that meltdown again along with Lebron. Lebron needs to get in the post also when Kidd and Stevenson are on him...

I wonder how many Heat fans agree with me on this....I feel if Dallas wins the next game they will win the series because the pressure of facing elemination in front of a nervous home crowd will make them play tight and not run their offense and do alot of 1 which will get them out of their game plan. They will try so hard that they play wild and ineffective. They will want to win so bad to avoid a year of media thrashing and pain that it will work against them.

I also dont like how Lebron stood and watched Dirk make that layup. He talked about not watching the stat sheet and watch me defensively. But yet he wasnt in the game defensively either. I hope Spoelstra gets him hoing early in the next game because this is inexcusable. That was by far his worse playoff game ever. He should have choosed that type of performance for the 2nd game in a row against Philly. Not in the Finals against Dallas. Lebron finally making a couple of tuff shots in the 2nd and 3rd round. Does not put him in the same class or league as M.J. after just 1yr. I hope he did not take what Pippen said to the head because we still have the Finals left which is the biggest stage in the world and where legends are truly made...

NBA anaylist Will Purdue said something isn't right with Lebron. Maybe Coach Spo told him to defer to Wade. We need both to be aggressive to win. Coach Spo preaches defense, but its the offense that needs work. It seems stagnant at times. Why doesn't he focus on getting the offense going?

WOW its funny when Lebron is winning games for the team he's great but when he has a bad game everybody hates him . NO body is saying anything about D wade missing a FT or not handling the inbound pass .


Tough game for LBJ but Game 5 will be his bounce back game and I think it will be scary for Dallas. I have no fear that the Heat won't win the championship. I said Heat will win 2-3 games in Dallas and Thursday will put this series in a good place for the Heat.

So much for high basketball IQ's... It's one thing to lose when the ball doesn't go in the basket...but beyond DUMB when they play so STUPID !

WTF ! Why is this zone defense so puzzling ?

Just do a high/low with Bosh at the foul line with LeBron down on the box...and everyone else spread. If ball is entered to Bosh then drop it down to LBJ down low...if passed to LBJ from the wing...then hit Bosh cutting down the lane. If both are covered ...then skip pass to whoever on the perimeter is open for a shot. You beat a zone by passing (with pass/ball faking), very little dribbling, and cutting to an open space.

That game was there for the taking...Dallas was toast. Really dumb basketball by the Heat.

This loss is on coach spo, he singles dirk and dirk is two for three, the one time he doubles him, dirk throws it away, u don't let the best player beat u let alone twice. Lebron is being double teamed every time he touches the ball, the mavs whole strategy is to not let lebron go off, having said that, yes lebron needs to be more aggressive out od double teams but he has two dudes in his face as soon as he touches the ball. This should have been a sweep, bosh can't let Chandler get 16 rebounds, and haslem and miller have to hit their shots if the heat are going to win, chalmers needs to be more aggressive too. I can't stand Terry and stevenson, I hope Miami wins game five handily, but coach sop needs to make adqjustments or he will lose the series.

Another good close game, this series is shaping up to turn out pretty good. Lebron will have to shoulder the criticism even though he didn't miss a free throw or fumble the ball at the end. He had a bad game, played the entire 4th qtr...maybe Spo needs to find a spot for him to rest there somewhere.

No excuses and props to the Mavs, their backs were against the wall and picked up the intensity. I don't know if starting JJ helped that much but it woke up Stevenson. I was calm during the game, now its back to high anxiety for game 5. This is great!!!

***ment to say Lebron played the entire 2nd half

What im still trying to figure out is how is Tyson Chandler still drawing more fouls, and shooting more free throws than Wade/Lebron combined. Someone in the NBA officiating office needs to pass the message along that Chandler is a flopping little baby

I got an email for game 6 tix automatically after the loss. For some reason I feel very skeptical about these odd games. I know the NBA doesnt' fix games but c'mon, what the hell happened last night?! The whole series has been officiated to a 7 game series!

If LeBron is anywhere near his usual self in that fourth quarter, the Heat is holding a 3-1 lead in this series."

How about:

If Nowitzki isn't Sick as a Dog, and is "anywhere near his usual self", shooting a lot better than 6/19?


If Kidd is "anywhere near his usual self" and scores more than Zero points?


If Dallas makes the Gazillion Wide Open shots they had, all game long, Dozens of easy, uncontested jumpers, lay-ups the usually make, instead of shooting a mere 21% from downtown?

It Should have been a BLOWOUT.

Or "what if" Lebron doesn't shoot 4-5 from downtown, which he NEVER does, to save game 1?

Or "what if" Chalmers doesn't nail 4 x 3's which is highly unlikely to save game 3 by 2 points?

Or if Nowitzki hits the last shot on game 3, a short fade-away jumper he routinely makes? Game goes to overtime, in Dallas.

According to the same logic, Dallas could very well be 4-0 by now, celebrating the championship.

And to avoid more typing, an earlier post:

"Tonight is obviously a must-win game for Dallas. Much more so than for Miami. They will be desperate to win, and with all the support from the home crowd. Miami might not be as motivated. They could afford to lose this game.

So what happens if the series is tied, again, now at 2-2? These Homer blogs go ape-shyt again: suddenly the Heat Homer bravado fades away, in a hurry. Suddenly fan-atics are not so confident, doubts and fear creep in.

And, OF COURSE, mysteriously again, coach Spoelstra will start being criticized again, often by the same bloggers who bashed him for years, then idolized him recently. It's a fascinating phenomenon.

Oh, and the officials will also get their share of blame, calling them biased, bribed, conspiracy pirates, or whatever.

Likewise, the Mavericks blid homers will suddenly start pounding their chests again, anticipating triumph. Just a few hours after they were quiet, and worried to death. They'll write, of course, that it's going back to Miami with Dallas ahaid 3-2, and then all they have to do is steal 1 game, as they already did on game 2.

Laughable indeed, on both blind, feverish Homer sides.

Posted by: Sledge | Tuesday, June 07, 2011 at 11:39 AM

Who among you clearly predicted:

1. Easy Sweep: Heat in 4.
2. Easy: Heat in 5.
3. Easy: Heat in 6.

"The Heat are FAAAARR superior, unbeatable, etc,,,"

Where's all your Bravado now?

You Know who you are. I could look it up, cut and paste all the crap you've been writing here. Nahh.. better things to do.

So what is it now, with game 5 in Dallas, tied 2-2? Heat in 6 or 7 , VERY EASY??

You know who you are.

lol @ sluge.

HEAT in 6! I've called it all along and still sticking with it!

Somebody's on their period (sledge)

murder sledge.

#laugh@sledge for pounding his chest at something he said "if" and "might" happen. Haaaa...way to go out on a limb nut-less wonderer

Lebron just played so passively throughout the game and needs to become more ascertive at times rather that defering to Wade all the time. The one thing that common is we always get up on these guys in the 4th quarter only to blow it. I can't tell you if that's a good thing or bad thing.

I still think well pull this one in 6 games but Lebron will probably be the first one to tell you he can't have 8 pts in a finals game. An efficent 20 or so will be good.

The coaches need to get on Bosh about his rebounding numbers. A PF can't only give you 6 rebounds for the game. Chandler is killing us on the offensive rebounds. Hopefully, this will be a wake up call for Lebron, he's entiltled to a bad game which this really was. But dont forget who he also carried us in the ECF so he'll have to figure it out.

And whatever happened to Lebron's "superb" defense? He rebounded, but wasn't he supposed to shut down Terry?

Diva LeShrink has no cojones. Right after Terry challenged him personally, publicly, he lets old, little Jason Terry Torch the Heat again on the 4th quarter. Same as in game 2. A bench player. Who had just dared him, and ridicules him, even saying that Portland defended better.

Whatever Lebron does next, that called lack of Character and mental toughness by LeDiva. Shrinking in big moments. Wade was yelling on his face all during game 3 for a reason: he's a WHIMP. Lacks character and mental fortitude. With all the "talents he brough to South Beach", his promissed consecutive Championships, all the talk, and more talk to the media.. flops and fake fouls, constantly whining to the officials,,, and he can't even stand up to little Jason Terry or an extremely sick Nowitzki??

And this is not the first time LeDiva shrinks, and disapears in crucial games. We saw that over and over and over during playoffs series when he was in Cleveland. So Nowitzki was the "soft" "choker" huh... ??

You don't beat a zone defense dribbling or passing around the don 't attack it like you do against man to man - OBVIOUSLY - so why does this team continually FREEZE whenever they see one ? You only have 10-12 seconds to make a couple sharp, quick meaningful passes to get off a decent shot or get to the rim. So why...after so many times does this always happen? If they continue to mindlessly double team LeBron (as the Heat do Dirk)then stick him on the floor where he could easily pass out of it to an open shooter...NOT 20-25 feet out on the perimeter. Get him the ball 10-12 feet from the hoop. He would kill that double team and my previous post would kill that zone. They would get out of either strategy after about a minute. I'm just not getting it...Spo doesn't want the Hero play but that's all you're gonna see without any clear direction by just playing instinctively.

For all the negative talk about Lebron he was trying to incorporate the team for the most part last night. Every time Wade runs up the court for a pull up 3 I want to scream. PASS the ball for crying out loud. It was all one on one play from Wade last night other than Chalmers who should be out there at the end of games to distribute the ball. I dont agree with having Mike Miller out there at the end of games.

Lebron's performances these playoffs are plain inexcusable. He's a soft wimp, a flopping diva. Talented, physically strong? Sure. But a mental wooossie. Waiting for Wade and even Bosh to give him his first Championship. Shrinking on fourth quarters all the time. Settling for long J's or shameful Flops, whining and whining after every play. Complaining about being "double teamed" to the media, when he has Wade and Bosh alongside. Have you heard a sick Nowitzki complaining about being "double teamed" Or triple teamed? No, he shuts up and wins games by himself. Lediva Bron Disapearing when it matters. Most games this series. Letting little Jason Terry wipe his arse with him, Twice.


Very good comments have been posted. I just have to point out one thing. Down the stretch the only Mav that can hurt you is Dirk, on his go-ahead lay up where is the rest of the "D" ? Everyone knew that he was going to get the ball, where was Lebron and did you see Bosh arm wrestling with Chandler, like Chandler was going to get the ball.

What do you mean Wade pass the ball. The guy was playing a hell of a lot more aggresive than Lebron. I dont recall Lebron attacking the rim one time in that game. I just didnt get it. And is defense was atrocious throughout the game. As a matter of a fact he should of help on Nowitski drive to the right instead he just stood there and looked. He was sleep walking throughout the game.

Sometimes you need to forget about setting up your teammates and force the issue. I rather go out swinging than justlay down.

that's cause Nowitzki hasn't been doubled or triple teamed unless it was with Mark Cuban and Jason Terry in the showers...

Man you'd think Lebron was banging Slege's mom the way he hates.

9 points, in TOTAL, for LeDiva in 4 fourth quarters so far this series. NINE points in 4 fourth quarters.

Clutch performance? (Considered as the last 5 minutes in games with scores within 5 points, IOW, last minutes with the game on the line:

Nowitzki: 22 Clutch points, including game-winning shots.

Lebron? ZERO.

I will not repond to you sledge ,
using such name calling as lediva and rupaul.
You would never have the guts to predict anything but plenty to say i told you so????
Your a joke kid.
We are flat out missing too many shots with the lead and the zone down the stretch is giving us(esp lebron) a lot of trouble.

As a true Heat fan I dont give a flying fock how many points lebron or wade make in the 4th or their legacies for that matter...All I care about is Heat championships!!

Name calling is horrible huh sludgy boy?

Prior to last night's game Dallas held the lead in the fourth quarter for a total of 6 seconds.

Everybody, the media and Sludge, were just waiting for Lebron to hickup on the court. Jeez, if he scores only 12 points, the Heat win. They had a shot to tie the game and LBJ only had 8 points.

Almost 100% of the BS being spewed about LBJ's perfermance is focusing on one aspect of the game, total individual points, and that's pretty pathetic. That's the media driving the discussion.

I know some of you don't like Jason Whitlock, but if you have a minute, read this article:

For some reason if Lebron isn't constantly moving on offense, he is labeled a quitter???
What happened to spreading the floor, pulling the defense away from the paint?? Is he allowed to do that? Does Kome move without the ball? Is he granted a pass on this?

Sledge, I would be impressed with your insight, but remember - YOU NEVER PREDICTED ANYTHING. All you did was cover every possible scenario with ifs and butts. Classy.

And, no, this Heat fan ain't tremblin'! Lose tomorrow and I'm concerned. Win tomorrow, and I'm feeling good!

I think the comparisons to Jordan should stop right now. Jordan would never shrink like that in a Finals game. Lebron is a great player but how can anybody explain these games where he just disappears and appears to be uninterested?

Gregoria: (since you like calling people names)

I don't predict games in sports because that's not only arrogant, presumptious, erratic and just plain stupid. I don't gamble either on sports, blackjack is a better bet.

Since I'm not a fan-atic of ANY team, what's the point? All any mundane observer like me can say is offer a few opinions, or viewpoints about the game.

NO ONE knows who will win. No one ever has been very accurate on sports, or any other "prediction". It's stupid. No one is clairvoyant into the future, certainly not any of you bloggers here.

The media "predicts" games, only because they are forced to by you, the fan-atical, feverish fans, to make money and get ratings. So that you can bash certain reporters or worship others, who happenned to be "right" or "wrong" on certain "predictions". It's plain dumb.

Especially in the playoffs, when games are usually very close, and anything can happen. Did I think Miami would win in 2006? No. Like 98.78 % of people watching Basketball worldwide. So I offered that Dallas would probably win. I was wrong, as I've been wrong and right in many opinions, like everyone else.

Is there a Law that says you have to "predict" the outcome of a sports game, or series? Or any future event, for that matter, only to sound "knowledgeable", and then pound your chest saying "I told you so"? I'm so smart, I can even see into the future,, huh??

Let me break it to you: No one knows. Teams are evenly matched. A little luck, a bounce of the ball, refs call, an injury and boom. Game over. And the "best" team, if you had exact parameter to measure that, does not always win. Too many variables.

So feel free to act like little "tough" guys, smart kiddos "predicting" stuff, because you know so much. The truth is you are now scared to death, didn't know shyt, and Dallas might win. Or not.

Except for the time Jordan did shrink in game 4 of the 1992 finals vs the Blazers...he didn't make a shot in the final 10-11 minutes of the game...Blazers tied the series at 2-2. Not saying Lebron compares to Jordan, but dude wasn't as infallible as revisionist history suggests, he had some bad games too.

I like reading Whitlocks stuff, but he is about 300% dead wrong here..

"Common sense dictates James’ fourth-quarter behavior. His submission should be celebrated and trumpeted. His embrace of defense and playmaking for others speak to a high IQ, an understanding of his strengths and limitations. His bond with Wade should be used as a positive symbol for athletes and young people. The best leaders are willing to be led."

Huh?? Does this professional journalist get paid to write such an obvious aberration?? Good for him.. Guess the fans will buy anything, any completely illogical charade these days..

So because Wade is Wade, and is being guarded by Kidd, Lebron should do absolutely NOTHING offensively when the game is on the line, or even, ALL game long??? He should settle for long J's, fall asleep around the arc waiting for passes, instead of doing what Wade and Nowitzki do: get their arses in gear and attack??!

He should be "submissive" to Wade?? What the hell is that.. And he should only "defend" and pass, huh??! Well, how about defending little Jason Terry so that he doesn't TORCH him on games 2 and 4? How about helping to defend Nowizki, who, even with a finger injury or a 102 fever, virtually without any help, keeps destroying the Heat in 4th quarters?? Where's the big Lebron then??

LeDiva is a proven woosssie, ever since his 7 years with Cleveland, he shrank all 4 games when it mattered most, is intimidated in big moments. Period. He's just a freak of nature, physically, but a talented floper, a superb baby-whiner and a terrific actor. Mentally WEAK. and his Basketball IQ also has to be questionned by now, for the same reasons. That's the obvious fact at this point.

^^^except for when he put the Cavs on his back and scored 25 points in a row vs the Pistons to take his team to the finals...except for when he disposed of the Celts and Bulls this year...except for when he took less money and lesser role to come to the heat...except for when he won a gold medal...except for when he gets fouled and no calls like Shaq used to cause they are too big...except for when he won 2 MVPs...those are facts, that other crap you wrote are ignorant assumptions.

It's perfectly well documented that LeShrink disappeared on crucial games all 7 years with his Cavs. Exactly as he did last night. Poof! Mr. LeHoudini, shall we call him.. That's why he never won, he was extremely cricized, and righfully so, when he completely focked up in crucial playoffs games. That's the story of his career, highly inconsistent. Unlike Wade, or Nowitzki, or Duncan or many other excellent players, he wimps out, cracks, WAY to often under pressure. One bad game is ok, but he's had dozen of such games through the years.LeWimp. 9 points in all 4 quarters thus far. Awesome. Burnt again by Terry, who dared him before the game. What a character!

Ok so when hits the game winner tomorrow will that make him clutch again?? cause he was totally clutch against Boston and the so called best team Bulls which you conveniently left out of your rant...I don't get what your trying to say other than failing miserably at being funny...trying to agitate?? silly bastard. We don't care if he's clutch or not, there's 4 other players on the court 2 of which are VERY good...just win!

Someone should find Pippen and F@ck up his nose more than it already is for saying stupid shit like that!! This man didn't even want the ball or shoot it last night! It was pathetic! I stand by my word that this game was fixed for revenue and LeBron was in it. No way he can only score 8 points... You can be off if your Lebron and get 15 16 points in your sleep.

Sledge already forgot about the Bulls series. TARD.

Sledge bucket. Relax my friend just take a hit slow down.

Look everyone knew Game Four would be very difficult for the Heat to come away with. Dallas goes down 3-1 its over. Dallas gave a Great effort.

Look some of there other players had there Best games ALL TOGETHER for this series. Tyson Had 13pts & 16reb, Terry 17pts, Marion 16pts, Stevenson 11, and lil JJ with 9. They obviously had there best game and with there best effort in a MUST WIN for them at home. All this with LEBRON having the worst performance in the Playoffs in his Life They won by 3 in a game they pretty much HAD to win.

Ill tell you this LeBron will come out ready to play as well as the rest of the Heat. They still have a chance to WIN Game 5 and do what they wanted to do when they went to dallas. Just win 2 out 3.

James is on pace to join Michael Jordan (1993) and Shaquille O’Neal (1995) as the only players in the past 20 years to average 20 points, six rebounds, six assists and 50 percent shooting in the championship series.

suck on THAT, sludge, you little hateful turd. once again, if your knowledge of the game was longer than 10 years, maybe what you write would have merit. heat in 6

THOSE stats are "perfectly documented", you idiot.
OPINIONS aren't.
keep hating..

Thats the truth david
This sledge guy always get schooled in this blog huh?
Its bigger than the 4-1 series win against the bulls
the same bulls team that up 1-0 , sledge said were big trouble for the heatles.

3-2 for Dallas, heading back to Miami.. plausible probability. How does that sound? lol at all these Homers here obsessed with "sledge".

no one is "obsessed", you little turd.
we just love proving your punk a$$ wrong.
that's something i've been doing to you for at least a month, and rather than come back with an intelligent response, (something you're incapable of, since most of what you write is garbage), you come back with some self-entitled response like the one above.

like i wrote before:
James is on pace to join Michael Jordan (1993) and Shaquille O’Neal (1995) as the only players in the past 20 years to average 20 points, six rebounds, six assists and 50 percent shooting in the championship series.

where's your response?

you claimed lebron and wade are divas for doing commercials.
so does d rose.
where is your response?

anyone home?

he completely focked up in crucial playoffs games. That's the story of his career, highly inconsistent. Unlike Wade, or Nowitzki, or Duncan or many other excellent players, he wimps out, cracks, WAY to often under pressure. One bad game is ok, but he's had dozen of such games through the years.LeWimp.

that was your brilliant fact-filled analysis of lebron james.
yet he is on pace to join Michael Jordan (1993) and Shaquille O’Neal (1995) as the only players in the past 20 years to average 20 points, six rebounds, six assists and 50 percent shooting in the championship series.
what is your response, little turd?
we are all waiting for the brilliant, homer critiques, avoiding FACTS.

i am speaking on behalf of this ENTIRE blog, once and for all:
answer my facts with facts, or you will forever be rendered nutless.

we are laughing at YOU, little turd.
your insane criticism of a player who is on pace to join Michael Jordan (1993) and Shaquille O’Neal (1995) as the only players in the past 20 years to average 20 points, six rebounds, six assists and 50 percent shooting in the championship series is the most ignorant, baseless, unwarranted, and plain stupid thing anyone who purports to understand the game can say.
you are an idiot, and everyone on here knows it.
miami in 6, then you'll f$%k off, weather you actually do or not.

I don't respond or read more than one line of the the crap you write dumbass david retard and others, childish morons.

Amazing that EVERYONE outside this Homer blog is criticizing Lebron and doubting the Heat as i do. Guess none of you read the papers, any websites, or watch any TV programs, huh? Lebron deserves all the criticism he's getting, and more. retarded dumbasses.

And Diva Wade must be so happy with LeShrink. He would probably punch him in the face if he could get away with it. He's already been yelling at the woossie Bron, on National TV, during games, and at half time. And that's his "buddy" Wade, huh. Even Ru-Paul Bosh called on Lebron, talking to the media, saying he should get his shyt straight. Not to mention guys like Magic Johnson and dozens of other analysts, blasting Lebron over and over after these lousy games.Reminding everyone how ghe messed up and vanished so many times before, as in game 5 against Boston last season, and many other crucial games. The Lebrick superstar is mentally SOFT. Face it. He cracks, all the time, has great games and then cracks, over and over again. He'd better get something going and not let Jason Terry and Nowitzki humiliate him again on game 5, or Diva Wade might punch him in the face in the middle of the game. divaBron,, what a woossssie..

Take a Bong Hit

And BTW Sledge Baby. People have been doubting the HEAT since they Joined up. DAY ONE. Nothing knew to see here.

Sledge has a mental disability.

i knew you'd respond with OPINIONS and trash.
that's all you got.. and now you're calling me a "dumbass"?
you're a joke, and it will be SO gratifying WHEN, not if, but WHEN we win this thing.

everyone has been criticizing us, huh?
another sludge newsflash. stop the presses! lebron is being criticized!
are you that retarded?
criticism is one thing.
name calling and feeding your anti-lebron fetish is quite another.
he is on pace to join Michael Jordan (1993) and Shaquille O’Neal (1995) as the only players in the past 20 years to average 20 points, six rebounds, six assists and 50 percent shooting in the championship series.
and you are claiming he ALWAYS tanks it?
how did he get those numbers, huh?
you little turd.

what ARE you, 5?

The problem with Sludge and the majority of other idiots is that they ONLY believe what the majority of the talking heads and media are saying -- about sports or any subject for that matter. Sludge, you insanely inept shnit picker, you've got to realize (as the Heat organization did) that the media would be against them NO MATTER HOW THEY PLAYED or WHAT THEY WIN. It's followed Riley around since he coached Showtime, to New York, and to Miami, nothing new here.

So keep repeating ad nauseum what you here on the talk shows and ESPN and you'll sound like an uniformed a$$ just like them.

And, are you going to answer David in LA? He asked a pretty good question about LBJ's numbers so far in the Championship series. Doesn't sound like he's shrunk too much. (and, it isn't uncommon for players to yell/encourage their teammates. As long as their is mutual respect and you aren't just b&tchin' at them - Kome. Remember Payton and Wade argueing in a timeout in 2006 - how did that end for us?)

And now Sludge, you are resorting to name calling, which I couldn't care less, other than you tried to chastise others for that same thing. I guess you were against the namecalling before you were for it. Nice John Kerry.

Boy, can't wait to hear Sludge rig the MVP a new one following his disappointing series vs the Heat. Throw out the stats Sludge, tell us how he shrunk, how he's a wuss.

PS - I do love DRose's game/attitude, even with the holes in it, like shooting beyond 15 feet. But let's face it, he got swallowed up against the Heat. Probably too much of Diva Lebron's defense on the league MVP!

With all due respect to sledge and everyone here with respect for all your opinions: It is senseless and cruel to hate a man or a team period first and foremost, and at all because all they want to do is win. No matter if their in the Nba or not these people are human and they have families just like us. All of this negativity and name calling shows a lack of character and maturity on behalf of some people including charles barkley. Sledge and others become a positive person instead of all of the hatred it would profit u alot in life. And lets show each other some love and respect people.

Lebron don't pay attention to this people criticizing you. Go on and score 40 tonight, and bring the series back to Miami. To hell with this "so called" themselves "fans". At the end you'll laugh harder on the way to the bank!!

"With all due respect to sledge and everyone here with respect for all your opinions: It is senseless and cruel to hate a man or a team period first and foremost, and at all because all they want to do is win."

It's not about "hating" a man or a team. You can "hate" Bin Laden, serial killers or tsunamis.. This is just a Game, only entertainment.

However, you can like some players or teams more than you do others, for various reasons: their style of play, if they keep chewing on filthy mouth piece or not, if they act and fake plays and flp and whine to the officials or not so much, whether they act like arrogant Hollywood Divas off and on the court or not. (I also explained what I mean by Hollywood Divas, in detail, before)

I personally prefer more humble players like Nash or Rose, or vintage Wade (before 2006) or Nowitzki or Duncan: they go about their business more quietly, they don't talk to the media that much. Divas Lebron and Wade get on my nerves sometimes because of that. And Miami as a team, after the "Decision" fiasco, the premature "celebration" anticipating numerous championships and loud stuff like that also get on people's nerves, because of similar reasons. That's why this Heat team is not the fans' favorite anywhere outside of Miami.

Rick Reilly wrote an interesting article on entitled 'Lebron James playing as big as ever'. Sludge you might not want to read it as his facts about LBJ closing games in the playoffs, fly in the face of many of your posts/rants.

jmusic - are you really Ghandi?

@Greg Gembe: How'd u know lol jk naw but i just like promoting positivity thats all

Tonight’s game 5 may very well decide the series. The team that wins tonight will probably win it all.

Game 4 was a must-win for Dallas, not so much so for Miami: Going down 3-1 with the final 2 games on the road would have been a dagger for the Mavs. Even if they had won game 5 and gone to Miami down 3-2. Miami would have won in 6 or 7.

Now game 5 is a must-win for BOTH teams, not just Dallas. If the Heat lose tonight, Dallas has already shown they can win games, and in Miami. So if they go there up 3-2 they would probably steal game 6 or game 7 in Miami. The Heat probably would not be able to win both final games, even at home. And Dallas certainly would not win those 2 final games in Miami, if they went there down 3-2 after losing tonight.

So tonight’s game 5 is decisive for both teams. Much bigger than the first 4 games.


Assinine comment. You just spitting the media line.

You know what the most important game in any series's the NEXT game! Whether it's 2/3/4/whatever, the next game is the most pivital.

Three paragraphs and you said nothing.

@Greg - you making Sluge look like the POSER he is. LOL

^^^We've all taken turns making this dude look like a putz and a fraud.

He might not drop 40 but Lebron will be aggressive tonight. Dwade will bring it home for us as he always does. Nowitzki can't hold dwades jockstrap.

Just way too much nothing from most. Namecalling, stat vomit, boring smack, yada yada...

Go Heat !

I'm good with Lebron scoring 5 pts and the Heat winning big, just to show the idiot talking heads that individual scoring is not the only barometer you measure a players worth by. That would be the ideal situation for me. Let James spend the whole 4th quarter on the bench as we cruise to a victory, so the media can keep kicking out the LBJ scoring total in the 4th quarter stat (of course, just from this series, cause he sho' nuff KILLED the Celtics in the 4th in about 3 of our wins). Let Jones, House, Miller, and Chalmers bring this one back to MIA.

From a Mavs fan to Heat fans:

"Spencer Morey posted 37 minutes ago

I've watched Lebron put up 9 small points TOTAL in the 4th quarter this entire finals series. Something has to be said about the Mavs defense there. I personally believe this artcile was terrible and I agree fully with Jacob when he said you were " belittling the Mavs fantastic post season." Discounting the Laker sweep is absolutely insane. No matter which way you spin it, we beat the two-time defending champs when they were going for a three-peat. The Mavs were the first team to sweep a Phil Jackson team in the playoffs during his outstanding career. Check yourself before you completely discount a TEAM with heart that is doing everything they can to get a championship. Am I saying that we will guaranteed win this series? No. No one can because the games have been so evenly matched and have been some of the most entertaining/stressful 4 games of the finals in the last decade. Go Mavs! This is good vs. evil"

....and Mark Cuban is on the 'good' side.

Please tell me you are kidding.

I'm sure many of you will enjoy this one too:

"The 2-3-2 format really helps Dallas and Hurts Miami in this situation. Assuming Dallas would lose game 5 on the road, they arent going to win game 6 and home and 7 on the road. By playing at home, that gives them a better chance to get a 3-2 lead, then put the pressure on the team facing elimination, particularly keeping the game close down the stretch where Dallas has been superior in games 2, 3. and 4.

Conversely, Miami was better off having game 5 at home and holding serve, putting the pressure on the other team and needing to win only 1 game either on the road and then at home in game 7. Now they have to win on the road or face elimination where there is enormous pressure in terms of execution.

if you are so cocky sure about the outcome, I suggest you go out and bet Miami for the easy money. "I dont bet they always say". Thats a eupherism for saying "Im too scared to back up what Im saying".

they stole 2 money is on the Heat

"Charles Barkley lobbed another verbal salvo on Wednesday in his war of words with the Miami Heat and their fans.

When asked if Miami is the worst professional sports town, Barkley, who reiterated his admiration of LeBron James and Dwyane Wade, said: "Yeah they have the worst fans. No question. It's not even loud in there. You're at the game and you are like, 'Man this place isn't even loud.' At least when you go to Chicago, it's loud in there, it's crazy down in Dallas but it's not even loud in Miami."

Barkley said he doesn't root against the Heat, but he doesn't root for them. And he believes the Heat fans are upset because he picked the Chicago Bulls to beat the Heat, but Barkley pointed out he wasn't the only one to do that among TNT's commentators.

When the Heat were playing the Bulls in the Eastern Conference finals, Barkley said he liked James and Wade personally, but he called the Heat a "whiny bunch." He didn't back off that charge on Wednesday when he was a guest on "The Waddle & Silvy Show" on ESPN 1000.

"Listen, if the Miami Heat were playing the Washington Generals I would pick the Washington Generals," Barkley said with a chuckle. "It's something about that team that annoys me.

"They just a whiny bunch and I can't root for them."

Lol @ Chuck

....Or maybe people don't bet on things they cannot control the outcome.

And from Wilbon:

" But four games into this series LeBron has been nonexistent in the fourth quarter.

While Dirk Nowitzki has hit 12 of 24 fourth-quarter shots in this series, hit all 18 of his foul shots, grabbed 14 rebounds and scored 44 points, LeBron has scored a grand total of nine points, grabbed just seven rebounds, made only three foul shots and missed nine of his 12 field goal attempts. LeBron scored zero points, none, in the fourth quarter of Game 4. Usually, LeBron is asked about Chris Bosh's off-game or bad nights. This time, it was Bosh's turn to weigh in on LeBron's dreadful performance. Very charitably, Bosh said, "He struggled. Point blank, period. He struggled out there … "

That was to the point, but fairly kind. A struggle suggests a fight and it didn't look like LeBron was fighting through anything, which if true would be the real basketball sin. Going 3-for-20 would have been struggling; 3-for-11 was closer to giving up."

"And LeBron's problem is that in either circumstance, with great teammates or without, he's had disappearing acts late in the playoffs. Just last May against the Celtics, LeBron had an enormous Game 3 (38 points) in a Cavaliers victory, only to go 7-for-18 in Game 4, 3-for-14 in Game 5 and 8-for-21 in Game 6 (though he did record a triple-double) as Cleveland was eliminated."
After all, if LeBron has a repeat performance Thursday night in Game 5, Dallas is more than capable of taking the opportunity and the Finals."

keep quoting guys with an agenda, sludge. your sources are as biased as YOU are.
you still didn't answer me, either.
and by the way, like i've written a million times, if your knowledge of the game dipped into last century, you'd understand that isiah thomas, clyde drexler, michael jordan, and other slashers all flopped and drew fouls.
it's a part of the game; a game you know nothing about, have never played, and wouldn't understand if your life depended on it.
thanks greg, but he ain't answering anyone on here; just more hate and name calling he would NEVER do in person.
the only one answering anyone today will be our miami heat..

Sledge. Death. Now.

And I have 5 grand riding on the Heat, loser.

I hate divas too.

I hate Sledge more than Sledge hates Wade and Bron.

Sledge is a diva.

Kill yourself fool.

Sluge - This is for you and all the haters out there, just a little reminder....

lol, the feverish juvenile blind heat homers didn't enjoy quotes from other blogs, huh, laughable indeed.

Pre-Game Meal HEAT FANS! First, some unfinished business if you please; Let’s explore the concept of TEAM, reason being , so we don’t relive the break-down and shake-down of Game 4. We will now get a misconception straight so there will be no more debate (cause it seems that Mr. “MegaTon “LeBron is confused), at any rate – there is an “I” in and on a TEAM and let me explain, “I” as in individual. You see Mr. James; a TEAM is made up of a group of individuals that is formed to accomplish a common GOAL (in this case, win NBA championships). Now let’s break IT DOWN A LITTLE FURTHER, “I” have to do my job on this team, “I” have to fulfill my role on this team, “I” have to be accountable on this team, “I” have to be able to take constructive criticism especially when I give it, “I” have to be a good follower – if I expect to become a great leader on this team, and so on but I hope you get my drift. Although the TEAM sets out to accomplish the common goal, to be successful and achieve cohesiveness, each “individual “on this TEAM needs to fulfill his or her role to make it whole. A wise man once told me to “envision it”, “decision it”, “believe it” and you will achieve IT! This message is to the HEAT organization, the players, and the FANS because we are all a part of what makes the whole, which will help us reach our TEAM GOAL! ( let us be too legit to quit!)
Now on to Game 5; Coach Spoelstra with all due respect, we need not play Mike “Little Man” Bibby so many minutes when “Super Mario” is having such a terrific series scoring and creating for others, we need “MegaTon” LeBron to believe that his full contribution is critical to keeping Dallas honest on defense and offense, we need not let Dirk – the Mavs best scorer take their biggest shots in every game, we can double him and refuse to let him catch it again, and finally we need not play Howard so much down the stretch when we have Anthony “The Eraser” available and with only 4 fouls. Game % should be a very convincing win for our TEAM HEAT FANS, since we have basically given Dallas 2 games. Once again, we need to come home (To the MIA) with a 3 – 2 advantage.
P.S. Remember “MegaTON” LeBron - you can get a ring for most anything, but for the King to wear the crown in this town, it will take another NBA Championship.


Hey Heat Fans!!
This is coming from a Cav's fan. Don't worry and don't go bashing Lebron because he played poorly. Hey we were used to that at one time....sniff, sniff. Anyhoot, Lebron will come out BLAZING tonight. Mark my word. When he has one bad game it's like something ignites in him the next game. Doesn't matter if he's playing away or at home. The Heat got this game and I do believe you got the series.
So early congrates to you.

yo sledge if its just a game why you gettin so heated and posting a thousand things callin lebron and wade names, and reposting other peoples comments on this blog, i love my heat but i dont got time to argue all day with people, and you did predict heat would win the series, you are showin a pattern of picking the heat to win then criticizing them, stop playin both sides

Your mentally disabled, sledge.

So where's the Heat Homer Bravado now?

..... crickets.....

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