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What Miller may mean

It's almost unfair, really, if this whole Udonis Haslem, Mike Miller thing works out for the Heat from here on out.

You're not supposed to get significantly better in the middle of the Eastern Conference Finals. And if Haslem remains part of the regular rotation and Miller contributes without being significantly affected by his thumbs, then the Heat will be better at the end of this series than it was at the start. Gators four

We all know what Haslem's role is going to be if he can handle the minutes. He's a defender, rebounder, mid-range shooter and fast-break finisher.

(Just for fun, a photo of the Florida 1998 recruiting class. UD, Miller, Teddy Dupay and LaDarius Halton)

Miller, though, we really haven't figured out yet -- at least as it pertains to this offense. In his 18 minutes in Game 2, Miller attempted only two shots but still made an impact on the game with seven rebounds, an assist, a steal and consistent effort. The longer he's out there, the more three opportunities will open up, and eventually he'll hit a few.

More importantly, though, if Miller remains a regular, he'll be part of a solid defensive lineup against the Bulls.

Primarily at the end of halves, the Bulls tend to run pick-and-rolls with Derrick Rose and either Kyle Korver or Luol Deng. The Rose-Korver screen-roll is particularly damaging -- and it's probably why they use it at ends of games -- because Korver needs little space to free up for a jumper, and we all know what Rose can do if the defense doesn't commit two guys to him.

But if the Heat has a trio of Miller, Dwyane Wade and LeBron James out there, the Heat can easily switch that pick-and-roll, taking away some of its threat. Ideally, Wade or LeBron would be on Korver and Rose, respectively, so if they switch there's no drop-off. Miller allows that to be an option because he's big enough to guard Deng. But even if Miller is part of that screen-roll defense, he can even switch on Rose, and the Heat's defense doesn't truly suffer as a result (anyone guarding Rose one-on-one would rely on help anyway).

It's an added benefit of having Miller out there, but in Game 2 his main reason for being on the floor was to keep Mario Chalmers off it. Erik Spoelstra has faith in Chalmers, and very well could go right back to him as the backup point in the first half on Sunday. But even if that's the case, he will have a short leash, with Spo ready to replace him with Miller, like he did for the second half Wednesday.

For the series, Chalmers is 4 of 8 shooting for nine points with zero assists, one rebound and six turnovers. Chicago's C.J. Watson has pretty much stifled Chalmers, forcing him into awful mistakes, and Chalmers has gotten himself into other bad spots, like when he floated across the baseline in the first half Wednesday with no one to pass it to, eventually just turning it over. Miller has had a much bigger impact in seven less minutes for the series (10 rebounds in 21 minutes).

Of course, the Bulls will adjust to both the presence of Haslem and Miller. But other than keeping a body on Haslem in the fastbreak and one on Miller when there's a rebounding opportunity, there's not much the Bulls can do to counter these two, because they get most of their production off effort or well-executed Heat offense. They won't be a surprise from here on out, but that doesn't mean they won't be able to contribute significantly -- especially if their minutes get a slight bump.




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That lineup is dangerous and I remember reading an article in bleacher report about this very line up being the bread and butter of our team!!! No one can deny Miller's rebounding and effort, it's his shooting but I too give him a pass for this year!! Haslem was the biggest reason why we didn't have the best overall record and home court! Haslem does things Joel just seem to have a problem doing!!! The main thing is rebounding, to many times Joel is being pushed out of position to only try and gain leverage on one leg(this can't happen)!!! Haslem adds true grit to the team!!! Glad he's back!!! # TEAM HEAT!!!

That lineup was our closing lineup when this team was built.. Lebron at point guard is just unfair in real life as it is in NBA2k11 lol

What happened to Eddie House?

He dropped 30pts in the last game of the season and then no minutes in the playoffs?

Good to see the Florida boys contributing.

Here's a conservative estimate / prediction

Sludge will continue to predict the demise of the HEAT even though he picked the HEAT to win this series over the bulls.
He has to cover all bases in case.

Regardless if the HEAT win or loose , this is our blog as MIAMI HEAT fans.

I could never imagine
being all day on a computer
clicking on another city's newspaper
clicking on the sports section
clicking on the HEAT team category
clicking on that HEAT blog
clicking on responses to another teams story of the playoffs
Really incomprehensible.
At the end of the day , this is our blog as HEAT fans.
At the end of the day you are on our blog , unlike us at a celic blog , hawk blog, warrior blog, bull blog, sorry ass magic blog etc etc....
Please ignore me as you usually do sludge , because at the end of the day no matter what , you are blogging on another teams/city/blog/newsapaer because you got NUT !

lol at digg! haha so true

UD won't have another game like game 2: Nowhere near that.

1- Chicago had not prepared for his impromptu appearance. Actually, not even Spoelstra was expecting it: He was forced to go deep into the Heat's putrid bench early in the game, because of foul trouble.

2- Haslem looked exhausted after 5-10 mins out there: He's clearly not 100% in shape.


Not sure about him. He's done a very good job defensively and rebounding. Looks like his poor shooting is more of a mental problem, than a finger problem: lost his confidence. If that's the case, who knows, he might regain it after a few 3's. That could really help Miami, since they have ZERO reliable 3pt shooters to open up the court.

Excellent analysis from Ethan:

"Don’t be fooled: rebounding better, but not fixed
by Ethan J. Skolnick
The Heat rebounded better in Game 2, well enough to win a game.

But probably not well enough to win a series.

“Did we really solve it?” Erik Spoelstra asked. “Ultimate bottom line is we got the key ones and we did outrebound them.”

Ah, rebounding statistics.

They can so easily be misconstrued.

The Heat did finish with more total rebounds than the Bulls — 45 to 41.

That’s the first time this season that statistic has been in Miami’s favor.

But look a little deeper.

The Bulls took 82 shots, and missed 54.

The Heat took 68 shots, and missed just 36.

That means the Heat had many more opportunities for defensive rebounds — which are usually three to four times easier to get than offensive rebounds.

In that context, a four-rebound edge isn’t that impressive.

And Chicago got 17 offensive rebounds, compared to the Heat’s 35 defensive rebounds.

That’s 32.7 percent.

That’s better than Chicago did over the 82-game regular season (29.4 percent).

That’s better than Sacramento’s league-leading percentage (29.9).

That’s not as good as the 41.2 percent in Game 1, but it’s still too high.

And it will get the Heat beat if it continues.

Another good article from Ethan:

Miller has had injuries to his fingers. And he seems to have lost all confidence in his shot. Dunno if it's more mental than physical, probably both.

Unlike Korver, he hasn't shot well ALL season long.

Unlike Korver, he'd had injuries.

Expect Korver to start nailing his usual 3pt bombs. Not sure at all about Miller, for the above reasons.

Also, expect Bogans to start nailing his 3's. He's also one of the top shooters in the NBA, at 46% from downtown.

At sludge how can you expect bogans to start nailing 3' s but don't expect the reigning 3 champ to not hit, bibby, Chalmers, or Miller (house If need be)!! You have a very odd way at looking at things!!!! You are running out of options!!!!!

The "reigning 3 champ" JJ Chump has been missing ALL season long. Unreliable, same as Bibby, Chalmers and the other scrubs. Korver and Bogans are much more reliable: 44% / 46% and not only that, they hit 'em ALL season long. They are healthy and haven't lost their confidence, unlike Miller, who has missed ALL season long.

Sludge you are a loser, FACE it u and the rest are AFRAID very AFRAID.. So move out your moms basement, while we celebrate LETS GO HEAT!@!

Sledge can i make a bet with you?? If we win you leave this blog forever! or at least change your name which is very annoying lol name your price to make this bet happen lol

Guess everyone agrees on the Basketball points Ethan and I made today.

no one agrees with ANYTHING you write. you know absolutely NOTHING about basketball; you spout stats like you understand what they actually mean, manipulating them to prove ridiculous points.
you aren't impressed with a road win in a conference finals game? or with a slight rebounding edge? or the return of haslem? so what we did was good enough to win the game but not the series?
you are a joke, sludge. it's one game at a time, you little turd.
win 4 of them, then you've won the series.
STFU already; you sound like the most ignorant person i've ever encountered.

this team was handicapped from the beginning, playing without 2 extremely important pieces of the puzzle for most of the year.
you can't figure out miller? he's been hurt all year, genius.
you want to downplay a supposed bench player's, (haslem), influence? then say rondo is the best player on the celtics? UD provides EXACTLY what the rest of the planet says we supposedly lack, as does miller.
this was the year for someone to actually beat this team; before the pieces were together and healthy.
it ain't going to happen. this is a dynasty in the making, and you and your "10 years of watching basketball can stick it up your A$$.

and watch what the reigning champ and chalmers AND bibby do at home, genius.
what you know about basketball could fit on the head of your pe#^$..

lol at these retarded Homer kiddos.

that's all you got, huh?
the dbag that says rondo is the celtics best player?
the guy whose basketball viewing goes back to the days when jordan played for the wizards?
the guy who's been wrong about every prediction?
the guy who downplays haslem and miller; 2 of the best defensive players at their position?
the guy who isn't impressed with a conference finals road game win?
the guy who says the heat need to be worried because the bulls swept them during the regular season?

who do you think you are, really?

"UD won't have another game like game 2: Nowhere near that".
he had 13 points and 5 rebounds in 18 minutes of play.

a guy that AVERAGED almost a double double FOR HIS CAREER.

can you PLEASE shut your punk mouth already?

one thing i DID notice on the palm beach post article, aside from the writer saying miller is better bacause defensively he brings more to the table, is the fact that people commenting on that page think you are as foolish as WE do, moron!

Well it's finally game day!!! I expect us to play our game from start to finish. I see two bench guys having good games to go along with the big 3! Haslem will continue to shine because boozer can't push him around like he does Anthony!! Haslem if he plays 20+minutes should be able to post at least 8-8(same as boozer a max contract),not to mention his hustle!!! For some strange reason I got Chalmers having a good shooting night and a few steals(he's been awful lately so I think he's due)!!!!

Would like to see Jones play some, maybe against Bogans, Brewer, or Deng!! I think he can play Gibson but I believe Gibson is just a little to slick for Jones(in terms of trying to keep a body on)!!!

I still feel this series is over in 5, people try to downplay our defense as if it's chopped liver!! You hold Boston scoreless over the last four minutes of a game and the Bulls scoreless really longer than 7 minutes because Anthony actually tipped the ball in giving them 2 points and you hear nothing about it!!! Bulls scored like 46 points over final 3 quarters of game 2 and all you hear is how great Tom T defense is,it's about time the media(national and few locals ) start giving Coach Spo his props!!!

To David in LA: Don't pay him no nevermind. He's boorish and pulling your chain. Enjoy the day...and...expect to see another heavy dose of Game 2 tonight. Go Heat.


Haslem was the missing piece to solving the Bulls, yes we would have beat them without him but it would've been a little harder!! Everything the Bulls stand for, is the DNA of Mr 305,except for the champion heart!! Dive for loose balls, nice mid range jumper, take charges, defend several positions,rebound, mentally and physically tough, and TEAM first!!! This was the missing ingredients to making these playoffs a breeze!! # TEAM HEAT!!!

Things to expect for tonight's game:

- Better than 60% from the line by the Bulls.
- Better than 34% from the field.
- Better than 15% from downtown
- Better performances from Rose and Korver

- Same performance by the Heat as in games 1 and 2, except Haslem won't save the day.

Do the math.

I guess Haslem scored those nine points Lebron was credited with!! Nobody saying Haslem will average 20 points but I bet his offense is better than Anthony's!!!! If Haslem wasn't hurt Anthony might not have played much this year!!!

Sludge you running out of scenarios, it's pathetic how you picked the HEAT to win, but your whole purpose of being here is to hate on the HEAT!! You are pointless,you talk from a standpoint of dislike(for what we still don't know) and you are severely misinformed on your knowledge of the game!! You at best is someone who Google or print what others say instead forming your own opinions!!! You good with me because it's not like I value your input anyways after learning you have a decade of being a basketball junkie!!! Smdh!! # TEAM HEAT!!!

Spo and Thibs had about 3 weeks to think about game 3. Who do you think will come up with the best "adjustments"? Also, what players will be more pissed off.. Both teams are excellent road teams, gotta expect Chicago stealing tonight's game or game 4 in Miami. You can count on that.

Also: expect the Heat to be outrebounded again.

Why? I didn't write this, but you should read it:

Thing to expect from tonight's game:

Heat leads series 2 to 1.

The only Math that matters.

AAA is gona blow up when UD checks in tonight...

one MORE thing to expect, tom..
more d bag analysis from our resident basketball expert, slime, who has been watching the game for 10 whole years!


Wow!!! Loving the crowd behind TNT post game!!! True Miami crowd! Barkley and Smith pure haters!!!

It's going to be hilarious when we beat Dallas again for the championship. Their fans are going to hate Miami...

Barkley Sucks, Barkley Sucks.....he was hating it.....and I was loving bout that DRose Sledge, just another poor shooting night? Heat Defense is solid as a rock....and DRose ain't breaking it.....Big 3 = a perfect 10, 6 till the ship....GO HEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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