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Finals bound

This wouldn’t have happened in five games had Dwyane Wade not gotten himself out of this severe slump.

Everyone wondered whether he was hurt throughout the game, because he’d turned the ball over nine times, because he was indecisive, because he had missed dunks in each of the two previous games.

But he was basically just in a slump, and he had to shake himself out. In a hurry.

He said it took a couple of baskets, just seeing the ball go through the rim, to get him going at just the right time.

The first started with a play called for him, even though he’d been struggling so badly. So Erik Spoelstra can be credited with starting to get Wade going.

“It’s small things,” Wade said after his press conference and before leaving the United Center for the last time this season. “I’m struggling at that point and coach called a play to give me the ball. That confidence was within me right there.

“Once I was able to hit that one, it was like, ‘OK.’ Then I was able to get the and-one. As a scorer, you see the ball go in the basket, that’s all I need.”

That’s all he needed, indeed. Because he had enough confidence to take a step-back three-pointer a couple possessions later, with the Heat down seven and looking like its late flurry wouldn’t be enough.

He felt a hit from Derrick Rose on his arm before his release, so he had to adjust the shot and hope he heard the whistle. He did both, and as a bonus, the shot went in.

“Oh, I felt it,” Wade said of Rose’s tap. “I had to change my shot a little bit, because he hit my arm. I had to get it up more, I didn’t want it to be short. When I released it, I was like, ‘Man, it’s on line.’ But no question he hit me.”

LeBron James and Chris Bosh did the rest of the work, with LeBron hitting more huge shots in these playoffs, and playing stingy defense against Rose, getting a key steal and getting a block on the game’s final shot attempt.

It was such a blitz by the Heat that both superstars had to watch the final minutes again just to realize what happened. And Wade said he’ll watch the game again,.

“Twice,” he said. “I don’t remember what happened at the end of the game, like all the plays. So I’m gonna watch it on the plane. And it was late, so my kids weren’t able to watch it. So I’ll watch it with them, and that’s it.”

After that, it’s Mavericks film.

It’s amazing how much better both these teams are than the two teams that faced off in 2006. The Mavs are better at every position, it seems, and Jason Terry appears to be a more consistent shooter than he was back then as well.

The Heat has a number of players it can throw at Dirk Nowitzki, including Bosh, Udonis Haslem, LeBron and maybe even Joel Anthony, if he can avoid going for Dirk’s pump fakes.

Too early for a prediction, but just like it was fitting that the Heat faced the Celtics in these playoffs because they were a nemesis, just like it was fitting the Heat faced the Bulls because Chicago was 3-0 against Miami, it’s also fitting that the Heat faces these Mavericks in the Finals, because Miami didn’t beat Dallas this year.

It’s as if the Heat is able to answer every lingering question in these playoffs. The Mavericks are the only Western Conference playoff team the Heat hadn’t beaten this year.

Two teams playing incredible basketball led by their respective stars. Should be a lot of fun.


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That was one of the greates crunchtime performances in NBA playoff history.

Heat were 4-4 against the Mavs in 2006. Mavs won the first 4 and then Heat won the 4 that mattered most. I'm predicting Heat lose Game 1 of this series, make the proper adjustment and then win it in 5 or maybe 6 just because of the 2-3-2 format. It would be nice to win this time at the AAA.

And speaking of that, how lucky is American Airlines to have their names on both arenas, and be the exclusive home of the NBA finals 2 times in the last five years.

why wasnt noah in the game in the 4th quarter??
coaches decision?
bad coaching if thats the case..

Noah's too hollywood...he's the one trying to make soundbites for the media. I would have never expected from a Florida Gator. Giving fake credit while really slighting heat.

sledgeee??? you sound like Noah. You also give fake credit while slighting the heat. So just keep us going in here with your disoriented narrative. Another Day. Another Series. Another Ring.

Not alot to say, other than that might have been the most amazing three minutes I have ever witnessed! If anyone questions the greatness of LeBron and Wade now they either need a mental evaluation or are merely lying to themselves. I almost went to bed last night when they were down twelve with a few minutes left. I know, I'm almost ashamed to admit it. I had an early meeting and started to resign myself to the fact their would be a game six. Like LBJ/Wade said afterwards, I don't have any idea how they pulled this off. When Miami came out of a timeout, you could see the determination on their faces, ALL OF THEM!
The defense on chicago's last shot attempt was something to behold. I went back and watched it two or three times and chicago looked like the keystone cops out there. THAT was their "go to" play? It was kinda sad to watch (although I was jumping all over the house) but it says more about Miami's ability to play LOCK DOWN DEFENSE than chicago's inability to run a play.
This team is going to be fun to watch for a long time, and it's good to be a HEAT FAN!

The young Bulls' inexperience showed again: letting young Rose hit way too many jumpers and way too many 3's: AGAIN, he goes 9/19, 2/8 from downtown. That's how they lost the series, especially games 4 & 5.

You'd think Thibodeau would learn? No. Inexperienced coach, stupid coach in that regard. Rose? too young to comprehend that simple issue: stop shooting 3's and long J's. Mostly, the coaches are to blame.

If instead of shooting about 15% from downtown the entire series, and 30% from the field, Rose would have penetrated and passed the ball more, Chicago would be looking at a game 7 at home right now. Young, stupid team.

Sledge, can we now move on from this series. Please tell us why the Mavs are going to beat the Heat? Tell us the truth daddio!!!

Who cares about the Bulls Sledge, that series is done and over with. Now this Mavs series has intresting matchups all over the court beside the obvious choice of keeping Dirk in check I think the other guy is Jason Terry we keep him shooting at a low percentage we win. Oh yea let's start the David Hasslehoff chant again when Dirk goes to the free throw line!

David Hasslehoff clap clap clap clap clap clap.

Noah, just cuz y'all got "bigtimed" doesn't make them "Hollywood", dude. But seriously, Barkley and Noah made the victories more fun... whereas, a genuine whiner like Mark Cuban about ruined the last Heat-Mavs finals with his incessant insistence that the Mavs should get to should as many free throws as the Heat, even though the Mavs jumpshooters weren't even trying to take it to the rim against Zo and Shaq etc, while Wade, as all but [the] most casual NBA fans could see, was doing the hard yards. And then there's sludge, who thinks Rose just forgot how good he was at penetrating and so foolishly neglected to do so versus the Heat.


Who the Hell knows who's gonna win in the finals? No one does. I bet you wouldn't bet a whole lot, huh.. Heck, no one knew who was gonna win between Boston/Miami until rondo got hurt. Everyone in Miami was sweating bullets every single game of the series against Chicago. You guys on this board probably needed a beach towel to dry the sweat every close game!

The match-ups against Dallas are intriguing indeed. They have size and experience. Again, Miami's 3 basic flaws could be exposed: Putrid "point guards", laughable "centers" and a thin bench. Jason Kidd seems to be revitalized, playing great, nailing 3's, awesome D, rebounding, great decisions. Terry can shoot and has experience. Nothing needs to be said about Bird, err.. scratch that, Nowitzki.

This Dallas team destroyed the 2 time Champions, swept them in 4. They are strong excatly where the Heat are weak. Much tougher than in 2006. Desperate to win, as hungry as Miami.

They don't have Lebron, of course. And Wade needs to be Wade again all 4 quarters. He's been highly suspicious lately. Who wins? Who the hells knows, call Nostradamous.

Jason Terry has been looking older...he's usually quick and high flying but he hasn't looked like past Jason Terry. Kidd is Kidd, but we don't have a big disadvantage at PG anymore because he's the slowest PG we've faced so far. Shawn Marion and backup pg will be a problem. But otherwise, Dirk is the man to stop. Game 1 he will be on fire, so we will have to stop everyone else and we will win.

Heat fans, get ready for the excuses to come out as they did every series...this time Dallas has perfect scapegoat: Caron Butler is injured. Look like Kenny 'formerly paper plane, now a jet again' Smith has stopped hating on Miami and is picking them. Charles Barkley still has his head in his butt...picking every opponent of the heat.

Lebron will shut down Dirk, you heard it hear first. Lebron will crowd Dirk and we all know Dirk can't go around Lebron. Check the books Dirk doesn't play well against quick strong defenders.

No one can shut down Nowitzki. Just like no one can stop Lebron. Too skilled, too tall, too sharp, shooting about 98.3% from the line when he attacks the rim and doesn't dunk it. His fade away jumpers from any range are indefendable.

You may double-team him though up-court. But he's an excellent passer and others will make you pay. This is not the same Nowitzki from 5 years ago. Not the same Dallas team, at all. Of course, it's not the same Heat team either. Not even close.

I have Miami in 6, we protect homecourt steal one probably the last one in Dallas and Close it here in game 6. Let Dirk get his and contain the shooters thats the formula to beating Dallas. By that I mean make it tough for him but don't double team. I really like that Haslem on dirk and LeBron on dirk. Dallas on the other hand going to have a hard time with our big three.

Marion's experience, defense and athleticism will also be a huge factor for Dallas. Sometimes he disappears, or has a great game. He destroyed LA and OKC. Capble of efficient 20pt games too. The Matrix seems to be back. He'll be trying to contain Lberon and Wade.

Then Dallas' bench has guys like Barrea, a speed demon. Barrea is better than Chalmers, Bibby, House or any Heat point guard not named Bron or Wade, and he plays after Jason Kidd..

So who you got Sledge quit BS'in and pick someone Nostradummy!

Miami 4-1...they've done the 4-1 bid all playoffs...why not.

With an even better defense, there is definitely a slow stop to a ridiculous Nowitzki :) OKC did not give him such a hard time defensively. They did really well but I think, The Heat can do a better job. Also, Tyhe Heat need to keep run the ball around and keep moving. No doubt of Dirk's expertise but I've seem him get tired and sort of confused a little bit as to where the ball went :)

Jason Kidd is a great shooter but Bibby/Chalmers is better defender. No one can shoot perfectly if defended well.

slime, don't even mention bird; you never even saw him play, you little turd.
as for chicago's coach, blame him, rose, etc.. WHATEVER you do, please don't give credit to the best defense in the NBA. your posts are laughable, and your analysis is ridicuous. i told you what would happen; no one was sweating.
if you weren't a teanager, you'd understand that conference finals games are usually close; it's not a testament to any teams weakness; it's a reflection of the greatness of the teams playing. chicago WAS tough, but we are tougher.
as for dallas? miami in 5.

Sludge is Barkley!!! LOL! Man look the Bulls are the past!! As for Dirk, did we double team him in 06? Nope and the man responsible for that is Haslem!! Haslem want fall for the pump fakes and will receive excellent help defense if Dirk trys to go to the hole! Chandler is Noah II but the difference is Kidd, a point guard who can actually pass(mostly lobs for Tyson)!! Everyone else will easily defended!!

Rick Bulcher(check spelling) is worst than Barkley and Simmons!! This guy need all his credentials taken! Rose is better than Lebron!!! Are you fu$king kidding me after what we WITNESSED!!! UNREAL!! I bet he would say Rose not better than Kobe though!!

HEAT IN 5!!!

Dallas is a one superstar team, shut him down, and let the role players try to beat you.

Was anyone really worried about Luol Deng? Jason Terry is the Mavericks second leading scorer, how worried are you about Jason Terry? Slightly.. about as much as Deng.

Joakim Noah: "They're Hollywood as hell."

Q du jour: Does Noah know "hollywood?"

You decide, we deride.

Does #JoakimNoah KNOW Hollywood?


Noah knows humble like Gaga knows meek.

Noah was right on target: Very good Heat team, but Holliwood as Hell.

right... hollywood..
only because we've defied the odds and the supposed experts hating on us, and we're about to win it all. securing the legacies of 2 amazing players.
sounds like a great movie..

The only thing that bothers me still is the fact Gar Forman got co-executive of year with Riley!!! You don't sign the 3rd best PF free agent (who never had a great playoff series) a streaky shooter with no defense and a defender with no offense and win that award!!! Did DRose deserve MVP? Yes, he did. Did Tibbs deserve coach of the year? Yes, he did. But to give Bulls mgmt that honor was not only a slight to the Heat but also a hater move against Riley. The Bulls don't even play 2/3rd of their starting unit in crunch time GTFOH!!! They overpaid for Noah (and I like Noah) but at his skill set you can find a cheaper alternative. They basically turn down a potential HOF in Carmelo because they didn't want to part with their "energy" guy??? That mgmt team deserves an award? Their paying CJ Watson like 9mil over the next 3 years and he barely plays. Miami have 3 cornerstone players and role players contract flexibilty. The Heat can rearrange their team quicker and easier than the Bulls can their paying Deng, Boozer, and Noah over 10 mil a year each!!! And Rose max contract is coming up too. Sorry for my rant but I had to take a number 2 on the bulls teams for all their fans who thought it was their year lmao...

I don't see anything wrong with being hollywood. That's just me talking. lol. Sooner or later everyone's gonna hollywood. Why? It's because, "IT WORKED"...

Dear Bosh: I'm sorry I called you a wimp and wanted the Heat to trade have really...really proven your value. Good Job sir!

are you serious, marion is gonna stop lebron or wade you gotta be kidding me, luol deng is a better defender and scorer than marion and he couldnt stop them, and if james harden sliced up their defense what do you think wade and lebron will do, we're gonna wear out their legs on defense just like the celtics, and for all you people sayin j kidd and terry are gonna fire off threes all day ask ray allen and korver how that worked out for them, we're gonna euro step this team like wade did garnett, trophy please

I like Hollywood !
After the excellent defenses we just faced , I look forward to driving in on Dirk , Kidd , Terry , stojakovic .
The Matrix??? PLz , he is my first vote to bow out of this series. Good luck with the pop shot jumpers against the best blocking team you have faced.

Who is gonna guard DWYANE is a problem the Mavs have to figure out again.
And sludgy , yu have been straight out classed kid.
Hey at least you dont spend all day on another teams blog just to get everything proven wrong......oh yea.
Loosers usually loose , bwaaaaaaaahaaaaaaa puto!

Truth Be Told - Wade is not hurt. He is lacking confidence due to James taking over his team. Wade is not mad, it's just natural to feel this way when this has been WADE COUNTY for so long and now James is really leading our team. When Wade works through his feelings the two of them will only get better and great things are ahead for the Heat. This is a confidence issue and that is it. When the confidence returns, nobody will stop the HEAT for many years to come.

Hey Charles Bitchley and Jason Twitlock... SUCK it you SUCK heads!

Hollywood Lebron and the NWO taking over the NBA
(queue in Hollywood Hulk Hogan's - another Miamian- theme music)- Thanks Noah, I think that theme music would perfect for the heat. The best came together, banded together, and dominated...sounds like the same story line of NWO. So let's be hollywood then.

Finally CNNSI has come back to...its senses...

Every Bull has their day. Unfortunately, they had their final day in Game 1. OH MY! The hated Heat were going to swoon. The Heat won despite D-Wade's shooting slump. D-Rose is one man expected to do it all this year like D-Wade was expected to do it every year before that. MJ couldn't do it all without Pippen and a supporting cast. D-Wade, LBJ, & CB understand that basketball is a team game. So does Nowitzki. The Mavericks are playing the Heat because it wasn't only Dirk, it was also his supporting cast. They're a tough team but the Heat will be tougher.

Barkley used to be true.... now he is an attention seeking sell-out.

the heat are doing what no one on this blog has been able to do all year and thats shut sledge up, all you been doing all year is exaggerating the heats weaknesses while ignoring our obvious strengths,which there are many, sledge i hope this has been a teachable moment

Sledge you have a pretty little mouth...

lol at the juvenile, fanatical Heat Homer kiddos.

Spoelstra has always been an excellent young coach. Hard-working, knowledgeable of the game after so many years reviewing tape and working alongside Pat Riley. And rather smart, by all indications.

What happened the first couple seasons with him in charge, and early this season is this: Fan-atics of any team get frustrated when their team loses. They have to blame someone or something: the coach and the officials are usually the first choice. Then they’ll blame a few scape-goat players as well, just to vent their homerish frustrations.

Bloggers and fans love to play coach on the internet and in sports bars: like we know more about the game than a professional team of numerous coaches, assistant coaches, scouts,, all under the vigilance of none other than the boss, Mr. Riles himself. Fans often fail to see that Player Talent is what matters most, by far. Coaches can only work with what they get. So when things go wrong, and the beloved home team loses games, the “hate” is directed towards the coach, mainly. And then come the countless suggestions, always in retrospect, of what he “should have done” to win the game.

Fact of the matter, early this season, and the previous ones, 80% of fans and bloggers either hated Spo, and criticized him heavily. Then, of course, when Spo got Lebron, Bosh, Miller, etc, mysteriously enough, he started winning.

What a shock it is now, when the Heat are in the finals the same fan-atics and bloggers on every Heat blog have dramatically changed their tune, embracing Spo and often praising him now. Such is the nature of blind Homer fans who constantly let their emotions cloud most objective insights into the game.

Just watch now: If the Heat fails to beat the Mavs, Spo will be blamed again (and the officials, of course, plus any other excuse that comes in handy). Spo would be crucified, again, on these boards, by the very same people who once hated him, then loved him, then.. it depends.. Fortunately for young Spo, the Heat are probably gonna win, but just read the bloggers flip-flopping after the first loss against the Mavs.

Sledge....Who cares! You're wasting your time writing such dribble. If the Heat lose and Coach Spo gets blamed so be it. If the bloggers flip flop, so what? You're making a mountain out of a mole hill just to write something critical. I guess that 10 years of watching Bball is really paying off. Epic fail!

sludge. you little turd.
is that all you got? the only flip flopping has been you and your sorry a$$ being proved wrong every other day.
spoelstra HAS made mistakes; and it's every fan's duty to be critical. he's doing fine, as are we.

the infant little homers are upset?

we're about to win the finals. the only one upset is YOU

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