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Closing time

The luxury of having three true superstars may have never been as meaningul to the Heat than it did Tuesday in Game 4.

Dwyane Wade was surprisingly bad, despite having his late-night shooting session late Monday, LeBron James hit an ugly cold spell highlighted by an airball three-pointer, and the rest of the Heat wasn't shooting particularly well as the Bulls took an 11-point lead in the third quarter. Bron hips

But unlike Derrick Rose, who has little to no help when defense is as intense as it is in this series, Wade had teammates to carry him past this particularly horrendous showing.

Chris Bosh is proving emotions don't get the best of him, even in the most stressful of situations. He had 10 huge points in the fourth quarter and overtime combined, he got to the foul line 11 times for the game and he was the only member of the Big Three to shoot 50 percent (6 of 12). Despite being largely ignored in the first half (actually he had to adjust to a more aggressive Bulls defense), Bosh finished with 22.

And of course, James was spectacular down the stretch, scoring 13 of his 35 after the third quarter. Toss in the surprising performance from Mike Miller (12 points and nine rebounds in 26 minutes) and Wade had just enough support to make up for his unusual performance.... (Miller, btw, was a +36 on the night, which is ridiculous. According to, twenty other players have had a +36 or higher this season. Their teams won those games by an average of 40.4 points. Miller was +36 in an 8-point win.)

Just to emphasize the importance of such support, Rose had a largely awful night himself, needing 27 shots to score 23 points with just six assists, three rebounds and seven turnovers.

He didn't have the player next to him that was capable of making up for that. Luol Deng had a decent night with 20 points on 8 of 16 shooting, but he works largely off Rose. It's basically up to Rose to get Deng good looks.

Other telling numbers in this game: The Heat shot 38 free throws to Chicago's 22, prompting Tom Thibodeau to tweak the officials after the game, saying Rose didn't get enough calls.

The Heat only needed 12 assists for their 32 field goals, while the Bulls had 20 assists for their 35 field goals. Just goes to show how the Bulls need offensive execution just a bit more than Miami because LeBron and Wade and Bosh create so often for themselves.

Wade's four blocks were phenomenal, while LeBron's defense on Rose was critical. Just like his defense on Paul Pierce in Game 4 against Boston, it's what saved LeBron after a late turnover (offensive foul) in a critical game.






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That's why you don't jump ship mid way through the season when your team expectations falls flat. Bosh timely jumpers is the key to all the Heat wins in this series. Rose deserved the MVP but like I said and many other people did on this blog said too that Rose is Iverson on the '01 Sixers. It sickens me Riley had to share that award with Gar Foreman. You don't sign 2 bad defenders and 2 bad offensive players and win executive of the year. I know Sledge will give a million reason why Dallas will beat the Heat in the finals but why should we listen to him??? All his other points, predictions, and theory's have more holes than a sponge lol

Also I don't want to hear nothing about the Heat can't guard point guards. The Heat contain Rondo and Rose very well.

you mean sluge?
he won't be impressed. s c r e w him and his 10 years of experience watching basketball. i have t shirts older than that..

In the end Rose says "We learn". Learning never guarantees that enough knowledge is acquired for success.

Rose remains defiant and says "They are beatable". Certainly. But it's not the Bulls who are beating the Heat. Defiance does not always translate to courage under fire. Iverson Rose kept eating all those blocked shots of his like some crazy bull in a china shop. HE IS THE ONE WHO KEEPS LOSING THE GAME FOR THE BULLS!!!! How can Iverson Rose not see that fact???

Bulls still can't get it??? The Heat have 3 legit Olympic gold champions and have two of its first five recovering well from injuries -- see how Miller and Haslem continue to injure the Bulls??? Can't still recognize that the Heat killed the Bulls over and over the last five minutes of Games 2,3 and 4???

Next year will be good: The Heat can actually add a decent young center and point guard to help with the chores. IT IS THE HEAT WHICH IS ACTUALLY LEARNING MORE FROM THEIR WAR WITH THE RAMPAGING BULLS -- MIAMI BUTCHERS ALWAYS WIN OVER BULLS.

Mike And Udonis make the Heat what we all thought they were, a dynasty winning its first championship this year!

Down goes the Bull in the Miami HEAT!

First year of 6.
Nothing is better than being a HEAT fan right now. After this win on this night , lets go close this out in chicago thursday night baby.

Just to get ready for Sledge, here's what he's going to post:

"I'm definitely not impressed. They had to win in OT??? Ru-Paul got man-handled by Booz and Lebron was lucky to make some jump shots. D Rose didn't make some tough shots he usually makes and Mike Miller had 12 points. You don't expect that again, do you??

For the various reasons I stated in previous posts I expected the Heat to win this game (Note: this will be patently false, but Sledge will not respond to you if you call him on it). The biggest game of this series is game 5, of course and I fully expect the Heat to lose this game because of the reasons I stated in previous posts. So please read before acting like idiots.

This win still does not change the fact that the Heat has huge deficiencies at the PG and C positions and that the Bulls have a much deeper bench. (Note: You can try to debate 2 out of 3 with Sledge, but he will call you and idiot if you do) I would be licking my chops if I'm a Bulls player. That being said, as I stated before, I fully expect the Heat to win in 6 (Note: He will say this in order to play both sides of the fence. Don't question him on this or he will not answer you)"

Practice makes perfect. Take pre-emptive action and bash Sledge before he even has a chance to post his nonsense.

In the absence of an unquestionably good center and point guard, the Heat morphed their positions and plays for 50:50 center-forwards, point forward and scoring point guard. This is what makes Heat offense planning particularly difficult, and what makes classical defensive strategies and playbooks -- including those of the better ones like the Bulls -- useless.

The Heat can actually screw everything up again -- and still win more championships -- by getting another superathlete. The Heat will torture and traumatize opposing coaches by having a point center who is a Blake Griffin clone that is a sadistic point guard on defense and manic center on offense.

all year long they mocked us for preaching how good the heat will be when they 're complete, now whos laughing

Coaching, we got it, Spo is a young Riley!! With about 7+ minutes in the game, Spo pulled Haslem and Miller from the game but with 5 minutes left he brought them back in and ended this game!! Spo put Lebron on Rose the last 5 and OT, which basically shut the reigning MVP down!!!! The HEAT are playing the best defense of any team in the last 10 years!!! Im sick of hearing bout Thibo being a defensive guru!!! Speak on the job this young coach is doing, not to mention he has Lebron doing things other coaches couldn't do!!!

Sludge was on sun sentinel claiming Dallas before the game had started! Korver looked good dropping 20,the Bulls played their best game, Rose 20+,Deng 20+ and Boozer 20+,it was enough with Wade still not showing up like the Wade we know!!

Can't wait to hear the haters this a.m., Skip Bayless harp on the bad call on Lebron with 8 seconds left,as he continue to close games out!! Bosh keep killing Boozer and the bench is superior to the Bulls ineffective bench!!!!

Exhibit 1: Rose needs to stop having pick and roll plays run for him.Rose need to isolate more and take his man off the dribble for the Bulls to have success. So the whole game, basically, this is what Rose did! So why when the MVP of the league can't beat his man(Lebron) off the dribble, now they are saying he should have had a pick set for him to create a better shot??? You can tell which sports reporter picked the Bulls (any excuse is better than none),haven't the HEAT killed the Bulls pick and roll!!!



Let see what I've read here.

Spo can’t coach.
Riley will have to return for the Heat to make a run at the finals.
Doc Rivers will coach the Heat neat year.
Doug Collins will show Spo how to coach.
Doc Rivers will out coach Spo
Coach Thi will out coach Spo
Spo will be fired.
LBJ can’t finish games.
LBJ is just not clutch.
Wade is the finisher.
Trade Chris Bosh.
Bosh is soft.
We need to get rid of Bosh.
Bosh sucks.
Get rid of Chalmers.
Chalmers is terrible.
Miller sucks.
Miller can’t shoot
Trade Miller.
Wade suck (someone is still saying this)

All these past posts sound pretty stupid now, right.

Don't worry haters/Bulls fans, Bulls still hold a 4-3 edge on the season...

@Ricky your sledge impersonation is dead on. He will also add that they lost because Asik got hurt and he is their best player the leader of their defense......etc.

Now back to what really matters! That was a tough game and I am glad to see the original planned team finally getting healthy and in a groove. Now we just need Wade to break out of his funk (which I am sure he will do). If the Heat are firing on all cylinders they are nearly impossible to beat and it still hasn't happened but even with that they are just one win away from the finals. Is it Thursday night yet???

One more thing what happened to all the nay sayers that were on this blog after game 1?? 007, ChiCity Rob, Black Mamba,..... You guys are awfully quiet now!!! How is the Heat's bench looking now?????

All of the criticism the Heat took earlier in the year have molded them into a savage, carnivorous Bull-meat eating predator.

Leprechauns were only an appetizer.

Big german's appear to be the desert.

don't worry haters/Bulls fans, Drose is still MVP of the league even though Lebron shut him down...i thought the MVP was supposed to be un-guard-able?

Awesome game ! Sludge loves his crow. Asik/Sludge comment too funny.

Heat team really evolving into something BIG !

McHale (post game) - Miami wins despite Wade having a horrible game.

Oh really? If Wade's game was horrible, put Rose's numbers beside his and let's see who's game was worse.

Loved to see Miller bringing the offensive Heat. He's been doing everything else for us but hit his jumpers.

Chalmers with a HUGE first half. Bibby, (and Wade) both pretty much stunk it up, Wade with redemption defensively and in hitting a few shots at the end of the game.

Spo Spo Spo - guys, we got ourselves a pretty damn good coach (I don't care if he did expect supercoolbeas to play defense)

This may be the best defensive team since Riley's Knicks.

Also love the heading on the front web page about Americas worst fears - Heat dominating!
How accurate is that?

Close this damn thing out on Thursday, so we don't have to do it in Miami and get accused of celebrating too much!

Why was Boozer screaming after Rose dunk!????? That's when you know that's all the Bulls had to give!!!!! Can the Bulls give credit instead of excuses!!!

Can't believe sludge won't show his lil decade of NBA knowledge back on this blog!!!!

DRose is the League's MVP, not the people's or player's MVP. There were at least 10 people ahead of him including Durant (now you see - he does it despite Russell Westbrook's bad shots), Dwight Howard, DWade, Lebron (who now, after hating and constantly calling DRose MVP through telecast, started calling Lebron MVP...of last year), etc.

Rose is MVP only because he sold himself out as the Anti-Lebron (i won't leave Chicago like that guy, he made bad decision,etc.) while Durant, who was first promoted as MVP and anti Lebron made positive statements about Lebron and wouldn't condemn him for his move and afterwards, instead of Durant for MVP, all you heard was Rose is MVP. So Rose can have the tainted MVP while Lebron and Wade get the championship.

all three suck the GERMAN WILL KILL THEM PERIOD, wade and james dont know how to play in group they are more one on one, still they sucks,sucks,sucks,sucks,sucks.


Hey Sludge has a brother!

I think Dallas team make up is similar to Chicago's but not as defensive, so I don't know SportFan031..I'm expecting more of the same for the heat. Like I said, with San Antonio and the Lakers getting old and still not in it, Boston and Miami was NBA finals.

So far, Miami has had the toughest run and are still winning series 3 - 1. They had breakfast, ate lunch, are snacking right now and will have Dallas for Dinner.

^^^^^meant 4 - 1

Heat needed a good ECF OT win for the '11 championship highlight reel.

and Chicago is our dinner, Dallas is just going to be that sweet dessert!!!

Sorry Heat, still can't improve their record in games decided by 5 or less points!!!!

Ok. maybe, what happened during the regular season doesn't mean squat now:

- the close losses to Chicago

- the losses to Boston

- not winning every close game

- Spo and LBJ bumping shoulders into a TO

- 'cry gate'

- losing games without UD

- the 9-8 start

- talking heads saying Riley will be coaching this team soon

- the blowout loss to the Spurs

- losing to Cleveland

- our 'weak' bench

- no PG or Center

- Joel Anthony is the worst player in the league (with the best plus/minus, mind you)

- Rose being given the MVP

- Boston running our sets at the All-Star game

- Lakers getting crushed in their four game sweep by the Mavs - oh, wait, that was in the postseason.

Hey anyone heard from Black Mamba lately? Expect any day now that Kome will be vilifying Kupchak in the media. That's how beatches roll.

Don't worry haters/Bulls fans, you still have the coach of the year and GM of the year to hang your hats on...too bad Thibs to much of a meathead to change things up, Boozer was a bust of a max player, Rose is gona need a HUGE contract, role players are signed to long term deals, and a center that gives you 1-2 pnts per game and celebrates after getting opening tips.

Again, anything could have happened in this game, had to go to OT in Miami. 3rd extremely close game in a row. Only easy blow out was game 1. Which proves these 2 teams are quite comparable. None is clearly better than the other.

D.Rose is too immature, even selfish and plain DUMB at times. He lost this game (and others) for Chicago. He hasn't learned what Wade or Lebron know from experience: you PASS the damn ball when you're cold. IMO, D. Rose is way overrated. He showed his inexperience again. You don't keep shooting 3pt prayers when your season average from downtown is a lousy 30%, or something. You don't keep shooting 3's until you're 1 for 9!!
You don't keep shooting long J's when you been stinking the place up for several games in a row, this time 8/27 from the field. You attack the rim, or pass the rock.

I blame coach Thibodeau for this: He should have Demanded that Rose didn't shoot as many 3's (They've got Korver, Bogans and other much better options). Thibs should order Rose to pass the damn ball a lot more, and quit shooting J's.

Other observations: (Again, don't waste your time with your childish insults here, I don't read that juvenile crap, much less respond to it)

1- Credit Miami's excellent defense again. Almost as good as Chicago's. ---(Chicago manages to contain WADE, LEBRON and BOSH, no less, all Miami has to do is contain Rose: therefore, in my book, Chicago still has the best defense in the NBA)---

One critical stat for this OT win at home: Miami forced 22 Turn overs by the Bulls. That's mainly due to great D. I also blame D. Rose: again, too immature and inexperienced, selfish at times: commits 7 turnovers by himself. That's way too much, even when the Bulls Defense also forced 15 Miami TO's. 7 turnover difference: that's the game right there.

2- The other big factor, as I wrote before the game: Miami made 3pt shots. Chicago did not. Korver missed, Miller scored. 25% from downtown won't cut it for Chicago. Credit Miami's D, sure, to some extent, but the Bulls were missing WIDE OPEN shots, if you Watched the game. Miller was HUGE this time, with his rebounding and shot making.

3- Final remark: What would happen on these Heat Homer boards if Chicago shot almost TWICE as many Free Throws than Miami, at home in Chicago? The bloggers and the fans would go absolutely INSANE here, calling for murder. mafia conspiracies, asking for Stern's Head, plus an FBI investigation, at Least. 38 / 22 discrepancy at the line. That's just weird, if not suspicious. One more call for Rose going to the rim and Chicago wins without overtime.

^^^^Sledge, great review. 10 years of watching Bball is really paying off. You should replace Thidodeau next year.

Problem is that you don't respond to anything that proves you wrong. It happens again and again. It's same crap day after day. People already can predict what you're about to post. Pretty pathetic!

1) Miami's overall game is better than Chicago. You don't just play defense - you also have to score. Could care less if Chicago's d is better. Heat are up 3-1
2) You said Kover would score 20pts. Another great prediction.
3) This IS a Heat blog - last time I checked.

The Heat and Bulls can be comparable and Chicago's defense can be better than Miami too. All the stats and regular season victory don't mean a thing if your not winning the series. The Heat has 3 top 20 players on their team this should've been expected. The Heat had the weakest bench because their top 2 bench players were injured and ailing. The Heat would probably won 72 games if it wasn't for injuries. A healthy Haslem and Miller would've made a difference in all of those close game losses this season. Yes Rose deserve the MVP only because the Heat struggle not because the Bulls were better or a more "complete" team.

Casper, I only respond to civil bloggers, grown-ups who don't insult and childish crap like that. Also, I prefer to deal with reasonable bloggers who can READ. Where did I "predict" that Korver would score 20? Look it up, copy and paste it, should be easy, huh?

What i DID write is that game 4 could very well depend on who shot better from a distance, since both are excellent defensive teams in the paint. Korver vs. Miller, I said. Miller won in that department, Rose messed up hoisting 9 stupid 3's, end of story.

You did predict that the Heat would lose game 4, Sledge. Can you admit, atleast once that you were wrong and you don't have anymore insight than anyone else here???

Just stop the ungrateful hating sound like every other national media member that took on a personal crusade against Lebron and the Heat...they look so stupid now because all the Heat has done is live up to the hype. There's no reason to post these long passages anymore because I doubt anyone reads past the first obvious you are spewing the same rhetoric BS and looking foolish.

“That being said” all too often being said, an English aberration to shortcut words that were meant to be spoken. That statement has been over used in popular sports programs and is an unintelligent response to it’s purpose. That being said stop using it in you arguments

That Wade block was huge!

I think sledge posted something, I skimmed it found it idiotic and skipped it like Balis.

Your left thumb has nothing to do with your shot, of course Mike Miller would have his game. Just give him a chance, we will need the right thumb in the finals.

Sledge (now the grown-up version, that's a switch)

Before yesterday's game, I believe the difference in FTA was 1, and that's pretty even. I didn't see Chicago continually getting fouled with no calls, I did see Lebron take contact when going to the lane, with no call. Hell, Choke'em Noah could have chainsawed someone's legs off last night, and he WAS NOT going to get that 6th foul called. The one at the end of the game was meaningless.

Miami's Defense forced most of those turnovers, because, well, they are playing the best DEFENSE in the league this year to date!

So much for our bench being so much weaker than the Bulls, or anybody else for that matter. Chalmers, Miller, UD - what's Chicago countering that with - Watson, Korver, and Gibson? Haaaaaaaaaa!

I bet your cheeks are tighter than Miami's defense right now, hoping for a miracle, butt it ain't gonna happen dude.

I don't pay much mind to the so-called "haters," but I have to say that this game was a 53-minute heart attack! Arguably, it is the most important game in any series, given the axiom that a series doesn't start until one of the teams loses at home. The Heat is still holding serve, but Da Bulls didn't go down easy.

It was fitting that the ONLY scorers in OT for The Heat were the Big Three (or as Boozer would call them, two and a half.) Which goes to show, don't open your mouth if you don't have the C.O.Jones to back it up!

One more.


Korver is due for a 20pt game: watch out.

Posted by: Sledge | Monday, May 23, 2011 at 05:01 PM

Oh and don't worry haters/Bulls fans, you still had the best record this happy. Too bad Dwade swatted MVP like a fly in OT...he is the MVPoopoo.

Bosh had his 2 big games, LeBron did as well, game 5? Chicago's will Wade away!

Inspired by FakePatRiley..."remember that time people thought DRose was more valuable than Lebron (and Gar Foreman tied Pat Riley for GM of the year)??? that was funny"...haaa

You did predict that the Heat would lose game 4, Sledge. Can you admit, atleast once that you were wrong and you don't have anymore insight than anyone else here???"

Again, can some of you READ????

I wrote "I liked the chances of the Bulls in game 4, for such and such specific reasons, then I "like" Heat in 6, if it goes to game 7 who knows".

Big difference. No one knows what can happen on these tight Basketball games. I'm not naive enough to offer bold "predictions" anywhere, it's a vastly unpredictable game.

Again, go back and learn how to READ.

@ Sledge. There's only one poster that reads your dribble and even he's laughing at you. No one cares. You only respond to yourself.

Like I said before you're a legend in your own mind. BTW, you did predict Bulls would steal game 4. As usual you're wrong but I'm sure you'll deflect and come up for some excuse.

Enjoy the summer kiddo. Come back with you have another 10 years of watching NBA Bball.


Can you READ?

I did not "predict" a 20pt game. I said Korver was "due" for a 20pt game, and still is" See the big difference? No one has a crystal ball here or anywhere. I sure don't.

Wade is also "due" for a big game now, If that makes you happier. Will he have one on game 5? Who the Fock knows!

Due or predict, same crap.

Read, you dint think they would win. They did. Read you own posts, your insightful, 96% of 3/1 series goes to the victor. Genius your not. Talk to the swat down that 4 blocks that a shooting guard gives yeah. Really a shooting guard!

Wade DUE for a big game now is still a prediction. Find the definition of the word.

Before yesterday's game, I believe the difference in FTA was 1, and that's pretty even. I didn't see Chicago continually getting fouled with no calls, I did see Lebron take contact when going to the lane, with no call. Hell, Choke'em Noah could have chainsawed someone's legs off last night, and he WAS NOT going to get that 6th foul called. The one at the end of the game was meaningless."

That's what YOU saw, as a devoted (perhaps feverish) Heat fan. I guarantee you that 90% of Chicago fans saw the exact opposite. And 80% of the National audience, not from Miami or Chicago, would also opine that such a huge discrepancy at the line is highly abnormal if not unfair and suspicious.

Watch the game again, no booze, and take off those dark Heat Homer glasses. 38-22 differential, c'mon.

"Tom Thibodeau, however, had another theory for Rose’s struggles.

“He hasn’t been able to get to the line like we thought he would,” the Bulls coach said. “There’s a lot of contact, and he hasn’t gotten calls.”

We’ll see if that has any impact on the officiating in Game 5. I bet in Chicago we won't see a 38-22 disparity at the line again. Of course, that's not a "prediction", just an educated guess.

Out of everything, Lebron,Wade and Bosh, we haven't seen a typical Wade night. The odds are in my favor, Wade goes for 32 an makes a statement. T will adjust for Haslem and Miller, he gave up on Lebron, Wade doesnt like the criticism he will ball! If im wrong, I will post it.

I asked and got ignored about Haslem, game 5 Boston. Ignored..... Hate to be a predictor

"Again, can some of you READ????"

No, you didn't say anything of the sort, Sledge. LOL. You said:

"I still expect the Bulls to steal game 4 now.

Posted by: Sledge | Monday, May 23, 2011 at 10:00 AM"

I'm sure you are going to call me an idiot and say I don't deserve a response or say that "expect" and "predict" are 2 very different words, but can't you just man up ONCE and say "okay, I was wrong". But you won't. You will say something about me needing to go back to your posts from 2 weeks ago and bookend it with "IDIOT" and "READ!!"

I asked LeBron James last night if this was what he expected when he helped Miller to sign with the Heat.

“Absolutely,” James said, with a big smile. “Tonight he just played free. Everything that he gave us tonight was what we always expected out of him. He didn’t think about it tonight. Every time he caught the ball — what we’ve been telling him all year, ‘When you catch the ball, just shoot it.’”

He wasn’t shooting just because he was open Tuesday; he was looking for his shot.

“He’s probably the only guy on our team that can shoot any shot he wants to,” James said. “Even me, D-Wade and CB, Coach gets on us sometimes if we take ill-advised shots and things like that. Mike is a guy who can shoot any ball he wants. Tonight he did that. He caught the ball, he shot threes, made a pull-up, and then what he’s always been doing when he gets minutes, he rebounds the ball extremely well.”

Watching Miller sink shot after shot in warmups, with his thumb braces, it’s been stunning that he’s been such a reluctant and inefficient shooter in games.

Maybe this is a sign that he’s over his mental block."

Props to coach Spoelstra for getting on Lebron and Wade's case for attempting "ill-advised" shots. I'm sure Spo has been telling them to refrain from shooting too many 3's, and attack the basket: They've never been reliable from downtown: Result? Bron and Wade only tried 1 three point shot a piece last game. And attacked instead: 38 free throws.

Chicago made the exact opposite mistake: too many ill-advised 3's, 6/24 from downtown at 25%: That's how you lose a game.

Rose? 1/9 from beyond the arc. 8/27 from the field. I blame Thibodeau in part for that. He should have been ORDERING Rose to stop shooting 3's, when he's NEVER been a good long distance shooter. And I credit Spoelstra for doing the opposite. The Heat shot a much more efficient and frugal 38% from downtown. Credit Spoelstra. Been saying it all year: The Big 3 need to limit their long shots.

This is one of the big reasons Miami has won the past few games: better shopt selection. That's on the coaching staff, in good part. Thibodeau should know by now that Rose can't shoot 3's. And that missed 3's usually result in long rebounds and easy transition baskets for the opponent on the run. Thibs? Great defensive coach. Offensively? Not so much. Spoelstra has outcoached him.

Are you going to gloss over my comment and not respond, Sledge?

I have no opinion on Dallas. Sometimes Dirks FG % is better then Lebron FT %. I would like to think Wades D can contain Terry and Kidd, can Haslem defend Dirk? They don't have an answer for James! Bosh will be odd man out again. Who has Bosh, and mind you Haslem ans Miller will get thrown in. Look for james jones to be the wrinkle. 3 point shootout! Like they say on the Rome show, I'm out! Love your post. You die hards

Sledge, that's a typical stat for a home team. Human nature as I call it. Chicago will get more calls at home. That's an easy educated guess to make Capt. Obvious.

Another reason is Miami(wade, james and bosh) attacks the rim with more plays than Chicago(rose,boozer) hence the the difference. Noah can't shoot. Another educated guess from the experts from the 4 letter network.

Ricky, he won't respond without an excuse. Epic fail. Legends don't deal with the truth.
Time to move on and let him talk to himself. Still think he's a plant.

This guy is getting smoked in a blog of a local newspaper of a team he dont like !



Think we are past Sledge. Lets have Mavs talk. Wade crushes Rose

Sledge reminds me of a Albert Einstein quote - Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. He states the same thing over and over again and expects the homers on a heat blog not to attack him. Heat will win but they suck...over and over, week after week. Can't have it both ways.

Time to move past him and let him speak to himself.

If our nemimis cant stop him(dirk) we can have our rings!

Haslem is now the key

Korver and others with light it up from downtown on game 4. Don't be a bunch of bytches and complain I didn't tell you so.

Posted by: Sledge | Monday, May 23, 2011 at 05:05 PM

Just a little addition to Casper's earlier post. That seems like a prediction to me but hey what do I know??? I am an uneducated 8 year old. Was that the final age you picked for us Sledge???

Hey Rick, yes, I "liked" Chicago's chances on game 4. Yes, I "expected" them to win it. No, I did not "predict" anything. NO ONE can. Ok? A bounce of the ball, overtime in Miami. I was was very damn close in my expectations, wasn't I?

Happy now?

This, however, I did not "expect". That's why you can't predict anything between close teams in the NBA.

"The Bulls suffered a blow when Omer Asik, because of his leg injury, was able to play only 1:53. Still, their bulk again was a factor."

You'd think Asik could have made a difference as in game 3? OF COURSE.

Definition of predict/prediction according to

"to state or make a declaration about in advance, esp on a reasoned basis; foretell"

One more definition
ex·pect   /ɪkˈspɛkt/
–verb (used with object)
1. to look forward to; regard as likely to happen; anticipate the occurrence or the coming of: I expect to read it. I expect him later. She expects that they will come.

Sledge, can we move on from the Bulls - Heat analysis and can you give us your predictions / game breakdowns for the Dallas - Miami finals? Cause Miami wins tomorrow, Dallas wins tonight, and the finals gonna start on let's here it, Sledge, and I'm not hating on you, I just want the truth...GO HEAT!!!

I don't predict the unpredictable, son. If you're a gambler, I'd suggest not to bet your house or car on tomorrow's game just yet. Then again, the world is supposed to end again in October, or at the latest in 2012, according to the Mayas and Nostradamous. So you might as well bet all your toys on tomorrows game and go nuts with your credit cards.

"You'd think Asik could have made a difference as in game 3? OF COURSE"

Another Sledge prediction or expectation, this time, AFTER the fact. Ding, ding, ding, we've got a winner! Didn't you just say that you don't predict the unpredictable?

Casper, are you 7 y/o? Can you read?

"Rose has now attempted at least nine threes in a game six times this season. Amazingly, three of those times have been in the playoffs, and he hasn't hit more than one of the nine in any of the three. He was 0-for-9 in Game 1 vs. Indiana, 1-for-9 in Game 4 vs. Indiana, and 1-for-9 in Game 4 against the Heat."

Maybe next season Rose and Thibodeau will begin to understand that 3pt shots aren't Rose's forte. They might be a good coach and a great player, but both extremely stupid on this simple issue.

Tired, I think Sledge has a fascination with the attention. It's a mental disorder associated with schizophrenia...delusions of grandeur and persecution in the same person. They have pills for what ails him.

I'm new to the blog and now I understand he's been around for years playing the same tune. A bandwagon fan with a little knowledge mixed in with some hate. I see the confusion. When he called on it he ignores it by calling the writer a homer or stating an excuse. You can't win against such a delusion. It's best to move on. Unfortunately, he won't go away.

"Casper, are you 7 y/o? Can you read?"

As I stated above, typical response from a head case. Funny though, last week we were 12 years old. This week 7. The tune doesn't change. His responses are something I can predict. Well, time to go take care of biz.

Yeah I am new as well and I have gained the same knowledge from his rants but I still find it entertaining that somebody that hates a team so much would spend this much time on their blog. You would think that after 5 years on the blog he would at least have learned to argue better but alas it must also be part of his ailment.

@ Sludge
Up until recently it has been fairly amusing reading your ramblings. The fact that you continue to "back" any opponent Miami faces shows that as much as you try and deny it, you are merely a "hater" like so many other losers we get in here. At first I wrote you off as some 15 yo without a clue. But I think in reality you're a 40 something soccer fan, still living in mama's basement, sitting in his underwear, drinking red bull and spanking the monkey. You really should get a life. There is more to life than watching porn and playing dungeon and dragons.
No need to respond, but I'm REALLY CLOSE huh?

You're right! He is entertaining to say the least. If he tweaked his approach a bit it might be worth having a decent conversation with him. I must admit he does have some knowledge. He just doesn't know how to present it or admit when he's wrong. At this point, it's not even worth the time. Don't think many kids played with him when he was a kid. Now the internet has given him what he didn't have as a child...attention.

First it was the Oneal's, Rhondo, etc. No one really mentions Haslem being injured especially seeing how our bench is not so talented, so wouldn't you think Haslem being injured is big for us and Mike Miller being injured is just as big?

Then technically, except for philly series, Miami has been the under dog though they have second best record in East, and 3rd overall. Ok.

Next, the Heat hasn't dominated. All the games the heat have won have been close yet Miami can close or win the big one, yet every playoff series win is big. Back to Miami not being dominant because they have had close games yet, so far, have been the league's best by winning each series 4 - 1. Mind you that the dominant Bulls have been challenged more than the heat and by not so great teams.

I love how Miami keeps making everyone eat their own words...LET'S GO HEAT!

By accident,I saw Jim Rome, which I'm not a fan of and is NOT a heat fan, give credit where credit is due. He said the Heat are heading towards a championship. He didn't give excuses, conspiracy theories or say that the Heat didn't impress him for one reason or another. Maybe I might tune in again. Sledge can learn something from Rome...but then again probably not.

I must admit I was wrong... All this 10 years of BB knowledge has taken me no where!! I am SORRY Heatle I AM PATHETHIC lil B^tch

WTF?? now sledge we all knew your an old LOSER that lives with your mom, and as u spit anger and beat your moms laptop as u type, when you see THE BEST TEAM THE HEAT "WIN"
But to be Bipolar enough to after all this admit you are just garbage? and pathetic>? Come on old man get out your moms roof get a job and don't be such a pest and hater.

It feels good to wake up every morning , do my radio show and know that I would never spend a second of my day looking up some other teams blog. But we cant all be perfect.

Every game has been extremely close except game 1, when Chicago BLEW OUT the Heat convincingly. They also SWEPT Miami in the regular season. Last couple games were down to a bounce of the ball or a 3pt shot.

It's highly unlikely but not impossible that Chicago manages to get a final shot at a game 7. Heck last game in Miami, without Asik went to overtime, while Rose was having one of the worst games of his life. All he needs to do is shoot less 3's, less long J's, attack the rim, get more foul calls or pass the damn ball. Then, if Korver or Bogans hit a few 3pt shots, as they normally do, then you're looking at 3-2.

Game 6 in Miami? Again, it's been VERY close almost every game, down to OT last one in Miami. The Bulls shooting 25% from downtown with plenty of wide open looks. It's not impossible that Chicago finally steals one on the road: 1 more point than last night in regulation, one beneficial call from the officials would do it. Anything could happen on a game 7 back in Chicago.

I still would rather see a Miami / Dallas finals though. Way more entertaining than Bulls/Mavs.

"A little knowledge", particularly combined with a lot of bias, "is a dangerous thing". 'As they normally do'? Against the Heat's playoff defense??? Maybe that was a typo and he meant "don't". Also, the only discrepancy in the officiating is that LeBron, Wade, and Rose have not been getting all the calls they could when driving this series, whereas, Boozer has inexplicably been getting touch calls every time he "sort of" elevates with the ball after an offensive rebound. Now, maybe this is an NBA directive because if you were to let LeBron, Wade, and Rose go to the line every time they suffered contact on a drive the game would take forever, but I don't think it's an NBA directive designed to take advantage of the fact that the Heat has the only one of those three players that Don't Need No Stinkin' Foul Call, cuz his combination of hops/height/strength. But it's rather galling to watch Boozer, who presumably isn't weak himself, get TOUCH calls just to make a "discrepancy" in free throws look better to casual fans. (Hell, it's even a little galling to watch them let LeBron score on travels twice, cuz he doesn't need the help. Then again, it was rather galling to watch Brewer do an already leaning back flop WHILE moving his feet and get away with it, during what should be let 'em play [cuz they're better at what they do than the league's officials] time.) I think everybody's point, though, Sledge (Wedgie's more like it), is that if you're not going to admit defeat and pointlessly continue to debate the results of each game, at least don't do it in a whiny fashion. (One of your posts even accomplished this... but you need to shoot a much higher percentage.)

Whatever, Bobbie.

Experience is playing a significant role here: Rose is messing it all up for the Bulls, believe it or not. His shooting has been abysmal, his offensive decisions are horrible. 1/9 from downtown, again. Eventually, he will learn like Wade and Lebron and Bosh did: They are not good from downtown: never have been. And unless you're Jason Kidd, stop trying. Especially this early in your career. Penetrate, look for fouls, pass the ball.

I also blame coach Thibodeau: an inexperienced coach: He should have instructed Rose to hold his horses from long range. Kudos in this case to young Spoelstra: according to Lebron, that's what he told them: attack the rim instead. They obliged: only 2 three point shot attempts last game from Wade and Bron. That's how you win close games.

Much respect to Mike Miller because I knew he was playing hurt but had no idea he was playing with a ruptured tendon in his left thumb. Kind of wish he just took time off to heal but understand whats on the line this season.

Man I love reading different outlooks from writers and posts from various readers. There's one common theme to all those stories and post,SLUDGE!!! The guy is all over the south Florida newspapers -sludge in herald and palm post but he's slludge in the sentinel because of the ban on his IP address!!!

Just like sludge all I'm hearing are excuses. First Rose gets killed in PnR,has no way of turning the corner because the HEAT bigs are stepping out showing hard or we trap him on certain spots in the floor to get the ball out of his hands. Now when this is proven not to be working, the so-called experts says Thibodeau needs to run more ISO with Rose. You put Rose in a one on one situation and guess what, SHUT DOWN! So now you hear Thibbs should've ran a play with a screen or pick for Rose or Rose should have the IQ to pass to Korver or Deng for a wide open jumper in the corner (Korver is struggling big time and Deng for a 3,please)! All these excuses and your team has the MVP! Rose is a good player but he's not better than Paul or Williams(Rondo either)!!

The most disheartening thing, is to listen to former players take shots at players of the same profession(you every hear of a cop criticizing another cop for nothing)! You can tell the hate comes from a place called jealousy (why didn't I think of that)! Really Chuck, really Jon Berry, really Leigler- all haters (not to mention Kerr and Miller)!

The HEAT are destined to win because we already WON!! Cuddos to Thibb's for trying the ref angle with the calls, it want help!! It's hard to go to the foul line when only 1 or 2 players attack the basket!!

Few typos - won't and ever hear!

Get ready for it! How will the HEAT deal with Dallas size!!! Put their ass in foul trouble for one!!! Chandler is a one trick pony too, watch for the lob and he's under lock and key!! Dirk ain't playing No different than he's always played but the difference with the mavs so far Cuban has been quite (that will change now that Dallas is back in the finals)!! Has Cuban printed Dallas the world champions in the papers yet????

Morning all.

Dallas is at the party, hopefully we punch our ticket tonight.

Between Dallas, Chicago, and Boston - Dallas plays the weakest defense. They certainly have the weapons to score, so we'll see offense v defense who wins. Oh wait, we have BOTH!!

While Sludge is pulling at straws to find a 'what if' case to claim Bulls should have won, I'll bite and say - if Wade makes that dunk in the opening minutes, the game doesn't go overtime. Damn, I feel filthy even playing his game. And yes, the Bron charge at the end of the game on Brewer??? I have always challenged that 'refs swallow their whistles at the end of the game' theory. That was trotted out to give them some walnuts when they couldn't call a foul against a superstar or home team. If you've watched basketball for any lenght of time (before mj was in a wizards uni) you know we've seen plenty of superstars on the line from dubious call at the end of the game.

Thoughts and prayers to Mike Miller's daughter.

Extremely close games against Boston, who lost their best player and Both centers. Extremely close games against Chicago, with some strange 38-22 FT disparity and Asik out: overtime. It's probably gonna take another extremely close game 6 in Miami to dispatch these young, immature bulls.

Curious to see the match-up against Dallas. The Heat and Mavs are completely different teams from 2006. Dallas swept the incumbent 2 time Champions, no less. Should be a great final series.

seriously you toolsheds responding to sludge head is showing you are just as re%arded as he is,you know he is just like a gator fan...called "pig" some of you might follow the canes blog on here.. same crap different team... when this series started i said heat in 5... im sticking to it...then once again like in 2006...heat in 6...mark my words your dou#h$ bags!!!

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