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Problematic points

Let’s start with the game Sunday, then get to the bigger picture.

The foul against Mike Miller wasn’t a foul. Luol Deng tripped, but the official just saw Deng falling and Mike behind him and assumed he was pushed.

However, the bigger question might have been, who was responsible for boxing out Deng.

Both Miller and Dwyane Wade were outside the arc, but they’re allowed to come inside it on the release of the free throw. Yet both got caught up watching the initial bounce off the rim instead of immediately bodying up Deng. So when the ball got tipped back, Dwyane was kind in no-man’s land, and Miller was still behind Deng.

Wade angry Not to make excuses for those guys, but it’s rare that ever comes into play, so it’s hard to just automatically box out the shooter instead of gravitating toward the ball.

Still, if the ref doesn’t call that foul, chances are the Heat gets the board and is on the free throw line to secure the win.

Now, to the bigger issues:

Among the post-game comments that drew concern is this one from Wade:

“I’m used to, of course, coming down in the fourth quarter, having the ball, making mistakes, getting a chance to make up for them,” Wade said. “So you’re just trying to get comfortable with whatever role you have to play at the moment, and you try to do your best at it.

“That’s all you can do. What is pouting going to do? What is not doing it going to do?

“That was one of the things that we knew we had to do when we all decided to come together. Sacrifices had to be made.”

He basically said he’s still having issues adjusting to playing with LeBron James, who handles a lot of the late-game duties. In all the most recent late-game failures, Wade hasn’t really been involved – only getting that last shot Sunday because of an offensive rebound.

It’s almost as if their success playing together earlier this season was essentially while the team was blowing teams out. Once things get tight, then their comfort level together is still an issue.

And in late-game situations, one guy’s not passing to the other. It’s pretty much all LeBron or a kick to a shooter who’s not named Dwyane. Kind of defeats the purpose of playing together. Bosh 10

Chris Bosh has similar problems – a lack of opportunities. He was clearly more aggressive against the Bulls, scored 23 points but didn’t attempt a single shot in the final nine minutes or so of the fourth quarter. He was at his best – and the team played some of its best ball – when he was on the floor at the start of the second quarter without Wade or LeBron.

Bosh didn’t say, “I need the ball more,” but he did acknowledge that the team might not ride the hot hand often enough.

“I think we have to start realizing what’s working and just keep going at it, on offense and on defense,” he said.

Possibly the most disturbing comment was when Bosh said the team doesn’t have any idea what the issues are in the third quarters, which have been problematic lately.

“We’ve had a lot of third quarter lapses, and I think there has to be a common denominator,” Bosh said. “We’re all smart players. But to have halftime leads continue to be cut down, it’s a reoccurring thing right now. I don’t think we’ve addressed the problem yet. We have to find the problem first.

“You have to bring intelligence into the game at one point. But we’ll get there.”


I don’t think he intended anything particularly mean, but that right there says a lot.

I’m not suggesting the team is fragmenting. To the contrary, actually. The way they reacted following that heartbreaking loss shows they’re still a tight group.

But they’ve also got plenty of work to do in these last 20 games. Plenty.


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"The whole is greater than the sum of its parts." When the Heat truly believe this, they will have put back the "T" in team and the "W" in win.

What a bunch of crybabies. Now the sports writers are even crying. What a bunch of jerks. Miami deserves all the grief they are getting. There is no "I" in team LeChoke and LechokeWade. Wahhhhh Wahhhhh Wahhhhhh

No leadership by the head coach equals failure!! So to the ones saying we are bandwagon jumpers!! It's not that there is nothing wrong with a little constructive criticism! Spoelstra at the end of all this drama and the wheels falling off he needs to be fired PERIOD NO ARGUING LET THE GUY WORK SOMEWHERE ELSE!!

The rotations and combinations and players selected by this coach have not worked and are not working and he seems to be hell bent to continue with them.

Sometimes coaches in sports get "lucky" with combinations they put at certain times, well, Spolstra has been all the contrary. Granted that the players have not performed but, for example, the other night, with the clock running out, they needed a 3 pointer and only a 3 pointer and yet Bosh was on the floor instead of James Jones. Why?

Wonder if Arroyo regret follows (or if they ever would admit to it)????

Isn't a coach suppose to motivate?

These guys are too nice to each other. We won't become a good team until you see these cats getting a lil mean spirit toward each other. Its like nobody wants to step on nobody toes. You can make up with your girl after agruing with here so it shouldn't be too hard for these guys to do it. Express yourself with reckless abandonment. These guys got to hold each other accountable. Get in Bosh face and tell him he is a ball player not a brick layer when he is off. Tell him its ok to be as physical as a brick layer though. Get in Wade face and tell him to play some goddam defense and get agressive and fearless again. Tell Bron to stop holding that dam ball too long. Make a quick move or pass that rock. Hell the big 3 can ride another teamate but not each other. We won't be consistently good until they are fighting like dogs and cats.

Guys, let us NOT just blame our coach as the only reason for our failures.

Dont many of you agree that in late game situations, Lebron James is playing the Cleveland style of basketball?

Its like "well, its 10 sec to go, we are down by 2, so its my responsibility to get the W" is what James thinks and he drives & misses or shoots a J and misses.

Usually in end game situations there are both Bosh and Wade ALWAYS on the floor. Does he ever pass the ball to both these players at all? In the final possession, I always find James having the ball.

Whats with that his claim that he is going to sacrifice his personal goals for the team? Should not he be putting some belief into Bosh or Wade?

Cleveland last few years, and Kobe's pre-Gasol yrs used to be like that. Give them the ball and clear the hell out. That is not a championship mantra.

So unless James starts passing and trusting his co-stars that they can also finish the game as well as him, we might continue having such heart-breaking losses.

The true character of a team is when its able to grind out wins, not just winning by 30 against average teams!!

Not a foul? The fact that Miller was responsible for blockingout Deng makes it even more believable that Miller, once he saw the ball bounce off the rim towards Deng remembered he was suppose to block Deng from going for that board. He tried to get their last minute which the push in the back to Deng.

I still dont know why they got Bibby he looks very slow also Mike Miller 0for 5 shooting doesnt get it done in the pros, he also looks lost on the court. Whenever the big 3 are on the court it seems the other two guys just stand still and dont move another words theres no motion on offense

It's the coach he has no type of balls what so ever

Bomba!!!...ayer pase por tu casa y me dio olor a bugarron, y cuando me di de cuenta, eran las nalgas de CULOBRON!...Bomba!!

Sending boxes of Klennex to south beach...

Hubie Brown kept saying throughout the telecast of the game that if a a coach put players in position to make a basket and they don't it's the player fault. How many open 3's did Miller miss. how many open jumpers did LBJ miss. and Wade. How many turnovers did Wade have. These are not coaching issues.

ARROYO Curse! jajajajaja . Just think about it. Heats has won two overtime games and arroyo was playing in both of them. jajajaja maybe its just coincidence but i think the heats may be curse. AHH just add that he will be on Boston green. this is truly a curse.

i have two words for miami fans "CHICAGO BULLS"!!!! sending tissues down to south beach.

Thank you Michael, if you read my blogs from the beginning of the season, you'll notice that I've always stated that the turnover ration between the two is simpy unacceptable.

Hey Israel....Are you gonna write another column about how the MVP is the self proclaimed "king" (of what)lbj completely ignoring the facts of this season and that D Rose is the REAL MVP this year. You said it wasn't even close....I say it's not even close the other way. D Rose is MVP! and he's a nice guy....a bad MF'er on the court but a nice guy off. How's that race to 70 coming along? Homer

Spoelstra is the common denominator. Spoelstra makes Mike Brown look like Mike D'Antoni. No flow, no continuity and no movement on offense. Everyone stands out by the three point line and Lebron goes one on three. He either takes a jump shot or kicks it out to someone outside the arc. Ladies and Gentleman slow east coast basketball at it's dullest. Spoelstra is the denominator that must be subtracted.

I was there...two observations about what stood out.

Ball movement : the Bulls moved the ball continuously on offense...the Heat usually got caught with either James or Wade holding until going 1 on 5.

Team bench : when the Bulls defense broke down letting Chalmers score on the layup with the Bulls calling timeout - Scalabrini gets in the starters faces sitting on the bench and gets them all up out on the floor for a separate moment away from everyone else. Whereas...during Heat timeouts...the whole sideline frequently looks in disarray with everyone scattered for most of the timeout.

Maybe Rose knew something this past summer showing indifference to the Bulls signing any of the 2 1/2. Or...just think...had the Bulls not lucked out on draft night getting Rose on a fluke...with the Heat subsequently having to go the Beasley, 2 1/2 route...we wouldn't be sitting here with this mess.

Oh yeah...I got more. Anyone who has ever played any sport at any level realizes that at some point...when someone doubts you no matter who it is (at this's just about everybody...especially when the media is actually questioning if you're soft or weak) One would think especially ones who supposedly have "high basketball IQ's" would wake the hell up and go win a damn game !

12-8 Since Chalmers is the starting PG and 0-3 since signing Old Bibby.... Before that 31-12 and the team was 22-3 in last 25 games before changing Chalmers to the starting role. Not blaming Chalmers who played a good game yesterday,, I am blaming the coach Spo for changing something that was working having Arroyo starting PG and playing first and 3rd qtr and having Chalmers playing 2nd and 4th qtr... Do you all remember that????? Just for the records

It's hard to read Israel's comments each week, as they are full of so many excuses and nothing more than the sore loser rants of a guy that clearly only sees things one way. This week it's crying about a ref's call, a few weeks earlier it's because Bosh missed 17 of 18 shots, then last week it was a random story to try to convince us that Kobe and MJ should be compared to LeBron for needing other players, as if the scenarios are even close... Soon his losing excuses will be because the other team scored more points than us. The problem is that Miami is the only place on this planet where anyone would believe that bs. As was obvious from the beginning, this team sports two of the league's best players, a good one in Bosh, and then a bunch of really bad ones. And now it's showing in the win loss column. Grtting owned by the Bulls in such embarrassing fashion is further proof why the national pools show Rose as worthy MVP, and just how far we are from being a legitimate contender against top teams. The proof is in the pudding.

Is time to bring a "Jerry Sloan" to the Heat. Someone who will be respected by players......Do it now before is too late!

These issues are MORE coaching issues. The players are at fault also but I don't care who it is, you need a coach who can handle different players and game situations! EVEN JORDAN HAD/NEEDED a coach to give him direction. The team is a reflection of the coach. It's obvious spoeltra can't handle this situation much like van gundy. a change will need to be made, period. Don't tell me a good coach doesn't matter - boston won that 1st year because Doc is a good coach, same will Phil in his 1st year in LA. COACHING makes a world of difference.

Spo is a stats guy and he probably been spending his late nights on and looking at their "clutch stats"... The answer is simple: put the ball in Wade's hands for the final plays. I'm tired of the missed shots(yeah, and they're lays-ups,too! ). Ask Cleveland how that worked out for them with a middle of the road closer. We are all witnesses...

I think Spo should be promoted to the Assistant Vice President of KPA. Then hire Larry Brown to lead this team down the stretch. It's a win-win, Spo doesn't lose job and in fact gets a promotion and Larry Brown can come back to the sidelines and get his 2nd bout it Riles?

Miami fans, you are watching a slow flush, as in several years long. For the next couple years they will have good regular seasons but flame out in the playoffs for the same reasons the Cavs did. Because LeBron can't hit jump shots and doesn't have the heart to get to the dish against a real playoff defense. Also because these spoiled ego maniacs will try to coach themselves and get outclassed by the Jacksons and Van Gundy's around the league. Then all of a sudden their regular seasons will start to go down the drain too. The James and Wade are both high miles players who will start to break down/lose a step in the next couple years. Soon thereafter they will frantically look for a way to dump the Bosh (aka worst ever max contract) deal. Then it will get really ugly as they start to blame each other and look really old without any draft picks. In the final phase they will dump all the deals at the cost guessed it...more draft picks, sending the franchise into a death spiral. Here in Cleveland we'll all be watching with glee the whole time.

FIRE SPO!!! - Not only he has no idea on how to motivate this team, but now, he has betrayed them by telling the media that they were "crying", that was disrespectful. Who in his right mind can play and buy into a coach's system when the trust has been ripped.

Kevin you posted LJ is playing Cavs basketball!! So thats the coach fault for allowing it to happen! This is Wade team and Spoel gave it to LJ Spoel needs to get fire he sucks just as bad!

Mike Miller fouled Deng, deal with it.

Spoelstra isn't the problem. The problem is that James can't be coached.

To the Heat players: Don't cry as a woman what you didn't dare to defend as a man in court.

The Heat should hire Michael Jordan to a 10 day contract...that way he can win some games for them. LOL

Im sorry, but i cant believe what im seeing right now. Thank you Israel for pointing out the bogus foul the refs called on Miller in the end. To me its starting to look more and more like even the refs want to see the Heat fail. We have two of the best players in the game at drawing contact and getting to the free throw line, but this year the refs have been swallowing their whistles down the stretch. Im not the one to come up with excuses for the Heat but its getting ridiculous now. The game against Boston was a prime example, the refs allows Boston to play physical with us, but the first time we show signs of physical play we get called for a flagrant foul and takes us out of the game while allowing Boston to still play physical. SOMETHING HAS TO BE DONE!!!

We need a new coach.


i am glad this wasn't in the playoffs. let's go heat and the herald can thank the heat for all the anti-heat traffic.

these losses and failures will eventually force lebron to act differently.

Their are some good coaches out there! few are Larry brown, Jerry slon and others with experience enough to change this mentality of game within them, and hold these players responsible and accountable.

The Heat will figure it out before the playoffs I believe that. That winning streak masked the fact the Heat haven't figure it out. Now their struggles is out there and it's real but these people aren't idiots so they will figure it out. To you bandwagon jumpers you make me sick! It could've easily been Wade going 0-4 in clutch situations and y'all would be making a case for LBJ to get the ball. Now maybe it will be Wade in getting his chance the rest of the season. But that's why there is a season to figure things out. I hope y'all didn't hure your ankles when y'all jumped off the bandwagon. Also you can be a fan and be critical of your team play but when Miami fans start sounding like Cavs fan is disgusting. Get some perspective and insight in your life. Really is LBJ faults all alone should we protest to get a 26year old in his prime that plays defense scores, rebounds, and hand out assist out of here. Should we go back to just having Wade who clearly show he's a great player but he's not going to win a championship on his own. Should we?


Happy Noche Latina! LOL Hey 305 Retard and all the morons who talked crap about Arroyo, you who said he would not make any other NBA roster, I just read that Arroyo was also offered a spot with the Bulls but he preferred the Celtics. The top 2 teams in the East. Yeah he must really suck! LMAO

@SatanLoves really? What that mean Arroyo will be the starting PG for those teams or even the first PG off the bench? Will Arroyo get crunch time minutes? Will Arroyo be called upon in critical moments in the game? What are you happy about that a Latin gets a job......ok? Arroyo is not the only spanish player in the league man relax. Y'all Spanish dudes have ticket parades for everything don't y'all lol

Yayyy Arroyo got a job let's have a parade and stick it to everybody whoever criticize him. Even tough it would take Rondo, West, and Wafer ankles to blow up simultaneously for Arroyo to even get crunch time minutes. Even then Paul Pierce would probably be the PG like he was earlier this season when Rondo was hurt. Y'all guys are funny!!! Nobody here is mad that Arroyo got a job were just saying if you find Arroyo on the court for the Celtics with 2 minutes left in a tie game you know something bad must've really happen to the Celtics that game. Rondo must've got killed or something lmao losers!!! I wonder how y'all going to feel if Arroyo don't make their playoff roster because the Celtics do have a lot of rotation players expected to make the roster as it is.

You forgot to mention that Miami's losses against San Antonio Spurs & Chicago was Arroyos fault.

hey 305 representer, you are right, what the bulls or celtics know about basketball?, hire arroyo? what a joke! they should had not go to the statistics and better they should have read israel gutierrez columns or your comments, because you both are a piece of work, hey bibby needs a vicepresident of his fan club because he has many fans as showed on his first game (and airball, sorry it is not his fault, was the wind factor), when he received an ovation of the heat fans, so he needs you 305 representer because israel gutierrez is the president of the fan club, at purpose heat fans,my condolences for your loss(I mean games, not arroyo) YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!

NVM y'all read what y'all want but nobody is answering the Will Arroyo be just relief for the Celtics PG's or did they pick him up because they needed Arroyo expertise in crunch time situations? If Celtics win the championship will it because Arroyo "steadiness" was that factor that will bring him over the top? Answer those questions honestly please! Prove that you Spanish fans aren't the most non-sensical, oversensitive, and emotional fans ever. Prove to me y'all don't make up words in y'all heads as you read these articles.

SVG said it best when LeBron came up with the Heatles name..."those guys must be pretty proud of themselves".

Well so much for the PG being the problem issue. We all know better now and some us knew all along. Think guys, look for the root cause, unfortunately it always leads back to the coach. Remember yesterday by half time the three stars had more points than the entire Chicago team. That is part of the root cause, think of successful teams such as Boston and the Mavericks, they nearly have two teams and can take their lead players out to rest them and bring them back fresh for the fourth quarter or rest them as the game goes. This coach does the opposite, he runs them to the ground and by the fourth quarter or before they are tire and it shows at close to the end of the game that they are playing with their hearts and their strength. When he took Arroyo out and then the center (don't want to even try to spell his name) he did not play them again, he don't believe in a healthy bench that can come in and continue the tempo and pace of a game, he rather burn out the main team and with his lack of coaching ability leadership and plays he just looks stupid as he see huge leads disappear and the other teams taking over the game.
Like I said various times you keep him and don't start working on the whole team concept then we are destined to loose in the division play offs besides loosing to the good teams as the season comes to an end...

Mike Miller is a white trash, hillbilly, no shooting, dirty, foul causing machine. He was grabbing, pushing and undercutting all game and the call on him was 100% a foul.

The pathetic Miami press & fans continue to blame the coach and the refs for the Heat's failures. Here are your problems: LeBron is not and has never been a clutch shooter at the end of games. Bosh is the softest big man in the NBA, both physically & mentally. Wade should not be taking a backseat to Lebron, this is Wade's team and he needs the ball at the end of games. Finally, GET A BENCH. You can't win with 3 players.

Dear Pat Riley (Coach fo Coaches),
Please rescue us...enough is enough, we all understand that Spo is a nice guy and that at your age coaching a team is not as easy as it was 20yrs ago...but, please this is your team and players with Lebron's personality don't listen to rookie coaches, these type of players want to be coach by the best...and they will listen because your resume and success is just way larger than theirs...please save us from all haters and avoid at all costs a force divorce between our top three...they'll grow tired and just quit if there's not clear always show a great respect for the military, well...let me tell you that their discipline is built with leadership...a great example is our very own military academies like West Point...where they forge and train all cadets everyday to lead our troops on the most extreme job on earth, where their life is at stake...

I really have a lot to say but im not. Thats what this organization, city, and coach gets for turning its back on Wade. Now they are right back to crying for Wade to come and save the day. Its funny how Momma always said life works. 305 you know better than to waste your time argueing with all of Arroyos family members who are going to be out in full force everytime we lose. Those are not Heat fans and are just Arroyo fans that need to now go over to the Irish Blog and see how stupid they really sound...

I am LeBron's biggest fan, so this is painful to ask, I want him to make the sacrifices for this team. I want him to not handle the ball stay on the blocks and get offensive rebounds, get steals on defense etcetera. Make passes that lead to assists. Having Wade and LeBron score collectively what they can both score individually is useless. The goal should be to create opportunities for their teammates, we know Wade and LeBron can score, the team needs points from everywhere else.

Also, the defense is mindboggling at times.Yesterday LeBron and Dampier were out at the top of the circle double-teaming Luol Deng, leaving Noah alone in the middle for a layup. Whey are you double teaming Deng and why so far away from the basket.

Also, how many offensive fouls on the pick and roll? Geez? Also, what does Ilgauskus add to the team? Let Bibby run the offense and take the ball away from Wade and LeBron. What are the offensive sets? Why is this team always leaving 3-point shooters all alone? These are great players but they need coaching as well.

Someone has to sacrifice for this team and instead of being like Pippen that player needs to be like Horace Grant or Dennis Rodman.

look guys we're ok... yes we lost a couple of games... ok... we can still go on a run and win a couple of games... stop the bs a get to work....

wade, main man, you are making it too easy on the defense, take it to them... bron, when you take it inside take one extra dribble pump fake and go up strong for the and 1... bosh, you have to get more physical inside and get to the line more.... where are the shooters... james jones what are you doing... miller stop crying and shoot the dam ball. i would sign curry and get pittman ready for the playoffs... it's gonna be a battle and we need some beef down low... for right now stop the talking and get to work guys... and why aren't we running more we can't be stop in the open floor... run dam it....7...tbc...

The Arroyo Curse. It already happened to Utah and Detroit.You never fire Arroyo.Heat is next.Celtics will win!!

hey sporty-j, you are right with what you said to 305 representer, instead to be arguing to all arroyo's family members you and him should be joining the chore of crying babies of miami heat players, we lose again..buu, instead to join the arroyo's family members who are laughin their guts out,ja..ja..ja..ja, sorry sporty-j but..YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!

why are you guys panicking like we are out of it man we are still celebrating we got these guys to play for our team dont forget that remember it took the great Michael Jordan a few years to get to the next level but we he got the team to win it all man he stop playing because it was too predictable who was going to be champion every year the chicago bulls now the story is diffent we have three great players just like mike show a lot of emotion for the game and they are not afraid of people knowing how they feel but the time is coming and when it happens becareful all you doughter out there you are going to need another topics to say bad stuff about our team maybe will be our mascot is to ugly or something like that man i been a heat fan since the bigging and we won a championship even we are a baby team compare to other teams that has been around the longest and still havent won one

the coach has to go, he must go, every loss he was outcoached, wrong plays at the wrong time ,too many mistakes

The world need to grow up! Basketball is a team sport, you cant blame one or two guys for a win or lost, you win as a team and you lose as a team. For people to say Miami is Wade team they are crazy or to say LeBron team etc- but thats the world we like to make the NEWS, more than what it is. Grow up and learn people, the NBA as always been hard to win know matter who is playing. Look at how many games Michael Jordon won by the skin of his teeth.

Israel Gutierrez was the baby you heard crying in the Heat locker room lol! Oh wait, how would he be allowed near an NBA locker room?

I now understand why the heatles were crying. They learned to cry after a loss from their fans.


Because you and your team are too stupid to figure it out I will use small words to help you understand: They will never beat good teams playing playground basketball.

Enjoy getting swept in the first round. Maybe next year you will wait awhile before annointing them champions and throwing a big party.

It's an X and O thing. I don't see picks being set, options beyond the ball hog dribbling the ball taking a shot. Look at teams that finish well, and they'll have a play and a strategy to get off a good shot, and also to have floor position to rebound and tap in a miss. The heat stand around the 3 point line and one of them tries to outquick the defender. Rarely works late in the game. That's why the heat need a coach.

Here's the problem. Our roster is trash! Bosh, Bron, and Wade thought they could play GM, and they are finding out they suck at it!
3 players with $300M in contracts = fun to watch against the weak teams but they will never be able to fill out the roster. After the Big 3 which players would play for a top 10 team?
Now they are wanting a do over of July 8, 2010. Wade to Bulls, Lebron stays home, Bosh chooses either Wade or Lebron. Heat will never be a dynasty as long as a salary cap is around.

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