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So how big a deal is this Heat acquisition of Mike Bibby, who you presume would be the team's starting point guard once he's ready?

Well, most people want to call it a minor upgrade over Mario Chalmers.

That's fair. It's not as if Bibby is the same guard he was five years ago, or even the same guy who averaged 16 and five in his first year in Atlanta.

However, the difference between Bibby and Chalmers remains significant enough that it can greatly affect the outcomes of games the Heat plays against the better teams in the league.

If you look at the Heat, the most important things a point guard can do to help is shoot the three well and not turn the ball over.

Well, in both those areas, Bibby is significantly better than Chalmers. Since Chalmers began starting this season, his assist-to-turnover ratio is 2.13 to 1, whereas Bibby's in his time with Atlanta this year is 2.87 to 1. And last season, his ratio was 3.4 to 1, which is very good for 80 starts on a playoff team. Bibby scream

This season with Atlanta, Bibby knocked down threes at a 44 percent clip, career-wise has shot 38 percent from three and last year in the playoffs was 54 percent from distance. Chalmers is at 36 percent for the year, 35 percent for his career, and he's right around that career mark (34.5 percent) since being named a starter.

Why are those differences so important? Well, for starters, the three-point number is a very big difference, and can easily mean the difference between a close game and a comfortable margin.

But overall, those numbers can translate into victories. Consider that the Heat's last six losses, all of them against winning teams, have come by an average of 4.0 points, and none of them have been by more than five points. By avoiding a turnover or two in those games, and making an extra shot or two, you easily could be talking about the Heat losing none of those games, or at least winning a few of them.

And in that case, we're not talking about the sky falling around this team.

Not to mention that, with that trust, the Heat can start a play late in games with Bibby rather than LeBron James or Dwyane Wade, therefore making both of them an option off the ball. That takes pressure off Wade or James to both create and finish when it matters most. That's not even taking into account that Chalmers has been better this year coming off the bench anyway.

As for the defensive side of the ball, yes, Chalmers is theoretically the better defender. But for every good play he makes, he also will commit a senseless foul or gamble for a steal and cost the team overall. Bibby at least knows his limitations. And as long as he understands the Heat's defensive system, he won't be a liability on that end while on the floor.

As for Troy Murphy, yes, that would've also been a big get for Miami, but only if he didn't mind playing some center and banging with bigger guys. Because at the PF spot, Chris Bosh will be taking up 36 to 40 of those minutes. With the Celtics, Murphy can play a tad more minutes at PF, because backup Glen Davis essentially moves to center at times anyway, and was going to be doing that a lot now that Kendrick Perkins is gone. But once Shaquille O'Neal is healthy, the Celtics are going to have to decide whether they want to stay big, meaning O'Neal on the floor heavy minutes, or go to a lineup that includes some combination of Murphy, Davis and Kevin Garnett on the floor. Theoretically, that would favor the Heat come playoff time because Miami can use a smaller lineup itself and still compete inside (that's assuming Udonis Haslem is healthy and can play 20-plus minutes by then). Of course, that would require limiting Davis, who's one of the newest Heat killers in the league.

The point is, Murphy makes the Celtics deeper and gives them a stretch-four, but that team will have to make sacrifices if it wants to make him a big-minute regular. The Heat, on the other hand, fills a need with Bibby without making any significant sacrifices.

As for Carlos Arroyo being cut, it would seem like an unfair/unprecedented act to cut the man who was once the starting point guard. But Arroyo has a history of falling out of favor with teams, whether it's because of his play or for being tough to deal with.

Could the team have cut Jamaal Magloire? Yes, but chances are the Magic would've picked him up for some depth at center. Could the team have cut Juwan Howard? Yes, but he shares an agent with Bibby, and knowing one of his own would get cut could've nudged Bibby in another direction.

Overall, the team had less reasons not to cut Arroyo, so that's where they went with it.



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I am very glad the Heat didn't cut Howard, the guy has been nothing but a class act since joining the Heat. He's always the first one out there during time outs hi-fiving the guys and you just tell that he brings those leadership qualities that you look for in a veteran, it's more valuable than any minutes he actually plays. I hope we keep a spot available for him as long as he wishes to remain in the league.

GG Carlos, thanks for the memories but I think Bibby / Chalmers will get the job done. Getting very excited about the post season, GO HEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It wont matter as long as the Heat cant stop the other teams PG
Bibby is a horrible defensive PG
Someone is going to have to step in and help that 6'11' SG or even more problems will occur as the season nears its end

I didn't see Arroyo making the same stupid mistake Chalmers make in every game, as far as fouls turnovers poor decision with the ball!! Not a field general poor ball placement
Spoel is a idiot anyhow!!

@ray give it a rest now Arroyo is not with the team anymore so you have no reason to post anymore. I'm surprise your not a NYK by now since Arroyo got cut.

Everyone bow there heads and let's have a moment of silence for Carlo's career....................................AMEN!.................I wil done SOMETIMES..........He was loved by LATINO fans and will be dearly missed BY LATINO fans and will be dearly missetd BY LATINO FANS.........There are no words to describe how good he was.............PROBABLY BECAUSE HE WASN'T THAT GOOD. He was ok. FANS.........There are no words to describe how FANS.........There are no words to describe how good he was.............PROBABLY BECAUSE HE WASN'T THAT GOOD. He was ok. Posted by: It didn't have 2 be this way | Wedn

I wonder if we expected a little too much from the Heat this season as far as dominating the league? Don't get me wrong I feel come playoff time it will come down to MIA, BOS, and at a lesser extent CHI (because they can't beat BOS). I think the way Boston dominated and won the first year they put the Big 3 together has put a smokescreen over us Heat fans. Boston had a great first year because the overall competition of the league was weaker. Remember Durant was a rookie, Kobe wanted out of LA, Rose wasn't in the league and PHX screwed up their team with the Shaq trade. I don't believe the Heat is underachieving I see them having their growing pains and success. Am I wrong about this?

First other teams have to make a decision to leave Bibby on that final play of games which will not happen. Second Lebrong or Wade will have the ball in their hands so who's to say they are going to pass it to him? Third why not just stay home on all the shooters, play good defense and wait for a center or PF like Amare to come from the weak side to block a shot. Be prepared to see Bibby posted up on a routine basis....

Israel you got your wish, Arroyo is gone. Now we have a good PG in Bibby. He will take the ball Away from Wade & Lebron and take us to the NBA finals. Ha! Ha! Ha!. The problem with Miami against better Teams is the Ball Hogging of Lebron, control that and we can beat those teams.

Gotta agree with @Lordjames here. With Bibby taking the Ball out of Lebrons Hands in the crucial minutes we shouldnt have to worry so much about "Hero Ball" as the media likes to call it.

Bibby is experienced and plays smart. Chalmers is nowhere near as experienced and makes at least 2-3 costly mistakes every game. To me, the biggest impact Bibby will have is that he's a true point guard who can command the offense, even with the presence of LeBron and Wade. As for Chalmers, it was obvious that LeBron and Wade saw him more as a liability, especially in late game situations. I've noticed on more than one occasion LeBron and/or Wade chastising Chalmers during a timeout or stoppage in play for committing a stupid play.

Whats going to happen down-low?
The 6'11 SG has already shown that he cant stop anyone on the postor even score from down there
So whats the Heats answer come playoff time down low

Wow!! Bosh can only do what james and wade allow him to do since they have the ball the majority of the time!! If bosh was selfish he could average more points and that not him, the man seems to really want to win(no he's not physical but add a power center and I'm sure he would look even better)! Amare would have been a problem and its apparent since melo has been in ny that he is second fiddle(I see problems down the road)!! As far as chalmers mishaps, I get madder at wade, he has just as many bonehead plays on defense as chalmers but we seem to let his fuckup slide! Its a team game and if you can get on a 3rd year player then he(anybody) should be able to take the blame as well!! Arroyo is no more than a 3rd pg on most teams anyway but we kept him b/c of the latin flavor and the fact he's from the area but don't try and compare him to haslem or even suggest he was the reason we started winning!! To my latin bruthas we were going nowhere with arroyo, just like you quick to want to say he was the reason we were winning, he very well was the reason we was losing(pg avg like 16 assist early on vs arroyo) let's keep it real! Not to mention we were blinded by the fact he was shooting at a career best but even that started to drop as the season continued! I like arroyo but he had to go and God bless him! If he as good as you think he is I'm sure another team will sign him!!

I thought Lebron came here so that he wont have to play 1 on 5 the way he had to in Cleveland. He needs to realize that he has teammates now and remember what playing 1 on 5 has gotten him so far. Stop trying to be Mr.Hero and they all need to trust in each other and set there egos aside or else they will be the laughing stock of the whole world...

and stop worry about that stupid Bias MVP trophy and worry about the Finals MVP trophy...

The Heat just proved that they will fall to one of the division top teams in the play offs. They will not make it to the final. Bad coach and bad decision. Lebron, Bosh and Wade will continue to hog the ball no matter who the point guard is and the coach cannot stop it or come up with plays to improve team work. Coach bought some more time by sacrificing Arroyo. Time will tell and Karma will collect in due time...

Bosh is a total waste of time for the Heat and sadly they are stuck with him
James is hurting the Heat at the end of games by his selfish me 1st type of play but Bosh is killing the team against the big boys of the league from quarter 1 until the end of the game
The worst FA signing of this offseason

Congratulations Israel, Arroyo is gone, no more posts from you putting CA down, I guess you are not puertorican. Bibby is a great catch for this team. I hope Miami gets rid of Chalmers. 4 years is more than enough to see that what you see is what you get our of Chalmers. A back up PG.

You get all these Bozo's with comments like "what are they going to do against the other teams point guard?" "and bibby can't low post" blablabla, Miami heat fans make me sick. What else could the heat do? Let's here from you geniuses! You beech about everything, whiney azzz fans. Your freekin lucky to have bosh and lebron and Bibby couldn't be sweeter. Look at old man billups, Jamier nelson blew past him like he wasn't even there and scored, over and over.

Heat fans SUCK! ok, i agree with the last poster.
These clowns would bitch with a tit in thier mouth. Never satisfied loserville Heat and doofin fans. If it ain't one thing it's the coach, or lebron, wade sucks too, and bosh was a mistake, Right? Bibby, the best point guard available passes up 6 mil. and you jerks complain about that. Why don't you switch teams if you don't like it.

@305- wade and james could've joined amare in new york or where ever but both wade bosh! Bosh is a guy who can play in and outside(more out though),is it his fault in the coach use him more up top than down low? All I'm saying is add someone that has low post skill and bosh game will look even better! How many games has bosh had great scoring games early for wade and james to forget about him later? The man is not selfish by default!!

My bad-meant wanted bosh!!

@ ray- this is chalmers 3rd year vs. Arroyo 8th! U call chalmers a backup, what the hell is arroyo(a career backup)? Also I've never heard of a reporter making decision on who comes and goes on a team!! I'm sure if the heat win a title this year he will get a ring too, but pat can't keep someone on the team b/c of his race, that's crazy! Even arroyo ppl came to see wade james bosh before they even looked his way! Like I said if he's that good, he will sign with another team, if not this arguement over arroyo becomes even more stupid!!

Hey 305 repo! Good luck with Chalmers the only reason he didn't get release is because of Lebron James but buddy!! And another thing bra!! I been a heat fans since the first game in the Miami Arena! And if you think

Chalmers is any Better you are as much of a idiot as Spoelstra!! I never said Arroyo was better than Bibby only better than your boy Chalmers! Arroyo would be better coming off the bench and handling the ball until Bibby rests.. Chalmers can't won't even start on another team I guarantee it only oversees.

And I don't give a F u c k who starts bra! my life don't revolves around the Heat! I love my Heat but I got a life!! The only thing I'm doing just like everyone else is give a opinion!

Israel is missing a very important piece of his analysis of a C's/Heat playoff matchup. Please explain to me how Bibby expects to guard Rondo? If there is one player who has smoked the Heat this year is Rondo and Bibby will have as much success as Chalmers and Arroyo, which is none.

There are two Ray on this post it's confusing Ray! So I don't know how to change it so I'm going to start by putting on the beginning of my posts PR that will be the difference between us thanks Ray!

@305 Representative
As the main promoter of the, anyone but Carlos crowd, you should be very happy but then again we all know that your attack on Carlos had nothing to do with B-ball but with your own mental condition (you Sick Puppieee!!!).

@ Israel
...As for Carlos Arroyo being cut, it would seem like an unfair/unprecedented act to cut the man who was once the starting point guard. But Arroyo has a history of falling out of favor with teams, whether it's because of his play or for being tough to deal with.
Is that your best shot??? Repeating the same mantra that has been proven wrong again and again??? Or are you just another Sick Puppy refusing to look at the facts?????
I guess Wade is lying when he says Arroyo “did nothing wrong” to be let go!!!!.

Bibby will not matter if Spo. continues to play Joel Anthony.

Joel Anthony is by far the worst F/C in the league, yet no one writes or talks about this.

I think the issue with this team is point and center but more importantly coaching. Not that I think spoe is a bad coach. I think he will be a great coach in this league eventually but right now I think he needs to be with a young team with players still developing so he can grow as they grow. I think with this team having these three guys he just doesn't have the pull to say what needs to be said and get his point across or the experience to know what to do in certain situations. Lebron has the potential to maybe be the most unstoppable player since Jordan.But he will never become that guy until he gets a coach that can sit down and say get off the perimeter and get your a$& in the post and stop taking so many 3's. Only a coach with clout can do this and that's why Mike Brown was never able to and why Spoelstra had the closed door meeting but still couldn't get through. Pat Riley really needs to come out of the sky box and coach this team if he wants his experiment to work.

is LEON POWE still available?


HE could be a good pick-up to us...

RILEY must waived or cut lose..............,

>juwan howard

LEON POWE could be an upgrade as back-up to BOSH...........


Lets go Heat!! screw all the bandwagoners, jump the fug off "from the 305"...Bosh was a waist of time and lebron is hurting the team??? What a complete jackass...was the nicks game the only game you've watched all year?? sheesh, i can't believe i have to defend my own team against our own so called fans...we are going to dominate the next 20 games and sweep everyone in the playoffs, there...

Wow sometimes I don't even enjoy reading this board anymore. Nothing but whiners, complainers, and haters. Between the coach bashers, the Arroyo bashers, the Chalmers bashers, the Lebron bashers, the Magloire bashers, and the Bosh bashers, etc, does anyone watch basketball because they enjoy it or because of all the things that they hate? In the age of the opinionated and enabled fans, does anyone just enjoy the team or watch the game?

The return of UD could be a HUGE key for the Heat. Usually foot injuries linger... so I fear his impact when he returns could disappoint but will look forward to his return. We could sure use his grit and toughness.

bibby will be able to slow donw rondo u know why, bibby is the real deal he ll find a way to help the heat go over the to the mba finals.That s all we need it. a pg who control the game we didn t have that s start tonight

Dam you bunch of suckers you choose bibby insted off Arroyo, i hope they never win a frickin game ever Arroyo did what coach spo said dont turn the ball over dont shoot just pass the ball and control the tempo,

although arroyo was limited, he should have stayed. chalmers should have actually BEEN TRADED before the deadline. he is in the same boat with beasley, he's had 3 years to get better and has not. his saving grace was probably the little defense he plays and bron taking him in as a buddy. chalmers's bball iq is horrible, even on defense. but i guess they figured that's 6 extra fouls at the guard spot

HollyHood... thats a pipe dream homie! bibby is too slow and doesnt play D... this isnt Bibby from the Kings days

Israel Gutierrez- nice try... nice way to try and twist the Heat losing out on Murphy to Boston. but i aint buying it!

"once Shaquille O'Neal is healthy, the Celtics are going to have to decide whether they want to stay big, meaning O'Neal on the floor heavy minutes, or go to a lineup that includes some combination of Murphy, Davis and Kevin Garnett on the floor. Theoretically, that would favor the Heat come playoff time because Miami can use a smaller lineup itself and still compete inside (that's assuming Udonis Haslem is healthy and can play 20-plus minutes by then).

the last post is right, Arroyo did what coach told him to do.
every time he would get the ball he would pass it, even if he was wide open. it was like a hot potato for him, he had to get rid of it.
Arroyo played a few good games for the heat, but he lost his job because he wasnt doing it. he was there to take care of the ball and shoot it.

thank god arroyo is out so we wont have to see him traveling before even making it to the other side of the half court lol

another problem is joel anthonny there playing him as if he is center quality , he is not!! with him on the floor theres more space to for other teams to drive it in our shot % drops because he cant commmit .....? am i wrong or wright , i think eric dampier and ilgauskis should play more minutes

the bibby pickup is a good move at this point of the season.... he doesn't have to be the best point in the league.... all he has to be is solid and be able to run the team on offense and let's help him on defense guys... this could be a perfect fit... he can still hit the open three and gets respect fromn the refs, i mean we need that going down the stretch... now i would sign eddie curry put him on a diet and in the gym and watch him star in the platoffs because he does have game.... now before yall just say thats one of my far fetched proposals or dum moves , i think yall should sit back and think for a minute and look at how all the other teams have been just abusing us down low and we just need a big that can play in some kind of fashion.... all year long i have been calling for pittman, this guy is pittman but he hasn't been playing and really i don't know why and really don't care... i seen him play in the past with the knicks and there was a time this guy was good... no injury no nothing... just sign him and get him in shape... thats it.... the nay sayers will talk but whats knew... just sign him....tbc...

Bibby, just like Chalmers and Arroyo isn't going to stop or even slow down Rondo, Williams, Chris Paul or any other of the really good PGs in the league, so defensively, its a wash. The HEAT plays the best team defense in the NBA, so not such a liability that Bibby cannot completely defend the pick and roll. What Bibby can do that Chalmers could not do consistently is hit the WIDE open 3-pt shot. Also, Bibby can bring the ball up late in games, something that no PG has done yet this season. I have a feeling that Bibby is going to have the same renewed energy that we're seeing out of Billups. The last few games, Billups has played like he did 5 years ago in Detroit. He was good in Denver but no where as dominating as the past few Knicks games.

i hope the heat burn in hell

It's funny how Riley keeps getting players he was high on earlier in their careers and gets them when they come cheap by flashing his rings. Seriously no sarcasm Riley is the Man

Joel Anthony is not a great center, but he is the best defensive center the heat got, he might not score, but he creates a lot of fastbreak points for the heat with his blocks and he is very quick defending the wing and closing out. He did a great job on Amare, and he affects a lot of shots just by his presence.

beerphin, you noticed that too..he wanted Juwan howard, even got him til the tampering thing and then he gets him in old age. He got Shaq and Payton (Shaq had one more year to look like the old Shaq), two players he coveted. its funny...he's passes these players because he knows the values of players then goes after them after they are hobbled and pass their prime...that's funny...

I think this could end up being a good move in the long run..

well, if all thats true than pick up curry and stop listening to the nay sayers who where desprate and curry's washed up and all that crap because the spurs are about to pick him up and he'll play big for them watch... maclore hasn't done nothing all season... hell i would have went after butler too....

Israel, you're full of it!!!! that being's to may be a superstar...but your tweet about being at WAR and your SOLDIERS don't ring well with me and I'm sure those of us who have been at a "REAL WAR", those of us who have lost "REAL FRIENDS & SOLDIERS" to enemy fire!!! YOU MAY KNOW BASKETBALL, BUT YOU DON'T KNOW JACK ABOUT WAR OR SOLDIERS!!!!

As for those Lebron fans, honestly, you shouldn't accept a comment like that either...that's straight up disrespectful not only to those of us who served in actual combat, but especially, to the family of those who gave their lives so that LEBRON can play NBA and make a living playing that sport.

Shame on you LEBRON! What a dumb @SS!!!!

Mario who!! That sucks Balls can't hit a shot if his life depended on it... Straight up garbage!! Eddie house should be coming out the bench for his brother-law not Mario!

haa...Dampier proves his worth, but Joel Anthony will continue to get most of the minutes...

Same trend, different game: Heat go up big, but should have fixed this by now.

Miami and the Knicks had the most boring offense in the league back in the day. The games was always ugly no matter who they played. The crowd was always electric though. Pat Riley knew how to work the crowd and motivate his player. He knew how to kick em in the azz when they had a mental lasp. He knew how to ride those refs and get home field advatage against whoever we played. We always scored after a time out. We executed in crunch time and closed out games we had won. Fast forward 10 years and you will see a dead crowd, dead players and a dead coach.You will see inconsistentcies,mental breakdow
ns,no home field advantage with the refs,lack of execution for about a third of game and excuses....excuses and more excuses. Its hard to consistently look like the best team in the world for two thirds of a game only to lose because you play like garbage in the other 3rd of the game. In previous years, its been hard to see us blow teams out only to get blown out in other games. Its been hard watching players look like allstars in some games and D leaguers in others. Its been hard watching this coach, coach this team for the last 3 years.

As soons as we can get to House backing up Bibby, the better off we will be.Chalmer shot open brick after open brick. He needs a trophy of a brick that folds and always stay open. Hell if it was me I would have started Bibby in the 2nd half. He played well in that 2nd quater. Everybody but Spo could see Chalmers was in self destruct mode and needed to blow up on the pine. He and Joel are like diseases that spread to the rest of the team.There is no cure with Spo as the coach.

I think Spo needs to forget about minutes and rotations before the opposing team builds momentum. I believe Spo just waits too long before he makes adjustment with a big lead. Also why does it take the team to take the lead before the Heat gets serious?

Spoelstra doesn't handle adversity very well, when a team is mounting a come back Spoel doesn't know what player to bring in, what combos on the floor together time out to regroups he makes bonehead moves in critical pates of the games and I notice when the heat are on a nice run he sits down the guys that made that run happen I don't get it guys I don't!!

i just wonder why PAT RILEY did not cut... JUWAN HOWARD & MAGLOIRE..... & make a push on LEON POWE....... HE'S STILL AVAILABLE...

JUWAN & MAGLOIRE are just sitting never played contribute nothing on the team.......

LEON POWE would be huge to us a better back-up pf... defensive skill set is far better than JUWAN / MAGLOIRE...



im glad the heat lost last night after 24 points lead,the heat sucks spoeltra sucking b a s t a r d and riley to im happy they will loose against the SPURS tonight, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha miami heat sucks sucks sucks,that happen when you dont have a natural point guard like ARROYO you morons.

Miami will never win a champ unless they trade one of the super star,,, I have said this since beggining of the season, two super star and 8 more good players win champs but 3 super star and 7 bad player will never win in the nba... And by the way blame Arroyo for yesterday lost,,,, Bibby is too old and it will not help miami at all...

damn.... there a league sources at espn that LEON POWE choose to sign at MEMPHIS.......

another good prospect & a buy-out player RILEY has missed to have on our team this season.............

with the heat roster:
>joel anthony
>juwan howard
>jamal magloire





feeling that first round playoff knockout

FIRE SPORON! What a joke! Mario Chalmers is such a loser. I can't believe the Heat cut Arroyo over that bum. 2-11 from the floor last night killed us. Idiot SPORON can't keep a lead or win against a tought opponent to save his life. Mr. Gutierrez what happened to your boy Chalmers? That piece of garbage will be in playing in China soon. He will never have a career as good as Arroyo. Riley should just step in and fix this mess.


HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! wooohooooo!!! yes!!! Lebron you were's about time!! I told you all....Bibby was traded by Atlanta for lack of ofense....OMG...hey that Arroyo guy is costing the Heat games...get rid of him for the new PG...Oh wait...the new guy sucks too!!!

lol people are happy that the Heat are losing because Arroyo was cut. It must proves their point that Arroyo was the best player in the league. Why be Heat fans? You do know there's a league in Puerto Rico right? You'll have 8 teams or so to cheer for and you'll never be disappointed at who plays down there.

Y'all are right tho Arroyo does have experience at stopping 24 point meltdowns and leading his teams to NBA championships.......oh wait he doesn't lol

@Representer - well the truth of the matter is that the Heat problem was never at the PG position and Bibby is not the solution to the problem there either.

Spo has no control over the elite 3, they can do whatever they want and there's nothing that he and Riley can do about it. That alone will cost them a trip to the finals - don't believe me? Well, sit down and watch.

As for Arroyo, he was the only true PG on that team, no if's or but's about it.

Yeah well my point is if the Heat needed a "true" point guard at Arroyo level to win a championship than the Heat weren't going to win this year anyway. The same goes for Chalmers or Bibby at that matter. These role players are here to be a supplement to the Big Three. I'm sure LAL wasn't going into the season saying I hope Fisher has big year. LAL were probably saying to themselves I hope Fisher hit 2 or 3 clutch shots again. So harping over non-factor players is so retarded. The got rid of Arroyo because Bibby does what Arroyo does even better. But between Arroyo and Bibby none of those two do what Chalmers does point blank. Why have 2 over 30yr old point guard on your team? So your going to go with the former all star pg who has a pedigree and shoots over 40% in 3's for his career (not the season but his career!)

Daaaaaaaaaaaaaa Bulls. Thank you to Lebron and D Wade for choosing Miami and ruining any chance at chemistry rather than come to Chicago and screw ours up. How in the world do the Heat pay that much for three players and not realize they wont have enough for a decent bench? Really stupid, good luck in the playoffs guys.

DRose your a idiot the only reason you guys have beaten us is because of Spoelstra stupid a s s rotation and poor play calling with minutes left! But it's ok bro! You guys can beat Boston either or Magic or Knicks!!!

The only reason I'm not saying we can beat you guys is because our coach not the players!!!

305 repo!!! Your are a idiot if you think Chalmers is going to be a good player in this league he is a end bench player or a water boy!!! The guy needs to go far far away to never never land!! LMFAO!!

The problem is not the bench. It is too many superstars on one team with big egos. Look at last night Wade and James have enormous 1st halves. Come out for 2nd half and what do they do. Start feeding Bosh. Even Reggie Miller said, the big 2 has to get the other one going. Well you know what last night was not the night to get him going. You stay with what works. Some nights feeding Bosh will work, some nights Wade will be hot and some nights James and on and on. Problem here is they feel like the 3 of them need to have it EVERY NIGHT and they cant. Let the other players play. Let the team be a team. This is 2 to 3 people on 5 every night. Wade also needs to learn how to shoot free throws. I would rather have Dampier or Anthony at the line in an end of game situation than him. Absolutely PATHETIC a player making that much money can be that bad at the line!!!

When did I say Chalmers was going to be anything in this league? Reading comprehension skills go a long way. All I said was Chalmers has a different skill set compare to Arroyo/Bibby. So a team would want two different type of skill sets coming from their pg positions. You are an Arroyo family member ain't you!!! Your name is Ray Arroyo isn't it? That's the only reason I'm sitting here arguing with people rooting for a career bench player that never did anything significant in this league.

Another clunker from LaBrick
The Heat are desperate and LaClank is making it even worse on them
Its useless even picking on how bad Bosh is anymore. Its just to obvious to everyone what a mistake it was to sign him
Its either put the ball in DWades hands at the end of games or continue to struggle like this against above average teams
Since so many people think so highly of Riley then he should sit down LaClunk and inform him that he is not going to be the go to guy and if he doesnt like then tough sh**

i think people are getting nuts because people are talking in deffense of arroyo your dam right he could not be the answer but control the tempo of the game and not letting a melttdown loosers,and you heatfan you said he didnt did anything significant for a carrer bench player,right cus they never give him the oportunity to play the entire game you dumb a s s, im happy they keep loosing the rest of the season.

Love it how people talk trash about Arroyo. Granted his defense wasn't great, yet he wasn't a human-turnover like Chalmers. 2 games in, Bibby has done nothing, no defense,no ofense..nothing. We needed Arroyo for some stability....

Well, it paid to see the faces of the three stars in the bench and definitely Spo's I am screwed face... Lucky for him that Arroyo was all to blame and by getting rid of him and getting Bibi he was okay. Ahhhhhhhhh!!!! Like I said, he got some extra time with that move but karma will catch up to him and it looks like it will be sooner than he thinks. Again, he don't have the experience or plays under pressure, cannot control his three stars and is the real problem. Bibi looked worse than Arroyo last night and proved the root cause is deeper. Oh well what comes around goes around. And please stop listening to Gutierrez, same coach, no chance at getting out of division playoffs. Before he continues sacrificing good players and ruining careers, get rid of him!!!!

By the way this loss to the Spurs has to be the worse and most embarrassing one in a long time.

Ok, Gutierres, Carlos is not in your team now, aunque eres latino como Carlos, solo sabes criticarlo, pero te pregunto,,,a quien firmaran ahora despues de Biby, a Michael Jordan o a Kobe para poder ganar el campeonato, tienen 2 derrotas, y tu bien sabes que los numeros de Arroyo, antes de sentarlo en el banco, eran superiores a Mario, los numeros son los que hablan

pero no te preocupes por Carlos Arroyo, ya lo firmo Boston, los que van a eliminar a los Heat

This is a very stupid column out of reality. Ok Maimi stupid move to get Bibby why you get Bibby and sign him as free agent, if you think he is going to make the team better why then you dont sign him with a 2 or 3 years contract. To fix this team you need a Jason Kid ar a Rondo or a Steve Nash or a JJ Barea or Fisher. all this PG have leadership and make big Basckets when the team needs one. So Israel Gutierrez dont be stupid you said that Bibby with his 44 % shooting was the best % for Maimi at this moment. Dont be so stupid Arroyo had 44% from 3 poiners and 46% from the field. So who you are trying to confuse not me. you know that Bibby is not going or wont help this team. You are covering what this team did to a player that had a 44% 3 points baskets and 46% from the field. Bibby has a 37% 3 points and dont hve deffence and is slow very slow. Arroyo was quick and fast.So i dont understand you.

The coach or coaches have not been able to come up with a substitution and/or time out scheme to stop the opponents from pouring it on and on and coming back on them to erase Heat's large leads, as Orlando did , as Utah did, and others have done. It seems that if the opponents are shooting well from long range, the HEAT players just take it up the kazoo and will not make an effort to stop it, as if, oh well, nothing we can do about that good shooting. And the coaches can not inject players into the lineup to change the pattern and stop the bleeding. How about a quick time out when sensing a catastrophe coming?

The coach will not dare take Chris Bosh out for a play or two when better defense is needed. Bosh is a country club type of player. He just does not play hard or foul hard.

Bosh should have never been in the last shot situation when a 3 point is needed to extend the game into overtime. Spolstra does not dare take him out when he clearly does not add anything at that juncture of the game.

The starting center selection is puzzling from game to game... I know that they have beaten the dogs of the league but all the better teams have handled the HEAT schemes easily. It seems to me that one center should start and not a different one every game.

Wade's game is regressing. His man scores at will and he is gambling on defense rather than playing face up defense. He is very erratic and a prolific complainer to the referees. A cry baby and a turnover machine who can't make free throws anymore.

Instead of grinding it and driving it to the paint where they can score easily or draw fouls, they continue to try jump shots rather than make the other team work hard inside the paint. You have HEAT stars passing off shots to questionable bench players. The team overpasses. Heat players drive inside and when you think they are going to score with a dunk or a layup, they inexplicably pass it outside for a long range jumper.

Bosh is soft and he is no power forward. I had not seen him play before this year and I thought that he was a superstar but he is not a superstar. He is one of the most overpaid player in the league.. Again, it is shameful to call this guy a power forward. He is basically a face to the basket jump shooter and that is all his game. He can not grab rebounds when playing the top teams.

The gigantic problems at point guard and center are a giant hemorrhage. Nobody can defend at guard in this Heat team. The money spent on Bosh, should have been spent on getting better players at point guard and center

LeBron, looks like you made the wrong "Decision". You had a much better team around you the last two years. Hope you are getting lots of Latinas though. The grass isn't always greener.

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