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What's Durant's deal?

Breaking down Kevin Durant's misguided anger.

"I was talking to my teammate and (Chris Bosh) decided he wanted to put his two cents into it."

Durant angry Well, you were talking to your teammate while right next to Bosh, and you were essentially saying "next time, dunk it on him," which in any basketball game, whether it be at the park or in an NBA arena, will draw a reaction. So Bosh was just doing what anybody else would probably do in that situation.

"I am a quiet, laid-back guy, but I'm not going to let nobody talk trash to me."

Again, many would consider what you said talking trash, so it could easily be argued that you began the trash talk. Bosh has never been one to get into it with guys without being solicited.

"He's on a good team now, so he thinks he can talk a little bit."

Huh? Too much wrong with that sentence to even make sense of it. Think Bosh really felt empowered by his team's record, and that's why he defended himself in that moment? Think he would've just kept walking if he was still with the Raptors?  Bosh o

"There are a lot of fake tough guys in this league and he's one of them."

There are a handful of fake tough guys in the NBA, not a lot. But even if there were, Chris Bosh is on that list??? Really?!?!?

Bosh is a lot of things. He's professional. He's articulate. He's a good shooter. He's interesting to watch when he's gently backpedaling down the court after a made basket. But he's certainly not fake tough. Because to be fake tough, you actually have to put on a tough act. And Bosh doesn't do the looking tough thing. He normally just goes about his business, occasionally dropping a loud scream when he dunks on someone. But fake tough? That's semi-ridiculous.

"I'm no punk... Like I said, he's not one of those guys I look at and say he has a rep for talking back to guys or getting into it. He's a nice guy. I'm not going to let that type of person say something to me like that."

So, hypothetically speaking then, if a guy who has a reputation for talking trash, a guy who's not so nice, walked by and said the exact same thing to you, you'd allow it to happen without a retort? In that scenario, you would allow yourself to be punked? But a nice guy isn't allowed to speak to you without you getting in his face and then ripping him to the media? That makes a whole lot of sense, especially since you yourself are among the nicest guys in the league, so you should know that it probably takes just the right comment for a nice guy to respond the way Bosh did.

This was one of the most senseless outbursts I've ever heard, and it's surprising that it came from someone like Durant. But then again, if he's going to take a verbal swipe at someone, it should probably be at someone like Bosh, because Bosh is probably too much of a pro to keep something silly as this going.

It will be interesting, though, if these two are on the Olympic team together next summer.


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It was a little strange for Durant to say that, but I think you're defending a little too hard here. We're all Heat fans, and I think most Heat fans really like Chris Bosh, but coming to his defense this aggressively makes us look a little desperate.

When you snap at someone like that with that type of overreaction, especially in Durant's case, it would seem there's some issues that were deep down waiting to come out. I'm sure there's a lot of jealousy among NBA players, when it comes to Bosh, that he's "along for the ride". Whatever the case may be there has to be more going on there.

Btw, I get a real sense of comfort when I see Bosh out there on that floor. I'm glad to have him back and aside from the momentarily ridiculousness that Lebron and Dwayne can have, Bosh is the most important player on the team.

Its not about defending Bosh. I lost respect for KD when he said all that crap after the game. He is a villian to me the next time he comes to Miami. Hopefully our fans will start giving these guys the same treatment LBJ gets on the road. Treat KD like the lil punk that he is.

I agree. It's not about entirely defending Bosh. It's about Durant just saying things for no reason. I agree with every part of that breakdown, especially the part about KD calling Bosh a fake tough guy. That phrase gets tossed around all the time, and sometimes it's right. But Bosh? When has he ever pretended to be fake. he's a nice guy and he always comes across as a nice guy.
KD's words made no sense. And we don't look "desperate" because of what Izzy wrote.
Matter of fact, people around hte country probably like what KD is saying, and that he's standing up for himself without really reading into what he's saying and recognizing he's out of line. I think this is a good way to point that out. As usual, there's too much negativity going on toward the Heat, so people here in So Fla need to offer some perspective. this was well done.

i think we all should defend bosh.... he's our guy and we support our guys.... but durant is a young star and he should stand up for his teamate and thats all this is... let's move forward... we have more to look forward to than this... we're trying to get ready for titles not fights....

and bosh should be an all-star.....

i hope we get those calls come playoff time... let's just call that the durant treatment... jeezz...

who ever this guy israel ........hold on to your day job this lets me know how out of touch you really are...You dont know Kevin and certainly dont know basketball

Durant+Westbrook = overrated.
OKC is not going anywhere with this pair of subpar "stars".

All I know is that our players have been poorly treated in opposing gyms. It has created a environment that most teams would crumble under. Opposing team's fan really be having there arena rocking. Maybe they are on to something. Maybe just maybe ,we out to be unreasonable and nickpick at every lil thing like they do. Maybe just maybe we can use hate as a motivating factor into making our arena uncomfortable for the opposing teams. Other teams look to comfortable in our arena and fan intimidation is none existence. I'm mad as hell and hyped up about this. If I went to the next game, I would use it to support my team and give them a true home court advantage. Is that so bad or would that be better than what we got if we had 20000 fans fealing the way I feel?

bosh is the is riding the hype and should look from outside the fabricated shell he is playing in.

that will be all the pub. he gets this season. bosh is a overpaid pogostick who tried to act tough cause he is on the bought team.

hhey heat fans how rewarding will it be to try and purshase a championship. thats why we love our spurs, true ballers not plastic.

oh boy, I love when people try to talk about the Heat "buying the team" when our payroll is actually a few million dollars less than the Spurs (which I guess is your team although you were too bored with your life to stick to their decided to come post something on a Heat board....pathetic) almost $30 million less than the Lakers payroll, and about $20 million less than Boston's payroll....look into these things before you open your mouth man...

could you imagine how good the Heat would be with another max player and then another guy making about $10 million a year? Unstoppable....and the argument is even dumber because it's not like the Heat prevented any other team from doing the same thing....this isn't baseball, there is a salary cap and a luxury tax and we are actually below the luxury tax (I don't think a team has ever won a title with a payroll that is below the luxury tax).

Dam Tony, he made you sound dumber than you actually look. Just when you think da impossible can't be done, someone always surprise you.

Only 10 teams in entire league have smaller payrolls than Miami.

How many have higer?

This is hilarious! We have a Spurs fan on our message boards?! LOSER! haha. I love it!

Bosh - he's got class and doesn't need to talk trash to the media. KD sounds like a sour loser and without anything else to say after the loss(which really hurt him by what he's saying). LOVE IT!

"RuPaul of Big men" -nuff

thats true... this payroll isn't as high when you look at other top teams in the league... just think if we could add another player or two... i see 70 wins baby...anyway... and to that spurs fan, we play yall twice this season... now yall have the best record in the league right now, let's see what happens... give yall some credit because yall are winning... but don't come on here trying to start shit with us though... we aint having that... but hey, cavs tonight lets keep the winns coming.... 60 wins would be a good first season, maybe we can do better... can't waist games like this one plz get this win...

Chris Bosh=NBA All-Star on & off the court

Lets not blow this out of proportion. Even Bosh said it didn't even warrant a technical. I don't get the hype on Westbrook, but Durant is not "subpar". The dude can play, led the league in points last season, he had more than OUR Wade, and Lebron. So give credit where credit is due, Durant is gonna be a superstar...and like it or not OKC is one big guy away from being a championship contender. They have a bright future.

Kevin Durant is not the brightest kid in the world. I remember the panel of college football live on ESPN making fun of Durant for one of his tweets proclaiming that Jacory Harris could be better than Terrell Pryor at the beginning of the 2009 season when Jacory actually was playing better than Pryor. Rece Davis mockingly responded "you think, Kevin?" Durant's retort to this Rece Davis comment on twitter? "What's Rece Davis' problem? He looks like George Clooney anyway, LOL!!" Kevin, for future reference, if you wanna insult somebody, don't say they look like one of the most desired men by women. This kid doesn't get it. He should stay shut, much more likable that way.

Chris Bosh is a Gentleman and a Scolar, and definitely an NBA All-Star!

Also, when you add all their young talent to their fans who get the place rocking every game... they will be a force to be reckoned with. It's sad tha OKC fans blow us out of the water.

Durant isn't saying anything that isn't well known already.

Bosh talks a big game now that he's on the Miami Lebrons. Where was the billy bigmouth act up north?

Jealousy gets you know where; and that's where KD and OKC going come playoff time.But,"next time dunk it on him," that's trash talk punk!

Hey Steve! Go chat at the knicks app not the heat we are real fans that standup to their teams not bad mouth our players! So stay off this app this is for real Heat Fans!!

F u c k the New York Knicks suck suck suck just like the Jets!!

Did Bosh steal his girl?

Durant is just as soft if not softer than the softest player in the league! like i said before the only players we know will bump are artest,steven jackson and kenyan martin,so until proven otherwise all of them are soft! its funny how the national media(espn) had durant whippin bosh, anything to keep shit going

lol. durants pi$$ed cause Joel Anthony blocks the sh!t of of him. (when he went up for the dunk)

Kevin Durant, pull that shit with Chris Bosh of all people. lol You got Mr. Dade County And Bron Bron there and you go after Bosh. lol that's funny. I don't care who you are if someone say they gonna dunk on you, your not going to accept that shit. it's call being a man. This whole thing is ridiculous. Him being on Toranto the worse team in the league, but he made the all sta team 4 or 5 times in Seven years. yeah okay that's right he SUCK. lol Kill yourself for being so dumb. The boy got game. Durant is a good player but he is just as soft as bosh. lol They kill me. WHen has Chris Bosh ever claim to be a tough guy. lol........ Now Joel Anthony that Tough, D wade that's Tough, Haslem that TOugh. lol. He mad because he lost that's all. Bosh could be successful on any team in this league. He just wanted to come to a winning team. That's signs of being smart. In not ignorant who wants to play for 15 years and not when a damn ring. Do you want to be like Barkley. In be bitter Hell No. Those 3 guys are all smart for joining forces. In the rest of the League are just HATERS.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Except the other quality teams in the league.... Excluding the OKC Thundering Durant's lol.

Perhaps KD needs 2 play in the league a lil bit longer than 2, 3 years, b4 he goes running off at the mouth against a 7 time all star such as Bosh!!! He overstepped his boundaries, I bet he wouldn't say that about Kevin Garnett!!!!!

i think KD is getting arrogant.

i just can't believe he called bosh a fake tough guy. Bosh is a great basketball player. definitely a tough guy.

even you're not a heat fan. the words that durant said is just harsh. I think he's mad at bosh for something. I think the KiD is getting arrogant.

Breaking down Isreal Gutierrez's misguided writing style...what should I write tomorrow Miami Heat brass? LeBron is gold, Bosh is tough, Wade is what again.

@Paul - before you start writing about someone's writing style(I don't always support Israel's pieces), pay attention to your grammar skills kid. Wish I could understand what you were trying to say.

@ Wade, (Proper Grammar)???

Not a kid, but thanks for the compliment. Grammar, blog, really??? I see about 10-15 posts above mine that were not grammatically correct, however you single out mine. guess is that you just didn't like me pointing out the fact that this writer seems to have a slight bias in his writing (Slight was sarcastic in case you didn't follow) Well his job is to feed the masses to get hits, so enjoy. Next time for you,I will work hard to make sure it is grammatically correct for you to help in your understanding. Have a good one.

what yall takin bout???

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