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Highlight game

There wasn't much to gain in this game against the Cavaliers on Monday. There was more danger, in fact, as James Jones was saying before the game, because the Cavs were a mostly young group that would play hard throughout.

So it's almost not surprising that the Heat let an early 19-point lead dwindle to three points in the third quarter. But it didn't take long at all for that to grow back to 20 and then 30, giving the Heat starters time to rest in the fourth quarter. Wade hand

Looks like Dwyane Wade's wrist is feeling OK. He had an impressive stretch in the second quarter, during which he hit a three-pointer on his way to 26 first-half points.

Wade and LeBron James continue to build a great chemistry, with probably the best highlight of the game coming when James collapsed the Cavs zone only to find a cutting Wade for a nasty baseline dunk.

The Cavs weren't a very big team, but the Heat's rebounding was still impressive, with Mike Miller fighting for a handful of rebounds on his way to 11, and Zydrunas Ilgauskas tipping his way to a season-best 14 boards.

It's quite clear the plan is to keep this rotation for the rest of the season, with Miller, Eddie House and Jones taking the perimeter minutes off the bench.

The only change-up that can occur down the road is when the Heat can't afford to go small at the four spot. That could mean minutes for Juwan Howard, and ideally, a healthy Udonis Haslem.

The Heat can probably afford to stay small when the reserves are in Thursday against the Magic, because outside of Dwight Howard and Brandon Bass, the Magic don't have much size inside. In fact, Ryan Anderson has been playing backup power forward and center at times.

That should be a great game to watch, and the Heat should be rested and prepared following a day off Tuesday and a full practice Wednesday

(well, a couple of those Wade finishes were worth remembering).the


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I wish Spo would stop taking DWade out when he gets into that groove. The game would've potentially been over if he didn't kill the team momentum in the 2nd qtr. I hope the Heat play the type of defense against the Magic like they did in their first match up. I believe shutting down Hedo and Nelson is the key to winning the game.

Yes I hate that too!! Taking D-Wade out when he's on a roll. Then the offense beings to sputter and what was a 8 point lead is a 2 point lead at half, or at the end of the 3rd all because he wants to get Wade rest before he takes Lebron out the game to being the fourth.

It cost us a game against Atlanta and New York I believe.

I thought I was the only one who noticed that.

Like D-Wade can run off 10 straights points. Then once he turns the ball over, if its less then 4 minutes left in the second and third, he gets taken out. Smh. Lol.

Spolestra to Wade.. "ok thats enough points for you, time to come out".. and he only scores 8 points for the rest of the game.

Luv 'n what mike miller brings to the table! aye to all you arroyo lover, i guess he too is human? house needs to do more drive and kicks also(made some nice assists)! are we not getn the calls when james and wade attack the rim(are they being singled out),this is a shame the contact they are being force to absorb!! s/n: pooooooorrrrrrrrrr cavs=cant win from losing! luv'n it too!!

Let' Go Heat... Win or Lose. Spo will get it figured out one day and Wade will too when he learns to waves him off. But maybe he's doing it because Lebron complained they shouldn't be playing as many minutes as they were.

Fools Gold. This is the type of game where Spo should play Dampier more. Look at the stats of his favorite hustle player - Joel Anthony. In 25 minutes of playing time, he had no points, no rebounds, 1 block shot and 2 personal fouls. I will keep this up until the playoffs when Spo's regular season foolishness will be exposed. Play Dampier/Pittman/Magloire NOW. Get them ready for the coming battle with the Celtics or Chicago.







pg chalmers / house
sg wade / *oj mayo
sf lebron / miller
pf bosh / *thompson (c) / haslem (injured)
c dampier / bigz / pittman

^sasha pavlovic sg/sf UFA
^own 2nd rnd pick 2010:
>jarvis varnado pf
>da'sean butler sg

on crunch time:
>wade pg
>mayo sg
>lebron sf
>bosh pf
>thompson c
*it defend on opposing team match-ups...


I think Bosh's rep is pretty solidified as someone who is soft - that's the perception out there shared by fans, most of the media, and apparently most NBA players. When you got Durant, Nice guy #1, calling you out..., people have no respect for you.

Bosh consistently moves out of the way when someone comes in for a dunk, and rarely contests lay-ups at the rim. He does not protect the paint. He is no Zo, and no Udonis, or even Grant Long or PJ. So Durant was basically stating what everyone already knows, you can dunk on Bosh because he will let you... Until Bosh get's in there and starts doing some dirty work that perception is not going to go away. And specifically it needs to happen against Kevin Garnett (not a very nice guy) in the playoffs...

hey rockstar i agree with your trades but lets keep james jones we need him shooting the three for us... and maybe give both teams a draft pick and cash.... but yeah i think both of these guys would help this team too... some one call pat riley we have a trade proposal that makes sense... sound the alarm.... get it done... ha ha... good win guys... magic are playing solid ball... we have to attack big dwight... get him off the flooor... then we play our game and make it look good... where they messed up is trading their big to the suns.... but hey... less work for us... i would like to see more pick and roll with either wade and bron or bosh and bron or wade and bosh... at times just playing ball with scorers and not having a true pointguard looks more affective than with one on the floor.. ok we don't have one but still... it's working... hey the bulls ran ron harper as they're pointguard... hint, hint... can yall say mayo.... the way i would do it is trade for thompson now and wait until mayo's about to return from his suspension and then trade for him... but right now would be better because they know his value is down and he is still a upgrade and we could still use him.... and it would make our team deeper.... if ud could make it back this season that would be great too... i still feel this first we can it... even the celtics don't really scare me... let make those trades plz....

I don't think Bosh cares what people say. People been calling Bosh soft and frail since he was drafted. He said he put on weight last year so he stop getting pushed around in the paint but said the weight made him too slow. Also Bosh is no Zo but Zo is no Bosh same goes for Haslem. Bosh is a good defender he's just not an intimidator and a block machine but he does rotate and close out on pick and rolls.

bosh is good... thats why i say add pittman and trade fo thompson... if ud comes back before the playoffs, ok... but thats not bosh's roll... he a star... his all around game, his mid-range jumper, getting to the line more would help his sroring, attacking the rim wouild too... but playing big down low isn't needed from bosh... these three have to play their games the way they have been.. nut 305 what do you know?

there's a couple of offensive sets i think would make things eazier for us... 1: the pick and roll... 2: back cuts off screens.. 3: drive and either the alley-oop or the kick th a three point shot... 4: getting pittman or thompson on the block... there has to be some one down there but not one of the big three... 5: miller, you are a good three point shooter, just take the shot... don't drive and get hurt... take the shot... same with jones...6: getting ti the line more has to be a focus... we have to shoot better free throws.... and more of them... 7: if the bench could prove us with 35 to 40 a night combined with 15 to 25 rebounds and 10 assits and 3 blocks and 4 steals them we're in good shape.... the three stars will do they're part but this is more aboout the team... and we need a team to win it all... i also heard in a game last that nene wants to be a heat when he become free this summer... add peitrus and dalembert, and where stacked... these twoo trades would help this year, would makes things a little more solid all around...

@Black I swear I just said the same damn thing about appreciating Bosh for who he is. Also would you shut up about Thompson he's an undersized center who plays better at the 4 spot. Also his defense help/iso is nothing to brag about the Heat already have Haslem to do what Thompson does dick! To keep it simple somebody like Dalembert, Nene or Chandler who are FA after this season are better sized and contract doable. Players we might have to wait on after this season. Why don't you stop naming names and get NBA league pass and research some of these players you list. Then get yourself into an ESPN fantasy league and construct your all-star team there!!!!

Fucking dude keep naming Thompson when he doesn't even play the center position for the team he's on!!! We already have pittman waiting in the wings why would Thompson frog leap him? Then he names Mayo to be the Heat pg when Mayo already proved to Memphis he wasn't a pg last season. Never mind that he plays the same position as Wade and there's not enough shots to go around as it is and Mayo sucks at catch and shoot. Mayo sucked at pg so much Memphis went out and drafted another fucking pg.

Calm down 305 I swore I wasn't going to let Black the trucker and Rockstarjc get me mad this season. I swear to myself damn....

Black the trucker and Rockstarjc y'all won!!! Not too many people can go against common sense and pull out a victory but y'all did. Now anymore you say will just be overkill just take the trophy and walk away from your computer or mobile device.

well, i already do and make trades already.. but thompson could backup bosh now and make us deeper if ud comes back... and because i'm a heat fan i post those same thought to help put it in the mind of heat fans and team who might be on the blog with us... but 305 you like to attack people and i dont like that about you so when i come at you thats why i say, fu... post your opion don't attack people... you are better because of it... thx...

and by trading anthony this year opens up for players we bring in next year... and we now are more equited to make a run for years to come... i would bring in both nene and dalembert... tyson chandler is cool too but the other two would be perfect... 1:arroyo, anthony for mayo 2: maglore howard pick for thompson... thats it....

pittman and vanardo are better than anthony now so trade while he has some value...

Have any of us seen Pittman play NBA ball? We are just throwing his name out there, like he's some great panacea. I'm sure when the entire coaching staff sees that he is ready to contribute to the team cause, he will get minutes. Does he know our offensive and defensive schemes? Is he physically able to play his position?

As we saw previously, good collegiate numbers don't always translate into NBA success, so let's be-easy with that assumption.

I have not seen anyone say much about one part of the game the Heat need to improve. It seems to me they are missing way too much free throws. I don't have the numbers in front of me. So am I wrong or are the Heat just lousy at making free throws?

Greg, don't forget he's tearing it up in the D-League! LOL. Because the collection of talent there is very special.

All joking aside they are smart to get him minutes in live action instead of rotting away at the end of the bench. If they do decide to call him up at least he won't be thrown to the wolves, much. D-League competition won't match with what he'll see in the NBA so I wouldn't expect his numbers to translate much. But he's getting more attention than he'd get here. As long as he's being monitored by the Heat while he's there it should be to his benefit.

And yes they are very shaky with their free throws. Sometimes the amount that they miss is the difference in those close games. I just never understood how any NBA level player could have less than an 80%. It's just something they don't focus on at this point I guess.

is aaron brooks available???

now by trading for mayo and thompson would give us a way to do a sign and trade for nene this offseason... sign dalembert to a mid-level deal... sign peitrus to a mid-level deal... maybe see what aaron brooks might want...kapono's free tooo.... hey i'm just saying... hey 305, do ur research... it aint so dumb after all... but make these moves first... we are in position to really run things for the next 5 years if we open are eyes now and make the calls.... come on pat....

@Black stop calling me out I already said you won. All your trade ideas are exactly what the team needs; I root for your ideas. Aaron Brooks might be available never mind that he's super small and have problems guarding quicker and bigger point guards (which already is a Heat defensive problem) he might work out in Miami. I'm also going to start a petition to the NBA to have Miami and only Miami to have unlimited amount of mid-level exemptions to give out. Because Black the trucker's signing ideas are going to need them.

@black the trucker...hey black I've been wondering since last season, how old are you?

ok 305, everythings coll... and miaheat i'm, 38... but i want titles.... maybe i want them badly but hey, what can say....

ok 305, everythings cool.... and miaheat i'm 38... but i want titles... maybe i them badly, but hey... what can i say....

i'm sorry but do some you ya'll actually believe that we are going to do a trade this year....

they are all really starting to gell so why are we going to ruin that this season. I could understand if we don't get the desired result that we all want (and some expect) but that would be after this season....why ruin what is not broken.

that just doesn't make sense...our team is good and getting better.

I would trade Joel for whoever, but you have to find a fool that can take the horrible 5 year contract our beloved Pat gave to this brick shooter.
Trade him with Haslema for some decent guy at PG or C.
And bring the Pittman kid!!!!

to 305 representer:

Now I see what you mean by getting frustrated.

Juanca29 you should be officially banned for saying we should trade Haslem. I really hope your kidding but I doubt it. And Joel doesn't need to score he is there to rebound, block and play defense... we get 70+ points just from Bosh, LeBron, and Wade alone. Just please kinda know what your saying before you blog, speak or make any kind of remark. I know that's mean but, come on, that was a ridiculous post.

Wow!!!! Black the trucker is 38 maybe he accidently hit the 8? Nah he really is a trucker with internet access. I mean being 38 is not a problem but your trade proposals and your age don't match up.

i think if we make a real trade, it should be James Jones and Joel Anthony for Hinrich...I know we hate him in Miami because of his dirtiness, but he can play the point as he did in chicago, washington doesn't need him, he can shoot from outside and stays within his abilities, and he has that edge that the nice guys in Miami are lacking. But he is getting paid a lot. I can't think of many others who has that package. Chauncy Billips could be nice, but he lacks that meanness that hinrich has.

As for center, you can't say Pittman would fail because we haven't seen him I would activate him and start developing him. How can we say that's stupid when Spo himself is using real game time to still develop his lineup/rotation decisions.

the reason i say pittman now is to see what he bring to the table and how can he add to what we already have.... and if we just have big z, damp and pittman this year, thats ok.... trading joel and carlos for mayo would help out this year and in a trade for nene this offseason... would they take arroyo and anthony for mayo?.. yeah why not... and would the kings take howard, maglore and a second round pick for thompson?. well, its worth a try... this way we trade their buts to denver this offseason.... maybe throw in miller or something like that... but hey we could still sign kapono, and there will be some other players out there to round out the roster... keep jones he's mia... but nene is 28, young and would be the perfect fit at center... now we need to find a fit at the point.... to bad we didn't go after felton... but hey.... i know or see what ya'll are saying about my dream team trades but they could happen... maybe having mayo as a ron harper type might not be so bad where as we keep that look... hey can yall say championship.... i see the parade coming..... yeah baby.... tbc...

@Heat fans- Pat Riley doesn't like to play rookies on their first year! So stop mentioning anything about Pittman. He won't play until next year. I doubt there are any good trading pieces anyone would really want from us and other teams don't really want to make us better either. So lets think about ways to improve our team this season.


Dudes are throwing trades out there like they have a chance in hell of happening. Listen ain't happening ! You got what you got...teams are either cutting back or wanting draft picks plus not wanting what the Heat have to offer. Forgetaboutit !

dam.. it was good while it lasted... i just woke up... trap! zone! shoot the three! tbc...

Israel you must be crying since your lover is not getting any minutes late in games, why haven't you write that Chamers is on the bench so that can Riley can put him back.

Heatastic, no one said the trades would happen, but I think a pg like Hinrich would be perfect...he's mean...we need a mean player. someone who will fight back.

morning guys... what's going on today??? let me look around to see what the word around the league is this morning...

hey pacers looking to trade rush... hey i'm just saying... aint much gonig on...

well, i just took a look at our schedule for the month of febuary and we need to at least be sitting at 45-15 by the end of the month..... this is a very important stretch and we need to get wins... thats it.... we coulf finish 15-7 and that would be ok but this month we have to get wins... i can't really say what we really need to do because we look like we're playing well right now although our free throw shooting should improve and outside shooting needs to improve... i would try to get pittman some time, but hey... just win baby....

Not much room on game day roster for a developing player like Pittman this year while we're jockeying for playoff position...let him develop in the d-league and over next summer, then he'll be ready for next years domination. That being said, it is encouraging to hear that he made the D-league all star team even though its the Degenerate League. Go Heat!

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