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Four better or worse

Tuesday night's loss to the Hawks meant the Heat has lost a season-worst four in a row, but does it really feel like a low point of the season?

Other than the loss to the Clippers, the losses have been, if this is allowed in sports, excusable.

Tuesday's was entirely winnable, and essentially came down to a couple poor plays on the Heat's part, but given how many drastic changes the Heat was attempting, it's understandable that there were some mistakes.

The pair of plays that probably cost the Heat the win were, first, the play where it appeared the Heat was, with 1:23 left in overtime, assuming the Hawks were calling a timeout. At least Dwyane Wade looked like he was awaiting a timeout, turned his back on the play, and Joe Johnson drove to the rim, found an open Jamal Crawford in the corner for a three-pointer than gave Atlanta an 87-84 lead.

The second play was with 23 seconds left, when Johnson fouled LeBron James on what appeared to be a shot attempt, but it was called a non-shooting foul. Now, if you watch the play again, it appeared that, yes, LeBron lost the ball on the way up, but it also appeared as if Johnson didn't notice the ball was loose and fouled LeBron to avoid a layup.

Now, I would've loved to talk to the referee about the call, because it seemed like in most cases that would be called a shooting foul. Instead, it wasn't, and LeBron ended up taking a 27-footer later in the possession that missed.

Still, given how the Heat waJoel anthonys playing lineups it has never played with all season, it's almost forgivable that the team had some hiccups along the way. I mean, Joel Anthony -- who had a remarkable game with 16 rebounds, three blocks and not a single shot or free throw attempt -- was guarding Maurice Evans down the stretch, a guy who can play the small forward or shooting guard. 

It will be interesting to see if Carlos Arroyo's days as the starter are numbered, especially since he didn't play in the second half, and Eddie House appears to have worked his way back into earning minutes.

If the team is still experimenting with rotations, though, it would've been nice to see Mike Miller play more than 10 minutes. Granted, he didn't score in the first half (he hasn't scored a single point at home this season), but it wasn't as if he was awful out there when he was playing.

Overall, though, if this is as bad as it's going to get for the Heat, at least the team can become comfortable playing small ball in the process of struggling. Because that might come in handy down the road.


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Atlanta v. Heat Game Analysis; "The Good Heat & The Bad Heat"

"Stop reverting back to you old ways Spo."

Btw 14-2 when Arroyo play over 25 min. Yesterday was way to sloppy with E.House & Chalmers. Think about that.

James and Wade 13 turn overs..quality teams make us look average.

It's Karma right now for the Heats. just think about! Why Mr. Eddie House wanst even playing? because he shoots to score 30 and he only gets 10. We only got 10 assit in a over time game. can u beleive that. Can we call this a team? When u have in the court James, Chalmers, Wade, House, Anthony. U have a bunch of AK-47. just waiting to receive the ball and shoot. Its sad the comment of Israel about Arroyo. Its seems taht the onl;y thing he wants it to see Arroyo in the bench. Kind of racist or im out of context.
you win 21 out of 22 with a line up and al of the sudden u start to question ur self. you play a guy and u won two overtimes and u dont play him the rest of the game. Im not a huge Arroyo fan but we have to be objective. this is a proven International player, who carry his PR team and crush a Dream Team. WHo is shooting over 45% from the field and the three ponit. Who if you compare has the same statistics of the guard fron the Champions LA Lakers Derek Fisher. Shame of Coward SPO and on Israel "thew latino heater" Gutierrez.

I dont thing the same Gu. bove P.G. Chalmers and House did the same # of Ast. than Arroyo did (1) with only 8:10 he has being in the game. This is the one who no matter he has play a good game, is the causer of all the bad things that happen when Heat's has being lost, according to your opinion. No matter who is in the P.G. position this team is gone to have the same productivity of those who ocupy this position ,because Spo. gave Lebron the freedom to create play's all the timegame. Let those guys that ocupy this P.G. position in this team to create like Arroyo know's and then you are gone to have a surprise from all the thing's this guy can do.

Karma is a B i tell you!

I say since the team is struggling I thinks this is the perfect time for Miller to get heavy minutes. Also Arroyo and Chalmers aren't the PG's we need for this team. I still give Chalmers a slight edge over Arroyo because of all the bad plays Chalmers produce he still causes chaos for other teams on defense.

Also this is sickening that the only reason most guys stick up for Arroyo is because he's spanish. DON'T FAKE THE FUNK!!! Both Chalmers and Arroyo have flaws Arroyo is too timid and Chalmers is uncontrollably aggressive. But to call someone racist or insinuate racism when Arroyo's heritage was never mention is a little much. It's just a little too much because we all know Arroyo/Chalmers are not the answer for PG and they both probably won't be bought back next year.

Although due to Chalmers age and cheap contract his value will demand I can see him being resigned.

Also never compare D Fisher and Arroyo again just because their stats and defensive flaws are similar. Ol' boy Fisher got grit, aggression, and that Eddie House syndrome (the syndrome were a player thinks he in the same class as their team superstar). If we could transfer Arroyo brain into Chalmers body I think we wouldn't have no worries for PG.

P.S Just to put it out there ahead of STFU Black_the_trucker with your stupid trade ideas. The Clippers want Deandre Jordan and Bledsoe and if they were going to trade them it wouldn't be for Joel Anthony. Also Pietrus is not better than Mike Miller case in point Pietrus is barely getting minutes in Phoenix!!!

So i guess that's the answer get arroyo on the court. HE'S WORHTLESS. Arroyo is scared to shoot the ball, he has no defense and he doesn't have a lot of turnovers because he always passes the ball to lebron or D Wade, they don't run anyways when Arroyo has the ball in his hands. Atleast Chalmers plays defense, but he sucks too. he'll occassionally hit a shot or two. Eddie house is a scorer and is a shooting guard more than a point guard and his defense is horrible, but better than Arroyo. Face the facts we point have a real point guard. Chamlers is out their because of his defense of purposes and House because he can SHOOT. James Jomes minutes needs to come down because he's not making any wide open shots it's ridiculous. In Mike Miller needs to get his stuff together too. Big Z needs to be cut because he's clearly a waste of space. can't rebound or defend, ocassionally will hit a shot or two but he's horrible. We are better off with dampier and anthony out there atleast they can play defense. we took a big blow when Udonis got hurt. He and Bosh could of been on the court at the same time and that is good rebounding and two players who can shoot the jumper. Yesterday prove a big point that we need Bosh. he's the most consistent shooter on the Heat. Lebron needs to Tone it down on the 3 ball, and we need to run more set plays on offense instead of trying to go one on one. In all you dumb ass yelling Karma are idiots. your going to lose games in basketball. This team is still learning chemistry. Because you have 3 great players on your team doesn't make you a champion.You have to play Team Basketball.

The one on one play of selfish players last night was awful. They had 24 seconds to run a play at the end of regulation and just did a Lebron dribble into a 26 foot jumper. Same thing at Chicago just let Wade have the ball with 4 3 point specialists out there at the end. I dont know sometimes if it is the coaching of Spoelstra or the ego of Wade and Lebron that run the team. I mean the whole team was pathetic last night. It was one of the worst games of the year to watch til the last 2 minutes of the game and overtime. No team could do anything.

I think Chalmers should be the starting PG here. Arroyo is too timid and just not what the Heat needs on the court. Chalmers does need to learn his role and stop being too hyper out there. Play hard D and hit some open 3's when open. Like I have said the past 2 years though. Get a REAL PG in here and this team would be all set.

DÉJÀ VU all over again!!!! (Yogi Berra). Back to the beginning of the season!!
The Heat offensive system consisting on giving the ball to Lebron or DWade and let them create is once again showing its deficiencies, lots of TOs. Lots of 3 point attempts.
The adjustments made after the players only meeting that brought the Heat to a record breaking streak are now being abandoned for whatever reason (if it isn’t broke why fix it???) and the Heats offense is returning to the old Helter Skelter, My turn, Your turn, His turn, ways.
Spo says in the post game press conferences that he is now experimenting with new player’s rotations.
Does this mean that, the Heat will start the season all over again at mid season????
Spo should have a chartered direction before tinkering; at least he could draw/ run some more plays so that the players have something to go by other than react to whatever Wade and Lebron do.
Arroyo‘s minutes getting cut is nothing new. It was expected to happen as soon as the Heat got a big enough cushion for management to feel they would be able to meet the fans expectations, (they did the same thing last year when they brought R. Alston). So go ahead and bench him and let’s see what Rio and d House can do with the current version of the Heat.
Arroyo is accused of being too timid but the truth is he is not allowed to play at his full capabilities the same way he is not allowed to play more than 20 minutes unless the game is to important for the Heat to meet the fans all important expectations.

When i post the comment about racism it was to demostrate that MR. Gutierrez always has something to said about Arroyo. and for the record not good things. some people here are just posting to many contradictions. Arroyo is to timid but scores 46% of his shots and chalmers is to agressive and scores 36%. also he steals 2 per game but ha 3 to per game. plus 1. statistics dont lie 14-2 when Arroyo he plays over 25 min. 30-13 as a starter, 2 OT wins, 21-1 during the hot streak. 0-4 when his brilliant coach began to mix the rotations . so maybe he is lucky but i know sometimes we all should follow luck. "Food for your thoughts"

Eddie House is a Heat curse. F* Heat Haters
The Heat has a Championship team. What they dont have as of late is a championship lineup rotation. Sitck to wha on you 21 0f 22 games.

Let's Go Heat... Win or Lose. Y'all notice that bleacher report guy hasn't been on here. Folk always find wayw to get missing when it's convenient.

Last night's loss was not excusable. The heat turned into the Cavaliers and just let Lebron do everything. I would of love to see House drive to the basket (like he did in that one possession when he stole the ball and looked to score) during those final seconds instead of passing the ball to Chalmers and then to Lebron for the 3. I'd rather drive to the basket and draw a foul or risk missing a layup then trying to hit a 3. Then in OT we put the ball in Lebron's hand all the way three. Wade didn't attempt not one shot after carrrying the Heat most of the way. Coach Spo is a panic guy like Stan but what can we do

305 Representer - We don't stick up for Arroyo because he's spanish. Is because he is our best option at PG right now. Although he has his flaws, he is much better than Chalmers. The Heat plays much better when there is a natural PG on the floor.

Why Miami has the best sports fans and why Skip Bayless is a Heat Hater.

Check out. The Heat Wave @

At this point in the season, unless Miller is still hurt he should be playing 20~25' per game. He's an all-round great player that the Heat is going to need to go deep into the playoffs. And while Arroyo is figuring out whether what he's doing out there, I say start Chalmers--and least he plays with confidence.

All this talk about the point guard is useless. The problem the Heat have are the big men. Don't let that 16 rebound total fool you, the more Anthony plays, the worse it is for the Heat. Spolestra has the same weakness Riley has, they like undersized hustle guys. I saw the Knicks lose in the Championship series because of Riley's faith in John Starks, and I am seeing history repeat itself with Joel Anthony. On the bench, there is a former All-Star center with Magloire and a former starter on Western conference finalist team named Dampier, yet Anthony plays more. Can anyone tell me the name of a championship team without a functional center (don't say Chicago until you look up the stats).

@5 Your lying to yourself. Is Arroyo (when he's having a good game) 4 made shots that much better? I'm not arguing who should start because the coaches of the team has already made the decision who ends game. Both PG are so far south from being starting material that it's ridiculous were fighting who is better. I just hate civil outcries because a reporter favors another (minority) player.

Like it or not, Spro is our coach. Our coach needs to know how to mix it up. Spro doesn't know what combos work because he hasn't experimented with too many because of injuries,stubborness and the winning streak. I rather lose a few games now finding out what works than trying to do it in the playoffs or even next month when the scedule gets brutal. I just want him to start Mike Miller after riding him hard in practice for not shooting.Give him extended minutes with the big 3 and let them ride him for not shooting open looks.D
o something different other than what you are doing to give this guy some confidence to get him going.

Look, this is the time to experiment with all the injuries we had. A lot of people expected this team to win 70 games but that was never going to happend. Next year's team will have a better shot for that. All I care is how healthy we are ending the season.

this trade solve everything for the heat

starting linup

dallas badly need a small forword
housten has seven wing players
hornets going nowhere if they want to trade paul they need a pg and no financia commitment since both players are expiring contracts.

now the heat get a player who can defend opposing point guards and hit three pointers with lee
get an honest defensive minded center who can rebound and shot blocking and size with haywood
and get scoring of the bench with thornton.

Chalmers sucks!!!!!

Let Pittman Play!!!!!!!

Let Pittman play and when he plays and shows he's a defensive liability than what? The team doesn't need any drastic changes they just need to play great defense and get people back healthy. Everything will work out during the season and the team will lay their cards own in the playoffs.

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