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What is it about the Mavs?

Make that a 14-game win streak -- for the Mavs against the Heat.

That has to be infuriating for the Heat. And Monday night's game was difficult to watch.

The start was exactly the opposite of what you would've expected from a Heat team that barely escaped Washington with a win and owed the Mavericks one. Yet, the Heat came out of the blocks setting for jumpers, playing passive defensively and allowing the Mavs to jump ahead by 13.

Obviously, the Heat recovered with a 17-0 run, but the team played in waves the entire game. And it just so happened that they ended the game on the wrong side of a run.

You almost wanted to say it while LeBron James was lighting up the Knicks with jumpers -- you couldn't because it was too much fun to watch -- but you just knew that his relying on the outside shot was going to come back and bite the Heat. And that happened Monday.

It was either the Mavs zone or simply an inability for him to find or create any driving lanes, but all night the Mavericks had him stifled.

And then it just got contagious.

Seriously, 31 three-point attempts? That's way too many. And that's exactly what teams want the Heat to do.

Maybe it's just the right time for the Heat to be humbled. With a couple days of practice time and a two-game trip against the Suns and Lakers upcoming, the team needs to settle some of the issues that the final few games of that win streak masked.

It also will help Mike Miller shake off that rust that was so evident in his four-minute, 0-of-4 performance against the Mavericks.

You could see, though, in that brief time that he has the ability to make plays when teams close out on him -- an ability that James Jones doesn't really have.


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Its sad that the winning streak ended (via MAVS)... though we really coudnt expect the team to win them all.

But yes, its a good point that Kames should not always rely much on his perimeter jump shots.

He can be more effective if he mix his moves with some post up plays.

I was screaming at the TV saying "RUN" "Attack". Yet, all we did was walk up the court and settled for jumpers until the 4th qtr. James head tonight was not in the game. He was a passive turnover machine. I understand that it's only December and even that we played awful we still had a chance to win it but this was just an awful execution.

Why didn't E. Damp play?

This is a silly question...

Prior to this year, the Mavs were clearly a better team since 2005.

And this team, could have beat the Mavs but still aren't playing extremely well together. And still don't seem to know how they want to gameplan for the end of games.

I am a bit worried about this team. They don't seem to have laser focus at the end of games. As though they really believe it is on them more than the coach to make it happen at the end.

And what is with the Tech Foul and missed free throws down the strech Big 3?!

Get it together. None of you are Jordan. Get with your coach and figure out these funks you guys get into during games. Stop thinking like "stars". That is what worked for the Celtics.

why so many minutes for undersized hands of stone no talent anthony

Was LeBron even trying ?

Face it guys, your team is not good enough, you will continue to struggle against the elite teams and feast on the lower level bottom feeders, this was coming, my goodness your team struggled to beat the WIZARDS just the other night, PLEASE!! If the Wizards had of made their free throws down the stretch that would have been another loss!! Just because you put together talent, doesn't mean it's gonna mesh.

Tough loss and nice run! We ain't there yet but we will be. Always nice to see a former heatster contribute when they play us. There is always extra motivation for a player when playing a former team
. Too bad we don't recognize that. Dampier and Miller got DNPs against there former teams.We shoot 31 3 pointers. 15 is too man
Y. 20 is way too many and maybe you outto bench someone to get your point across.25 means your team is just not listening to you and 30+ is just down right insubordination. Unless you thought your team could actually win shooting all those 3s, why continue to allow it. We play better when the players are in control and that is enough to beat most teams in the NBA. Whenever the coach takes control we suck.

@Snake. The Heat are not good enough because they barely beat the Wizards... Please

So, I guess the Lakers are not good enough as well since they barely beat the Clippers.

Get off the Pipe


I agree. Wayyy too many 3 pointers taken in this game. The Heat are not a great jump shooting team, but they are a good attack the basket type of team.


mavs still suck!

I don't understand why the Heat react so poorly against the zone when it's known Dallas almost run the zone exclusively. I was expecting to see more flash cuts and baseline drives from the Heat. I'm just shock that the Heat allowed the zone to force into jump shots. Also with Lebron struggling I would've loved to see Wade get more touches last night. At the same time we lost because LBJ was just off tonight and not because the Mavs overwhelmed us. Also I never seen LBJ miss 2 easy lay ups in a row like that. This season I seen LBJ miss alley oops and dunks that I never seen him do before,

WHO doesn't struggle against the good teams?

I mean really, is that an idiotic statement?

Who is running roughshod over the elite teams?

I don't understand where this "elite team" conversation came from before this season. There's only good team and bad teams an "elite team" is such an elitist thing to say. Even if there is elite team how can the Mavs be consider one of them? Because they beat the Spurs which both teams been suffering 1st and 2nd round exit in the playoffs the past couple seasons. Now they are the barometer of who can enter the elite conversation. As far as I'm concerned the Lakers and the Celtics are the only team to beat. Also to you Chicago fans you better hope the Heat are consider an elite team because if they're not what do you think that makes your team? Chicago with their overrated defense makes me sick

you know who is struggling???
Fans of other teams that spend time reading Miami Heat blogs.
haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahhahaa you losers.
Keep changing your names , and dont forget keep being a loser !

I see 3 elite teams. I would have to put the championship experience of the Spurs ahead of Boston though. Boston only have ONE title(overated).All 3 teams have elite coaches. Elite coaches win championships. The weakest coaches that have won championships in the last 30+ years are Doc Rivers and Larry Brown. Do we have enough to overcome this? Time will only tell but what I have seen so far leads me to believe we will fall short in the coaching department. I hope I got bad eyes and this coach proves me wrong. We play same amount of games at home as we play on the road against the better teams. 500 ball is not out of the question against these teams.

Very dissapointing!!! I hate it when we play this "OLD MAN" half court offense. We need to be running like the SUNS and KNICKS, pushing the ball. Had our chance to beat an elite team and will again on X-MASS. Really miss Haslem and why is Spoelstra slowing starting to revert back to "UNDERSIZED" Joel. I dont mind Joel playing agaginst the smaller centers but he is no use to us for Boston or L.A.

OMG! there are soo many idiots who post things about the heat not being elite..while that may be true for now...this game came down to free made more shots, grabbed more offensive rebounds..more steals, more posessions and just couldnt convert..and lets face it a couple of bounces went dallas's way (Nowitzki's airball). it came down to 8 missed ft's

I don't understand where this "elite team" conversation came from before this season. There's only good team and bad teams an "elite team" is such an elitist thing to say. Even if there is elite team how can the Mavs be consider one of them? Because they beat the Spurs which both teams been suffering 1st and 2nd round exit in the playoffs the past couple seasons. Now they are the barometer of who can enter the elite conversation. As far as I'm concerned the Lakers and the Celtics are the only team to beat. Also to you Chicago fans you better hope the Heat are consider an elite team because if they're not what do you think that makes your team? Chicago with their overrated defense makes me sick

It was tough at first but oh well on to the next one. We'll get it together. Hopefully Miami remembers the next time we'll go to the stripe the rest of the fourth they'll tell Wade to take over. Lebron was off so we needed that person to take on that burden.

Looking forward to the XMass game;
Heat will lose though, I think:
Because Gasol, Bynum and Odom too much height on that frontline.

Lebron and Wade still look like an
Alpha dog fight waiting to happen.

But, the team is playing much better than before. I still think Riley should be coaching!!!!

The Heat should run, run, and run. Stop walking the ball up the dam$ court. I am going to send the HEAT players two cases of 5 HOUR Energy because it seem as though they get tired really quickly.

They are good enough to beat any team in the league when they are attacking and not becoming complacent.They are still 2nd in the Eastern Conf and 1st in the Div which is a great turn around from the beginning of the season. I am happy whether they win or lose.

The so caled elite Mavs may have a fourteen game win streak against us, but we have a four game win streak that counted for a whole lot more. I'll take that any day. GO HEAT!!!

This team's half court offensive coaching will be further exposed in the playoffs.

Please, no more give it to LBJ or DWade, clear out and hope for the best type of plays.

We need a half court offensive coordinator ... badly. If we can get rid of Joel Anthony's contract, and just get a half court offensive coordinator, we would improve tremendously.

I think it boils down to free throws.... Wade and James seems to miss many lately. I just hope they will spend extra time honing their shots from the charity. And I am praying for Millers shots to find their targets next time.

DWade's style of play will not take this team back to the championship. I like him. He is a great individual talent. Be he does not play team ball. Whenever he gets the ball, he is never going to look for any open person. He is only going to shoot. if he is covered or not, he is going to shoot. Sometimes it works, but in the long haul it will not win championships. the Celtics goal is to move the ball four or five times before a shot is taken. Miami's goal is to past to lebron or wade, and everyone else stand around.

Do you notice however we have a difficult time against motion offenses, but Spo will not implement a motion offense. Just watch the Heat. Whenever the ball is past to Wade Lebron stands in the corner. He just stands there. Rarely will he make a cut. They do not put up screens for people moving without the ball. I am cheering for the Heat, but their style of play will not win a championship, this year or ever. Its not the process. Its the style of play. No moving without the ball. Too much two men ball, not emphasis on moving and passing, especially by Wade.

Heat fans, consider this. You have two superstars that are interchangeable, and one decent offensive-oriented power forward now being passed off as a superstar. On Dallas, Chris Bosh would be a second team PF.

Then, please explain what else there is? Miller? Never more than a 6th or 7th guy on good teams. Carlos Arroyo? He'd be the 10th guy on the Mavs. Dampier? He couldn't make the Mavs. That's why he's in Miami.

And your coach? He was laughing and giddy when the Heat made one of their runs. Really? Do you think Riley would do that? I know Carlisle wouldn't.

It takes time and coaching to make a team work well together. I doubt it will happen for the Heat this year. If you can add about 5 good role players in the next year or two, it can happen.

Now, look at the Mavs. They have two future Hall of Famers. They have five former All-Stars. The best 6th man in the game. Two legitimate starting centers. A backcourt that includes one of the most coveted young players in the league (who hasn't even played this year). A former coach of the year. And, most important - they've been playing together for a couple of years, now. Every guy on the team has a role, even Dirk.

And some of you guys want to spew about the Mavs having a bad week at the wrong time how many years ago? How many guys from the Heat were on that team? Two? How many guys from the Mavs? Three?

These are completely different teams than those. Like they said on NBA TV last night..."against the bottom feeders, the Big 3 can dazzle with their play, but against an elite team, it's the Big 3 against a team that knows how to deliver." Do you guys really think you're going to be any better against San Antonio, LA, or Boston?

And give Orlando a year with what they've got now, and the Heat aren't even the best team in Florida.

Peace and good luck to you! And Happy, Happy Holidays to all of you.

P.S. An elite team wins at least 75% of their games. A good team wins 50 - 60% of their games. Pretty basic.

- Yup, we're just an above average team.

- Change the coach, and we'll move up a notch.

- Reiterating; Sporon lovers tend to disappear after big losses to top tier teams, only to re-appear after wins over crappy teams.

if PAT RILEY & HEAT ORGANIZATION would not make a move anymore and may stick the present roster this season... it is useless that we got LEBRON & BOSH TO PLAY WITH WADE during the free agency...... it was simply because we can not win even in the EASTERN CONFERENCE FINALS THIS YEAR!!!

we could win if we get rid of the following:





>joel anthony
>eddie house
>plus trade exemption (haslem)
>cash consideration



>juwan howard





pg chalmers / *murray

sg wade / *oj mayo (pg) / *dasean butler

sf james / miller / jones

pf bosh / *thompson / haslem

c big z / dampier / pittman /*barron (pf)

in-active; haslem / butler / murray


@ David in Seatle....You left out one thing out about Dallas. They ususally win 75% of there games only to lose in the 1st or 2nd rd of the playoffs. There meltdown in the playoffs don't just center around the choking against Miami in the finals. How can you consistently get it done in the regular season, fold up when it counts and be considered seriously.You got a point about the coach. I don't put much faith in Spro. I do have plenty of faith in Wade n James. I believe they will eventually will get it done. There shooting will be much better than it was against Dallas.With a lil more than two thirds of season played, we have made serious progress.WE WILL GEDT OVER THE HUMP!

@rockstarjc - the Heat don't need to trade anyone, they need to get their crap together and play basketball, that is what win games!

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