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Power player

Against the Knicks, it was Dwyane Wade's 40 points that got most of the attention, and deservedly so.

But Chris Bosh had a huge impact in keeping the Knicks distant in the third quarter, scoring 10 of his 18 in the third, looking confident the whole time.

It's further proof that his slow start was basically an anomaly, and that he is rounding into the player that we've been used to watching while he was with the Raptors.

Bosh has been steady, basically, since that 35-point outburst against the Suns. But he's showing signs of having more explosive games like that. Bosh dunk

The best part is, Bosh is looking and sounding confident. He said before Tuesday's game against the Knicks that he's basically going all LeBron on everyone, trying to prove the doubters wrong. The only difference between him and LeBron James is that Bosh's haters showed up after the early portion of the season, when Bosh was coming up small on occasion.

“For some reason, people think I can't play basketball,” Bosh said. “It gives me an added sense of motivation. I feel in those situations, I have a chance … to go out there and do well, because I know people are watching -- just to shut them up. Just to be frank.”

That's good to hear from the normally reserved power forward.

And if you look at his numbers, he has only been getting better as the season has progressed.

He averaged 13 points on 45 percent shooting with 6.5 rebounds in October (just four games).

That went up to 19.4 on 51 percent shooting and 7.5 rebounds in November.

And in December, he's at 19.2 points, 9.3 rebounds and shooting 52.1 percent (before the Knicks game).

He says he will get to that 10.0 rebound average (he's at 8.2 for the season). If he's determined to get there, that should mean some big rebound games down the road.

After that slow start, everyone said give Bosh some time. It's looking like that patience is paying off.


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I've always loved bosh.. His mid range is legit :)

Smoothest shot in the league!

Bosh proved that he is no softy...just ask the Lakers. But he doesnt really need to average 10 rebounds a game. Im not sure that he even will because of the fact that Wade and James are capable of getting 10 rebounds at any given night. In Toronto Bosh was the main man when it came down to rebounds but with this Heat team theres plenty of rebounding help around him so he doesnt really need to get 10 rebounds a game but if he can get to that average then theres no question he is one of the top 3 power forwards in the league if he isnt already.

Pugtv Sr

Here's what you didn't answer:

Who else was in the bidding war for supercool's services?

Certainly if there were two or more teams willing to take on Beas' attitude and work ethic, the price would've gone up past second round talent. I mean, jeez, where did they start the bidding at - a bag of popcorn?

Certainly the NBA scouts whose responsibility it is to evaluate talent, could have seen that it was SPO, and by assosiation - the rest of the coaching staff, that was intentionally holding this kid back, never mind that their only goal is to win basketball games. Certainly other teams' scouts would have saw that the Heat were trying to embarras this kid by asking him to play defense, study game films, and run set plays on offense. How could the Heat have stepped so low!

Now, go back to the top of this rant, and see if you can come up with an answer to my original question. P.O.S.

DeJuan Blair for San Antonio, at 6'7", goes off for 17 pts and 15 rebs against the Lakers. Guess that 'length' of Bynum didn't bother him either. Bynum, 21 minutes, did manage to get that 1 block per game, holding true to his seasonal average. Brendon-freakin'-Haywood on a good team!

Bosh is awesome! Go lil Raptor(doesn't he look like one when he goes mad?). Glad to see the team improving every single game and the champs(LA Fakers) going the opposite way. I have to be honest, wish it was Boston going backwards cause they still own us but not for too long,Feb 13th -things will turnaround! Go Heat!

It is no coincidence that the team has performed better as Bosh has performed better.

Bosh's game is only going to improve as this season moves along. By the time the playoffs roll around, he'll be in full BEAST-mode. His mid-range game is sick nasty.

Don't know who is crazier. The Heat's haters or the Bosh's haters. Whoever it is would not be too far behind the Bron's haters. Bosh game took off when Haslem went down. He plays exclusively at PF and his game has improved big time. Far as Beasley goes. His lack of bidders for his service is on the Heat not Beasley. The guy is one of the league leaders in scoring(14th). He's shooting 42% from 3 pt land(22nd in the league & 3rd amoung PF). Miami didn't even want him to take that shot. He has had 3 game winners and 1 defensive stop to win games. We didn't know he had that in him cause we never played him in crunch time sittuations.Bottom line,this former #2 draft pick trade value has went up under the supervision of the T Wolves. They dam show would get more that 2 2nd draft picks for him and more Bidders would line up. I only see his value doing something that it should have done with the Heat.......RISE.

I was laughing when all these people showed up at the beginning of the season with their stupid and ignorant remarks... trade Bosh, Bosh is soft, etc... lmao. I said it once and I'll say it again CHRIS BOSH IS THE MOST CONSISTENT PLAYER ON THIS BASKETBALL TEAM.

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well, i like the comments and play of chris bosh... hands down he will be important all season long.... i also would like to add, the defense has been great... everything has to sstart with defense.... when looking at peitrus over miller, it's all edging over defense... i also would like to say jason thompson can defend and rebound, so plz go out and get him.... before someone jumps in to say why, just look at that team and see that they have to many bigs and he's not part of there rotation... we can use him here.... because we have pittman, maglore could be part of a trade.... pittman, thompson, vanardo all can be used... i think vanardo could be the next dennis rodman... put him in the gyum and work with him on rebounding and his defense... thats all he needs to do.... and jack could do everything arroyo does but plays better defense.... this isn't a done product and when it is we should be ready for the post season... here are my trades; miller, pick for peitrus.... howard, house, cash for thompson...... arroyo, maglore, trade exception for jack.... sign vanardo.... this is more about putting a team together to win titles.... thats it..... bron, wade, bosh you guys together are the best trio in the league but still we need a little more help.... pat don't wait too long... make a couple of moves and this team is and will be ready....7

Anybody else got something positive to say about players on the third WORST team in the league? Sacramento and Wizards are the only teams the stink up the joint more than the Wolves. Big turd in a little bowl is what supercool is. Shine it up, polish it, but it is still poop. The reason god's son wasn't on the court for the Heat at the end of the game is because he couldn't guard anybody. Check the post earlier about 'everything has to start with defense". It's simple stuff, really.

Supercool is 8th in the NBA in chucks, er eh, shots per game, and 14th in ppg?? Maybe knowledge of what constitutes a 'good' shot is something supercool didn't have in Miami, and obviously, isn't being called on it in Minny. But that's cool, some of you guys are going to continue your lock on his jock like a pit bull, just to validate your biased hatred of our coaching staff and GM. Let's face it, SPO wasn't keeping Beas on the bench at the end of games AGAINST Riley's will. Did any of us see the other assistant coaches, or players, rolling their eyes when Beas came out of the game? Nope. Too slow for SG, too weak for PF.

Greg Gembe,
Thats a good rekill of Beasley. Let it end there. Because we have all moved on.

Your are correct, sir. Move on we shall.

Posted by: Greg Gembe | Wednesday, December 29, 2010 at 10:21 AM


You're being redundant. I've answered your question already. But if you can't get it, I'll expound for you.

Only Charlotte was the other team reportedly strongly interested in Beas. However, I also explained the lack of interest was in Sporon's poor showcasing of Beas.

Now let me ask you a question ... if you want to sell an asset, wouldn't you want to hi-light the asset's positives rather than negatives?

Why limit his minutes (in 2 years when we weren't competing for anything) at the end of games? Why publicize defense as an excuse to limit his minutes at the end of games? Isn't that devaluing Beas? Why not showcase the positive and let him score?

Please answer the questions. I've answered yours over and over. Yet, you have not answered the issues I put forth.


Adding to what I said earlier ... what jpejeff said ...

"Far as Beasley goes. His lack of bidders for his service is on the Heat not Beasley. The guy is one of the league leaders in scoring(14th). He's shooting 42% from 3 pt land(22nd in the league & 3rd amoung PF). Miami didn't even want him to take that shot. He has had 3 game winners and 1 defensive stop to win games. We didn't know he had that in him cause we never played him in crunch time situations.Bottom line,this former #2 draft pick trade value has went up under the supervision of the T Wolves. They dam show would get more that 2 2nd draft picks for him and more Bidders would line up."

Posted by: jpejeff | Wednesday, December 29, 2010 at 12:11 PM


Separate issue ... what makes Sporon a good coach? Please, no soundbites.

eg. he won so many games after a down year (please, you're comparing a healthy DWade season vs. a season filled with D League rotating in and out of the team).

Don't tell me about how other NBA analyst think he's a good coach. They're only looking at the wins on the stat sheet, as well as the low defensive points due to the team walking the ball up the court. I've never heard of any one analyst praising Sporon's X's and O's abilities.

Please explain to me how he's a good manager. In retrospect, he F-ed up Beas' value on the market.

Please explain to me how it reflects on a coach when a team does better when the coach does less. DWade, LBJ and Bosh had to complain about his crappy coaching. We started winning when Sporon stopped controlling the offense so much.

What happens when he decides to control the offense more in the slower paced playoffs? We go back to losing? You think this is a good coach?

Please don't give me the soundbite about Riley having confidence in the guy. How often have you ever heard of Riley admitting a mistake?

I think this coach stinks. Unfortunately, his stench is being covered by the players he has around him. Delve deeper and you'll uncover the vomit that is his abilities.

Big Z goes 6 of 7 for 12 pts and 9 boards in the 1st 9 minutes of the NY game. His final stats was 14 pts on 6 of 8 shooting with 10 boards in 14 minutes. Dampier been looking solid lately especially against the lakers. Yet I watch JA play 34 minutes. For 2 pts and 3 RBs. Maybe I missed the part where big z got hurt.Maybe JA was providing solid D when NY was coming from 22 down. If Haslem would not have got hurt , spro would still be giving him Bosh's minutes at PF. Bosh is shinning because he is not being forced to play center anymore. We start real slow and the excuse is we got to build chemistry. Some us know better and knew we got a coach who is over his head.Orlando brings in all those new players and they hit the ground running. No chemistry issues, just a coach who know wtf he is doing.Pugtv isright. Everytime he has a interview on tv, he uses soudbites instead of coaching terminoligies. I felt anybody could coach this team to 50 wins. I give him credit for the defense and I really trust the players. They gonna need more from the coach to win a championship.

I'm sitting here watching GS play ATL. D Wright has 19 pts in the 1st half. A hot player like him got the Big Z treatment in the past.He would ride the bench the whole 2nd half and end up with 19 pts. I remember he was being called bust. His 1st 5 years in Miami. His trade value is a lot greater now than it was in Miami too.

one thing i've learned is that GregGembe loves to hear himself speak, he's never wrong, and he's a Spo fan. Now i won't call Spo Sporon. I think he's earned that when he decided to listen to the players. He's not a moron if he knows he's better open his ears when his stars get upset or he'll soon be packing. He's utilizing his players now which is good. Beasley should have been in miami and in my opinion, Joel Anthony should have been allow to become an unrestricted agent and we could have signed him at vet minimum. We get Haslem, Miller, and keep Bease to play the 3...Bease was not a true bust. you can't just give away top pics like that unless they're darko or kwame and Beasley is neither. One thing to note, Scoring averages of stars from Jamal Mashburn to Eddie Jones go down and go back up once they leave. Riley system, the same one that Spo uses, causes that to happen. Even Bruce Bowen became a 3 point specialist after leaving Miami. I often think, if Chalmers had been sent to Boston, he would have been developed into the next Rhondo...Miami and Spo can't develop nor will play young players...but at least we're winning now...Let's go Heat.

slow start was basically an anomaly,

Bosh has been steady, basically, since that 35-point outburst again

that he's basically going all LeBron

3 basically ideal examples of basically thinkless writing there, Izzy. That's basically pretty hard to read, y'know?

You basically know your stuff about the game,so you should also basically think harder about how you say stuff, writing basically as if you basically had to read it yourself.

Sometimes you do, so we know you can.

Chalmers as Rondo? Never.

Bowen started that 3 point game here, dont get it wrong dudesky.

You folks should honestly give this PG issue a rest. There's not need to beat a "dead horse".

Arroyo and Chalmers are not going anywhere, it's that simple, just as Spo isn't going anywhere for those who hate him. It's not that I like him, that's is just the fact, it is what it is and it is not going to change.

Lebron himself said that they are doing better with the two guards on the floor at all times. Besides, while Chalmers bring that nice defense/pressure when he's on the court, Arroyo's the one who keep things calm and collective. These two, one way or another, effectively compliment each other on the court and that is all the coach need, and that is all that Wade, Lebron, and Bosh want.

Last night Wade scored 45, awesome! But it also took Arroyo's 11 and Chalmers' 8 to win. You see, the Heat didn't win by 20 or 45 points, they won by 6, so every point counts. To be quite honest, it was Anthony who helped seal the victory by not missing those free throws at the end, not once but twice.

Not taking anything away from Wade, I thought he had a fantastic game. Also Lebron, it shows that when one of the guys is hot, step back and let that player to his thing - I'm now poised to say that is true "teamwork" and it speaks highly of all involved.

All this stuff about trading players is pure nonsense. This is not the Orlando Magic, the Heat are not desperate to make adjustment to be a dominant team, they already are. Give it a rest!

1 - energy_bust: Here's admitting to my first mistake. Blogmiamiheat called me on rekilling Beas, he was correct, and I was going to move on. Second mistake, not moving on, but then, I don't mind commenting on Heat issues. (if you tire of reading my posts - skip them, that sounds like your problem, not mine)

2 - Those darn TV analysists, only worried about that one pesky statistic, wins and loses. I'm sorry, but isn't that why they play the game. Not for fantasy league numbers, not for individual PPG numbers, (channeling Herm Edwards here). Hey, if I'm going to measure a coaches abilities, alot of factors come into play, but foremost is wins and loses. That's part of the problem with the Beas analogy, you just want to look at PPG, he's 14th in the league, and he's 8th in the NBA in FGAs. Maybe like Kobe, he's a volume scorer. You guys ever play pickup with a volume scorer? How did that work out?

3 - One of the best defenses in the league. A lot of factors go into that. Opponents PPG, FG %, outrebounding opponents, steals, blocked shots, points in paint...I'ld say coach has his players believing in his system, which is another plus in SPO's box. EVERY system will work when executed, especially at the NBA level, it's a matter of getting your players to buy into your system, and the HEAT players are buying into SPO's game plan, and executing.

I've seen a lot of fast break opportunities for the Heat these last 15 games. Every team is still going to need a half-court offense, but we are making the effort to run, and I'm sure SPO is asking these guys to rebound, get ahead of the ball and run. Shooting a lot of FTs also helps your defense, and we have players getting to the line.

SPO also rewarded his players, telling them they have offensive freedoms if they make a defensive stop. That shows confidence in their offensive decision making, and adds incentive to play aggresively on the defensive end.

I don't know, it seems to me that every one of these players that signed with the Heat this year, knew what kind of coach they were getting, and jumped at the opportunity to come here, many taking less money than what was offered elsewhere. Many of these guy are veterans that have been with other clubs and other coaches. Seems to me these veterans trust his system and his style of coaching.

There's my SPO rant for the day, supercool doesn't deserve my time or energy.

I do enjoy chatting with you guys, if for no other reason other than, we are all Heat fans, we just see different things when we watch the games.

- Glad to see Bosh doing better. I've always been a fan.

- Based on what we pay these guys, the 2 PG rotation is adequate.

- Joel Anthony should be treated as a 3rd string bench. I don't mind seeing him play against lesser teams, if only to spell the 2 older guys during the regular season. But he should play very little against top tier teams.

- March looks like the most challenging month. We play Orlando, @ San Antonio, Chicago, Portland, Lakers, San Antonio, Oklahoma, @ Atlanta, Denver. I'm curious how Bosh will play against these bigger teams on a night in and night out basis. I hope he doesn't get plugged in back at the C position.

But Chris Bosh had a huge impact in keeping the Knicks distant in the third quarter, scoring 10 of his 18 in the third, looking confident the whole time. ???

Did you even watch the game? Bosh had 21 points not 18!

Good win! Don't get me wrong, it is a joy to be a fan of this team.I hate sounding like the unappreciative fan.I just don't care for the coach and I don't have a problem expressing it when the sittuation calls for it. JA did pretty good last night. I was screaming last night because he was in the game during crunch time but it worked out. He is a 63% free throw shooter this year and 66% career shooter at the line. Oh well, I can't be mad at WINNING.

Forget Anthony we want Dexter Pittman!!!!


We all dont see nothing different when we watch the Heat. Thank GOD Spoelstra is finally staying out of the players way because even his boy "WADE" was looking at him funny. Good point about Orlando not having chemistry issues so fast. Bosh did start playing better when he did not have to play center at all. He might have to play a little once Haslem comes back by the end of feb hopefully. I like how everybody is pushing each other to get better and by everybody playing so good and doing there role. Poor Mike Miller cant even get into the rotation. You better not get hurt unless your name is Wade, Lebron or Bosh because you will struggle to get back your position or minutes. Competion has brought the best out of these guys everybody and even Spoelstra is doing better job...

greggembe, note a great coach - took a whole revamped roster during the start of the season, lost two games, and since have beaten contenders like Spurs and Celtics while they were at full strength...when you compare Spo to SVG, you see his weaknesses. Now he has grown by finally at least listening to suggestions, something he wouldn't do til Lebron and him had issues, but all in all, it is indeed hard to complain right now...however, spo is no mastermind coach...

I dont think you made a mistake... When i wrote we , i meant the collective people in my room at the time. Happy 2011.

bosh can still add more to his game, specially knowing how to play under preasure and on big games, something he never got to live with the raptors

he is first I was like "whhhaaaaaaattttt?" when he was having subpar games...but he really buckled down.

I am impressed

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