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How big a deal?

Was overhearing a conversation near the end of Saturday's game, with one well-respected L.A.-based journalist saying this wasn't as big an accomplishment for the Heat because the Lakers are struggling so badly.

Well, that isn't fair, is it? You can't play that card and also say that the Heat hasn't beaten very many good teams in its stretch of 14 wins in 15 games. What does the Heat have to do, in that case, to be considered legit? Beat only the Celtics?

The Lakers might have thrown in a clunker against the Bucks on Tuesday, but isn't that all the more incentive for the Lakers to want to beat the Heat? And the Lakers had just won eight of nine before that Bucks loss.

But here were the Lakers, essentially making excuses after the game, complaining about their lack of intensity, etc. Sad kobe

Kobe Bryant said the Lakers are always terrible on Christmas games, Phil Jackson said his team isn't "connected right now." Bryant added that games seem more important to the opponent than it is to them.

Interesting, then, because this was just as much a barometer game for the Lakers as it was for the Heat. It was their first chance to show that it's still L.A., and not the Heat, that is a championship favorite. That seems like some pretty good incentive.

Fact is, this is a very impressive win for Miami, not only because the Heat won in Los Angeles, but because they did it with defense and the rebounding was solid against the bigger Lakers and because all three of the Big Three were effective in so many ways.

It was an impressive display. It would probably feel a little better if the Lakers had a completely healthy Andrew Bynum, because it's that two-headed monster of Bynum and Pau Gasol that is L.A.'s biggest advantage against the Heat, but this is still the Lakers team that started out 8-0 without Bynum.

Chris Bosh has been steady all season, but he's now mixing in the big games more often. He completely outplayed Gasol, and it's encouraging to watch him mix up the jumper and the drive.

LeBron James has been shooting the ball quite well of late, which is scary. He hit 5 of 6 threes Saturday, and he's now shooting 47.5 percent from three-point range in December. Bron three

Interesting that Mike Miller wasn't used until garbage time -- also probably frustrating for him given that he targeted this game for his comeback -- but it kind of makes sense to roll with what was working against a team as capable as the Lakers. You can imagine Miller will be back in the rotation against the Knicks on Tuesday, probably taking minutes from James Jones, who was 1 of 6 from the field, all from three, against the Lakers.

Lastly, if I were Mario Chalmers, I'd be working on my three-point shooting a whole lot from now on. Because apparently he's going to get a ton of those looks.

Since the game in Utah on Dec. 8, Mario is averaging 5.4 three-point attempts a game, including nine attempts Saturday. He made three of them on his way to 13 points, but if he's deadly from out there regularly, he could be a serious spark off the bench.


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Every Heat coach, player, and fan knew coming into this game that no matter the result the "Fakers" players, coaches, fans, and the vast majority of the media would spout the tired line "It's just a meaningless regular-season game; it means nothing."

That is, unless the "Fakers" had found a way to win, then the line would have been "See, the Miami Heat just aren't up to beating any 'legitimate' team."

Well, they weren't able to use that lame second line, but trotted out that first one as if they'd spent months memorizing it.

Miami Heat fans know it's all tripe. Miami played lock-down defense, and "deserved" to win this game running away. They showed the NBA and its fans that they're more than just "legit", they're a downright scary-good championship contender.

As I've said before, here's a memo to the NBA and every opponent of the South Beach Superteam:

Better drink lots of cold liquids and invest in new air conditioners, because that's the ONLY way you'll beat the HEAT! You won't do it on a basketball court; that's for

The Lakers badly wanted to squash the Heat "hype" so they were trying to play their best.

Miami just didn't let them get anything.

I'm glad the Heat won this game because now analyst can't use that "Heat haven't beaten an elite team" garbage. The Heat aren't getting crush on the boards and are even grabbing offensive boards too. I also love the fact Wade played more on the ball this game something I complained about after the Dallas game. I thought coming in to this season the offense would run better with LBJ on the ball, but I think 'Bron is a better spot-up shooter than Wade. Also LBJ is more prone for over-dribbling and stopping the ball. I also think Arroyo minutes should be cut to make room for Miller not Jones. James Jones is an asset to the Heat help defense. They always talked about Miller being able to create so he can bring the ball up.

Let's not get to excited, The Celtics still own us.

- Less Joel = higher probability for wins
- A healthy Bynum in the playoffs make the Lakers a completely different team
- My barometer is the Celtics ... 2 more for this year
- Nice win
- No complaint about the coaching today

So this gets billed as the "must win statement game" by the media all season since it was announced in the summer. Then we destroy them and it turns into "more of a bad loss for the Lakers than a good win for the Heat". They keep this up with the Heat and they are going to feel so slighted by the time the playoffs roll around they are going to kill whoever is in front of them. As much as I want them to get the credit they deserve for playing well, keep on hating. This team is feeding off it very well.

I]m not sure why folks keep harping on Bynum not having been at his healthiest. Well neither was DWade. When was the last time you saw DW miss his dunks like that? Very uncharacteristic, so you know he's not at his best. If you want to talk health, then gotta measure the Heat's also. But I have to agree that beating Boston will do it for me, 'cause as I've said, the road to the ring goes through that team.

Lakersbreeze??? Gasol got punked by Bosh, Wade did a # on Kobe and Lebron basically took a big dump on your entire team...messed around and got a triple double....David in Seattle??? can't beat the elite teams huh?? what do you call that asswhoopin' on 2 time champs.... where are you guys now??? i don't understand.

And what about Mr. they predicted the outcome of every game, your theory has gone to $h!t...

Wat a joke the fakers are..they gat outplayed in every way possible and u cant teach or coach team speed or quikness or suks and so does his backup.their tryin to pry jameer nelson loose from the majic for odum.. Pls dont let them get jameer...the heat is the fastest trapping,swarming half ct defensive team n the nba..we still need bosh or somebody to post up..this will go along way in beating the celtics..bron has to get in the paint andpost too.. Mike miller can play outside when hes in shape..i like our center play right now..

When is riles going to demand that bron work his post up game.. When he was in the olympics with coach k he played very well at power forward.. Hes great but way overdribbles and stops the one can stop him down low and if we are to beat the big teams in the east we have to have his post presence...wade on the ball is better. King james holds the ball too much waiting to make a slick pass.. This is his only flaw.. Hes the best small forward of all time other than bird if he would get a post game...

Way to go guys, great win and let's look ahead to Boston and the Magic are looking good as of late! Let's trade Joel for OJ Mayo from the grizzlies to play point.

Great win! I think Magic has recognize that we are hungry for hate. He tells a national audiance that Lebron is MVP and to stop hating on this team because they are feeding off of it. How ironic it would be if hate stops the haters. I see the haters becoming the same thing they accuse Heat fans of being......bandwagoners. Dam I hope this doesn't happen. It is a lot more fun watching them look like idiots.I laugh my butt off looking at Artest offensive game and LBJ laughs at his defensive game. Bosh was a straight monster. Wade is making some really good decisions when he handles the ball. James jones needs his minutes when Miller gets back in the rotation. He has me thinking of that crazy king in the final Lord of the rings........CHARGE!

You can already tell that when the heat want to play..... They win! Loved the people movin without the ball, the open shot, the great passing, and the lockdown D. Lakers weren't ready for an opponent to slap them in the face like that..... I know boston is supposed to be good, but they're tired already. They'll beat their first rd playoff opponent and then be gassed. If we play them like the lakers, pushin the ball up every possession regardless of make or miss, they will be gassed by the end of the game like a ray Allen airball.... Once our supporting casts shots start to fall that's a wrap or the rest of the NBA...... Effin a I'm pumped cuz our boys ate BALLIN'!!!!!! Go Heat!

great win.... now there are two moves we can make now.... 1. trade mike miller to the suns for mikeal petrius... 2. house and howard and ud's injury exception to the hornets for jarrett jack... i don't know who we could lose to get deandre jordan but he could be had as well.. do we really need josh howard and how do we get him... but still great win.. merry xmas...

How old are you Black the trucker? Seriously....

Trucker, let me get this straight: You want to trade Miller, a career 13+ PPG, good on the ball defender who can run the floor and handle the ball for a 7- PPG journeyman who even a defensive team like Orlando gave up on?

Then, to finish this debacle, you want to give away the heart and soul of this team (UD) for a second year UNPROVEN player, and in the process, give away also the only backup at PF?

Smart, very, very smart.

Lets not forget that 1. we technically are missing our 4th and 5th best players. Miller is just getting back and our best defender haslem is out. So thats like taking artest and shannon brown/or their 5th best player away. And we 4 14-1 over the last 15. Plus, IMAGINE over the next 2 summers when we can add 2 more Mid Level players like the lakers added artest 2 yrs ago and matt barnes and steve blake. WE ARE GOING TO BE UNSTOPPABLE-BULLS of the 1990s. Celtics have maybe 1-2 more yrs left, LA is about done in 1-2 yrs, San Ant is done in 1-2 yrs with their stars all older, and Orlando is good not great. We can easily roll off 4-6 rings in the 6 yrs the guys r signed.
BOSTON PLAYED US 2 times, both semi close, WHEN WE WERENT PLAYING AS A TEAM YET-------- Yes, we all know its gonna be like 05 and 06, when it came down to us and detroit. it will be the heat and boston in the ECF. BY then, we will be a really good team. FELLAS, we can lose 13 more games and still win 60. WHO THINKS WE WILL LOSE 13 more games this yr??? SO , even after that 9-8 start we r still gonna win 60 plus. MIAMI HEAT , THE TEAM OF THE DECADE IS COMING BABY

The Heat played with gusto , fire, they hsd the eye of the tiger.

This team has an east coast toughness to it.

The perfect piece for this team, if denver would give it up since they arent going anywher, IS CHAUNCEY. An unselfish guy who can set the team up, play off the ball also, and be really the leader instead of arroyo or chalmers. I WOULD GIVE UP UD and that new exception we have. Denver did want UD as well over the summer. We can include UD and 3-4 expiring 1 yr guys to give denver cap relief.

Honestly, wouldnt he be the piece to really push us over the top?

Not a chance that Chauncy (pun intended) Billups will find a home here. First, his salary is up there with the BIG stars, second, he is getting injured way too often, which shows lack of conditioning, not age, three, he needs the ball in his hands to be effective, and that is simply NOT happening here. For all their shortcomings, Chal-rroyo is providing timely scoring and adequate defense.

The Heat - I am counting UD and Miller - has yet to take the court as a TEAM this season. Miller needs about a month to get his legs and his timing, UD should not need as long because he provides the guts, the grit and the untangibles, but he needs a couple of hits to get going.

Patience is the mantra this bunch needs.

You guys act as if you really faced the real Laker team, hell Bynum just came back a week ago and he's still not in shape. Let's see if the heat can beat us when we use both Gasol and Bynum on the floor together for over 35 minutes. I doubt it happens.

If the Heat didn't beat the REAL Lakers, then who did they beat?

The Fakers?

what do you think if we trade :

>carlos arroyo
>joel anthony
>mike miller
>jamal magloire
>plus trade exemption (HASLEM INJURY)









pg chalmers / *murray

sg wade / *oj mayo / *dasean butler

sf james / jones / *demarre carroll

pf bosh / *thompson / haslem

c big z / dampier / *thabeet / pittman


Yeah the Lakers are missing there 4th best player but the heat is missing there 4th and 5th best players. Oh yeah, D Wade is not a 100% either. I guess you can say that wasn't the real Miami heat blowing out the fakers. March 10 2011 @ American Airlines arena
,The la fakers can come on down and be the next contestant to get a Lebeatdown.

Bosh, and the Heat, being bothered by the Lakers lenght? Bynum is overrated

Wade blowing by first-team-all-defense Kome Bryant like he was standing still, on a bum knee, no less. Kome's defense has always been overrated.

Phil Jackson spouting about 'the NBA not respecting Christian holidays' because he has to play in front of a national audience again, and he gets a pass? He's a freakin' Buddahist! What the heck does he care about Christmas for...and the press let's him get away with that BS. Doc Rivers, "it's an honor to play on Christmas". Class, but we've always known that about Doc. Here's a thought, rotate the teams that play on Christmas. Just like, I can't be the only one sick of seeing losing franchises like the Lions and Cowboys EVERY Thanksgiving day. Rotate!

The Heat are rolling! Defense, rebound, and run. Chalmers starting to look like our answer at the point, and I don't give a **** who starts....he's making his minutes count.

Get healthy UD, we'll need you in the spring.

Fella's there isn't one team out there that can beat us on a 7 game series, put your money on that!

I've watched Bynum play a lot. When healthy, he's the 2nd best center in the NBA. It's tough to score against him when he's in the paint. He's pretty physical, blocks pretty well, and alters a lot of shots. On offense, he gets his own shot off and is pretty accurate.

I've watched Bynum against some pretty physical centers. Against Dwight Howard, he goes toe to toe. Against anyone else (eg. a healthy Kendrick Perkins), he just completely bullies them.

Anyone who thinks a healthy Bynum is overrated probably is just throwing out a cheap soundbite.

You right pugtv,but only about 10 times a year. That's about how many games you will get from him at 100%. He is like Yao. I think when he gives 100% at 100% is the cause of most of his injuries. Even if he every can stay at 100%, we got to many bench fillers on this team. They can make a coach bench you even when you are having a outstanding game. Bynum can change his name to foul trouble when he plays us.

Bynum's post defense is useless against our jump shooting Big Z. J. Anthony will beat him up and down the court, relentlessly. I would call the Dampier v Bynum matchup a wash. Certainly don't see Magloire backing away from this challenge either.

C'mon, when Bynum's on the court he is the Lakers fifth option on offense. So they will run, what, one to five iso sets for per 48 minutes. He's only going to make 50% of those. As a Heat fan, I'm real comfortable with those numbers. Slow and uninspired doesn't exactly put any fear in our squad.

No way James Jones minutes should be cut. Dude is a charge drawing "MAGNET" waiting to happen. The bottom line is that we are going to have to choose whos minutes are going to get cut eventually between Arroyo and Chalmers because Mike Miller is that missing length to the puzzle that we desperately need to beat the Celtics. Were are going to need that 6-8 body for rebounding and to push the ball up court so Wade and Lebron can run out on even more fast break oppurtunities against the "GIGANTIC" Celtics frontline so we wont have to get into a halfcourt slugfest, which the Celtics want us to do instead of a track meat up and down the court. The Knicks had a lot of success against the celtics when they ran those guys up and down the court and might be there only weakness come playoff time. Great win on saturday and everybody is playing as a team...

Here's another cheap soundbite:

There are 44 NBA players that are averaging more Blocked shots per game than Bynum. Bynum averages 1.0 per game.

Career numbers that are just jaw-dropping:

10.2 points per game
6.6 rebounds per game
1.45 blocks per game

He wouldn't be getting all the 'positive' cheap soundbites if he played outside of the Laker's media hub. I wonder how his career numbers compare to a center in a small market like, say, Kevin Love in Milwaukee.

The Heat showed up to play on Christmas and the Lakers have yet to reach their stride. The bottom line is the Heat are playing solid bball at this point and the lakers are not nearly the team we know they can and are. You could even see it in thier body language and that has been the story all season long. Bynum or not Bynum, the Lakers have not been performing well. Lakers are still the team to beat at the end of the day!!

... but only about 10 times a year ...

Posted by: jpejeff | Monday, December 27, 2010 at 01:34 PM

Obviously you're exaggerating, but conceptually, I agree with you. That's why I said when healthy.

Also, I do agree with your point about running to beat Bynum. I just don't think Joel is the guy to do it. Joel is useless in any kind of offense or defense.


Again, you show your analysis as continually being disingenous. You compare Bynum's 1 block per game, this year, to the rest of the league? Are you serious? I can't even dignify that with an answer. I'm sure you already know what the problem is with that comparison.

Love is a top player, no doubt. But he doesn't block nor alter shots. That's probably why Minnesota does poorly in holding other teams down in terms of scoring pts and %s. Lastly, he plays for Minnesota.

I think Spro understands that Joel is garbage. Hell I thought Joel was starting center material with the big 3 signing. I'll be the 1st to admit that I was DEAD AZZ WRONG! I Think his riding of the bench in L A was 1 of the reasons we looked so good. He only played 3 minutes. He gets pushed around pretty good against the bigger physical teams. Pat its ok to lose battles as long as you win the war. You already won the war with the LBJ and Bosh signings. We lost the battle with Joel but its ok.

This was a good win, but I couldn't help being frustrated every time Arroyo and James missed wide open 3-pointers. They were a combined 1-9! YIKES! Chalmers hitting 3-9 was okay, but his 9 shots were all uncontested as well. We're going to have to do better from behind the arc to win against Boston and Dallas. Keep in mind these were all WIDE OPEN shots - that is what they are paid to do.

It will be interesting to see what exactly Mike Miller is going to bring to this team - so far, he's been as bad as Joel. Granted, he'll need time to get back into things, but can we really be that much better with him? James Jones leads the league in taking charges and he's not even a starter. His help defense is superb. I can't imagine Miller being as quick as Jones. Time will tell....

now someone just posted a trade that makes sense.... jason thompson, would be a good pickup... but miller for pietrus is also a good trade... and ud's injury exception isn't ud jackass..... and jarrett jack would fit perfect... don't forget deandre jordan... but hey keep competing hard and let's see where we are in another weeek...

Arroyo and Chalmers minutes are not going to be cut! Miller is a shooting guard, if anyone's minutes will be affected it will be Jones'. Some of you need to listen to the "real" coaches on TV...Miami is doing as good as they are doing because they have a "true" PG at all times on the court with Arroyo and Chalmers. The "real" coaches are acknowledging the true contribution of Chalmers and Arroyo on the court - so to me, if those who know the game well see good in this, then everything else is wishful thinking (the trade this guy or the other comments). All non-sense.

Like they say...if it is not broke, don't fixt it! Chalmers and Arroyo are doing just fine, leave them alone.

Thanks Pugtv Sr

You are right, Love plays in another small market, Minnesota. While we look at his individual defensive abilities, remember the wasted piece of jersey that's playing forward with him. Never-stressed, always supercool Beas.

Didn't know stats/facts could be disingenuous. It is what it is. Bynum the second best center in the league??? Really?? Not Marcus Camby, not Chris Kaman, not Kendrick Perkins?? Oh, he's injured most of the freakin' time, so he hasn't reached his full potential. OK, so I'm saying Greg Oden is the second best center in the league, based on what I believe his potential to be.

Can I do that?

Andrew Bynum is Brendon Haywood playing on a good team.


Do you really think you can compare Oden to Bynum? Really? As usual, you're in the minority in terms of your NBA analytics.

Also, if you rely purely on stats alone, you're one of the few that prefered to have Wilt Chamberlain over Bill Russel.


Nice job fans like you and Sporon did on de-valuing Beasley. Look at what he's doing now. We could have gotten some value out of him had we showcased him properly.

If you're complaining about waste, blame it on Sporon.

What I was comparing was your assuming Bynum can play based on 'not his career statistics' but what you think his potential is. I was doing the same thing with Oden. Both have potential, both have been injured. There's the similarity in it's comparison.

Bynum = Haywood, just Bynum plays on a better team. Do you really think there would be a drop off on the Lakers if there was a straight up trade between the Mavs and Lakers?

Beas shouldn't have gotten as many minutes as he did with the Heat the last two years. We baby him, and gave him a charity starting role and the stupid-arse-figure could't get THAT right. He can chuck up a lot of shots and those numbers get shown on the bottom of the ESPN screen, but do you think any of his teammates feel like they could trust him to do the right thing in a pinch? Heck, we spotlighted this fool and only got second round talent back for him. Where were all the suitors when he became available? (pin drop) Riiigghhtt. Did the fans in Minnesota think they got a steal? Hardly. Get back to me when he's on a winning T-E-A-M. Until then, Spo was right to chuck him like an off-balanced-early-in-the-shot-clock-heave!

Do you really think there would be a drop off on the Lakers if there was a straight up trade between the Mavs and Lakers?

A resounding yes (a healthy Bynum 2 months from now vs. Haywood 2 months from now). And I would bet most NBA analyst would concur with me. Further, I doubt any NBA manager would give up Bynum in that trade.

"Do you think any of his teammates feel like they could trust him to do the right thing in a pinch?" Well, his coach trusted him enough to take the last winning shot against Cleveland. His final instructions to Beasley was to go right, and he did, and made the shot.

"we spotlighted this fool ...". No, we didn't. Sporon hi-lighted his weaknesses with his rotations. The suitors weren't there because, as mentioned, Sporon and fans like you de-valued his marketability. It is now being re-built in Minnesota.

Stupid Sporon could have built up his value, and traded him for some picks, which we could have used to further strengthen our team this year. Unfortunately, Sporon was too short sighted. That is why I can't stand him. He's a lousy in-game coach and an incompetent strategist.

"Sporon was too short sighted. That is why I can't stand him. He's a lousy in-game coach and an incompetent strategist."

...And I would bet most NBA analysts would disagree with you.

Hate on Spo if you like, but you have to throw the whole coaching staff under the bus as well as Spo's boss...he didn't operate on an island.

Why do you think we only got back 2nd round talent for supercoolbeas? Who else was in that bidding war? Certainly other GMs and NBA talent evaluators like yourself could see that diamond in that piece of coal, right? Who else was in that frenzied bid to take up Beas' contract/attitude? Knowing that all we did was embarrass the poor kid by asking him to play defense and learn our system, what kind of pressure do we expect him to handle? It was almost inhumane the way we expected professionalism out of this young kid, for what, a couple of million dollars a year? nah-I-mean, nah-I-mean?

Why do you think we only got back 2nd round talent for supercoolbeas?

Already answered ... go back to the previous discussion above.

...And I would bet most NBA analysts would disagree with you.

Yup ... specially the ones who don't watch the Heat games on a nightly basis.

Deep, too deep for me. Your understanding of basketball, without injecting preconceived emotions, is impressive.

Can't answer who else was in that bidding war for supercool? I know why -- 'cause there wasn't anybody throwing anything but dirt at us in return. The basketball gurus, who you would think watch a lot more basketball than you and I, could cut through the perceived 'bad coaching' and see that potential, BUT NO, they saw what some of us have been seeing the last two years, junk - trash - infintile behavior, THAT'S WHY, we only got second round for his lazy arse! Heck, we even tried to move that lemon off the lot with, 'he's the hardest working player at practice' BS. You can look at this fool and see he isn't in great shape, you see his confusion on the court and know he doesn't prepare himself or study the game.

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