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Bizarre NBA day

What in the world was going on in the NBA on Saturday.

First Magic GM Otis Smith decides to shake up his entire roster, bringing in Gilbert Arenas as a backup -- that has disaster written all over it -- and ridding itself of any depth up front by trading Marcin Gortat. Granted, the Magic got rid of Vince Carter, which is step one in attempting to win a championship, and Jason Richardson can light it up more regularly than Vince can at this point, but I'm not sure that Hedo Turkoglu is necessarily going to return to his form from a couple years ago. Either way, this can be considered a questionable move. Or it could work out brilliantly. But without Gortat and Lewis, the Magic is basically relying on Brandon Bass, Malik Allen and maybe Earl Clark as its power rotation outside of Dwight Howard. That's disconcerting.

Then the games started.

The Knicks lost to the Cavs. The undermanned Magic lost to the Sixers. The Bulls lost to the Clippers. Memphis took San Antonio to overtime.

And the Heat? Well, the Heat worked Magic.

Maybe this was just the basketball gods giving the Heat back the W that the Jazz stole from them in November, but it was pretty ridiculous to come back from down five with 30 seconds left, down four with 19 seconds left, and still win... in regulation.

The MVP of this game? That would be Chris Bosh. His three was money when the Heat was down five. He was smart enough to draw the foul on his next attempted three. He only made two of those, but that's just fine because you would've taken a two-pointer at that point anyway.

Then he set the screen that set Dwyane Wade free, and he eventually got fouled and hit the two free throws to give Miami the lead. Then he stood there as Kirk Hinrich was racing toward him, went straight up, even retreated a bit so he wouldn't get called for a foul, and made the game-saving defensive play. Anyone who says that was a foul is wrong. Not only did Hinrich blatantly lean in to try to get the foul, but Bosh never brought his arms down and was practically backing up the whole time.

Yeah, Bosh had seven turnovers, but when it mattered most, he was the most important person on the floor. And maybe that's why he was so obviously excited after that one. It was Bosh's win.

Now the Heat can move on to face the team that kickstarted this 12-game win streak. The Mavericks are playing great, but I have a feeling the Heat has something special in reserve for that team.



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