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Bizarre NBA day

What in the world was going on in the NBA on Saturday.

First Magic GM Otis Smith decides to shake up his entire roster, bringing in Gilbert Arenas as a backup -- that has disaster written all over it -- and ridding itself of any depth up front by trading Marcin Gortat. Granted, the Magic got rid of Vince Carter, which is step one in attempting to win a championship, and Jason Richardson can light it up more regularly than Vince can at this point, but I'm not sure that Hedo Turkoglu is necessarily going to return to his form from a couple years ago. Either way, this can be considered a questionable move. Or it could work out brilliantly. But without Gortat and Lewis, the Magic is basically relying on Brandon Bass, Malik Allen and maybe Earl Clark as its power rotation outside of Dwight Howard. That's disconcerting.

Then the games started.

The Knicks lost to the Cavs. The undermanned Magic lost to the Sixers. The Bulls lost to the Clippers. Memphis took San Antonio to overtime.

And the Heat? Well, the Heat worked Magic.

Maybe this was just the basketball gods giving the Heat back the W that the Jazz stole from them in November, but it was pretty ridiculous to come back from down five with 30 seconds left, down four with 19 seconds left, and still win... in regulation.

The MVP of this game? That would be Chris Bosh. His three was money when the Heat was down five. He was smart enough to draw the foul on his next attempted three. He only made two of those, but that's just fine because you would've taken a two-pointer at that point anyway.

Then he set the screen that set Dwyane Wade free, and he eventually got fouled and hit the two free throws to give Miami the lead. Then he stood there as Kirk Hinrich was racing toward him, went straight up, even retreated a bit so he wouldn't get called for a foul, and made the game-saving defensive play. Anyone who says that was a foul is wrong. Not only did Hinrich blatantly lean in to try to get the foul, but Bosh never brought his arms down and was practically backing up the whole time.

Yeah, Bosh had seven turnovers, but when it mattered most, he was the most important person on the floor. And maybe that's why he was so obviously excited after that one. It was Bosh's win.

Now the Heat can move on to face the team that kickstarted this 12-game win streak. The Mavericks are playing great, but I have a feeling the Heat has something special in reserve for that team.



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You blow Izzy. Let me write this blog. what happened to everybody here? during a 12 game streak!

What a waste letting go of B-Easy for nuttin...

9/11 was an inside job

WTC 1, 2 & 7 were brought down by controlled demolition.

checkout & learn the truth.

All true statements.

- I don't get the Orlando trade. Oh well, its our gain.

- There was contact with the last play. It was a foul. Bosh or James, take your pick.

- It doesn't matter that Hinrich leaned in and forced contact. D Wade does it all the time and gets the foul call. We got lucky the refs didn't call it.

- Props to James Jones for stealing and hitting the 2 critical free throws.

Arenas for Lewis was not a bad trade for the Magic. Agent Zero is a beast! however they must trade Nelson for this to work because Arenas is a point guard not a shooting guard thats why the Wizards traded him. But we must wait and see how this team gels and the basketball gods will decide if the team will be a threat to us or not. Btw tonight's win was pure luck but well take it lol

9/11 Beasley an inconsistent slouch! stop mentioning him already! After that hot start he has just disappeared just letting us know he is what we thought he was! A super talented players that never gives it his all for the sake of the team. A players that can shoot you into games but most of the time shoot you out of them.

I don't recall Beasley shooting us out of games. I recall Daequan Cook always shooting us out of games. Perhaps you have the 2 mixed up.

9/11 ur an idiot,Beasley is too immature for this team. also stop using this forum to promote ur crazy left wing political propaganda. Keep it about sports u dumb lefty.

Wizards have some nice pieces...they're a sleeper - you watch. Certainly not like a team like Charlotte which appears on the brink of imploding. Still, the Heat were on lucky to win. Sometimes Wade plays like he's drunk...but his unpredictability is what we love. Everybody eat a Cuban sandwich on Monday.

I was at this game and it was crazy how erratic the Heat played, but I had faith they'd do the right thing and push hard at the end. Believe it or not, there were a lot of Heat fans at the Verizon Center. The Lebron dunk was awesome to see, in reality much better than sitting in front of the TV.

There were also a lot of "non-calls" against the Heat that were questionable. It was cool that the officials allowed a more physical game but some of those "non-calls" almost cost the Heat the game.

I like what Orlando did here. Will Arenas start at pg? If not then perhaps he will be the 6th man.

Lets see if Turk still has it.

If they put it together quickly they could make a run before the end of the season.

Great win! The last minute on Espn live blog was crazy.The back and forth between the haters and supporters was wicked.Desperation by the Magic if you ask me. By the time they get it together they gonna be already locked in a 5th or 6th seed. Miami or Boston will then knock them out of the 1st round regardless of how well they are playing. This was a move to compete with Miami. They really hurt there power rotatio
n and Boston made there power rotation stronger. This leads me to believe that they think Miami is the team to beat. Miami got 1st team allstars and multiple closers to off set there inside lack of depth. If one of the big 3 gets hurt we can stay a float. If howard goes down, the magic are doomed.

Not cuz I'm a heat fan bit I dont think there was a foul on the last play, both bosh and james seemed to jump while falling back and he just went there looking for contact and ended up throwing the ball up when he notice there was no foul

I dont think there was a foul on the last play

Posted by: miaheat | Sunday, December 19, 2010 at 01:56 PM

Was there contact by both Bosh and James?

I been watching Wade get bang up all year long. Drive after drive he gets no calls. Now someone name Hinrich suppose to get a call at the buzzer against Bosh or James when they jump straight up with hands over there heads. I don't like when Wade don't get calls he use to get but atleast the refs are being consistent on both ends of the floor so far. No way you can make that call in that sittuation. I know players that have Jordan rights get them kind of calls but Hinrich not that good.

That was a great no call at the end. Hinrich was out of control and threw himself into the defenders who had their hands up. No way Hinrich gets that call.

There is contact on every play in the NBA. That doesn't make it a foul.

For the pro-no foul group ... 2 words ... restricted circle.

It's hard to tell if Bosh was in it, but LBJ definitely was. Ergo, it's a foul.

the game was definately wacky but i take the win!

we ought to play better next time, though

I agree with the non call as there was alot of contact for both teams the last few trips down the floor. Both James and Bosh were falling back to ensure that there was no contact and hinrich was out of control so big props to the ref for not bailing him out....

Time to focus on the Dallas game! Hope we will be able to finally beat them. (Is it true that the Heat lost to Mavs for 13th straight time)?????

Lucky to pull out of DC with a win Saturday. It was one of those "trap" games. We looked unfocused and somewhat unmotivated, which resulted in careless turnovers. Good thing is -- we found a way to win. Three tough games in a row should keep us focused. Phoenix definitely got better by adding Gortat and Pietrus (Carter doesn't strike fear in anyone).

9/11 is back, well, for a while. With the impending takeover of the internet by our over-reaching government, clowns like this will be a thing of the past, but then again, so might our 'open' forums.

Ft. Hood was an inside job.

Trying to blow up the tree lighting ceremony in Seattle was an inside job.

Threatening to hang our military generals was an inside job.

All inside jobs -- yep, all these individuals belong to the same cult/religion. I can connect the dots, even if our public servants want to down play the connection. Simple stuff really.

Oh, and 9/11, we got some 'second' round love back for supercoolbeas, so it wasn't nuthin', it was sumpthin'.

Yep, you can tell Beas works at his craft just like Blake Griffin.

You can never change the fact that Beasley was the #2 pick in the draft that we got absolutely nothing for. You can't change the fact that Minesota is getting more out of him that we ever did. You can't change the fact that Bosh is playing a lot better since he is playing exclusively at PF.No matter how you spin the sittuation, you will never change the fact that we waisted young talent in the past. Now we can move on and focus on the great team we got now or we can go back and forth about the past. I saw the let down in DC coming. You can't end a game late on a Saturday night during the holidays At madison square garden and have a game in Dc 19 hours later without some major discomfort. You gonna spend atleast half that time in traffic and at the airport. Dc has the worse traffic in the country and NY is a close second.

These guys ain't complaining about the scedule for nothing. They the only team that gonna end a game on christmas eve only to travel to play another game on the road for christmas. The scedule sucks and We don't know the half of it.

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