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Will he or won't he?

Apparently the question of whether LeBron will do the pregame powder thing before Thursday night's game in Cleveland is becoming a point of great interest.

There will be so many parts about the game that will be intriguing to watch (will his ex-teammates be kind to him? Will the fans break those "be nice" rules? Will his Heat teammates help carry the load enough to make LeBron look good?)

But, apparently, the intrigue starts at the very beginning. Even Shaq has an interest in thePowder toss powder thing.

"I'm a silly fan," O'Neal told the AP. "I'm anxious to see if he's going to do that powder thing.

"We have bets that he doesn't do it." 

LeBron was asked about it Tuesday.

"The powder? I probably will," James said. "That's just a ritual for myself, a routine that I've always done, I've done on the road. I don't know. We'll see. I may change. I don't know."

Not sure why it's that big a deal. I know it became his tradition in Cleveland, but it's not Cleveland's tradition, it's LeBron. It left when he left. I say he sticks with it, otherwise the Clevelanders win.

Wade said he should do it.

"I wouldn't expect him to do anything different," Wade said. "He's done it for every game he's played. So why change it just for one game? If he doesn't throw it up, I'll throw it up for him."

I like that idea. Maybe LeBron stands next to Dwyane, gets ready to throw it up, then looks over to Dwyane and lets him do it.

That might be even cooler. Of course, it'll turn Dwyane into public enemy No. 2, but everyone in Cleveland hates everything about the Heat anyway, so what's the harm.


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"Otherwise the Clevelanders win"? What is this, a debate on terrorism? It'll be another moment for Cleveland fans to boo and abuse that little prima donna, and if he decides not to, they'll have plenty more. Besides, it's not like LeBron has a history of dealing with adversity.

As for the "be nice" rules, if Israel means "don't throw bottles and batteries on the floor", I'm not sure. As for yelling anything at all, the fans will be as vicious as they've ever been anywhere. And LeBron will deserve every syllable, every decibel.

He had the right to sign with any team he liked. That's not the problem. He fled Cleveland in such a cowardly and self-regarding way that he's justly earned their hatred. He treated his fans like dog crap, showing no gratitude or recognition of them at all. Now they'll get the first of their many chances to return the favor. I, for one, can't wait.

The starting five should do it. Or maybe Spo. Or Riley. Make it interesting.

I hope he uses the powder. A big pile of gun powder. Light a fuse and him and his teamates ( current and past ) run like hell. Maybe he can BUMP into Gilbert on the way out knocking him on his butt so he can't get out in time.

I want Wade to throw the powder up so it can take some of the negative attention off LBJ. I think it'll make the Heat team get a good laugh and help LBJ ease some anxiety that he may have.

Go MIAMI HEAT!!!!!! lets welcome the BOOs of the haters!!! Let them have their Heart Attacks!!! wahahaha!!!

I see this game as the game we gonna look back at and say wow this team can do it. Loved how the played the Wizards even though they are not a very good team ball movement was there, something that hasn't happen all season. I also like seeing Dampier on the floor he is gonna be a big part of what we do, he should definitely start with Chalmers.

IG -- "I like that idea. Maybe LeBron stands next to Dwyane, gets ready to throw it up, then looks over to Dwyane and lets him do it."


Nice but unsafe.

Because then you have 2 targets for the price of 1.

Better, safer: James and Wade locate Dan Gilbert; BOTH grab powder; BOTH go to Gilbert; BOTH stand next to Gilbert; BOTH, on cue, powder Dan's face; BOTH return to Heat bench; BOTH await riot; BOTH remain seated, Heat celebrates forfeit.
















Shut up, Loser!! Those are my thoughts. Who the hell would trade for Anthony and Arroyo. nO sane person would, especially to trade a young gun like Williams. I hate seeing these dumb lineup suggestions. Sit down and watch the games, or tell them to your buddies over tea.

Its hard to trade players that were not in the NBA before you gave them a contract.

We need a part time point guard who can shoot the three and assist Lebron with handling the ball, one name came to me while watching the Grizzlies play the other night "O.J.Mayo" I would like to see Miami trade Joel Anthony and Carlos Arroyo for O.J.

Lakers just lost three in a row, and Riley got in front of a microphone and spewed some sh*t about Mitch Richmond stepping down to take over the Fakers. Seems the whole league wants to see them fail after they added Artest (last year), Matt Barnes and Theo Ratliff to their already Championship team.

What? Didn't happen? Oh, Riley has class, unlike Phil Jackson.

Interesting twist - read the writer dude's take from Yahoo Sports on LeBron. The media is now appears to be siding up with Spo as the tide is rolling over LeBron's charade. Hard to imagine how LeBron's majestic, almost perfectly calculated image has taken such a horrendous hit. Strange signs appeared two years ago during the playoffs with Orlando...then last year with Boston. Oddly enough, his teams were wildly successful as well as his MVP's that created this diversion from the truth. Obviously, his Decision was a mistake...and now we know - there's no hinding the fact...this whole spectacle is on the Big 3.

Orlando - I'd like to see us trade Chalmers and Magloire for Chris Paul or maybe James Jones and Marloire for Carmelo Anthony. And while we are at it, I want to see Jimmy Johnson coach the Canes, I'd like to see Chuck Daly rise from the grave and coach the Heat. I'd love to see us trade Henne for Sam Bradford in the offseason....and I'd like to see the Marlins trade Chris Volstad for Roy Halladay...and all of these wishes of mine have a better chance of happening than Anthony and Arroyo for OJ Mayo. Especially my wish for Daly to to coach the Heat.

Are you kidding???? First off, Memphis has a great team...did you see what they did to the Lakers last night? And unlike Paul and Anthony's respective teams, they will have the ability to keep OJ on that team for a while, there isn't a chance in he|_|_ that they would trade him to us for two of our scrubs. So nice thoughts, but get real...

Nuggets gotta hurry up and cut billups so we can pick him up lol

to all of the heat fans....Cleveland fans are much tougher than you think. But as far as whether he throws up the powder or not if he does he is just doing what he does best drawing attention to his arrogant self. if he doesnt it might help his image that is trying to fix. His nike commercial?... (damage control) his interview with matt lauer?....(damage control) if his move was so right and all he has said and done was so right then why does he have to defend himself? It may have benefitted miami to have him on your team but it did nothing to the spirit of the game..the integrity to the sport. their is something to be said about loyalty. I am upset when i hear heat fans talk about lebron and all he has done and refer to cleveland fans as "haters" and this "na na na in your face cleveland" attitude. we dont deserve it. and be careful this is a man that was capable of making a decision that affected an entire city and turning his back. he has no loyalty to any of you either. he is out for himself "the Lebron Corporation" the "global icon" he thinks he will be. good luck Thursday We don't care whether you win or lose. Our players have heart and so does every single cleveland fan.

Agramante, maybe u guys are DOG CRAP!

Yea Maria Cleaveland has as much heart as your coward owner, with mr flop sideshow bob Varejao and a bunch of whinning @s& losers that are still butt hurt your BF left u scrubs!

And this kid Orlando, U need to go back to your playstation son, this is a man sport.. Ignorant trade talk

ah, I meant Mitch Kupchak, not Mitch Ritchmond.

awwww poor frank taking the high road huh? lol you sound so bitter... so angry...whats up with that? Hmmm maybe what agramante and myself say has some truth? your post reveal your ignorance so keep posting it will only drive the point home about the ugliness that Lebron and his "decision" is bringing out. You will see my friend when the game is on the line your Lebron will cave and have a sore elbow or a pulled hamstring anything to control the media you are in for a rude awakening. But keep posting because you are making heat fans sound great! LOL You can't hurt me with your words because we don't care about winning or losing in Cleveland we are true fans either way. You know nothing about cleveland Dan Gilbert or any of the players and what goes into our team. Poor Frank so mis guided...keep posting just keep on posting!! LOL

LOL!! Cleveland fans running their mouths here on our posts as if we are afraid of them. Remember, you're Cleveland. He LEFT you guys. What have you ever accomplished?
Cleveland the juggernaut franchise with championship pedigree. The beast of the east.
We're trembling down here in the 80 degree sunshine.
How will you guys feel after your ex boyfriend come to town with his new love and beats the crap out of you guys. What will you say then?

maria's got a good point, Heat fans. James has already shown he doesn't have loyalty to any team beyond his little group of high school buddies. Enjoy the show while it lasts, but don't get too attached.

James played out his contract and has every right to leave. Why are we assuming he owed his whole career to the state he grew up in? Kobe left Philly. Jordan left Chicago, TWICE, and the second time didn't leave to go to a team that was going to win (ala Lebron), he went to a team that stunk and was not going to get any better (especially with the GM they had - mj). His errorness left for selfish reasons, thinking he was going to be a big fish in a little pond, and boy did he stink it up like pond scum in DC!

Win or lose tomorrow, and apparently one poster from Cleveland says "we don't care about winning and losing", the Heat will go further than the Cavs for the next 6-7 years. Maybe, Maria, Lebron left because of apathetic attitudes like your own.

Read Adrian Wojnarowski's story on Yahoo Sports about this recent LeBron flap. Adds some clarity to his past and may help explain this extreme harshness from most everyone except Heat fans. The bottom line : he'll need to change or his pariah image continues.

Yo, Greg - no one is saying that James didn't have the right to leave, nor that "he owed his whole career to the state he grew up in." But, don't go to "apathetic attitudes" - that is just talking smack. Cleveland fans are passionate (probably more passionate than a lot of fanbases in more high profile places like, say, "South Beach"). But, the animosity against LeBron is based mostly on "how" he left. He had the right to leave - but in doing so, he had the obligation not to trample on a rabid fanbase that basically worshipped him for 10 years.

It may have been a lovely relationship while it lasted - but the breakup was ugly 'cuz he finally showed that he didn't give a damn about his fans in how he left. It isn't the marriage that we are left with - it is the divorce.

1 - the apathetic attitude was based on the "we don't care about winning and losing" statement, which is, almost the definition of apathy.

2 - I don't live in South Beach, actually closer to Cleveland, but I do 'follow' the Heat.

3 - The Decision was a horrible, but accurate, statement about sports in today's society. First, they are only athletes that play a game - stop the freakin' WORSHIPPING! That's where your first problem lies. We put way too much emphasis on athletes and sports, and not on the rest of our society, as the lives, and country, we used to know and love crumbles around us.

4 - He wasn't playing for the fans in the first place. Good/great players play for their teammates and their organizations, and the selfish ones, think Shaq or Gilbert Arenas, play for themselves. Does Dan Gilbert have to ask for a public vote before he makes trades or acquisitions? No. The owner isn't obligated to the fans, nor are the players.

5 - Lastly, and most importantly, the Decision would be viewed in a much different light if he had gone to New York/Chicago/or LA. No way is the media laughing at, or poking fun at the Lakers, if he went there, and after less than 20 games the team was still trying to gel. And no way, does Riley stoop to Phil Jerkson level of meddling in their business. Like SVG said of Phil, "He's ignorant".

If Wade does it im going to bust out laughing so hard. Will instantly become public enemy #2, no doubt lol

1 - Regardless of the statement (and I don't think that it was meant that way), you really can't paint the Cleveland fans as "apathetic". Too rabid - maybe. But not apathetic.

2 - Fine with me whoever you follow.

3 - Look, I don't know about you - but for most of us, sports is only a diversion. I'm certainly not "worshipping" an athlete. That being said - the essence of an "athlete's" value is in fact the notion that fans care about them. Basically, they are entertainers. So - given the fact that fans do care about the athletes and the athletes make a lot of money because they do so, don't get upset if the fans then get very upset if the athlete then indicates that they don't return the emotion!

4 - Uh - yeah, he is playing for the fans. Sure, he plays for his teammates and organization - but I think that the essence of fans (short for fanatics) is that they have an arbitrary tie to a team that is "their" team and players that are "their" players. So, again - it isn't that Lebron couldn't do "The Decision" or change teams. But - don't rag on the Cleveland fans for being upset with him on how he left them.

5 - In Cleveland, "The Decision" would have been viewed the same no matter where he went - if he was going to leave Cleveland, he could have stated that beforehand, made all of the right gestures to the Cleveland fans (even if he really didn't believe in them) and then gone ahead and done his move.

apathy - indifferent or unenergenic (see: "we don't care about winning and losing" statement. Used twice by Maria, a self-described Cleveland fan, in her posts)

"he had the obligation not to trample on a rabid fanbase that basically worshipped him for 10 years." --- "I'm certainly not "worshipping" an athlete." --- Clarify please, sounds like doubletalk to me.

"the essence of an "athlete's" value is in fact the notion that fans care about them." Nope, their value is in what they do on the court/field/diamond. Look, you can care alot about an athlete, but if they don't perform, they have little value. You can keep your 'arbitrary tie' arguement as a reason for a player prostituting his body for the length of his career, but I doubt any pro athletes would confirm your view.

LBJ was so bad and out of control his 1st 7 years that you would have gladly welcome him back for another 7 years. Sounds like worship to me.

"apathy" - you are taking a comment by Maria (a single fan) and using it out of context to tar the entire Cleveland fanbase. Nice. Okay, I'm a Miami fan - and I don't really care who wins tomorrow night's ballgame, since there is more to the season than just one game. OH! Jeez, that must mean that Miami fans are apathetic.

"Obligation not to trample on a rabid fanbase" - in the context of defending the reasonable reaction of the Cleveland fans. Reacting badly to being disrespected in a really classless manner is not "worshipping". Cleveland fans don't like Joakim Noah either - but there isn't a "worship" element to that. Just a perception that the guy is a schmuck.

"Value of an athlete" - certainly, it is in how they perform - AND in whether the fans like them and support them. I have no idea who the best Greco-Roman Wrestler or Pole Vaulter in the world is at present. But I'm pretty sure that they don't make the money that an NBA player does, much less LeBron James. LeBron makes the money he does not just because he performs - but because the FANS like to watch basketball and because FANS support the NBA. If they didn't like him, his value would be less. Pro athletes may not confirm my view - in fact, these days I think that fans really get hosed by athletes. However, we haven't yet gotten fed up enought to vote with our feet. But - the whole reason that NBA teams can pay so much money for their players is that there are people out there who buy tickets and support NBA endorsements. So, it is those people who can legimately feel some angst when those players don't seem to appreciate their support.

Webster Definition of Apathetic:
1.)Having or showing little or no emotion.
2.)Not interested or concerned;indifferent or unresponsive.
Hardly representing my statement of whether we care if you win or lose. My statement comes from a place of pride. Empathy is maybe but what you all need to learn. I personally did not worship him. But he created a image of himself that was a far cry from the guy sitting there saying "I'm taking my talents to south beach" My son attended his camps in Akron for 800.00 for the week where he said he would not leave cleveland until we had a championship. Only to then take his camp to California because he could charge more per kid and possibly further his acting career. This is not a true Athlete this is a man who started to believe his own hype. He doesnt realize the loyalty and the idea of bringing a championship to a place like cleveland was the reason he was so loved. the very thought of him being able to do that for a town like cleveland made him a fan of everyone world wide. He lost the ability to bring that to life. And the only people who think its ok is Miami fans. Yes, he had the right to go. Everyone has a right to go Husbands have the "right to leave their pregnant wife" does it make that person a heroe? Not really. I am tired of the lack of spirituality. Ask Drew Brees why he didn't New Orleans. Quote "I felt the people here needed a championship to lift this city." There's your heroe. Is anyone getting this? Its not about being bitter or angry its about the lack of character. Lebron ruined his career and his image. He left Cleveland at the 11th hour and on national tv threw it in the fans of all the people of this great city I live in. That is why I say we don't care about winning or losing we have to hold our heads up. He can throw his stupid powder that is not the stuff of a true champion. The people of cleveland know the story we were hear for all of the speeches all the things this team and the owner did. He actually sold out in the play offs! are you getting this...he quit in the playoffs to calculate his next move. This man is not about the fans he is about money. he is not about the game or the love of basketball he is about becoming a global icon. He is not loyal to miami he is only loyal to himself. Stop thinking cleveland fans are all "haters" try some "empathy". In the meantime I will be loyal to my city and teams win or lose that is not apathy that is passion

very well said jpejeff

@ Maria. Lebron is likea ex lover who dumped you. You worshipped the court that he walked on when y'all was together. Now that you guys are not together, you are hurt and lashing back. You would gadly worship the court he walks on again if he took you back but that is not gonna happen. Enough time has went by for you to heal and move on. I know it is not easy. Sticking around only makes you a stalker. I'm gonna do you a favor and I hope it registers because you seem like a lovely person. HE DON'T LOVED U ANYMORE GIRL!

Over under on LeBron throwing powder in the air or North Korea lobbing a nuke through the air first?

@jpejeff lol you just took a well thought out post of mine and reduced to a comment about an ex lover? lol Although i am a lovely person btw thank you. But since you went there here it goes...If he cheated on me he will cheat on you. He is nothing but a snake once a snake always a snake. He is a narcissistic jerk and will never treat you right! lol dont get too attached

2jpejeff..I'm just sayin' since you are in a relationship with him now let me do you a favor and i hope it registers HE WILL NEVER BE FAITHFUL TO YOU!!!

I guess the point I was trying to get across is that HE IS JUST A BASKETBALL PLAYER! Somehow I don't think that statement would stop you from slashing his tires if you could.LOL

yes he is just a basketball player and that is what makes me angry. That for being just a basketball player he is able to manipulate so much. If you were born and raised here and were part of cleveland you would understand the impact of what actually happened. cleveland people have more of an understanding of where he came from and his mother and how he was raised (and it was not that bad) the games he has been playing with this town started when he was in highschool. but he led cleveland to believe he was going to turn this city around and cleveland needed that. yes he had the right to leave. but not how he did it and not to carry on in this arrogant way. He is not the lebron that we believed in. And no..I would not slash his tires I do not let people lower me to that and cleveland fans will take the high road. But he is truly the worst example of a professional athlete I have ever seen. (besides tiger woods)

And away we go with the LeBron-Cleveland madness. At least it makes for good chatter:

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