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Bosh conundrum?

Just for starters, let's get this out of the way. It's not a problem that Chris Bosh is playing a little out of sorts. It clearly hasn't affected this team negatively except for the first half against the Celtics. But through five games, we might as well try to figure out why he's only shooting 43 percent, scoring 13 points and grabbing six rebounds a game.

As far as personnel goes, there's a chance that playing with Joel Anthony next to him in the starting lineup is hurting him. Bosh played with guys like Bargnani in Toronto or even Rasho Nesterovic, centers that can hit mid-range to outside jumpers, freeing up the lane for him. Playing with Joel Anthony, whenever he gets the ball in the mid-post, he's looking at a center waiting to help on him the first step he takes. There was a play against the Wolves where Bosh drove and found Joel for a dunk, but more often than not he's just finding traffic when he drives while playing alongside Joel, and it's not something that would encourage him to drive more.

Maybe that has something to do with it, but Chris still looks hesitant at times. He passes up way too many open jumpers for a guy with such a sweet stroke. Other times he'll pump fake for no real reason, then take the shot a second later when he's not in the same rhythm. There was one particular play against the Wolves where he pump faked on a wide open J, Kevin Love never bit on the move, but Chris drove into the lane anyway and got nothing out of it. It could be him being too unselfish, or him just really wanting to get in the lane for more layups, but it's not resulting, right now, in great looks for him or even in many free throws. For his career he averages 7.4 free throw attempts per game, and right now he's getting less than five a game.

Chances are he'll figure it out eventually, but the guess here is he needs to just be more instinctual, play the way he always has and let the result be what it is. That's what Dwyane has been doing and it has worked out for him. Even if his scoring stays in the 13 ppg range, it should at least come at a 55 percent shooting clip. But then again, if he's shooting 55 percent, chances are he'll score a lot more than 13 a game. Chris just doesn't want to force it, and it's understandable. Why force it now? He'd only look selfish if he did. But it would be nice for him to get the same kind of recognition LeBron and Dwyane are getting.

On a side note, if you haven't seen it, Kevin Garnett apparently called Charlie Villanueva a "cancer patient" during last night's Boston-Detroit game. He just seems to become more of a jerk the older he gets. Heat fans should have fun with KG when he comes to town next Thursday.


Feed You can follow this conversation by subscribing to the comment feed for this post.'re always spot on ! I think Bosh will be fine. His finesse game will work at varying degrees based on the opponent. Heat are rolling !

Just a note, it's:

"It clearly hasn't affected this team negatively, EXCEPT for the first half against the Celtics."


"It clearly hasn't affected this team negatively accept for the first half against the Celtics."

You need to include that comma, too.

I thought Charlie V. was a cancer patient? Charlie is soft he should've taken it to KG right there if he was that upset. KG gets to be a jerk because people let him, so kudos to KG for striking fear into the heart of scared-ass players. All those years and not even getting mushed by another player tells me KG probably can fight.

Its the rules nowadays, KG knows he can talk all the trash he wants and never have to back it up, one punch by them and the player will be out for a long time. That's why he always picks on the smallest guys or foreigners.

On Bosh, he has the HIGHEST +/- stats in the entire NBA.

There is no need for him to force the issue when Lebron and Wade have our offense running so smooth. If he's called upon he can lead the offense but lets just be happy he seems willing to accept the role required.

Bosh will be fine! bosh is trying to fing his role with d-wade being back! of the 3, i think he should be the one taking open jumper if there! once he figure out that anthony clogs the lane and he should shoot j's and when big z is in to go more one on one he'll start dominating again!! his rebounding might suffer b/c so many are capable when motivated! im glad chalmer looked good and didnt realize he had 8 assists until after the game! we dont need to tweek this team no further and hope all we be around when the playoff start! LOVE WHAT IM SEEING

My biggest concern with Bosh is that he just seems sloppy. The pump fakes you referred to in this article are 1 example. But it just seems too many times he is dropping easy passes and easy rebounds. It's 1 thing when Wade and Bron mess up on a pass when they are trying to make a Globetrotter play like happened on a fast break last night but Bosh seems to do this in ordinary situations. This will definitely hurt us come playoff time but hopefully he can work it out before then.

Lucky for us we have a great back-up PF and just like when we had Zo coming off the bench in 06, Haslem is going to be a huge factor come playoff time.

Just re-iterating ... Joel Anthony is not only an offensive liability individually, but also a liability to his his teammates' offense. When he steps on the floor, we're basically playing 4 on 5.

It sucks to see the other team have a free safety double teaming our guy, in this case, Bosh. I suggest we Start Z and bring Joel off the bench.

Lol @ some Miami fans already over-rating Haslem again.

Bosh leads the entire NBA in +/- stats this season. +75, meaning we outscore the opponent by a great majority when he is on the floor, he makes the game much easier and does his thing on D. Haslem always has one of the lowest on the team.

13 pts and 6.4 RBs is basicly what we was getting fom Mike Beasley so we do expect more from Bosh. He only gets about 11 shot attemps a game down about 5 1/2 from the past 2 years. He would basicly have to shoot 80% just to average 20 pts at that clip. I would say 16 pts and about 10 RBs would do the trick. The extra boards will add more shot attemps. At least get more boards than your backup. I know Haslem gets a lot of RBs against the 2nd unit but he has been a 9 RBs guy even as a starter. 20 mil says you need to out preform your backup. I got plenty of confidence and patience that Bosh will find his mojo.The whole team really has plenty of room to grow with plenty of time to get there.

How do you know who wrote this blog? There are two writers, Israel and Joseph (Old Testament Bible Names) and the blog doesn't say which one wrote it.

I dont know if Joel is going to cut it against teams with big front lines like the Celtics and the Lakers.

I really have NO idea why he is out there?? He is getting dominated by guys like Brook Lopez, Dwight Howard, even Shaq looked rejuvenated against a 6'9" center. He is only getting 4 boards, 1.4 blks.. he's not protecting the rim. He is foul prone. Can't hit a jumper to save his life, even if he is wide open. Can barely finish at the rim when his teammates try to set him up when they are being doubled. And as this blog pointed out.. opposing centers are leaving him to prevent Bosh from getting into any kind of groove.

So other than trying to make games more fair against lesser team.. Why is Joel Anthony the starting center?

Meanwhile, former Heat D Cook continues his career long shooting slump. 3 games totaling 42 mins and 0 for 6 resulting in 0% shooting percentage. His best contribution to that team through the 1st 3 games is 6 fouls.

Once in awhile, the out of the ordinary happens. He finally hit a few shots today, in a blow out loss to the Clippers.

I never understood how he actually got playing time in Miami. I'm so glad he's gone.

did anyone catch south park on tv wednesday night? They made a parody of Lebron James' "What should i do" commercial! lol. it was really funny because nike actually ran the commercial just 5 min prior!!

Now we have gotten to the point in the season where people/writers have to find something to write/whine about. It's like the article the other day where the writer said that there appeared to be "no joy" for the big three. Which is funny, because I look at them on the bench and they are all smiles,laughing and high-fiving.
The fact is that the dynamics these guys are used to (scoring 25-30 points a game, dominating by themselves) is over. This is something we have NEVER seen before. They knew what was up when they agreed to play together and I don't think it's going to bother them one bit.
The BIG THREE are all the ultimate professional, and will accept tons of wins and championships over individual accolades every time. Remember, they were all leading scorers on their old teams and they know how that worked out.
It's a long season, and I think the ultimate challenge for them will be keeping boredom from setting in.
If you're going to a game, go EARLY, because these guys won't be playing alot of 4th quarters.
GO HEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
P.S. It sure is funny how they haters are all slinking away into the night...LOL

Oh, and Bill,
U.D. is one of their most valuable guys on the team. I don't care what his +/- ratio is. There was a reason those guys gave back money to sign U.D. He's the real backbone of this team. He does all the dirty work,takes the charges,sets the screens,etc...
There are a bunch of other teams that would have loved to sign him, and at a MUCH bigger price tag.
Do you actually watch the games,or just the bos score?

Joel Anthony is only a temporary stop-gap measure at center, likely for this season. Big Z could start but doesn't have the stamina for starter minutes. But Big Z hitting those outside shots will clearly open up the lane for Bosh.

It is scary to think what the team would be like if only the Bulls took Beasley and Heat took Rose (or if Heat would have had #1 pick). Granted, Rose would still be under 1st contract and there would be no way we could keep all 4 next year, but my guess is we would have traded Bosh since a true PG is hard to come by in the NBA. With Rose, Lebron and Wade, the Heat would only need Joe Klein and Danny Shayes in the middle....

Feel the Heat - You have a true PG in Arroyo, people just don't want to see his true potential. Provided that Spo don't change the starting five, he will have a chance this year to give the fans what they were looking for. Give the man a chance.

I'm all for Chalmers and House to get their minutes too.

What do you guys think about Bosh starting at center and Haslem at PF. I know Bosh likes the PF postion better, but he could always rotate back to PF when Z comes in the game. Haslem can also guard most opposing centers if he has to, and he also adds his mid range J which is money.

I think Joel would be better as an energy guy off the bench.

It is only game 5. As Spoelstra has said numerous times, the focus is on defense and he isn't past the table of contents in his 400 page playbook. Everything the Heat are getting on the offensive end a this point comes off of defense and the natural playmaking instincts of Wade and James, who handle the ball most of the time. With only a few set plays for Bosh and limited handles, he is primarily setting picks, screens and floating on the outside for kickouts. Check back in month or by the 1st of January and you will see an entirely different dynamic that utilizes Bosh and his skill sets.

@ gmoney You ask why Anthony is out there since he can't shoot, defend, handle, pass or defend. Ask Howard and Lopez why he is out there. After one half of banging against Joel in what looked more like a cage fighting match in the paint. They disapeared in the second half. Howard and Lopez are billed as the best two centers in the League and no other opposing center has come close to limiting them to the scoring levels Anthony has. And on the other end, watch him set screens and picks that are like brick walls. That is why he is out there. He is doing exactly what the Heat are asking him to do.

@ feel the Heat - You say it is scary to think what if we got Rose instead of Beasley. Since we are speculating here, I got an even scarier one for you. How about if Detroit had taken Wade instead of Darko and we ended up with T.J. Ford? We would still be having nightmares.

I was wondering why they were now being called the big 3 anyway (The big 2 1/2 if you're talking about Bosh). It's more like the big 2 and the rest of the team would be the 3! Bosh is a solid player, but he should've never been thrown on that elite player list!

Lebron and Wade are just attackers and they'll always have that style which doesn't effect thier play. Bosh is not is not that type of player,but he's not bieng as agressive as he's capable. Maybe Spoelstra will find a grouping that works best for him. The Wade/Lebron chemistry is very tight between the two leaving Bosh the third man out. I'm sure it will workout as the season progresses.

Bosh sucks

Well Emeka Okafor got off to a hot start on Joel and absolutely killed the Heat inside on 12-13 shooting.


BOSH the NEXT UNDERACHIEVER WITH GREAT ALL AROUND SKILLS. It took Lamar Odom many years for him to figure out how play with a super star and then another how to play with two super stars. Bosh will not earn his paycheck this year.

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