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Still not seeing it

Still can't figure out why Spo continues to leave Carlos Arroyo out there with this group. Doug Collins is clearly instructing his team to help or flat-out double off Arroyo, and he's not making the Sixers pay (two points, one assist, two turnovers at halftime).

And yet, James Jones goes off for four three-pointers in the first half. If he starts, there's no way anyone can double off him. No, James Jones isn't a great defensive player, but it's not as if Arroyo is shutting down anyone. In this game, for example, Jones could guard Kapono, Wade can handle Holiday and LeBron guards Iguodala.

Just don't get the need for a "true" point guard who doesn't shoot threes and is the third best "point guard" on the floor.


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This is true. Also, Joel and Carlos cannot be on the floor at the same time. The offense completely becomes James, Wade, and Bosh with poor spacing, doubles off two players and one guy incapable of catching crisp passes.

I agree that these guys need to realize they are going to play point guard for this team. Derek Fisher would have been amazing.

This is the second game of the season and you guys are already trashing Arroyo...what a bunch of losers! I don't hear anyone here talking about all those turnovers by James and Wade, clearly costing the team the first loss, ahh let me see 17 turnovers and you trashing Arroyo for two of those? What a bunch of morons!!

Oh I answer the question..Spo is leaving Arroyo with the group 'cause he's the only true point guard...Arroyo may not be your three point shooter but Lebron and Wade are NOT true point guards, I don't care how weel you think they handle the ball. Someone has to keep things under control, and Arroyo is that guy, he doesn't have to worry about ego and does not have the pressure to score 30 points a night...that's why Wade, Lebron, and Bosh get paid the big bucks!

Spo is the worst coach in the NBA.

You bandwagoners will soon see what we had to deal with the last few years.

Too many crap players, only the big 2 1/2 (Bosh=overrated) can do something and it often will look a lot like the Miami Cavaliers.

Our coach sucks big time, like Brown did in Cleveland, and LB trying to do all by himself, more reasons to become the Miami Cavaliers...

Spo said last year his only play calls were give the ball to Wade and move out the way... now you see why it looks so ugly on offense.

i have to agree with EDDIE james wade and bosch cant do anything wrong, dont know crap about whats going on......zzzz i dont like arroyo but we dont anything better i like chalmers but he must be hurt or he sucks i like that is a good defender shoots three steals the ball which will cause fast break points dont umderstand the rotation yet!!!!!

It is game number 2. Please keep that in mind. It is for real now, meaning these guys have to go out there and work together toward one common goal. New faces need time to get used to each other. Things will be much different around games 20-25. Watch out 'cause this is like a snowball effect and come March this team will be steamrolling into July - barring injuries, that is a fact.

I'm not the biggest Spoelstra fan either. He may be a great technical coach, but I feel he lacks the clout and the aura to be the type of coach this Miami Heat team should have; a Phil Jackson-Larry Brown-Greg Popovich-George Karl-Pat Riley type of guy.

I think Eddie must be puerto rican
Arroyo is no a good fit, called it before season started and its showing up.
Im not panicking , this team is gonna be fine , but the starting line-up will consist of the big three , anthony and either House or Miller (when he gets back) down the road. Mark it down.
Lets represent the state on friday baby !

If your offence will consist of walking the ball to the top of the key and pass it to D-Wade or Lebron and let them create, then you dont need a playmaking point guard to run the offense, Then again you dont need a coaching staff either.

A PG like a QB in football is not there to score he is there to run the offence in accordance with the coaches designe and instructions. If the play is runned as designed and it doesnt work then blame the coach, if the play works and the player miss the open shot then blame the player taking it. If the PG is not capable of protecting the ball read the defence and find the open man on broken plays then blame the PG.

I am amazed that a person with such low B-Ball IQ is allowed to publish such simple minded opinions on this paper.

So is it okay for your PG to not play any defense and not make wide open shots?
Just run the team , oh ok, right on .

Celtics PGs
Rajon Rondo, PG 41,min. 2-9
Nate Robinson, PG 10,min. 2-7

76s PGs
Jrue Holiday, PG 21,min. 2-9
Lou Williams, PG 34,min. 5-14

vs Celtics
Carlos Arroyo, PG 13,min. 1-3
Eddie House, PG 27,min. 3-8

vs. 76s
Carlos Arroyo, PG 28,min. 3-7
Eddie House, PG 22,min. 1-3

Obiusly, in your eyes Arroyo is being torched on defence and is incapable to hit the open shot but the stats speak for themself.

How is Arroyo better than Beverley? Pat needs to apologize to Bev and ask him to come back then trade Chalmers or cut Arroyo.

Eddie we know Arroyo is not a bad player, hes just not a good fit, Rondo left him alone all game to help double team cuz they dont respect him, and the have reasons to, he cant make those open shots

the team has weakest position PG & CENTER...







pg *jack / house /*murray

sg wade (pg) / stackhouse (sf)

sf lebron (pg) / jones / miller (sg)

pf bosh / haslem / howard (c)

c *dampier / big z / pittman / magloire


just to let you all know, its about floor spacing and that's why you need a true point...
Lebron and Wade can handle ball, but a true pg can create good floor spacing so the game is easier...he knows where to much space to separate himself from the other guys at the top...with that, Arroyo doesn't do Jason Will, Arroyo can push the ball but he's being force to play slow by Spo's you see Lebron walking down court instead of running with the ball...its spo's offense...he's clears a big problem...we can beat 76ers, but as we will see with Spo, we can win the big games against tough opponents. Against Celts, it might have been just a first game, but it was so much more...we could have taken all the hope from other teams, made ourselves the team to beat...but Spo failed as usual

We have to take a broader view of the game, there are many people talking nonsense heat evil game is not about just one player only played 2 games and we have people here making changes to the roster., People saying that Arroyo with 13 minutes played against Boston is the cause of the loss of heat that is absolutely ridiculous if you look at statistics and we analyze with an open mind can see things more clearly, the coach is playing with Carlos is that he understands that carlos is doing the right things the day I decide to remove it will do but for now let the coach do their job because they are the ones who know

In watching Arroyo closely for two games now, he's not the long term solution at point. It is especially important that our PG be able to hit the 3-pointer given all the double teams coming. Arroyo cannot hit the 3-pointer. Secondly, if he can't hit the 3, he better be able to drive and score in order for teams not to double off him. He cannot do that either. The fact that Mario hasn't played signals he is probably worse off than Carlos. I expect a trade or Heat will release someone to pick up a PG who can act more like a QB out on the court. As far as Anthony, I am not that concerned. Yes, a few teams will dominate us in the middle, but there really is not center out there available that would be considered a significant upgrade. Like the Bulls did with Bill Cartwright, we shouldn't have to rely on our center anyways..

Joel Anthony is not Bill Cartwright...Cartright could shoot from outside, catch the ball without fumbling and offer some defense...Joel Anthony was not a defensive force against an aging Shaq, which is the reason we got him, so how will he be against Dwight, Yao, even Jefferson, even Ben Wallace has more credibility than him. The problem with that is he can't score so now Joel, being dominated in the middle, brings nothing to the now it becomes 5 vs. 4. Why would you play that if you have big cat can give you better than Joel...Also don't play Bosh at center...banging against those big guys will tire him out and lower his production..

Gentlemen (and Ladies if apply) - Please let me clarify. I am Puerto Rican and so what? The only reason I'm defending Arroyo is not because he's PRican. Miami will not win easy games without a true point guard and I'm going to say it again...Lebron and Wade are NOT true point is that simple. I know basketball and for the moderator to report that Arroyo commited 2 turnovers during the second game and not do the same with Lebron and Wade is a bit bias if you ask me. What Arroyo needs is for the coach to give him the freedom he needs to run the offense. Yes, Arroyo is not your best offensive player and he does have trouble with quicker PG's like Rhondo, well I saw Lebron and Wade slipping with their defense is almost synical to read some of these comments here from fans treating these other players like they're Gods or something. The bottom line is that if you're going to play a guard let him play a good three to four games so that he can find his flow as well. That is all.

Sure, give Arroyo a few more games. He did well for us last year. It's just that this year, his skill set (floor general, but poor shooter and defender) doesn't seem to mesh with the teams needs, especially as a starter. LeBron especially is a floor leader, so Arroyo doesn't fit well with LeBron playing. Wade worked well with Arroyo last year, so maybe when Lebron is taking a rest, and certainly when both Wade and LeBron are out.

But Eddie House (who can hit the 3) might fit better, as might moving Wade or Lebron to point (or Miller) and then putting Miller in the open spot in the lineup [when Miller gets back).

If Chalmers is playing well (a giant "if!), he would fit better with the starters than Arroyo too.

But Arroyo can play. He did well for us last year. Definitely give him a chance to see if he can fit in, especially as there is no other great solution presently on the roster...

This is where Spo's job starts to come into question. If he's not making the proper adjustments in-game, he'll find out what Van Gundy did real QUICK. I don't care who starts, it's about adjustments during the game. If he sees a combo or player not working - ADJUST. He's not doing that so far.

Guys, I am PR also. But I do possess much common sense as well as basketball junkie

My assessement: Arroyo better fit with 2nd team. !st team need shooter

By the way, forget terminology such as "point guard". James and Wade are the "Point" players when on court.

I shut my friends up about the Heat must have quality point guard. I ask simple question, who was the last team to win NBA title with top 5 guard in lasr 25 years?
Answer: Detriot with Isiah Thomas

What about Rondo? Not top five in NBA (Nash,Kidd,Williams,Paul,Parker)

Israel, I think Spo has a dilemma in his hands he is running a 3 horse chariot that has 3 horses that all pull to the right and he needs first to train them to pull evenly and to have a charioteer that balance them out. He knows the classic space the floor mentality, but Arroyo has to show people to respect his 3 pt shot or he will loose his spot and the confidence of Spo.

@ Ivan, we all have to understand that Arroyo is not your normal 3 point shooter, that's why teams have shooting guards! Arroyo is a playmaker and playmakers are supposed to do just that and not be your biggest scorers. That is fundamental basketball, you got four other guys who can move without the ball but they have to work with the PG to find them. Additionally, the coach has to either let the PG make some plays or he (the coach) has to call them by design, otherwise the coach will have a tough time finding a good rotation, with or without Arroyo in it.

I don't understand how people can be hating on Coach Spo. How can you hate on a guy who brought Wade and a bunch of Scrubs into the post season last year and turned around a team that only won 16 games the previous year. If you know anything about basketball you know anything about basketball, you know that many of Riley's protege's have become great coaches in the NBA whether you like them or not, Van Gundy brother's, Doc Rivers, etc and Spo's defensive philosophy styled from Riley's will make this team one of the most feared in the NBA for years to come. I predict he will win coach of the year this year if the Heat meet their expectations. Riley clearly doesn't want to return to coaching and with good reason, give Spo his fair chance this year, if he doesn't get it done, then fine, he can come in at some point. But all great coaches start out by being given a chance, Spo has the respect of the his player's and despite the lack of aura,
The 3 Kings will bring a championship to Miami. We lost by 8 points to the Eastern conference champions on opening night and came very close to winning it by playing the worst possible basketball on both ends of the floor. That is scary if your an opponent. What the Heat did to the Orlando Magic today is just a taste of what is to come...

were areyoui amlookingforyou

Do you see why now?

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