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Perfect commercial, LeBron


This is the perfect commercial, I think. It's what people have been waiting to hear from LeBron. Leave it to Nike to make it entertaining.


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yeah!!!!! tell dem lebron haters lets go heat!!!!!!!!

Some things I noticed in the commercial
-took a slight shot at MJ by saying should I just sell shiny shoes
-and they toned down the Maya Angelou poem about slavery and hate that he read at the end (I'm guessing that fit right in with the race discussion)

Hi chuck lolllllllll

wow- really captured Lebron's dilemma...but all that will go away real soon...

Should I be who you want me to be...

What a brilliant take!

What is setting Lebron apart from the rest of the athletes is not only his greatness but for truly showing the double edge sword of fame.

In a matter of minutes he has exposed the dark side of fans and how merciless they can become if you don't do what they want you to do.

Something that european footballers go through all too often!

Again great response, and kick ass commercial... Get your rings on Bron!

haha nice shot at barkley

I believe this commercial will be receive well from Lebron fans and haters alike....


I loved it!!! Way to go Lebron!!! ...Amazing!!!
The answer, Just do you!!!! ...You only have one life to live and it shouldn't be wasted by trying to please everyone b/c that's an impossible task and waste of time.

(I really am proud of him without personally knowing him) Keep up the good work, the best is yet to come!!!

awesome! taje that haters. leth the man do what he wants

That's a wild commercial. I'm sitting up here in the donut shop looking at it trying to decide what kind of donut to get. Jelly,cream filled or glaze.........What should I do!

lol, that's funny! JeffThinksDaTeamIsDef

Pink donut for fat boy!!!!!! love it!!!

greatest commercial ever, for all you haters out there

Loved the Miami Vice scene!

love it!!

LMAO!!! Suck!! it!!!! Charles!!!

Wonder what was meant by that 1st reference with him in high school saying "Should I remind you that I've done this before?" Did he mean to say that he chose to forego going to Ohio State University and instead went to Cleveland while they had the 1st overall pick to help get them a championship? Love the part with him in a hard hat tearing up the court with a tractor. Awesome commercial!

i cant wait to see the serious side of lebron james

It was indeed a perfect commercial for bron!

@killerdolphin LBJ chose his high school (the private school) over going to local public school when most wanted him to go to the public school. So he has "done this before."

Sonny Crockett with the cameo, love it!

@Killerdolphin is right, he chose to go to the private school of ST. V instead of the popular city school of Buchtel. It wasn't a popular choice and he was first seen as a sellout by some of the community.

I've laughed my azz off with all of LeBron's commercial takes. This one ties it up - all together...until the next big milestone. We all know what that is !

Way to brush of the criticism King James! Bring that championship to Miami woot woot!

The whole thing is off the chizain in every way!!! Way to go LBJ and NIKE!!!!!!!

Great commercial..Lets just play now. Enjoy the show...Can't wait.....

Yes Lebron. He's the fucking man with his big black cock

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