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Riley Fires Back at Heat Critics

The start of the Miami Heat's 2010-11 training camp is still a couple of weeks away. PatRiley

But team president Pat Riley was in intense playoff mode Friday while finally firing back at those who took painful shots at his team's free agency coup to lure LeBron James and Chris Bosh to join Dwyane Wade.

Speaking to select local beat writers during a 42-minute conference call, Riley addressed several issues facing the team entering the Sept. 27 start of training camp at AmericanAirlines Arena. But none of the subjects he addressed revealed more of his true feelings than his response to TNT's Charles Barkley, Orlando GM Otis Smith and Magic coach Stan Van Gundy.

All three had plenty to say about the Heat and some of its players after James and Bosh shook up the NBA's landscape and joined forces with Wade in Miami. Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan and several current and former players also launched shots at how this version of the Heat came together.

Big 3 Hype  "I think all these people should get a life. I really do." Riley said of the general, league-wide backlash aimed at the Heat. "Most of it has been silly, absolutely silly. But I understand. We live in a different world now. I can't even relate to it. I take a little bit of umbrage to some of the things that came from people in our game that all of a sudden have become the moral conscious or moral authority on the decision every team or some individual might make."

And that set the stage for some pretty direct points from Riley.

He was a bit offended by Smith, the Orlando GM, who raised questions about LeBron's competitiveness for deciding to leave a solid title contender in Cleveland to latch on with Wade and Bosh in Miami.

"When Otis Smith made a point about LeBron's competitiveness because he didn't stay in Cleveland, I thought it was an absolutely stupid remark," Riley said Friday. "He never made any kind of comment like  that when he signed (forward) Rashard Lewis, and brought him down from Seattle to a $128 million Pat and Stan contract."

And then there were the comments from Van Gundy, a former Heat head coach and Riley understudy before his controversial departure from Miami in 2005. It was Stan Van Gundy who was quoted in referring to Bosh as a "lapdog" to Wade in Miami.

"I don't know what happened to some of these guys along the way," Riley said.

But the best came when Riley turned his attention to Barkley, who referred to James' treatment of Cleveland and the decision to go to Miami as "punk moves." Barkley also didn't like the way the Heat celebrated the signings by putting on a fireworks show and rock concert-type performance at the arena in July.

"Charles Barkley, to me, went way over the top. Way, way, way over the top," Riley said. "For some reason (the media) and the network he works for has given this guy literary license to say whatever he  wants to say whenever he wants to say it. I think Charles is the only guy in the league who can get away Barkley with what he gets away with ... and we all let him get away with it again. I can guarantee a couple of guys don't like that, being called that. LeBron isn't that. Dwyane is surely not that, and neither is Chris."

So now, it's really on.

"There have been a number of things written all summer long about the three guys we signed," Riley said. "But in the end, they're the ones, all three of them, that showed a world-class personality. They took the hit, and now, they're ready to compete. They've been mentally tough with all these kind of things."

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barkley is such a fat diva bitch. i would put my money on anybody against him in a fight - even chris quinn.

barkley just bitter because i never had a ring go heat i feel you in my sarrow

Riles is "da man" once again! Telling it like it really is. I am sure that his "buddy" in NY, Mike Lupica will once again take Riley's comments and try to bring a negative spin to Pat, as he always obvious agenda!


Name one GM/Team President who would NOT have done the same thing if they could? Tell me one City fan base that wouldn't have been pumped if the same thing happened to them? It's hypocritical to be a critic simply because it wasn't you. Sour grapes! Riley gambled big time. At one point, he had only 2 signed players. What if he didn't land these guys. The talking heads would then be calling him an idiot. You can never win when jealousy is involved. I hope we destroy every darn team in the NBA this year and for 5 years to come.

Riley get over only win with top took over the lakers after they won a championship..took over heat after stan van got the team quit on the heat twice..and choke with the are no larry brown..he has won with much less.. u grease ball

Posted by: George | Friday, September 10, 2010 at 04:08 PM

"Riley get over only win with top took over the lakers after they won a championship..took over heat after stan van got the team quit on the heat twice..and choke with the are no larry brown..he has won with much less.. u grease ball"

Hey George, on behalf of Riley and the rest of the Heat fan base, I think we would all appreciate it greatly if you sat on a cactus and spun around 360 degrees once or twice. Once you're done with that you can make your way over to the arena each game night and kiss all our asses, respectively.

CORRECTION: My last message was intended for the numb nut who goes by the screen name: screwpat

George on the other hand sounds like a stand up guy I would invite over to my house for dinner.

That is all.

and Charles Can keep whining to the end...

I can't wait for the first Miami game on TNT. If I was Spoelstra, I'd just write "TNT" on the board for that game.

Way to go Pat. That was straight up G. I think I hear Tupac's me against the world playing in the background.

Great job Pat! We Love You! GO HEAT!

Riley is the man! I love this stuff and can't wait for the season to start! Don't forget to check out Miami Heat News for all the latest!

Charles Barkley is a dog waste and Smith Otis is POS. These haters are talking crap because Miami Heat is better than their team. I really hope that D. Howard leaves the Magic soon and takes his talents to south Beach!!
Let's Go Heat!!!!!!

The only valid statement I've heard is that
Wade is a lying, two-faced con artist. And I
understand his ex-wife agrees as does the Bulls management and owner.

I COMMEND BOSH, LEBRON, AND WADE .... all 3 took less money (2 changed teams) in order to unite and win a championship. Never in the history of NBA has a superstar IN HIS PRIME jump to another team at a pay cut, in order to win a ring. Shaq jumped from Orlando to LA in his prime, but it was for a huge pay increase..... Malone and Payton jumped to LA, at significant pay cut, but it was late in their career.

And,,,, big mouth Barkley forced a trade from Philly to Phonex ... and Jabbar forced a trade from Milwaukee to LA ..... but neither of these moves were at a pay cut .....

Miami might need one full year together .... but they will win a few rings .... but, they need to improve at center ..... maybe Eric Dampier might be available

What credibility can Barkley, a self admitted alcoholic and drunk driver with DUI raps have?

Barkley is just a highly paid fool!!! He left Philadelphia for the Suns right!!! Big sloppy hypocrite is CHARLES BARKLEY!!!!!

ahaha they still mad.

I understand Otis Smith and Stan Van Gundy. Both have their job on the line.
LOL, they signed a player and over payed him, $128 millions and he really does nothing. The Carter business was awful too. LOL.
They both know they lost the first spot in the division and the conference too, all overnight, WOW.
Poor crybabies.
They should shut their mouth and see if next year they can bring someone like Carmelo, when Carter clears the book.

Riley is THE MAN! I love that he finally came out and lashed back at all these dumb hating jealous pricks. My favorite line was the Otis Smith F U, you wasted all your cap space on soft steriod taking Rashard Lewis while we got a discount on The Big 3, I OWN YOU BYTCH! LOL

look folks, barkley's 'importance' exists only because of the attention we give him. barkley has no authority to speak on our team. he moved from philly to phoenix to houston trying to chase a ring he never got. he did the same thing in his day. he's bitter and jealous and needs the attention. i put him in the same barrel as that so-called pastor up in gainsville. neither one of them matter!!

OK - Otis smith and stangundy? Really? AHAHAHAHA!! THEY HAVE WON JACKSH%# upin disney world. and never will. they had their window. vangundy needs to shut up for sure. Especially with is choke artist (the one thing shaq got right) act in the playoffs. he can't coach under pressure. PERIOD. OTIS SMITH? LOL LOL LOL that's a good one!!!

I guarantee that as soon as miami start melting in the heat of competition, Pat riley will kick out erik on the bench.

i love the heat everybody got beef toward them.well tell espn and tnt or abc and cnn,see yall in south beach at the parade

Jealous jealous my Heat friends..these crtics are going to be the first ones saying "oh what a great job the Heat did putting this team together!!!!" then we can tell the crtics Get off my *ick no *omo! LOL.. Its gonna be a fun season!

If Barkely means coward by saying "punk moves" which I think he does then I have to agree with him. I didn't need him to mention that for me to come up with that same conclusion. It's true Lebron has no heart/b@ll$. Many people in Miami have low moral and that's unfortunate because I am from here as well. People will rip you for saying the truth. Lebron's act was one of a coward.


Yes LBJ not letting the Cavs Owner at least of what his plans were was a punk move but a for al th BS talked about the HEAT organization is bull! We have a great org and who's fault is it that we had cap space and Riley played sports genuis? They did a great job and im proud be a True Heat fan!!! Im still feeling track marks on my back from all these bandwagon fans!!! lol Lets stop with all tgis bs and lets get back to loving a great sport!!!!

Did Riley really just compare Rashard Lewis to Lebron James? HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA what a tool. Riley has become a grumpy old man, I can't wait for this team to fall flat on their face and watch all the Miami "fans" disappear like they do with all of their sports teams.

Shut up haters b4 we burst your @zzes in the head with a mango.

@lushus lulu,call Riles whatever makes you happy, but remember this, he is "A winning Grumpy Old man" One thing the loudest critics have in common....they are all loosers! This idiot smith spent $128 mil for Lewis and Riles spent $110 mil for LBJ, no wonder smith is critical of LBJ, he makes him look like an incompetent fool. Stan Van G, no wonder Shaq didn't want you as coach! Shaq knew that you are not ready for prime time.This is where I disagree with Riles,re Sir Charles,he is good for an occasional laugh,like a bad cartoon character, he dosen't take himself seriously, neither should we.

well i think wew should be a lot more careful with this back and forth talk regarding the makeup of this team and its players... all we want is titles... who cares what the talk will be or is because everywhere i go all i here is how good the lakers and celtics are and how we don't have a chance against those teams in a 7 game series so plz stop the talk about the season and lets just get ready for the season....

Man I can't believe people still talking shit about the Heat. The fact is Riley was able to aquire the two best free agents available and resigned his superstar. Why all the hate, any other organization would have done the same thing.

Months later and all these haters have still nothing to do than hate on the HEAT! I bet if O.Smith had the money, opportunity or even half the skills to pull this off they would have done so and more. But NO the HEAT sacrificed years of average seasons to hold for this one specific year of free agency and guess what it happened just as riley planned it and it will pay off in the long run. So all you stank A$$ haters can kiss a fat baby's A$$. See you at the parade B!+(3S!!!

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