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A Decision on Dampier?

Two meetings with two teams in two conferences over the span of three days. Dampier

That, apparently, has been free agent center Erick Dampier's itinerary this week as the 6-11 veteran big man plots the course to his next destination, with training camps opening league-wide next week.

Dampier, 35, has exited meetings with both the Houston Rockets and Miami Heat this week without signing a contract as of Wednesday evening. Although there were indications out of Houston that Dampier was expected to make a decision by Thursday, a source said Wednesday night that nothing was imminent.

The Heat and Rockets are believed to be frontrunners among a group of teams that, at one point or another, had included Atlanta, Denver and Phoenix. Houston reportedly offered Dampier a two-year deal worth about $4 million. The best the Heat can counter with is the veteran's minimum of $1.4 million a year.

That means the equation is pretty much simple for Dampier. He's faced with a $600,000 question, assuming the Heat made a firm offer. Miami, obviously, appears much closer to a championship team than Houston. Add in the fact that Dampier is 35, and it's easy to see that time might not be on his side when it comes to how many potential title runs he has ahead of him.

Houston clearly has a defined role for Dampier, with Yao Ming returning from a foot injury and limited to about 24 minutes a game this season. So, in other words, Dampier would seem to be more needed in Houston, yet more of a luxury in Miami.

The Heat seems sold on Joel Anthony after investing a five-year, $18 million contract in his services. Zydrunas Ilgauskas and Jamaal Magloire will be counted on to be one-year stop-gap type options at the position. And Pat Riley has gone out of his way to praise the merits of Udonis Haslem, Chris Bosh and Juwan Howard as fill-in options at center if needed.

From all indications I've received, Dampier has been favoring Miami since he realized his days in Charlotte were numbered. But this could all be decided by which team wants him more.

Perhaps Heat team president Pat Riley will address the situation when he meets with the media Thursday at noon. The team, however, was certain to mention in its press release that Riley was not expected to announce any trade or player signing.

Perhaps that changes overnight. Or, the Heat heads into next week's camp convinced it's set at center.

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MICHEAL WALLACE i just want to say that u are doing an excellent job, especially in the slow season for NBA coverage. I dont care that Pat signed the big 3. We need Dampier as our starting center ASAP with Joel coming off the bench with his great energy. Can we also get an update on Da'Sean "big shot" Butler. Will he at least be healthy after all-star break???

I would feel even more relaxed if we get Eric. We will still SMOKE the competion even if we don't.

We don't need Eric, We need to maintain our core of guys we currently carring. Signing Eric can possibly cause friction in the locker room with 3 centers expected to play. We have enough big bodies, I agree it won't be a strong point on this team but with the core we've put together we shouldn't have a difficult time making up at other positions.

sign him and make him compete to earn a backup role behind Anthony

Joel Anthony is one-dimensional garbage, we need a real center.

dampier already owns a condo in miami
here is the link



and ... the 15th slot goes to either J.HOWARD or J.STACKHOUSE .... but, it can also go to a player who might be cut by his team during training camp. Maybe Arenas????

Dampier is better than Anthony. We should sign him if he's interested in coming (unless the Heat staff *know* Anthony has made a big improvement across the board, in terms of all-around center play).

How in the world would we take on Arenas and his contract? Do you even follow basketball or did you just start yesterday?

Seriously, it's so frustrating to read some of the posts on here.

Arenas. Not to mention he's a locker room cancer, shoot first, injury prone point guard. He would fit in like a 1978 Pinto in the players only parking lot.

One last thing... if we get Dampier, we cut Maglore. Our 15th spot goes to Butler. Howard is on this team. He won't be cut. Stackhouse is not an option. His spot is being occupied by James Jones. Unless Jones gets hurt during camp and is out for the year, Miami has no room for an old slow Stackhouse.

Arenas... that's a good laugh.

actually, big cat ain't going anywhere. Wade wanted him back. So that's out. if anything, they will need to eat beverly or the duke kid, randolph's, contract. they moved too quickly on those two. they won't be able to help much this year anyway.
dampier is a good signing, providing he understands and excepts the role - defense, rebounding and fouls in limited minutes. can never have too many able big men. 1st rule of basketball.

Again, another post by someone who knows nothing.

Seriously guys!

We have 18 contracts total right now. Not including Damp. With Damp, we have 19 (simple math).

Of those 19, we can only keep 15. So, 4 have to go. Those 4 will be: Randolph, Beverly, Hasbrouck and one more from the likes of Jamal Maglorie, Da'Shaun Butler, Jawaun Howard, or James Jones.

Despite the fact that Wade wanted Magloire, he'll be gone if it means adding Dampier. It's a clear no-brainer decision. Dampier is much better than Magloire. Also, Butler is not going anywhere. He's young, got loads of talent and will be our back-up SF in the next couple years (Mike Miller will slide to backup SG if not somewhere in the starting lineup).

Many think Howard might be gone before Magloire. I don't buy it either. Howard is an upgrade over Magloire too. He can play both the PF and C positions and is a more fundamental player. I know Wade wanted him back, but at the end of the day, I think he's gone if we get Dampier.

Mike my man... U make yourself look dumber and dumber everytime u post, NOW u switched Howard from player-coach tandem (idiot)
To wanting Arenas? You really should stop posting, Guys like you make other fans call us bandwagon fans!!

Those of you who use this forum to call each other names (such as Frank and Jeff Van Gundy) take a fun thing like a basketball chat area and use it to let our frustration and insecurities .... to which I can only reply "GET A LIFE"

Regarding ARENAS .... of course we cant afford him. I know that! However, if Washington buys out his contract WHICH IS WHAT I SAID .... then Arenas can be picked up for league minimum .....

Regarding J.HOWARD ..... nothing wrong with cutting him from the roster (a buyout) - and after that, there is nothing wrong with using him EXCLUSIVELY as a non-playing coach. However, once we do that I am not sure if we are precluded from bringing him back to the roster (if another player is injured) ....

I apologize for calling people names. You are right. I should be more polite. Now, on to basketball talk...


Please explain to me why Washington would buy out the 4 years and $80 million left on his contract? Arenas would have to agree to a buyout. You think he's going to walk away from $80 million dollars? Maybe for $75 million he would.

Better yet, why would Washington buy him out of his contract and lose a talented player for nothing and have MILLIONS left on the salary cap for 4 years? They would essentially have $17 - $22 million on the books for 4 straight years. That's money that prevents them from signing other free agents.

So, buying out Arenas' contract, while a possiblity, would go down as the worst decision in the history of sports, not just basketball.

Now, onto the Howard non-playing coach thing... that's just absurd. What benefit would that serve? To have him hang around practice and shoot some hoops? If you cut him, he's gone. If he signs on as some non-player coach, he's not allowed to play during that season. But, why would we want to do that in any scenario? If he's cut, that means we don't need him. He's more valuable than Magloire. He plays 2 positions and filled in for Oden and Joel P. last year in Portland when they went down. He played major minutes and contributed. Magloire played VERY little and we sucked last year.

Seriously, Mike, I think it's cool that you are a fan of the Heat. But, if you plan on coming up with scenarios, do some research first.

Arenas has the worst contract in the NBA right now. That's a known fact. And, NEVER has a player been bought out of a contract 4 years out... when it's the 9th highest salary in the NBA this year and balloons every year up to $22 million.

These are known facts common to the most basic NBA fan.


i like DAMPIER on our 15 roster this season only if he will take the vet. min. contract...

i agree that having DAMPIER would be great than making JOEL ANTHONY as our starting center...

so for me i'd like to see our 2010 heat roster like this:

pg chalmers / arroyo

sg wade / m.miller / house

sf lebron / *da'sean butler (*stackhouse)

pf bosh / haslem / j.howard

c >dampier / j.anthony / z / *pittman

so at present we got 19 players on board... so possibly to cut:


i put jones to cut coz i think *STACKHOUSE would be better than him...

on next season if we win the CHAMPIONSHIP RING this season... hopefully we got that!!! i'am expecting that these guys would go retirement:

>big z
>eddie house
>maybe DAMPIER (only if we have him)
>also with *STACKHOUSE if he can be on our team this season rather than jones...

as there replacement, i wanted to see one of our 2nd draft pick to replace the power forward position that j.howard has... and that would be *JARVIS VARNADO for center position that would solidify to our team...., free agent *KENDRICK PERKINS and the last for SG position that would replce to eddie house..., i like to see... *SCHEYER...

for 2011 roster:

pg chalmers / arroyo

sg wade / m.miller / *SCHEYER

sf lebron / da'sean butler

pf bosh / haslem / *VARNADO

c *K.PERKINS / j.anthony / pittman

we got 14 players... so, we could trade the rights of (BEVERLY / DOZIER) for cash or picks then also next season we still have the picks... we then need a roster spot on....., PG or SF POSITION... I GUESS WE DO NEED ALSO TO LET GO OF ARROYO TO HAVE MORE FLEXIBILITY ON CONTRACTS TO HAVE A QAULITY PLAYER TO PLAY WITH THE... pg or sf SPOT!!!



It'd be nice to see Beverley stick around to dog Rondo... and to be a Cinderella Story (which this Heat could sure use to get more fans, and thus refs, on their side... because the real question still is can the big 3 control an NBA game more than the corporate-minded refs can?).

I totally agree with you roster ROCKSTARJC! I posted that same exact roster the other day with my rotations and if Wade loves Magloire so much, maybe we can send Pittman over seas or to D-league since he wont be playing anywaz. I think once Da'Sean Butler rehabs correctly the 2nd string PG is not going to be getting that much PT because Lebron or Wade will slide to point when Butler comes in at SF. I see Butler getting just as much PT as Haslem and Miller and being just as important as those ONCE he rehabs properly. To the poster who said that JOEL is better than Dampier is CRAZY. If Dampier signs hes our STARTING CENTER EASILY!!! He does the samething Joel does, is 20 pounds bigger, 2 inches taller{which will help cover up Bosh even more even though Bosh is a great rebounder and can hold his own unlike Amare}, and hes a "RELIABLE" pass catcher compared to Joel who has yet to show that he can catch those easy passes for dunks. Dont want to wait and see if he has improved in that area when theres already a "RELIABLE" guy out there who can. Imagine if we are in the championship and the clock has 5 seconds on it and Wade or Lebron passes the ball to Joel because hes wide open and he drops it. Ive seen enough of that from Joel and this is a new age a day for the Heat. You always upgrade your team and i dont care if your team is already and A. I want an A+ and thats a huge A+ once we face L.A. a team like L.A. who front court has 3 7fts. Big-Z might get more playing time than Joel in that series and we need all 7fts thats available.

Why would Washington buy out Arenas? To get rid of him .... he is a cancer in their locker room and will hinder the development of Wall. With that said, why would the Heat want to pick up a possible cancer to team chemistry? Because (1) he could be cut instantly if he created a problem, and (2) he would be cheap

J.Howard ..... why use him as a coach? Because he is well respected by the players and is a leader.

I think DAMPIER will be an excellent addition to the Heat

Jeff Van Gundy ..... your most recent posting was somewhat more polite that the previous personal attacks; you are improving. However, you certainly dont grasp the nuances of being an NBA GM....

Dampier is a bum. Has bad hands, can't pass, can't shoot, rebounds poorly with no outlet pass to initiate the break, no shot-blocking ability in other words he's wasted space and to think this is the guy that Miami fans thinks is going to do damage against the Lakers bigs, the Celtics and Dwight Howard of Orlando. Laughable. Earl Barron is a far better player as a free agent that Riley failed to consider. Miami is going into the post-season with a gaping hole in the paint. Dampier doesn't come close to filling that hole, including Anthony at 6'9, who is too small.

Please this is another example of how stupid the NBA is. How this man got when he got is beyond Amir Johnson got what he got is beyond me...and then the owners cry yet it's the owners that creates these situations. Now if tomorrow the Knicks try to do what the Heat has done but somehow the league will circuvent it....just as they did with New Jersey and Kovolchuck after other teams signed players to 10-15 year deals. Guess it must be an NBA thing at least when it comes to leadership cause Bettman was one of Stern cronies for a long time.

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