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Roster Room For Zo? Always

Hot topics from this week's Heat live chat ... ZoFighting

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Q: Hey Michael, I'm a huge Heat fan and as soon as Bron mentioned he was going to retire he's #23 i knew only possible cities were Chicago or Miami. But what do you think of a possible return to the sidelines by Alonzo Mourning? I know he's 40 years old now but 12-18 minutes a night is well enough for this cast? What do you think? Is February an option for return? Eddy B

Answered 08/19/10 14:05:26 by Miami Heat Beat Reporter

A: I think Zo did some of his best work by joining the Heat's front-office recruiting team during free agency. He's also got a lot more on his plate than basketball, with all of his philanthropic work. Would it have been nice to see Timmy and Zo get the last two roster spots just to keep these guys focused on practices and on the road? Certainly. I've lobbied for it, both playfully and sort-of-seriously. But Zo insists his playing days are done. That won't, however, keep him from sneaking into a practice with his Heat guard and working out with these guys every now and then.

Q: It is time to quit hating and come to a realization that the Miami Heat are arguably the best team in the NBA. The THRINASTY is a bond created from drat day seven years ago, played together in the Olympics, and is a special relationship you will most likely never see in sports again. This is a unique situation where friendship, cap space, and family got this deal done. Riley and Wade thank you. Sit back and enjoy the show

Answered 08/19/10 14:02:26 by Miami Heat Beat Reporter

A: Well said.

Q: hi michael very respectfully think that you do not respect the play of Carlos Arroyo on your final analysis or you have it playing in the rotation you know Carlos Arroyo has always had to shut his mouth to people like you who just think that the best players are those that are produced in the United States fortunately in recent years has shown that basketball has grown.

Answered 08/19/10 14:01:45 by Miami Heat Beat Reporter

A: I've got no problem with Carlos. I respect what he brings to the table and wish him the best.

Q: Q: Does Carlos Arroyo have a chance this year? He did better than Chalmers last year and is good for the Latino fan base. This has nothing to do with any fan base; this is about championships. I suspect this season will start like last, with the starting job at point guard being Mario's to lose. But if Carlos has a strong showing at the World Championships with Puerto Rico, I would not be surprised if LeBron and Dwyane take note and perhaps make a note of it with Erik think of this

Answered 08/19/10 14:00:47 by Miami Heat Beat Reporter

A: Arroyo just won't go away. Good for him. He's stubborn, and that's what the Heat needs at that position. He's not afraid to stand up and correct more established players on the team. And he doesn't make a lot of mistakes. That should keep him in the mix with the playing rotation. Unless politics get in the way.

Q: Charles was a great ball player, but now he is playing a new position and that is the loud mouth EX-Player. Charles I am a fan of yours and I am disappointed with you and your tunnel vision, you value your own opinion to much. you see thats all your talking is, an opinion. charles you are still ok with me even if it does not matter to you. charles do me a favor shut up get off Bron. every great player who has won the NBA title has had Great players playing with Magic, Mike, Bird, even you tried to hook up with the Dream. charles lets stop the Black on Black crime.. 

Answered 08/19/10 13:59:03 by Miami Heat Beat Reporter

A: I, too, loved Barkley as a player and find him entertaining and engaging as an analyst. But this thing with LeBron seemed to go a bit too far.

Q: Hello, Michael Wallace, How will new Heat addition, Mike Miller fit in the Miami Heat's system of playing basketball on the court? Will Haslem return for his 7th season with the Heat? What do you think about the new big three of Lebron James, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade on the same Miami Heat team? take care.

Answered 08/19/10 13:57:11 by Miami Heat Beat Reporter

A: Mike Miller could put up Reggie Miller type shooting numbers with this team. He might be the one who benefits most on this roster from the addition of LeBron and Bosh. There is no reason he shouldn't lead the league in three-point shooting and average about 6 assists and 5 rebounds to go with it. Miller always has been a shooter, but people don't give him enough credit for being a playmaker.

Q: Lebum is the only guy in the league that I hope gets an career ending I don't have to see the stupid faces that he makes..chalk in the air..I wish he would've taken his talents to Europe...enjoy the NBA's most hated player Miami! Come to think of it, the Heat are the Oakland Raiders of the NBA - Finally, Lebum said he's keeping track of all the negative stories and comments people have made - yeah right...he would have to get a computer with 1000 Gigabyte hard drive to store all the negative comments that fans, players, etc. have been saying. And whats he going to because of it? Stop choking in the playoffs - the opposite will happen - Lebum and his management dream team of morons/idiots will never get BIG advertising deals in the future because what BRAND wants to be endorsed by a VILLAIN...Lebum thought he could take 10 Million a year less with Miami and it wouldn't matter because of his endorsement deals...oops - I predict even NIKE drops him when they realize EVERYONE outside of Miami HATES LEBRON JAMES...I will be tossing my Nike B-ball in the trash and buying some Converse - anyone that pays Lebron James money ids getting boycotted by me...As a season ticket holder in LA - I have already given my tickets for Miami's game in LA away...I will not profit or support that BUM or his team...D.Wade and LeBum said the rest of the NBA should thank them for helping them sell tickets...EGO's are out of control - Sorry D.Wade no more T Mobile commercials for you either

Answered 08/19/10 13:54:52 by Miami Heat Beat Reporter

A: Charles Barkley, is that you?

Q: What's going on Mike, I've heard your interview on the "Armando & The Amigo Show" and I must admit it was lively to say the least. The guys said that LeBron James would be a "punk" if he did not confront Sir Charles Barkley and I agree to a certain extent. A fight with Barkley has suspension and fine from the NBA written all over it. I know it's the right thing to do if we were on the streets but we're not on the streets anymore Mike. Lebron James is a walking multi-million dollar superstar and Sir Charles Barkley is a Hall of Famer. I highly doubt, LeBron meant that he was going to fight every single person who said something negative about him or the Heat. I'm a true LeBron James fan and I support him no matter what decision he made. I believe that he was just letting his true fans know that he is hearing all of the critics and that he won't let us down during the season. Besides he's not the only one to take mental notes. Michael Jordan took mental notes back in his day, so much so, that the media use to think that he was making them up just to get himself pumped up for the game. I'm not comparing LeBron to Jordan, personally I have always thought of LeBron more Oscar Robertson, Magic Johnson than Michael Jordan. I've always thought of Dwyane Wade as more Jordan-esque than LeBron. What I'm trying to say is would LeBron still be considered a "punk" if he called up Sir Charles Barkley and they talked over their differences. Instead of coming to blows as if they were back on the streets because I state again we're not on the streets Mike. And LeBron isn't trying to jeopardize playing next season let alone his career.

Answered 08/19/10 13:53:25 by Miami Heat Beat Reporter

A: Well said. But at this point, I don't think there's anything else LeBron needs to say - or tweet - that would get his point across better than going out and dominating dudes on the court. Barkley is paid to be controversial at this point. LeBron doesn't need to justify anything to Barkley. Just play ball, is all I'm saying.

Q: Do you see LeBron James playing the Magic Johnson role (point guard or point forward)on this team and averaging a triple double?

Answered 08/19/10 13:50:08 by Miami Heat Beat Reporter

A: I don't know about AVERAGING a triple double. But I think his numbers will be close enough. They've always been impressive. I think he has a chance to be far more efficient in all aspects of the game. But not even the great Magic Johnson ever averaged a triple double. That hasn't happened since Oscar Robertson did it some 40 seasons ago.

Q: Who do you believe will be the leader of this Miami Heat team? And do you believe it will take long for their chemistry to develop? I think it will be co-lead by Dwyane Wade and LeBron James with no problems. And I think Wade and James will be on the same page early on with the rest of the team to follow towards the middle of the season. Besides Wade is quoted saying that he's played with LeBron more than he's played with his own teammates.

Answered 08/19/10 13:48:03 by Miami Heat Beat Reporter

A: Wade will be the unquestioned leader of this team. LeBron might be the best all around player on the roster, but this is Wade's team. I've compared it before the to the Yankee dynamic with Jeter and A-Rod. The difference is that Wade is still in the prime of his career, whereas Joete is on the decline.

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Re: Lebron Hater from LA, CA

Ummmm, you do know converse is owned by Nike .......
And that a 1000gb hard drive is a terabyte(tb) not hard to come by.....

Go to your own LA blogs and cry about how the Lakers will lose to Miami.

P.s you didn't want to see LA vs Heat cause you didn't want to see the Lakers and koby get smashed......

let's go HEAT!

You caught that too Aussie Heat Fan. That's one dumb azz Laker fan. Lebron left about 10 mil over 5 years on the table. Not 10 mil a year. Nike not gonna drop LBJ,Kobe or Tiger Woods. They sale more product outside the U.S. than they do inside it. Hate all you want cause he has a global brand. He also said he got season tickets meaning He supports Kobe Bryant. Leaving when your contract is up compared to taking some white girl's booty. Sounds like he got the facts on who you should support to me. Way to avoid the Haslem issues Mike. One thing y'all should think about. Hibutial smokers buy weed by the ounces. There is no way that your best or good friend can be a hibutial smoker without your participation. I personally had to give up a lot of friends who were heavy smokers to kick the habit. Haslem needs help not protection from the press. LBJ needs Haslem like protection from the Miami press. I already see you dropped Haslem from being a leader of this team in your responces. You still dissing LBJ though and gonna cause future problems. Wade gets it done and LBJ gets it done. LBJ gets more into his teamates faces when they're not getting it done. This is and has always been part of his game. If you go into thinking Wade is the only leader on this team, it may be a shock to you to see Lebron barking out more orders than anyone on the court. Some might take it the wrong way if they think Wade is the only leader. They are both our leaders together.

As Wades biggest fan, I must admit that its not just his team anymore. Its Wades and Lebrons team. That 1 blogger needs to go back to L.A. and all bloggers that are not Heat fans need to stay on there site and worry about there team. Lebron will be forgiven in 2yrs once he wins back to back ships and the media will be all over him again especially if he averages a triple double in 1 season which he should be able to do now...

I kinda like the non-Miami heat fans on this blog ... it keeps the drama interesting ...

pugtv, it's weird to agree with you. but since we can't argue about beazy and spo anymore, i agree that the haters are making this blog interesting. that is, until the season starts...then we'll have all sorts of new things to argue about ;)

its time to give roster spots only on merit not on sentiment! No Zo or Hardaway!

pug, how do you think spo will do coaching this team?

Can't wait for season to start...still trippin' ! Gonna be sick ! Cannot imagine in wildest dreams... Think of some legendary scientist, inventor, etc...Einstein, Edison...then multiply by 10 ! THIS has never taken place in the NBA EVER ! We're just a couple months away !

Oh...and Barkley is just JEALOUS ! That dude has ZERO room to comment on anything !Epecially after his last Phoenix street corner display getting nabbed for getting ahead in life with his comely honey That's real professional...more like PUNK ! many times has Barkley visited his favorite red light district since he blurted the "punk" word ? Stay classy Charles...

eric reid said it guys.. dwade house lebrons kingdom and bosh's pit.. i like eric reid.. lets give him a chance. PS>>> DWYANE WADES CITY Forever and a day!!


"how do you think spo will do coaching this team?"

- I'll put money down he won't have a set rotation. It's against his fabric.

- Obviously, our C position and PG position are the weakest spots. Spo will change starters several times through the year.

- On half court sets, he'll employ the pick and roll with LBJ being the primary ball handler. Bosh sets the pick for LBJ and LBJ will decide on multiple options (too many to list) as soon as Bosh rolls.

- Another version will be D Wade handling the ball while LBJ sets the pick. Same multiple option applies.

- I think Spo will encourage the guys to run at every opportunity. This team is a hell of a lot more athletic this year than last, so he'll maximize the team by allowing them to run. I'd guess our average score will be up + 10.

- I think Spo's weakness is his inability to adjust to what happens on the court. He devises a game plan the day before and sticks to it. He can't make in game adjustments. Unfortunately, this will show more in the playoffs and less in the regular season.

- Spo's problem child last year was obviously Beasley. He showed it via his passive-aggressive "start Beasley but run no plays for him and keep him on the bench at the end of games" tendencies. This year, Chalmers will be the unhappy recipient of Spo's passive-aggressive tendencies.

- On defense, I'm not sure if he'll stay paint centric or perimeter centric. Pat Riley always protected the paint 1st, then the perimeter. I'm not sure what Spo will do. Based on the players we have, we're stronger at protecting the perimeter. If I am Spo, I'll use my 4 Center's fouls to the max. Protect the perimeter 1st and let Joel, Magloire, Pitman and Z foul the hell out of the penetrators. Look for a high foul count on the inside.

- Last 24 seconds and we have the ball. The ball will be in LBJ's hands.

- Last 3 seconds and we have the ball. The ball will be in D Wade's hands.

These are just my random opinions. Your thoughts?

Just watched the USA vs. Spain game and a lot of talk about Portland's problems with Rudy Fernandez. Some ESPN beat writers are suggesting he would be a good pick up by the Heat, especially with his bargain salary of $1.2M. Thoughts?


Posted by: Jack Luft | Monday, August 23, 2010 at 02:25 PM

Fernandez is unhappy playing 23:11 minutes coming off the bench for Brandon Roy in 2009/2010. If he comes to Miami, he will play as D Wade's backup. How many minutes do you think he'll get? I'd bet less than 23:11.

Dude...Portland wants a 1st round pick in return. That's why Portland is milking this out till the end to see if they can squeeze some desperate team out and making his azz wait. Besides the skills...his diva attitude is unwanted.

i like the way spo has toyed with his regular season rotations in the past. i imagine we will have a solid 5 or 6 guys in the rotation all season long, while the peripheral players will get a few weeks of solid minutes, followed by a few weeks on the bench. it will give everyone on this deep team a chance to show what they can do.

obviously, in-game adjustments are the big concern, and i agree it will be more important in the playoffs. but this team will see a lot of different defensive looks throughout the regular season, and it will be interesting to see how spo handles the challenge.

my biggest concern is how he will design the offense. throughout last season, the stagnant offense was always an issue. it was especially frustrating because the heat would run a couple nice offensive plays each game, but mostly they would run the old, "give wade the ball and get out of the way". i would hate to see this team run the same offense, with wade and lebron running iso plays for the entire game.

instead of relying on isolation or pick & rolls, i would like to see this team running more of a motion offense. wade should be catching the ball on the move and finishing at the rim, or dishing to bosh for a dunk. if lebron can handle some point guard duties, this team could keep an extra shooter on the floor. there are just so many options with wade & lebron playing on the same team, we should be thinking outside the box.

my other concern is playing guys at multiple positions. over two seasons, spo never figured out how to keep beazy and udonis on the floor together. can he make bosh & udonis work together? or wade/miller/lebron? ideally, our closing-5 would be wade/lebron/miller/udonis/bosh. can spo make that work?

as for the defense, i have fewer concerns there. spo has turned two crappy teams into defensive bulldogs over the past two seasons, and i think that is where he will earn his paycheck. if the heat can be a top-5 defensive team this season, they will win the east.

so, to answer the original question, i think spo will be fine this season, although i am skeptical that he can maximize his talent on offense. i do hope that riley has a backup plan besides a return to coaching, because he does a much better job as gm when he's not coaching every game.


Interesting. You're more concerned about offense. I'm more concerned about defense. En Guard. Looks like we just found an arguing point for the season. lol.

Seriously speaking ... if this team were to run more, that implies more gambling on steals and more defensive rebounding to start the break. I can see the team gambling on steals but I really don't like defensive schemes based on gambling. We'll definitely score more. But if it is because of gambling, I think we'll get in trouble in the later stages of the playoffs.

I prefer to see grind it out defense (eg. Riley old school or Boston Celtics 2008 Championship) and force other teams to play out the 24 second shot clock. Also, I don't feel comfortable with our rebounding abilities in the C position. It will be interesting to see how the rebounding stats play out through the course of the year.

I'm not concerned about half court offense because D Wade or LBJ are great creators. We also have guys that can hit the open mid range and long range. Spo can sit confused on the side lines and we'll be ok due to talent.

Here is a question for you. If the opposing team (Boston or Orlando) employs the zone defense and keeps everyone off the paint? How should the team handle that?

I Live In NY But I am a Miami Heat Fan
Dwade Is my fav Player........
Love Lebron and Bosh let quiet the doubters
especially' Foot In Mouth BARKLEY'

y'know, over the past few years, the talent level has been crap, but the defense has been pretty good. i think adding lebron and bosh to a core of wade/udonis/joe-L is a huge upgrade on defense. i am worried about bigZ, mike miller, and arroyo...but if you add an extra free agent and stay optimistic about chalmers, that's a solid defensive squad.

but with all the ego and potential on this team, i am worried that the offense won't live-up to the hype. we need a coach that can really get creative...someone who can turn three of the best players in the league into one of the best teams of all time. i just don't think spo is up to the task...

next question:

how do you feel about the three kings skipping team usa basketball? seems like a great chance to practice together, dominate the youngsters, and flex some muscle.

it would be nice to see all three starting together for the national team, beating-up on the world and recruiting role player for future heat squads...

" ... recruiting role player for future heat squads..." hahaha ... that would be sweet.

I'd rather be selfish about this issue though. I'd rather we keep a rested, healthy squad since we're going on a championship run. =)

Can we sign anymore players or is our squad full?

stop hatenin on Lebron James datz his decision. nobody threatin him. he jus knew he wasnt going to win a championship in cleveland

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