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Take 6 From Vegas

Day Six from the Las Vegas Summer League was an active one for the Heat ... way back in Miami. Joel-Block

The Heat officially added three more players to the roster when it announced that swingman Mike Miller, forward Joel Anthony and draft pick Dexter Pittman were signed to contracts. That brings the Heat's roster to eight players (Dwyane Wade, LeBron James, Chris Bosh, Mario Chalmers, Udonis Haslem, Miller, Anthony and Pittman). Two more are expected on the way as soon as Saturday - center Zydrunas Ilgauskas and forward Juwan Howard.

And to think that there were league executives who doubted the Heat's ability to fill out a roster around Wade, James and Bosh. If we've all learned one thing this offseason, it's don't bet against the Heat. But some of the moves are questionable. You can certainly question whether Miller or Anthony should have received five-year deals.

Miller will be 35 when his deal is up. So will Udonis Haslem. By that time, Wade, Bosh and James would probably need an infusion of youth and athleticism on the roster as they push toward the end of their contracts. And here's the ultimate irony. Anthony could be the only player among Heat veterans to have received a raise from last season. He tripled his salary in his new deal with the Heat, which gave him a about $18 million.

Yes, $18 million for Joel Anthony. More power to him. Dude made a nice come up. The Heat apparently had to outbid a few teams with cap space to re-sign Anthony. Miami made his a $1.1 million qualifying offer last month. And the offers just kept rising from there. For this price, meet the Miami Heat's starting center.

SUMMER GROOVE ROSTER: Obtained an unofficial copy of the Summer Groove roster for Sunday's game, and some of the names might intrigue you. Aaron Afflalo, Brandon Bass, Caron Butler, Daequan ZoFighting Cook, Samuel Dalembert, Tim Hardaway, Mike James, Ty Lawson, Darius Miles, Alonzo Mourning, Mo Peterson, Quentin Richardson, Rajon Rondo, DaJuan Summers, CJ Watson and Dorell Wright.

Depending on how well Timmy Hardaway makes out Sunday at AmericanAirlines Arena, he might jump into that long line of old-school vets angling for a vet's minimum contract with the Heat. I've said all along that Miami should simply round out its depth at point guard and center by adding Zo and Timmy to the roster. Heck, why not.

HEAT SMOKING IN VEGAS PLAY: The Heat improved to 3-1 Friday night in the Las Vegas Summer League with a 78-58 victory over the Milwaukee Bucks. Shavlik Randolph led Miami with 18 points, and guards Kenny Hasbrouck and Weyinmi Efejuku combined for 27 points and nine assists. Miami was without Pittman for the second straight game because of a left toe injury. But Pittman's hand was just fine - he was healthy enough to sign that three-year contract earlier in the day that pretty much guarantees his spot on the roster.

Pittman hopes to play in Saturday's summer league finale against the Cavaliers. We hear ESPN is negotiating with Pittman to do an hour-long special leading to his decision to play or not. After all, it is Heat-Cavs. And you can't have Heat-Cavs without drama.

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Yeah man! Kenny hit that open 3 pretty well, think he makes it after the break?

Joel Anthony @ $ 18 M? Pittman who can barely rebound got signed to a contract? I don't get it.

Starting 5-chalmers,Wade,James,bosh, and Joel Anthony

Hope Joel and varnado get to play at the same time which would become a block party lol Joel and varnado would be a good combo and no one will get pass them!!

Bring in T-Mac/Matt Barnes plus J-Will/Keyon Dooling and we're set

Out of those four I'd say Barnes and Dooling.


VSL: Heat 78-58 video (6:48), recap @


joe-L making the big bucks! between joe-L and udonis, bosh has a couple bangers to help him in the paint for the next few years.

we still need a defensive stopper and a point guard. mo-pete and cj watson in the summer groove....

I think Joel will lead the league in block shots making us tolerate all the easy misses at the rim. All ways knew he was the starting center but 18 smell a rat and it died in Dallas.

18 Mill is way too much for Anthony! We should have let him walked called Theo Ratliff and called it a day... anybody know if is fully guarantee? hope not

Kenny has also earned his spot.. Pittman cant jump he is like a present day Jermaine O'neal when it comes to rebounding. Two definately questionable moves.

Joel better work on his eye hand cordination cause he's gonna get plenty of passes and he better catch and finish.

Stone hand Anthony need sandpaper or something for those hands of his.....

I think 18 mil for Joel is perfect. Joel is am up and coming defensive center in the league, and with the number of aging 7'0 walls like Haywood, O'Neal, and Shaq, 3.2 mil a year could become a bargain if Joel were to continue to improve and become a commodity.

What's up with the picture of LBJ in a Cleveland uniform. He's with the Miami Heat now. Y'all didn't get the memo. Fire the guy who decides what photos to use. He or she must be from Ohio. What's really happening?

I think Joel will develop well, he's a hustler just what we need, I don't know about 18mil tho...I'm also not sure about Pittman, he seems slow and heavy, but I won't ever question Pat Riley again so I guess we'll see


Heat tweets: Magloire, Arroyo may return --- and Mark Blount II



VSL Finale: Heat - Cavs 6:00 pm ET. Broadcast live on NBA TV. Bookmark for postgame recap, video.


Joel i cant catch a ball to save my life anthony for 18mil. If Pat Rileys name wasnt Pat Riley i would question this but... Hope we hurry up and Matt or Rasual Butler. Bring back Dooling to start at PG. Guess Vernardo is heading to Europe and i guess Butler is going to make the team as SF/SG also.

Also hearing that we are going to sign Juan Howard and Magloire? Why so many dang centers??? I can see Juan but Why would Riley want to sign 4 centers?

If we signed Pittman and Joel than Maglore should b out of the question.... let's go for Rasual or Barness, we need stoppers

Ok people here is the Miami Heat lineup for next season:
PG - Carlos Arroyo (will sign soon), Mario Chalmers
SG - Dwayne Wade
SF - LeBron James, Mike Miller
PF - Chris Bosh, Udonis Haslem, Juwan Howard (will sign soon)
C - Joel Anthony, Zydrunas Ilgauskas, Jamal Magloire (will sign today), Dexter Pittman

That makes 12 players with only 3 spots remaining. We got 4 centers to work by committee (Joel for blocks and defense, Big Z for jumpers and offense, Magloire as the enforcer, and Pittman to develop). Even though we are weak at center we can move Bosh, Juwan and even UD to the middle against smaller teams and maybe at the end of some games depending on matchups. Word is (from Ira Winderman) that Heat will use one of the last 3 spots for a rookie (maybe Hasbrouck).

Who gets the last 3 spots? The first need is a defensive wing. Matt Barnes and Rasuel Butler will probably get more than the minimum so take them off the list. A defensive point guard and another 3 point shooter are the remaining needs. I like Keyon Dooling and Eddie House.

4 Centers, is a good Choice, Remember lakers and boston are both big upfront, now boston just added Jermaine, so we need bodies to throw at people incase of foul trouble,, and we still have space for 3 point guars, and 1 more wing player hopefully a Defensive one,

Flip Murry would be a great addition man...Backup Dwade.

i got a bad feeling for the rumors... why we need JUWAN HOWARD? ARROYO? MAGLOIRE? they are old enough to have spots on our team wherein..., we got young talents available & i think that this could be better for us only we need them to develop, let them understand the game & most importantly TRUST THEM!!!


hopefully this could be turned down!!!






pg chalmers / dooling or murray

sg wade / mike miller / scheyer

sf lebron / barnes or r.butler / d.butler

pf bosh / haslem / varnado

c big z / anthony,j. / pittman / siler



I am so glad we got Joel back, we don't need an offensive Center, we need a hustle and block guy while the combo of Wade Lebron and Chalmers will lead the leage in steals Joel will be a huge anchor for this defense. I believe he will develop a formidable offensive game. He average almost 2 blocks a game coming off the bench.

Lebron/miller PF? wade SF? Satan have you been smoking?

Oops my bad, read that wrong, smoke in my

Posted by: Keithlv2wpb | Saturday, July 17, 2010 at 09:30 PM

LOL, I've been smoking some good Beasley stuff but it seems yours is better...

Hell yeah I'm on that west coast killa Cali, they need to stop and bring hasbrouck in.


What we said: Keep your me, we keep three. True Hoop (Henry Abbott) says it better.


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