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Riley Explains Beasley Decision

Amid all of the hype, hysteria and genuine hoopla that surrounded Friday night's rock-concert-of-an- Riley-Press introduction for Dwyane Wade, LeBron James and Chris Bosh, team president Pat Riley explained his decision to say goodbye to Michael Beasley.

Beasley, the No. 2 pick in the 2008 NBA Draft, just wouldn't have fit in the mix, considering the Heat's star-studded overhaul. See, Beasley's $5 million salary didn't turn out to be the problem that would have prevented Miami from bringing in the Big 3.

With James, Bosh and Wade all agreeing to take about $2 million less than the first-year max salary of $16.6 million, Beasley's money was within the budget. Instead, the Heat hopes to turn that salary slot into offers for Mike Miler and Udonis Haslem. The Heat saw no reason to mix Beasley's silly antics and inconsistent production in with the new all-business approach.

Although the deal hasn't been officially finalized, the Heat has parted with Beasley. He was headed to Minnesota at last we heard for a second-round draft pick.

"Michael - it's a personal thing - he was the No. 2 pick in the draft," Riley said. "He came in very young. He came in a situation where he didn't start the first year and averaged 15 points and seven rebounds."

BeasleyDraft With Bosh clearly going to be the starter at power forward and James the starter at small forward, Riley said there was no reason to juggle Beasley's role again.

"We didn't want to do that," Riley said. "We don't want to do that. We feel like he's a young talented kid, who has a long career ahead of him. This particular move, we felt like, to bring in other complementary players, we had to go in that direction."

Riley did say he might eventually have second thoughts about dealing Beasley.

"Whatever happens, I would hate, two or three years from now - and Micky and I talked about this - I know I'm going to probably regret it when he gets 29 (points) and 19 (rebounds) on us one night. He's really a gifted kid."

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Are you kidding me? Not one comment? Miami Heat fans are awful.

Starter-chalmers,wade,lebron,bosh,a center who could block and rebound maybe ilgaskus

Bench-dooling,q rich,mike miller,butler,varnado,Joel Anthony,pittman.

Does it sounds realistic or good enough to beat tha laker

with haslem and mike miller in the mix definitely can give lakers a run for it

i love mike breezy, but i will take udonis over beaz any day of the week.
now bring back joe-L!

p.s. did bosh cut-off his predator haircut? now i gotta think of a new nickname for him

we know ur a douche from cleveland dont pretend like ur a heat fan.

Moving Beasley was a no brainer.. had to be done...Now lets get the pieces we need..Hey fromthis point on I will never question a Riley move again.. He is a straight up Genius... By getting these sign and Trades, we now have our Bird rights to all our free agents. Thats Huuuge... we can now go over the salary cap and bring back UD, Dorrel, and Quentin.. plus Jamaal Magloire, and Mike Miller. They go after Kwame Brown for a big strong guy on the cheap.. Maybe Pat Beverly.. Carlos Aroyo.. and our 3 2nds.. and move over LA.. Make room for the real champs... Go Heat

Starter-chalmers,Wade,lebron,bosh, ilgauskas

Bench-dooling,q rich,mike miller,butler,haslem,varnado,pittman

I was thinking about Nate Robinson replacing dooling but oh well I m trying to make an realistic there anyway of replacing dooling with Nate without going of the cap limit.tell if I should replace or add someone like Matt barnes he has good defense!

Oh yeah and Joel for a shot blocker

Joel Anthony at center too I forgot

Good luck Michael Beasley, it didn't work out but the kid is talented. Pat Riley keeps pulling Aces out of his sleeve with the sing and trades. Based on everything said so far our team looks like this:

PG: Carlos Arroyo, Jason Williams, Keyon Dooling
SG: Dwyane Wade, Quentin Richardson, Jhon Sheyer
SF: LeBron James, Mike Miller, DeSean Butler
PF: Chris Bosh, Udonis Haslem, Jarvis Varnado
C: Joel Anthony, Zidrunas Ilgauskas, Dexter Pittman

Good lick with Miller, the shooter who won't shoot.

Oh forgot Mario Chalmers.

Also rumors say Matt Barnes, Mike James. What about Ben Wallace? Have to be minimum salary. Maybe Brad Miller will want some rings.

i agree. Beasley needs the room to develop. he needs room to make mistakes and learn from them. the Heat was never that place in the past 2 years. too much pressure to win from Wade. if Minny gets rid of Jefferson, Beasley gets the minutes and he can shoot all he wants without the pressure of winning right away. he'll figure the NBA game out and come out better.

goodluck Beas!

Haslem went from undrafted free agent to starter to champion to bench player while being a captain in between. His ego and image wouldn't be stoked like Beasley would be.

"The Heat saw no reason to mix Beasley's silly antics and inconsistent production in with the new all-business approach."

such BULLCRAP man, even on the way out BS labels and propaghanda against Beas. silly antics? what? inconsistent production? hmmm, do you think that had anything to do with being 19 and a baller then thrown into the Heat's archaic system of grit and hustle. we way, as an organization, F'd up big time on Beasley. way better than Mike Miller. Beas will be an all star. big mistake....

Bye, Bease! Seriously, good luck. Don't look on your Heat tenure as a negative -- you didn't exactly take the league by storm like you perhaps expected, but you learned the defense that you never got the chance to learn in high school or college, and you already have two years of playoff experience under your belt. You have a nice base to build from. Also, you've seen the power of free agency -- in just two years, you can choose the place *you* want to grow your career.

Good luck, and don't get too down about it!

I like Beasly as a player in the NBA but not for this New Miami Heat.

I would also like to add in that we should keep along with UD, Dorrell Wright. I think he is a good talent and plays solid defense despite that boston mishap.

What more can I say about Pat Riley, the guy is a f-ing genius. The whole heat organization had concocted this scenario up two years ago i mean we as fans weren't thinking of even Bosh a year ago I mean you never know what is up Pat's sleeve. That dude is as slick as his hair!

Now lets trade Bosh for...

Maybe Marcin Gortat from Orlando on C? I Think he can be the best option. He is a great dynamic defender, rebounder and shot blocker. But he's little bit to expensive :/

Lets trade Bosh for...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LeBron James
Chris Bosh
Joel Anthony

Carlos Arroyo
Mike Miller
U Haslem
Dorell Wright

I would have loved for Beasley to be our 6th man.

Good luck to you Beasley. I wish you well. I got to agree that Haslem fits better for this team. D fisher would be the best thing that could happen at the point. Pat Riley got his left heel on the league's neck and now he gonna show the Lakers how to build a dynasty. They got a lot of trees but we got a lot of tree climbers. All we need now is a lumberjack. Back in the day you could bring in a mutombo at the minimum. The quality of center really sucks these days. I wanna give major pops to Mickey for opening up his wallet. Nothing cheap about you.

Haslem is the man, I've seen him play thru high school and gives 110% every night on the defense side .. He deserves to play along the big 3 as a starter..

Yes.We.Did. Videos of 3K305 (3 Kings 305) welcome party at AAA

(Yeah. I know AAA=786)

Pleez say NO to Jo-el.

Else have James + Bosh regret The Decision after 1 regseason week of watching Jo-el fumble/mishandle/turnover perfectly good passes for otherwise gimme assists.

Joel shouldn't play anymore he can't catch there alot of guy like who are way cheaper

PAT RILEY YOU S.O.B.!!! You did it and i think we need to give Wade as much credit as Riley because in the end they really came here to play with Wade and his recruiting of these guys meant a lot. We are going to be the most Hated Team in SPORTS PERIOD. On other notes i still think we need to sign Raja Bell as a lock down Defender specialist and for his 3 point shooting and as a guy would could chase RAY ALLEN around and get in his head and give him fits. I also wouldnt mind mending fences with SHAQ even though he did us wrong because in the end we both can use each other and with watching How Wade and Bosh took less money might touch his heart to also be part of the sacrifice movement so that he can end his carreer with more rings than Kobe and he already made his money so i know its not about the money. We need Shaq just as bad as he needs us and life us about forgiving and that would show that we are truly a first class organization. Allen Iverson would be a good addition off the bench and would add even more star power to this team and make us HATED even more and the 3rd PG could be Arroyo or Dooling or Both if we dont go after Allen Iverson so that he can get a ring also because i know the poor guy would love to join the Band. Plus Mike Miller and Raja Bell would be ending games anywaz if it ever was close even though i think most of our games will be over by half time or the end of the 3rd because these guys are going to be getting a lot of rest and will be fresh for back to back nights easily and than some. I am also going to like the fact that Wade will help Lebron become a better person and man and help him reshape his image because i think hes been running with the wrong crew thats in his inner circle and GOD puts people in your life for a reason that you attach to and i am more concerned with Lebron James the person, more than the basketball player because his image has never been good in Cleveland especially the way he took them on national T.V. like a JERRY SPRINGER show to break up with them when he could have told them that sh!t at home but i know guys Like Zo, Wade, and this organization will help him with that while he has the time of his Life. Like WILL SMITH said WELCOME TO THE PLACE WHERE THE "HEAT" IS ON, ALL NIGHT, ALL DAY TO THE BREAK OF DAWN. WELCOME TO MIAMI PO FO VEFA "TAMIAMI"... CANES/HEAT 2011 champs and thats what OHIO gets for cheating us out of that 2002 national championship game when they paid that DAM ref. This will also have a big effect on my canes when it comes to recruiting. As the great Dr. Martin Luther King would say. " PAT RILEY HAD A DREAM"... Miami is the new bad boys of the N.B.A. and how long will it be before Pat Riley cuts Spoelstras throat to make us the perfect villan and the envy of the league

I wanted beasley to stay but this is good for him. I thought he could have been similar to lamar odom coming off the bench, but it wont matter cuz james or wade will always be on the flooR! chalmers is gonna be good n w Mike Miller n possibility haslem coming back, Hell ya!

I personally would like the Heat to get Kurt Thomas or Brad Miller for our center. I think Joel Anthony should continue to develop off the bench cuz he'll eventually be our starting C next yr or 2 yrs.

3 Kings pay $50m ransom for kingdom

MW puts figure closer to $54m

Time to finally get rid of all the garbage.
Chalmers is horrible and can only be a third option at PG behind Arroyo ant the new signing.
Please forget about the other overpaid Titos (Dorell, Haslem, Q, etc). Look elsewhere or play the rookies.

Never thought the Heat would finally be cured of the cancer that is Michael Beasley


It takes a Villain Vincent Thomas (ESPN Page 2) on why James doesn't make his (least) Fave 5


Fiesta BOWL JANUARY 03 20003. THe Miami Hurricanes lose to the Ohio Buckeyes with the worse call in the history of sports. They actually had a worse call in sports show and it was #1. Ohio benefits and the city of Miami gets screwed. It amazes my how things got a way of balancing out. I gonna play some Betty Wright........From Pain to Joy.

The Heat saw no reason to mix Beasley's silly antics and inconsistent production in with the new all-business approach.

Not so much that i agree with that, but i wish beas all the luck in the world and i will be following his career cuz i'm a very big fan of his. I'm still shocked that we got all three, WADE, BOSH, AND LEBRON! RILEY IS GOD AND THE MIAMI HEAT ARE MY RELIGION!!!!!!!!!! WE ARE GONNA WIN CHAMPIONSHIPSSSSSSSS< CAN YOU SAY DYNASTY!!!!!!!!! Man it feels god to be a heat fan. I just want the season to start already!!!

Wow im so happy about the team that I cant even type right.


Juwan. Fish. JWill? GP? Magic? Worthy? Jerry West?

Heat training camp: 3 Kings + the AARP All-Stars. Wheelchairs outnumber reporters.



Marc Stein (ESPN)

GSW close to signing of Dorell Wright to three-year deal. Wright is true SF so Dubs feel he's priority over matching Morrow offer from NJN

Cohan (current owner) wrecking franchise for Ellison (future owner)? Why?

Anyway good riddance to GSW's new "true SF".


First I would like to wish Beasley good luck and I hope his career takes off and he becomes a great player. I thought he would be sweet if he was our sixth man but ah well...adios Bease. The people up here in new England are all ready giving me crap about our big three compared to Bostons. Well I just wanna tell them to SUCK IT BITCHES!!!!! HA! Pat Riley is god and the Heat will rule all!

yeah boi!!!!!!

Lebreezy, CB1 AND D-weezy gonna rock for our miami heat baby!

See ya Beasley, you only held us down!

9/11 Conspiracist, STFU!!!

Your love for Beaz is almost as pathetic as your understanding of controlled demolitions and/or engineering.

shouldnt we sing and trade wright for monrrow if we actually have the space to do so?

starting 5:
Jason Williams,Wade,LeSidekick,Bosh,Magloire
bench:Chalmers,D Wright,Mike Miller,Haslem,Joel Anthony,Pittman,Hasbrouck,Vernado.

there's a rumor of FISHER... i strongly say NO!!! NO!!! NO!!!


AT CENTER: EARL BARRON (UFA) cheap contract...
MARCIN GORTAT (we are capable of acquiring him on ORLANDO since he express to play on other team & for us he could be a starter...

D-LEAGUE (young) NO!!!NO1!!!

Bez is a decent player but will never be a star. We have our stars now and need tough guys around them more than talented under acheivers.

UD & MM better for this team than Bez.
Good luck in Min.

YES YES YES FISHER!!! What is wrong with you??? Fisher has heart and a 3 point shot! Why would you not want him? And to the moron calling Lebron LeSidekick your just ignorant.

Gets me upset how people talking about Lebron, I can just imagine how he must feel. The point where they he can't do it by himself is so stupid! You know why? Because nobody has and nobody has gotten as close as him to doing it by himself. When somebody puts facts about someone doing it alone than you can say that, until than shove that LeSidekick on your fuckinggg ass! Shame on people that hate players because they are good. SHAME ON YOU! Its like someone bringing the Kobe being a rapist, which was once an allegation into the argument of him being top 10 of all time. Btw he has definitely never dont it by himself in fact his teams have always been Star stacked!

As for Beas do your thing boy! Your mind and focus get in the basketball court and your gonna be a star. Don't listen to negativity from people that don't know how to pick up a basketball.

we are back bigger than ever this will be the start of a trend we are the yanks of the nba Go Heats

for FISHER RUMORS: he is a good player but then again..., he ask more than 2.5M per/year which it could be useless to us...

we got a little amount left to fill the supporting cast for the POWER TRIO!!!





pg chalmers= 900,000
sg wade=14M
*mike miller=5M
sf lebron=14.5M
pf *bosh=14.5M
c *gortat=5.5M or gasol,m.=4M

total= with gortat= 62,102,000M
with gasol,m.= 60,602,000M

plus: jon scheyer(heat d-league) sg
desean butler(2ndrnd pick) sf
jarvis varnado(2ndrnd pick) pf
dexter pittman (2ndrnd pick) c

no more fisher rumors hope it goes down!!!
no more wright/arroyo/joel anthony/magloire/q-rich/diawara/hasbrouck/o'neal!!!

hope to find takers draft rights: dozier/beverly...

we start now a "NEW MIAMI HEAT"!!!



Hope that Riley comes back to coaching not only cause he demands more respect than Spo but it would kick ass to see him beat Phil Jackson.

Wolves fan checking in on the beas talk. Couple of thoughts... How do you guys think you are just going to snag a Gortat or M. Gassol? Are you freaking crazy? You have nothing left to give up for either of them!?!? Also, don't you think beas would have been awesome comming in off the bench backing up both James and Bosh at the 3 and 4. Seems like an ideal roll for him to get his touches and learn to grow under veteran leadership. Can't complain though, as a Wolves fan, I am happy to have him. Last, the Mike Miller signing will also serve you well. He rebounds well and will play within himself in the big 3, not to mention the + outside shot. Nice backup to Wade/James as 6 man of the bench. Last, stay away from Big Z. You guys need beef up front to guard big post players (d. howard). That's not a bosh strenth. It's you and the Lakers next couple years, then just you... Congrats Heat fans.

With Beasley gone, does that mean everyone on this blog will start getting along?


Probably more like I'm going to start getting along with everyone else ...

D Wright gets 11.5 mil over 3 years. Good luck to you buddy. Good luck to all our former young players. I think they gonna shine in other cities. Especially young Beasley. Diezel, appreciate the love. I travel a lot and all I been feeling is hate and jealousy from most of the country when it comes to MIA. You guys got away with highway murder when y'all got Beasley. Somebody call the police. Riley and Kevin must got one hell of a relationship.We still about 4 mil under the cap which can turn into about 32 mil over 5 years with the fuzzy math. That can bring in a very good player. Don't know about Gortat or Gasol though. Once we use all our cap space then we can go over the cap by bringing back our own FA and veterans at the minimum. I use to hate all the loop holes in the cap but I sure do love it now. To use a famouse qoute from the movie coming to america," I feel like break dancing."

That picture up top reminds me of slaughter houses. Spro is the pig at the farm eating up everything and Riley is the butcher sitting back waiting for the right time to slit.

Just trying to start a fight Pug. This blog is better when everyone is fighting.

The trade had to be made.
Beasley may be sad NOW;
But he can play carefree for a change and develope like his buddy Durant in OKC did in his first year with OKC.
Beasley can play 40 minutes a game; Shoot without worrying about U.D. replacing him.
And, not worrying about Wade hounding him.
I hope Minn. trades Jefferson and plays K.Love at center next to Beasley.
And, bring Darko off the bench.
Beasley will average 20 and 10 next year.
Mark my words!!!
Riley will be coaching the heat by the all-star break.
Mark, my words !!!

I agree that Riley will be back to coach this team by all-star break and he just doesnt want to put all that wear and tear on his body at the begining of the season. I would like for Spoelstra to show what he can do with a good team after next season but i just want to see Rilay vs Jackson in Jackson last season and that what the world wants to see. Also are we bringing back Shaq and mending fences sense we both need each other and are we talking to Allen Iverson to come in as a back-up? Glad we are resign Haslem and will have Miller aboard by tuesday and i think we need to sign Raja Bell before the Lakers go ahead and take him. NEED SOME UPDATES MR.WALLACE???

Not sold on Haslem coming back. He would have to play a true backup role. He could start and make more on another team.


To be honest, I'm glad that the Heat traded away Beasley to the Wolves. Mostly because I wouldn't want him to turn around one day and haunt us. He truly has potential, but potential only gets you so far. The rest is mental. I still wish him, and all the young guys that have left our team, well.

I also appreciate the unbiased comments. I'm starting to get sick of everything I'm reading and seeing on tv. It seems that the whole world is sour that they did not win the LeBron sweepstakes.

We are definitely the team to hate at the moment and LeBron will take the bulk of it. I can't believe that poll on "Who would you want taking the final shot of the game: LeBron or Wade?"

Talk about trying to drive a rift between our stars. Shame on you ESPN!

In retrospect, I think Beasley and the Miami Heat (Pat Riley) disconnected when he had that semi-marijuana incident at the Rookie camp. The following year's hash picture / drug rehab issue worsened it. For his own sake, Beasley needs to clean up his act. I hope he starts taking his career more seriously at Minnesota.

I agree with HeatSmoke. Potential only gets you so far.

Brian Windhorst of the Plain Dealer reporting

"It was also made known to James that the Heat would take care of his friends the same way the Cavs did -- special treatment at the arena, changing practice and travel schedules to allow for money-making late-night parties in various cities, and perhaps even hiring a James associate in a high-paying position in the organization."

I hope Pat Riley will stop any kind of non-sense that will affect the championship race.

Umm isn't lebron and chalmers number 6 how are we gonna put these two in a roster?

A thousand times "NO" to Derek Fisher. He only has "heart" (or, more precisely, is heartened) when it is obvious that the officials aren't going to let the L.A. Floppers lose, and are going to reward them every time they stick their feet under the torso of a leaning (running) offensive player, even though there is no room for them to get their own torso above their feet, and thus could not remain standing even if not hit, and so have not "established position" (the classic FLOP). But yeah, when (and only when) he knows the refs are gonna do what it takes for the Lakes, he does turn into a deadly three point shooter... but with no pride at all in how he gets there. And I'd like to see the Heat EARN it; something that it's worth being proud of. HELL NO to Derek Fisher; wrong Hollywood, extra.

pmartin - You must not watch much non-Heat basketball, or just avoided the Wolves (can't blame you on that one)... Love is about the furthest thing from a Center there is and Two 6-8 guy's who can't defend in your post does not generally serve you very well. Not to mention, Love has a very limited vertical.

Darko and our new Euro Pekovik will be our Centers. Al will be traded. Love and Beas will play the 4.

I hope Beas does get a lot of run though, starter or 6 man, and grows up and into his potential.

Can't say I will be rooting for y'all, but I aint hating either. I will def. be watching and look forward to the show.

PS. Say Orlando theoretically traded for Al Jefferson, he is very available and there have been some rumblings of a Gortat trade. Do you think Miami could stop a Howard/Jefferson front court? Not sure that Bosh and a vet-min post player could get it done. That's where your biggest shortcoming is right now, Post Defense.

Oh well, might just be knitpicking. It's going to be a fun show.

EVERYBODY text HEAT if u think Derek Fisher is going to join the heat


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