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Just Another Day of Work (Not!)

Only one word truly describes how today played out as the Heat's beat writer for the Miami Herald. Wade-Face

Crazy. Well, maybe I could find another that would fit just as well. Amazing.

Somewhere between agonizing and exhilarating was where I could be found from the moment I got my first call of the day Wednesday morning with a tip that something big was going down in Miami.

Turns out, the Heat not only got a major commitment from Dwyane Wade, there was also the accompanying news that he will partner with Chris Bosh in Miami for the next five or six seasons.

That's two of the top three free agents on the greatest market in NBA history who ended up with the Heat. There's still one big fish out there - LeBron James, who will announce his decision at 9 p.m. Thursday.

But Wednesday might have been one of the most thrilling days in four seasons on the Heat beat. Let's recap.

6:47 a.m. - First text from a league source buzzes the cell phone, indicating that some big news could be coming down for the Heat, with a potential double commitment from Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh. The process of trying to confirm this info begins, as does the day for our 11-month-old light sleeper in the room.

7:15 a.m. - First calls go out to Heat execs, agents and player sources to see if the tip indeed is legit. Understandably, it's hard to reach folks at that time on the east coast, let alone anywhere else in the country.

7:32 a.m. - Turn on the TV, ESPN. See/hear Chris Broussard on the Mike and Mike Show, breaking down the exact same info - reporting it as fact: That D-Wade and Chris Bosh were a done deal in Miami. Thinking to myself, this could or couldn't be legit. After all, I kept thinking about how my man Broussard reported as fact that Wade, Bosh and LeBron were having their pow wow in Miami two weekends ago. Only, I was in Chicago with D-Wade at the time, and LeBron, it was later determined, was in New York.

7:47a.m. - Tweet that ESPN is reporting Bosh and Wade a done deal in Miami, still unable to secure reliable sources just yet as I wait on return phone calls.

7:50 a.m. - Start to file a story for the Herald's web site that lays out the details of the Bosh-Wade pairing in Miami. Details are breaking nationally, but, in an effort to make sure facts are straight, still not quite ready to confirm the story through independent sources.

8:03 a.m. - Politely turn down the first of dozens of interview requests from radio stations from South Florida to San Antonio to Chicago to New York. The adrenaline rush begins at this point. Ask the wife if she could handle dropping off our youngster, because it's going to be a hectic day. She says Yes. I've got the next drop-off and pick-up Thursday.

8:30 a.m. - Time to get dressed, showered and headed over to Nova Southeastern University, figuring I'd better make a run at Dwyane Wade while he's at his youth basketball camp.

9:40 a.m. - Get to Wade's camp, bypass reporters waiting on ground floor and proceed upstairs to gym area where Wade is meeting with relatives and friends. Politely asked to leave, since other reporters have already been told to go downstairs.

9:52 a.m. - Run into two Wade family sources who confirm that he's coming back - and that Bosh is joining him. They believe Bosh might be headed to Miami later Wednesday for a potential press conference. Details still sketchy.

10:01 a.m. - After conversation, posts Twitter update with the independent confirmation needed to give legs to our local story. The Heat has its men. At least two of them. Call Herald editor Jorge Rojas and dictate what I've got. Reach out to two teams that have been courting Bosh to see if they've heard the same thing. Positive response from one, negative from the other.

10:30 a.m. - The wait for Wade begins. First camp session nearing an end. Figuring Wade will talk to assembled reporters soon. Figured Wrong.

11:30 a.m. - Figuring Wade probably has plotted a back-way escape from the gym and wouldn't dare walk through the massive lobby to get to his vehicle. So the search for rear exits begins. Locate Wade's white luxury vehicle in the Arena's loading dock area, right beside ESPN trucks.

11:48 a.m. - Something's fishy. Then rumors start to fly that ESPN will be broadcasting an announcement from Wade's camp at 12:30. Assured by league sources that it's all legit and that the only hangup on Bosh's end is whether Toronto is going to accept Miami's sign-and-trade offer so dude can get his extra $30 million on a six-year contract, instead of $96 million over five years.

11:59 a.m. - Female campus staffers and food service employees taking booty-pose photos next to Wade's super-clean white Maybach. Even Wade's whip proves to be the ultimate chick magnate, I guess.

12:05 p.m. - Campus security escorts media members waiting in the gym lobby out of the facility, with ESPN officials moving in to set up for the exclusive interview with Wade. Media members then asked to leave the campus completely. Meanwhile, I'm around back in the loading dock stairway, staking out Wade's car and trying to blend in with either students or lawn maintenance crew.

12:15 p.m. - Get call from Cleveland source close to LeBron, asking is Miami ready for the LeBron circus to come to Miami now that Bosh and Wade are committed. Also hear that Bron might be making plans to fly to South Florida on Wednesday night for dinner with Wade. Tweet that it could be "blockbuster info" or complete "B.S." You know how Twitter is. It's about as reliable as the outer layers of Bron's inner circle.

Bosh screaming 12:23 p.m. - Get call from Chris Bosh's rep, saying he'd be willing to offer me first local interview after ESPN deal is through. Since I'm getting Bosh, might as well let Wade's crew know I'm out there waiting by his car, so I can talk to him too.

12:30 p.m. - Wade and Bosh interviewed by ESPN, with Wade in gym and Bosh on location in Dallas. Can't tell what's going on because I'm still laying out. But I do hear the ESPN techs being as giddy as freshmen at a college frat party.

12:35 p.m. - Damn. Cell phone's dying. See a Nova student standing nearby and ask if I can use his phone. Tell him I've got Chris Bosh calling in a few minutes and my battery is going out. Turns out, the student is an intern with a local TV station, posing as a student to get past security. Wearing a Heat T-shirt and a backpack, my new partner, Jeff Feibelman, gladly offers his iPhone for the mission. "You mean The Chris Bosh is really going to call my phone?" asks Fiebelman, a lifelong Heat fan. "Come on man, stop kidding."

"Dude," I said. "Just give me your number before we miss the call, before my phone completely dies."

12:37 p.m. - In middle of conversation with Herald photographer, my cell dies. Luckily, moments earlier, I had given Bosh's peeps the number to Jeff's phone. Now, I'm Starsky. He's Hutch.

12:45 p.m. - Bosh calls for exclusive with Miami Herald. Thanks Toronto for developing him into a star player. Talks about decision-making process en route to Miami, says Spoelstra will remain coach and that Pat is determined to go after LeBron now that Bosh and Wade are in tow.

12:58 p.m. - Transcribe Bosh interview on laptop, posts Twitter updates with major quotes from Bosh.

1:20 p.m. - Thank Jeff for his tour of duty, hand the kid back his phone, and head into gym to search for Wade. Jeff has one request. "Can you give me a shoutout in your story?" Not quite. But we'll figure something out. So here you go, Jeff. I owe this kid a lunch somewhere. I've been blessed and lucky.

2:00 p.m. - Catch Wade coming out of luxury suite, where his family and inner circle are now in full force waiting in the hospitality area. Wade steps out to get away for a moment and collects his thoughts. "Glad this part of it is over," Wade said.

2:30 p.m. - Thankfully, there's a Starbucks in this joint. I'm running on fumes. After six updates to the day's online version of the story and countless tweets along the way, it's been an amazing day. The Heat got their men. I did my part to bring you the Herald's version of the biggest story of the day in the NBA. A total team approach.

2:52 p.m. - Check in with a couple of Wade's key peeps on the way out. Thank them for the updates throughout this crazy free agency process.

3:02 p.m. - Head to the parking deck. Thank God Almighty there's no ticket for a parking violation after rushing in there five hours earlier to make sure I wouldn't miss Wade.

3:04 p.m. - With no cell phone service and my computer battery drained, flip on the iPod and hear Ice Cube's 'Today Was A Good Day' lyrics. Fitting. Hit the ignition, and catch the end of The Sports Brothers show on 790 The Ticket on the drive home. That's fam there.

(Updated) 7:33 p.m. - Just got the request from Stephen A. Smith to come on his show Thursday morning. Glad to do it. I might owe that brother an apology for doubting his call on this potential Wade-Bosh-Bron trilogy. And I might not end up being the only one to do so.

In many ways, an amazing day was just coming to an end. Then again, in this 24-hour news cycle, it was just beginning, considering the updates needed to the final version of the story before the day was done.

Like I said, just another day on the Heat beat.

Peace Out.

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great work Michael.

appreciate it all.

way to keep it within the lines Mike, no BS, only the facts when you had them.

Outside the championship, best day ever for the Heat. might even get better tomorrow!

If you think it would be better to NOT sign Lebron, please turn your computer off now.

World Trade Center 1, 2 & 7 were brought down by controlled demolition.

checkout & watch the collapse videos.

learn the truth.


"The playoffs get tough. You can't expect DWade + CBosh + LBJ + crap talent to carry us through an entire 48 mins per playoff game consistently. The opponent will always pick and score on the weakest link (whoever crap talent we pick up)...We're better off with DWade + CBosh + a strong rebounding / blocking center + a defensive point guard + defensive SF + solid bench."

Pugtv, are you friggin serious. read your own words. do you know who the Boston Celtics are? do you understand there are PLENTY of good players that would LOVE to play with Lebron, Wade and Bosh for the minimum. what don't you understand, you say they are crap players. how do you know? the same players you are mentioning to bring in instead of Lebron are some of the same players that would take less to play with Bron, Wade and Bosh.

Pugtv, honestly who would you like to bring in instead of Lebron? I bet I can show you a much better team with Lebron, maybe the same players you mentioned plus at a minimum.

good veterans will be flocking to play in Miami and chase the ring, at the minimum. that is a fact, how do you not know that?

Nice job MW and thanks to Jeff.

Loved the blog. Peace out.

Appreciated that piece right there, keep it up!!

Lots of great stuff!!

Great Job Mike.

mike good work, for all the fake a** fans out there who cursed d wade out after meeting with chicago last week, i've got a couple of words for ya, go cheer and root for the magic, or bulls, or celtics or whatever bandwagon you decide to jump on next year. Mr. wade said before the season he was going to enjoy the process, get wooed, get recruited and see what happened. We built this mans career and you think he's just gonna toss that away for what a couple of unproven talents. As for lebron stay the hell in cleveland we don't want you here, no need for two guys who play the exact same game on the outside, give us a spot up shooter, a tough nasty rebounding center, and somebody decent at the point, with chalmers and possibly beas comin off the bench and we're championship contenders right now

I say we keep Beasley and see how he does as a third option. With the defense geared up on Bosh and Wade we need a legitimate scorer to be free on weak sides. I also like Mike Miller coming on board so we can have another playmaker on the the court and 3 point shooting. I think whoever we get for the center position can not be a slouch though.

stat 5:Felton,Wade,Mike Miller,Bosh,Haywood
bench: Arroyo or J Will,Q Rich,Wright,Haslem,Pittman,Magloire,De'Sean Butler,Vernado

good veterans will be flocking to play in Miami and chase the ring, at the minimum. that is a fact, how do you not know that?

Posted by: 9/11 was an inside job | Wednesday, July 07, 2010 at 07:58 PM

It's possible you're right. It's possible I'm wrong. We may have someone willing to come over for the minimum. Do you have anyone in mind? I can't think of any specific one that will come over and play for the minumum.

sincerely, here ya go Pug,

(150 unrestricted FAs this summer)

possible Heat pickups at minimum if we have Bron, Bosh & Wade;

E. House
Joe Smith
Raga Bell
Z. Ilguaskus
Shaq (don't want him)
A.I. (don't want him either)
J.J. Barea
Earl Watson
Kyle Lowry
Steven Hunter
C. Arroyo
D. Wright
Q. Richardson
Kurt Thomas
Ike Diogu
Nate Robinson
Etan Thomas
Matt Barnes
Jason Williams
Juwan Howard
Joel Pryzbilla
Kyle Korver
Mike James
D. Stevenson

If we have Bron, Bosh and Wade and 2 of the 3 draft pics from the last draft that is a total of 5 players. We have to fill 10 more spots with the players above. Another side benefit is if we don't use Beasley in a S&T with Toronto we can use him in a trade for a PG and Center, at the minimum.

To think once we got Bron, Bosh and Wade together there are only crap players to choose from is totally not true.

As heat fans, we need to appreciate what Bosh has done. He chose us.

who cares what you did all day ? in fact you were mostly behind the news or watching espn to see what was happening


Cross out Shaq and AI. No way Miami will take his lazy ass back. AI just needs to go on rehab. I know you said you don't want them but I just want to re-iterate what a fat lazy ass Shaq is.

Most of the other guys above are only worth the minimum. They're not handing out discounts because they're prices aren't worth anything above the minumum (either too old, injured or never had the talent). They're level of play is reflected in their minimum price.

There are a few exceptions who have some talent. I don't see most of them taking the minimum though. The only exception is C Arroyo. But that is obviously, just an opinion.

Thanks for the list.


LBJ = massively egotistical meglomaniac. How is that going to affect the championship run? I can't see that as a positive.

If LBJ checks his ego at Cleveland and comes over, then I think he will be a great addition to the Heat family.

I'm hearing LBJ just got on a plane headed to Miami to meet with Pat Riley. Its a great time to be a heat fan.

5 starters-chalmer,Wade,barnes,bosh,(use the left over cap to sign a decent center)

Bench-N.Robinson,r.bell,D.wright or q rich(or both if needed),beasly, ilgaskus(lol) and some draft picks

We could use the cap left over for a pg or center or both.

RicBucher is reporting that LeBron flew to MIA to meet with Pat Riley Wed night.

crazy stuff man. can't believe the Heat are even in the conversation. negative comments aside, as a diehard longtime Heat fan I would be doing backflips knowing every Heat game I watch, I would be watching Lebron, Wade and Bosh play together. If you saw how Lebron brought the best out of Wade, off the ball, in the olympics you know what I mean. Bron is a Jackarse, definitely true! and he might be the best player in the game, if your a fan of bball and the Heat, you want him playing in Miami. no question.

Bron and Wade can handle the ball. Our most gaping hole at this point, with our without Bron, is CENTER! we need a defensive, shot blocking and rebounding big man BAD. hard to find though...

We already can bring big cat in at the minimum. Joel Anthony might sign his tender if LBJ comes. Got 2 young bigs that can crack the top 15. Bring in one center at the minimum and we are set at the power positions. With LBJ ALL WE NEED IS Chalmers and Carlos at the point. Both of them make the minimum.LBJ is a pt forward and WAde is a pt shooting guard.There will be plenty of solid guys you can bring in to play the 2 and the 3 at the minimum to back up WAde and James. These are the easiest position to fill. Starting lineup would be WAde....Chalmers.....LBJ....Bosh....... Joel Anthony....BEst offensive lineup in the league and defensively not too bad at all. In the east Bosh can play some center....Hell LBJ can play some center in the east. I see a defensive nightmare for opposing teams on both sides of the ball.

We just need at least on of our young trees to grow up by the time the finals start. We need to add one 7 ft defensive specialist to battle those trees out in L A. They don't have to score cause we would have plenty of that. Just rebound and play defense so Bosh doesn't burn out trying to do it all.

I would love to see Mike Beasley being a spark plug off the bench but with that team it wouldn't be necessary. If we lose him to get be it. We probably will reget it after winning 5 championships.

Pat Riley is a gangsta!

Thanks for *always* keeping it real Mike (whether we agree or not).

Can confirm after only a week of tweeting that Twitter is atwitter with bullfeathers.

Meanwhile, the real work is just *beginning*.

But the new cap could help the new Heat with or without a 3rd Amigo #nba #heat #miamiheat

Chicago led the league in rebounding last year at 44.5 a game. Wade, BOsh and James got 23 a game combined. You are more than half way there with just the 3 guys. LBJ can improve on his 7.3 rebounds and that was one of Wades worste years rebounding. I feel the 3 of them could get you a combined 27 RB A GAME. The other 9 player would have to average less than 2 a game to lead the league if it stayed around 44 1/2. That's about 18 more Rbs. One guy might get you 6 of those. That would be a great rebounding and defensive team.

Bigs wanted.

If not already established in NBA (i.e., Nene for Beasley etc if Bosh S/T no-go), preferably from Brazil, where the supply of true-bigs who have NBA-athleticism, physical not-afraid-of-contact presence *and* varying degrees of post skill has now surpassed Europe.


Lucas Riva, 18, 7-0, 200

Renan Leichtweis, 21, 6-11, 240

Paulo Prestes, 22, 6-10, 275 (drafted by MIN 2010)

Fab Melo, 20, 7-0, 255

hey Pug,

You know, although I don't agree with you, I think your point is important. One of the main factors on whether we win championships or not the next 5 years is what kind of talent we are able to surround the big dogs with...


PG facilitator, defensive, 3 pt shooter
SF Shooter.
C defensive big man, rebounder and shot blocker.

Things are HEATing up again!....

Newsday has reported multiple sources saying LeBron has decided on Heat.

I don't trust Newsday (Alan Hahn) -- who reported that Wade told the Knicks "Just get me one player and I'll get you a ring."

But Chris Broussard is now reporting the same -> LBJ 2 Heat

first of all....WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

second of all...give credit to pat riley. i never thought this crazy plan would work out. now we have the best big/small combo since hardaway/zo (maybe better), and lebron might be on the way. all hail king riley.

and finally...i would like to make peace with everyone i argued with over the past season. sure, i might disagree with pugtv, black the trucker, and all the spo/udonis haters - but the people who stuck it out on this website over the past few years were the true heat fans. i have a feeling we are gonna get a LOT more traffic on this website over the next few months. so mad props to the true fans who stuck with this team thru the mike breezy years.

p.s. bring back joe-L!

BRAVOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! PAT RILEY IS THE MAN! ALL HAIL RILEY. I apologize for doubting. MIAMI KINGS OF THE NBA! Oh what a dream come true. Heat fans rejoice, our dynasty is here!


If "The Decision" holds, let the marketing begin:

Miami Thrice. Ugh.

Miami Threeat. Barf.

The 3 Amigos. Maybe.

Boyz II Heat. Could be.

Elaborating ...

Miami Thrice. A throwback to an 80's EIGHTIES sitcom featuring 2 dicks (detectives) named Crockett (Don Johnson) & Tubbs (Philip Michael Thomas). So with Wade presumably Crockett and Bosh presumably Tubbs, who plays Gina (Saundra Santiag)

Miami Threeat. Miami WHAT? Is that "Threeat" as in eat? Or "Threeat" as in threat? Sucks either way.

Three Amigos. Another 80's throwback but at least there were THREE to begin with who were, like Wade, Bosh & James, actually FRIENDS.

Boyz II Heat. The *real* Boyz, of course, started as a foursome-quartet but are now a threesome-trio. More than friends, these guyz collaborate and actually make music ... together. As would Wade, Bosh & James ... on the court.

What do you think bout; 3 Live Crew?

taheati, dig your website. that's cool man!

"i have a feeling we are gonna get a LOT more traffic on this website over the next few months."

Disagree 1000%. for some reason, no matter what happens, even chance of getting Lebron, not much traffic through this blog...if it aint happennin now...

"3 Live Crew?" It rox.

Way better than my-grandaddy-thought-it-was-kewl "Miami Thrice." Or the effin lame "Miami Threeat".

U can sorta understand Miami Twice if it were just Wade & Bosh. But there's no Thrice in the original Vice. Unless James = Gina.

Please PUHLEEZ keep this blog disease-free from the chest-beating knuckle-dragging viral-carrying wintards at IW's blog.

Wow. Yahoo reports James isn't just "leaning" towards Miami but allegedly spent part of Wednesday evening contacting other free agents about the possibility of joining the Heat (at obviously minimum wages and/or via MB s&t)--> -->

I still won't believe LBJ will actually put his ego aside and join King Wade's team...however if it happens, all we need is 3 or 4 big guys, they don't necessarily need any NBA experience, and they should expect to get somewhere between 0-0 touches per games.

Now to be a little more serious, who says we need a point guard? Maybe Wade plays the point and we just get a good outside shooter to put at the 2. Or maybe Lebron plays the point forward position like Scottie did in Chicago all those years. And seriously, we don't need a great center, just a few big guys that can play a little defense.

One thing that should not be discounted is that having LBJ added to this tandem and if one of these top 3 gets hurt during the season, we are still a top notch team that can compete for a top seed in the East. We can give that player the necessary rest they need and not rush them back into the line-up. Then as long as all 3 are healthy come playoff time, we would be unbeatable.

This all being said, Wade is better than Lebron, this is Wades team and his county, and if LBJ comes to Miami, he better leave that big ego of his in Cleveland. We don't need no stinkin King, just Lebron James.

Mr. Wallace, great stuff! Thanks for a very good report. BTW, big shout-out to Jeff. Good teamwork man!

Now, if we can only convince other GMs that Beasley is 1-great, 2-has great potential, 3-will NOT find trouble in every offseason, 4-will be dedicated to his craft, 5-is athletic or any combination of the above. I wonder if any of the GMs that we tried to peddle this crap to is saying "wow, beas is great, if only the coach (and by association the entire coaching staff and front office) weren't holding this stud back.

So far, it looks like there are very few, if any takers.....GO FIGURE! Maybe half of the people on this blog were right, and he is about useless.

how about "the threesome", because i nearly orgasmed when i found out this was really gonna happen

Starters-chalmers,Wade,barnes,bosh,j.o Neal

Bench-c.arroyo,r.bell,d wright or q rich or both, beasly,Joel Anthony,pittman,butler,varnado,

We use the cap left over to sign NBA veteran at pg who can get player open for a wide open three or alley oop and 7 ft center who could play denfense ,get rebounds and block. Maybe Jo but he need to be more agressive that why barnes will teach he to be more aggressive on defense and fight for rebounds and jump for blocks.I knw JO got that beast still in side of him.Nate Robinson could be our key.we need a solid beat the lakers we need someone who a beast in the bench like odom in laker which is beasly can play sf and pf.haslem and beasly can play at the same time.with Wade or this realistic.?cab it happen?

Just as long as it isn't "3's Company" -- another tv oldy-moldy that media oldy-moldies like 2 reference.

P.S. (: Haywood re-upped with DAL for ridiculous money.

p.p.s. that should smilie should be a frownie :(

What if these 3 guys divide the cap money up equally so they can keep Beasley & Chalmers. That would say a lot about what THEY THINK OF BEASLEY. Screw what other teams may or may not be thinking about mr pure potential . Best case scenario is James,Bosh & Wade. Very best scenario would be Bosh, Wade, James & Yes Beasley. I get vulnerable just thinking about it cause all my DEFENSES are not working. Beasley could at the very least push those guys in practice and on occasion bring them back to earth with a facial. We know he got the talent to make anybody look bad. I can't believe I'm talking about Beasley with all this going on. Curse you Greg.

yeah, i'm down to fill out the wade/bosh roster with the likes of josh howard, ray felton, and udonis. let bron stay in celevland.

jeppee jeff

Know any GMs that are salivating at the chance to get supercool?

Me either.

You think as hard as those three work to stay in great shape, they would split there $$ with a lazy kid like god's son? I think not. "bring them back to earth with a facial?" That's gold, Jerry, gold!

The Heat just upgraded at SF and PF. Boy, I hope supercool gets the freakin' message. I doubt it, with a head filled with hops and bong resin (all due apologies to Tommy Boy). Adios mf!

Boston gets bigger by signing JO to there 5.7 million exception.

For some reason Greg you got a lot of hate for a young kid who hasn't done anything to you. I wish you the best MB. Hope you have a outstanding career. Even if it is some place else.

Not hate, because you are right, he's done nothing to me.

I don't hate him, just have little to no respect for his game and the way he approaches it.

By the same token, I don't adore him, just because he puts on a Heat uniform. I don't think he has potential just because he was drafted high or put up big numbers in his one year in college.

I have nothing against any of the three draft picks the Heat picked up this year. Work your butt off, respect the game, and I'll be alright with you. Beas did none of that, and therefore qualifies as a bust in my book. That's not hate, that's hopin your team's draft picks come into camp as hungry to improve their game as they are to reap their entitlements off the court.

Omg JO went to Boston now we need someone at center real bad hope Riley figures something get a decent center

I stand corrected.

Apparently, according to, "Charlotte is high motivated to acquire Beasley, which would undoubtedly encourage Miami, which has been struggling to find a team willing to gamble on Beasley". But then again, isn't the GM of Charlotte the same 'einstein' who chose Kwame Brown with the first pick? And, how did that turn out? There's a guy who knows talent, right? I think mj deserves supercool, hope he gets him. Now as far as the rest of the GMs, guess they see the same thing as me. Hey, I'ld rather be grouped with the 29 who see the same thing, than the one who is a miserable assesser of talent.

Good riddance to bad rubbish.

Guest you calling Pat a liar cause he said he got maybe 20 calls when rumors got out he was trying to move Beasley. I never heard a player or a coach in Miami that said Beasley didn't work hard. Actually I heard quite the opposite. So what's really happening. Did you lose some money on Kasas state when Beasley played there? Did you try to get his autogragh and got blown off? Let us know cause inquiring minds wanna know. Your disgust for Beasley can't revolve around a youngster smoking pot. That means you would have a problem with just about everyone including presidents. Your love for Haslem probably pushed you in the we hate Beasley corner. Haslem is no longer with us so you can get out of that corner now. All I'm saying is be fair to the young man until he plays out his rookie contract. If he hasn't learn by then or reached his potential on whatever team he is on then fire away. I hope he plays here with LBJ. He would have the best of both worlds........working hard and havig fun doing it....Out of all the cheap labor I see out there,no one will compete with Bosh,Wade & LBJ in pratice better than Beasley. He will get better a whole lot faster playing behind those guys instead of Haslem.You are a true heat fan and I respect your oppinion. When the bandwagoners come on here your words will have more clout then theirs even if I disagree .

I called this a done deal for sure over a month ago. Check on some comments on one of the heat blogs.

EVERYBODY text HEAT if u think Derek Fisher will join the team

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