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Eddie's Back in the (Heat) House

Eddie's back again. No, not Eddie Jones. Been there, done that. And did it again. Eddie House (Knicks)

This time, it's Eddie House's turn for a Heat reunion. House agreed with the Heat Thursday on a two-year deal worth the veterans' minimum. The deal is worth a total of $2.8 million over two seasons, with the second season at House's option.

Agent Mark Bartelstein confirmed the deal just minutes before the start of our weekly Heat chat. As we do every week at this time, I try to answer your Heat questions. Or, at least try to provide an entertaining way to waste your time as we search for the answers.

Here's another sample of the hot questions this week...

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Q: Just read SI "How it all went down," it was more like "How could LBJ do it." I can't understand all this stuff over "The Decision," he made, as if he owed more to the cav's. Since when did a player owe anything to a franchise? As if he can't make up his own mind, he spent 7 yrs. W/ the Cav's getting them further than they have ever been & that's not enough for the doubters. So my question is, what will it take for all the hate to stop, 3-4-5, or 6 championships? Thanks & I love your work.

Answered 07/29/10 14:00:04 by Miami Heat Beat Reporter

A: Appreciate the love. And there's much too much being made of "how it all went down." The bottom line is simple. None of it would have gone down had Bosh not come to Miami first. My thought has always been that once Bosh and Wade were on board, LeBron had the easiest choice. The Heat were going to be fine regardless of what James decided to do.

Q: Not Larry Hughes PLEASE??? Hughes offense cost Cleveland the finals. His ORtg vs. DRtg, playoff Offensive Rating = 8 to 10 points lower. A-I, Iverson if he will take a 7th or 8th man role??? J-Will OR sign Jarvis Varnado, with Bosh, Lebron and Wade all scoring in the paint, we can't have too many shot blockers in the middle can we???

Answered 07/29/10 13:57:44 by Miami Heat Beat Reporter

A: Good, passionate plea from you. That's a real Heat fan.

Q: I agree with your points of the Heat getting a little more younger and athletic in the 'bigs'. Also agree that the last few roster spots should go to younger talent with specific criteria (hitting open jumper being the most important). I believe either Howard or Magloire will be released to make room for a younger, athletic player (maybe even a Kwame Brown or a summer league guy). Secondly, I believe either Hansbrouck or Lucas III (or both) will be on our roster AND might be better fits that either Arroyo or Chalmers in the starting lineup. YOUR THOUGHTS?

Answered 07/29/10 13:57:00 by Miami Heat Beat Reporter

A: Your logic is solid. But I'm willing to wait and see how things develop in camp before making any bold predictions. There's just too much that can happen between now and the end of training camp. I don't think the Heat would have signed these guys just to get rid of them.

Q: Hey brother! I read your forum everyday; I am serving in the US Air Force; so its good to hear good news... I just wanted to know who you think will ultimately be the last two ppl signed for the Miami Heat?... Thanks.

Answered 07/29/10 13:55:32 by Miami Heat Beat Reporter

A: Eddie House is one. The other spot remains up for grabs, which might be the case going into training camp. And thanks for following us.

Q: Hey Mr. Wallace how r things going. I wanted to ask since the Heat need a 3rd point guard, do you think Jon Scheyer could make the team he ran point at Duke and is a willing defender and a great shooter. Do you also think the hard-working De'Sean Butler could make the team. Thank You.

Answered 07/29/10 13:54:42 by Miami Heat Beat Reporter

A: I know the Heat likes Jon. It was a shame his summer league ended with the eye injury. There's a good chance he'll be invited back for training camp. Beyond that, he'd have to beat out some decent vets to earn a spot.

Q: Hey Mr. Wallace, I am not really a fan of Tracy McGrady, but I must sacrifice my personal conflict for the best interest of the Heat, I feel that Mr. McGrady would provide solid points coming off the bench. However, there are also huge questions surrounding his age and ability to stay healthy, that's obvious ever since... But I feel that He would be a tremendous benefit to Heat. As for his age, he's only 31 and can make up for any physical shortcomings with veteran experience... What is your logic behind acquiring T-Mac?? and What's his asking price? Thank you, Mr. Wallace

Answered 07/29/10 13:53:12 by Miami Heat Beat Reporter

A: Well, if his asking price is anything above the veterans' minimum at this point, it's far too rich for the Heat's taste.

Q: who could the heat possibly sign at the point guard position??

Answered 07/29/10 13:52:23 by Miami Heat Beat Reporter

A: There's a good chance Eddie House might be the guy.

Q: Hi Mike , I know the Heat is out of money this summer but ,is there any chance that they could run for Chris Paul via trade by February ?

Answered 07/29/10 13:51:44 by Miami Heat Beat Reporter

A: So who would you give up to do that? Wade, LeBron or Bosh?

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Miami HHR. House Hasbrouck Randolph. But also or not, healthy human resources? Depends.


Ok heat fans Can anyone help me with this, Ive been tryin to remember the heats starting line up during Wades rookie year, I can't remeber who played Center, I think it went like this; Pg- Wade, Sg- e Jones, Pf- Odom, Sf- c Butler, C-?????....i don't know but tha was a pretty decent squad

Good job MW. Glad to have Eddie back in our house. I hope they leave the 15 th spot open so the 15th to the 20th guy in camp will have something to compete for. Pat can't do no wrong. He's in a zone.

Brian Grant was the starting center but I remember Odom and Haslem playing a few minutes at the position. They had Loren Woods and Wang Zhizhi at the end of the bench as the only true centers on the team. Miami went small a lot with Alston, Wade and Jones.

Pretty sure it was Brian Grant at the starting Center position that year.

:) go heat roster taking shape phins looking good marlins n panthers.... Meeeah what to say can't buy a win cause they cheep az hellz!

Thanks. I thought it was B Grant I just couldn't picture him at center, still not a bad squad

The PG position just got more interesting...the truth is the the pressure is again on Chalmers' shoulders with Arroyo and House being two veteran PGs. Sooooo, he better buckle-up! House can play the SG position too, however, with Lebron, Wade, and Miller in the fray...I doubt he'll even get a chance to play the SG position. I think he will be more effective and useful at the PG position.

What do you guys think?

I think we'll see House a lot on late 3rd quaters, Chalmers always gets in foul trouble quick, but with Wade and James also capable of playing the point I don't know, I hope he gets good minutes.

YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! REGULARS BLOGGER?? Who said to sign Eddie House?? MMEEEEEE The big bad Jdoggydoogggg lol!! Btw i still have Eddie House bobblehead from back in the day when he was a youngstaaaa lol hope he wears the same number #5




i'd like JARVIS VARNADO to have the 15th spot on the roster...






pg chalmers / *house(sg) / arroyo

sg wade(pg) / miller,mike(sf) / (pavlovic)

sf lebron(pg/sg)/jones /(varnado or pavlovic)

pf bosh / haslem / juwan howard(c)

c big Z / anthony / pittman / magloire



Gonna cause problems with Haslem trying to tell Bosh and LBJ what to do. Wade and LBJ command the respect that is needed to be co captains. Wade will lead by example and Bron will get more in your face. This is a major part of Bron's game. The only difference is he got teamates that's gonna respond a lil bit better and Wade as a co leader. Haslem is a very loved role player on this team and will follow greatness or should I say support greatness. Wade is my boy but Bron has earned a leadership role on any team he plays on. Co leaders is what gonna make this work.

I agree it's gonna take slot of teamwork to get this done! But you can say that about any team! But the sheer fact that every person on this team has basically settled for less money than their worth shows how commited they are with each other to just win! Not Many sports teams could claim that! Most people take more money then they r actually worth see amare stodimayor or how ever you spell his name I don't think he is worth what he was paid for!

wtf why do we have to pay for this now?

It was Brian grant

Thanks Kaycee...and yea wtf, now we gotta pay more for the app? I knew things like this were gonna start happening, I'm afraid to see the ticket prices when the schedule comes out, mayb parking around the arena will go up to $40 for a game against the sixers... damn supply and demand!!

Good signing, considering Chalmers is horrible he must be third option behind House and Carlos.

I'm glad Lebron decided to join his boy Wade but never forget, THIS IS WADE'S HOUSE.

6.9 power forward brian grand who was undersize did an impressive job defending, as all the good center position was in the west,jamal magloire was the all star center for east with jermain o niel, where udonis haslem 6.8 being solid back up better than wang zhi zhi 7.0 loren wood 7.0 or samaki walker,but traded next with odem for shaq


Bosh takes high road in Sportsnet exclusive (2-part video) response to accusations by Raptors GM


we should of got Shaq and AI damnit.

no way Chalmers and Arroyo are better at the point than House. and House isn't even a PG....crazy how many chances Chalmers gets.

9/11 guy, are you just tossing me a softball so i can disagree with you again?

in other news, the heat seem like they are three-deep at every position now

c - joe-L, big-Z, big cat, pittman
pf - bosh, udonis, juwan
sf - lebron, j.jones, mike miller
sg - d-wade, free eddie house
pg - arroyo, chalmers, hasbrouck

looks like this is our roster heading into the season. probably around the trade deadline riles will trade hasbrouck, chalmers, and/or pittman to a last-place team for a veteran wing player who can be a defensive stopper.

otherwise, take a look at your 2010 miami heat. fifteen strong?

Well, I was a big cheerleader for the "Get Eddie House" campaign, so I'm happy with that move. Seems like the roster is definitely full now. I wonder if further moves await (like at the trade deadline)? Riley usually makes a move in September, but things actually look pretty finished right now.

Team captains have to be Wade, LeBrona and Bosh. Maybe Haslem too, just for senority's sake. That's a lot of captains, but the Heat had 3 or 4 captains during Shaq's first year, iirc.

Oops -- that was supposed to be "Lebron", not LeBrona (though that *would* be a funny nickname if I though LeBron was somehow unmanly -- which I DON'T). Seems like everyone is pilling on LeBron enough these days (Ahrmadi Kharzi or whatever his name is from ESPN?!!).

Its not the Heat thats doing the charging.... It's the miami herald....They did the samething with the Dolphins blog and they are probably going to do it to the Marlins and Panthers blogs also. The newpapers are loosing money cause more people are getting their news online! Eventually one of these days they will start charging you to view online materials!


TGIF: Live Love Leblon. The Leblon James cocktail coming to a bar near U. Or not.


Did that 1 poster just say that Haslem should still be a Captain over Lebron? lol! Pat Riley was not trying to create a media circus with A.I. and especially Shaq who sold us out and burnt his bridges when he left and who will disrupt the flow of any teams offense because he will want his touches down low. Dont have time for that...

These are the two options for this FIRST season... either you make the Big Three Tri-captains, or you make Haslem the lone captain.

I don't see Lebron and Wade being co-captains, simply because it will be a snub to Bosh.

Haslem for captain... He is the heart and soul of this team! Always has been from the day he was drafted here! You don't have to be the best player on the team to be the captain! Just the motivational leader! Which he has!

a couple a things i would like to point out... 1. wade and bron should be the captains... 2. house is and will help this season... 3 vanordo should be on the roster... 4. big cat and howard will help in some way this season... 5. i would have brought in josh howard for what he signed but thats me...i like miller but butler and howard would have worked to me... 6. keep pittman in the gym and he a still in the second round... 7. wade, main man, you got your boys now, go get it.... one... 7...

eddie house was getting a lot of love on this blog before he signed (myself included). i wonder how long it will take for the fans to turn on him. anyone think he can break jermaine o'neal's record of two weeks?

Mike Miller n House in 3pt shootout this year?

And I agree Bron and Wade HAVE to and WILL be team captains. Best players have to take that responsibility.

Nba 2k11 comes out Oct 3 I'll woop on any of u scumbags in this blog for PS3.. Of course since I used the Heat in their bad times I will use them in their good times lol

wow didnt even think of the basketball games... what will our overall rating be 97% cause if it was only a 3 person team on the court at once it would be 100% overall ranking!!!

The Quitter Wont Captain. He Cant Take The Pressure

True heat fans were there to cheer Dwade on even when the team went 15-67. I can't wait for this seaon to start. I agree this is still Dwyane's team. He and Haslem should share the captain role... not to mention Lebron and Bosh have not done anything for this team yet to earn the role of captain. Can you picture it? fast break points, threes, in the paint points, free throws, blocks, steals, name a stat that will not go up for this team come november? Who else thinks this team can win 72+?? AND we now have a bench that can start and put up decent numbers against half the teams in the league... great offseason. Pat Riley is the man. I dont think he would snub Spo like that, he has a lot of respect for Spo.

Ha! You should feel sorry for yourself for hating on someone who excels at something you cant even dream of. -_- Shame on you

Ok, So I was right about getting Eddie House. So how about we get Kwame Brown? He is a big body and while he hasn't live up to his draft stock he can still help this team. That is why Boston wants him over Shaq, Heat must be thinking the same.

Let me try to understand this. LBJ leaves his team of 7 years where he was the man. Takes a beating from the press about going to a team where he won't be the man. Now he has to follow the lead of UD. I love UD but I think even he will tell you that LBJ and Wade is the ones who gonna lead them to the promise land. Bosh will tell you that every thing starts with those 2 players. All the other players in the league will fear our leaders. The rest of our team will feed off of what our leaders are saying and doing on the court. Our opponents will react badly to what our leaders are saying and doing on the court. Especially when that 2 headed monster comes up with a system that allows them to do something else other than what they are communicating on the court. Its called improvising. Having the ability to do something amazing even if you got to go outside the game plan. There is only 2 players on this team and a handfull in the league that has this gift and they are all called leaders. Great coaches will tell them that was not in the play book but it will be tommorrow.

^ Same thing I said but some of these guys feel bad for the way they treated Haslem when they wanted Beasley to play more lol Good thing that bum is out of here but our 2 leaders are Wade & Bron.

I Usually Dont Care For What Ifs But... What If Heat Had Derrick Rose Instead Of Beasley... What Would Be The Case Now

this looks like the roster... center; anthony, big z, pittman, big cat, power forward; bosh, ud, juwan, varnodo small foward; bron, miller, jones shooting g; wade point g; charlmers, house, arroyyo now i would add; shannon brown, trade for delonte west, hey give them draft picks...

better yet shannon brown, kwame brown... put them both in the gym and they could help this team...

Yes But If We Do Dat Then We Will Need To Get More Players Thats The Point

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