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Another Hindsight Hack Job

Chris Bosh repeatedly made it a point during his transition to the Miami Heat to publicly thank fans, former Bosh-suit teammates and executives on his way out of Toronto.

Although it had long been clear that Bosh was the most likely of the major free agents to jump ship and leave his franchise, there at least seemed to be a willingness from Bosh and the Raptors front office to work together on a divorce that would satisfy the needs of both sides.

Still, all along, there seemed to be a disconnect between what was said publicly between Bosh and Raptors GM Bryan Colangelo and what actually was felt behind closed doors.

Apparently, those doors have blown open now. And if Bosh and LeBron James share anything in common beyond their move to the Heat and the championship aspirations and criticism that came with it, it's the backlash from the front-offices of their former teams.

The Toronto Sun reported in Tuesday's editions some rather scathing comments from Colangelo, who headed down a similar path Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert took in questioning LeBron's competitiveness at the end of the season.

According to quotes taken from Colangelo's interview with a local sports talk show, the Sun reported that Colangelo not only took slightly-veiled shots at Bosh's recovery from injuries, but also his desire to mesh with the pieces the Raptors tried to place around him in recent years.

Bosh had been dealing with a number of nagging injuries over the second half of the season.

"Despite limited swelling and any excessive damage on an MRI, he felt like he needed to sit for six more games ... I’m not even questioning Chris’ injury. I’m telling you he was cleared to play subject to tolerance on his part, and the tolerance just apparently wasn’t there and he chose not to play,” Colangelo said.

“The fact that our season was spiraling downward and we were hoping he’d come back sooner and we were also dealing with a few other things at that point ... we were really struggling there.”

At that point, the Raptors were in the midst of tumbling from fifth place in the Eastern Conference playoff  race to completely out of the postseason picture. Bosh also sustained a facial fracture in the final days of the regular season that knocked him out of the remaining games.

“Whether he was mentally checked out or just wasn’t quite into it down the stretch, he wasn’t the same guy. I think everybody saw that, but no one wanted to acknowledge it,” Colangelo said.

Now, apparently, no one is willing to hold back.

“I never felt we were quite in the game (in terms of signing Bosh to a new contract). There was too much out there, too much built up for him to take an easy out here, and he decided to do that.”

If the comments are reported accurately, it's safe to say that Colangelo didn't quite go Gilbert in torching Bosh after he bolted for Miami. But Colangelo also didn't stray to far from that territory.

Bosh-Heat Repeatedly lost in all of this is the fact that Bosh, James and Wade had every right as free agents to do what they did. Still, the criticism and questioning of their character was inevitable.

Having said that, I'm not sure Bosh can be blamed for Hedo Turkoglu flaming out the moment he arrived in Toronto. And you'd have a hard time naming any other player on that roster who would clearly start on any teams that made the playoffs in the East last season.

On the flip side, I've always felt Toronto gets a bad rap from star players who seem to despise going there or playing there for any length of time. The crowd support is great, the passion for basketball is respectable and Colangelo has been daring and aggressive in trying to make things work there.

But now, there's only more fuel for the Heat's fire. As if the team didn't generate enough already with its controversially successful offseason.

If Colangelo feels that Bosh never really gave the Raptors a chance in his free agency, and didn't do enough to salvage the season down the stretch, he's got the insight and right to justify his case.

But it's also difficult to challenge Bosh on some level, considering he did push through some of those injuries and still put together a career season in his final one with the Raptors. He never publicly demanded a trade, never openly ripped his teammates and I can't remember him bashing the coaching staff or any of Colangelo's decisions that didn't necessarily work out.

Bosh quietly chose to walk away when he had the option to do so.

Apparently, that silent treatment was deafening to some in Toronto.

And now, Colangelo is speaking up for the other franchise, the other city scorned in this Heat coup.

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is rondo a hack job

Nothing Colangelo said was actually new. An article in the Toronto Star a couple of weeks after the all star break insinuated almost everything in this article. A large number of fans were convinced Bosh was not the same - aside from his injury - after the break.
Everyone appreciates Bosh and his class during his time in Toronto - they just felt strung along by the juvenile tweeting that was below the standard Bosh had displayed at every point in his career up until the all star break.
The problem is not that LeBron and Bosh left - it was their right to do so - it is all in the manner they did it.

Hanging in the rafters at our arena are six great Cavaliers: Austin Carr-Bingo Smith-Nate Thurmond-Mark Price-Brad Daugherty-Larry Nance but indisputadly the great player (LeBron James)who left in a manner designed to inflict the the most emotional pain on the fans and who did the most harm to the franchise, his number will never be displayed. James simply does not belong with men who took pride in the jersey and played to honor the city and its fans. What goes around will come around and the Miami Heat will soon see that James is for himself not for the Heat of their fans. A cav fan.

An e-mail from a man from a Cleveland suburb to a Cleveland sports writer, who was at a Starbucks, was waiting for his parents (his mom just had replacement knee surgery)when he noticed this tall gentleman sitting by the door who he recognized as Larry Nance former Cavalier. All of the sudden Nance jumped up and held the door open as the mans parents came ino the store. The man went up to Nance and said he wanted to shake the hand of a true Cleveland Cavalier. Larry Nance's simple ac t of kindness is more important than winning championships in order to measure the character of a person. While there may be bigger more exciting cities in this nation, greater Cleveland, Akron, Canton are big enough to have everything, yet small enough to keep us normal.

Cleveland fans and Toronto fans on this message board now?

And the Larry Nance puff piece is kind of ridiculous. My next door neighbor lent me sugar. Great man.

Easy John

One of your retired jerseys is Nate Thurmond, barely played 2 seasons with the Cavs, about 100 games. He wasn't an all-star when he was there, or an NBA first/second teamer.

Care to compare his stats with Lebron's?

Lebron played 7 years with the Cavs and was a "FREE" agent, after that. He didn't break any rules by chosing to leave the Cavs, if was his right, which he earned.

Larry Nance is a gentleman, no doubt, as well as Mark Price.

Let's leave the 'play for the city' BS alone. These athletes are playing a game for a lot of $$$. They don't owe their entire career to ONE city, even if they were born near their place of employment.

Remember the uproar when MJ bolted Chi-town (coming out of retirement for the SECOND time) to play in, gulp, DC? No, I don't remember that either. How about when Barkley went to Phoenix to improve his chances of winning a title, remember that uproar? Me neither.

Riley had a vision, and made it come true. Your GM could have had that same basketball savvy, but didn't. Heat win - Cavs lose.

^ You are a hater just like the like all Cavs fans. Lebron is from Akron Ohio not Cleveland Ohio so he doesn't even owe you that, get off his nuts. Is like Orlando telling Haslem he MUST play for the magic because he is from Florida! The way you guys acting to Lebron's decision will force the NBA to move the Cavs to Vegas lol


Heat signs forward Shavlik Randolph to a deal for the veteran's minimum. Randolph brings Heat roster to 14, 1 spot left. 16 minutes ago via web

This is fuckkking bullshit!!! that guy blows!

Good stuff Wallace.

And with that in mind, Bryan's Song? Ow Canada! The problem with Colangelo v. Bosh

also KD confused ; and Blue-White Scrimmage (complete game video) for addicts suffering NBA withdrawal


Bosh quietly walked away? Sure, twittering like a school-girl.

Ouch, this is poor. You are quoting someone else's quotes of a third party interview. That makes it 3rd hand news -- why not get your quotes from the interview directly. Then you'd know that Colangelo came back to the "cleared to play subject to patient pain levels" comment and backtracked enough to respect Bosh's decision not to play. He also pointed out Hedo as not playing his best basketball. AND he complimented Riley on doing it right. The interview was not a sycophantic endorsement, but not vitriol and sour grapes, either. Just a surprisingly frank, matter-of-fact assessment from a guy who would have preferred to have got a better result, but didn't and is moving on. The interview is at for anyone with 3 minutes to listen.

To say that it was similar to Dan Gilbert's open letter is like saying Saying Kwame Brown's contribution to the NBA is like Shaq's. Silly.

And as for making a point of thanking the fans and the organization, go look at his ESPN interview when he announced he was going to Miami. He didn't thank or mention Toronto once. a number of outlets made a point of reporting on it (whatever sells papers...) and he hastily started the thank-yous.
I'm a Raptor fan; I don't blame him for leaving and I hold him no ill will. When they come to town, I hope Toronto wins because it is fun when your team wins. I won't boo him unless he acts like an arse (which I doubt he will).
Toronto isn't as good as it was last year, but we've got to move on.

Toronto was good last year? lmaooo thats news to me haha

How about you accept that Toronto is and was never that good and move on? lmao

"Bosh quietly chose to walk away when he had the option to do so"
Well, Bosh didn't walk away quietly. Did you see the recent interview with bosh in Miami? He said he has to make up for 7 lost years. That's pretyt much taking shot at the Raptors management. So both sides have stated their case. It was not just BC venting his frustration. Bosh lost 7 years in Toronto and Raptors lost 7 years thinking Bosh was a franchise player!

You were lucky to have Bosh for 7 years just we're lucky to have him now. All I know is the Miami Heat is 10 times the franchise that the Cavs / Raptors are. If Coangelo and Guilbert were half the man Riley was, they would've had the foresight to plan for this. I don't remember Pat Riley bashing Shaq for leaving or the way he left, which was less than honorable bashing his teamates/trainers on his way out. Pat and Arison didn't say anything but good things about Shaq and stayed classy.

True, the raps weren't great, but they were decent for 3 months and better than Miami at the all-star break (29-23 to 27-26). Not that midway really matters as Miami made to the play-offs and TO didn't, so full credit to Wade.

@jdog - Toronto was unsuccessful at building around Bosh - time to move on and rebuild. There is no use spinning your wheels - trying to squeak into the playoffs - lose in round 1 - miss out on a better draft position and remain in mediocrity.

Most believe Bosh always gave 100% - the first time anyone questioned his determination to win only happened after the all star break. I am not for a second suggesting he should have played through a serious injury - when he came back and did play, his mind seemed elsewhere. If Miami gets the Bosh we have seen in the past few seasons - the Bosh that plays well in the first half of the season - you will be happy.

You have to also understand - in Toronto, we had a far better team in the early part of the decade with Carter, Oakley, etc. Carter ended his time up here by quitting on the team - Bosh was somewhat the anti-Carter - always gave 100% - the impression now to some is he has exited with the same effort level as Carter.

And most are coming to believe that this whole scenario was determined years before. If Toronto won 60 games last season - would Bosh have had stayed? Until recently, most would have thought the answer would be yes. How did that turn out in Cleveland?

You sound like a crybaby, focus on your own team and what they are doing to make something watchable for you. Lets see how many games they win next year without the King. I really don't care what Lebron does as long as he helps us win ballgames just like he did for you. For loyalty we have guys like Wade and UD. Its going to be a fun few years to watch. Don't worry, we'll have a Lebron #6 hanging from the rafters at the AAA along with 6-7-8 championship banners...suck it!

That was for John Shower not Jorge.

I know this is "your opinion" but it's a little one sided. You forget to mention the article the other day:

Bosh may have thanked them at first but then insults them through that article. If he gets to tell his real feelings, then why can't Toronto's GM?

USA is the asshole of the planet earth! Bring it on you dumb cunts!

WTF is up with all this canadian bacon???? There must be a link from some Raptors story in Toronto...

reality check Canada...NO ALL STAR WANTS TO PLAY IN TORONTO!!

D dynamic of NBA is getting transformed. Players (stars players) not necessarily want to be d superman of d team. Now they prefer to enjoy with other friends all-stars n WIN. That was d feeling they got from playing together @ d Dreamteam, remember? Nothing wrong with that, it's actually make NBA more interesting.

If the USA is the a$$hole, canada is the Pu$$y of the world. Dumb cunts??? you lint licker...i can't wait till the heat drops a huge dong in you poooooossseeeeeess

@HEATUP - prove your point and get quotes from players that all-stars do not wish to play in Toronto. Bosh signed there, Carter did - in the end they did not stay and chose to play elsewhere. No problem getting all-stars in baseball to come up either - WInfield, Molitor, Clemens, etc. Players will go where they are paid well and have a chance at winning.
What are you going to say next - 'all-stars do not want to play in New York or Chicago'? They lost the sweepstakes as well.
I sincerely hope you enjoy your team and hope the right pieces get placed around these guys, and they stay healthy in the meantime. SHould be fun to watch.

Where is Jesse Jackson when you need him?

Bosh has been ripping Toronto since he left, maybe not directly or on purpose, but just the same. Colangelo's obviously irate at that. This is a clear cause and effect. To think that Colangelo isn't reacting to something, isn't being provoked by Bosh's behavior, is to not be aware of the whole story. Colangelo's been in this business for years and has maintained solid relationships/breakups throughout- see Turkoglu this summer! Colangelo is nothing if not a strong, confident, keep it behind closed doors personality. I think Bosh is to blame here. I think he'll realize once he gets a little older than 26. By then it'll be too late. I applaud Colangelo for at least defending himself after Bosh poured gas on the fire.

Quietly... who the hell are you trying to kid here? Never heard of twitter??

Is this writer obligated to defend Bosh Just because he writes for a Miami paper. Colangelo just stated a fact. He was cleared by doctors to play but choose not to. We all know what Duane Wade would have done in that situation.

To compare measured comment on a sports talk show with what Dan Gilbert did is just silly. Colangelo hinted at the same thing in his year end press conference so I guess the hindsight thing is a little off also.

It was obvious to anyone that followed the Raptors that Bosh did not give the same effort after the all star break. I guess it would be too much to expect a writer for the Miami Hearld to know this and to take a look at Bosh's wasted 7 years comments before writing this nonsense.

When I asked Lebron for a cup of sugar he said "sure", reached into his sugar bowl and then threw the sugar right into my eyes. As I stumbled around blindly, he kicked me in the groin and pulled my shorts down before throwing me out the door. I got him back later though when I introduced Delonte to his mom.

I really hope that Chris Bosh and the Miami Heat have a good time. He's a perfect #3 guy in Miami. That's what he was in toronto, except that we never had a #1 or #2. He's a follower, a decent scorer who doesn't get physical, settles for 15 footers and leaves offensive rebounding for other people. I hope that Miami has a big man because Chris Bosh isn't that man. Other than that, we'll miss his little funny videos and his girly tweets. I wish that whoever made that crude, anti-USA crack, awhile back, would mind their manners

"But it's also difficult to challenge Bosh on some level, considering he did push through some of those injuries and still put together a career season in his final one with the Raptors."
That is the problem , it was some of the injuries , not the one at the end when it counted and he was given clearance to play.

He never publicly demanded a trade, never openly ripped his teammates and I can't remember him bashing the coaching staff or any of Colangelo's decisions that didn't necessarily work out.

"They know who I play for now," Bosh said. They know my teammates." Where did I see this article , oh yes it was the Miami Herald.

It's funny Colangelo also praised Pat Riley and the Heat organization for signing the big 3 in that same interview, but I guess a few people have selective hearing...

Bryan Colangelo pretty much has been saying for months now that someone got into Chris' ear during the All Star Break... this is when Chris was on the team.

Why would Miami try and defend their new star when everyone in the NBA knows that Pat Riley asked D.Wade to talk to Chris Bosh and Lebron James, in the end it doesn't matter - Good Luck to the Miami Heat (Boston, Orlando and Los Angeles say hello, they have yet to beat these teams in the playoffs). As for the Toronto Raptors, the fans have moved on, we understand our team will take a few years before we can contend with the big dogs, but the youth on this team will make it fun to watch.

So it's OK for Bosh to pre-plan his exit to Miami at the All-star game, quit on the team paying him $15 million and then proceed to trash Toronto ("Toronto smells different, I have seven years to make up, I'm a wolf in a cage", etc.).

But when Colangelo finally responds to provide the other side of the story, there is a problem with that?

Hey Miami, good luck with Chris Bosh, the wannabe superstar.

Best thing to happen to the Raptors was for Bosh to leave town

HAHAAHAHAHAAHAHA! LMAO @ Toronto and Cleaveland and their sorry, crying, pathetic excuse for fans. Coming to the Heat blog to piss and moan. The Raptors and Cavs are nothing, they are irrelevant garbage. MIAMI HEAT DYNASTY!! YEAHHH BABYYYY! So sweet... Suck on that Cavs/Raps.

And you Laker fans, we can feel you shaking, enjoy that trophy, it will be your last.

Lol. Quitter comment is funny

Satan is a myth

Made up by ancient governing bodies to keep the people in line

Relevance comes and goes

Pothead left Toronto. Quitter left Cleveland. Heat bandwagon filling up. Just like pro player stadium. Lol. Great sports town

I am quitness

What did they expect? Really

Just wait until you find out what kind of guy RuPaul really is. He has never ever embraced any of his teamates as pals, never taken accountability for anything, and was merely padding his stats on his way to this Miami team. You fail to mention that his girly tweeting and interviews after the season said he would not accept not being the MAN. Yet he accepted being LeDouche's and Wade's bitch.
He is now paired with another egotistical millionare who thinks his brand is more famous that Ferrari. LeDouche gave up on his team and city, and proved he is about as much a leader as RuPaul Bosh. He could not take a 60 win regular season team anywhere TWICE. He will never be half the player of Kobe so good luck to you all in Miami. The only guy I feel for is Wade who is the only true great player here. Too bad his knees and RuPaul's knees will not last. Have fun trying to win titles with an aterisk next to them!!!

So you expect a guy to give 110% even when he knows there is no way in hell his team was good enough to compete. Bosh knew it didn't matter how much he tried, he knew he would fail. Same goes for Lebron.

You were fighting tooth and nail for any of the triple headed monster we have in Miami.
Now, you are all just whining because YOU LOST..
The only ones to blame are your front offices and cities that were jilted.
Now go ahead and join "losers anonymous" and leave us alone!
See you at the Heat's championship PARADES!

Rupaul. Lol. Yes fight to the death if you're a man. Roll over and quit if you're a beeotch

Bosh is a supremely gifted scorer, much, much quicker than most PFs in the league, and able to score at will when not double teamed. When double teamed he quickly becomes confused and turnover prone. He is terrible defensively, probably because he is underweight and is easily pushed around. Paul Pierce and Garnett (for example) absolutely destroyed him all last season. I think Miami will find that teams will use a lot of zone to force LeBron and Wade into an outside shooting game, and push the ball low on offense where Bosh will be easily exploited. Don't count your rings yet boys, I don't think you can win with 2 1/2 men.

its so funny how people bash canada... but think about it?? canadian economy is way better. standard of living is way better. everything is way better. and recently an american magazine names toronto as the hippest place in north america... by the way theres job in canada unlike south of the border.

Quite frankly I would have left if I was Bosh too. However, that doesn't mean that I can't stop hoping that he tears up his knee on the first tip of the season!! Then LeBron tries to help pick him up and pulls his back out. Then D-Wade trips over both of them and breaks his kneck. Then Pat Riley has a heart attack. Then Dan Lebelard eats another dozen hot dogs.

Let's go Cuse!!

Bosh was a class act. I have no problem with him leaving, no problem with him being distracted after the all-star game, no problem with him enjoying his new place in Miami. The Toronto bashing that he has partaken in lately has been disappointing. I always thought he was above that.

Colangelo would never have had his say if Bosh hadn't started with the ,"I have seven years to make up for," garbage. Colangelo was simply doing damage control.

Cavs fans - I studied one semester of college in Cleaveland. No wonder LeBron left! Who willingly lives in Cleaveland? I don't blame them for hating King James, he gave those poor losers some hope and they don't even deserve that. Hey Cavs it ain't so bad, your owner promised you a championship soon. LMAO! How does it feel to be a WITNESS! HAHAHA

Raptor fans - Toronto has NBA fans? Who knew? I thought they disbanded those clowns when Vince Carter left. I mean the Raps suck so much Zo wouldn't even think of playing for them when he got traded there. You know what he did? He spit on them and took $9 million just to NOT play there. LMAO! Don't worry Raptor fans, at least you made the playoffs last year, oh wait, my mistake you didn't. HAHA! Toronto = Timberwolves of the north

Yeah I know, and then the river caught fire. Kill any German tourists lately?

whats up with miami heat fans??? wade=15m,lebron=15m, bosh=15m.... the rest of miami=minimum wage.. poverty line i guess... that kinda suck EH??? LMAO... thats for the fans by the way....

It's like def comedy jam up in here today. Chris Bosh stats for las year were 24pts,10.8 RBs,80pct at the line & 52pct shooting. Stats year were 24pts,10.8 RBs,80pct at the line & 52pct shooting. Stats ike that make you a quiter huh. You can quit in Miami like that al day you ask me.Not regonizing LBJ is even more funny. Maybe y'al can leave the spot MT where you would have hanged his banner if he would have stayed. It can be right next to the empty space where no championship banners are hanging. The only thing more pathetic than these cry baby fans is playing in Cananda and the only thing more pathetic than that is playing in Cleveland.We M I A ns gonna ride these so called quiters to multiple championships We gonna laugh at all the haters while we doing it. That was a Def Jam by LEBRADENBOSH.

What many Miami fans don't seem to realize about Bosh is that the entire Toronto offense was designed to get him the ball in the low post. He had far more touches than anyone else on the team and therefore scored plenty. He will not have anywhere near those numbers in Miami, but his D will still be terrible. I honestly think Miami is the stooge in this deal paying the guy max dollars. It is highly unlikely that Colangelo would have signed Bosh for the max., all that was just a smokescreen to try to maximize his trade value.

first of all, let me say that it is great to have all you raptors and cavs fans here on our blog to cry about your departed superstars. i would do the same thing on a cavs or raptors blog, except i don't care about your crappy teams.

secondly, let me educate you about the miami heat for a minute. this team has been a class act since riley arrived. he built a championship contender with zo and timmy. he rebuilt with odom/butler/wade. he brought zo back as part of the championship team. and after he booted shaq, he spent the past two years planning this wade/lebron/bosh team. and now he brought back the scrappy players like udonis, joe-L, and arroyo to fill out the roster.

so let me finish by saying that i hope you raptors/cavs fans continue to come here and whine. maybe you'll learn what a real nba franchise should look like. and if you decide to become heat fans, there is still some room in the joe-L anthony fan club for a few more members.

"LMAO! Don't worry Raptor fans, at least you made the playoffs last year, oh wait, my mistake you didn't. HAHA! Toronto = Timberwolves of the north"

Good one "SATANLOVES". Obviously, it's a testament to how dumb you really are. If you look at a map you'll notice that the Timberwolves actually play in a city that is farther north than Toronto. Oh, for the record that city is actually case you were thinking Minnesota is actually a Thanks for the comment though, gave me a good laugh for sure! Have fun on that bandwagon this season, and make sure to celebrate when your team wins their phony rings!

Miami blows nice fans el heato bunch of lames good luck with the lakers bosh will have to become a man Gasol and bynum will crush him bosh with a jump shot bosh with a jump shot bosh with a jump shot bosh with another jump shot I guess the lakers have to much size lets go sniff some yay boyz and chill with officer ricky ross ps i have a tan and im reppin t. heater flames

Miami is a dirt hole for prostitution and cocaine. RIley is a greasy backstabbing GM. Rourke the owner should stick to trailers. ANd now you've got the big three in Miami. MIami is so great.

Raptors suck! Like I said they always have, you guys telling me they "chose" not to make playoffs to not remain mediocrity is BS! LOL!! you guys are worst than Dan Gilbert saying the Cavs winning a ring before Bron lol

I Can't wait for the season to start. Bosh got people watching his back. We not 15 strong no more. We atleast 2 1/2 mil + 15 strong now. Screw the rest of y'all haters. We will kick your vocals to sleep while shutting you up when the season starts. Right now y'all LOSER ARE AMUSERS.

Let's see Toronto got two first round draft choices, a $14 million trade exception, and does not have to pay Bosh a max contract for six years (dodged that bullet). Miami gets the half man, Chris the "Drama Queen" Bosh. LeBron and Wade are clearly the real thing, Bosh is a con man, and you will soon find that out in Miami when the season starts. Still Wade and LeBron good enough to win 50 games by themselves.

Heat fans are funny. What they don't know is we have the best kept secret in the NBA, guido looking soft as hell jump shooting Bargani! Also better than any NBA team Canada has a low crime rate (so what if nothing happens here?). We also have our own type of currency. Who needs hot sexy women in South Beach when you can have endless cold winters. Also our hockey is top notch. In fact Heat should be thanking Canada for Joel Anthony and Jamal Magloire, we produce real big men, unlike Bosh who is nothing. We will probably have to erase our franchise books as he owns all the records. We used to boo Vince Carter but now we have someone we can hate as much. Yeah our GM is so good it was a master plan to sign Turk for so much money. Hey at least we got some draft picks back in the sign and trade, that way every year when we are in the lottery we can remember the Heat. Yeah getting Shaw Marion from them with Marcus Banks was pure genius. That move allowed Jermaine Oneal's salary to expire and gave room to sign Bosh, so we really focked ourselves. But no matter, we are Raptor fans and we are coming here to attack you, to cry, to continue to suffer in shame. GO RAPS!

If its so great over there than why the hell are you over here on this blog.............LOSER!

Predictions for the East:

1 Miami
2 Boston
3 Orlando
4 Chicago
5 Atlanta
6 Milwaukee
7 Charlotte
8 Toronto

Why so many sad sorry loser cav & raptor fans poluting our websites?

I love the jackass with the Larry Nance story. Get over it! Your team and your city sucks and nobody wants to player there. the owner needs to take a look in the mirror and take some resonsibility for losing the best thing that ever happened to the Cav organization. there unwillingness to part with guys like Varajou and Hickson in exchange for Stoudimire or Bosh during last season is all they need to looke at. Jamison is not a great player on a contending team. we already saw that when he was in Dallas and Antoine Walker started over him.

Raptor fan, just get a life seriously. You are so pathetic it isn't even worth ripping you.

Who asked Shaq to come to Cleveland and yet he did not quit on his team. Miami has 2 quiters on their team right now.

There isn't one allstar caliber player on the Cavs or Raps right now.

That Raps best player Barniani looks like they have to wake him up 5 min befor the game starts because he has a hangover. Talk about Soft, he is the softest Big in the NBA.

Cavs best player Mo Williams is pretty good but disappears in the playoffs although he was better this year. Parker, Moon, West, Hickson all in the rotation; Fat Shaq starting means you are not very good.

these three guys all have help now and they will prove it on the court that the crappy teams they came from were the problem not them.

When we up by 20+ on your scrub azz team, you gonna wish we were quiters.....Gonna hope we quit wipping on that azz.

Hey DDuck, have you ever been to any other cities besides yours? Why do other cities suck? is it the low crime rates? maybe the clean air? or how about average family incomes 10 times your city? or how about better educated kids? no it must be zero poverty then....if thats your definition of a city that sucks, your mom raised you well

BRING IT RAPTORS/CAVS FANS!!! Crybaby fggots...we raped and pillaged both cities, banged all your chicks, drank all your of all we'll be back to see you soon so we can destroy your team on the court with your ex-players...ironic that you dig your own graves and our team more and more bulletin board material. I'm talking scorched earth mutherfkkers...its gonna be ugly!!! dale putas

@robguy...wake up my little hooker, Bosh n Carter were drafted by the Raptors u fkin idiot, they had to sign there.

Canadians are dumber than i thought...I was feeling bad for you guys, now you can lick cat turds!

Quit your whining Clevland and Toronto fan..just get used to the fact that the team you choose to follow will never ever be an NBA champion in the near or the far far far future. Now since yall burned down your number 23 Cleveland Cavs jersey its time to follow a better team (the Miami Heat) and buy a new Lebron James #6 Heat Jersey ..just go to and replace all your losers Cavs gear and Raptors gears. Drop your zeros and be with the NBA's hottest heros.

WOW REALLY?? so now we have cavs/raptors fans on this blog? So you're so bored in your city and with your current sports teams you even bothered gettin a HEAT app for your phone? That shows how much you envy us, you're intrigued by us, you still can't believe we did it, you wish it was you....oh well, welcome all non heatfans and stay around it's gonna b an interesting season

question for the REAL heat fans:

i've been thinking about this for the past couple days. if lebron is wearing #6, does that mean eddie jones will never have his number in the rafters?


SATANLOVES it feels weird to agree with you. but your last post was spot on. and spo is my biggest concern heading into the new season. now stop me before i agree with the 9/11 guy

c'mon now ebag, you know you love me! at least we can agree we gotz the best team in basketball.

funny we are hating eachother, Toronto and Miami, Canada and the U.S.. that's just ridiculous.

for those that don't know, Canada is absolutely beautiful. British Columbia and the west coast of Canada has some of the most beautiful landscape of anywhere in the world. best snowboarding as well. Canadians are super cool, laid back, will look you in the eye and most will do anything for you.

secret about Canadians, they have been fed American TV for many years now. a big part of their culture is derived from one their brother to the south is doing. both countries are great. more people live in California than Canada, yet Canada is bigger than the U.S.. life is to short to hate my friends, we are happy to have Canada as our friend...

and thanks for Bosh to!

Bynum playing with one leg in the playoffs. Kobe playing injured all year. finger, ankle and a bum knee that ended up having to be drained in the playoffs. Champions play hurt. I said it before and I will say it again. Bosh is not deserving of the "big three" name. Miami has a big "2.5"

i thought udonis was the 3rd member of the "big three"

No need to wish the Miami Heat luck.... LOL!

Good luck to the teams that are playing the Miami Heat. I think they will need it much more!

Bosh being soft. LeBron having an ego.

Who the hell cares? Those 3 players on a starting 5 are HEADS ABOVE any other 3 on any starting 5 including the Lakers.

Wade vs. Kobe
Lebron vs. Odom
Bosh vs. Gusol

And then you put Mike Miller in the mix!?

Are you kidding me? Lebron will SMOKE Odom! Wade & Lebron together will be a NIGHTMARE for any defense. Most teams would have their hands full with BIG THREE Mike Miller will be pretty much ungaurded and he is money with hands in his face. I cant wait to see what his 3 point % will be.....

Anyone that has paid attention to Miami's signings will see that they have went really BIG. 4 Power Forwards & 4 Centers. This will put them right up with the top teams which all have bigs as well.

Anyways keep the luck for your squads! Miami does not need it at all!

See you in 3 months!

How can anyone bash Canada. They're such nice people for the most part. I've only met a handul of jerks from Canada in my years of working with tourists and the public. Actually the worst ones are the ones that become American residents/citizens. Hmmm. BTW, why do these owners and GMs who are supposed to be professional, highly respected, representatives of multi-million dollar franchises behaving like some high school girls. Lebron never bashed Cleveland, nor did Bosh bash(nickname for his dunks) Toronto. Things may not have ended perfectly but they exercised their rights as free agents. Bryan and Dan are acting like Miami took their Homecoming dates and now they have to make the dates seem like they weren't that great anyway. SOUR GRAPES! GET OVER IT!!

Why is this news? NEXT!!!!!

In Canada there are more Europeans and Asians, and fewer blacks and hispanics. So of course Canada 'smells' different as Bosh noted. I've been to Mexico and parts of Africa and the same could be said about those places.

To heatup,those three haven't won a single game and you have them winning 6-7 rings.the only way they'll ever get 6-7 rings is if they BUY the rings from players that won previously and blew all their money after they left basketball.

Rap fans and Cav fans, don't hate, participate.

Instead of hating Heat nation, join it. We'll welcome you because its always love in the MIA.

Run with us or run from us!

-Rick Ross

@aaaaaaaaaron...its comming and there's nothing you or anyone else can do about it. Why are you even on this MIAMI HEAT blog and why is everyone saying Lebron is taking the easy way out?? I know why, you're scared just like the rest of them. With the two best players in the league, it's gonna be raining rings in Miami. Its a wrap...and the raptors are a wrap, they will NEVER be relevant...they should just remove that team from the NBA. Hey maybe the WNBA has room for your bitcha$$es.

By the way, with or without the big 3 Miami is still 10 times better than whatever shithole you live in...that backstabbing GM just pulled the biggest free agent coup in the history of the NBA, so yea, you could just call Pat Riley THE BEST.

Maybe the Cavs should bring back Craig Ehlo so Bron could hit the game winner over him.

Naaa that game would never be that close. I think we could beat the Cavs by 30pts on average.

I was always pleased by how Nosh was respectful of his teammates, always professed to love Toronto, yada, yada, yada. I'm not sure if his comments were precipitated by Colangelo's words, but saying that "Toronto just seemed different; it smelled different....."

Gimme a flippin' break, Chris! It's really easy to put down your former digs. We can call Miami a society of gun-toting, drug-running yahoos and a mecca of car hijackings. To what end?

Be respectful. Toronto gave you a clean, safe place to live, development as a top-flight athlete and an annual income that could feed and house 150 people.

Its funny to see so many men getting their panties in a bunch. Toronto and Cleavland fans need to get over this and move on.

Not sure Zo was a class act. I remember him quitting on Miami to join the Nets when tehy had a good shot. He only came back to Miami because he sniffed a championship and Toronto weren't ruthless enough to make him ride out his contract. And I'm positive Reily isn't class -- just ask Stan van Gundy.
Athletes and managers, not humanitarians. We love that they are vicious and self-centered -- it makes them want to win. LeBron is an odd fish and seems different -- maybe he just needed better handlers (like Spears and Cruise) maybe not. He can play, though, so i don't care.

When I drive my truck to Canada, I got to pay to get back into my own country. The fee is waived for Canadians to come over here. It is also a lot easier for them to get in to the U S than it is for a american driver to get back in. Canadian truck drivers got some of the biggest safety issues on the highway but DOT will waive them thru inspection station while being tough on everyone else. A friend of mine truck got totaled when a Canadian driver went the sleep behind the wheel. There was no loss of life but his hospital bill was excessive. 3 years later he is still waiting for some kind of compensation. I don't want to judge All Candanians by just the drivers but the drivers sucks. They still think they are better than you and think americans are barbarians. They are not rude and are very nice well mannered people while being conceited as hell. Any trucker will tell you that Canada sucks. The only smell I smell is the funk of the cleveland fans on this blog. Go heat

And it's a wonder why the world hates us. Canadian people are not brainwashed by CNN, FOX, ABC etc. like the majority of Americans. I'm thankful that our Canadian friends bring us back to reality every now and then. Having said that---the Raptors will only ever draw the international players as American ballers like the money and not paying taxes and cold weather. Although, Chicago was colder and had more snow this past winter than Toronto.


To JeffThinksDaTEamsIsDef who states Canadians are well-mannered but conceited. Yes, yes we are. We just can't fathom why there are so many people who are pro-gun and anti-universal health care in your country. We know that having strict gun laws and universal health care creates a better society. We know something that you haven't figured out yet, which makes us conceited. Got to give you props though. That George Bush was a hilarious fellow. We have never elected a comedian of the talent that you did in George.

Wade I like, but when LeBron and Bosh help you win, will it not feel like you purchased a championship rather than earned it?

@Dennis...purchased??? they took a combined $54 million less to come to Miami...we got them at a discount moron.

Well, Dennis, you can have your universal health care, and your high taxes, and ridiculously long wait for rationed care. We will keep our Second Amendment and our borders open for all of you Canadians that want to come to the USA for health care.

Keep your eyes and ears open. If you liked Bush's humor, wait to you here the comedy stylings of one Joe Biden.

ONCE AGAIN THESE WERE FREE AGENTS. If the raptors and cavs weren't able to persuade their stars to come back, then BLAME THE MANAGEMENT OF THE TEAM!!! COANGELO is where he is BECAUSE OF HIS NAME! NOTHING MORE. IF HE THOUGHT HE WASN'T COMING BACK HE SHOULD HAVE PREPARED BETTER FOR IT!!! That's life, suck it up and move on! GO HEAT!!!!!!

Dennis I think you got me confused with the other 70 pct of the trucking industry. I'm not a conservitive. I don't care for fox news or much of the news that spins news to fit there point of view. I rather listen to someone who report the news and let you come to your own conclusion. It is a very hard thing to do in this time and age. That's why I listen to a lil bit of all the news. The truth is always somewhere in the middle. I have still come to the conclusion that Canada sucks and the Miami Heat is gonna kick azz regardless of what the hater thinks.

You got them at a discount because you have no state taxes. Would they have taken less to sign with New York? Bosh probably isn't making any less after taxes than he would have here for the max. No sacrifice at all.

Taxes are what one is willing to pay to have an safe and equitable society. Just compare our crime rates to yours.

You have shorter waits for some health care procedures because of the number of Americans who are prevented from getting into the line.

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