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Day Of Heat, Haiti and Healing

PORT AU PRINCE, Haiti - First and foremost, I'd like to thank the Heat and Project Medishare for allowing a select group of IMG00027 newspaper and television reporters to take part in a remarkable day of service, sacrifice and stunning scenes from Haiti.

There's no way to compare catastrophic tragedy and measure the impact of natural disasters. But what I witnessed in Port Au Prince on Saturday - six months after the massive earthquake that devastated Haiti - reminded me a lot of the heartache, suffering and sadness that followed Hurricane Katrina.

I've now had a ground zero experience with both, and it is something I won't forget for the rest of my life.

There was a lot of good Saturday that emerged amid the rubble of a nation still staggering from the earthquake. There was hope amid the hopelessness. The Heat donated $25,000 through its charitable fund to Project Medishare's effort to build/renovate a hospital that would move patients from tents to a structured facility.

Among the highlights from the trip ...

--Before the flight to Port Au Prince departed from Miami, Heat coach Erik Spoelstra addressed his role within the organization for the first time since team president Pat Riley left the door open for a possible return to coaching last month.

Spoelstra said he was given assurances from both Riley and Heat owner Micky Arison that he would be back next season as the Heat's coach.

"I didn't take the way everybody else took it," Spoelstra said of Riley's suggestion that he might be open to Spoelstra-Yellow returning to the bench if a prominent free agent made it a condition of signing with the Heat. "I can see how it's portrayed out there in the media. But I didn't really take it personally. Nothing's changed."

Spoelstra said part of working for "a Hall of Fame presence" in Riley is having to deal with the conjecture.

"He and Micky have given me assurances, but it's not needed," Spoelstra said. "And I've told them that."

--Project Medishare co-founder Dr. Barth Green posted up with Alonzo Mourning in the G concourse as medical supplies and staffers were being gathered for the trip Saturday. With Mourning by his side, Green discussed how the non-profit organization would use donations such as the $25,000 the Heat generated from funds raised during the team's annual family festival.

"This week, we're moving to a hospital we spent the last several weeks fixing up," Green said. "We've got state-of-the-art operating rooms. We're moving all of the supplies and will have the only ICU facility in the region. We're increasing the capacity and will be operating a 90-bed critical care hospital."

Green went on to lay out the broader plan for Project Medishare, which is to ultimately train Haitian medical staffers to run the hospitals and clinics once the buildings are restructured.

--Once Vision flight 401 touched ground at Toussaint L'Ouverture Airport, new Heat Community and Corporate Liaison Tim Hardaway was in a full sweat preparing for a day of hospital visits and touring of the region's hardest-hit areas.

"This is something that's not only needed for the people of Haiti, but also for people who might take for granted some of the things they have in life," Hardaway said. "The Heat organization and a lot of people in South Florida have a close connection with the people over here. Hopefully we can help affect peoples lives down here in a positive way, even if it's just for a day."

--In addition to Spoelstra, Mourning and Hardaway, Memphis Grizzlies forward Rudy Gay made the trip. IMG00020 Gay, a close friend of Dwyane Wade, contributed to the $1 million Wade and Mourning raised through pledges earlier this year for Haiti relief.

Gay said he wanted to do more than support the cause financially. "I wanted to come down here and see what it was all going to," Gay said. "Some of the things I'll do today, I'll keep with me the rest of my life."

On another note, Gay will be a restricted free agent on July 1. He got a close-up look at how the Heat operates on a community level and even took a couple of the tampering jokes in stride. One of the funnier moments from the trip came when Gay had to quickly duck out before a publicity photo was snapped in which Mourning, Spoelstra and Hardaway presented the Heat's $25,000 check to Project Medishare.

--On a final note from the day-long mission, Mourning left lasting impressions on just about every Zo Photo child he touched and every adult patient who clamored to touch him. As great a basketball player as Mourning was during what should be a Hall-of-Fame career, he's already eclipsed the marks he made on the court with his philanthropic deeds off the hardwood. He's putting muscle behind his money.

The demands on this man's time have to be overwhelming, but he still shows up whenever he's called to Haiti. This was his fourth trip to the country - and he was one of the first public figures on the ground days after the earthquake hit on Jan. 12.

"There's always more you can do," Mourning said as the delegation boarded the flight back to Miami after six hours of the ground in Haiti. "For me, for all of you, for a lot of people involved with this, the work is far from finished."

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Thanks Mike for this blog! good work. loving the frequent updates.

unfortunate we would have to tie up $ for Gay being a restricted FA and not really know if it would be matched. I would love Gay on the team; scoring, can create his own shot and great athleticism! don't waste max $ on Johnson when you can use half the money to bring in a really good center, PG and/or SF.

Keep Beasley, fire SPO!

9/11 was an inside job

WTC 1, 2 & 7 were brought down by controlled demolition.

checkout watch the collapse videos and learn the truth.

hay Mike, what does ZO's shirt say in the picture, "WAR....?"

"WAR is not the answer"

Good stuff. Great deeds. Watch out for the peze, moulin and griot. Too too yummy.

Oncourt/offcourt, Barry Jackson says recent reports of attempts to dump Beasley to free more cap are bogus -- including the proposal of Beasley for Dooling.

Makes sense. No matter what Beasley's current value, he's still one of the few chips other teams might (understatedly) covet in any sign-and-trade.

GMs who reflexively bring up Beasley's "baggage" may have legit character concerns, but they're also practicing the kneejerk art of dissing assets to achieve desired price points, i.e., HUGE discounts or markdowns.


BJ - "Despite speculation, the Heat is not trying to dump Michael Beasley for salary-cap space at this time, partly because it might need him in a sign-and-trade for Chris Bosh or Amare Stoudemire. A report that Miami offered Beasley to New Jersey for Keyon Dooling was bogus; a Nets source told us Miami has not offered Beasley to them. A friend said Wednesday that Stoudemire has Miami among a handful of serious contenders; he told AOL, 'I'm still not totally sure what the future holds.'"

"Although Bosh will consider Miami, one GM said a potential Heat problem is Bosh's strong preference for a six-year, $125 million deal (available through a sign-and-trade) instead of the five-year, $96 million deal he would get by signing outright with Miami or any new team. Three NBA people said the Heat should be fearful of the Lakers offering a better sign-and-trade package (hypothetically, Andrew Bynum/Ron Artest)."

Short clip on the Heat in Haiti ->

Also worth a read, Ethan Skolnick's backfill on some of the stuff Mike already mentioned.

Wouldn't mind Gay on the Heat for his *decency* alone (Google Gay and community for numerous hits).

Wooden's rule (according to Bill Walton)? Can't be a good player without first being a good person.

Perkins clone


"War is not the answer, for only love can conquer hate" Marvin Gaye

Those shirts need passed out to the ships trying to run the blockade of Gaza.

They need to be passed out in Ft. Hood.

They need to be passed out in NYC at Ground Zero.

They need to be passed out in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan.

They need to be passed out in the subways in Europe.

They need to be passed out in the schools in Russia.

Basically, let's pass them out where ever there are religious fanatics that are war-mongering all over the globe.

Ray Allen drains 8 threes, Rondo has a triple double.....hmm, who was that first team all-defender (Kome) guarding last night?

his defense is OVER-RATED!!!

man Greg, you could cut the violence around the world in half just by passing out the shirts to the war mongers we have here running the country...

people would be suprised to know we are one of the largest perpetrators of terrorism in the world...

Good job, Alonzo an Spolestra. Makes me hope Rudy Gay comes over and joins us.

It would be nice to get Rudy Gay in a heat jersey. I know he's a resyticted free agent and Memphis won't give him easily but I think with him and Bosh/Amare we can contend.

I meant restricted.

Government did 9/11:

Yes, people would be surprised at your premise.

Do a little profiling, and answer a few questions.

Is the US trying to lie under the guise of humanitarian aid to Gaza, to bust up a blockade, when the host country has repeatedly offered to let the boats dock elsewhere and transport the wheelchairs and 'gas masks' to the citizens of Gaza, only to have the offer refused?

Was the US behind the killings at Ft. Hood?

I know you believe the USGov was behind 9/11, despite your theories being denounced by just about every sane person on Earth.

US sending it's kids into market places with bombs on their backs, blowing up themselves and other innocents victims?

Is the US blowing up subways in Europe?

Is the US holding elementary schools in Russia under seige for days?

Is the US blowing up nightclubs in Bali?

C'mon man, you seem like an intelligent person. See any common thread in these incidents? Make a profile of the people committing these crimes. Is it a government? Is it a ethnicity/race? Is it a religion?

Here I'll help you. No, no, yes.

Now, here's a tougher question: Who was Kobe supposedly checking last night, Allen or Rondo?

hay Greg, I was actually agreeing with you to begin with. and I have seen you a bunch on here for a long time. I will leave my beliefs to this as I can understand this is a sports blog.

here's my simple answers to your last comments, not meant to be condescending or ripping...

"I know you believe the USGov was behind 9/11, despite your theories being denounced by just about every sane person on Earth.

Not every sane person, checkout . there are thousands of military people including generals, pilots, engineers, physicists, teachers, citizens, lawyers, doctors, media and even 9/11 commissioners that question the official story of 9.11. don't take my word for it, there statements are in black and white. WTC 7 still has not been explained as NISTs last report said there reason, fire, has a small probability of being the reason for the collapse. still unexplained.

"US sending it's kids into market places with bombs on their backs, blowing up themselves and other innocents victims?
Is the US blowing up subways in Europe?
Is the US holding elementary schools in Russia under seige for days?
Is the US blowing up nightclubs in Bali?"

oh much worse my friend. have you heard of the new superweapons we are using in Iraq and Afghanistan? these weapons are able to melt, for example, an entire school bus with the people in it down to the size of a vollswagon bug. You think hiding behind a computer screen, video game style, while launching missles indiscrimately, killing civilians is any better than bombs strapped to people. we fly over and drop bombs from high altitude, the fight in the streets. hmmm. doesn't sound to brave to me.

And I am sure you know this, the CIA created Al Qaeada in 1979 in the fight against Russia in Afghanistan. We, the U.S.A., have been funding, training, supplying and fighting with these so called terrorists for many years now. As I've said we are one of the largest perpetrators of violence and terrorism on the planet. Take a good look at what we've have done before you go convicting others...

Read more:

Greg, "I know you believe the USGov was behind 9/11, despite your theories being denounced by just about every sane person on Earth."

about every sane person? nope, here ya go-

"A new Zogby poll reveals that less than half of the American public trusts the official 9/11 story or believes the attacks were adequately investigated. Poll results indicate 42% believe there has indeed been a cover up (with 10% unsure) and 45% think "Congress or an International Tribunal should re-investigate the attacks, including whether any US government officials consciously allowed or helped facilitate their success" (with 8% unsure). The poll of American residents was conducted from Friday, May 12 through Tuesday, May 16, 2006."

"You think hiding behind a computer screen, video game style, while launching missles indiscrimately, killing civilians is any better than bombs strapped to people. we fly over and drop bombs from high altitude, the fight in the streets. hmmm. doesn't sound to brave to me."

Launching missles indiscrimately??? Ludicrous. We lose good men and women every week because we want to look like we play by the rules. Can't fire into mosques, but we sure as hell can see enemies hiding in them and firing back at us. I KNOW we have a great arsenal of weapons, thanks to our free market technology. I KNOW we could end the battles in Afghanistan and Pakistan pretty damn quickly if we used all of them indescrimanetly...but we don't. Does is sound braver to sit behind a screen and fight a battle or send your kids into market place with bombs stap to them? Well, one sounds pretty cowardly and the other sounds like technology freakin' works. Do you think the enemies would hesitate for a second, to use every weapon in their power to kill us (everybody not Muslim, and all of the Muslims that don't believe in their specific sect)? They wouldn't hesitate. You know that. Hey, Bush isn't is office anymore, stop sh*tting on America. (I here Bush is sturring up storms in the mid-west now, because he hates the Bible belt folk - thanks Kanye). We've got a malado President that is apologizing all over the world for us being a super power, (whether we want to be or not), you don't have to.

Are we still learning? How do we bend form metal? Probably with heat.

CIA - sometimes you've got to choose the lesser of two evils, and in 1979 there was probably a choice between spreading communism and a rag tag bunch of hoodlums, and if they could sustain a battle in Afghanistan, draining the Soviets war funding, well, how did that work out for the Soviets?

I'm probably as confused as you are as to why we are in Pakistan and Afghanistan. I mean, what is our end strategy, what is our goal? Instead of bringing our troops home, we sent another 50,000 over there? Doesn't sound like the direction we were promised in 11/08.

Ready for basketball: Who was lighting Kobe's *ss up last night, Rondo or Allen?

Greg, my point is simply beware who you might think the enemy is. "The war on terror" is a fabrication. It doesn't make any sense, the war on a theory, a noun, a subject. Do you really know who the enemy is? Do you know who Al Qaeada really is? Do you realize we are fighting for ten years, with the full force of our military, billions of dollars and yet are still fighting Al Qaeada? hmmmm, interesting. Do you know we continue to support terrorism, and have for many years, in places all around the planet? Why do you think we are any less evil for the killing we are doing compared to any other evil doers. we are also the evil doers. What would you think if an occupying force rolled down your street and knocked down your down and killed your family? and not only that, the occupying force was there illegally based on fixed and fabricated intelligence.

"You know that. Hey, Bush isn't is office anymore, stop sh*tting on America." I DIDN'T bring up Bush, you did Greg. Obama is guilty to. The presidents are figureheads to a combination of military defense companies, wall street, the world banks and parts of the intelligence community. Repubs and Dems are two sides of the same coin. The military, with our govt being hijacked, is doing the biding of these elite groups. They are not spreading democracy, they are not doing it for the benefit of the American people, these wars are being fought for $. I bet you really know this and are not sure you want to admit it?

The middle class is shrinking rapidly. It is the have nots vs the haves. If you are writing here on this sports blog, I can bet your are a worker, a have not, just like me. We should not being fighting with each other and should awaken to the fact we are being lied to and are complicit in the wars of profit.

Did you know the Federal reserve is a private company and not a federal organization. It is not owned by the people/ the govt but actually owned by the worlds 12 largest banks. When the govt issues $ for bailouts, wars, healthcare, the Fed LOANS the $ to the govt/ people. We have to pay the FED (Banks) an interest on these loans. The majority of our tax dollars goto paying off just the interest and never the principal. Two things happen to further enslave us, in debt us, to the banks when this $ gets loaned to the govt people; 1. We are responsible as tax payers for these loans & 2. The $20 in your pocket just deflated due to the issuance of more $ in the system.

If you looked at it with an objective perspective, you might notice we are on the same team...

Re The World According to LeBron

Not my world.

Not my prophet.

Not on my team.

Just say n... adios mofo.

soooooooooo...........Who was Kobe being lit up by????

Fast and Furious 3 tonite.

Should be good.

Even better King-free. Just like the Heat.

Even better King-free. Just like the Heat.


I want the Heat to win, but it would be hard to jump on the King's bandwagon, when I haven't been up to this point. Oh well, I never was a Shaq fan either. I think I secretly wanted to see him get into early foul trouble, just to get ZO in the game, and bring ANY kind of defensive pressence in the lane.

At least Shaq was upfront with his thumbsucking & boorishness; usually manning up to the mother of all 7-2 mouths.

Whereas Queen James is writing new chapters on delusional self-grandeur. Usually on king-sized sheets. Which she also uses to wipe the ginormous a$$mouth on her ginormous head.

I just don't want us to spend max $, or close to it, on J. Johnson and Boozer. I think Beas will be much better than Booz anyways.

Ideal, sign Wade, sign one max FA (Bron, Bosh, or I guess Amare) and use the remaining funds to chase a guy like Gay, a Kendrick Perkins clone and a starting caliber PG.

gotta do it;

Perkins clone

totally doable if Bosh is on board we have the patience for Gay, and Grizzls don't match.

I just don't want us to spend max $, or close to it, on J. Johnson and Boozer. I think Beas will be much better than Booz anyways.

I agree with the first part. I don't see Booz being our answer in the paint. We had to play Brian Grant there, and even UD for a while, during injuries to other players, so I like Booz as a PF not center. Bosh is my first choice, Amare seems a little soft to me.

Beas has a lot of work to do before he is on Booz's level, and I'm not sure 'a lot of work' is what supercoolbeas does best, if at all. His trade value sure doesn't seem to be very high at this point of his career.

Beas has a lot of work to do before he is on Booz's level, and I'm not sure 'a lot of work' is what supercoolbeas does best, if at all.

Greg, all I've heard from the coaches and players is that Beasley works hard, one of the hardest workers in practice and in the off season. I think his laid back personality gives people an impression he is soft and doesn't work + play hard. I think it is a misconception.

I have seen Beas throw down hard and stuff players a lot bigger than him. There does seem to be something missing, like in game ADD, where his mind wanders. He doesn't seem to be locked in all the time. I don't think it is a matter of working hard.

anyways, I'm a Beasley fan and he is coming into his third year. There is a possibility he becomes a very cheap stud player during the next few years...

I would be fully disappointed if after 3 to 4 years of waiting, with CBA players on the team, we end up with Boozer and J. Johnson...

Bron is a possibility because I think the Heat can offer a few things the other teams can't, mainly 2 super studs to play with and a hall of fame coach. Bosh or Bron or both. anything short of that, things get a bit far as a championship team.

You would be hard pressed to find a coach that openly admits one of his 'current' players doesn't work hard. That's just part of being a 'team' and keeping internal problems internal. Similarly, you don't want to lower his trade value with talk of a bad attitude or laziness, make it sound like he's working his butt off and is on the verge of busting out.

I think part of his ADD is that he just looks and plays tired, which is directly related to not being in shape, which means he isn't working out hard, like say Q-Rich, DWade, or UD. Add to that, not just perception - but facts, about his last two preseason issues, and you see an AAU star that hasn't made the jump needed to play with the big boys on the Varsity level. I think the chances are better that his career mirrors Off-de-mark-us Russell than a late bloomer like Kurt Warner.

And I've seen individual plays before also where Kevin Johnson dunks on Mark Eaton or Hakeem Olajawon, but they are only single plays. I could fill this blog up with single boneheaded plays from god's son, it would overwhelm the good plays that you remember.

nah, what I meant was and I am sure you have seen it, Beasley gets pissed off, or something and just takes charge for a few players, or a quarter. I know the kid has it in him. something I relate with, it is possible he has a huge amount of inner rage and at one point said, F it, I am going to be super cool, chill, Beasley smoking dope to push down his inner deamons, issues. I think there is a reason he went to the Heat. He needs to improve a lot about his game, become more well rounded. I have seen his defense, ball handling, passing and BBall IQ improve from year one to two.

Although Beasley deserves blame, I guess for not living up to the #2 overall pick, I fully believe the way Spo has handled Beas has at times been a detriment to his progress. I think Spo thinks its motivation by punishing Beas to the bench everytime he makes a mistake, I think he would be much better quicker by letting him play through his mistakes and let the stallion run...

Although part

just takes charge for a few PLAYS

what's weird is I don't think I have ever seen a team with a top 1st round draft pick do the opposite of showcase the player and give him every benefit of doubt on the field and to the public.

Beasley seemed to play a lot less than the rest of the starters, especially in crunch time, yet I fully believe Beas is the second best player on the team...

I don't know man.

I'm pretty sure outside of Miami and maybe K-State, you wouldn't get a lot of votes for Beas being the second best player on the Heat. Yeah, being Heat fans, we WANT him to succeed, so maybe we are factoring in 'potential' when we look at his current abilities.

I'm going to go on the opposite side and say I think Spo 'gifted' him the starting roll, as a way to say, we trust you, we are willing to work with you, (and players/media/fans/officials put a lot of emphasis on who starts the game), but at the end of the game, when we can't afford to have the growing pains and learning curve in play, we are going with our veterans, who we've seen come through at the top level. Exhibit #1 - UD v Dirk in th '06 Finals.

And, like you, I don't know. We are on the outside looking in. We'll have some clarity soon though.

exactly, we will have some clarity very soon.

"but at the end of the game, when we can't afford to have the growing pains and learning curve in play, we are going with our veterans"

as far as the Haslem vs Beas debate all season, I think there was NO correlation between having Haslem in the game, or any other veteran versus Beas, and winning. I just don't see it. I saw plenty of games Haslem was in and the other team went on a run and won. I saw game Beasley had a crucial block or shot and we won. I don't believe Beasley in the game was costing us wins. Do you? Giving Beas more experience in crunch time during the season and showing him the trust would of been more beneficial in the playoffs and in the long run for the team.

just don't understand how a player is going to learn from his mistakes while sitting on the bench. anyways, have had this argue all year and like you said, we will know a lot more in a few weeks. I HOPE DAMNIT.

Perkins style big man

hay Greg,

fo real man, no bs, conspiracy bull crap, none of that...just first impression, when you watch the video of WTC 7 collapsing what does your mind think brought it down-

I am not a conspiracy person, don't mean to shove my beliefs down your throat, doesn't it look exactly like a controlled demolition ( free fall, symmetric and no resistance)?

Well, I'm in the printing business, so to get my impression of how a building falls is pointless. There are alot of things that I can't explain, but I'm not jumping to the same conclusions as you. When has man ever tested the structual strenght of a building by running airplanes into two skyscrapers on the same block? What is the precedence? Has there ever been a situation where two buildings of the WTT size were knocked over and all the buildings around them stayed structually sound? As I said before, even if you have questions about buildings falling, you have to explain how our government got OBL to take responsbility for it, you have to then explain all of the islamic terrorism that happened since the 70's and since 9/11 and tell me our government is behind all of that??? No, we (and just about every country on this Earth) are fighting radical Islam. That to me is way more believable than your isolated theories.

I'ld rather chat basketball with you, but don't mind sharing my views on just about any topic. Like I could find polls that show that the majority of Americans are OK with Arizona's version of the Federal law enforcing immigration policies. Polls that show that the majority of Americans think we are Taxed Enough Already (although our VP says it's our patriotic duty to pay more). Polls can say the majority of Americans don't want to be have Mandated Health Insurance (with the compassion of the IRS and efficiency of the US Post Office).

Who you got tonight, Boston - LA?

cool Greg.

I think we are all the same, and we are all immigrants of this country. people should be able to immigrate to the U.S. and work in the U.S. without years of waiting for papers.

Something I do feel strongly about, which I wish you would take a look at is how these presidents are figureheads for large multinational corps and banks. I truly believe they are distracting us to the truth by splitting us down the middle, Repub vs Dem. Both parties' representatives are doing the biding of lobbyist/ corps. Govt is no longer a function or for the benefit of the people. It has been hijacked, not sure now long, for to operate as a vehicle for defense companies, oil corps, banks and the elite. not the people. don't think all of us should argue against each other about red vs blue issues because at the end of the day the reps in govt are only seeing green...

and I definitely think on one should be asked for their papers without probable cause. no search and seizure without probable cause. I don't care what they look like. your thoughts?

I think we have lost some incredibly important civil rights with the passing of the Patriot Act and the ridding of Habeas Corpus. not sure people realize that the war on terror became a war on the american people. currently anyone of us can be labeled a terrorist and put away without probable cause, right to a trial, representation, etc...

under the cloud of a never ending war on a subjet, terror, the american people have lost liberty and freedom.

interesting how this supposed rag tag group who operate out of caves, Al Qaeada, have cost us a trillion dollars, thousands of lives and our civil liberties.

I promise you Osama has become a great boogeyman that the powers that be use to generate fear and therefore backing to spend $ and develop more of a police state.

you are not as free as you might think.

(correction ) and I definitely think NO one should be asked for their papers without probable cause.

"correction ) and I definitely think NO one should be asked for their papers without probable cause."

The Arizona law mirrors the already-in-place federal law, with that exception. The federal law allows for anybody to be stopped on the street and checked for citizenship. The Arizona law states you can check for citizenship only after a person has been detained for another reason. These aren't the exact words, but I'm sure I got the meaning correct.

"under the cloud of a never ending war on a subjet, terror, the american people have lost liberty and freedom."

Oh, the war will end someday, and it isn't on a subject, it's a religion. If the islamic terrorists stopped committing these atrocities around the world, is it your opinion that our government would create another enemy? Look, Islam has been around for a long time, and I'm not really ready to call it a peaceful religion based on it's past.

"people should be able to immigrate to the U.S. and work in the U.S.

Absolutely! Just sign the guest book on the way in, and donate back into the system (taxes) if you are going to take out (health care, education, etc...)

Certainly our leaders are effected by large corporations, UNIONS, and citizens with $$$. Always has been that way, always will. But to think that America would fall because a car company can't balance it's books is ridiculous. No way, the USGOV should be buying car companies and firing it's bosses.

Patriot Act doesnt' bother me, hasn't changed my life. Reading the Miranda act to an idiot that tries to kill fellow Americans is ridiculous though. When did we start restricting the rights of Christians, and starting handling terrorists with kid gloves? It goes back to having a apologetic leader, who isn't proud at all of who was at the foundation of this great country. Can't rewrite history. The Constitution was probably the second greatest piece of literature ever written, and some of our leaders have never read it (or the health bill)or consider it's greatness.

Hey man, let's get back to basketball.

Celtics or Lakers tonight?

the islamic terrorists stopped committing these atrocities around the world, is it your opinion that our government would create another enemy?

yes, this is a fact. governments, including the U.S., hype up the enemy, use a boogey man to spread fear to rally the nation and the troops to support war. Do you not agree with this? current example; Saddam has WMD, we better get him before the next thing we see is a mushroom cloud. of course our leaders use boogey man, hype up danger to spread fear.

"Look, Islam has been around for a long time, and I'm not really ready to call it a peaceful religion based on it's past."

And what would you call Christianity or what the terrorism Isreal spreads with the excuse of self defense...Greg, you definitely seem to point fingers at other religions, races, without looking in the mirror first. We are just as guilty as any of the evil doers. Who else has dropped a nuclear bomb, indiscrimately, in two cities killing hundreds of thousands of people in a blink of the eye. If that is not evil, I do not know what is my friend...

new post. great talking with you Greg. I agree, back to sports.

Seems like the Celtics are going to win the series. Celtics win tonight, Lakers win the next game...

peace brotha

I never ever pointed a finger at another race, religion - yes, never race. Judge people by things they can change, not by things they can't .

Bombing Hiroshima and Nagasaki undoubtedly saved lives by helping to bring an end to a World War, which could have gone on for years, taking many more lives. Those bombs were dropped on cities in Japan, the country that indiscrimately killed hundreds of innocent people at Pearl Harbor. Damn, all is fair in love and war?

Iraq invaded a souvereign neighbor in Kuwaitt. After getting his butt kicked back to Baghdad, he said 'no mas'. But barbaric homeboy didn't live up to his 'no mas' agreements, constantly, intentionally, flaunting his refusal to allow the international community monitor his programs. So we, AND ABOUT 30 OTHER COUNTRIES, decided for the best of the region to take his *ss down. We did most of the heavy lifting, but by all means, didn't go it alone. After his capture, he said the WMD game he was playing, was because he was afraid of his (islamic) brethern in Iran. You can believe he wasn't trying to develope WMDs, but I think differently. Personally, I believe whatever he had, in whatever stage, was sent to Syria. No proof, just a feeling. And do you really believe we had to create a bogeyman in Hussein? C'mon, man. Did we have to convince the people of his own country, Iraq, that he was a bogeyman? Heck no.

If the Muslims in the middle east would lay down their weapons, there would be no more war there. If the Israeli's would lay down their weapons, there would be no more Israel.

On to game 4. Boston has to make those 3-4 footers, rebound better, and let Kobe continue to shoot 37%.

uuuuhhhh Greg, I guess agree to disagree.

1. Surprised you are not at least with me on the point the certain groups/ individuals in the U.S. govt FEAR MONGER. They hype the enemy, ex mushroom cloud, color alerts, to rally the people and troops to support the war cause. this has been written by intellectuals, former military, people in the govt. yes, we create boogeyman and spread fear. how can you not agree with that?

2. "Bombing Hiroshima and Nagasaki undoubtedly saved lives" nothing personal, that is the dumbest most illogical statement anyone can make. You do not kill hundreds of thousands of lives; women & children to save lives. You will never make peace or save lives by killing. There is no logic in that approach. think about it.

3. Iraq is an illegal occupation of a sovereign country. We pre-emptively attacked them without them attacking us. We fixed the intelligence. These are all facts. We attacked, occupy and kill in a country we have no legal right to be there.

Are you seeing a pattern here. We help guys like Saddam and Osama gain power, supply them with weapons (gave sadamm the bio-weapons to kill the kurds) and when we are done with them we take them out.

4. do you take any responsibility for what we have done and what we are doing right now with the violence we are spreading in the name of democracy. Do you realize we are not fighting these wars, illegal occupations, because of democracy? It is for resources, empire expansion and $. Do you not agree?

I really don't know with you Greg. Wars are not fought for the people. You are putting your faith in the military and our leaders, when the military and our leaders are being used as a vehicle for the biding of the elite. If you are not in this group, I would sincerely recommend you would start thinking about the struggle your fellow americans are going through here stateside. The $ used in these illegal wars and occupations would be a million percent better off to be used for schools, healthcare, poverty, jobs, manufacturing, etc here in the U.S.. the problem is the powers that be DO NOT CARE about what is happenning to the people in the U.S. can't you see that?

I will blow your mind even more if you dare to watch it.

google, netflix - FOOD Inc. . War is not the only place where corporations are after profit and could care less about the american people. Have you ever looked into factory farming. Do you have any idea about the chemicals, preservatives, additives and terrible miss-treatment of animals by the few companies that produce 90% of our food. we are torturing our animals, food, pumping them with terrible drugs, putting them through a grinder and selling them to me and you as food. Lucky Charms does not taste good because of all the fun marshmellow flavors, it taste good because a guy in a lab has figured out the exact chemical combination to make it taste good. This food is killing us.

honestly, if you would take an objective opinion you will see in all of our major industries (also see CC companies) corporations deceive, trick and lie to us that they are protecting us, saving us, saving us $, giving us a better life, makes us look better, feel better and at the end of the day you will find this is all a lie. Grow your own food, shop locally, buy locally, stay away from chemicals and factory food, find peace in yourself and it will spread out AND as you quoted in your first line, War is not the answer, for only love can conquer hate.. Marvin Gay

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