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Shav's Big Score

No, none of the Heat's players or coaches lost a bet on Duke in the NCAA championship game last night. At least none that we know of. Shav-Heat

It just appeared that way Tuesday afternoon when doors opened to the Heat's practice at AmericanAirlines Arena.

No sooner than Duke caps its run to an NCAA title on Monday night than does Shavlik Randolph show up out of nowhere at the Heat's practice Tuesday morning.

Randolph once was the Dukiest of Duke players. In a good way, of course. He was supposed to be next in the Blue Devils pipeline of power players that started back with Gminski, continued through Ferry and Laettner and delivered Boozer and Brand before things dried up. Oh, almost forgot. Cherokee Parks was somewhere in there, too.

Randolph's Duke career was sidetracked by injuries. But he's trying to scratch out an NBA full-time job with heart, hustle and a relentless work ethic. Those things are held in high value by the Heat. It's what kept Udonis here so long. It's what got Joel Anthony another contract. So, after Randolph was released earlier this season, he's back to finish the season with the Heat.

Shav-Duke For him, the timing couldn't have been better. There may be some spot-duty minutes in the post should the Heat have to limit Jermaine O'Neal's minutes upon his return from a right knee injury. The Randolph signing may also have been a sign that coach Erik Spoelstra intends to rest Haslem at the first opportunity at some point over the final five games of the regular season in preparation for the playoffs.

"Basically, coach told me my role didn't change from when I was on the team earlier," Randolph said Tuesday. "Be an energy guy, defensive rebounder and opportunistic scorer. I'm not expecting to come in here and play big minutes or anything. If they call me, I'm going to be ready. That's for sure."

It was almost as if the Heat playfully tried to sneak this signing in on some of us in the media. Randolph was on the court in full gear working out before the team officially issued the release that he was signed. But it didn't necessarily require an intrepid reporter to take notice.

On Monday, there were 14 brothers on the roster and cool cat Carlos Arroyo. On Tuesday, there were 13 brothers, smooth dude Arroyo and Shav, who is 6-10 and all elbows, arms and solid fundamentals. I've found Randolph to be an all-around good guy with a great attitude and strong conviction in his faith.

He's back to finish what he started with the Heat. At best, he could give Miami tough minutes down the stretch, draw a few charges and take a few fouls so the veterans can get some rest and recovery before the playoffs. At worst, Shav could be a practice sparring partner for Jamaal Magloire.

In either case, Randolph was beaming at the opportunity Tuesday. Or maybe that was just the afterglow of his alma mater winning a title. Shav walked in the door with a bit of bragging rights.

"I've heard a few of the Duke jokes," Randolph said. "You know, Duke wins a championship and the first thing they do is bring in a Duke guy. It's great. As a Duke alum, it's almost like part of us won it, too."

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The SI article about Beasley being shop hard this off-season is all propaganda. I hate when they get info from team reporters as their sources. Beasley doesn't has to be traded to retain Wade and get another all-star it's total b.s

It's almost despicable to think!!! Why do all of this work in developing a kid then trade him after 2 season while D. Wright and D. Cook gets a lifetime??? The Heat taught Beasley how to move the ball, play defense, and better shot selections. Now give him an off-season to put it together and come back with some consistency. The Heat won't trade him they wouldn't put all this work into the kid then trade him so another team can reap the benefits. If that's the case they should've trade him draft night when his stock was higher. Now that he's here let's get him ready.

i say make a side deal with the knicks and get barron for our playoff run... i was at the garden and watched him play lights out against the celtics... but i don't see the reason for signing randolph... he's a bum... waist of a roster spot... but if we win out we can beat the celtics... but it wont be easy...

hopefully the heat can play atlanta as the SIXTH seed. They'll beat ATlanta, play orlando and possiblity beat them, have a chance to beat Lebron and the Cavs, and beat the Mavericks again in the finals. WADE SIGNS a 7 yr extension w the Heat in the offseason and Rudy gay is brought in. A sign and Trade that involves Beasley is sent to the Suns for Amare.Haslem, Arroyo, and Wright comes back. Making the heat a legit Title contendER!!
Next year line up
bench Chalmers, Wright, Anthony, Maglorie

Earl Barron did look pretty good last night against the Celtics could have been a good pick up.

Earl Barron is no longer eligible for inclusion on playoff rosters.

"Mark Blount" has 35 x double-doubles in his career, including a 28-pt 21-reb 'explosion' against Orlando.

GMs all over the league are desperate to sign Blount for the playoffs.

Or not.

Can't wait till the playoffs...looking forward to see this Heat team in some real action. I don't care if it's Atlanta or Boston we can beat both those teams and maybe just maybe make some noise in the 2nd round.

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