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Target Bosh, Take Hedo, Too

Well, that certainly didn't take long. Heat_Raptors_Bosh

Still two months away from the official start of free agency, there's significant early chatter already underway if the latest ESPN insider report is to be believed. At the very least, it's believable.

There has long been a league-wide consensus building that Chris Bosh is the most likely top-tier free agent to change addresses this summer. If that holds true, Toronto would be more than wise to hitch last summer's big move - or mistake - in Hedo Turkoglu to potential sign-and-trade scenarios for Bosh.

Turkoglu still has four seasons and some $43 million remaining on the contract he signed last season with the Raptors, who held high hopes that Hedo would be the complementary piece Bosh needed to get Toronto back in contention in the East.

Instead, after a decent first half, they completed the biggest collapse of any team in playoff position when they dropped from fifth to ninth in the standings - and out of the playoffs. The Raptors literally blew up in Bosh's face this season.

So here's the question Heat president Pat Riley might soon have to ponder. Clearly, Bosh is the Heat's top free agent target (I still consider LeBron James as a free agent pipe dream, although dreams do come true). But would Miami be willing to take on Turkoglu if it meant acquiring Bosh?

Of course Riley would. The question is does Miami have enough pieces to outbid other suitors the Raptors would line up for such a deal. Houston was mentioned in ESPN's report, with some sort of deal built around big man Jordan Hill that would expand to include the likes of Shane Battier, Luis Scola or another wing.

Miami would have to get a third team involved that is either under the cap or would be willing to take on Jermaine O'Neal as part of the sign-and-trade deal. And O'Neal, a veteran who can still produce when healthy, would fit well in Houston, which would need a backup or insurance for Yao Ming moving forward.

So the Heat would essentially send out O'Neal (to Houston) and Michael Beasley, Daequan Cook and James Jones to Toronto. And the Heat could sweeten the deal by giving Toronto back that conditional first-round pick Miami acquired in the O'Neal trade last year. And the Heat also has a spare Canadian to throw in, too (Joel Anthony or Jamaal Magloire).

Toronto would get back expiring contracts, significant cap space and a chance to start over. That's far more than it would get if Bosh simply bolted to Miami on his own, which he clearly could do if he didn't like any of the Raptors other potential trade partners.

Turkoglu And remember, Turkoglu was one of the three top 2009 free agents Riley floated the mid-level offer to last summer in long-shot hopes one would bite and take less money to play alongside Dwyane Wade. The other two were Lamar Odom and Ron Artest.

So that would leave the Heat with a 2-3-4 trio of Wade, Turkoglu and Bosh. And did we mention that Wade and Bosh have the same agent? On top of every thing else, doing this deal (and another smaller one) by sign-and-trade would also give the Heat the ability to exceed the salary cap to resign a few of its own free agents and also use of the mid-level exception to pursue a point guard or center.

The Heat managed to win 47 games this season with Wade working with much less. A Miami Big 3 of Wade, Hedo and Bosh would place the newcomers in their proper roles. For all of Bosh's talent, he's very much Nowitzki-like in the fact that he's better served as a No. 2 option instead of having to carry a team.

And that also pushes Hedo back to the third-option role that made him the league's most improved player while with Orlando. There were near disastrous results when he was upgraded to the No. 2 in Toronto.

This free agency makeover doesn't have to be a long, drawn-out process after all. It could be as simple as Bosh (plus Hedo) and Bang. Over. 

For Miami, this would very much make sense.

The question is, will all parties involved make it happen?

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*orgasm* halfway into this post

getting all those players does not guarantee nothing but a big payroll and after three years we will be the laughing stocks of the league again...

Hmmmmmmm.... Very interesting indeed.

What exactly would Houston be giving up and getting as part of this absurd 3 team trade?

Wade, Bosh and Hedo doesn't cut it for me. That sounds like a soft team. I dont see a championship with those guys.

I dont know maybe I am wrong.

Maybe my expectations are too high.

Why would miami get into a bidding war here? I thought that Bosh was an unrestricted free agent?

Wade, Bosh, and Turk would make up $44 million in cap space. The salary cap is $56 million so that leaves us another $12 million. Haslem is probably going to be around $5 million a year. Wright would probably sign for $2 million a year. That leaves $5 million plus the mid level exemption of $5.5 million. Maybe Brandon Heyward at Center and Sessions at point.

Wade/Draft Pick

That said I'd prefer they trade Turk for a 2nd round pick or something, resign Richardson for cheap ($2 million), and hit the free agent market with the extra $10 million in cap space.

No way on Bosh and Turk. Still leaves the team with NO POINT GUARD!!! Absolutely not. We have a better cheaper Turk with DWright. Would love Bosh but no way at that price. NO WAY.

Get CP3 or Devin Harris. Get Joe Johnson. Resign Wade. NO TO THIS GARBAGE. NO WAY.

Wallace also ignores that Riley might not want to enter into such a disastrous comment either because Hedo is washed up. Everyone suggested he was washed up and he is an effective player with the ball. We do not need Hedo.

Bosh has options that do not include a sign and trade and I suppose he would not make any team he signs take Hedo because he is unrestricted.

Wade needs Bosh and someone that is not on the decline. I am not even excited by this.
Other teams can also improve.

What about acquiring Boozer/Bosh and Joe Johnson and play him at the three?

Boozer and Johnson are both willing to share the load/take a back seat to Wade. Will the other stars be willing to call themselves no.2?

By comment, I meant contract.

This is all meaningless. Bosh is an UNRESTRICTED free agent. He can go anywhere he wants and Toronto has no say in the matter. Ideally, the Heat would like a sign and trade for the reasons stated above but at the end of the day, all that matters is where Bosh wants to play. Toronto can try all they want to attach Hedo but if the team Bosh wants to play for doesn't want Hedo then Toronto is screwed. I think we should focus in on Amare and not Bosh as Amare seems to want to come here while there has been no indication that Bosh is interested in Miami. My ideal scenario is to trade Beasley, Jones, and Cook (plus 1st round pick and $3,000,000 if necessary) to a team like Sacramento or Washington in exchange for a 2nd round pick. Those teams have the cap space to take on that salary without sending a contract back and they are also teams that realistically won't get a top free agent this summer since they are competing with much more attractive teams with cap space. Wouldn't it be nice to get the 2nd pick in the draft last year (and maybe a 1st rounder as well) for nothing? The result of this trade would be the Heat having enough cap space for 2 max players with Wade. In that scenario I think our best and most realistic outcome is signing Amare and Joe Johnson to pair with Wade. I think these players games complement each others very well. Wade is the pure scorer and creator, Johnson is the versatile defender who can handle the ball great and is a great shooter, and Amare is your low post force who can also play the pick and roll game with his ability to knock down 20 foot jumpers. That team would be a powerhouse no matter who rounds out the roster.

RIDICULOUS!!! For that we might as well have traded in the trade deadline for Amare and took Jason Richardson who is way better than Hedo. I personally think Amare should be #1 option he is a power player just like Wade. Soft players dont click well with Wade (Beasley, Beasley and Beasley)Trade the bastard just for cap space lol

Justin I agree with you 999999999XX percent! Johson, Wade and Amare would be murder for the rest of the league!! That has to be our #1 option for sure! The only old player I wouldn't mind the Heat picking up is sharpshooter Ray Ray other than that i'm sick of having old washed up players like Antoine Walker and Hedo. OMG!! I will be PIST!!! if we waited so long for this nonsense

I don't like the idea of taking on the Hedo contract, it just does not make sense for Miami, I would rather sign Bosh out right, In fact, I would probably go after Amar'e if things get complicated, he wants to come to miami, and unlike Bosh, i do not feel Amar'e will command the max, i feel who would take slightly less, and I believe if Riley convinces wade that what he is going to build will be worth it, Wade may take a small pay cut as well, I would not consider 10 million dollars a small pay cut, but in the big picture, he makes more than enough through his stuff outside of basketball...Amar'e at near max and wade at near max would give miami plenty of room to make moves, They can explore a trade for darren collison, Devin Harris, Even John wall or CP3...All have legitamte reasons why they may be on the block...Unlikely for a player like wall or cp3? Yes...But certainly not impossible with a conditional 1st round pick, and actual first round pick, and a couple of 2nd rounders, cap space, and Michael beasley and Daquean cook, young players with manageable expiring contracts...Those peices can get it together to bring in one of those 4 PG's...Some veteran out there may be willing to take the minimum to play in Miami once you have a core like that, Devin Harris may sound the most reasonable, so a core of Wade, Bosh/Amare, and Harris would spark someone to jump on board to play with miami....T-Mac, Ray Allen, and Iverson come to mind of players who may be willing to do it...Even with all that money spent on new contracts, the heat, with its 56.1 million dollar cap will still have money remaining, more than originally expected the the cap projected to only slightly decerease and trading on Micahel beasley and Cook's contracts, let's not forget, James Jones could also be part of a deal for Devin harris, In fact, it may be a perfect fit since I believe harris makes about 10 million...

Anyway all of this cna go a long way for miami, and the remaining cap space can be used to resign Udonis Haslem and Dorell Wright, and still pick up another player of quality...

So here is my dream scenario:
-Resign Wade
-Sign Amare or Bosh outright
-Trade Michael Beasley, Jones, and Cook for Devin Harris
-Resign Haslem
-Resign Wright
-Sign preferably Ray Allen
-Sign Brendan Haywood


Ray Allen
Udonis Haslem

Yes we may be missing a SF, But the heat can go small at times, But resigning Q Rich would help a lot too which I think is possible, or Josh Howard if he is willing to give a discount...

I think in the end, money wise it should fit even with adding Q Rich to the mix again, He would help make our bench excpetional, can imagine having the defense and shooting abilities of Q Rich and Ray Allen on the bench? And then having a defender like Joel at center to go along with the hustler haslem, which became arguably our most effective front court tandem...Chalmers can be played at combo guard, but back up harris for certain minutes, wade can handle some PG duties, heck wright proved he can handle it in limites minutes, and ray allen can come in also at times as an all out shooting fest line up of allen, chalmers, richardson, wright, and haslem...But Ray allen would be key for the heat to sign, a 2 year deal would suit him...well who knows, its a dream but a dream that I feel pat riley can grasp because it is realistic even with so much hope weiighing on it

hedo likes toronto......leave him out of a deal...too expensive and why get him when ridy gay, joe johnson and others are unrestricted free agents.....

Bosh yes, Hedo heck nooooooo!!!!

if this happens, if I was Wade, I'd walk.

i think a jordan/pippen type thing would work best in miami. The reason being: I don't any great dominant big men in the NBA that can make a anfernee/kobe/dwade - shaq combination possible.

If i was Wade, I would consider going to Orlando. The state of FL would still love him because he stayed in FL, but he would have a great coach in SVG, a decent team (of course they would have to get rid of some guys in a trade ) and a dominant center. Bosh just isn't dominant enough to, when paired with Wade, put them over the top and Amare needs the ball too much and where he adds, it will subtract from DWades performance(they both drive the lane)and leave us not really gaining much.

You guys smoking that pipe if u think Dwade and Amare taking pay cuts for anyone on their last contract in their prime.. Just not happening..I dont blame them. Bring Ray Ray as our 3rd guy he will make Dwade a walking triple double every night just like he does for Rondo.

Is there any way we could get Bosh & Novitski ??? Now THAT would be Fun !!!

When i read the first few paragraphs, i was like "eww, turkoglu???"
But then i thought about it... I have been all for trading Beasley because this system isnt fit for him, and if we resign Q Rich, he'd be a great backup to Hedo...

And also, how about going after Raymond Felton with the mid-level exception??? This could be a great offseason and future seasons, but it would have to be played rite or it could be devastating and set us back a few years like Toronto last year

Why not Lebron James? Although the odds appear very small, it's still a possibility.

- As evidenced by his contrasting performance in Toronto and Orlando, Hedo needs the ball in his hands to be effective. He won't get that chance in Miami. If he lands in Miami, he'll consistently display low statistical performance while using up highly needed cap space.

- It's all about the money. Chris Bosh is definitely going the sign and trade option. Where he lands is TBD.

That sucks...Booze, a solid PG And 1 or two more pieces would be better than that crap. No out of the question conditio ns should be put on spending money.

some of you must think the nba is a video game. u spend all that money and then have no bench

^ The bench comes as you get a championship caliber team. Veterans are willing to play for minimum just for a shot at a title, as it was the case with Payton, Mourning, Pj Brown and etc. Nobody good however will play for minimum on a rebuilding team.


Tell me, how are you going to trade JO to Houston when he's an UFA? (JO just earned $22M in the final year of his contract.)

Your proposal is flawed from the start.

Get your facts straight! (Editor?)

You're an unprofessional hack. (Fire this douche!)

James, he is suggesting a sign and trade with J'Oneal. That is PAINFULLY obvious.
And if this deal comes along we should take it.
Think about it, hes absolutely correct about Hedo being a great third option but sub par 2nd option. Also, Hedo is a ball handler/distributor who runs the pick and roll as well if not better than 70% of the PG's in the league. Meaning we could get a spot up 3 point shooting PG who doesn't really have to run the offense too much. THose are WAY easier to find than true pg's these days. We would have enough money to resign UD, and we get to use our Mid Level. I don't agree with a lot that Mike says, but this is actually pretty brilliant.

Bosh said the only way hes going is a sign and trade, because he wants the extra 30 million so there will be a bidding war for his services if he ends up going

what if we got to trade...

COOK / JAMES JONES / + drafts rights BEVERLY


would the NUGGETS bite it...


Please no hedo!!!!!!!!'mm

Dwyane Wade, Amare Stoudemire and Joe Johnson.....Im all for it! that trio is better than any other option we may be looking at. amare is younger than bosh and plays with more intimidating passion lol so i rather amare over bosh any day. Then we go after Devin Harris by trading Beasley to nets and we go after Ray Allen as well.


1) Harris
2) Wade
3) Johnson
4) Stoudemire
5) Big from free agency to start


1) Chalmers
2) Allen
3) Q.Rich
4) Haslem
5) J. Anthony
Depth: Arroyo, Magloire, patrick beverly, robert dozier, who ever.

15 strong folks!!!! team to be reckoned with!!!

dont like j r smith in miami. No way!!! troubled player!!!

You guys are dumb if you think Raptors would take your garbage (Beasley, Jones, Cook, Magloire) for our franchise player.
Bosh wants a sign and trade so he can get extra $30 million and the Raptors are not taking any Heat players back as they are all garbage other than Wade.
Raptors can get so much more from Rockets than Heat and here are some options (pick any three): Scola, Ariza, Hill, Martin, Brooks, Battier - all of those players are better than any of Heat assets.

Agree with Beasley being garbage! But do the Raptors have any say in this?? Are they still even an Nba team? I thought by this time they had moved them out of that dead city and Canada all together.

Again, Amare HAS to be #1 option Shaq doesn't approve of Bosh lol!!

What about this trade, it sounds the same as your proposal:

To Raptors:
- Dwayne Wade ($15 mil)

To Heat
- Marcus Banks ($5 mil) Expiring
- Reggie Evans ($5 mil) Expiring
- Sonny Weems ($1 mil) Expiring
- Rasho Nesterovic (re-sign and trade) $1 mil
- Demar DeRozan (young player with potential)

This way Raptors have Hedo, Bosh and Wade. I am just putting this proposal out there to show you how funny your trade ideas sound to other fans.

"But do the Raptors have any say in this?? Are they still even an Nba team? I thought by this time they had moved them out of that dead city and Canada all together."

Here is a reference you might find interesting which shows attendance levels in the league and the dead city still draws a larger crowd than your hot spot.

If I was Wade I'd think seriously about joining the Thunder.

I think this would be a very bad move.

I'd rather have Amare and another good free agent with the money we'll save from trading easley than Bosh and Hedo's corpse.

Hedo was horrific in Toronto this year. He was a disaster on the court and a cancer on the locker room. Anyone who's done any reading on the subject knows that he's "signed and retired." He spent more time clubbing than practicing, it seems like.

It doesnt matter who we add to the team - as long as Beasley is gone we will be perfectly fine.

Dont no Y Bosh wants to be greedy and go for his extra 30mil because he is not a max player if you ask me and i would rather have Amare over him who will probably be cheaper and in my opinion has passed Bosh back up as probably the best PF in the league or second best. Y take an old and beat-up HEDO when you can have a young JOE JOHNSON or RUDY GAY... Riley said Dynasty and we dont want to be like the Celtics are now with there 1 and done players. Lets be like the Spurs and Lakers and make great front office moves. Agian, Bosh is not worth a max like LEBRON and Wade are. We still need to hope that the Nets win the #1 pick so that we can trade Beasley and Cook for Harris because every team in the playoffs had an all-star caliber PG except us and we still need a new COACH or else it will not matter who we sign...

A FAN why would wade go from a top 3 city in the nation to that tunnel compared to miami?. plus why would he go to durants team when he has his own?.He wouldnt work well with a shoot me 1st westbrook and a let me shoot every shot durant.Do you think wade a top 3 player in the world would take 12 shots a night in OKC?you are nothing more than a bored thunder fan

We don't have to do anything like this Bosh will be a free agent we could just get Bosh without the sign and trades so why do all this signing and trading?

i would rather get boozer and joe johnson than take on hedo.Bosh isnt a max player but desperation calls for it.If he wants to go to houston in a sign and trade,then he will go to another lottery team gutted from that trade.Sure $30 millions is a lot but you cant have it both ways.He will recoup that money by going to the finals and getting exposure will get you ads and money.BTW i would rather get amare for the same price.While bosh rebounds better,he is afraid to get in the hole and knowing how he got his face busted,he will start shooting 3s from now on

boozer and joe johnson each at $12 mills for 5 seasons.Wade at $17 millions and that is $41 millions.If we can somehow trade beasley and cook and james jones for cap space to washington(i know that would be crazy trading beasley a talented kid for just money)but that would give us around $12 millions to spend on two good players like haywood and ray allen and we are set.


sg-wade/ray allen

sf-joe johnson/wright

pf-boozer/draft or vet min


ray allen will get starter minutes by sliding wade to pg in the last quarter and next season we upgrade by using the MLE.The bench is a bit thin,but the rotation is deep and can spell the bench if the scoring is faltering

What's unbelievable about the Heat's approach to this year's free agency is they act as if the Cavs, Nets, Knicks, Bobcats, Bulls ect. will not upgrade their rosters as well. And if history is any guide, the other teams will do it better than the Heat. I hope I'm pleasantly surprised.

Read more:

There is no player on the HEAT roster (without the initials DW) that the Raptors would accept in a trade for Bosh.

Hate to burst your bubble, but for a trade to work, there must be value going both ways.

Colangelo will take nothing and walk away from a sign-n-trade rather than take garbage in return.

Chicago and Houston are 2 teams that are well ahead of Miami in the Bosh sweepstakes in a S&T scenario.

The Knicks have no chance either, for the same reason.

Unless you can get a 3rd team involved that can offer the Raptors something they want, Miami has no chance, unless Bosh signs without a sign-n-trade.

Bosh will ONLY go in a sign & trade. Priorities for Bosh AND his agent, are to (1) get max money; (2) go to a contender; in that order. The only way that he can get max money, is to deal with Toronto, either by staying or going in a sign & trade. All routes to Bosh go through Bryan Colangelo. THERE IS NO CHANCE THAT BOSH WILL LEAVE MONEY ON THE TABLE!!!

If Riley wasted two years of Wade's prime for the chance to get Bosh, I will be mad. Pipe dream or not, getting Lebron is the only way to build a dynasty. Wade and Bosh with whatever else is a team that can compete for titles for a few years, but wasn't worth wasting 2 years. Anything less than Lebron means Riley screwed up.

i should prefer to land AMARE down here on HEAT UNIFORM next season...

i just think of BEASLEY & COOK + draft rigths (DOZIER)ALSO WITH OUR FUTURE (1ST ROUND PICK FROM TORONTO) to trade on WIZARDS for...




Yitz, that is just a dumb statement. Chris Bosch can put up 22 a night and grab 12 boards. Not to mention the value he brings as a skilled 7footer. And saying lebron or bust leaves you no room to improve the team without adding the 2nd best player in the NBA (we already have the first), which is simply false. We can improve in a ton of ways and combos, so that statement is wrong and misinformed.

Earthjuice, we have 2 things Toronto wants: their 1st round draft pick, and Michael beasely. Normally beasely for bosh would be rediculous, but toronto doesn't have any leverage here. If they wait till July then bosh can opt out of his contract and they get NOTHING for him. Im not saying theyll do it, but they may as well get their draft pick and a promising player like beasely for a guy they have no claim over anymore.

Hey Mike Wallce I have some suggestions for your blog during the offseason to help u learn how to cover a team. Talk about what players are doing, talk about the free agent sweeps league-wide, talk about salary cap info and the politics behind the collective bargaining coming up... It's like he just writes something when a story falls in his lap! am I alone on this? Mike, you should immerse yourself in everything NBA and everything Miami Heat. We want info, you go to the top and get it. You know, LIKE A REPORTER!

it would be good for both teams...

trade idea:

miami heat trade: BEASLEY / COOK / + DOZIER...

washington wizards trade: BLATCHE / YOUNG / there 1st round pick 2010...(lottery pick COUSINS)... HOPEFULLY WE COULD HAVE THIS TRADE IDEA...





pg chalmers / *vasquez
sg wade / ^young,n. / *landesberg
sf *james / wright / ^outlaw,t.
pf ^amare / ^blatche / haslem
c *cousins / *parakhouski / anthony,j.

get rid of the ff. to have cap space... *randolph,s. *hasbrouck *diawara *magloire *arroyo *o'neal,j. *q-rich...

if only we can dealt q-rich & draft rights: beverly + future 1st round pick (from toronto) also with sort of cash consideration...

TO NETS: DEVIN HARRIS PG, this piece would solidify the team & these roster D.WADE wanted...

imagine starting line-up would...
pg ^harris
sg wade
sf (our 1st rnd. pick)*damion james
pf ^amare
c *demarcus cousins
(1st rnd pick from wizards thru beasley trade)



Harley is the only other person on this blog that knows why one sure way of getting Bosh is through a sign and trade. Bosh will not leave money on the table. The Toronto and Bosh have leverage. The same holds true for Amari, he's not going to leave money on the table either. So if we want Bosh we would probably have to take Hedo. That gives us who we want, and gives Toronto roster flexibility in 2011.

This is total crap. If we need to do a sign and trade for Bosh, then why didn't we just pull the trigger on the Amare/Richardson move this past spring?

Oops! Because of Beasley's potential... that's right.

If we are going into a bidding war for Bosh, we will lose. We have nothing to offer. And if the plan was to go into a sign and trade for this long, then why didn't we just make a trade for Bosh sooner?

Whatever. I'm still hopeful Riley will deliver either Amare or Bosh, but a point MUST be added. It's a HUGE must.

Remember Toronto can pay Bosh 27 million more than Miami according to the CBA. Would you leave that much money on the table......hell no. Same with Amari. Their present teams can pay them more than than the Heat can.

this is so silly i cant believe i read this fantasy trade garbage in the newpaper shouldn't this be in the fantasy section of the nba this writer has alot of time since miami seasons done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Need ... point .... guard ... need ... point ... guard. CP3, would you like Miami?

I also think it's hysterical that we could end up with a player who DQ'ed himself from too much partying -- in Miami!!! I know some Toronto clubs are great, but can you see Hedo(nistic) in South Beach? Like a kid in a candy store ...

This might be blasphemy to Miami fans but I'd rather see Miami trade Wade for Rose or Jennings and a 1st round pick then sign Joe Johnson, Amare, and Bosh.

Rose or Jennings
J.Johnson/Draft Pick
Q.Rich/Wright/Draft Pick
Bosh/Haslem/Draft Pick
Amare/Draft Pick haters the heats worst fans have commented here support your heat hedo took orlando to the finals nerds he did without him they would have not gone that far far they need to jump on this quick for wade f.u.k lbj and his selfish a.s.s

i agree with some others:

Why didn't we trade for Boozer if we're going to cut most of these guys anyway? We could have had good playoff run (like Utah) and had him on the team already where we could give two max deals without having to try to figure out how we're going to sign and trade for him. Also since he was on a year contract, it would have been like a trial run to see if he was a good fit, if not...bye and on to the next one: Bosh.

We could have done the same with Amare. We turned down two players who wanted to come to Miami and now are helping their teams move to the second round. Two star players on 1 year contracts (Amare will opt out) is like giving a star a trial run to see if he fits your system and if so, it would be easy to sign them to max contracts instead of figuring out what garbage teams will accept in sign and trades.

Riley really mucked this up, so please don't tell me how great he is because the scenarious above would have been better options.

I said this before and I will say it again the game has past riley bye. How else could u explain the moves we have made over a ten year period. Dorell Wright over jameer nelson look how that turned out. The only way we got d wade was because he fell in our lap. We forced the lakers to take caron butler they wanted dorell wright guess pat saw potenial the same he sees n beasley. What a wasted pick we could have had oj mayo a scoring point guard who's big and d wade like. On those terrible moves alone we could have had d wade jameer nelson caron butler and o j mayo to play with. Throw Amare or Bosh along with that we would have a contending team nelson, wade, butler, bosh or amare and a serviceable big man we wouldn't even have this blog to write on. Pat Riley u are killing our team Wade saved u in 06 now its time for u to save him n 2010

not really. if riley made those moves ur talking about we would not have won our only championship in franchise history. so what ur saying is dumb!!!

There is an interesting deal to make with the Hornets for Darren Collison by taking on Emeka Okafor's huge contract, in a trade sending Beasley, Cook, Jones.(Try it out on ESPN's trade machine) You get a starting caliber playmaker in Collison who filled in amzingly for CP3 and a double double center in Okafor.
You would still have cap space to sign two free agents like Boozer and Joe Johnson and finally Wade.



I love idiots like I wish bob macadoo first of all dorell wright didn't contribute anythn to our championship run. Alonzo mourning was more of a factor then Shaq dummy so what r u talking about like I said before know basketball before u open your mouth.

To all the comments that say why to the sign and trade for Bosh he can just walk and sign where he wants. There will be a sign and trade as Bosh has stated his love for Toronto and his desire to leave the team in a good situation if he does go. So since there is a good relationship between the Raptors and Bosh you can count on a sign and trade. The money will be on the table from Toronto and Colangalo has also been given the go from ownership to exceed the tax limit. The same goes for amare with the suns. So if the heat sign these guys they will have to give up players to do so. And there will be a line up of teams with packages for the Raptors to chose so the package better be good.

if the nets draft john wall this season, could the nets bite if we offer them a trade of:

q-rich / jones /+ beverly & dozier to...



Joe Johnson,
Then quality fillers. To the jerk who obviously never been to Toronto, many films that you think are filmed in New york and various other places are film in Toronto because the city has so many different looks and things to offer. I live in Miami, just left Dubai on my way back from Pattaya in Thailand. Planning trip to D.R. Long story short this international player rates Toronto very high.

( Heat= top five team for the balance of the decade)

I like Amare instead of Bosh anyway. But no way on Hedo!!!! I heard that CP3 might be available if that team gets sold. Maybe throw in Beasley,and/or Cook and a 1st round pick. See what happens. Think of this:
Chris Paul
fill in whoever for SF

WOW!!! That's SICK!!!!

I would perfer Joe Johnson and/or Amare Stoudamire as apposed to Bosh or any other free agent not named Lebron. Thats my wish list, my dream. To sign one out right and snag a sign and trade for the other before resigning Wade to his long term max deal. That would deplete our salary to the point that only mid-level exemptions, rookies, and min salary players will be the only ones we will be able to fill out the rest of our squad with but so what. With that nucleous we got a 2-3-4 line up, or even a 1-3-5 lineup. Stoudamire is a true 4 that can play very well at the 5 spot, better than Bosh can. And Johnson can play any spot in the back court or on the wing. He has 1-2-and3 ability. Of course Wade also has that 1-2 ability.

i think the heat should go after stoudamire wade signed back hopefully then get brandon haywood then salmon from the bucks resign haslem & Q rich then trade jones cook for an PG good one

We need to do a sign and trade for cap space purposes... i would love to see us trade beasley, and who ever else is needed to get this done...

PG Felton, Chalmers
SG Wade
SF Johnson, Wright
PF Amari
C Joel Anthony

We will need to go get at least a backup SG and PF... i would love to keep cook and halslem if possible for that... send the toronto conditional pick or our pick and a player or two in the sign and trades with the two of the suns, hawks, and bobcats...i would trade our two first round picks only if we get a pick back the next year or the year after in the first round

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