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Postgame Breakdown: Magic 108, Heat 102 (OT)

Credit the Heat for fighting. But credit the Magic for finishing.Magic Heat Main

After four playoff-intense matchups between the teams this season, Miami and Orlando are even. After losing the first two meetings, the Magic rallied to take the last two games from the Heat, including Thursday's 108-102 victory at AmericanAirlines Arena.

The Heat tied the game late in the fourth after trailing by as many as 12 points midway through the period. But Orlando (49-21) made every extra shot, grabbed every loose rebound and came away with just enough blocks to reject the Heat (35-34).

After winning the first three games of the homestand, Miami is now 3-2, with the six-game stretch ending Saturday against nemesis Charlotte, which is 3-0 against the Heat this season.

Dwyane Wade, Jermaine O'Neal and Mario Chalmers did enough to put Miami in position to win down the stretch. But a couple of missed shots and late-game turnovers proved to doom the Heat's chances. These teams could very well see one another again in the postseason.

If the standings hold to form, the second-place Magic would host the seventh-place Heat in the opening round of the Eastern Conference playoffs.

D. WADE'S DOINGS: If the Heat is facing the Magic, you may as well go ahead and book Wade for at least 30 points. He always gets his numbers against former coach Stan Van Gundy and Orlando. He doesn't always get the victories, however. Wade tossed in 36 points, grabbed 10 boards and dished out seven assists on the way to filling every statistical category on the stat sheet. Wade was 12 of 26 from the field, 3 of 7 on threes and 9 of 10 from the free-throw line. He had a shot to win it in regulation, but found himself dwarfed by Matt Barnes and Dwight Howard with three seconds left before he launched a fall-away, twisting, one-handed heave. It wasn't close. The Magic loaded up on Wade in overtime, and didn't allow him the clean looks Vince Carter and Rashard Lewis got in the extra period. Still, Wade tied Alonzo Mourning with his 442 double-figure scoring game with the Heat.

TURNING POINT: Vince Carter's three-point play in the overtime period essentially put the Magic in control. He scored on a floater over Dorell Wright, was fouled and converted the free throw to put the Magic ahead 104-100 with 2:13 left in the extra period. You could tell that took the wind out of the Heat.

WINNING/LOSING EDGE: The Magic outrebounded the Heat 33-24 in the second half and overtime, and held a 20-14 edge in second-chance scoring. In a game decided by slim margins, this was the one that  Magic Heat Beas stuck out most, especially coming down the stretch.

HEAD-SCRATCHER: For all of the Heat fans who scream for Michael Beasley to finish games, there was one voice heard above all others late in Thursday's loss. A fan sitting a few rows back from press row yelled, "Take Beasley out" after the second-year forward committed a turnover late in the game. He had at least two blunders down the stretch, including a play when he mishandled a pass from Wade in transition that would have led to a layup. Beasley remains very much a polarizing figure with this team. At times, he appeared completely lost while trying to guard Rashard Lewis. At other times, Beasley's confidence soared. He made a key floater in the lane that put the Heat ahead 95-93 with 27.3 seconds left in regulation. He also made two free throws to give the Heat a 100-99 lead with 3:09 left in overtime. But his turnover with 1:19 left and the Heat trailing 105-100 was critical in that spot. These are the type of growing pains he probably should have been learning through throughout the season. For those who criticize Spoelstra's handling of Beasley, well, he went with the second-year forward for the duration of overtime while veteran Udonis Haslem sat the entire extra period. Not saying it was the wrong decision. Just saying the debate likely rages on. I've maintained all season Miami needs to find a way to make these guys co-exist. That hasn't been the case.

KEY CONTRIBUTION:Dwight Howard has struggled so much against Jermaine O'Neal and the Heat thisMagic Heat JO season that he even anticipated another tough night Thursday. O'Neal did his job again and forced Howard into foul trouble. Dwight was limited to 10 points and 11 rebounds on 3 of 9 shooting in 31 minutes. O'Neal finished with 14 points, six rebounds and five blocks, with at least four rejections coming against Howard in a straight-up situation. O'Neal didn't get much going on offense either, but over the last three games, he has frustrated Samuel Dalembert, Tim Duncan and Howard. The Heat is 1-2 to show for it. But still, O'Neal is giving the Heat what it expected when it traded for him last February. He's finding his comfort zone and legs at just the right time of the season.

NEXT UP: Charlotte Bobcats at Heat, 7:30 p.m. Saturday - AmericanAirlines Arena

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We should all stop talking about Beasley because this coaching staff, it’s GM, and it’s franchise player have already given the edict that this is winning time and te only way Riley and his protege Sporon coach to win is to ride veterans and veteran scrubs alike until the wheels fall off. Beasley could go out tonight and score another 14 pts in the 4th like he did a while ago and it still won’t matter. Beasley could go out and get boards all night and it still won’t matter. Beasley could go out and play good defense and it still won’t matter. Beasley can go out and score 20 in one half and it still won’t matter. Beasley can go out and get more blocks than Udonis an it still won’t matter. No matter what Beasley does he is playing in a system that is stacked up against him. We have heard the gamut of excuses ranging from last year’s farce of Diawara starting at PF over Beas despite being a D-league scrub, to asthma, to sugar intake, or whatever lame excuse Spotard can cook up. All the young guys are not getting minutes with the exception of the scrub Chalmers because Rafer split. Let’s just stop and acknowledge that Wade has given the orders that he wants to win and that means all the vets playing for contracts have taken over. Face the facts, the vets that are not going to be here next year because they know the Heat is cleaning house are being repaid for the service this year or in the case of the alltime glorified scrub named Haslem for a career’s worth of loyal hustle and grit. It is why Jermaine has taken over as the second leading scorer. It is why Q-bitch has started all year with any serious threat to his starting spot despite not being deserving of such role. It is why James Jones has started to finally see the court after ages of sitting. It is why Haslem has been treated like an undercover starting PF and played EVERY single 4th quarter over the token starter Beasley. It is why Haslem is getting more minutes than the token starter. It is why I wouldn’t be surprised in 2-3 weeks to see Haslem re-installed as the starter at PF an get 40 minutes next to Wade in the playoffs. Why? Because a stupid Diva named Wade has given the orders that he is most comfortable with vets to go into playoff battle and has such limited vision when it comes to the overall vision of developing the stud young PF. The stupid Diva thinks he can take a playoff team out in the first rd on his own with Haslem setting him picks all day. Just like last year, the arrogant Diva will launch up shots all day in a vain effort just like last year and face triple teams and at the end of the day he will b1tch that he needs more scoring support. But hey, stupid Diva’s get what they deserve and Riley and company will indeed cater to him because they are walking on eggshells.

Leave Beasley alone people! The boy has been a good teammate, matured this season, got over his weed smoking habit, continued to work hard, gotten better at defense, an most importantly kept his mouth shut when he has all the reasons in the world to b1tch. Go back to all of Spotard’s comments about Beas not plating inthe 4th and you will get the reason why he doesn’t play and I quote “Michael’s day will come” which means that he is under contract for next year, has not been traded by Riley when he could have been traded long ago, and even Beasley has said that instead of giving him the keys to the franchise he has been made to go to driving school and take his time. So this is what we know, basically the entire team next year will leave and the only guys under contract will be Beas and the rest of the young guys. Hopefully Wade resigns and the money that belonged to Shaq and now Jermaine will be spent most likely on a once in a lifetime pitch to the BIW Lebron an if that fails it will be Amare who for sure will sign with us. I don’t see Bosh coming down here. I see Amare being the best complement to Wade as he will play in the paint, , Wade will drive and attack, and Beas will help space the court better for Wade and Amare.

Beasley remains very much a polarizing figure with this team. At times, he appeared completely lost while trying to guard Rashard Lewis. At other times, Beasley's confidence soared. He made a key floater in the lane that put the Heat ahead 95-93 with 27.3 seconds left in regulation. He also made two free throws to give the Heat a 100-99 lead with 3:09 left in overtime. But his turnover with 1:19 left and the Heat trailing 105-100 was critical in that spot. ******These are the type of growing pains he probably should have been learning through throughout the season.*******

These are exactly the types of *objective* comments that Ira should be making, but his Sporon/Haslem-loving ass is incapable of unbiased reporting.

But let's not take credit away from Sporon were credit is due. Our genious coach is world-renowned for developing young players, so he’s directly responsible for how Beasley, Chalmers and Cook have turned out. Also, why did it take Dorrell 6 years to break out under Sporon’s tutelage?

King Riley you are a jackass. I also am a Beasley supporter but to blame it on Wade and not on SPORON and Riley is just dumb on your part.


Let's give Sporon a break, he’s learning X’s and O’s on the fly through trial & error, learning from his mistakes. He doesn’t have the benefit of sitting on the bench and learning through osmosis, as Beasley does. Beasley should be thankful to have been drafted by an organization that let’s him learn from the bench. There is no better way for a player to learn how to close a contested game than to watch his teammates do it for a few years.

I hope that was sarcasm because the heat are not good because the heat are not winning any contested games. There are barely over 500 with this coach with another 1st rd exit in the future coming.Every time some1 shows promise,this team finds a way to turn it into a lie.I use to think it was just the young guys but they do it to the vets too.They got more players who started with DNP's
Than any other team in the league.Who is more confused? Me,the players or that dumb @zz coach.Most definitely the Sproron! I will say JO refuse to let them hold him back.

JP what are you saying.......english please. This is a .500 team, and that's what their record is. Player win games, not coaches. If you put together a team with a superstar, and some very less talented player you have a .500. Beaz isn't acclimated to the NBA yet. He should be a jr in college, expanding his fundamental. Fundamentals he hasn't fully demonstrated in the NBA. Should he play at the end of games, maybe, maybe not. The way the team is composed .500 should be everyone's expectation.

Arroyo started the fourth quarter, and was replaced after a couple of minutes. The Heat was down by five at that point. Then, the offense seemed very disorganized, and fell behind by ten in the blink of an eye.

we lost, beas had some good plays and bad ones, so what. let the kid play. besides wades still makes careless turnovers in the clutch and he has doing so all season long so, what's his excuse wallace? mabe u have but, i have never heard u directly criticize wade. all im saying is fair is fair. it was a good game but we lost, can we just leave it at that and stop insinuating that we lost becuz of beasley. and who cares if haslem was on the bench the whole time in overtime he wasnt playing well anyway

Spro sucks! I will speak it in english,spanish,mexican or any other language you need to hear it in.The team is and has been average,
so that is why you play Beas.

Good Pt. Wallace; And what I have said many times:
Beasley is going to be lost because; you learn by playing NOT by sitting on the bench.
When Beasley was drafted with the SECOND PICK,
Haslem should have been traded for a pt. guard;

That way Beasley would have had his growing pains during his rookie year, and now would be playing with confidence.
Now Miami has a player that looks scared and lost; He did not play that way at KState.
Give him 40 minutes a night
(regardless of how he is playing or shooting) since his rookie year and he would be playing like his friend Durant.

Let's not forget making him lose weight to play SF than asking him to bang with PF. Waiste of development at PF you ask me.

Inconsistent players showing flashes of greatness (be it in a play, a off/def series, or a stretch of games) have potential to harness their ability and use it at will. Some players have a larger learning curve than others, and beasely is one of them. He still needs to grow into his body and figure his game out (other than fly high alleyoooop from dwade). Give him a 3rd yr, prob 4th yr. I hate holding on to projects too long and lose value, but I'd hate to see a supremely talented basketball player get moved and then erupt into a league superstar. Tis the rub, Miami heat fans.

Def no PT late in the 4th with the game on the line. I know he won't learn unless he's exposed to the situation but we have the playoffs at stake here!

T_time...Agreed with you.

First: SPO; Why you didn't bring back Carlos Arroyo? He played solid all game long and you decided not to use with either on the remaining 4th quater or the OT Time.

Second: Bealey; why're you shooting so fast. You're capable of many things but you're lacking on what I call "Intelligent Game"

Third: Why we still getting the ball to Wade on the 4 quater? We all know that Wade usually is tired on the 4 quater because all that he contributed previously. We need a Team to play on the 4 quater and not a one man show. At least not this year because we're lacking on someone that help Wade right now.

SPO; go to your staff and get advices because it was clear what I added on my analysis.

"He (Beasley) had at least two blunders down the stretch, including a play when he mishandled a pass from Wade in transition that would have led to a layup."

The coaching staff sit him down in the closing moments against crap teams all year, and put him in against the 3rd best team in the NBA? Was he set up to fail? Oh well, hopefully, the kid uses this as a valuable learning experience.

The writing is on the wall...Tito will be traded - he's as good as gone! He can shoot - that's basically it. Has poor chemistry with Wade's game, poor defender, slow with everything, weak passer especially blind when attempting his long, painful, predictable drives going left almost every time he puts his head down to drive, and can only imagine all the babysitting Tito needs. He just not worth it.

I like Beasley, but he was DREADFUL last night. He did do his part in the final minute and would've been a nice story if we could've finished off the magic in the 4th quarter. But we didn't. I still can't get the image of Lewis being open in the corner, a running Beasley who was lost on his assignment trying to get back, but Rashard knocked down a 3 to go up by 6. You can tell Wade was very, very upset at Beasley. Rightfully so, where the hell was he?

I blame this SOLELY on Spoelstra. What kind of BS play did he call for wade with 3 seconds and change remaining??? What was he thinking? He put Wade in the most terrible position for that last shot. Spoelstra cannot design plays to save his life. Riley was a master at this. You could always bet that the Heat would score after every and any timeout when Riley designed a play. But Spoelstra "designs" a play to give the ball to Wade only 10 feet from the basket where he's obviously going to get double and triple teamed. At least design something that will attract attention and then kick it out to a wide open shooter!

Furthermore, I've finally figured his rotation out. Spoelstra plays whoever has done the hustle plays throughout each individual game. Regardless of how good they are or if they should even be in the game down the stretch. This is why beasley is almost never in the game at crunch time.

Beasley is going to be lost because; you learn by playing NOT by sitting on the bench.

Posted by: pmartin | Friday, March 19, 2010 at 07:53 AM

The damage has been done. This whole Beasley experiment has been handled poorly. It's about time we do the kid a favor and trade him.

Oh yeah ... and fire that jacka_s Sporon.

Beasley looks shot. The Tito experiment is over. His career peak will never mesh with Wade's or ... any of the pending 2010 free agent signings. Get rid of this baby.

My B-Easy bash continues.... The Heat win last night's game had Tito made any effort last night. How can anyone count on him with that type of effort. There's just no learning curve with him...he's just a basket-case. There's plenty of suckers out there still looking for his upside. Dump him before he turns into Darko.

I have seen Beasley finish two games, the one against the Hawks which he was brilliant and last night against Orlando which he kinda sucked. All I'm saying is give the kid a break theres plenty of blame to go around..that includes the coach,the team president and teammates.

We are exactly where we thought we be before the season started so I'm not mad!!! I see us having the same record as last year or possibly better. Did y'all see our remaining games after Charlotte and the Bucks games we may have the easiest remaining schedule out of the five teams fighting for playoff position. Also Beasley is going to be alright it's just growing pains of developing while under the regime of a superstar player. As long as we don't miss the playoffs than we haven;t regress at all.

Beasley is actually ok...he will be better on a better team...I wonder why the heat don't notice their approach of keep putting their new talent down breaks their confidence and nothing more. Cook, Beasley, Wright, and probably Butler if he would have stayed...look how much better the other Butler Rasual plays now or players that leave Miami play including PJ Brown and Bowen who were offensive liabilities in miami...eddie jones numbers went up...etc.

Sporon loses a lot of games for us. He let's blowouts become close before calling timeouts...Then he gets outcoached in close games and we lose.

Sporon's a loser and we all can see that. Not as a person, but he's a loser as a coach. Van Gundy came into Miami and quickly changed things, so for those saying wait on Sporon, I ask why? SVG wasn't given that luxury, so why should Sporon?

Beasley plays like garbage more times than not. Most of yall need to get his sack out your mouths so yall can see it!

Dwade was open off the initial screen on the last play in regulation...Dwright waited till Wade was almost in the corner to make the pass and he got, well, cornered...Dwright makes that pass a second earlier and we get an open look.

I don't think these guys are getting enough practice for late, close game situations...when was the last time we defended well or scored in those situations? Gortat got one of the inbound lobs with the shot clock running out that have burned us all season...WTF Spo, coach em up, have some set plays and realize what teams are doing to us...

Spo bashers, go ahead and bash...

i agree with lonepanther when riley was the coach you knew after a timeout something good was going to happen, especially in crunch time you will think spo would've learn something by now but no that drives me nuts i've noticed thru out the whole season thats the case a turnover after every friggin timeout, i just think riley gave spo the coaching job because of him being so close to wade as an assistant coach in past years but i really think riley either will take over again after he builds his dream team next year or will hire somebody with alot more experience than spo, coach spo might have some good work ethic and good relationship with riles and wade but that does not make him the men for this job, his record with the heat is 78 and 73 in 2 yrs not good enough.

Last nights game was a tough loss but you can't blame it all Beasley cause if he was allowed to play in the fourth quarter more often in the season he would be better prepared by now. Yes he wasn't perfect but he had a monster block on Gortat, drove down the lane to tie the game,and he hit two clutch free-throws so give the kid a break.

I'm done giving him a break. Tito has always been THE go-to-guy his whole life until now. Some guys get it...most don't. He's on an island with his game. we come.

Beasley once again proved to be useless. I hope my fellow Heat fans soon admit to him being the biggest bust this franchise has ever and will ever see.

These are the type of growing pains he probably should have been learning through throughout the season.
That is all we've been saying.

Let's give Sporon a break, he’s learning X’s and O’s on the fly through trial & error, learning from his mistakes. He doesn’t have the benefit of sitting on the bench and learning through osmosis, as Beasley does. Beasley should be thankful to have been drafted by an organization that let’s him learn from the bench. There is no better way for a player to learn how to close a contested game than to watch his teammates do it for a few years.

Posted by: Ira V*Gina | Friday, March 19, 2010 at 03:04 AM

Yes, this was sarcasm.

I 'm sick and tired of this orginazation drafting these kids in the 1st rd And not letting them play through there ups and downs.
I can accept and put blame on a player(Chalmers) for becoming
A bust on the court getting on the job training.I can't accept it when there not getting the consistent on the job training that
Is necessary for a 1st rd pick unless they had to watch & learn
From champions(division,conference or nba). We have create
Bad players by how we handle our young players.The only good
Young players we have create in this regime is Wade,Butler & Haslem.They all played for Stan who trusted & played the hell out
Of them.HE went through there growing pains while they were
On the court & they all shine today.AVG (after vangundy) has had
A different approach and has CREATED bust(Wright)after bust(Cook) after bust(possible BEasley).Either you made a mistake
In the draft or you are making mistakes in your approach to this
Growing list of players not living up to there full potential AVG.
This orginization will zap all the confidence out of a young player.
In the process they lose respect for the coaches and the orginization.

And to think we got 2 more 1st rd picks to screw up or over.I should be excited about that but it is actually depressive to think about them using them in anything other than a trade.

If you are a draft pick you better pray Miami either doesn't draft you or trades you after they draft you. There is no way you can excel here...and please don't start with Wade. SVG played him and allowed him to develop. SVG would have played Beasley and allowed him also to develop.

Let's Go Heat... Win or Lose. Tough loss to swallow but on Charlotte tomorrow night.

Do y'all realize the remaining games in the whole month of April is all against sub .500 teams. We can finish the season at an 8-0 streak very easily. Now I know with this season Heat they have been shaky against sub .500 teams but I have faith.

jpejeff, Michael Beasley is a BUST not possibly. He was a bust since draft day.

Watch now the ruff part of this minni scedule is over,Sporon will go back to finishing Haslem at the end of games.It has been a consistent pattern all year to sit Haslem & play Beasley against the elite teams.It also wouldn't be a shock if Haslem started by the playoffs.

Im just speech-less at this point when it comes to Beasley. Im so confused. I cant vouche for this guy if he keeps coming out and putting up performances like this. He was getting torched all night by Lewis, was irrelavant on defense again and especially REBOUNDING. Good thing for him is that Haslem was just as worst. I'm at lost for words. I think we have to start the game off with Beasley as our #1 scoring option to get him going because he just does not have what it takes at this stage in his career to get in the flow of a game like Wade does and hes just to important to us on the offensive end of the floor. They can even make J.Oneal the second option since he is the only other player like Wade that has been consistant on both ends of the floor because we dont want to lose him on the offensive end of the floor either. Wade will get his no matter what and i think its just best for the team this year if we want to have better success this season even though Wade is our #1 option. I'm not going to get down on you Beasley, Like i know i really should. But young fella, you are going to have to learn real quick that just like a corner back gets beat in football, that you have to go on to the next play. You can come out sometimes and just say im going to dominate by opponent Lewis on the defensive end of the floor tonight because thats were my team will probably need me at most tonight or on the offensive end im going to drive to the hole everytime so that i can get Lewis in foul trouble because i know that i cannot stick him on the defensive end of the floor because he is nightmare problem for me to guard. There are others was to dominate a game Beasley, But i dont know what its going to take for you to learn that, like Haslem has with his rebounding. Beasley, i like you man. Im still wondering what you are Beasley. As in either a PF or SF because like Ira said a while back. That your a PF but think like a SF and play as if your SF instead of how a typical PF like Bosh or Amare play OR even Haslem sometimes even though he is undersized at 6'8 and not as gifted. Wake up young fellow or else you will be on the chopping blocks for trade deadline next year if your not on it in the offseason... I belive in you because i know you can do great things because i have seen you do it. But you cant keep feeling sorry for yourself in life or else you will be irrelavant in this league and the next journey-man. Cant keep using the coaches as excuse for you to either Beasley, because you prove Erica Spoelstra right sometimes man when you keep coming out putting up performances like this especially when he finally does go with you as the closer in the 4th. I dont know if its going to take for Wade to knock some heart or tuffness into you again, but im expecting a big game from you saturday in our biggest game of this home stand. If your hurt, sit out because J.Anthony can give us the production that you have been even before the injury except for the 4th qrt of that Hawks game. Wake up Beasley because you are killing YOURSELF... Do any of our draft picks ever work out??? I think Riley needs to be on the chopping blocks next year as a GM if he doesnt figure this stuff out next season and deliver us a championship caliber team because he is starting to hurt this Franchise way more than he has helped it since 2006...

beasley is in wrong team. hes judged for mistakes while Wade is not judged at all for throwing bricks from 3 pointers, because Wade is superstar. Also not quite sure why none comments about poor defense at 3point line by Haslem vs RLewis. Everyone talks about beasley incapability to defend 3point or drive, none talks about haslem mistakes. again its easy to criticize junior player.

funny thing is we could have had Bosh (i think they wanted Beasley at the time), Boozer, or Amare if we offered a realistic deal (draft pics included with Beasley).

This irritates me because:

1) It would have changed the dynamics of this season - we wouldn't have to waste it and could compete

2) They are on 1-year contracts so it wouldn't have harmed our money situation and would have been like a free 1-year tryout

3) We will end up with these players anyway at best and at least, we won't end up with any of them at all.

Riley again went and signed of all people - Rafer Alston, when there was so much talent in the off-season, so much talent available through trades (Caron, Martin, etc.) and again we end up being Rily'ed. And I won't begin on Sporon being outcoached and losing every close game...allowing blowouts to become close and then losing those...Something has got to give in Miami.

Boozer, Bosh or Amare won't be able to defend the 3pt line.

Instead of bashing Beasley we should realize his strengths and failings and put him in position to succeed instead of asking him to satisfy our retarded system.

Beasley gets picked on for his every single mistake cause so much is expected from him...I mean no one points out Haslem's faults cause all he does is rebound and as much as the coaching staff tries to praise his defense he's really not that great. On the other hand Beasley is expected to score 20 pts a game, grab 10 rebounds and be a friggin shut down defender.

I agree with UD's and Heatwave they accuse us of being on Beasley's nutsack because we support a young player?! At the same time they get mad at Beasley for everything like he's the reason the Heat our mediocre. What part of a player development don't they understand or how all young players go up and down in a season. Checkout Durant first two season and see how consistent he was and add the fact that Durant had the greenlight.

It's getting lame having to defend one of our young players who does make an effort and does not look lost on the court. How does someone look lost on the court anyway??? Nevermind we have veteran players who don't show up every game or can't even crack the rotation. Do you know how happy I was when we signed J. Jones???? I thought we got that knock down 3 point shooter finally I thought he was our guaranteed sixth man. How about Jamaal Maglorie I thought was going to provide us with rebounds, second opportunities, and blocks. How about QRich who is only effective on open wing 3 pointers and that's not even a solid option. I can go on but don't hate on Beasley just because it's the cool thing to do!!!!

i agree its not Beasley...its Riley...

We have chances to sign talent and i'm sorry folk, but if we could trade away Caron Butler, then we can trade Beasley.

My point is: When we have chances to sign talent, Riley goes after Smush Parker, Ricky Davis, Blount, and now RAFER ALSTON...

Instead of a real coach, he goes and get Sporon.

Riley's really underachieving these days and I don't like that he or Sporon gets a free past, when Stan Van Gundy turned things around and was scrutinzed not for winning, but when he made small mistakes. I think Riley does this in the media so he's not the focus because if he was, he would have been fired by now by any intelligent NBA owners.

The only reason us "Beasley fans" talk so positive about him is because we love the Heat and when this organization gets a potential superstar we want him to succeed not only for himself but for the Heat organization. How many chances does a team get to draft a #2 pick who can become a stud?...and now we're accused of being on the kid's nutsack cause we want him to succeed?

Why didn't Wade punch Beasley in the first half?

I bet in tomorrow comments they'll be no more than 15 comments because the haters won't have no ammunition. Beasley played well and the team won. I bet the first comment will be "it's just one game" haters!!!!

the heat coach is the one to blame for beeing predictable is a shame that on crucial seconds of the game he cant fine a play for Dwade, like I said before he should call Phill Jackson and asking for advises we have people that can shoot but they panic (coaching staff)


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