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Time To Get Tito's Take

Yo, Tito. Tito-Michael

By now, you should be offended. And if you're out there, my man, hit me up. I know that reality TV show you and your brothers tried to get going after Mike's untimely death has sputtered recently.

But Tito, I've got some real life drama for you here in Miami.

First, let's make one thing clear. You're innocent in all of this. All you did was find yourself related to one of the most popular entertainers in the history of musical entertainment.

Your only crime against society was simply being one of Michael Jackson's older brothers.

And now, you're caught up in this mess between the Miami Heat and TNT analyst/former NBA great Charles Barkley. Michael Beasley just won't let it go. He's a young player looking for something to motivate him to play at his best each night to prove to the league he's going to be a legit star.

No problem there.

But something Barkley said months ago, when he referred to Dwyane Wade as Michael Jackson and Wade's supporting cast as a "bunch of Tito Jacksons" still stings several Heat players, including Beasley.

Barkley Mainly Beasley, actually.

And now that Wade is out with an injury and the Heat has played well the past three games without him, the Tito talk is now the talk of the town again. At least at AmericanAirlines Arena. At least on Monday.

Full disclosure here. The Heat is actually split on whether to be offended by Barkley laying your name on them in vain. Or, rather shame.

And Wade is essentially the Mason-Dixon line on this one. At age 28, Wade is actually just old enough - and I mean barely - to possibly remember exactly who you are and what you meant to the Jacksons. That you were the brother who always wore the thickest 'fro and the coolest hats. That you played the guitar and still had the skills to hit every one of those dance steps.

In other words, that you were seriously talented. And also that there's really no shame in your game. Or name, for that matter. But then there are the younger cats on the team. Dudes who couldn't name three Jacksons if you spotted them Michael and Jermaine, and told them they could include the sisters.Tito

So here we are. Back at Barkley's words. Back at Beasley and the young cats taking offense.

"It bothers them," Wade said Monday of his younger teammates. "I don't see why. Tito and the Jacksons made a lot of money. If I'm them, I have fun with it. You don't want a comment like that to make everybody try to be Michael Jackson. You can't have a team full of Michael Jacksons anyway. No one wants that."

Unless, of course, you're Pat Riley and have a bunch of salary-cap space and LeBron-Bosh dreams. But that's three Michaels. So now, we're talking the O'Jays or something. Anyway.

Maybe this would have all been squashed and less offensive had Barkley called the Heat's supporting cast "a bunch of Jermaines."

After all, there's already a Jermaine on the team. And Jermaine O'Neal has been balling lately. And on top of that, as Rafer "Skip" Alston offered Monday, Jermaine Jackson was actually a solo star for a minute.

"He had it rolling," Alston said of Jermaine Jackson. "Y'all remember 'Don't Take It Personal?' "

At age 33, Skip is old enough to remember the year 1989, when that song was a hit on Jermaine's solo album that debuted at No. 1 on the charts. But what in the heck was Skip doing listening to Jermaine Jackson in 1989 at age 13, when everybody else was jamming to Kid-N-Play, P.E. or Run DMC? I'll investigate next blog.

But back to you, Tito. Beasley, who has averaged 21.6 points and 7.3 boards since Wade went down, just wants you to understand his frustration with being typecast.

"It's just disrespect," Beasley said. "Not disrespect to Tito Jackson. But the way Charles used it, it makes us feel disrespected, a little underrated."

Don't get upset, Tito. Beasley's a good kid, an awesome young talent. He even sported a fro you'd be proud of earlier this season. He didn't mean any harm. Although Barkley did - playfully - when he launched that water balloon of a comment at the team. Truth is, both Beasley and Barkley are a bit brainBobcats Heat Beasfro-locked on this one.

At the time, I laughed at Barkley's comment, because I thought it was hilarious. On the other hand, I'm also willing to score one for Beasley, because at least he's looking for positive motivation. Some people need to feel offended and "hated on" to rise to their best. Inspiration and motivation are good things.

But, Tito, You didn't do anything to deserve to be caught in the middle of this.

So on behalf of Beasley and Barkley, I'm ending this beef now. We don't want this to escalate into Tupac-Biggie feud here. Or even L.L. v Kool Moe D.

I know what you're thinking, Tito. That next time Barkley wants to offend someone and distinguish between a family star and a related-yet-extremely-less-popular sibling, there's a more accurate crew to pick on.

Just call them a bunch of James DeBarges.

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beasley still has to be seen, but the rest for sure are titos at their best, trash that riley picked during these last 4 wasted years.

Was there a point to this post?

i liked it

I feel Beas pain to the point that I think I'm
gonna cry.....Tito...give me a tissue..Jermaine
.....stop teasing.

"Some people need to feel offended and "hated on" to rise to their best. Inspiration and motivation are good things."

This is a good point. And to add to this point - Wade is unquestionably one of these players. All that you need to see is the comments he was making after his comeback from injury last year, about how happy he was to prove the haters wrong. One of the last Converse ads he did also directly focused on that part of his personality. Good to see Wade and Beas have something in common.

This was one of the cheesiest articles that I've read on here. Good point on Beasley using Charles for motivation. DIdn't know it was STILL bothering him. "We don't want this to turn into tupac vs. biggie"

--- really? did you just try to make a joke comparing basketball players to rapping gangsters?

Some people might not have liked Barkley as a player or commentator, but the 1 thing ill give him credit for is that hes 1 of the realist guys out there and hes not going to sugar coat anything and he wasnt lieing. Beasley has elevated himself to Jermaine Jackson status since it is still bothering him for whatever reason... I dont know who the 3rd best Jackson was... Wait, i think i do!!! Janet Jackson, but she would be the second best JACKSON will all do respect to Jermaine Jackson and that would have to be Beasley with all of these emotinal motivational feelings hes showing(Dont know y as a player that you need sports analyst to call you out for you to up your game by the way, because thats there job and its definitely wasnt anything personal if hes taking it that way). All i got from this is that... We need to hire Barkley as a motivational speaker. If we make the playoffs we need to give him front row seats, so that can really motivate these players(Playoffs will let me know if Barkley wasnt lieing by the way, because the season is meaningless and thats when the true colors come out). Now that Beasley has upgraded his status to Janet Jackson with his recent level of play and emotional distress. The real question is who is Jermaine Jackson because we all know Jermaine O'Neal is to ugly to be Jermaine Jackson even though he has uped his level of play(No homo by the way but if you ever watched the show, Jermaine thinks hes the prettiest thing not named Jesus. To ever walk the earth). Nice write M.Wall since there was really nothing else to write about and goodluck in the next 3 days. Can we at least get 1 article though, on future head coach candidates?. I just cant take no more of E.Spolstra. I mean, we have wasted away the last 4 years of this franchise dreaming about 2010 anywaz. Or is that to early to dream about?

On Second thought! Charles Barkley might be to expensive to hire as a motavitional speaker. Hire BLACKTHETRUCKER and i bet there a$$e$ would wish that they had Sir.Charles as a motivational speaker instead. By the way! TITO JACKSON is the 1 who should feel insulted. At least he was consistant with his sh!t... How aout you tell the players that since they feel so disrected all of a sudden by being called TITO JACKSON(which was rather to nice and that is what role players on every team in the NBA is, if they had any sense). They needed motivation??? Get the heck out of with that crap becase i dont feel sorry 1 bit and they still got to show me something, LIKE TONIGHT. Show me that your more than TITO JACKSONS TONIGHT!!!

I think it would be funny as heck if Beasley and the rest of the guys would each wear that funny hat that Tito seems to always wear now that you have in the picture to the bench prior to a nationally televised game on TNT, as that would make ESPN and every news outlet. Would be great....

Since there will never be a shortage of haters I believe Beasley should continue to use it as motivation. It's way better than him shrugging it off and saying "doesn't really bother me". It shows he cares and wants to prove he can make it in the NBA. Everyone that cares about what they do would take offense to being told that they're just riding someones coattails to success. Even if the statement is true you're only hurting yourself and your team by believing it.

I can't believe I just wasted a half hour figuring out who James Debarge and "Debarge" are/were. Now I know...

wow, i say give me that job... infact let me sit down with pat and mickey.... i think we could put a good roster together... what yall think???? but this topic isn't something i want to talk about... just come to play tonight....

Reality check:
To Beasley; I like your game a lot the moment you were drafted by Miami you became Tito.
If you got drafted by Memphis, for instance,
you would be the focus.
Even worse, Beasley when Miami signs most likely a Joe Johnson or Amare you will become the third option.
Ask for a TRADE Beasley !!!!!!!!!
Going to Phoenix would have been a GREAT move for you.
In Miami you will never be the MAN !!

Good blog.

I have NO problem with Beasley & Haslem feeling slighted by the words.

Charles said it in a very demeaning manner, he basically said the Heat "have NO talent and were just a bunch of Tito's."

Wade uses any little slight as motivation, why would he be mad if Beasley does the same.

Show'em tonight tito...

A bunch of Lil Cease's.

Come to the best blog in Miami Heat and even world history.

Approved by Tito Jackson, Jermaine Jackson, Joe Jackson and Joe Mamma.

see the way i see it is... tito was in the game even though mike was the man... so don't sit there talking about who the man is, worry more about how you can help him... see, when the heat win, its the heat that win...

lmaol at HEATUP...

Calling them a bunch of Debarges would have been the ultimate insult MW.You got to be one of the all time greatest loser to have a wife
like Janet Jackson only to abuse her.

lol i love tito

jump on the bandwagon Sporty-j...

I could hear it now...AA arena rockin' tonight with chants of TITO, TITO, TITO...everytime Beasley scores. Say it with me now TITO, TITO, TITO

Lets go heat lets win tonight

M Dub

Did you really try to pass a LL & Kool Moe Dee reference on these young guys? C'mon man, they don't know anything about Jack the Ripper or Danny Manning singing 'How ya like me know' after Kansas won their Championship. You know, back in the day hip hop could actually make positive messages rhyme. Boy, didn't NWA and the evolution of rap change all that. Biggie and Pac...well, what you sing about, and what you pretend to be, is this hard core shoot-em up gangsta, then maybe it isn't so ironic that Suge would put a cap in one of yo @sses from 3' away.

Anyway, back to supercool playing defense like La'Toya.

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