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Mending Fences in Miami

It was Kumbaya Monday at the AmericanAirlines Arena practice facility.Wade-SpoNew

Clarifications were on tap. And didn't-really-mean-it-that-ways were a dime a dozen.

Ladies were allowed in free until the first "purity" or "resolve" was uttered from Coach Erik Spoelstra's post-practice comments. Which, of course, meant that no ladies got into Monday's session.

In case you were distracted by the Super Bowl, Monday's practice was the Heat's first team workout since Saturday's loss in Chicago. That was the night when Dwyane Wade, Jermaine O'Neal and Udonis Haslem had plenty to say after the game. Wade and O'Neal made critical comments that questioned the offense under Spoelstra and called out the second-unit for its lack of production in recent games.

All this is against the backdrop of a five-game losing streak, the Heat's longest since it lost seven in a row at the end of that miserable 2007-08 season, when it finished a franchise-worst 15-67.

If the Heat seemed like a team that was on the verge of a serious breakdown Saturday, by Monday, it was all about putting back together the emotional pieces.

The guys care. They want to win. They believe in one another, for the most part. We heard it all Monday. The one thing I'm not buying is Spoelstra's suggestion that Wade's post-game comments in Chicago were "misconstrued" to make matters seem worse than they are.

Spoelstra-Yellow Wade then backed up his coach and suggested that his comments were filtered to come across as if his relationship with Spoelstra had soured amid the team's recent struggles. No one, at least not here, misconstrued anything. I was there. I've got the recording. And the Bulls media relations staff handed out Wade's post-game comments on the media transcript after the game.

Wade's frustration wasn't as much with Spoelstra, personally, as it was with the lack of adjustments, rotation problems and overall execution. Dude is facing traps and double teams all game and has 23 turnovers during the losing streak. He wants help. He's tired of trying to do it by himself or with inconsistent help. So I had no problem with Wade saying what he said Saturday.

But on Monday came the attempt to smooth everything over, which is understandable.

"When you go through tough stages, then you start questioning yourself, then you start questioning things," Wade said after practice. "Then it becomes (outside) chatter. It was misconstrued because I don't have a problem with Coach at all. Me and him are on one page with each other. So it was misconstrued because if I had something to say to him, I would say it to him."

But, he said it to us media types. Contrast that with what came out Wade's mouth on Saturday.

"You have to be a person willing to do it," Wade said when asked after the loss to the Bulls if it was time for a change in style and approach. "I'm not sure if Coach wants us to do that. You have to have confidence that guys are going to make that change on the go."

Wade then went on Saturday to say that "I don't know if I can agree" with Spoelstra's assessment that the team had lost its way. "I don't know what 'lost your way' says," Wade said.

Spoelstra and Wade went above the call Monday to make sure they smoothed over any rough patch that may - or may not - have existed. These two have to make it work.

Or else, this whole thing crumbles. In addition to all of those years as a video coordinator and a trusted assistant to Pat Riley, the main thing that initially sold the public on Spoelstra when he took over was that he had a solid relationship with Wade. That was his ace in the hole.

The first sign of that relationship not being one in which Wade is totally willing to vouch for suddenly places Spo in a he's-gotta-go type scenario.

So I asked Spo specifically how were things patched up after Saturday's comments.

"We talked," Spoelstra said. "But I think they were misconstrued. You can ask him about that. A lot ofWade-Face that after the game was about disappointment that we haven't been able to close out games."

But what about Wade's concerns about the offense being predictable?

"We can be more efficient," Spoelstra said. "There will be tweaks. You won't see anything major. But we do need to tweak."

At the end of the day, they both want to chalk up Saturday's episode as a bit of healthy and constructive dialog during a frustrating stretch.

Wade even said Monday that he and Spoelstra shared a laugh over how some of the comments were "misconstrued" after Saturday's loss.

"Hopefully, we can pick it back up and start winning ballgames again," Wade said. "You forget all when you win. I could have said the same thing if we won five games in a row and it wouldn't have been picked up. It wouldn't have been (written) about. But when you lose and go through tough times, we go through it together. It says Heat on the front of the jerseys. No matter what, in the win column or the loss column, it doesn't say Dwyane Wade or Coach Spoelstra. It says the Miami Heat."

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Tweaks? That's what Spo is offering? Tweaks?

Fact is this team should be better than their current record is now and somehow they're not even as good as they were last year, not that they were really that good last year, but to see the team continue to get worse is scary. It's one thing to lose to the elite teams, but they've already had a team meeting after the Memphis routing and now post-game venting turned into monday morning quarterbacking backtracking comments or cleaning up the spills.

Spo's lost this team for sure. Wade is the company man he'll continue to smooth things out to save face, but I found JO's comments more honest not saying Wade wasn't honest, but JO sounded like a guy who's in a contract year playing for his next check and something is frustrating him or the team. One thing JO said that made me take notice was "those issues, these issues, whatever issues", he said it like 3 or 4 X's. There's something fishy going on, stay tuned a couple more L's will bring the FULL truth to light.

Wade said exactly what he meant to say after the Bulls, you could tell Riley had already defused the detonator that was D-Wade on Saturday night.

If Spo's gonna be the coach he's gotta grow a pair and call it like it is to EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!

Wallace we saw you standing next to JO in that video. What "issues" was he referring to. Don't hold back now because we know you know.

Really you think the fans is stupid. Come on you know the thrue. Just Wrote it here.

You know - after all the things that are happening in the world, the economy and many other more important.....All tis Heat /WADE suff is just a bit tiring.

Cut Wade, cut them all... over it and over the NBA...

Inquiring minds want to know.Actually we just need comfirmation from a player that Spro is a idiot.Sprotard has exceeded the maximum spro-tential to become a spro-tacular Sporon.

I mean I understand it's bad business to look dysfunctional as an organization but the cat is out of the bag. As fans we seen the problems on offense and we know when a team is suppose to beat a certain team. Wade initial comments about the offense being predictable is a 100% right. The offensive plays are stale and the offensive balance been lopsided. I believe an offensively aggressive (not exactly shoot first pg) would cure a lot of the offense woes. I must say the team does look good when they're more uptempo.

a repost of things i hate about spo:

- alston is about 2-8 as a starter. why not switch the f*n lineup! wasn't back-to-back blowouts against the bucks enough of a hint?

-bench q-rich while you're at it. just because he's facebook friends with d-wade, doesn't make him a starter. dorrell is the best sf on this team (sadly), and he deserves to be the starter. q-rich can come off the bench to clang three's

- maybe we should tweak the lineup to suit beasley. i know, doing something to make mike a better player is a radical idea, but think about this one:

beasley needs the ball in his hands, and likes to shoot jump shots. so does j.o, so they overlap each other.

joe-L hangs around the basket, catches passes for dunks, and gets rebounds. he has quietly developed into a quality player.

plus, with j.o coming off the bench, he gets the ball more, and the heat get more scoring without wade

-so why haven't the heat done any of this? because they haven't changed their lineup all season, except to make the backup pg from the worst team in the league our starter.

-spo, you suck. go away

Pls get d-wade some help guys he seems to have given up. also u Beasley lovers are so dumb player like him who don't play defense end up losers not winners so shut up the team starts and ends wit d-wade not 20 year old Beasley.

I believe Riley must be drunk (like on an extended jag). Thaat's the only logical explanation I can see for what has become of the Heat.

tweaks...that's his major changes just tweaks...geez

Apparently the masses who post here need to take a cold ocean swim or get a clue. Every team in the NBA other than maybe two (Cavs & Jazz) are currently going through much of the same crap as the Heat. Look at even the better teams like Dallas or Boston ... they're going nowhere plus so many others. I'm sure their fans are blaming and hating on their team blogs as if the basketball world is coming to an end. Remember's never as bad as you think. Forget this maybe 5 months...a new Heatastic world will exist!

I think our problem is very simple. The front office and coaching staff have been deluding themselves that this "improve from within" strategy is working. WE HAVE 4 NBA PLAYERS ON THIS TEAM! dwade, dwade, haslem, and beasely. After that, nada zlich zip NOTHINGGGGG! everyone else is too damn old to play ball. The error were making is that we need to tweak the system or make adjustments or whatever. No. We need to tweak THE ROSTER! There are too many good teams with benches who can score to ignore that fact. Come on and open ur eyes Riley geez.

I agree with a lot of you poster on here. I think Riley has left the building after 2007 and has died or something. With all the coaches out there from from Avery, to Scott, and even Vandy Riley is sticking with his boy because he wants to be the Jerry Jones of the heat and tell his head coach what to because he knows other coaches out there will challenge him. Q. Rich needs to come off the bench and stop worrying about him and D.Wade being so close friends for Dorrell and they can still be close off of it. And JOEL ANTHONY needs to be starting and is the only heat player that brings it night in and night out cuz he EARNED IT and that way we can get even more points off the bench if this team really cared about winning. Arroyo should also be starting if we r going to run this slow predictable offense and the only way R.Alston starts is if we are going to go to a more up tempo offense which i think we should so teams cannot react to Wade so much and know whats coming but the people up top have lost it and all they care about is 2010 which nobody is going to want to come here and play if we dont stop worrying about hurting people feelings and worry about whats best for the team starting with some line up changes and a new coach.

This offense is an absolute joke. The beginning of year and a few games since there is tons of ball movement and it looks fluid. The other 75% of the time it is slow and no one is doing anything. My fiance hardly watches basketball and she watched the OK City game in Miami when they blew us out and said "wow they make it look so easy and the Heat make the game look so hard." Great observation. Spos philosophy is give it to Wade and run away for an iso. JO only sees the ball the first couple possessions then has to beg for it rest of game. He could be so much more for this team. Between him, Beas, and Wade we should be dominating teams but there is no teamwork in Miami. Just take a jump shot. Where are the alleyoops lately? Where is the extra pass for a kickout? Where is a pick and pop for a jumper? I dont even think Haslem has had 5 open looks in last 5 games. That used to be a lock when he was on floor. PG is needed desperately. I would take Quinn back at this point. At least he made good decisions and could make a 3 pointer. Alston gets 20 open looks a game and cant make anything. Arroyo only can score off driving in for his jumper. Look at what Rose did to Alston the other night. Even Chicago announcers kept showing replays of Alston giving up on defense and how Rose could get to basket whenever he wanted. It was pathetic. Where is big cat to back that up? Why is he not playing more? Because Spo will not change the rotation. I loved that lineup the one night with JO and Big Cat in game. Why not experiment a little more?

well, this season is just about over.... no need to get all bent out of shape.... look next year will be the year this team gets back it's moejoe... with the college players looking like there just that good and the cap space available you have some good feelings about what this team could look like next year... but i think making some moves to get more draft picks.... the more chances you have the better your chances are... look the lakers waited and got worthy, the spurs waited and got ducan, the cavs waited and got lebron so lets see if we could get either wall or cousins... or maybe someone else... but don't rule out a draft night deal, the celtics did it with allen and countless other teams have made good moves on draft night to give there teams a chance at winning a title or two... i would look towards cp3 or harris... but with cap space and draft picks this should be real interesting to see what we do get in terms of players... but i wouldn't rule out making all kinds of changes....

I have new information concerning Pat Riley being replaced with a robot. Details soon.

Ira Winderman's blog has gone to sh*t...

So have we all converted to this blog now?

"I have new information concerning Pat Riley being replaced with a robot. Details soon."

OMG so Spo's gonna be GM too, now! I might just give up on this franchise.

So have we all converted to this blog now?

Posted by: ReppingNZ (Does Bosh even acknowledge Haslem's existence?) | Tuesday, February 09, 2010 at 03:49 PM


I'm converted until Ira gets his act together. First, his comments blow, and now his blog format blows. Mike at least doesn't have a love affair with Spo or Haslem.

Let the migration begin.

This place looks familiar..

Nice to see your typekey ID works over here.

:::dustbowl blows by:::

So, who is in charge of the trade machine in these parts??

This is not going to make things better...

There needs to be an enforced login as well as an ability to ban people who spam, like the above loser.

Unfortunately, a required login would make it impossible for my to comment, since my work has the login blocked.

We don't want you jackasses to come over here. Go back to your jew blog. This blog has been fine without the morons from the sentinal blog infesting it.

you already have your spammers in here. leave our blog alone, go back to your diminutive bald, jew basketball know it all.

Nice to see your typekey ID works over here.

:::dustbowl blows by:::

So, who is in charge of the trade machine in these parts??

Posted by: JB (working on my sugar intake) | Tuesday, February 09, 2010 at 03:58 PM


I got a trade for you. Haslem and Chalmers for Hinrich. We get our perfect complimentary point guard to Wade, and we still have enough expirings to land a Max FA.

Heat-Struck moron, why would they do that trade you retart?

We were to understand there would be punch and pie.....

Not sure I like this format at all....but its better than Ira's right now.

Bulls want more cap space. They would do it. Ultimately tho it might help them land Wade. Then again I doubt it. Regardless, I think we can acquire Kirk in the offseason thru trade. Lets explore the other options first. I wouldnt mind having Kirk at all tho.

The trades JB posted most recently I am all for. I think it was amare,haywood,barbosa and something else. I forfeit 2010 for that.

Bulls want more cap space. They would do it. Ultimately tho it might help them land Wade. Then again I doubt it. Regardless, I think we can acquire Kirk in the offseason thru trade. Lets explore the other options first. I wouldnt mind having Kirk at all tho.

Posted by: kbboy80 | Tuesday, February 09, 2010 at 04:18 PM


Ofcourse they would do it. I'm not going to waste my time trying to explain common sense to Slledge. They want a big, especially now that it looks like Tyrus Thomas is not going to play for them anymore. They would definately start Haslem over Taj Gibson. Plus, they get rid of Hinrich's contract for expirings, which gives them a better chance at signing Bosh. In the meantime, we get rid of Haslem, giving Beasley 40+ minutes a game at PF, and a real veteran PG for our dynasty, while still having enough to bring in Lebron. It would be the best move for the Heat right now. Heck, with Hinrich starting at PG, we would be a lock for the playoffs. We could even regain our 5th seed.

Heck, with Hinrich starting at PG, we would be a lock for the playoffs. We could even regain our 5th seed.

Posted by: Heat-Struck | Tuesday, February 09, 2010 at 04:24 PM

U think we could slide them James Jones instead? I mean if they want cap space they would have to take on something extra. That would be great.


you are a grade A moron heat-suck.

you would now a basketball if your mother stuffed one in her booty.

go away retart. learn about the game stoopid.

Mike Wallace!!!!

LET MY PEOPLE GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

U think we could slide them James Jones instead? I mean if they want cap space they would have to take on something extra. That would be great.

Posted by: kbboy80 | Tuesday, February 09, 2010 at 04:26 PM


No. Hinrich's contract is 9 mil, while Haslem's is 7 mil. If we add in James Jones, that would add an additional 4 mil. They might take Cook however, which is 2 mil. We get rid of Cook's contract next year. Haslem and Cook for Hinrich works because of matching salaries. That way we keep Chalmers expiring, and rid of Cook's contract next season.

I will see if I can find Garett..

I will see if I can find Garett..

Posted by: kbboy80 | Tuesday, February 09, 2010 at 04:33 PM


Yes, please do!

I did it on the trade machine heat-struck. It works. I guess cause Kirks contract is like 9 and a half.

time for this blog to go.

Leaving Ira's blog, and will not posting on this piece of shyt.

The Heat and Bobcats are both interested in trading for Wizards center Brendan Haywood, as are the Rockets and Trail Blazers.
According to Ken Berger of, "The Blazers continue to steadfastly reject any scenario that includes Rudy Fernandez or Nicolas Batum." It's not at all clear who Washington would lean on at center if they unload Haywood.

Alston is about 2-8 as a starter. why not switch the lineup COACH!

It's time for Carlos Arroyo as the starting POINT GUARD!

BTW...when Carlos Arroyo was on the starting lineup, the Heat was over 500 and they were able to beat playoff teams.

Yup. Also, his contract is friendly, since it reduces every year. This year it's 9 1/2, next season it's 9, etc. That would be the best move right now. That and firing Spoelstra. We still would have enough to get Lebron, after we dump James Jones and give him his guaranteed 1.5 mil.

PG - Hinrich (9 mil) / Chalmers (1 mil)
SG - Wade (16.5 mil)
SF - Lebron (16.5 mil)
PF - Beasley (5 mil)
C - Haywood (6 mil)
6th - Camby (Vet Min)

Once we get Lebron to team up with Wade, other players would be willing to take less to win championship rings, which is why it's reasonable for Haywood and Camby to take those contracts. That team above would be an instant dynasty.

give it up re4tart heat-suck.

you stooopod moron.

go play with your mother and leave basketball to those that know.

Where the hell is the sports section on garret's blog?

Wow. Garrett's blog is pink... and a ghost town. Is there any solution, or do we just have to boycott Ira's blog long enough until he gets his act together?

Pau Gasol went off for 21 points, 19 boards, eight assists and five blocks.

Best overall bigman in basketball. The true mvp of the lakers

Pau Gasol went off for 21 points, 19 boards, eight assists and five blocks.

Best overall bigman in basketball. The true mvp of the lakers

Posted by: Ohshz | Tuesday, February 09, 2010 at 04:54 PM


About time! He has been stinking up my fantasy team his last couple of games. Last night was a very nice surprise. I hope he keeps it up!

Im the only person on his blog. Im Evan. There is no "sports section", every section is a sports. But its dependant on him keeping up with the dates. As of now, his most recent blog is under December 4th

I am not sure how this format works, but lets try it and see where this blog takes us...

for my fellow sun sentinel rejects and wandering souls.

Mike Wallace,

It looks like a little censorship is in order. How about getting rid of a few of these unrelated posts?

I migrated here from Ira's anyone else here?

Yup, I have too Ed.

I feel like I've walked through a wardrobe into a strange new world...

is there any bball talk here?

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