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Skip-ping To Conclusions?

There was a time not too long ago when Heat president Pat Riley flat-out refused to bring in a point guard Rafer-alston--038593c824b30d71_medium to start ahead of anointed prospect Mario Chalmers.

Now, if the latest developments flow into fruition as expected, the Heat will soon have its second starting-caliber point guard to presumably jump ahead of Chalmers in the rotation.

But this is not about Chalmers, the so-so second-year guard who has been cast as the Heat's steal of the 2008 draft and the franchise's face for the present and future at the position.

It is, however, about the ability to improve the Heat's standing in the standings and in the basketball accounting department.

The Heat appears on the verge of a reunion with point guard Rafer Alston, who was bought out by the New Jersey Nets on Tuesday and could be in a Miami uniform by the time the team leaves Thursday for its six-game West trip.

In the process, the Heat on Tuesday dealt seldom-used reserve Chris Quinn, who has yet to play this season, to the Nets for a conditional second-round pick and some cash. Doing business this way saves the Heat in the high six figures - if not more - when it comes to the luxury-tax bill. Right now, Riley said the team is facing a $3 million bill at the end of the season.

If Alston comes, it would be for the league minimum, which would allow him to recoup some of the money he gave back to the Nets to get out of New Jersey. The Heat gets a veteran, playmaking, highlight producing point guard who guided the Magic to the NBA Finals last season before he was cast away.

In other words, he'd be the second Magic reject on the Heat's roster. And that's only if Carlos Arroyo is allowed to stay. Arroyo, signed during training camp and promoted to starter about 10 games ago, is in a precarious position. The Heat will have until the end of business on Wednesday to decide whether to guarantee the remainder of his veteran's minimum contract.

If Heat fans were polled about which point guards the team should keep, I'm assuming that the one the Heat has valued the most would finish last in the pecking order. Skip Alston gives the Heat a legitimate point guard who could hold his own against many if not most other point guards in the league.

Arroyo has done a solid job as the starter and has been one of the most efficient point guards in the league over these past 10 games in assist-to-turnover ratio. He won't flat-out win you any games. But he hasn't lost the Heat any during that span, either.

Chalmers, based on production, would be third in that order, with the way he's yet to really take that significant step forward the team was expecting this season after starting all 82 games last season.

The Heat has remained silent on these developments. But it has been clear that Riley and his staff have spent the past month intent on making a move that would reduce the tax bill and help the team in the short term. Among the reasons for Daequan Cook's recent rise in playing time could very well include the team's intentions to shop the third-year, struggling shooting guard and reigning three-point All-Star champion.

Act_chris_quinn But Quinn appears to be the collateral damage in this case. Truth is, that could also be said of Arroyo, because there might not be an overwhelming reason to keep him on board in this cost-cutting scenario. And it would be a shame if that were to be the case. A real shame. But that's business as well.

Credit Riley. It's the second time in as many trades that he'd essentially be replacing end-of-the-bench fodder for a productive starter. Alston could add the same punch to the Heat's roster in the final year of his deal that Quentin Richardson has made since he arrived last summer for Mark Blount.

At the end of the day - or by Thursday, with Skip having to clear the waiver wires - it's a win-win for the Heat if this thing works out as planned.

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I feel great about this pickup if it does happen. This should clear up the point guard confusion for atleast this season. Alston is a proven starter who is aggressive and knows how to play the game. I think he will be a good mentoring and confidence builder for Chalmers and Beasley. I also think he get JO more touches because Alston like to spread the ball around. I don't think this will make us any better than Atlanta but it should make us atleast more consistent.

Top three things to do after the trade:

1. Keep Arroyo on the team and make him a 2nd string.
2. Throw out chalmers.
3. Let JO play some more time. Spo is treating JO like he was an 80 year old!!!

The main thing I haven't heard said is that we finally might have a point guard who can keep his man in front of him... at least somewhat.

Caron Butler would look good on this team

QRich is more effective than Butler at this point. We need that 3 point shooting.

Great Move!

I like Alston. He was sharp in last year's playoffs.

I expected a TON of improvement from Chalmers this season....instead...not only has he gone backwards, he seems completely lost now. What's worse, I don't see any desire in him, he seems WAY to laid back for someone supposedly wanting a starting job. Almost an anti-Arroyo. What the *(&@ is he waiting for ????

I know this may sound crazy, but what about packaging Chalmers/Cook for someone of value....and then groom Dorrel Wright as the backup PG ??? You gotta admit, Dorrel gives teams matchup problems with his 6'9" length ! And if it doesn't work out, well D-wade works pretty well as a backup PG until 2010.

Is Chalmers the Ted Ginn Jr. of the Heat? I think he's a bit better than that -- and definitely doesn't have the high-profile failures -- but he's criticized for what he's not in the same manner. I think Riley thought Chalmers could be a Rajon Rondo, but it seems he's not quite there, and not quite consistent.

Alston and Arroyo are our two best PGs. It's disappointing to give up on Chalmers so quickly, but he's third on that list. Or let's just get busy now -- package up all the strays (Chalmers, Cook, Wright) add in some picks and maybe Jo-el Anthony, and send to Toronto for Mr. Bosh. Or New Orleans for Chris Paul.

I heard rumors of Caron Butler coming back, and how the Heat were aggressive trying to lure Odom back... shows that 2003 team was special. I hope they keep ALL the point guards, I like Arroyo as the starter and would be a great backup. Chalmers can learn from both Alston and Arroyo. Arroyo has proven worthy to stay on this team, but if there is nice trade in the works, such as maybe for Butler (Chalmers or Arroyo and James Jones and D. Cook for Butler would be nice) I could part with Carlos.


PLEASE VOTE: Should the Miami Heat keep Carlos Arroyo for the remiender of the NBA season?

I voted Yes, Arroyo has done a good job.

what about sean william athletic big or josh boone we really need bigs.

first of all, cheers to chris quinn. i'll rank him as the 3rd best 12th man in heat history, behind john crotty and wang zsu zsu. thanks for the memories quinny

now, about skip. i'll reserve judgement about his skills until i see him play. but he was the starter on a team that went to the finals last year, so he's probably good enough to make this team a little better, at least.

but the reason i am so excited about this trade is because i remember what the media always said about skip. words like "nicest guy on the team" and "makes everybody laugh" come to mind. mike wallace, back me up on this one. that is really what this team needs. hopefully skip is the chemistry doctor that we've been looking for

as for arroyo...he has been perfectly acceptable all season. i realize the salary cap is part of the equation...but from a purely basketball standpoint, he deserves to stick around for the rest of the season.

but the bottom line is that i am text messaging my friends in florida about this trade. exciting stuff. now bring back odom and caron!

No don't comparte Chalmers to Ted Ginn Jr. Chalmers was a second rounder for one thing and has produced more for his team than Ginn has for the Dolphins. Ginn is a top ten pick, not his fault but the fault of the morons running the Dolphins a few years back (in hindsight, Ginn was a better pick than Brady Quinn. Both bombed, but who would've known...)

Love Rafer! And at this point, Im for shaking things up in general. Some strategic trades might give us a spark.

Anyone know how much $s we gave the Nets to take Quinn?

Heat does not need another point guard; needs another player like Wade; consistency is the key to win.

Well, at least I'll give some love to our GM, Riles. Definitely upgraded one of our starting spots (as with Q) and didn't give away much, keeping us still with plenty of room to operate in the summer of 2010. We'll probably lose Arroyo, but Chalmers is our PG of the future anyway, so that doesn't hurt us at all.

Nice job Pat!

Keep all 3 guards. Alston & Arroyo are strictly point guards whereas Chalmers can play 1 & 2 especially with the 2nd group.

Now, Cook & Jones are subject to a change of scenery at some point. The Quinn summer signing followed by his season-long DNP's made no sense whatsoever no matter how much he was liked at practice.

It would be sad to see Arroyo go, he has done a good job to keep the starting role, but none to lose it. Alston would give a deep threat and spread the floor. Even though I like Arroyo's passing.

Look at my post yesterday morning about the Heat desperately needing PG help. The team finally listened to me. This is a nice addition and should be great help for the Heat. This changes a lot. We need a PG that can hit open 3s because we have no one that can do it now. We need a PG that can stay in front of his opponent on D. We have one now. We need a PG that is a good character and wants to help teammates. We have one now. Nice work Riles. I do agree that either Cook or Dorell is next to go. Possibly Joel too. Whoever said to trade JO is crazy!! JO could be a huge piece of the Heat making 2nd round this year if he is used properly. This could be a good team. Maybe this will cool Wade down as well and get his head right.

This could be the one move that get us on a roll.Alston already knows the system so he should fit right in.If he gives us half of what
he gave in the playoffs last year,it would be more than what we had.Anything else is bonus.


thats shows you're not much a heat fan!!! jermaine oneal??? if oneal would have played against the hawks we would of LOST!!!!!! Al horford schools oneal in the paint everytime & the heat always lose!! Just so happen when he sat out we killed the hawks!!!!! TRADE ONEAL!!!!!! but i dont blame u!!!! you must have been a pacers fan!!!!!!!!!!

This is a question. Can Miami Heat cut Carlos and inmediately make a new 10 days contract to find the realy answers for this situations? Tell me Wallace.

well, this mone is ok... but the butler trade sounds more interesting... and who else is in the works...BIG game tonight, lets just come play... lets go pat, maybe you can put somethings together...

i meant to say move..

Cook is the Tedd Ginn Jr. of the Heat. Both Ohio State trash, hurting - instead of helping

you know something, even with the injuries the celtics have i dought we win this games... now i could be wrong... but if we don't bring it tonight there will no reason to start looking at the coach or anyone who doesn't where a heat jersey on the court in this game... come out and take this game, thats everyone, no matter what, win this game... don't them out work us, win this game...

It might be grim tonight because Pierce and Rondo comes back tonight. I think we can keep Pierce in check and they have before but he makes Allen open for 3's. Chalmers should start tonight if Rondo does come back cuz Carlos can not keep fast PG in front of him.

go f.i.u. keep arroyo our alumni!!!!

Skip had a real nice run with ORL. 28 games nice.

But as "nice" as that interlude was -- setting up SVG's offense and running the floor -- the fact remains Alston was still a 41%/32% FG%/3PT% brickster who averaged 5 dimes & 2 TOs per game (cf. Chalmers @ 43%/36% 5 & 2).

It was Skip's DRtg (101), I thought, that was the most impressive aspect to his Magic stint. Chalmers was supposed to be d-first point who could run the floor and nail his 3s. You can check off the latter 2 (for the most part) but it's still a case of WAIT-NOT-SEE regarding Rio's d. Chalmers has yet to crack 107 (DRtg) in either season.

At 38%/35%, Alston won't morph into John Stockton (52%/38%) at 33.

Which should make Arroyo's 44%/44% 3/1 more than just a passing -- or disposable -- thought despite CA's typical matador d (109).


you know something, even with the injuries the celtics have i dought we win this games...

Posted by: black the trucker | Wednesday, January 06, 2010 at 02:31 PM

you meant to say doubt

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