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Wade's Silence Speaks Volumes

He still had nothing to say. At least not in any form of special message to his teammates. DwayneWade

A full day has passed, and I'm still not quite sure what to make of the silent treatment Heat guard Dwyane Wade offered his team after what easily was Miami's worse loss of the season.

Instead of slicing the tension in a frustrated locker room after Sunday's 28-point home loss to the Grizzlies, Wade chose to keep his mouth shut and his ears open. Perhaps he wanted explanations for why the hired help around him has been so inconsistent this season.

Perhaps he wanted answers. Or, perhaps he just simply had nothing to say.

Wade also took the silent approach in practice on Monday, with the team using its two-hour session to get in a film review of yesterday's game and also some on-court work to put behind the debacle that was its performance - or lack thereof - against Memphis. "I let the coaches come in and do their job," Wade said. "It was all coach speaking today."

The Heat has lost four straight games at home and is .500 for the first time this season. There is plenty of promise on this roster. Yet there are also numerous problems and shortcomings. But at the end of the day, the Heat is an average team playing .500 basketball.

Who actually is surprised by this? Yes, the losses at home are troubling. It's still hard to fathom a team being good enough to beat the Lakers in Los Angeles (before Kobe stole the game) yet bad enough to lose at home to four teams already that were in the lottery last season. But this is a 41-to-44 win team. And that's if just about everything breaks right for the Heat.

D. Wade tried to warn everyone that this was going to be the case this season. When Miami opened the season 6-1, Wade was probably the only one in the postgame locker room at the time who preached perspective and avoided all of the pride talk that flowed freely from other stalls.

When the Heat started off hot, Wade warned of the cold fronts this team would face throughout the season. When things cooled down during a 5-10 stretch that followed, Wade was the one pointing to the push for improvement and how better days were ahead.

WADE3 But he's never been a "rah-rah" type of leader. Not when he got here and fell under the wings of Lamar Odom, Brian Grant and Eddie Jones. He wasn't a vocal leader on the team that won a title in 2006 - not with mighty-mouth Gary Payton and a crew that consisted of Shaq, Antoine Walker, Alonzo Mourning and other veterans in the locker room.

And even as this team has been turned fully over to Wade, his leadership still isn't measured through words. That's just not him. He picks his spots in the locker room just like he does on the court.

I wouldn't go as far as to suggest that Wade's silence Sunday and Monday on the dress-down-the-team front is a diva act in which he's defining the line that exists between himself and the other 13 players now on the roster (Shavlik Randolph was cut Monday).

But I'm also not convinced that Wade's closed-mouth approach wasn't a slightly rebellious stand, either. When it comes to the Heat's roster, Wade had plenty to say early last summer. He pleaded for immediate help because he knew the burden of carrying an otherwise average team into the playoffs.

When Wade spoke up as the unquestioned leader of this team back in June and July, the response he got from Pat Riley was to sign the extension now, or hold on and wait until 2010 - either the Feb. trade deadline or July free agency - for a roster upgrade.

Wade knew there were serious limitations on this roster then. 

He's won't be the kind of guy to say "I told you so" now. There's still chemistry, respect and good times to be had on many levels. Heat-holiday

But Wade will measure his words when it comes to this team.

But you can't blame him for having little to say.

Because to Wade, it's show-me time.

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A few weeks ago, some blogger here named J called other people here dumbasses and idiots. He said the Heat are 6-1. He said that of the people who think poorly of Spo and those who think the Heat are an average team.

Well J ... looks like you're the idiotic dumbass.

goodbye Dwyane!!!

Good read on Mr. Unreadable. Or is it unreachable. Or both.

Hunch: Wade has little or nothing to say because there's little or nothing to say when Wade, i.e., Wade's current *comparative* conditioning to his best seasons prior, is a BIG part of the problem.

Ditto Beasley.

Ditto team rebounding.


Wade et al.

If you remember 2005/06, you KNOW 2005/06 was hardly perfect. The Heat looked like anything from pretenders to contenders throughout the regular season.

But 2005/06 IS a reasonable baseline for the simple reason that Wade was and remains, The Franchise.

MIA's first four by mpg/FG% in 2005/06: Wade 39mpg/50%-fg%, JWill 32mpg/44%-fg%, Haslem 31mpg/51%-fg%, Shaq 31-mpg/60%-fg% = 51% (Source:

MIA's first four by mpg/FG% in 2009: Wade 38-mpg/43%-fg%, Beasley 32-mpg/44%-fg%, O'Neal 32-mpg/56%-fg%, Chalmers 31-mpg/48%-fg% = 46%

When The Franchise who currently averages 35% of team touches per possession DROPS 7% points in FG% efficiency (50% -> 43%) PLUS 5 points overall in PER (30.4 -> 25.1), that's a TEAM deficit of 2.73 points per game per night, e.g., EVERY night, right there.

Likewise Shaq v. Jermaine, Beas v. Haslem.

Hint: The Heat currently average 97 ppg, opponents 98.6.

All things Beas continued. Today, the throwdown showdown.

36 minute projection: Antoine Walker (2006) v. Michael Beasley (2009)

Walker: 16.4 ppg, 6.9 rpg, 43% fg%, 36% 3pt%m 2.7 apg, 2.5 tog, DRtg 105.

Beasley: 16.9 ppg, 7.7 rpg, 44% fg%, 22% 3pt%, 1.2 apg, 1.9 tog, DRtg 107.


The same "fans" who relentlessly dogged Walker as MIA's 3rd option throughout MIA's championship season are probably -- in all likelihood -- the same fans who persistently excuse Beasley for Beasley's Walker-like production as MIA's 2nd option.

Comedown: Toine's Tippy 3s, maligned D, untimely TOs, were no more iffy than Beasley's Whiffy 2s, matador D, unsightly TOs.

Go figure? Not really. Walker and Beasley are NOT the same player. But their bottom lines = twin sons of different mothers. The difference being, blind hate then = Walker, blind love now = Beas.

More then v. now.

The Heat ranked 1st in TOTAL REBOUNDS and tied for 1st in REBOUNDING DIFFERENTIAL thru 2006 (Source: ESPN team stats).

The Heat currently rank 27th in TOTAL REBOUNDING, 23rd in REBOUNDING DIFFERENTIAL.

You hear all kinds of analysts and experts refer to these Heat as a "small" team.

So, was MIA BIGGER in 2006, when they led the league in rebounding?


Shaq is still 7-1, Zo still 6-10, Walker 6-8, Haslem 6-8. Cf. Jermaine 6-11, Anthony 6-9, Beasley 6-9, Haslem 6-8.

Not bigger, just better (until further notice).

Spoe's losing Wade's confidence...Looks like Riley's gamble isn't paying was in riley's best interest to get Wade some help to hide the coaching inadequacies of Spoelstra because Riley doesnt want to hire a big name coach like Avery, Byron Scott, etc., who won't be his Yes men and may put him on blast for his personnel decisions. With talent, Spoe was over his head, without it, his in the abyss...and with Wade, it seems something was said last night that about Wade that he didn't like or he's just tired and waiting til the end of the season so he can pack and leave..

make some trades plz...

MW - (from Tue's Herald article) "But Spoelstra also insisted that team can jump-start its season from within despite a void of athleticism, Daequan Cook's ongoing shooting slump, inconsistent play from second-year point guard Mario Chalmers and a lack of steady production at small forward. There have been signs of progress. But Wade's heavier burden has caused him to fall off the pace of last season's production that made him an MVP candidate."


The heaviest burden is Wade on Wade because Wade is NOT carrying a "heavier burden" this season.

Wade averaged 30.2 ppg on 22 fgas last year while the team averaged 98.3 ppg.

This year, Wade is averaging 27 ppg on 21 fgas while the averags 97 ppg.

Net "burden": Wade's teammates contributed 68.3 ppg in 2008-09. Wade's teammates are contributing 70 ppg in 2009-10.

The burden is mostly Wade's (i.e., Wade's admittedly less-than-optimal conditioning to start the season), with Beasley-the-starter a contributing factor.

Beasley is averaging MORE takes with LESS makes than Haslem averaged in 2008-09. Beasley also does less of the little things helps Wade be Wade, including CONSISTENT picking, screening, chipping, rubbing defenders off the ball.

Ditto Beasley + O'Neal v. Haslem + O'Neal re oRebs and putbacks.

Chalmers? Funny. JWill didn't attract half the criticism Rio does for similar numbers + efficiency in 2006.

The difference: When Wade isn't Wade, when JO'Neal disappears, when Beasley isn't focused, when Haslem comes and goes, when QRich isn't availabe, when Magloire is a DNP, scapegoats ARE required.

I agree Rio could do more. I'd even agree Rio MUST do more. But at least keep it real. Chalmers HAS to do more because Wade et al. are doing LESS.

"This year, Wade is averaging 27 ppg on 21 fgas while the [team averages] 97 ppg."

"[So] the burden is mostly Wade's, including Wade's admittedly less-than-optimal conditioning to start the season, with Beasley-the-starter a contributing factor."

"Beasley also does less of the little things [to] help Wade be Wade [at his best], including [the] CONSISTENT picking, screening, chipping, rubbing [of] defenders off the ball [that creates and maintains seams when Wade attacks the rim]."

LMAO at people blaming Wade. Anybody blaming Wade is dumber than Spo.

"Looks like Riley's gamble isn't paying was in riley's best interest to get Wade some help to hide the coaching inadequacies of Spoelstra because Riley doesnt want to hire a big name coach like Avery, Byron Scott, etc."

Avery is a big name coach? No way! What is his resume? He's not in the same class as Byron coaching-wise, period!

...and you can't get blood from a turnip. We are on the salesman adventure now. Let's showcase Beasley and hope it's enough to wow the Raptors into trading Bosh for him. Please, Please let it work!!!!



(portland) *BAYLESS & *WEBSTER...


miami send: O'NEAL,J. Q-RICH, CHALMERS + 2nd round pick, draft right DOZIER & trade exemption we got from TORONTO 4.2M...

washington send: ARENAS,G.






line-up would:

SG WADE(pg) / *WEBSTER(sf)

this could be the better way to solve our problem @ PG,PF,CENTER & MAKE WADE STAY HERE!!!






All this trade blather is laughable. Yeah...just go out and trade for what ? The season is virtually already over for everyone except for a handful of teams and we all know who they are. In a few months everyone will be fawning all over the Heat's 2010 cap space as the Heat will be able to transform the whole team. Sit tight for now, just get through the season without injury, and expect nothing.

Well, I am no expert, but NOT SHOWING UP FOR THE FRIST QYARTER ( Mr Wade)is obviously contagious and the rest of the team has caught it,. Perhaps Wade's apparant lackadaisical play ( not even taking a shot in the first quarter)has resulted in deep deficits, consistently, that playing catchup in every game is not the way to go. A leader must set by example

He should be silent with the way he has been playing lately!

Wade clearly doesn't care this year... He has become such a diva, that is pains me... Even when the Lakers went through a couple down years, Kobe played lights out... Wade continues to take terrible shots, misses the easy ones, shoots terribly from the line, turns the ball over at a concerning rate, etc...

There is no excuse for a 2 guard to shoot 76% from the line! If you want to be the star and take credit when we win, than prepare to take the blame when we lose!

I know that Spo sucks, but Wade needs to seriously pick up his game, because if not, we will be lottery bound this season with 30-35 wins.

Pick up your game Wade, and play like Lebron and Kobe did when their teams were down!

The problem this season is Wade. He is no where to be found. His numbers are there but his heart is not. In the Lakers game when he was not even running back downcourt on Laker fast breaks showed me that. The team is better this year. Look at the first 7 games. The Heat were operating as a team. Coming out and feeding JO and feeding the others based on this. The extra passes were crisp and guys were knocking down shots. Wade saw his numbers dropping and thought no way I have to take over and now look at where the team has gone. I agree more talent is needed here but we are capable of getting to the 2nd round with what we have. We beat Orlando already this year and should have beat Boston and at LA. We have some nice road wins over teams like Portland and getting the Indiana monkey off our back. There needs to be some team unity. Its ridiculous. Feed JO for crying out loud. He has been hitting the J's and finishing around basket all season. That feeds the rest of the offense. If the Heat do not come out aggressive tonight they are going to get blown out of the sky again by Toronto. This team will shoot 3s and feed Bosh all game. Where is the D going to come from? Where?

well, the more i hear comments, the more i think, some of yall, just don't understand... wade came out and pleaded with pat for some help, and now it is showing... this is a team sport, and if the other teams are putting rosters together to give them a fighting chance, than maybe we should too... they're are good players out there that we could trade for, and thats that... finger pointing just isn't what we need to do right now.. wade needs help... pat, get rudy gay, get thabeet, get chris paul, get blatche, get david lee, get some players who would help this team improve... 7

i think wade should keep doing what he's doing and try not to get injured... this is more on pat... let just wait and see what he does...

People blaming Wade are moronic idiots. Do you really think he will risk injury by overworking himself every day on a contract year for this mostly no talent scrub team? He told Pat Riley what he wanted and Pat told him wait a year, so this is Wade's response. I hope he leaves for Chicago so all the idiots who bash him will end up with the laughing stock of the NBA, ungrateful clueless envious people should recognize Wade is all we have, him and Beasley who we treat like garbage for some reason while prasing our gritty hero Haslem, give me a break. FIRE SPO.

Keep bashing Pat and maybe he'll up and leave, and this franchise can go back to being the laughing stock of the NBA. You remember what you were before Riley arrived? An INSIGNIFICANT blot on the rearend of the NBA. Nothing, absolutely nothing. Now?? ONE championship and relevance. Your choice.

Patience people. We can spend for some middle of the road pieces for temporary help, or we can build around talented pieces that are going to be freed up shortly, that could help us for years.

Here's to hoping Beasley has a 35pt-20reb perfomance tonight. That's right, sucker Toronto into trading Bosh to us, TONIGHT!

Who do you think Wade would be happier playing with - an All-Star like Bosh, or supercoolbeas?

Heat lose by one in LA, and I know there are alot of places to look at to find two points (Wade's FTM's for one) but how stupid was the attempted tip in/dunk by supercoolbeas with Wade's shot over the cylinder about to drop in. I could read Wade's expression and it wasn't 'thank you, running mate'. Kids....what are you going to do with them?

People bashing Wade are not moronic...he was one of the reasons the team plays so inconsistent becuase thats how he plays...plays defense when he wants...makes careless and borderline stupid turnovers everygame...plays with passion when he wants...i will just stop there but the reason why spoelstra sucks so much is because he is trying to please Wade but Wade is not the ur best players and stick with him dont be trying to impress wade cuz if he is gonna leave he has already made the decision no matter what he says...STOP TRYING TO KEEP WADE AND JUST PLAY UR BEST PLAYERS...IF WADE LEAVES SCREW HIM!

u guys r all stupid

I'm watching around the horn and they just said we should trade Wade because of a Miami herald article that wade was not on speaking terms with the rest of the team, that's not exactly what Wallace wrote so did I miss the article or are what?

Is time to a reality check, Bring in Jermaine Oneal to Miami was a big mistake that move right there kill us plus the rookies there are not consistance Chalmers D is sucks

Of course that's what it means Bigs...I think in that meeting the team tried to blame Wade and he took offense to the most untalented losers in the NBA...let's be honest, how many players besides Wade would be a starter or even 2nd string on another team? Haslem, may 2nd string like Charles Oakly was (Bease is still in development and even Kobe didn't play his greatest or start his first 2-3 hears). Wade is trying not to get hurt so he can go to a real team next year and get paid...remember, he's playing injured, still averaging 27.2 pts (on a bad year...most players would love those numbers on their best year) and he's tired of Riley's crap...We weren't anything before Riley, but that was a different, smarter Riley...we have a superstar Wade now, so an unproducing Riley isn't really needed for those who keep talking about the Heat before Riley..

why should Wade continue to play hurt and be rewarded by it by Riley saying "Wade's not playing too much...we're not burning him out...we'll get him help when we get him help"...remember Wade is a Superstar, a top 3 player and he gets not respect from his franchise...he's being treated like a nobody and here goes his rep going down...anyone who didn't like how Riley did things usually got a bad rep or lost their careers. look at all the players who left Miami with bad reps...

Wade has as much help as Lebron does. If he came into this season under conditioned then that is crap. How do you walk into a contract year out of shape? Wade is an all star and knows how to prepare, he's basically saying, 'You didn't give me what I want, so to hell with this team and the fans I'm going to sit and pretend to care'. He won't diss his help because he definetly doesn't want a lockerroom where he and QR or he and JO aren't getting along. Its so much easier to diss the young guy(Beas)

But it is insulting as a fan to see your Franchise player come in with questionable conditioning attempting to point at other people and say that they need to step up. Wade knows better. This is not a mistake.

why should he come in in shape when he knows Pat Riley did crap this off season and he knows they aren't going to win it all...He's had enough...Riley's saying Wade needs to pick up his game while averaging 27ppg, while he as done nothing...

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