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Answer Still "No" to A.I.

Iverson2 The Heat had luke-warm interest in guard Allen Iverson before he signed a free-agent 
deal with Memphis entering the start of training camp.


Now that Iverson is set to be available again after the Grizzlies released him this week, don’t expect the Heat to be among his suitors.


Contrary to a published report out of New York, the Heat is not in “hot” pursuit of Iverson and is not competing with the Knicks for the services of the former league MVP.


A report in Thursday’s editions of the New York Daily News cited a person close to Iverson saying the Heat is making a strong run at Iverson. But the Heat dismissed the report as simply a rumor, and a team spokesman said Thursday that there was nothing to the speculation.


Iverson is expected to clear waivers at 6 p.m. Thursday and would be an unrestricted free agent. The Knicks appear poised to bring in Iverson as much for his box-office appeal as for anything he can do on the court to turn around the 2-9 team. Iverson’s inner circle appears to be using past interest from the Heat as leverage to land a more lucrative deal than the $1.4 million minimum contract. 


Iverson played only three games with the Grizzlies before he left the team to deal with a personal matter. But Iverson also complained vehemently about his reserve role.


The Grizzlies and Iverson mutually agreed to terminate the one-year, $3 million contract he signed after very few other teams showed interest in the 34-year-old perennial All Star.

The Heat had shown modest interest in Iverson over the summer, but was unwilling to meet his salary demands or his insistence upon earning a starting role.


Miami instead signed Carlos Arroyo during training camp to bolster its depth at point guard behind starter Mario Chalmers.


But Chalmers has been inconsistent at best in his second season in the league and as the starter. The Heat (7-4) also has struggled offensively while losing three of four games entering Friday’s contest at Toronto.

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Very nice job by the Heat ...

What's better than just a high energy guy who can't score nor defend in Chalmers and I love the behind the back passes from Arroyo.

Why would the Heat even consider getting exponentially better at the point guard position by signing a guy like Iverson?

Pat Riley is sleeping again at the wheel; and only seeing pipe dreams in 2010.
And Riley, is forgetting about the NOW!
Winning, NOW would be nice, because I see this team as a 7 or 8 seed at best.
With AI, maybe 4 or 5.
AI gives: points and assist and no D
Mario Back Up Chalmers just gives: no D.


The problem is Riley is focused squarely on 2010, unfortunately for him it turns out that this Heat Team is actually not that bad. With Beasley starting and a somewhat refreshed J.O. this team could actually make a run in the playoffs if it can improve at the point guard position. Chalmers is not a legit starter and neither is Carlos. AI makes perfect sense with a 1 year deal. This team is not bad enough to hope for a lottery pick so why not take a chance and see if we can go deep into the playoffs?

i can live with that decision. but they better have something up their sleeve. this season is slipping away fast

I have to admit, if you aren't at least interested in the thought of seeing ai and wade in a backcourt together, i think your crazy... why not... no need to fake it.. just wait til 5:59 p.m and give ai a call.. i bet you he will answer... than sign pops.. why not...

heat is losing again!! its 2 loses in 2 last games. i bet they'll be losing it again to toronto especially that haslem is hurt, beasley is playing limitedly and dwade making excuses for about the defense of the teams around him... again, michael jordan did not look for a hole to win, he made holes to win. and stop focusing and talking about 2010, its 2009 and he should play games!!!

hell i know quinn has been here for awhile and randolph went to a good school, but, you'll gotta go...

Why the panic? We're a 41-41 team. Nothing has changed that since the beginning of the season. Looking forward to 2010.

well, ron, i would have to say that i dis agree with you there... its not wade... he's needs help.... when and if you bring in more talent, it will open up more for wade..

The 2009 Miami Heat Team is a team of undesirables. A bunch of players that are not signed beyond this year, and a bunch of players that could not hack it in any other team. The interesting part is that they are a competitive team in the east. Rileys vision of 2010 is really hurting the francise, theres been many players that have crossed the Heat's crosshairs and Riley never pulled the trigger. So what happens if Riley does not land any top-tier free agents this summer?..... My guess is Wade will go back home and leave south beach behind. Wade's fixtures and childhood dreams could become true in Chicago, and let's not forget they have cap space and a really good core team that could surround Wade. I say sign A.I. make a more exciting team that will put rear ends in the arena & be competitive, give him the league minimum for 1 year and let him and Wade dominate the the back-court in the east. Show Wade that we will surround him around the great players in this league.

You guys are missing the point (no pun intended). It's all about the Benjamins. As in saving the Benjamins. Heat won't sign Iverson because they're too cheap. They flat out don't want to spend another 1.5 million and that's the bottom line.

And for those of you that say Iverson is a cancer and that he won't work out for the Heat. My answer to that is... who cares. How many players have we had on this roster that don't do a damn thing: Dorrel Wright, James Jones, Daquan Cook. If you put that into persective Iverson makes sense, and like I mentioned will fill some seats in that depleted AA Arena

even alittle tweeking of the roster would help this year, sign ai, sign pops, trade jones, wright for maggette..

AI would bring in some people from the streets that is for sure. Would make up for lost ticket revenue this year. There are too many players on this roster that would never play anywhere else. Dorell Wright is a joke. Never has played 20 minutes in a game in his life. Randolph is not going to cut it at PF either. Why does Big Cat not play?? He was a crucial piece last year. Why was he not in the game last night to stop some of the Atlanta bigs? This team is getting ridiculous.

beasley for rudy gay, arthur...

Having a second consistent 20 pt scorer might help the team , but you have to ask:

Is Iverson a consistent 20 point scorer anymore?

Would it hurt the development of the younger guys?

Is Iverson even a point guard?

Are the teams bigger needs right now in the height and rebounding categories?

and for those who say, he was the #2 pick.. i say, i know, plz don't remind me...

thats why you sign pops...

what about a trade like haslem, qrich to the suns, amare to the raptors and bosh to miami... look yall come back though..

What happens if we dont land any free agents in 2010? Stand Pat Riley is taking a huge gamble, as teams figure out how to stop Wade with taller defenders and double teams we are in deep TROUBLE. I think for one year Iverson would take a lot of pressure off of Wade and Beasley. Beasley looks lost, Smith treated him like a school kid last night. Who plays this game to be average, I predict that unless Pat comes up with something, Wade is going to come up with a mysterious injury and you can kiss thi season goodbye.

listen, this team needs more talent... get some guys who will provide balance and compete at a higher level... thats it... and don't give big contracts to players who don't even play... like jones... why did you sign him, why...

man, to hell with beasley, trade his a$$.. get more talent...

Oh great, the trolling begins here too?

pops? as in pops mensah? I think toronto picked him up

you can't trade udonis if you want wade to come back.

trade beazy while he still has some value, and get a veteran that can score points. preferably a point guard

FIRE SPO, sign AI.

MW - "A report in Thursday’s editions of the New York Daily News cited a person close to Iverson saying the Heat is making a strong run at Iverson. But the Heat dismissed the report as simply a rumor, and a team spokesman said Thursday that there was nothing to the speculation.

"Iverson’s inner circle appears to be using past interest from the Heat as leverage to land a more lucrative deal than the $1.4 million minimum contract."



And AI -- much as he merits consideration for best "pound for pound" player/scorer in recent history -- would be exactly the wrong answer for lingering Heat questions, including:

1) the lack of a dependable BIG to defend/attack the paint *and* shrink the target on Wade's back;

2) the lack of a longish, athletic perimeter teammate who can effectively defend 1-3 positions on the ball but efficiently play (space,move,position himself) OFF the ball to see/create and FINISH consistent scoring opportunities;

3) current Heat players doing a MUCH better job of a) defensive communication, awareness, accountability to each other especially on help, closeouts & in transition; b) MORE and better traffic rebounding by ALL c) players moving WITHOUT the ball and more ball movement BETWEEN players on every (offensive) possession to create/maintain spacing/lanes when defenders pack the paint.

The heat is wasting d-wade prime years with that sorry team.Chalmers is not a point guard
I don't think he's truly a NBA player,and beasly have to be the weakest, weed-smoking ,lazy player i seen in a while,he's totally over-rated. give d -wade some help like they do for kobe and try to do for lebron.Bring ai,ti or somebody if not d-wade will be in chi-town next year and you will really see how sorry this ndbl teamis all about.

Signing AI can't hurt the development of Chalmers because Chalmers is NOT developing.. If anything AI could show Chalmers how a little guy can put the ball in the basket. It would only be a one year deal so the 2010 cap is not hurt. Wade plays well with veteran point guards like Gary Payton and Jason Williams in the past. Guards who have experience to control the offense and make shots if they have to so Wade doesn't have to do it all. I'm not saying AI is going to drop 20+ points a night, but I bet he will put up around 15, which is good enough to be the 2nd leading scorer on this scoring challenged Heat team.

When is Spo and Riley going to understand:
Chalmers is NOT a starting pg in the NBA.
Off the top of my, head Chalmers could be the worse starting pg in the NBA.

Name another NBA team that will play Haslem as their primary PF.

No one.

This is the Heat, run by Spo. This is not a very serious NBA team.

You can almost predict the weather by the squalls bouncing from Ft. Laud.

Set your watch to the latest *moan* from a certain Sentinel columnist over the Unbearable Blightness of Mario Chalmers, wait for cats howling for non-Answers and dogs woofing over Monta Defense-is-for-chumps Ellis to rain near and far.

And the moans are almost daily. Just like his lead-the-pack moaning over Anthony Carter, Antoine Walker, Shawn Marion ... which begat Travis The Worse Best, Rickety Davis & Jamario J'Oneal ... so will he wail about Chalmers until or unless Riley swaps his diapers -- for someone worse.

Marko Jaric anyone?

According to the gamecharters at -- gamecharters = guys who actually WATCH EVERY game and chart each sec/minute/hour of player time accordingly -- Chalmers is currently the 2nd most EFFICIENT Heat player (starter or non-starter) and has the HIGHEST on/off court rating of any Heat (including Wade). Period. [ ].

Moreover, even though Chalmers is currently averaging LESS FGAs than last season, Rio STILL maintains a PLUS differential OVER opposing points AND has improved his PER despite LESS touches (Usg%) overall. [ ] / [ ].

Point guard scoring isn't even close to Miami's "top 5" problems witness the negligible effect of a "scoring point" like Arroyo.

Hint: Iverson is Arroyo on steroids, only LESS efficient, LESS quick at 34, LESS defensive minded, though FAR MORE GENEROUS about sharing & displaying his career 3PT brick percentage of 31% (28% at DET/2009, 25% at DEN/2009).

This is just so stupid now, the fascination with mario chalmers is just an absolute joke, i honestly think that there is a conspiracy here, look i don't mind mario, but right now he is no more than a back up, it is what it is, there is a reason he fell so much in the draft, he just does not have it out of the gate....the heat and riley have to think about now, not just 2010, signing AI to start now will give the heat the ability to move peices in the second quarter so they can have two scorers starting in the second (probably AI and Beasley after their end of the 1st quarter rest) and it makes the heat able to maintain leads and a better chance to catch up if they are down....some of these line ups are just completely embarrassing...

AI for the minimum? He will choose Miami instead of NY for sure, it is not even close, just get....yes AI is not what he once was, but please do not compare him to arroyo, arroyo makes even more mistakes and never makes a big play, AI probably still can, just take a chance, if it does not work out in the next couple of months? Cut him, trade him, w/e...1.3 Million should not be a problem for arison, really, i can't wait for 2010 either, but this is about now, and now is the 2009 season...we are not playing for 2010, we play to win the game, period...

The above mentioned numbers are NOT TRUE indicators of a player's benefit to a team.
It is like saying a Baseball player that has a 600 average is doing well.
That SAME player is a bench player with only 10 at bats;
Compared to a 300 hitter with 300 at bats.

Looking at those same stats would place
WADE very low, because of his turnovers.
Wade handles the ball more so therefore more turnovers.
Chalmers does nothing and therefore fewer mistakes.
And, AI will put up HUGE numbers for New York if they sign him,
Mark this date down,
He is angry about Memphis and Detroit and ready to play !!

Chris Paul? Absolutely. ASAP. Get him if you can.

Iverson? Absolutely not.

The above mentioned numbers are NOT TRUE indicators of a player's benefit to a team. It is like saying a Baseball player that has a 600 average is doing well.
But That SAME player is a bench player with only 10 at bats; Compared to a 300 hitter with 300 at bats.


So AI really does eq artificial intelligence.

Chalmers has logged the 2nd most floor minutes on the Heat (behind Wade).

How in the EFFING world is that like a "bench player with only 10 at bats"?

Analogies. ANALOGIES?

Try this for an effing analogy: AI is like the 40-yr old starter with a declining fastball and 12.00 ERA who WON'T pitch relief.

There's are reasonS why Memphis was Iverson's ONLY choice to start the season. Those reasonS just doubled after AI's latest dump on the Grizz.

The Knicks are punchline material.

But the Heat have the same problem: No truly big BIGs who reliably & consistently PLAY big.

Unlike LAL, BOS, DAL, ORL, DEN, ATL, CLE, PHO. Even the Yao-less Rockets play bigger than MIA behind smallish bigs like Hayes, Scola & Landry.

Elite starting frontcourts (3-4-5) average 20+ bds. QRich is doing his part (for a 3); Beasley & JOneal are and have been WAY too soft.

The NBA is still a BIG man's league. Point is NOT Miami's most serious "question" and the best answer to Iverson remains NONE OF THE ABOVE.

Heatstroked is on point today.

Our biggest concern isn't Chalmers. We started off playing pretty good defense through our 6-1 start. We stop playing good defense and we lose 3 of 4. Chalmers is part of the problem, with our perimeter defense, but our interior defense is highly suspect when Beas and JO are on the floor. We do miss Haslem's defense (and Q's) when they are not available. (where is Magloire?)

Iverson doesn't help our defense. I'm a fan of AI, but he's acted like an idiot in Detroit and Memphis. I would hope that having big Hoya brother Zo around to keep him in place would help, if we signed him. But to disregard the possibility of him being a cancer, is ridiculous. NO CANCER is good. You need team unity to play at a high level in the NBA, NOT just ppg average. Not just my opinion, apparently there aren't many GM's calling his agent right now, and not just because of salary cap considerations.

Chalmers in 30 minutes per game:

average's 8 points, 4 assists and 2 Turnovers.
he also plays no defense.

what exactly is it that Chalmers does out there?

The Heat started 6-1 playing a lot of mediocre teams like 0-12 New Jersey, which we beat by 1 point.

AI is no model citizen but why would you come off the bench when you're by far the best player on the team? Which was the case in both detriot and memphis.

your stats will decline if you only play 25 minutes per game. isn't that the whole reason we all want Beasley to get MORE minutes?

Last time I checked in Denver, Iverson took the second fiddle role to Carmelo. The only reason Denver got better is because the Western Conference got worse. The Suns, Spurs, Mavericks, Rockets, Hornets are not the same team they where 2 years ago when Iverson was there.

i agree that a.i. is a bad fit. and i even agree that chalmers is a quality player.

but this team does NOT look good. i remember when the heat started 0-7 with odom/butler/wade, i knew they were gonna be good. and even tho this team started 6-1, they look like they are going to be bad this season.

and i think the real problem is chemistry. wade has no chemistry with beasley. beasley has no chemistry with jermaine. arroyo has no chemistry with anyone.

i'm not a crazy 'fire spo' guy, but i think it is his responsibility to make these pieces fit together.

p.s. while i'm complaining about spo, i've got one more gripe. I'M TIRED OF WATCHING GUYS FLOP! stop taking charges and start blocking shots, boxing out, and getting rebounds. taking charges does not equal playing defense

Well the Knicks are reportedly not going to sign AI.;_ylt=AssW1PrBh9_FMi4AC2u1_.S8vLYF?urn=nba,203932

Wade/Iverson backcourt is still a possibility.

Chalmers is shooting... I mean shitting bricks right now.

Actually taking charges is the best defense... unless your name is Quentin Richarson and you are taking a charge from Shaq. You get a defensive stop, a turnover, and the opposing player picks up a foul.

It would be nice if Miami could tighten up it's transition D, as well. They are allowing way too many points in transition.

i'm not a crazy 'fire spo' guy, but i think it is his responsibility to make these pieces fit together.


Or at least fit "better," with/without Wade's stamp of approval.

Spo is about to, if he hasn't already, hit the wall btw mentor and coach.

As Wade's mentor/tutor/friend, Spo was (and remains) always on "Wade's side."

As coach, Spo *must* do what's best for the team, even if it means displeasing Wade -- which is about as tricky as it gets given Wade's contract status.

It's ironic but The Answer is not entirely a wasted question.

Wade and Iverson are essentially the same player, with Wade obviously younger, slightly longer, more efficient, more committed to defense & superficially more mature at a comparable age.

Remember those AI-in-his-prime Philly teams?

Exciting but not quite good until Larry Brown built a defense around an unheralded post pair (Tyronne Hill & Theo Ratliff) who did all the little things -- consistent boardwork, defending the paint, moving without the ball or alertly finishing plays for teammates on offense, i.e., offensive boarding + putbacks -- that winning froncourts must.

If a neurotic freak like Brown can build chemistry with disparate parts (until Ratliff was hurt & hurriedly traded for Mutombo), why not Spo?

EVERY team knows where and how the Heat offense flows, e.g., through Wade, through picknrolls, through posts and reposts to Joneal ...

It's the same PREDICTABLE offense problem that plagued Rileyball since Rileyball. Namely, predictability.

Predictability is something Spo can control, even if it means taking the ball out of Wade's hands WHEN teammates are doing THEIR parts to earn and finish touches.

You hear Spo "talk" about Heat players not moving their feet or not moving the ball whenever MIA's offense stagnates. You also notice perimeter breakdowns, slow or absent closeouts on defense that aren't all on Chalmers, Beasley, younger Heat players.

But what, exactly, is Spo doing about it and how much is he willing to do when it *affects* Wade and/or other veterans will determine how far he/the Heat goes with or without changes in personnel.

yeah, i don't see this offense doing much of anything in the half-court.

how often do you see beasley set a pick for wade? usually twice a game, and it results in at least one dunk. why don't they do that more often?

how often did you see wade set up shaq or moon on an alley-oop when they cut to the basket? find someone on this team to catch that pass-off from the wade drive. maybe q-rich?

if beasley wants to play power forward, then he has get in the low-post

cook and wade have to be able to play without chalmers.

udonis and beasley have to be able to play together.

wade and beasley need better chemistry


there are a lot of problems with this team right now. spo needs to get things moving in the right direction, or it is going to be a very long season

Sign Iverson with his 15-20 pts per constes, 5-8 assits, and 1-3 steals per game and I guarantee you that Wade will re-sing with Miami. We need to improve on last year's record, so that Wade gains trust in Pat and the HEAT franchise in how serious they want to contend in the EAST. So, come on Pat, get off that rocking chair and get yourself and ANSWER at the PG spot. BTW, Chalmers is not improving because Arroyo, altough he's doing a nice job, does not give him any competition at th 1 spot.

"there are a lot of problems with this team right now. spo (Correction: THE TEAM, not just the 'one' coach) needs to get things moving in the right direction, or it is going to be a very long season"

Yeah, we wouldn't want to keep winning 63% of our games!

Why is it just SPO gets the hate on this blog. What about the other coaches? Do they deserve any credit/blame? Is it OK for me to hate on Macadoo? ZO is still part of the organization, is he pulling his weight? Is it just SPO and Riles that are at fault for our 'miserable' start?

Spo sucks. I hope that answers the question. His rotations are atrocious. His in-game management is a joke and his idea of offense...don't get me started.

Do you mean Rothstein, MacAdoo, and the rest of the coaching staff, suck? Obviously there is communication/coordination within the staff about rotations/adjustments.

Is ZO letting you down somehow? Players not developed enough for you?


SPO's biggest fan

well, to be honest, i think waiting to see if chris paul becomes available would be the best move right now... if you look at the hornets they seem to be playing bettter without paul, you know they want to shed $$$, so why offer a good deal for paul... if this were to happen, then build around the best backcourt in the league..maybe wait and see if rudy gay becomes available around trade deadline, who know? stranger things have happened.. that way signing bosh in the summer would be like iceing on a very good team..

the more i think about AI, the more i think signing ai for one year just wouldn't hurt.. but hey, what do i know...

spo takes the blame because it is his job to get the pieces to fit together.

he's the coach and that's his job. just like it is wade's job to produce wins, and udonis's job to get double-doubles.

the chemistry on this team is terrible, even if they are winning games. you can't blame the players for that.

if spo can't make this team work together, then riles is gonna have to change things up. you can't just let the season fall apart, then expect wade to come back.

stop dreaming of a fantasty team in 2010. fix this team before it is too late

I agree about Chalmers,he so frustrating to watch cause he shows flashes of talent then he turns into a freaking pumpkin. You get Iverson down here that not only puts a bandaid on our point guard problem but gives us another scorer and puts people in the seats.Lets live in the now and deal wit 2010 when it comes and right now we can atleast be a dangerous team wit AI.

AI is one of the greatest he still got game and something to prove. why not?

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