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Heat Rotation Shakeup Delivered?

If this holds true, Erik Spoelstra has delivered the best curve ball this side of A.J. Burnett. Haslem Upset  

Apparently, Michael Beasley will be in the starting lineup as most expected. But it won't come at small forward, barring a last-minute adjustment. Beasley's starting job will come at the expense of Heat veteran Udonis Haslem.

In other words, the future is now for the Miami Heat. At least as far as the power forward job is concerned. Haslem said he will be asked to come off the bench this season, a role he hasn't played since the end of his rookie season six years ago.

Beasley is in, as part of a lineup shakeup that will have Mario Chalmers and Dwyane Wade in the backcourt and Quentin Richardson and Beasley at the forward spots. Jermaine O'Neal will be at center.

"I've been the ultimate team player and I made the ultimate sacrifice throughout my career," Haslem said Tuesday as the Heat continued to prepare for Wednesday's season opener against New York. "This is just another situation where I've been asked to do it again. I didn't make that call, so that's nothing I'm going to worry about."

Spoelstra still hasn't fessed up about his starting lineup. He refused to do so again Tuesday. Richardson has started four games during the preseason, including three at small forward. Beasley has split his time equally between the two forward spots.

UD-BeasleyHaving said that, this still comes as a bit of a surprise. And I wouldn't be shocked if this lineup lasts all of about a week or two into the season. Having said that, Beasley has proved he should be a starter. The shocker comes in Quentin moving ahead of the field so quickly.

It appears to be a move made to bolster the perimeter defense at the expense of interior defense. Haslem is also dealing with a groin injury that has kept him off the court since Sunday. Perhaps the injury played a part. But it didn't sound like this was a short-term solution, considering the way Haslem spoke Tuesday.

He was polite. But he was also a bit agitated. If you saw this coming, go ahead and buy a Powerball ticket. This one was a bit more difficult to see from here, because of all of the talk about Heat culture and work ethic and defense and doing things the right way. Haslem was all of those things. But Beasley is the future - at least as far as the eye can see for now.

This is not to say Haslem can't thrive in a prominent role off the bench entering the final season of his contract. Quentin-standalone This is about truly seeing what Beasley can do. Can he be a superstar starting power forward in this league? It's the same thing, on a smaller level, that Pat Riley wants to see out of Mario Chalmers.

The difference is that Riley came right out over the summer and proclaimed Chalmers the starter and said he wouldn't bring in anyone to start ahead of him. We never heard such definitive talk about the Beasley plan. But the way this all played out, you'd have to believe this was the plan all along for both.

Haslem didn't necessarily do anything to lose his starting power forward job. Quentin Richardson wasn't over-the-top convincing during the preseason that he's the starter at small forward. Q-Rich has been solid. He can shoot, defend and make plays off the dribble. That skill set may have given him an overall advantage at this spot. Maybe there wasn't as much confidence in Beasley at small forward after all.

If this holds true, the Heat essentially chose Quentin Richardson over Udonis Haslem.

So here we are. Let's see where this goes. Let's see if Spoelstra and Riley have a change-up, too. 

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Dude I scooped you on this yesterday.

I am glad Spo didn't fall for your jedi-mind tricks.

This restored balance to the force. The force of Wade and Beasley show.

Stay tuned for dominance!

He was polite. But he was also a bit agitated. If you saw this coming, go ahead and buy a Powerball ticket. This one was a bit more difficult to see from here, because of all of the talk about Heat culture and work ethic and defense and doing things the right way. Haslem was all of those things. But Beasley is the future - at least as far as the eye can see for now.
If you weren't dazed by your love for all things Haslem you could have seen this from about as early as the end of last season.

Beasley trumps Haslem at PF and Haslem is solid in his production 10pts and 8rbs.

if this is true;
coach spo is not brain dead; like i thought,
he does have a few brain cells.
if only wade will support the decision and not cause problems.
beasley will give up points
he will get more points and rebounds than udonis role player haslem.

yaaaaahh, yaaaaaaaaah, Beas at PF. finally! hopefully he doesn't yank him after a week like last year...after many years of waiting we finally are starting to look like an athletically talented team;


Now if we can get a big man next off-season...

"If this holds true, the Heat essentially chose Quentin Richardson over Udonis Haslem."

Wow, wrong again... The Heat didn't and don't choose Quentin Richardson over Udonis Haslem, they just finally came to their senses on which line-up would most likely win games. Haslem is a good player (better than Richardson), but he's not great. When Beasley started the games last season on the bench, the Heat always would be down huge at the end of the 1st quarter, and then they had to play catch up the whole game. They saw this way to often to realize that they need more scoring to compete with teams. Depending on Wade for all your points is bad, bad, bad. To get more scoring, they needed to get Beasley in the starting line-up. They wanted Haslem over Richardson, which is why they tested Beasley at SF. Then they realized what ever Heat fan already knew, was that Beasley is not a SF. All other starting SF would kill Beasley, because he doesn't have the foot speed to keep up with them. Beasley is and always will be a PF that can see few minutes at SF because of his shooting range. Also, Beasley starting as a SF kills are depth at PF. Who is going to back up Haslem at PF? Also, we have way too many SFs on this team, so let them fight for minutes at the SF spot. With this (logical) line-up, we space the floor nicely! Which should open up lanes for Wade. Any intelligent basketball fan could see that this is the right choice. I hated Spo last year... but I think he's finally coming around. This season I will support Spo and the Heat. I am a really happy Heat fan right now!!!

I think its a good move because this team looks like a mess and the shake up could at least provide a starting point for change.

I still dont expect much if Beasley and Wade don't play well together.

Just being on the floor for more minutes will allow Beasley more of an opportunity to flourish with Wade.

It's no big deal.

The 1st starting lineup.

With the grind of 82 games, there'll be more.

So ...

Beasley over Haslem? SO WHAT.

Q-Rich over James Jones? SO WHAT.

A tactical curve ball by Spoelstra and/or Riley? HA.

Riley is nothing but hard fastballs. Ditto Spo.

UD had 6 x seasons as Wade's STARTING sidekick to expand & develop his post game.

Six years later? He's still, essentially, the same UD. Yeah, he has a midrange jumper. Yeah, he'll snag uncontested boards. Yeah, draws an occasional charge. Yeah, he'll manage an occasional putback -- when he isn't crowded by REAL bigs.

No, at 6-6 with ZERO lift, NO handle and NO footspeed, Haslem has NO post game and is NOT truly dependable in *CRUNCHTIME* when opposing bigs routinely DOMINATE UD on the boards & in the paint.

Beasley will need to get MUCH MORE physical to become the 4 Miami needs. But he already has the hops, post moves plus midrange game that should only get better as Beas gets stronger.

Meanwhile, Jones is 28. Q-Rich is 28. Jones has 59 starts. Q-Rich 390. Jones' career PER is 11.7 with a high of 13.6. Q-Rich 13.4 with a high of 17.4. Jones Drtg is 108. Q-Rich 109.

It's NOT rocket science.

Q-Rich, when healthy and efficient, gives Miami a better chance to WIN. Period.

Likewise Beasley.

No curveballs required. Though the bullpen will be active, as bullpens always are over 82 games.

n.b. If you're looking for curveballs, watch JOneal -- who could conceivably benefit much more (on offense) from Beas than he has -- or actually hasn't -- from Haslem, i.e., given Haslem's obvious limitations. The downside? Defense, where lapses by Beas could expose JOneal to more & earlier foul trouble.

good analysis Heatstroked...hoping for the best from Beas. just happy to see some athleticism on the team!

Heatstroked and Heat struck?

Actually think Anthony would be better for this team at starting center then J.O.! much better jumps, rebounds, blocks, overall defense and not as good post offense. It would take another bold move to bench JO for Anthony...


how many excuses can this tool make for haslem?.He is basically imploring this line up to fail in the next 2 weeks so haslem can go back to the starting line up lol.This guy is the ultimate haslem homer.Wallace you are 1 of the worst blogger in the internet

This is a mistake. Haslem is important to this team. If this holds up through the season, he will be gone next year. That's going to be a huge loss.

yitz stop dreaming.Haslem is highly replaceable for less than what he is making right now.Next season we have around $22 millions to fill center and sf while we also have 2 picks depending on toronto.We also have the whole MLE which is around $5.5 millions

The fair thing to do would be to trade Haslem to a team that needs a PF.He's in a contract year & this doesn't help him much.With that said,I think this is a good move.Just wished it would have happen last year.JO made his name at PF,so he could play backup at that position opening up more minutes for Joel Anthony and Big Cat.If we can upgrade at the 1 and/or the 3 with a trade,that would be grea
t. Haslem,one of our 2s,mid level exception and picks(got plenty 1st rounders),should be able to bring in a outstanding player,and a expiring contract at the 4 (for dept) without hurting us from adding one more great player next year. Haslem deserves a raise from his present contract. I just don't see how it fits
in with Miami future plans.7 or 8 mil a year is not gonna be a backup and not gonna help us
in signing two great players + resigning Wade.
The fair thing to do for both sides would be trade Haslem now.P.S. Wanna give a shot out to the Cleveland Cavs for continuing there home dominance after adding Shaq.Oh my bad they lost there 1 st game at home after going 39-2 last year at home.Would have tied the record of 40-1 if they didn't rest there starters the last game.All sign are pointing to what Shaq always do to a new team he joins.

I never thought I'd see this day. Can the man I hated so much last year (Spo) finally earn some common sense points? I can't believe its taken this long. Finally, a vet pg (Arroyo) signed and Beas in the starting lineup. Now lets see what we can do. Go Heat!!! Anyone selling tix?

No shame in losing to Boston.So what they beat them 8 straight times at home with 1/2 of them being blowouts.They had 2 loose eventually.Anyway good move Spro.


well, game one is finally here... the starters are set, now what? look just keep in mind, no matter who starts, the team who out scores the other team at the end, wins.. now if that means something to you, then this want bother you.. but i would like to say that this is a good move because this kid has every reason not to fail, so lets just see if he does the right things a makes this team better.. when you look at the bench with this move it also be able to keep this balanced thru out a game... now i dont think a 8 man rotation is needed this early in the season, so plz let this team show you just who wants it more...

For every additional point Beasley gives you in scoring, he gives up two on defense. This is a slap in the face to Haslem. god...I think Spo may win me over with this decision, but lets see what happens. I love not like but love the move to have Beasley in the staring lineup at's gives the team added punching power on the offensive side of the ball which always started off slowly with Wade as our lone scoring threat, but now you have not only Beaz but Q-Rich who can spread the floor and play D on 3's. I think the whole Beaz-at-PF-experiment was just to see how he could perform at that spot and they realized that the man is suited for the PF postition because of the quickness he lacks in order to defend the Carmelos, Grangers, Durants, and R-Jeffersons of this league, which would have ate him up, but now at the 4 BEasy can become a nightmare most nights to whoever is guarding him at PF....LETS GO HEAT, LETS GO HEAT, LETS GO HEAT!!!!!!

For every additional point Beasley gives you in scoring, he gives up two on defense. This is a slap in the face to Haslem.

Posted by: Max | October 28, 2009 at 01:05 PM
For every point Haslem gives you (he averages about 10 a game) he gives up 3 points (starting power forwards are that much better than him). That is an actual fact.

Beasley gives a net of -1.
Haslem gives a net of -2.

We made the right decision.

I fully expect Beasley to go Positive real soon.

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