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Will Bosh Squash The Plan?

If Chris Bosh is - or ever was - considered the Heat's top free agent target in the blockbuster summer of Bosh screaming 2010, then there's now some cause for more pause. Or there probably should be.

In just the span of this offseason, Bosh (right) already has gone from being viewed essentially as headed out of Toronto, to practically soon on his way to the Heat via trade, to perhaps a strong possibility to end up in Miami by next summer at the latest, to virtually a wrap to stick with the Raptors.

Just consider these comments from Bosh this week, before he left for an NBA humanitarian trip to Africa: "(I) like that we're not sitting around, waiting around, putting all our eggs in the basket and saying we're going to wait for 2010 because we want to have (salary) cap space to get players you might not be able to sign," Bosh told the Globe and Mail of Toronto. "The do-it-now approach is very motivating for everyone."

Needless to say, this is from a high-profile player who shares a friendship and an agent with Dwyane Wade. Needless to say that this is from a 2010 mega-free agent who could re-sign with his own team for as much as $30 million more than any other team could offer. Needless to say that Wade sounded out a similar song earlier this summer in a not-so-patient plea for roster help.

There is no doubt that Heat president Pat Riley is going to have a load of money to toss around in free agency next summer, which was always the man's main plan. Objective 1 in 2010 is to re-sign Wade to that six-year, $120 million max deal. Objective 2 was expected to center on what once seemed almost a certainty: Toss another max deal - perhaps five years, $90 million - Bosh's way and call it a day.

Again, perhaps.

By the end of this season, this plan would be two years in the making. Two years of vision. Two years of waiting. Two years of preparing for the big-time NBA coup. And it could backfire. At least at the top level. Yes, LeBron is going to be out there. But getting him to Miami might be the next stop north of a pipe dream. Sure Amare sounds like he will be very available. But with his injury history and demands to be The Man wherever he goes, there are also risks involved. Point is, if you can't get a top-3 guy off the 2010 board - including your own - you would have wasted two years to bring in Joe Johnson or Carlos Boozer. All respect due.

But a Wade-Bosh tandem always seemed to be priority No. 1 for the Heat, with Riley's affection for the versatile 6-11 All-Star forward dating to that 2003 Draft when, truth be told, Bosh (who went 4th to Toronto) was the target and Wade (who went 5th to Miami) ended up being the consolation catch.

Bosh-Wade Yes, it turned out to be the right pick for the Heat. In a very big way. But still. Feelings are feelings. And judging by Bosh's most recent emotions, he's loving life in Toronto right now - and, perhaps, for the long haul. Remember, this was the same guy who at the start of the summer made it clear that he was not happy with what was going on north of the border after a miserable season. Making matters worse was the fact that his domestic issues with the mother of his child played out in the press, which resulted in a messy child support dispute that played out over two states and two countries.

Bosh was the first of the big-time 2010 classmates to publicly make it clear that he would not sign an extension this summer and would wait to look into his free agency options.

Now, after watching his team go out and pick up a few key players, including Hedo Turkoglu, there's a different message coming from Canada. Bosh (defending Wade above) said he spent majority of his summer there for the first time. He might even at least consider that extension now.

Bosh sounds more and more like he's warming up to he idea of staying put. If so, that might only place more heat on Miami to deliver the goods under Riley's 2010 Grand Plan.

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WOW Riley blew it.

my hats off to riley....thanks for waiting! like bosh said 'its motivating when ur team does the do-it-now approach'. still a heat fan tho riley just sucks. go heat! mv3-2010~~

I love Miami fans proclaiming Riley blew it a full year before anything can happen. Before Riley got here, this team was the Clippers of the east with barely any fan support. Riley has made this team a contender year in and year out and brought a championship to us just 3 years ago. Lets see what Bosh thinks about spending the next 6 years in Canada after his team gets bounced out in the 1st round of the playoffs this year.

Why is it so hard for you numbskulls to get it through your heads? Bosh has said that he feels he is worth a MAX contract...that is $120 million...he is not going to leave Toronto unless it is a sign and trade...and you don't have anything worth trading for. And he wasn't the first to say he wouldn't sign an extension, that was LeBron. Bosh is not worth the contract he feels he is worth...he cannot do what LeBron and Wade do but HE thinks he can.....go ahead and sign him and Wade for $120 mil each...see where that gets you when you are unable to afford a bench...dummies...

a decent pg and center, plus Wade-Beasley-Bosh=
finals?. but easier said than done. how about we
make a deal for Rubio instead of Bosh. he won't go to Minny but he'll play here ah reckon, does anybody think Pat is talking to McHale about it?
then we can have Rubio-Wade-Beasley-Boozer + decent center = dynasty . perhaps we can get
that done this year? Make all our picks and every
player except Wade/Beas tradeable. is it doable?

Whatever happened to 'ClydethePearl'? Just another 'Miami fan' just as Justin said (i suppose).......... Also, Bosh isn't a lock to stay in Toronto. His team has to at LEAST make the Conference Semis in order for THAT to be "fathomed"........ Make whatever you want outta that.... It wont get you nowhere........

Toronto Raptors fan reading all your comments and its rather naive to think that Bosh would leave $30Mil on the table to sign with your team and become 2nd fiddle. Its as easy as saying Wade would go sign with the Bulls cos he has just bought a nice condo there. Come on and wake up to the reality ... Toronto has picked up a lot substance and glue players who will pick up the pieces compared to last years team and not all the pressures are left on CB4's shoulders. I am sure he is going to sign again in Toronto - no doubt about it!

let's see what bosh says after the raptors miss the playoffs (again)

As a raps fan, I'm not sure he's going to stay here..although I do like where this article is heading.

Honestly, I think Canada has a bit of a bad rap in the States..not a negative thing really, just more of like we're a 'small town' country with nothing to offer. Toronto is a great city, Bosh enjoys living here..he's clearly created a great life here, he likes what BC has done (and will continue to do next season), and also must enjoy being number one to a huge market. People who leave for American teams aren't really liked in in point Vince Carter and AJ Burnett for the Blue Jays. Mats Sundin may be the only exception.

I feel as long as we do well this season (preferably making 2nd round playoffs) and we offer him more money than other teams (which is viable), I see CB4 staying here.

That being said, I still don't see any extension happening.

Bosh is aight.

The Heat need to continue building this TEAM.


I agree, I'm not a Heat fan however Riley is definitley taking the "strike when the iron is hot approach" rather than the "win now" version Colangelo is serving up.

Having said this, these are two completely differnt scenarios. If Colangelo were to sit on his hands now Bosh woul dbe gon ein a heartbeat... he has no choice.

riley on the other hand has the luxury of time with Wade. He's clearly stated that the best time to trade is between September and February so he has plenty of time to make a move before next summer (and probably will). JO's expiring deal may be too enticing for some other GM to pass up as the trade deadline approaches. Riley still has losts of options and flexibility at his disposal. All the Heat really need to do is tread water until the deadline. If nothings happend by then though... there may be trouble brewing with Wade.

That 30 million some of you are referring to is not what it seems. First, the taxes in Toronto are the worst in the entire league including New York. Miami has no state/city tax which makes a huge difference when you are talking about $100,000,000 contracts. Second, the 30 million more is also due to it being a 6 year contract instead of 5. So, if Bosh leaves Toronto and signs for 5 years, he will be 31 years old at the end of the contract and he will still get another big contract to make up for most of the shortfall by leaving Toronto and signing with another team.

I hope everyone is Finally waking up, Riley as a GM has not been a success. He won a championship yes but at the same time he traded away the long term success of the Heat. He ran a good coach in Van Gundy out of town and has now put an inexperienced coach to head up the greatest years of Wades career. Riley is a disaster and has been living off of his past glory in LA for far too long. Just look at the guys he ends up bringing in or keeping, Chris Quinn, Blount, Smush Parker, Antoine Walker, Ricky Davis, Wayne Simien, the list of failures goes on and on. His one good pick was Wade and that wasn't even his first choice. Now it looks like Beas might turn out to be an expensive mistake. At what point do you fire the guy? Miami is a joke because of Riley. He actually expects Wade to play hard this year? If I were Wade I would get an "Undisclosed Injury" and sit out the season, we go back to 15 wins and get a great draft pick cause I don't see us being able to sign a top free agent.

I agree with u. Great post

Someone posted this

Bosh Contract with Toronto:

Bosh would sign a 6-year/$125.5 million deal.
The Federal Tax Rate (on all income above $126,264) is 29%.
The Ontario Provincial Tax Rate is 11.16% (on all income above $73,698).
The provincial surtax to subsidize healthcare is up to 56% of taxes paid.
The total implied tax rate is over 46%.
So... 6 year/$125.5 million contract would become $67.4 million after taxes.

Bosh Contract with Miami:

Bosh would sign a 5-year/$96.1 million deal.
The highest Federal Tax bracket is 35%.
Florida has no state income taxes.
So... a 5 year/$96.1 million contract would become $62.5 million after taxes.

In Summary:
Bosh could sign a contract 1 year longer in length with Toronto, but it would only net him a total of $4.9 million more after taxes. These numbers are accurate as the tax codes for both countries are written today.

Bosh is overrated I just don't get the hype over him. Shaq said it best dude is soft and the Heat don't have a punishing big man. Won't work out as good as people think leave where he is at and save the money.


So in Toronto, Bosh pays Canadian taxes and not American taxes? Something doesn't look right.

yes bosh pays 41 canadian taxes(41 games)after all he plays 41 games in toronto.Now he also have to pay taxes when he play in usa for those remaining 41 games except when he plays heat,magics and another team i dont remember now.In other words,when bosh sign his extension in toronto in 2010,he will be signing his with while also paying the penalty that comes with it.So the question is.Do you stay in toronto for an extra year and an extra $5 millions or you come to miami for 1 less year,$5 less millions and more hotties while also giving yourself a chance to win multiple rings?

Only a couple of people are understanding this correctly.
Bosh wants MAX money; only a sign and trade will do. And, Miami will have a hard time with a trade due to not having the players Toronto would want. Toronto will keep him, it is about the money, and Toronto can refuse to trade him and force him if needed to re-sign with them for MAX money. Pat Riley needs to think of winning now; if not all heat fans should say we will pay for tickets after the 2010 season when Pat Riley tries to win!!

i like Amare better than bosh he's more aggressive in the paint and no one in the east can defend him with a low post guy like that you have to think of the eastern conference which has K.G. R.Wallace D.Howard T.Prince none of the players the heat has can defend those guys nor does any one respect those guys the (heat forwards) haslem is a hard nose guy but his offense is crap Boozer would be a great pick up as well thats why i was hoping for the odom trade but Riley needs to tighten up

As a HEAT FAN I am a bit disapointed for the lack of moves(again) this offseason. I understand that next year there will be a huge free agent market and we are trying to preserve as much money as possible. However, what I don't get is the following...if your star player is asking the franchise for more help for the upcoming season, and don't even have a backup plan after the ODOM fiasco, is totally UNACCEPTABLE for the fans and WADE. Who is our # 1 target in free agency next year? D-MONEY. So, since he is the one who laces them up for the HEAT season after season, why don't we get him that HELP NOW! Honestly, I believe that Riles has lost some respect in WADE's eyes, and this is simply a recipee for disaster for the HEAT during their negotiations with WADE next year. Come on we're not the KNICKS! Please Riles, get some help for our main guy. By the way I hear that Boozer is still out there.

Anything that follows, "Shaq said....." is irrelevant. He blows more poop out of his cake hole than cousin Eddie in Christmas Vacation, "Sh*tter's full".

Maybe Wade doesn't want to play on a team that has Beasley as his marketed running mate. Maybe he's thinking, hmmm, I'm working my behind off and 'God's son' is just not taking this professionalism thing very seriously. Maybe it'll be supercoolbeas that runs Wade out of town, not Riles.

I personally don't think he is bolting. I can't believe we're ready to throw the towel in on the 09-10 season, and it's only September. I gotta go with the earlier poster who suggested without Riley the Heat would be the Clippers of the East. Riley is the main reason this franchise is even relevant today. He's built teams before, he knows the blueprint, and I'm betting many of these posters DON'T!

Wow, you guys are the exact suckers/crape hangers this writer is looking for. What's so hard to understand? This year is about developing young players. THE SAME young players that got us to the fifth seed and a game 7 last year, will now get us a little further as they get better (cuz it wasn't Wade by himself, that was proven the year before)...maybe second round...and then everyone will say "were one player away!" and guess what: 90 million will buy that player. Maybe not Bosh, maybe not King James...maybe 2 very good other players instead. And if Wade were to leave..that would $uck...but then we have $200 million to build around the young TEAM nucleus. NO, I think I like were Riley is taking us.

the moves for this year should be 2 to give us
a competitive team this year and build for the future as well: get AI, to make the next Frazier/Monroe style backcourt that will be
unstoppable. then get Boozer, to get him package Haslem and any of our 4 sf's(all redundant cuz
Beas will be great at sf)and maybe a pick. I don't understand why Riley is not getting this done. no risk in $ for 2010 if they drop AI, but
I think he will be the key to our title runs for next 3 years. Boozer huge bargain and huge upgrade.

I have been saying all along that Riley's plan may backfire him. Reason being, just because you have a lot of money, it does not mean anything, you may not have anybody available to sign. What you are doing by doing nothing this season is that D. WAde may leave town because he is by himself with a team without any help. Look at least Toronto is signing players this season while we have the same lousy team.

While I am as upset as the next guy that we haven't made any moves this summer, I have to wonder who we actually missed out on that we would have been able to pay or have had the assets to trade for? The major acquisitions this summer were pretty much out of reach for or would have been lateral moves. We couldn't have afforded Turkoglu, we could have gotten Richard Jefferson probably but I'd rather take my chances on signing someone better in 2010 (not necessarily the normal targets we've all been talking about but there will be better players available than Jefferson), I'm not a fan of Emeka Okafor, although he'd be an upgrade, I'd still rather have the cap space to deal with and hope JO plays well this summer. Jamal Crawford could have probably been had but he does not make us a contender and therefore I wouldn't lose cap space for him either. The guys that can help us this year, and possibly in the future are still available. Just because a guy only wants a one year deal doesn't mean he wouldn't come back again in 2010. I wouldn't be surprised if we traded Haslem at some point and then he came back to the Heat in free agency either so I stand by my claim that we haven't missed out on anyone that we actually had a chance to get who would have dramatically improved our team who is not still available. I just don't know how the Heat could have been able to go into win now mode with the limited trade assets when compared to the type of talent those assets could fetch this year vs. next year.

I also think Jamal Crawford is like destined to drop 50 points on Miami every time he plays against us. If he were on the Heat, he'd probably do nothing because that's our kind of luck.

I think the biggest thing most of you are not seeing is that Riley has been planning this for a while. When he traded for J O’Neil he wasn't looking for Indiana Jermaine, he was tying his own hands. If Shaun Marion left this off season, which happened (Dallas) then Riley would have had about 60 million in his pocket to play with. What do you think the feeling would be right now if Riley sat on 60 Million this off season and didn't make a move with it? This blog would have called for his head and so would D-Wade. Riley is a genius!

Bosh staying in toronto...hahahaha I laugh at that joke.
So what now Roy Hallady is gonna stay. Whatta joke , get out of here raptor fans and enjoy Hedo in two years when he is 34yrs old or sum making 12mil per. He will traded

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