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Wade's World - Now&Later

It's Wade's World this weekend up in Chicago. But in reality, it's Wade's world all the time these days. Wade-Hawks

As Heat star guard Dwyane Wade prepared for his upcoming weekend of charity functions in his hometown, he took a few moments during a block of promotional media interviews to discuss a number of Hot-button topics entering the start of training camp.

From confirming his decision to bypass a contract extension to whether a Chicago homecoming would be too hard to resist next summer to his reaction to Michael Beasley's drug rehab stint, Wade (pictured right, soaring) covered plenty of ground. We reserved majority of his comments on his contract decision for a story that will run in Thursday's paper and appear online in a matter of minutes.

The rest is here. Dig in. There's plenty.

MW: Training camp will be here in a matter of weeks. You've been on the go quite a bit this summer. Are you ready to get it going again?

DW: The main thing is you want to come into camp early and make sure everyone is on the same page, mentally and physically. There's still a little more business I have to take care of, but I'll be there to get it going in the next week or so. It's going to be a little bit different for me this year than it was last year.

MW: You managed to make it through almost the entire season last year without any significant injuries. There were a few times when you were banged up and sore. Were there any lingering injury issues that had to be addressed, through surgery or otherwise, this offseason?

Wade-Training DW: I've pretty much maintained the same approach I had last summer (by) treating some of the nagging things I had, whether it was the shoulder or the hip (late last season) or things like that. Tim (Grover, pictured left, working with Wade) made sure again that I took care of those things and continued to get stronger without necessarily putting on a lot of muscle. I can put on muscle easily, but I didn't want to get any bigger.

MW: Has that muscle mass, or trying to avoid putting on more weight, been a problem? Do you expect to report at or about the same weight you were last season?

DW: About the same. Last year, I was about 228 pounds. Everybody keeps thinking I'm supposed to be 212 or something, which I was six years (ago). I haven't been that in years. You build muscle and strength as you go. But I feel strong and quick at 228, with six percent body fat, to make sure I can go all season.

MW: Shifting away from basketball for a second. I noticed the caller ID says Temple of Praise, which is the church you bought for your mother, Jolinda, a couple of years ago. How is that ministry going and how has it evolved over the two years?

DW: It really has grown. It means a lot to my family and a lot of other people who have come through the doors since we opened. When I bought it, it was just a church. But now it's also place that has expanded into a school. My mother got her license to teach and the doors have opened to young people and adults who have a learning environment to grown in a lot of different areas and subjects. People who never had an opportunity to learn to read or do other things can come here. It's a place we're really proud of, a blessing.

MW: A lot of focus has been on sort of the inactivity of the Heat's roster this offseason. But in another way, you guys have been really active in different communities off the court. You've talked about your foundation expanding, Daequan Cook spoke at a graduation for a rehab program and dedicated his basketball camp to a kid who was killed in a car accident, Udonis Haslem went to impoverished areas of Jamaica to hand out school supplies for four days, James Jones helps people stay in their homes, Jermaine O'Neal does plenty of things behind the scenes, and so on.

DW: We talk about that a lot as teammates. And the thing is, none of it is really for show. None of it is for the TV cameras or to get a lot of recognition. That's what this team, this organization has been about. You basically have choices as a player. You can play basketball, make all of your money and just go retire. Or you can do those things and try to make a difference and help other people. I was proud to see Daequan and some of the young guys really get involved. We try to build on what we're all doing.

MW: Legal issues (divorce proceedings and civil lawsuits) forced you to miss practice time in camp and a few times during the season. Have any of those matters been resolved? Or might you have to miss time here and there this season to deal with some lingering issues?

DW: Let's just say that it's in a better position now than it's been. It's there and it's probably going to be there, but I'm over it and it's behind me. Last year I was over it. It's not going to be a big issue to me, because I'm behind it. But the Heat has been great about giving me time to deal with things. It's a possibility (missing more time), just for the fact that it's not all complete yet. My team understands.

MW: Pat Riley said the other day that you were one of the first players to reach out to Michael Beasley Beasley-Wade after he was forced to spend more time in rehab. I realize you can't address specifics, but what's been your role in dealing with Beasley (right, celebrating with Wade) through this ordeal. And how has it affected the trust between you two?

DW: I reached out to Mike, and my message to him was that we all make mistakes. Everybody else's mistakes just aren't seen all the time. I just told Mike to come in and accept the mistakes that he's made and come into camp and try to make something positive out of it.

MW: A lot was made out of your comments earlier this summer about upgrading the roster. Do you believe in this roster and can this team at least make it back to where you were last season, in the playoffs as the No. 5 seed in the East?

DW: It remains to be seen, just like with all of those teams that made all of those changes. I have confidence that our guys have been working hard and getting better. I've seen Jermaine almost every day up here working. We just have to come together early and don't come in thinking about the individual things that everybody may have on their minds. It's going to be tough, even tougher. But that just means we have to get it done early and get it rolling. 

MW: And last, but not least, you sent a Twitter message today saying that Jay Z belongs right alongside Tupac and Biggie as the greatest rappers of all time. I've gotta call you out on that a bit. Jay is a beast. But he has the luxury of being in an era where there's really no competition for him out there. Whereas Biggie had Pac, Pac had Nas, Cube had to deal with NWA, then there was Snoop, Scarface out of Houston. I'm just saying. The field of greatness was much deeper than it is now. Jay is like Mayweather, who is clearly dominating now. But Mayweather never had to fight in that era with Sugar Ray, Tommy Hearns, Hagler, Duran, Sweet Pea Whitaker, Julio Cesar Chavez and them.

Wade-JZDW: Right, right. But when you look at all that Jay has done, you have to put him up there. He doesn't have to fight. But what he's doing now, everything he's touching, he's taking it to another level. Don't get me wrong. I've got Pac as the greatest who ever did it. Then, I think, Biggie is second. But Jay (left, pictured with Wade) is right up there. People think I'm saying this just because I know him. I know a lot of these guys out there. I'm always going to rep the Chi - Common, Kanye. But when you look at who is doing what now, you've got to put Jay at the top. Then, you've got to go Lil Wayne and Kanye after that, and more after that. When you look back 10 or 20 years from now, just like we're doing with Biggie and Pac, people are going to be talking about Jay Z like that. 

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"It's going to be a little bit different for me this year than it was last year."

I wonder what Wade meant by that, that he has more business to take care of?

"Everybody keeps thinking I'm supposed to be 212 or something, which I was six years (ago). I haven't been that in years. You build muscle and strength as you go. But I feel strong and quick at 228, with six percent body fat, to make sure I can go all season."

Being bigger he has more power, but he will run down more. He is lighter and maybe quicker at 212.

" But now it's also place that has expanded into a school."
Props. Wade has a good perspective on things.

"Right, right. But when you look at all that Jay has done, you have to put him up there."
Good points by both parties, although it is a weaker era (supposedly) Jay is undoubtedly the best rapper since big and pac and he is still relevant today which is shocking. Blueprint 3 is meh,though (imho)

There are alot of good MCs today though, its not all candy and sugar out there.

man, jay-z is so overrated. His rhymes bore me. Give me Aesop Rock or MF Doom over any of these main stream jokers any day of the week. Lil' Wayne is a joke and Kanye is such a douche. I remember when Lil' Wayne couldn't hold Juvenile's jock. He hasn't really improved since then either (and juvenile was terrible but at least he didn't think he was god's gift to music).

Jay Z is really good but he had a void to fill. That's why he is where he is....If it weren't for the Deaths of Pac and Biggie, He would not have been where he is right now. Now on the Heat: Lets Hope that everything turns out O.K. for this season....I think that if we stay healthy, we can win about 50 games and get at least a 4th seed in the East.

he's talking team, i gotta love that. but jay-z sux


No love for James Todd Smith, aka the G.O.A.T.? Please Biggie, doesn't even get into the conversation, not even close. Have you really listened to the sh*t he talked about? Pac's mom was a drug addict, I mean, an African queen, His words. Hova is at the top, with Dre and Snoop. And for the rest of the alphabet-soup, it for two decades or more, then we'll consider you. Will Smith deserves mention, although he doesn't have a lot of lines that rhyme with witch, bigger, or need. 2-pac and biggie, hmmm, talked the game and died the game. Suge shot Pac, no secret there. But let's get to the real source of rap. Alicia Keys said the government started rap and put it into the inner cities. Words so assinine from such a beautiful woman. Love hip-hop, hate rap!

Will Smith ?
Your argument is voided after that comment.

Yeah, it just isn't rap without the cursing, drug references, bragging (which are mostly all lies), forced sex on women, and if you're an Eminem fan, you can hear enough about how many presciption drugs he's taken.

Didn't need any of that crap when hip-hop started.

Heavy D, Kurtis Blow, LL, Run-DMC, Sugarhill Gang, Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, Beastie Boys, Will Smith, and many others, all paved the way for these NO TALENT, NO MUSICAL ABILITY, SNOTTY NOSE DROOPY DRAWER IDIOTS to take money from the 'highly intelligent' youngsters that still buy this crap. All this crap sounds the same. Has anybody put out a song in the last two years that doesn't have AKON singing through the voice box in the background? Not a unique voice in that crowd, and I bet all their videos look the same too.

And when did we have to add gun shots to a song? When did a AK-47 become a musical instrument? Ridiculous! Do adults still listen to this stuff?

Just my thoughts on hiphop:

De La Soul still put out quality work.

Dr. Dre's 2001 was probably the best produced rap (hiphop) album.

Rap is hiphop, rapping is an element of hiphop, dont get it twisted.

If you want an alternative to the gangsta rudeboy sounds try J-Live.

Im into beats, hiphop beats are the best. Madlib is probably the best artist putting out work in this regard since Dilla died (RIP)...

Kanye is great although I wasnt feeling the experimental album he put out. He has really sloowed down since his mother died.

Jay-Z has the best flow in rap, I am still waiting for someone to take it from him, I thought Common was going to do it... 50 cent is pretty good. Lil Wayne is tight. Our local man Ross is pretty nice on the mic too, the slow down flow is being used alot (50, Jeezy, Evidence...).

My thoughts on the game of basketball:

I think Riley is doing the right thing with this team so far and is growing a solid core from within. The Heat will win more titles in 2-3 years tops if Chalmers and Beasley can become good and we pick up the rest of the pieces to win it all. Look at how the Lakers did it again...but theres alot of work to be done. Picking up Boozer might be prudent...

All I have to say is "ETHER" Jay got killed/Murdered in that track lmao

Yeah Nas ... you gotta respect him. Probably the best overall hiphop album of all time. Hes still got it too, (how could I forget that guy?).

If you're saying Stillmatic is the best overall hip hop album of all time, you're crazy. It's not even his best album (Illmatic is amazing). There are a bunch of you on here who seem to equate talent with success and that's simply not the case. Jay-Z has had more success than the Beastie Boys but they are a million times more talented than Jay-Z. Like I said earlier though, give me Aesop Rock or MF Doom over these mainstream jokers any day. As far as BIG v. 2pac, I've always seen it like this...Pac was a much better lyricist but Biggie was the better rapper. It's a case of content vs. flow (not that biggie was a slouch when it came to the lyrics or pac a slouch when it came to flow). Both of them were better at both aspects of hip hop than anyone today though, that's for sure. If you guys haven't really listened to anything Aesop Rock has done though, you haven't listened to the best lyricist of all time.

Why would you assume I am talking about Stillmatic? Although, yeah that was a fine album in itself, Illmatic is widely considered the best album of the genre, and I pretty much agree with that notion.

Beastie Boys are great as a whole imho and I enjoy the Beasties music very much but as individual MCs they cant come close to what Jay-Z has done since reasonable doubt (my favorite Jay album by the way). The rhythm he has riding the beat is unmatched. The Beasties have stayed with that tried and true old-school method which is a rarity in todays relevant music.

BIG vs Pac... I can appreciate both of em. Rakim has to be mentioned as one of the best, Kool G Rap could destroy a track and he had great storytelling.

Aesop Rock is a good MC, no doubt about it, but best lyricist ever? Thats a bold claim. He may not even be the best in his generation when you consider the Mighty Mos Def. Aesop sounds good on those Blockhead and El-P beats, though.

I'll say it again, Aesop is the best lyricist ever. His lyrics are so dense it's just ridiculous. I can't believe I forgot to mention Rakim though. There was a period in my life when he was the only rapper I was listening to. Rakim is way up there in the top 5 rappers of all time...maybe even the best. As far as the Beasties go, they don't have to be the best individuals, they're so great as a group they are like 3 guys that make one MC.

Mos Def is one of my favorites, but after listening to his new album, I think he's getting lazy about his rapping a little bit. He's more focused on being an actor now so I can't consider him as one of the top lyricists. He's only released three solo albums, and the latest is kind of weak. The Black Star album in Talib Kweli is absolutely a masterpiece though. I'd say that album is better than Illmatic. By the way, I assumed you meant Stillmatic because you made that comment after someone mentioned the song Ether. My bad on that one though.

Black Star album WITH Talib Kweli...not in...that's a typo obviously

those who want to talk about lil wayne and kanye know nothing about hip hop...rap is not lyrical, its straight beats and bs entertainment. People forget the rap and hip hop is a form of music and music is supposed to mean something. Therefore, the greatest should include Pac, who most always had personal and political meaning in his words, BIG, Jay Z, Common, Ice Cube, Rakim, LL and Will Smith...they all spoke of of life matters and had real meaning to their words...lets get back to true meaningful lyrics of hip hop and stop bumping a song with the most derogative words bc yall think its gangster and truth be told, most of yall are not

the heat will be 4th in the east, all men are healthy, I think Bease would be motivated instead of distracted and JO is healthy again...

rap is not lyrical anymore*

Why do people try to segregate rap and hiphop?

rap is considered ryhming without party bumping to it..ex. ice cube, dre hip hop is more party flavor ex. LL, Flo Rida

markied thats complete BS

why do people talk about, Tupac, or Biggie, or Jay Z. THE TRUE KING OF ALL IS JESUS CHRIST!!!. These rappers here talk bout sex, money, and fame. there is more to life than this. D wade is a rock star on the court my favorite basketball player, but if you want to listen to great music buy the CD DA T.R.U.T.H and the album is called the big picture. God bless to all and best wishes to the HEAT

what if we make a trade deal before the training camp....

JAMES JONES, DORELL WRIGHT, COOK & a last 1st round pick 2010...




HASLEM, DIAWARA, QUINN & the 2nd round pick 2010...



so the line-up would...


if we could only to acquire MURRAY to solidify PG position & could mentor SUPER MARIO... also to complete the roster 13...

result... WADE would stay & sign extension to us... this could be the help HE needed...

go heat!!!!

on FEB. 2010...

MAGLOIRE contracts expire = not to re-signed
Q-RICH contracts expire = not to re-signed

JO contracts expire = re-signed to lesser value.

will try to acquire then, 2010 feb. free agency more likely;




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