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Beasley Begins Again

Heat forward Michael Beasley was many things in his first public comments Friday since he


returned from a substance-abuse treatment facility in Houston.

He was contrite. He was genuine in his remorse. He was responsible for his actions. He was open to accepting whatever role he'll be given this season. He was a young man who wants to do whatever it takes to get his life and basketball career past what he hopes will be the worst summer he'll ever experience.

Let me rephrase that. Michael Beasley (pictured above right, with assistant coach Dave Fizdale) seemed to be all of those things Friday as he sat across a table from a small group of reporters just off the Heat's practice court. Other than holding back on a couple of specific issues at the behest of the team's PR staff that flanked him (under league privacy guidelines), Beasley opened up on just about every other ordeal he has faced in the year since he entered the league as the No. 2 overall pick.

We reserved a huge chunk of what Beasley talked about for a story that will appear online soon and in the Miami Herald on Saturday. But there was plenty of revealing information that didn't make the initial cut.


First and foremost, Beasley apologized for his actions that landed him in the substance-abuse program and a month-long stay at a Houston treatment facility. He knows he not only embarrassed himself, but also brought unnecessary scrutiny to his organization and teammates. But Beasley (pictured left) also revealed large enough shoulders (he gained 10 pounds of muscle in two months) to carry the responsibility he faces.

Yes, the Heat has not-so nicely asked him to make changes with his lifestyle off the court. There's talk that he not only changed residences, but also changed members of his inner circle. On top of that, there's even one rumor that he had to get rid of his dogs - the ones he claimed last season gave him the flu. Beasley wouldn't touch this subject on Friday.

For at least a day, Beasley came across as taking his life and his profession far more seriously. If Friday was the first step in the rest of Beasley's basketball career and life, he seemed to get off to a running start.

Here are his takes on several issues.

(The controversial Twitter comments that were widely perceived as a cry for help and sign of depression) "I'm not suicidal. And I never, ever thought about killing myself or doing anything like that. Those Tweets were miscommunications that were misunderstood. I think I kind of channeled my emotions and threw my emotions the wrong way. "

(On putting your life and career back into perspective) "I'm ready to start the season up and start training camp and I think my situation being locked down for as long as I was, gave me a chance to really get my life organized and get back in touch with myself. I think over this past year, I've got caught up in the NBA life, as most of us do. I think this gave me the perfect opportunity to just sit down and evaluate my life and get the good separated from the bad."

(On taking responsibility for your actions and growing up) "That chapter is behind. Later for the

Beasley Interview

immaturity. Later for me blaming it on my age. I've come to realize I'm a professional, no matter if I'm 38, no matter if I'm 19 or 20. I'm a professional."

(On why it took going through this rehab to reach this point) "Um, you always find out for yourself. You're never really going to listen, especially in my situation, 19 years old, all the money in the world, I wasn't really listening. It's like if somebody tells you a stove is hot, you understand that, but you don't really know until you touch the stove. And I finally touched the stove and came to realize that everything everyone told me was true."

(On how comfortable or uncomfortable the inpatient program was) "It was like the Four Seasons. Seriously." 

(On regaining the trust of his teammates) "They understand my situation and they’ve backed me 100 percent. I’ve talked to them throughout the process. When I got back, I know I messed up and I think they realize I’m sincere and I’m apologetic for having to put them through what I’ve been through. What happens to the team happens to every man on the roster."

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Thanks Mike,
I can't wait for the season to start. Beasley will be great and hopefully will not be held back by the Spo Haslem faction. Beasley is going to have the AAA on fire this year. Lets hope the fans come out.

Ey, Use the spell-check mannnnn.

"Money brings bitcheesss and biitccchheesss bring lies one Ni66A gets jealous a Mother*&*er Dies!" by 2pac.. Beasley has to learn that since he has the privilege of playing in the Nba.

I like the fact that beasley has to go out and prove this year. If he is as serious as it sounds, then the hunger for all the slights and things said about him will make the bulls regret not taking him. People say beasley had a disapointing rookie season, well averaging almost 14 and 5 off the BENCH will translate into great numbers with extended playing time. It's time to unleash this kid, let him learn from his mistakes on the court.If stan van gundy took wade out after every missed d assighment his rookie year, then we would not see the wade we have today. My point is, this kid is just too special, there is a reason he was the college player of the year and rose wasn't(rose is great btw). Beasley can flat out ball! It's time to bring the Heat literally

Welcome Back B-Easy!!!

I will let your play this year do the talking.

Go HEAT!!!!!!!!!

Chalmers/Wade/Wright/Beasley/JO - our starting 5. Let's go Heat!!!!!!!!!!!!

Q/Cook/Joel/UD - Our bench players.

Haven't we heard all this before?
Hopefully he pulls his finger out and starts taking assignments on the defensive end seriously. That's why he hasn't supplanted UD yet, he hasn't looked like he cared enough, he hasn't looked liked being on the bench hurts him enough.
Hoping for good things this season - we need it.

the tools got to b out the bag to get used properly.translation,dontexpect beasley 2 b great sittin on the pine.

The bottom line is Beasley needs to play. Sitting on the bench aint gonna do nothing but ruin his confidence...I do hope Spo wakes up and gives this kid the playing time that Beas and the teams needs in order to be successful, this kid is too good to only be playing a half a game.

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