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Blount Out, Q-Rich In. What Now?

So what does Thursday night's trade mean for the Miami Heat? Quentin Richardson

That Heat president Pat Riley is still operating on West Coast time, for one thing. The Heat announced at 11 p.m. Thursday that it had dealt seldom-used center Mark Blount back to Minnesota in exchange for veteran swingman Quentin Richardson.

The deal also means plenty of other things for the Heat. Let us count the ways.

1. Pat Riley finally made an offseason move that could improve the team a bit next season. The Heat had been one of only two teams in the league to stand pat with regards to making a new veteran addition to its roster this offseason.

2. The move brings better balance to Miami's roster. Blount was one of four centers on a roster that was all too thin on the perimeter, particularly at point guard.

3. Richardson could challenge for the starting small forwardspot or provide a nice boost off the bench. He is a career 11.5 ppg. scorer who added five boards a game over the course of his nine-year career.

4. This has to make Wade at least a wee bit happy. Not that Q-Rich makes the Heat a title contender next season (he doesn't). But he is good friends with Wade and can ease some of Wade's frustrations and questions about the roster heading into free agency.

Richardson-Wade 5. The Heat does move a couple million more into luxury taxterritory. Blount and Richardson both have contracts that expire next summer, but by sending out Blount's $7.9 million and taking back Richardson's $9.3 million (as a team already in the tax), the Heat moves from about $2 million to about $5 million deeper into the tax based on Riley's recent estimates.

6. This move has no affect on the Heat's priorities to maintain significant cap space for 2010, when it hopes to resign Wade to a six-year, $120 million contract and also add another top-tier free agent from a class that could be highlighted by LeBron James, Chris Bosh, Amare Stoudemire and Joe Johnson.

7. There still is a need at point guard, unless Wade is committed to playing a lot of minutes at that position again. In that case, the Heat could go with a big backcourt with Wade and Richardson in moments when Mario Chalmers is on the bench. Otherwise, there is still a need for point guard help. Chalmers and Chris Quinn are all that's there on the roster at that position.

8. Considering the slightly higher luxury-tax bill, this could be the unofficial end to any interest the Heat had in acquiring Allen Iverson. There already were concerns about potentially getting everyone enough shots before Richardson came aboard. Iverson, a pure scorer, won't be needed as much. But Jamaal Tinsley and Flip Murray (or anyone capable of being a pure point guard) could still be added for the NBA-funded veteran's minimum.

9. Now that Richardson is a member of the Heat, the Southeast Division now boasts the most-traveled player (Richardson, four teams in one summer) and coach (Larry Brown, coached nine different teams).

10. Those minutes at small forward that were supposed to go Michael Beasley's way might be a bit less availableif he's unable to improve his perimeter defensive skills. On top of that, James Jones, Daequan Cook and Dorell Wright may have just fallen farther back in line in the rotation pecking order.

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WoW Mike with the breaking news update Blog...I'm impressed the higher ups in the Herald must be putting the pressure on you. As I said you post, we will come. LOL how can anyone say this is a bad trade. I mean Blount did nothing for us, but because he was such a nice guy I refuse to knock him. First good thing we've done all summer. It makes me think we are getting Tinsley instead of AI because we took on additional salary here.

Holy crap I posted my comment before I read your article...Amazing analysis!!! (great minds think alike) You really thought this through. Two thumbs up.

nice move...add boozer and tinsley/iverson and it will be a great team next season... GO HEAT!

Thanks for the news and the excellent analysis, Michael.

I have been critical of the lack of moves but finally am glad to see some progress. Blount was dead weight and QRich may me able to resurrect his career with the Heat. Now for Tinsley?

I am so tired of you writers implying Iverson is a poor point guard, for his career Tinsley averages 7 assists per game while Iverson averages 6.2. 1 assist less but with Iverson you get double the points, a higher career FG%, a higher career 3P% and more steals. Please explain to me how a guy like Iverson who can command double teams could in any way be worse for Wade than Tinsley who does not command a double team. Can you imagine what Iverson could accomplish if Wade is being double teamed all night? I can see Iverson slashing to the basket drawing the double teams and then dishing out to Wade for a 15 footer all day. I see Tinsley warming the bench next to Wright.

We trade away an expensive dead weight for a more expensive, semi dead weight.

Q-Rich's stats are over stated last year. Come on, he played for NY.

For the additional money we will spend, don't we have better alternatives?

No one wanted Q-Rich this Summer. What does it say about our team that we added him to our roster?

Btw, Iverson still sucks.

Kermit and Fuzzy Bear masterminded 9-11. Learn the truth.

Hey Miami Heat,

Bend over.

No really, bend over.

No, trust me. Just bend over (chuckle).

Are you ready? (dumbazz ... hahaha)

Minnesota T-Wolves

awesome trade. GO HEAT!

Bout time we got a SF worthy of starting. I guess that leaves Beasley at the 4 splitting minutes with Udonis Haslem. James Jones could come off the bench behind "Q". If our hopes of attaining AI is now slim. I fear our chances of maintaining Wade might be "slim" as well. No need for Flip though. Atlanta needs him.

But just think.... With a lineup of Iverson, Wade, Richardson, Beasley & O'Neal there's plenty of scoring opportunities on the floor. Now i doubt this would be the starting 5. But either way, the team would probably have to run set plays on offense in about 75% of their plays per quarter. Too much offensive firepower spells too less of defense/offensive chemistry. I fear getting Iverson will be less of an upgrade & more of a disaster considering his "ballhogging" skills and lack of defense.

Obviously we win in this trade, other then the fact that the he gets 9. something this year plus the luxury tax that makes him worth about 12 million for 1 year. At least we get a decent player thats a SF.. Blount was a good player in a system that didnt suite him.. Every time i saw him play, he played with energy and he scored. Its not his fault that his defense and post game wasn't up to par, but the guy could score. So bye-bye Blount. Thank for coming threw when we had no other option. Hope the best for you. Now it's time for Q-Rich to come threw with a little diversity at the SF position. As for A.I. i would love to see him here, but he's not going to come off the bench, and if he does for any team consider that team lucky. He still can hit a shot from anywhere in the court. I thought if he did come to Miami as a back up he would still get minutes, Imagine Chalmers, D-Wade, and A.I. now thats a solid rotation, not to mention what he would do for ticket and jersey sales. Flip Murray would be a cute addition , but thats it, and Tinsley would have to readapt to the game after missing a year. He "might" play well, but to be honest i hate "might". We should mess around and get a sign and trade for A.I. we have to many SF that were gonna lose there minutes to a PF in Beasley, But whatever happens, like every year i cant wait to see another year of Miami Heat..

Why would Riley acquire this guy?? Traded 4x before the season even begins...but of course he's a "perfect" fit for the Heat. Well Pat, I guess it's on to the star-crossed Tinsely. I've said it before, Riley loves projects now he'll have two more to add to his illustrious list of recent disappointments. Pat, you had the golden touch with underrated talent in the late 80"s/early 90's, but the players have change and so has the league--how can you not see it?

Q is on the move again. Miami Heat acquire Carlos Boozer for Udonis Haslem and the Quentin Richardson. Headline coming soon.

You could have p/u Stevie Wonder for Blount and
it would have been a good trade. No problems with this trade. I just hope when I look at the
end of the bench, I don't see Beasley sitting
there because it.

I also believe this is just part 1 of the trade that is coming. I dont have a clue but i do hope is not for Boozer. i believe we came out winning because Mark Blunt is not wanted in this league and Minnesota is probably discussing a buyout with him as we speak (I write/You read) lol. Hope we come out as gamebustas and acquire a superstar to compliment Wade.

I don't care if this is part of a larger move or just one move all by its self its still a great trade. Blount wasn't good at all and Richardson is a solid role player. He can hit 3's, post up smaller players and rebound well for his position. He doesn't defend as well as he should but maybe playing on a team that cares about defense can change that. He played with New York and Phoenix the last few years mostly under D'antoni. But probably the most important thing is that he is friends with Wade and is working out with him in Chicago.

I like the move, we add another 3 point threat to our team, we our loaded with shooters. We can add Boozer or someone else thats available at midseason if the team struggles.

Yeah unless this trade is for a future trade, I'm not that happy. Have you seen this guys shooting stats? James Jones shoots much better. Plus Beasley needs minutes. If this stops us getting Iverson then its the wrong move.

Well, we got rid of Blount for a player that will actually play. Now to get rid of D.Wright, still don't know why he's on the roster. Next year, hopefully we can land a Joe Johnson and/or Bosh/Stoudemire. I wonder if they can afford Wade and J.Johnson and Bosh/Stoudemire. The Heat need a Big Three, thats how u win these days. Johnson at the 3, Beasley or Haslem at 4, and Bosh/Stoudemire at 5.

MW- "Richardson could challenge for the starting small forwardspot or provide a nice boost off the bench."

IW- "Two days ago, Quentin Richardson was little more than an abstract when it came to the Heat's rotation. And now he's being mentioned in some quarters as a potential starting small forward? Before the Michael Beasley experiment is at least given a preseason?"


Wallace gets it right.

Winderman, as usual, is a blight.

If he sheds some pounds & recovers some burst working out with Grover, Q is DEFINITELY in the mix as a potential starter (at 3) PRECISELY because Richardson would buy Beasley some time until the latter develops a feel for actually playing 3 at the NBA-level.

Can Jones post-up as a 3? Has anyone seen Jones post-up ANYWHERE? Q can. Q has.

What's more absurd? Starting a veteran who actually played the position on several teams, can provably score/post-up as a 3 and defends opposing 3s reasonably well? Or, starting a soph at a brand new position who's never played against or defended NBA 3s and is still developing his NBA chops at 4?


No, make that D-U-H.

As several have mentioned, getting ANYTHING for Blount was pure Riley. Getting an expiring contract AND a player who can mentor/tutor Beasley on the skillset, mental & physical aspects of a new position is Riley at his best. This isn't about Richardson the journeyman. It's about getting Wade help, acquiring another versatile player to defend multiple positions, trying to ease Beasley's transition to a new position.

heatstroked says it all really. He'll provide outside D, and a decent scoring option. And you have to agree that he will aid the evolution of Beasleys game. So if you can get all this and loose Blount - then yes it makes sense.

What I don't get is why people on these blogs obsessed with Iverson? He couldn't be more wrong for this team. There will be no AI trade, there will be no Boozer trade, Riles has already said as much. It's all set up for next year, so be patient and get behind the players on this roster, seriously some of the fans on here are terrible. We're developing a team internally - it's called management - you can't sign/trade for 5 all stars, don't be so obsessed with names (especially over the hill names), and get behind your team god damn it.

Beasley is our starting POWER FORWARD this year you morons, QRich has nothing to do with him, they arent the same position, the only time Beasley will play SMALL FORWARD is for 18 minutes a game when Haslem subs in for QRich, thats it, the 12 minutes a game Beasley sits we'll have Haslem at PF and QRich at SF, and thats HAslems 30 minutes per game OFF THE BENCH

how do we know that Q-Rich is not another trading chip Riley has acquired. Why would Riley acquire yet another SF. I agree Mark Blount was as useless as tits on a bull, but if we where going to go deeper into the luxury cap, why not address a bigger problem, such as a PG. If I where Q-Rich I wouldn't get to comfortable down here in Miami, He might be moving for the 5th time this year, on a nice plane ride to Utah.

What is the point of doing anything further? Tinsley will not get us to the title or make us much better so what is the point. The only thing that could possibly happen and I think it won't but that would be the signing of Boozer. Anything else is a complete waste of time.

Beasley has to start at power foward and then when the other team's small foward goes to the bench he can slide over to SF and Haslem can come in as the PF. Haslem can also get a few extra minutes against the other team's back up center. That way Beasley doesn't have to worry about picking up a couple of cheap fouls and he could also put the other team's PF in foul trouble. Beasley can match up well against any starting PF using his speed and he could post up the majority of back up small fowards. People should also stop hating Haslem because every team needs a guy like him that plays hard and does the dirty work. We need both players to come up big this season and we should support them both.

Unloading James Jones will get us under the luxary tax. There are 4 possible teams that can do it.

Minnesota Timberwolves
Toronto Raptors
Oklahoma City Thunder
Memphis Grizzlies
Atlanta Hawks
Detroit Pistons

Bet the farm on this:

one or more of these will be a trade piece soon,
or at the very latest the Feb trade deadline:

Q-rich, JJones, Dorell, Diawara
no way they all stay. no way in heck.

ps..they said Clyde and Pearl couldn't play
together, not enough balls. now they say AI
or LeBron and Wade can't do it. bullskit.

if they have any sense at all in Heat mgmt, they MUST play the most TALENT for first 3 months at
least. that means BEASLEY starts at PF and DORELL starts at SF, along w/JO, Wade, and either Chalmers or a more talented pg we make
a trade for soon. Imagine if Beas and Dorell both come into their own? Beas can move to sf to spell Dorell and Haslem can get pf minutes (no NEVER at center goddammitohell!!!!!)
if this doesn't work out, if it looks like one or both of the fw's are in over their heads, then plenty of time to have the vets start.
this is not our chmapionship season, but we could get lucky w/ talent blossoming and few injuries and get far, and then we have a great
platform for our dynasty starting 2010.


Let's entertain the possibility that Q starts at SF, Haslem at PF, and JO at center. That way we have our best 'team' on the court with Rio and Wade. Beasley can still come off the bench and play against other players who still have gaping holes in their game. That will make him look like he's ready to play with the Garnetts/Nowinskis/Butlers. He can still get 15 shot attempts per game (per 18 minutes of PT), get schooled repeatedly on defense, and we can overcome all that nonsense with professional NBA veteran players like Haslem/Wade/Magloire. Heat management will still tinker with the roster a little bit, but will stay true to their original plan of getting a 'real' Beast in 2010. Of course, bringing sleepy-Easy off the bench will incur the wrath of the posters on this web, but at least someone will be talking about the Heat. Have fun with it, and remember, there was '1' Heat rookie that earned 82 starting spots last year...RIO is a baller. We don't need/want Tinsley's wanna-be thug behind in Miami.

Greg, that best "team" you propose may win a few more games than the best TALENT i proposed, but it is meaningless in the long run re our chance at dynasty, only by letting the TALENT of Beasley and Dorell have its day in the sun will there be a chance of a brighter future. And, as
I said, if after 3 months one or both is in over their heads, we can always move to Q/UD starting. It's a win-win. starting the season with Q/UD is a no-win long term. We learn very little about what MB/DW can accomplish together and/or individually. We're not going into 2010-11 with your guys starting, so what's the point? DWade can't see where it will lead, neither can fans. short-sighted!

Clyde Pearl

The 'talent' of Beasley and Dorell have been in the sun of the NBA for 1+ and 4+ years. It isn't that we don't know what their games or mentallity is about. Their games are analyzed, their practices and workouts monitored, they are under a microscope from the time their services are obtained. Earn your game minutes in practices, off-season workouts, and summer leagues. You don't earn them based on how high you were drafted! How is starting the season 4-10 a win-win, just because some youngsters got to start a game? It is NOT a win-win! Every game is 1/82 of the season, and not to be used to coddle kids playing in a man's league. Apparently, these youngsters haven't proven to the right people that they should be given major minutes. And I don't give a rats behind who starts, when you're 48 minutes away from deciding the game. But if you've truly earned your place, you'll be on the court at the end of close contests.

Do you really remember watching the Knicks play when Clyde the Glide and Earl the Pearl were playing?

Clyde the Glide was Drexler, not Frazier.
Yes, i was at many a game at the Garden.
Yes, maybe were the greatest backcourt pair ever.
yes, i was even at many a game in the OLD garden
on 8th ave. watched Knick games on tv as a child. Sweetwater Clifton, Harry Gallatin, Dick McGuire, Ernie Vandeweghe, Carl Braun. they couldn't beat Cousy & Co or Mikan & Co...but were contenders. Oscar Robertson was
every bit as good as Jordan, but lousy teams.
Greg, you can't develop talent by practices and workouts or spot appearances. You have to give it a chance to sink or swim after the initial orientation periods.. if your attitude is universally followed, there would be few new stars in the game.

Riley I apologize! I called you one of the worst Gm's ever! I stand corrected the Cavs Gm is the worst ever!!!!! lol How the hell does a guy Anderson Varejo get a 6 year 60 million dollar deal??? Lmao that is unreal!!!! Haslem plays just as hard and with better scoring threat and the guy is a mid level! WOW!! I am shocked! That Lebron jersey with knicks logo is gonna be sick to revive the Heat/Knicks rivalry

I'll let Cavs fans bash their GM. He is really trying to win it all now. He had the best
winning % regular season team last year but his guys couldn't get past Magic peaking, and some bad calls/breaks, and SVG outcoaching Brown, really really outcoaching him.

If they go all the way this year, or even go 6
games in Finals, that should make LeBron re-sign. he is still years from his peak, so just putting serviceable dependable pieces around him for next few years will produce winners. Shaq will help neutralize DH and KG.
I agree he overpaid AV, but the guy is bigger and younger than UD and has more upside.

Cook should get some minutes behind Chalmers at the point. All he has to do is bring the ball up court and give it to Wade or Beasley. They can create shots while Cook is set up behind the 3pt line. This would only work if Chalmers improves his playmaking abilities and if Spo puts the ball in his hands more often. That way Wade only has to focus on making plays for others when Cook is in the game and not the entire time. Cook played some point his rookie year and he didn't play well but now Wade is healthy and Cook is in year 3. He also worked out as a point guard in the first summer work outs. This is what I think we should do if the Heat don't add a veteran point guard.

Joey_k. Your opinion sounds nice. However, i dont quite agree with your notion of Cook playing the point. I mean, what would be the point of Cook playing the 'point' if all he would/could do was "pass immediately" and set up for the 3-point shot? Quinn could do that. (And NO i'm not knocking Quinn). The Heat should add their veteran point guard NOW while they still have the chance. Just saying........

just reading about Rasual going to Clippers. loved the guy when he played for us. anyone remember why he was traded and who we got for him? did this trade turn out well for us?

i not only agree with Dre but don't agree that Wade should be the virtual point guard with the
designated bringer-upper handing off, or further the give-it-to-Wade-and gtf out of the way idea that a lot of bloggers promote. that's just not good basketball and the Heat has suffered for that in terms of teams over-defending Wade and rendering him ineffective (or even a liability as a turnover-prone player). look what Wade did in the Olympics playing off the ball. can't someone see the wisdom of Coach K? and get a
good point guard who will NOT just let Wade do his thing in the 4th quarter. That worked in the Mavs series because their coach refused to
take the double-team off Shaq and put it on Wade. It does not work when defense focuses
solely on Wade and he is determined to score anyway.

"can't someone see the wisdom of Coach K?"

Please, the wisdom of Coach K????

C'mon, how many of us bloggers/coaches could have brought the gold home with the 'team' that was assembled?

Wade played like the best player in the world during the Olympics, because, well, he IS one of the best players in the world.

Rasual Butler played well while in Miami, so did Keyon Dooling.

Danny Ferry is putting "the pieces" together to improve his team. That doesn't mean he has to sign 'superstars'. Jamario Moon, Leon Powe, Shaq, and Sideshow Bob (Varejo) don't deserve superstar status, but they fill a team need. It's what Boston has done, and Miami did a few years ago. Look over our championship roster and how many media superstars do you see. Shaq and D-Wade. Result: Bling-Bling.

Greg, we seem to be locking horns, so be it.
We lost previous Olympics with big names on our roster, and big name coaches. So your point is NOT well taken. Coach K had Wade come off the bench, and play off the ball. that's why we won.
Wade was crap in prior Olympic play.

i know Rasual played well. what i'd like to know is why we traded him and for who. Do you know?

I'm not sure how we lost Butler. Was he in the trade that brought Walker from the T-Wolves with the Griz being involved somehow?

We lost previous Olympics, not because of coaches, but because of who we put on the squad. Look back to the 2004 or 2000 squad where we put 12 guys on the team that the NBA wanted to promote. They didn't organize a team, just 12 'superstars', or guys that they wanted to become marketable. I mean, Mike freakin' Miller?! No defensive presence. This past team could have benefitted from a Shane Battier or Bruce Bowen.

Of course, Wade would play off the ball. What was Coach K going to do, put Jason Kidd/Chris Paul on the wing? Wade played better than anyone on the Olympic team and played at his natural position, SG.

Let's let Dukie Vitale do the verbal massaging of Coach K's, err eh, ego. Spo would have brought the gold home also!

Dre I would also want to see the Heat add a veteran point guard but it seems like they might not. So I think it would be better to have Cook instead of Quinn because Cook defends much better and is a better shooter. Last year the Heat would play Cook and D- Wade in the back court together and Wade had to bring the ball up, set up the offense and then find a teammate or take a shot. I think if Cook could be the one to bring the ball up and call out the play then Wade would have an easier time and he'd be more rested. The best options would be AI, Murray or Tinsley.

Well Clyde, Wade is the Heat's best playmaker and they're going to have him playing the point reguardless of what we all think they should do. So if having someone could do half the job then that's less stress and less wear and tare on Wade. I do agree that the offense shouldn't be as predictable and maybe Beasley and Chalmers can change that.

beasley now is in trouble... hope he could get well soon.... i think now we should make some step to upgrade the team, we trade.... MAGLOIRE, JONES, COOK, QUINN for (MEMPHIS) GASOL,M. & O.J MAYO.... and HASLEM, DIAWARA & BEVERLY for (OKLAHOMA CITY THUNDER) KRSTIC NENAD, JEFF GREEN & SHAUN LIVINGSTON..... ITS A FAIR DEAL... TRAINING CAMP IS FAST APPROACHING HOPE WE COULD HAVE THESE TRADE BEFORE MID SEPTEMBER.....

sign & trade: BEVERLY, PATRICK


sg wade / q-rich

pg chalmers / mayo / livingston

sf beasley / wrigtht

pf o'neal,j. / green,jeff

c gasol,m / krstic / anthony,j

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